Corrupting Amber Ch. 13

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The drive to Kevin’s was taking forever today. It being Friday and the final day of school for hundreds of high-school students meant the roads were as congested as they were likely to get at any point. Aside from that, Amber was feeling the effects of being without a shot for nearly 8 hours now. A slow building nauseousness was welling up inside her and she feared what real withdrawal would feel like. That hadn’t been something Amber had considered much up to this point, as the whirlwind of substances had kept her mind spinning in other ways. Now, thinking about the horrors of not having them and feeling the physical and mental ramifications of withdrawal sent a small ripple of terror through her. Matt must have noticed her deep thoughts because he was glancing at her worryingly as he drove.

“Babe.. are you ok?” He asked concerned.

Amber thought about which words were correct, as she did not want to shake his confidence that this was truly what she wanted. And she did. It had been an amazing and exhilarating journey that awoke real deep and dark secrets that she had never known or understood about herself. But there were also things she worried about; For one, she feared that she would go too far. Turn into a complete junkie with all the health issues and financial and emotional dependance that came along with it and Matt would grow out of his obsession or simply get sick of having to deal with and take care of her. The other main one was related, and was the idea that if something were to happen that meant she was completely addicted but unable to sustain her habit financially how fast it would go from being fun to torture.

Getting high felt wonderful and indulging the pleasure-seeking hedonist that was hidden inside of her had become an equally enrapturing obsession to Matt’s own, but that would fade quickly if she were unable to sustain it. Finally, she feared that she had already become too in love with this life to stop, even if one of the previous two scenarios were to become true. Every time she thought about getting high and corrupting her healthy young body it filled her with joy and lust. The destruction aspect especially was alluring to her, and the idea that eventually it would become obvious to anyone that looked at her that she was utterly ‘ruined’ turned her on in the most obscene way. So yes.. Amber had fears but more than anything it was background noise. And this fucking car ride was taking too long.

“Yea babe, I’m fine. I just want to hurry up and get there. I wanna get high,” Amber replied finally. Her thoughts completing their cycle.

It had only been a few minutes but Amber already felt the familiar emptiness that pulled at her to light up another cigarette. She reached down into her pack that lie in her purse and extracted one, placing it between her lips. It had become a feeling that was almost as familiar as blinking, and Amber knew that no matter what happened, she would die a heavy smoker.

At first the smell was off-putting, and the taste incredibly unnatural and foreign. The taste would linger on her tongue noticeably for hours after each time she smoked, and it caused her to swallow constantly trying to ‘cleanse’ her pallet. Now though, it was delicious. The soft warmth of the smoke was all she noticed. Not the smell or the taste. And the joy of feeling that slightly heavy warmth being sucked into her lungs. As soon as she exhaled she longed for another lung-filling drag. Amber peered over at Matt who was doing his best to watch the road while also trying to catch every time she took a drag and exhaled a thick stream of smoke into the car around them. The power to so visibly turn him on anytime she wanted was also part of the thrill.

“Now taksim esc that school’s out I can smoke a lot more. Probably at least a pack and a half, maybe two,” tempted Amber.

Who knew that her actions combined with those words were likely to cause Matt’s cock to bust out of his jeans.

“Really? Damn, guess I gotta make sure I can afford all those cigarettes,” replied Matt with mock concern.

Amber knew that Matt would work as much as he needed to in order to make sure she had all the cigs, booze and drugs she needed. Hopefully her habit and appetite wouldn’t exceed his earning potential, but she had her doubts. In that case, Amber was more than ok with starting her own career. As insane as it would sound to herself just a couple months ago, Amber actually wanted to do escorting work. Despite having the grades to attend a good college, that life no longer appealed to her. She longed to be a piece of meat, a hole for depraved men to stick their cocks in. Thinking about being ‘used’ like that turned her on. A lot.

Finally they entered the shitty neighborhood where Kevin lived, and it could not have come too soon. Amber felt the nausea, itchiness and general discomfort rising to an all-time high. She couldn’t wait to get all the resources she needed to satisfy her cravings on her time, whenever she wanted. Matt was going to have to keep an eye on her, Amber felt as though her ravenous appetite for getting and staying high coupled with her inexperience made her an excellent candidate for an overdose.

