Corporal Jake Gardner Ch. 1

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Corporal Jake Gardner, Ft Ord, California, munitions truck driver. I met him while he was on leave in Santa Cruz. I knew him in high school, but not too well since he was three years ahead of me. He joined the army after he graduated and was assigned to the army post in Monterrey. We really hit it off together. At 21, he was extremely handsome, single, and so much fun to be with! We got to go out twice, but never really got to do anything serious (sexually, at least). I guess the time got away from us and, before we knew it, he had to return to his new master: the Army.

When I told him it wasn’t fair that he had to go so soon, he suggested that I could drive back with him, stay the weekend and then maybe catch a bus home Sunday afternoon. I was so excited that I told him yes, and then realized that I was probably giving my consent to having sex with him. If I went, I would have no place to stay on Friday and Saturday night except with him. Knowing this just made it that more exciting; besides, I really did want to get him naked anyway. I was sure he felt the same about me, but we had to overcome one major obstacle — the parents.

“I doubt they’ll let you go,” he cautioned. “Maybe we should just go, and then you can call them when we get to the Post.” I told Jake I could talk my daddy into anything; it would be my mother who would be adamant about me not going.

Fortunately my mother was not home when we got there so I was able to talk to my father. “He’s so sweet, Daddy. I’m sure he will be a perfect gentleman. I’m a good girl.” Those words sounded so hollow coming from my mouth, and, for a minute, I was afraid he was going to tell me no.

“Okay, Baby, you can go,” he said as he shook his finger in my face. “But you tell that boy if I hear of one bad thing coming from this, he’ll have me all over him!”

I kissed my daddy on the cheek and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, Daddy! I’ll make it up to you, I promise!” I ran upstairs to my room and threw a few items into my knapsack, not really knowing what to take other than my toothbrush, hairbrush and some undergarments. Just out of habit, I grabbed my bikini and added it to the contents. I had on a pair of khaki shorts and a blouse, which would be fine for today, but packed a light spring dress and a pair of heels for good measure. My dizzy blonde head was like scrambled eggs. I tried to think of anything else I might need, but shrugged the thoughts aside as the car horn sounded.

Jake’s car was a steel gray Mustang GT convertible. “Omigod, Jake! This is so totally hot!” I squealed with delight as I threw my knapsack in the backseat of the car. It was a beautifully warm summer evening, and the top down on the car made the trip perfect. The trip from Santa Cruz down Highway 1 to Monterrey was a scenic marvel. The highway snaked along the Pacific Ocean all the way. It took us about an hour to get there.

It was about 7 pm when we drove through the gate onto Fort Ord. I almost forgot Jake was in the car, as I looked out the window at all the yummy soldiers marching, running, and walking everywhere. I felt like I was in a candy store. Here I was, female, 18 years old, and on an army post with thousands of horny guys!

Jake pulled up to a drab looking 2-story building and announced that we had arrived. He put the top of the car up and locked it as I got out and looked around. I had my knapsack over my shoulder and my eyes wide open with excitement.

I followed him up the stairwell on the side of the building to the second floor. Entering, we walked down a long, very quiet wooden-floored hallway. In the center of the building there was bathroom with showers. I knew that, because he pointed them out as we passed them. Two doors later we opened the door to room 212, Jake’s room. It was a very plain room with a desk, two single beds and a nightstand. The one big window looked out over the parking lot and street, and I could see his car parked below.

“Well, babe, this is it. Home, sweet home,” he said as he plopped down on one of the beds and waited for me to say something.

“This is like totally cool,” I gushed. “It wouldn’t win any housekeeping awards, but it’s nice. How come you have two beds? Do you share the room with someone?”

Jake informed me that his previous roommate had been reassigned a month or so ago, so we had the room all to ourselves.

“I guess, if we have to use the bathroom, we go down the hall, huh?” I asked, “Does everyone use the same bathroom?”

Jake settled back with his back against the headboard and his arms crossed as he watched and listened to my nervous chatter. “We’ll have to work out something with the bathroom. We wouldn’t necessarily want any of the other guys to walk in on you now, would we? Besides, I’m worried that YOU might like that too much.”

Smiling mischievously at him, the reality of the situation hit me. I was in an army barracks, and it was just me and the rest…men! My dad had given me money for a motel room for tonight merter escort and tomorrow night, but it didn’t look like I would need to go anywhere, now.

