Cory’s Senior Year

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Chapter 1

It was the second week of school, and Cory was looking forward to a great senior year. He liked school and had pretty good grades. He turned 18 a couple weeks before school started and was planning to enjoy his last year hanging out with his friends before graduation. He didn’t have a girlfriend, but he often thought about asking Jessica. Jessica Dixon was one of his close friends. They’d known each other since elementary school. They spent a lot of time with each other. Her family really liked him. She had shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. And he noticed how, as they got older, her body was becoming very womanly. Her breasts made Cory want to reach out and caress them whenever he saw her. He had long wanted to ask her out on an actual date, but he could never quite bring himself to ask. Perhaps he didn’t want to spoil their friendship, or perhaps he was afraid she would say no. He didn’t know.

Nothing unusual happened at school on this particular Monday, so after Cory got home he changed his clothes to go for his usual bike ride. He liked to get out and ride the trails in the fresh air. And he liked going “commando” in his loose shorts because of the refreshing breeze that blew up into his crotch. While he rode, he could let his thoughts wander, usually thinking about Jessica. He daydreamed about the two of them often. Usually he imagined what it would be like to see her whole body. As he rode along thinking about her, his penis would firm up. The bulge in his shorts would begin to peek out one pant leg. The up and down motion from pedaling would make him harder and harder. But since he was out in public, he couldn’t let it go all the way, so he brought his thoughts elsewhere.

When Cory got back home he went to his room and got undressed to take a shower. In the bathroom he turned on the water and stripped off his clothes. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was 5′ 11″, with short, light brown hair. His build was average — not particularly muscular (he wasn’t athletic and didn’t do any sports). But there was some definition in the contours of his body. He had no hair on his chest and little around his penis. His penis also was quite average — about 6″ fully erect. He stepped into the shower and got cleaned up. As he lathered up his crotch, he stroked his cock. Up and down slowly. He became harder and harder. His hands slid along his shaft and it felt awesome. How great it would be if Jessica were here right now, he thought. And a few moments later, he began to shudder as waves of pleasure filled his whole body. He shot several rounds of cum on the shower wall letting out a sigh of joy each time. He finished stroking and getting out the last of his cum, then finished cleaning up, and got dressed. Feeling very refreshed, he spent the rest of the evening doing homework.

After school on Tuesday, Cory went to work. He worked at a local department store in the stockroom. When he walked in, his boss, Blake, called him over.

“You know Laura Pearce, the manager of the women’s department?” Blake asked.


“She asked me if you could help out in her department for a few months.”

“But I don’t know anything about women’s stuff,” Cory said, puzzled by the request.

“Don’t worry. It will only be as they need the help. She’s a good person to work with. And she asked for you specifically,” Blake said.

“Me? Why? Does she even know me?”

Blake laughed. “Go on up to her office. She’ll explain.”

So Cory, still confused, went to Laura’s office. He knocked on the open door.

“Hi Cory,” Laura said with a smile. “Thanks for coming. Did Blake tell you what we need you for?”

“No. He said you’d tell me.”

“OK,” she went on. “Do you know Colin? The guy who used to work here? Well now that he’s through with college, he has found another job. And I think you’d be the perfect replacement for him. We have several special upscale customers who spend a lot of money here. And so we like to give them the VIP treatment by giving them the first look at the newest items. I set up appointments for them usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

“But I don’t know anything about women’s clothes,” Cory interrupted.

“That’s OK. I’ll show you what you need to know. Does that schedule work for you?

“Yeah. I’m always here those days from 3 — 6.”

“Good. I have a client, Mrs. Lambert, coming in today at 4. Basically all Colin had to do was be a valet. I bring the client into the private dressing room next to my office, here. And all you need to do is bring whatever they need. Dresses, coats, hats, coffee, whatever. Easy enough?”

“I guess.”

“OK let me show you what I have lined up. Then you can go back to the rest of your work and come back here in about a half hour.”

Cory went back to his usual duties stocking shelves. Just before 4:00 he found Laura. Soon a woman dressed very elegantly came in. Cory guessed she must be quite wealthy. Laura greeted her and introduced her. “Mrs. Lambert, I’d like you to meet Cory. He will be taking Colin’s place.”

“Hi,” Cory said.

“It is a pleasure to meet such a handsome young man,” Şirinevler escort said Mrs. Lambert. Cory blushed. He’d never been called handsome. Laura told the woman all about 2 new fashions that she’d be trying. All Cory saw was a black dress and a red one. She handed the dresses to him and motioned for him to follow them into the back room and to the private dressing room.