Amber placed the spent Newport 100 between her lips and sucked it down past the filter, ignoring the awful taste of the filter itself to ensure she had smoked every last shred of sweet, noxious tobacco before flicking the spent cigarette out the window. She consciously held the monstrous amount of smoke as deeply in her lungs as possible before exhaling, making sure that the dangerous chemicals and tar had a chance to further soak into her. Not only did Amber get off on the idea of smoking an almost continuous amount of cigarettes, but each drag was another opportunity to punish her young, healthy body. The thought sent a little shock to her clit and she hoped she’d get a chance to get off very soon.

Amber walked hand-in-hand with Matt to the door, which was already opening before they had even reached the small cement stoop. Kevin’s goofy but not unattractive face peered out into the sunlight much similar to the way a vampire would, squinting and in obvious annoyance of the beautiful day.

“Hurry up, I hate the sun,” he muttered impatiently.

Amber and Matt hurriedly stepped into the dark, smokey haven of narcotic pleasure known as Kevin’s single story flophouse and Kevin quickly shut the door, clearly happy to avoid the sun for the rest of day.

“Ok, so today is the big day, huh?” He smiled widely, showing off a row of yellow-teeth and squinting bloodshot eyes.

“Yep.. I guess so,” stammered Matt.

Who still hadn’t really gotten the hang of being around what both of them in the very near past would have considered ‘losers’ or ‘druggies’ or ‘burnouts.’

He was going to get a crash course in it though, as Amber intended on shedding all the pretense of her previous identity now that school had ended. She was moving out, immediately. It didn’t matter where, she just knew she couldn’t stand being with her parents anymore. She needed to be high all day, every day. No more schedules or sneaking around. So with that new found freedom was going to come the ‘druggy’ lifestyle, and frankly, she couldn’t wait.

“I’ve gotta get high right now though, before we do anything. I’m going to be sick if I don’t,” She blurted out as the two guys she shared kağıthane esc the room with were sharing small talk she hadn’t been paying attention to.

“Oh, sorry babe. Yeah, let’s get you taken care of,” replied Matt in earnest sympathy.

With that she and Matt made their way to the couch and sat down while Kevin walked down the hall to get what she needed. When he came back he handed her an assortment of things that had become familiar to Amber recently, and over the course of the last few days Amber had learned to go through the steps herself with increasing ease. She mixed the heroin with water in the spoon, cooked it and soaked it up with the cotton ball. Next she carefully extracted the mixture into the barrel of the syringe. Finally, Amber was ready to shoot herself up. She tried to calm her breathing, knowing that relief was on the horizon, but she was still a bit shaky and uncertain of herself. Matt reached his hand out and placed it on her cheek, softly caressing her and putting her at ease. She leaned in and kissed him, being sure to let him taste the strong menthol cigarettes on her tongue as she knew he loved to do, before pulling back and smiling.

Kevin held out a tourniquet, which was little more than a blue rubber belt, and Amber wrapped it around the upper part of her arm. She pulled it tight with her teeth while she tapped her inner elbow, waiting for her favorite vein to come into better view. She looked down at the small track mark that indicated the spot she’d been using for the past week and admired that it had begun to look like she was a true heroin addict. The small red pinprick scar had clearly gotten more pronounced in recent days and even a dime sized purple discoloration had formed around it. It was odd, but it made Amber proud and the physical representation of her corruption made her both happy and aroused.

The vein itself had now presented itself clearly and Amber slowly but steadily inserted the needle perfectly into the already exposed hole in her arm. She pulled back the plunger ever so softly to make sure she was in the vein and was pleasantly surprised when a splash of blood appeared in the barrel. Finally, Amber took a slight breath in and smoothly plunged the heroin filled contents of the syringe directly into her opiate starved veins. As soon as she was sure it was emptied, she untied herself and immediately enjoyed the warmth spread through her body. Her nausea, and chills, and aches were replaced by the sensation of the heroin overloading her opioid receptors and causing her pleasure centers to go crazy. Instantly, as had happened every time thus far, Amber’s pussy began to throb.