With my hands on my hips, I stood in the center of the room and looked at Jake sitting there on the bed. I realized that this was what both of us wanted anyway. We were in his room, alone, and it was clear that we weren’t going to do anything now but fuck. I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders to the floor. Reaching behind my back, I unsnapped the hooks to my brassiere, and let the straps fall forward as I clutched the cups against my breasts. Feeling dryness in my mouth and the cool, clammy sensation spreading throughout my body, I said to Jake. “This is what you want to do, isn’t it? I mean, if not, then I better put my blouse back on.”

Jake immediately started fumbling with his pants, jerking them down to his knees, while he was kicking off his shoes at the same time. I laughed quietly as I let my bra slide down my front to the floor. “Oh, God that feels so much better,” I sighed as I rubbed my recently confined breasts. Jake was sitting there on the edge of the bed, grinning broadly, in just his jockey shorts. His cock was standing at attention, making a very nice military tent — for my pleasure, I’m sure. I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down the side and let it drop to the floor with the rest of my stuff. I then slipped off my sandals and strutted over to the edge of his bed, pulling his knees apart, and then announcing. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

He scrambled clumsily to get his jockey shorts off, and then regained his posture and position, with me standing before him. He tucked his fingers in the sides of my panties and pulled them slowly down my thighs, while kissing and nibbling on my tingling flesh. Goosebumps popped up everywhere his lips or his hands touched. I put my hands on his shoulders to keep from collapsing; my legs began to feel like jelly. My panties lay at my feet and Jake’s face and mouth were busy in my pubes. His hands slipped behind my hips and caressed my ass cheeks as he pulled my tummy flush with his face. He hugged me tightly that way for a moment or two. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair and groaned, “I want to make love to you, too.”

He released me long enough to look up at me, and smile, then he cupped and kneaded my heavy breasts. “My god, you are beautiful,” he stammered. He rose to his feet and kissed me hard on my mouth. Sparks flew as our tongues and lips met. We groped lustfully at each other’s bodies, touching and feeling, as he traded places with me. Pushing me down to where I was now seated on the edge of the bed, he looked at my sensuous lips positioned so close to his bobbing cock. “Oh, what I’d like to do with that pouty mouth of yours right now! But, I’ve got something else in mind for my little vixen first.”

And, with that, he knelt on the floor between my spread thighs, and placed his hands on my knees. I wasn’t even close to being prepared for what he did next. His head moved down between my thighs. First, I felt his hot breath and then his tongue — licking me. I screamed and tried to jump up, but he grabbed both my wrists and held me down as his gentle licks turned into deep probes with his tongue. Nobody had ever done this to me before.

Omigod! I couldn’t’ believe what was happening to me. He nibbled at my clit and kept shoving his tongue as deep as he could in my pussy. I pulled my knees up and clamped them against his head as my hips jerked in response to his every thrust. “Please,” I gasped. “Don’t stop!”

Then I came. I screamed through clenched teeth and jerked with uncontrollable spasms from head to toe. Wave after wave of the most incredible orgasm ripped through my body, over and over again. He closed his mouth over my pussy with his tongue still lashing away until my orgasm began to subside. I fell back limp and exhausted. Panting like I’d just run the race of my life, I felt him release my wrists. I grabbed his head with my hands and pulled him tightly to my breasts, crying out. “I love you Jake. I love you!”

As I finally released his head, he moved away, his face all shiny and coated with my juices. He had the biggest smile I’d ever seen on his face. As I lay there panting, Jake moved me around on the bed, lengthwise, and crawled up to straddle my waist. Smiling up at him, I pushed the sides of my breasts together, as his hot cock slipped back and forth between the sweaty mounds.

“Damn, girl! You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this to those big tits of yours! These things were made for fucking!”

In response, I pulled my knees up behind his backside and used them to help him drive his big cock back and forth through my slippery tit tunnel. “Oh, Jake, I love having my tits fucked. You have such a big hard cock! That’s it, baby. Feel the way they wrap around your cock perfectly!”

Jake only grunted mutlukent escort as he jerked his hips roughly back and forth, jamming his hard cock in and out. It seemed so surreal looking up at this hulk of a man, groaning like an animal as he ground his cock with increasing urgency. Back and forth; his balls rubbing up and down my tummy. I tilted my head forward, watching the big purple cockhead popping in and out of my tits towards my mouth. My moist tongue was licking at my wet lips, curling up and flicking in and out. He suddenly fell forward and grabbed the steel headboard tightly in his fists as he continued with the tit fucking.