“Now I need to go back out on the floor,” Laura told Cory. “Just stay here while she tries on the dresses and she’ll let you know if she needs anything.” And Laura left.

Cory stood outside the dressing room waiting. After a few minutes, the door opened. Mrs. Lambert was wearing the new red dress. “Cory, be a dear. Come in and tell me what you think.” He walked into the room. This was no average dressing room. It was larger than any he’d ever been in – enough room for a few chairs, a table and several mirrors. “Well?” she asked.

“It looks nice, I guess” Cory stammered.

“Nice? Oh my, we have to teach you to tell a lady what she wants to hear,” she said with a smile. “You need to say something like, ‘It makes you look elegant’ or ‘It would look better with a handbag”

Cory thought a moment and said, “Actually, I think the black dress would be classier.”

She looked at the other dress and said, “Hmmm. Well, let’s see.”

And before Cory could make his way out the door, because Mrs. Lambert was blocking his way, she had taken off the dress. There she was, standing there in facing him… naked except for the stockings she still had on. She wasn’t a bit concerned as she bent over to pick up the dress. Cory thought he should leave, but he couldn’t move. He was compelled to stay. He thought he should turn around but couldn’t take his eyes off of her big breasts that were dangling before him. He felt his penis begin to react and began to feel warm. Mrs. Lambert put on the other dress. She asked what he thought this time. “Uhhh…” Cory’s voice cracked, “it’s…. better.” He began to regain his composure and said, “Definitely classier than the red dress.”

“You’re right,” she said. “Now you’re getting the idea. I think I’ll take this one. Will you help me put it back in the garment bag?” She didn’t wait for his answer and took the dress off.

Cory’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what was happening. “This isn’t a dream,” he thought to himself.

Mrs. Lambert noticed him staring and smiled. “Do you like what you see?” Cory nodded as he stared at her breasts. “Give me your hand.” She took his hand and placed it on her smooth, beautifully rounded breasts. “Go ahead. Feel them. Feel whatever you want.” Cory couldn’t believe it. He caressed and he squeezed. His hands moved all around. Then she guided his hand down to her shaved pussy where he explored for what seemed like hours. His cock was getting so hard that it felt like it would burst through his pants. She reached down and began to rub the bulge. “Feels like you need some relief here,” she said. Then she knelt down, unbuckled Cory’s belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants and underwear down, and his hard cock sprang out. “Oh, this is a nice package you have,” she said as she began to fondle Cory’s balls. He closed his eyes as she rubbed his shaft.

“Has anyone ever sucked this for you?” she asked.

“No,” he whispered.

“Well it’s time we change that,” And she slowly took him into her mouth. Not just a little. She took his whole 6″ cock into her mouth. Cory let out a moan of delight. His breathing became heavier. It felt so good, but he couldn’t take any more. He couldn’t stop, and shot his entire load right into her mouth. She took every pulse and swallowed it. When he was done, she licked every last drop from his cock. It took Cory a few moments to come back down from the high. Then Mrs. Lambert said, “I think you’ll fill in for Colin very nicely.” She helped him get dressed, and then dressed herself. They left the dressing room and Mrs. Lambert went to find Laura to buy the dress while Cory put the other away. Then he went back to the stockroom and finished his shift. That night the whole event played over in Cory’s mind until he fell asleep.

Chapter 2

The next day, Cory could hardly concentrate at school. He still couldn’t believe what happened. He needed to tell somebody before he burst. So he made plans to go to Tyler’s house after school to study. He and Tyler had been best friends since they were little. They were identical in practically every way. Similar in size and stature (Tyler was slightly taller), similar looks and they liked all of the same things. They did everything together. They almost always knew what the other was thinking to the point of being able to finish each other’s sentences. They told each other everything and could talk about anything. Neither had a girlfriend, and each knew the other had never gone all the way with a girl.

When Cory got to the door, Tyler answered. They went to the kitchen to grab a couple sodas, and went right up to his room. Cory threw his books on the floor, closed the door and turned toward Tyler who was sitting on the bed. “You’ll never believe Ataköy escort what happened at work yesterday,” he said in a hushed voice in case anyone else was in the house and could hear. He sat on the edge of a chair facing Tyler, leaned closer and began to tell him the whole event from the day before. Tyler listened intently, his eyes growing wider. As Cory was reliving the story, his penis began to throb and grow, as did Tyler’s. Cory noticed it, too. Tyler’s hand instinctively made its way to his own crotch and he began to massage the erection he was getting. When Cory got to the end, both of them were aroused. Tyler asked astonished, “She blew you right there in the dressing room?” Cory nodded with a big smile. Tyler paused a few seconds like he was trying to decide if he should say something. Then he said, “Show me.”