She could feel her clit tingle and her body temperature rise and sensed a moistness between her legs. Combining sex and heroin had been perhaps the greatest discovery of her lifetime, and one she hoped to exploit for as long as she were alive. Both Matt and Kevin were watching with great anticipation as they’d both become accustomed to what happened next. Amber wasted no time, and although she felt like she was moving in slow motion, hiked up her little yellow-plaid skirt to reveal her pantiless bald cunt, wet and glistening. Matt, already sitting next to her and obviously anticipating her impending horniness, yanked his jeans down to his ankles and sat up with his rock hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. Amber needed no coercion, but her obvious physical impairment urged Matt to practically pick her up and impale her onto his rod.

He was clearly turned on and had barely been able to contain himself up to this point because he wasted no time in grabbing Amber’s ass, thrusting himself inside while working her hips in rhythm to his thrusts. çapa esc The combination of the high, the spreading warmth and incredible sex had rendered Amber almost beyond comprehension. She tried working with him and bucking her hips but her ability to control her body was severely compromised and Matt’s grip on Amber’s ass was strong and forceful. She enjoyed the mishmash of pleasures and thoughts of how incredibly debauched the whole situation was but noticed something coming towards her from the left.

She turned just in time to be greeted by Kevin’s rather large, veiny prick being thrusted towards her. He was standing on the couch, completely nude and stroking himself suggestively while motioning for her to suck him off. Amber looked down at Matt as she continued to ride his cock and saw him almost entranced by the situation, eagerly awaiting the moment she’d wrap her full lips around the drug dealer’s shaft. Amber smiled at him, knowing how much this was going to turn him on and opened her mouth wide. She grabbed Kevin’s veiny pole with her right hand and gave it a few short pumps before guiding it into her mouth. Before clamping her lips around him, Amber made sure to lock eyes with Matt, noticing that he was probably about to blast his load inside her at the amazing sight.

Finally, Amber closed her mouth around Kevin’s prick and applied a healthy amount of suction. She didn’t get much time to continue teasing Matt though, as Kevin placed his hands on either side of Amber’s head and began facefucking her with considerable force. The rhythm with which he was thrusting his stick down her throat and Matt was working her cunt didn’t always match well, and occasionally Amber’s gag reflex was tested. She made sure to gag audibly and drool generously like a good little slut. She noticed Matt watching intently as drips of drool seeped from the corners of her mouth, dropping down onto his chest and stomach, clearly appreciating the show.

She felt his thrusts become slower but more deliberately paced and tense and knew Matt was about to cum. She did her best to fight through her intoxication and focus on squeezing the walls of her cunt around his surging member, urging him to blast her pussy with the biggest load he possibly could. While Amber was focusing on that, however, she felt a jet of hot semen splash on the back of her throat as Kevin had apparently not sought to warn her of his impending orgasm. It didn’t bother Amber at all, and the idea of two men using her as their cum receptacle simultaneously sent her over the edge.

She felt her orgasm rip through her as cum was being blasted into her cunt and down her throat at the same time. Her heavy breathing and compromised focus had caused Kevin’s cum to make her choke a couple of times, but even with everything going on she was able to take it all and swallow it without incident. As Amber’s orgasm subsided she finally reoriented herself with her surroundings and at the same time realized how insanely fucked up she was. The warmth had traveled throughout her entire body at this point and she felt tingles all over.

Amber tried focusing on Matt, who still sat below her panting and looking up at her lovingly, but she was having trouble maintaining complete consciousness. Matt mentioned that she’d nod off for hours after shooting up and that he would hold her, kiss her, and watch over her during this time. A time he described as ‘paradise.’ He even admitted that he’d eat her pussy while she drifted in and out of consciousness, something Amber could remember only when she really tried but appreciated nonetheless.

She decided to give in entirely to the experience of the high and surrendered, basically collapsing onto Matt’s chest and placing her safety in his hands for as long as she straddled this line of consciousness. Amber let her body and mind go, and accepted her new normal of being completely and helplessly fucked up.

Hopefully for the rest of her life.

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