Cougar Meat Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Our company was making money again. At least the west coast division was. It was because of the brilliant management of our new boss, BB Taylor. BB had been with us for a year and had been through four boyfriends. You see, BB is a cougar – a 45 year-old cougar, who could easily pass for thirty-two.

I had been her first cub after she took over and it was a real experience. She had fucked me hard, literally worn me out, for almost three months, during which time my fiancé, Betty, had fumed and fretted and suffered. It was Betty’s only choice if I was to keep my job, because BB was known as “fuck ’em or fire ’em BB” and that’s what she was. We’d already lost a young married guy who declined to service her.

BB was a superb executive, respected by the CEO and the Board of Directors. I had learned a lot about our business from her, working as her Assistant. A nice raise had helped Betty and me with our wedding plans and we had gotten married six months ago. My relationship to BB was now totally professional except for those few times she winked at me when I caught her doing her kegels sitting at her desk.

One evening as Betty was putting together my favorite meal, spaghetti and Chianti, the phone rang. It was Betty’s good friend Bridget who had moved to the Delaware office two years ago.

After a brief hello-how-are-you, Betty listened intently and said “Oh my God!”

And then, “Oh my God,” again.

“You just saw it on his desk?”

Betty looked at me with an excited smiled as she listened to Bridget.

“Oh my God!”

Then a minute later she said, “He won’t say a word – not a word. I promise.”

Betty hung up the phone and turned to me. “You deserve it! It’s because you’re good at what you do, not because you’re a great fuck – although darling you are, of course, a really great fuck.”

She had my attention. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Bridget was in the CEO’s office delivering some stuff and she saw a letter on his desk from BB Taylor with your résumé attached.”

“I know nothing about it,” I said, not knowing why BB would send my name to the CEO.

“BB is recommending you for the Director’s position replacing the guy in the east coast division,” Betty said.

“She didn’t mention it to me,” I responded.

“Well, Bridget sneaked a look at the letter and that’s what it was.”

“I’m too young! Not even thirty yet!”

“BB moved up the ladder fast,” Betty said. “Maybe she thinks you have the goods to do the same thing.”

“Well, the CEO will never approve a guy my age for that job.”

I was wrong. A week later BB called me into her office and gave me the news. She said she had not talked to me about it because she didn’t want to disappoint me if the CEO didn’t follow her recommendation.

“Abe is going to present you to the Board for their approval at their next meeting a week from now. The east coast division is still losing money. A lot! I have convinced Abe that you are just the guy to set them straight. Abe is a tough, hard-nosed CEO and the Board will listen to him. It’s as good as a done deal. My secretary will set up the reservations and we’ll fly out there next week.”

That night when I told Betty what BB had said, she was thrilled about me getting a new high-paying job, but then she chewed on her knuckle. She always did that when she was worried.

“You and BB are making the trip together?” Betty asked.

I knew what she was thinking. She was remembering all those times I had fucked BB last year.

“Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem,” I said.

“BB hasn’t had a boyfriend since she dropped that kid in marketing,” Betty said, suspiciously. “She’s gotta be horny as a fuckin mountain goat.”

I thought a moment. “Would you like to go along with me?”

Betty nodded. “Yes, I most certainly would.”

The next day I casually mentioned to BB that I might take Betty along. BB started to laugh.

“Your wife has a naughty mind. But I must confess, the thought had occurred to me. Sure. Bring her along. She needs to start meeting the top brass anyway. It will be good for her. Besides, I found out after we did our thing last year that you were engaged. I figure your wife must be a patient, tolerant woman. And smart too. Very smart! I need to get to know her better.”

We traveled in style – first class seats in a new triple-7 and the finest suite at the Four Seasons. It did not escape my notice that the suite had a big living room and two bedrooms – one with an oversized king bed – I think they called it an “Emperor.”

That night we had dinner at a small, but very expensive, French restaurant. It was the first time Betty had seen BB in anything other than a business suit.

“Jesus!” Betty whispered to me the first chance she got. “You told me about her figure and how she dressed that first night, but I had no idea – simply no idea! My God! She’s irresistible! And she’s forty-five fucking years old! I wonder what I’m gonna look like when Güngören escort I’m forty-five. No wonder you got a hard on dancing with her!”

Betty just kept admiring BB and shaking her head. Then she looked around the dimly lit restaurant and saw a small dance floor and some musicians.

“Oh shit! Double shit! She’s gonna want you to dance with her. You bastard! You’re gonna get another hard on just like you did before!”

Betty was whispering but BB was reading her mind. “They have very romantic music here – soft and lovely. And your husband is such a wonderful dancer.”

I thought Betty might get mad at that. But she didn’t. She just smiled and said, “We can both enjoy dancing with him.”

Betty was dressed in a very sexy party dress and seemed to be in competition with BB for my attention. The meal lived up to our expectations and the wine, French of course, was superb. After dinner a bottle of sauterne appeared on our table. It was a Château d’Yquem and was delicious – always the best for BB.

When the violins began to play, BB held out her hand and I led her onto the dance floor. She molded her body to mine, just as she had done so many times last year, and even with my wife, just a few feet away, looking at us, I felt my cock start to get hard. This was the same sexy lady I had fucked for almost three months last year and those memories flashed through my head like a porn video.