“Huh?” Cory asked, not expecting that.

“Show me… Show me what she did,” he said as he opened up his pants and pulled them down exposing everything to Cory.

Cory realized what he meant. The two of them had seen each other naked many times. They had often masturbated together after watching an adult movie or getting horny from looking at certain magazines. They even stroked each other. But neither had ever given the other a blowjob before. But Cory hesitated only for a second or 2. Then he knelt down between Tyler’s legs which were hanging over the edge of the bed and took hold of his beautiful, hard cock. Like everything else about them, their cocks were very similar, too. Both cut, both about 6″ erect. He slowly leaned forward and opened his mouth. Tyler, who was lying back on the bed, could feel Cory’s warm breath on his penis. Cory took Tyler’s balls in one hand and gently massaged them, then he began to lick Tyler’s shaft. His tongue went from the base to the tip and back down. Then he opened his mouth and took in one of his balls. Tyler took a deep breath. Cory worked his way back up Tyler’s cock to the head, and then took it into his mouth. Tyler moaned. Cory couldn’t deepthroat him, but he took in as much of Tyler’s cock as he could. Cory licked and sucked, up and down. Tyler loved it. His breathing got heavier, his heart began to pound. Soon Tyler could feel the cum swelling up inside him, he started breathing faster. “I’m gonna cum,” he warned Cory. Cory worked him harder, and with a groan Tyler shot his entire load into Cory’s mouth. Cory never tasted anything like it. It didn’t taste especially good, but having his best friend’s cock in his mouth was awesome.

Cory swallowed what was in his mouth and cleaned up Tyler with his tongue. Tyler relaxed and sat up. “Wow,” he said. “I’ve wanted that for a long time.”

“Me, too,” Cory replied. “I just didn’t know how to suggest it.” Cory got up, took off his pants and sat on the bed, hoping Tyler would take the hint and give him a hand job as they had often done before. To Cory’s surprise, Tyler pushed him back on the bed and immediately leaned over and took Cory’s cock into his mouth. Cory had become a bit flaccid while working on Tyler, but in just a few seconds he was rock hard again. Tyler took Cory as deep as he could as he pumped him. And Cory pumped his hips in sync with Tyler. Tyler caressed Cory’s balls with one hand and explored his butt-hole. Then he slowly slid his finger up inside Cory. Cory gasped. Tyler moved his finger in and out while he sucked. It didn’t take long before Cory said, “Here I go. Get ready.” Several shots of warm cum squirted into Tyler’s mouth. He had to be careful not to gag. When Cory was done, Tyler slid his mouth off, making sure to get everything. Then he swallowed. He looked at Cory. They both smiled and opened their sodas to wash the taste out of their mouths.

Cory said, “That was great. We have to do that again.”

“You know it,” Tyler agreed. “Any chance we get. So can you get me a job there?”

“I’ll ask,” Cory said enthusiastically.

After that they started on their homework. Each thinking they might need to have another round when they’re done.

Chapter 3

The rest of the week wasn’t nearly as exciting for Cory. Laura didn’t have any VIP customer appointments on Thursday. Cory had even more ideas go through his mind on his after school bike rides. On Saturday night, he and all his friends (including Jessica and Tyler) hung out, as was their usual custom. Those parties usually consisted of a movie, or the arcade, or bowling, or some activity followed by going to someone’s house to eat them out of house and home. No one’s parents seemed to mind since they were all good about cleaning up and not keeping the neighbors awake. Cory never had any trouble holding a conversation with Jessica when all their friends were around. But this night he felt a sense of anxiousness. He needed to spend time with just her, but he just wasn’t confident enough yet. Tyler knew what he was thinking and tried to give him some gentle nudges. But he didn’t want to embarrass his best friend like that. Cory & Jessica spent a few moments close to each other throughout the evening — close enough for him to notice she had nothing on underneath the T-shirt she was wearing. That Bakırköy escort sent his mind spinning. But as fast as that thought came into his head, something else would happen to get everyone’s attention. But despite him not getting anywhere with Jessica that night, he had fun. Maybe next week.