“Oh, Jake, cum on my tits,” I begged. “Cum all over my face. It’s okay, honey; you can do it. I want you to.”

I watched as the gorgeous muscles in his chest and arms tightened and flexed. He reached down and grabbed the thick shaft of his cock and squeezed it tightly, all the while screaming out, “Fuck! Oh, fuck!” I kept my breasts pressed tightly together as I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. A huge glob of white sperm shot from the tip of his dick and arched into the air over my face and landed in my hair. The next two or three splashed across my face. I closed my eyes and kept my mouth open. Cum landed in my mouth and more streaked across my face. Jake continued to curse, “Fuck!” Warm cum oozed down into my open mouth as I felt his cock head touch my tongue. I licked at it, as more cum slid into my mouth. I swallowed quickly only to make sure my mouth opened again, hoping he would fill it with his cock. Finally, I sensed his intensity subsiding.

Then I heard him laugh raucously, “Holy shit, Lisa! You should see yourself, now. You look unbelievably sexy with my cum all over your face and hair.”

My eyes were still tightly shut as I started giggling too. What a sight I must have been. I used my fingers to scoop the cum from my eyes. Anyone who has ever had cum in her eyes knows how much it stings! Thinking nothing of it, I licked my fingers, savoring the yummy mess that coated my face.

Jake dismounted my ribcage and picked up his undershirt from the floor. Dropping it on my face, I used it to wipe his remaining love juices from my face and breasts. I sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed, licking my lips and smiling at the ruggedly handsome soldier that had just tried to drown me with all that cum. “Umm, that was fun,” I purred. I couldn’t take my hungry eyes off him. I wanted more! “Why don’t you come back over here, and let me help you get ready for Round 2.”

“Whoa, my little cumslut. I am not even close to being done yet, but I’m not into getting a mouthful of my own cum like you are, so how about you and I hit the showers first? I promise you’ll have all the cock you can handle this weekend.”

“But, Jake, I can’t take a shower here,” I said. “What if there are guys in there? I am certain that they will know the difference between me and them!” He wrapped a towel around his waist and tossed another one to me. “Hey, that’s not fair,” I stated. “I can’t cover myself with this.” I tried to tie the towel around me by tucking part of it into the material underneath my arm. It covered my breasts, but didn’t hang low enough to cover my butt. He laughed and left the room, leaving the door ajar.

“Come on, Lisa,” I heard his voice trail off, “time to get wet…”

Opening the door a little more, I peeked out into the hallway. I could hear the echo of the shower being turned on. My heart was pounding so hard that I was sure everyone in the barracks would hear me. There didn’t appear to be anyone out there, so I took the opportunity and dashed down the hall through the swinging door into the bathroom. Inside, I stopped and pressed my back against the doorway, waiting for what I was sure were going to be male voices. I unclenched my eyes and looked around the steamy room. There were sinks lined up on one wall and urinals and toilets on the opposite wall. The steam was pouring out of a separate room, and that’s where I headed. Peering through the steam, I saw a lone figure that I thought was Jake. “Thank God,” I thought as I slipped the towel off and hung it on a nearby hook.

“What the…” came a foreign sounding voice from where the man stood. I screamed and started to back up, when the strong arms of Jake caught me from behind. Laughing, Jake pressed against me, his hard cock very prominently pressed into my butt cheeks.

“Chill, Carlos,” Jake commanded. “This is Lisa. You don’t mind sharing the water with her, do you?” The beating of the shower water was deafening. Carlos stared at me, and I stared at Carlos. Jake’s hands were on my shoulders keeping me from retreating any further. I had covered my nipples with my hands, but that was about all I could hide. Carlos was a very muscularly built Latino man. His head was shaved bald and he had tattoos on his forearms and chest. Jake began to push me towards the showerhead next to Carlos. Reluctantly, otele gelen escort I let him. Then I saw Carlos break into a condescending smile, and my natural reflex was to look down. Sure enough, Carlos liked what he saw, as his cock began rise and extend in length.