The next Tuesday, Laura had another appointment. This time it was Mrs. Strom. Her husband was some big-time banker. He got the impression they were loaded. Cory brought her the items Laura had set aside. “I wonder if she’ll be like Mrs. Lambert?” he thought joking to himself. “Yeah, right.” When he brought the clothes to her in the room, he said, “Here you go Mrs. Strom. Can I get you anything else?”

“Maybe a cup of coffee, please, Cory.” She said with a smile.

“Coming right up.” He went out and brought back her coffee. “Here you go. And I’ll be right outside if you need anything else.” He added that last part half hoping she would stop him from leaving the room.

“Oh, you don’t need to leave,” she said casually.

“WHAT?!?” Cory thought to himself. “Did she just tell me to stay?” It took him a few seconds to shake himself out of his daydream and get back to reality. Trying not to look like an idiot, he asked, “Oh did you need something else?” He felt proud of himself for coming up with such a smooth response so fast.

“Why don’t you have a seat and tell me about yourself while I try these things on?” she asked.

“Oh, well… uhh… if that’s what you’d like.” He stumbled over his words. The coolness disappearing fast. “What would you like to know?”

She asked him the usual questions like how old he was, what school he went to. She asked about his job, what things he liked to do, if he had a girlfriend, etc. All the while he was trying to be polite by not staring while she was getting undressed and dressed again. And it wasn’t easy because she was trying on some very hot undergarments — silky, see through ones. And boy could he see through. She began asking why such a handsome boy didn’t have a girlfriend. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt compelled to tell her about Jessica. Mrs. Strom went from one garment to the next, carefully evaluating how they looked in the mirror while she held this conversation with Cory. She asked the occasional “How does this look?” or “What do you think of this?” Cory remembered what Mrs. Lambert had told him and tried to come up with new, but honest, compliments. “That looks too retro.” “That one is hot.”

When she tried on the last see through nightgown, he said, “I think your husband would like to see you in that.” He was smiling and had given up on trying to look away anymore.

“Maybe you’d like to see Jessica in this. I can see you like it, too,” she said with a nod toward the hard on that had built up in his pants. He hadn’t even realized it because he was admiring how well he could see everything. He was a little embarrassed and thought, “Great, now she thinks I’m just a jerk who’s been groping her with my eyes.”

“Don’ t worry Cory,” she said, “I get that all the time. I have to admit, I’ve been curious to see what you look like under that shirt.”


“Yes. How would you like to show me, since you can already see what I have under this?”

“Yeah. Sure.” And he took off his shirt. He really liked where this seemed to be going. He wondered if all of Laura’s clients were like this. And did they do this with Colin, too? He wished he could ask him.

“Oh that’s very nice,” she said as she walked over and put her hand on his smooth, bare chest. “Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

“No,” he answered. He was surprised by the directness of the question.

“Well, maybe that’s why you can’t get up the nerve to ask Jessica out.”

“Excuse me?” Cory said.

“I bet what you really want is to have sex with her, but you’re afraid you won’t be very good at it,” she explained.

“Maybe.” He never thought of that. Of course, he’d thought many times how awesome it would be to have sex with Jessica. He wanted it real bad.

“You probably need a little practice to give you confidence. Let me help you out.” And she removed the nightgown she had been trying on.

Cory was stunned. “She’s going to help me?” Now his mind was reeling.

“The first thing to remember is, it’s not all about what you want. If you treat Jessica like she’s more important than anything, I guarantee she’ll pay you back tenfold. Now, pretend I’m her. Before you just drop your pants and go at it, I want you to feel my body.”

Cory started by putting his hands on her breasts.

“That’s right,” she said. Caress them. Kiss my neck.” He did as she said. “I want to feel your hot breath moving all over my body. Yes.” She closed her eyes and tipped her head back. She gave him instructions and followed with a sexy, reassuring, “Yes.” He was a little unsteady at first. He kissed her breasts, sucked on her nipples, licked her navel. Then she sat down and had him kneel between her knees. This was familiar to him having done it with Tyler. First he caressed her pussy, rubbing until he found just the right spot. Next he slowly moved his finger in and out of her. Last, he added licking and sucking that sweet spot. Mrs. Strom let out some quiet exclamations of joy. His cock was getting harder. He needed to cum right now. Before he did anything, she said, “OK, now it’s time to get you ready for the main course.”

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