The look on Carlos’ face told me that he was glad that Jake intended to share me with him. Jake turned on the shower right next to Carlos, keeping me between the two of them. “Jake, my man, this is one hot senorita! Are you sure she wants to party with both of us?” The hot water cascaded down over my body, wetting my hair and face. Jake began soaping me from behind as I sputtered from the water hitting me in the face. That’s when I felt the second pair of hands on the front of me, kneading my supple breasts. Carlos ran his rough fingers over my sensitive nipples and up to grip my throat, pulling my face up toward his. As our lips met, his grip moved from my throat to my hair as he knotted his fingers in the tangles and forced his tongue deep into my wanton mouth. The hot water and the attention of male hands caressing my body left me screaming with desire. My pussy burned with need from the earlier warm-up in Jake’s room.

As my arms encircled Carlos’ neck and our kissing intensified with carnal lust, I felt Jake’s finger reach between my thighs from behind and dig deeply into my cunt. I screamed into Carlos’ mouth as my knees almost buckled from desire. Jake’s fingers were working relentlessly at my clit drawing a medley of noises and contractions in response. Desperately in need, I wrenched my face from the throes of passion and pleaded with Carlos. “Please, fuck me. Oh, God, how I need to be fucked!” Jake spun me around to face him. My mouth hung open and my eyes glazed with insatiable need. “Jake, please!”

“So, my little cumslut needs more dick,” muttered Jake. “I thought so. First, let’s see if your reputation is half as deserving as I’ve heard it is.” He put a hand on my head and pushed me down to my knees. Frowning visibly as I looked up, the two of them positioned themselves in front of my face. The tiled floor of the showers bit into my tender knees, as I winced in pain. As I opened my mouth to breathe through the streams of warm water hitting my face, Jake’s hand twisted my head to the side and he forced his cock into my mouth. I put my hands up to protest, but strong hands caught my wrists and held them tightly. No sooner had Jake jammed his cock in and out of my mouth a few times, then Carlos twisted my head the other way and his cock was shoved in to replace Jake’s. With the two of them alternating their attack on my mouth, their bodies effectively blocked out most of the water that would have drowned me otherwise.

I was being used brutally, as neither of the two was allowing me to really participate in the act. One cock would be crammed into my mouth, forcing the fat head into my cheeks, then, suddenly the other man would jerk my face back to his cock and jam it in and out a few times. This went on for what seemed like forever. My ears were filled with the sounds of spraying water and male voices taunting me. “Suck my dick, babe!” “No, suck my dick.” “You like it, don’t you!” In a strange way, I did like it, but my pussy was on fire. I needed one of those hard cocks fucking now! My hair hurt and my jaws were sore from the oral abuse they were inflicting on me.

Just when I thought it would never end, they both let go of my wrists and my hair, and I fell backwards with a splash on my tailbone. “Ouch, what did you do that for?” I asked. I sat there with my legs sprawled, supporting myself in a sitting position with my hands behind me. Steam filled the room, making it difficult to see very well. Jake and Carlos were still standing in front of me, jacking their fists up and down their stiff cocks. I began fingering my pussy in anticipation.

Licking my lips hungrily and pulling the strands of hair out of my face, I waited for them to take me. As they both moved towards me, I was ready for them. I would do anything to satiate my sexual needs.

Carlos knelt at my head and held his cock briefly over my face, then began to rub the head over my lips. “Open, bitch,” he ordered.

I did and his hard cock pushed deeply into my mouth. I tilted my head back as far as I could to open my throat for him. He bent forward and grabbed my tits hard and began to squeeze them roughly.

Next, I felt Jake’s hands on my ankles, lifting them up off the wet shower floor. He pulled my feet far apart, and then I felt what I prayed so hard for. He drove his big cock deep into my cunt. I gurgled in euphoria as two cocks ravaged my hungry holes. I grunted with each thrust of Jake’s cock pounding in and out of my pussy. I lifted my hips each time he withdrew, trying to keep it from escaping. I was going to cum soon, and I mean like really soon!

Carlos continued his assault on my mouth. I love sucking on anything when I’m fucking. I’ll suck fingers, toes, anything you put near my mouth, but what I love most is a big hard cock the most. I had one hand in Jake’s hair, pulling his mouth from one of my tits to the other as he fucked me hard and deep. I had Carlos’ balls in my other palm, guiding his fat cock in and out of my throat. My drool covered his slippery shaft as I grunted in harmony with my attentive studs.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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