BB reached down, casually, and positioned my erection up against my belly and pressed her body against it, rubbing erotically. Betty was watching the whole thing. After several minutes BB danced me over close to our table and, reaching out, took Betty by the hand and led her into my arms so Betty and I could dance.

Betty pressed against me and, feeling my erection, whispered in my ear, “I told you so! You horny bastard! But it sure as hell feels good against my belly.”

I danced with Betty and BB for the better part of an hour with my sexual arousal growing every minute and my erection throbbing. Then BB led us out to the limo for the ride back to our hotel. When we got in the back seat, she positioned me in the middle and both gals stroked my hard cock through my pants as we drove through the dark streets. What happened when we got back to the suite was inevitable.

They stripped me down first and then they stripped themselves and I got into that “Emperor” sized bed with two, beautiful, naked women.

“He’s been building up a load for hours,” said BB. “He’s got enough for an Old Faithful.”

“What’s an Old Faithful?” Betty asked.

“Just follow my lead and I’ll show you,” said BB.

They laid me on my back and head to head they began to use their tongues on my chest and belly. Betty delivered some of the sexiest kisses she had ever given me and rubbed her tits all over my face when she moved back down again to tickle my belly with her tongue. BB worked down to my cock and balls where her tongue teased my dick with short swirls.

I was so desperate to come that I tried to grab her head to keep it on my dick but BB held my arms and said, “Tease him, Betty. If we tease him long enough, he’ll show us an Old Faithful like you’ve never seen before.”

They just kept on teasing me. I couldn’t take it much longer. I’d had this hard on for over an hour. My rock-hard cock started to ache and my balls felt like they were going to explode. Then BB licked her finger and shoved it up my ass and started massaging my prostate. That was more than I could take. I felt my juices rising up at the base of my cock.

“Here he comes!” BB shouted and started laughing. My balls pulled up hard and aching in my scrotum and my dick just stood straight up, quivering and throbbing and pulsating, and then I began violently pumping big globs of cum in never ending spurts, high into the air, while both of them laughed hysterically and competed to catch this bonanza in their mouths. It was the biggest load I had ever pumped in my life and it seemed like it would never end.

When it was finally over and my dick got limp and drippy, I just lay there, completely exhausted, while the girls giggled.

BB said to Betty, “That’s the way you do an Old Faithful. The trick is not letting him touch his dick and not sucking it or stroking it. Just tease him with your tongue and don’t let him come too soon. Then, when he can’t stand it any longer, massage his prostate to bring him off. That’s the technique that gives him a big, ecstatic orgasm that is so delayed he thinks he’s never gonna come until he feels your finger on his prostate.”

“Jesus,” said Betty, “that was fun. Let’s take him dancing tomorrow night and do it again.”

“That’s not a good idea,” said BB. “It’s too rough on his balls. You should have felt how hard they were – like rocks pulled up in his scrotum. I know they were aching – the pain was getting to him – what did we call that in high school? Oh yeah – blue balls. Remember? We used to tease a guy till he couldn’t İnnovia escort bayan stand it any more and then we laughed at him when he had to jack off.”

“We can’t torment his balls that way two days in a row. Next time we do it I’ll show you how to do his prostate.”

We three lay naked in bed with me in the middle, resting.

“You are a very lucky girl,” said BB, talking to Betty across my chest. “Barry is a really great guy. Give him what he needs and don’t screw it up. It will be too late to think about pumping your ass better when he’s out fucking some little bitch who doesn’t deserve him.”

“I know how great he is,” said Betty. “I’ll take care of him. I just hope I can have a body like yours when I’m your age.”

“You can if you work at it. Stay out of the sun – it kills your skin. Exercise your belly – that’s the first to go. Don’t gain an ounce on your thighs. And do your kegels! Do them every day – keep those pussy muscles strong. That keeps your pussy tight. Guys like a tight pussy. And always think about looking good for him.”

Betty listened and nodded. This was not just good advice. It was advice from a forty-five year old who could pass for thirty-two. Betty was obviously gaining a new respect for BB.

“Walk around naked for him a lot. And wear your spikes when you do. He likes that. The first night I fucked him I got careless and started to walk away to mix him a drink without wearing my spikes. He chewed me out. Told me to always wear my spikes and move my naked ass a little more like a slut when I walked. Good advice! I didn’t forget it. Don’t you forget it either! He deserves the best.”

Betty listened. I thought she might get jealous when BB talked about fucking me, but she didn’t. It was as though she figured BB knew as much about fucking as she did about running a business and Betty wanted to learn from her just as I had.

Betty and BB lay close to me, their naked bodies warm and soft. They talked about men and sex and orgasms and how difficult it was to find a really good man who could always please his woman. They laughed a lot. It was just as though I were not there listening to them talk.

I could tell that BB was getting more and more turned on lying next to me. She threw her leg over mine a moved her pussy up against my thigh. It was dripping wet. The bitch was really horny! Finally she looked at Betty with a kind of desperate look on her face.

Her voice was soft – almost pleading. “I need him Betty. I need him a lot. I haven’t had a man in over a month. May I have him now?”

“Go ahead,” said Betty. “You deserve him and maybe I can learn something.”

BB moved down and started sucking my cock to get me hard. When I was erect she stroked it gently. Betty watched her closely.

“Jesus that’s beautiful – big and beautiful. Oh God! Betty you don’t know how lucky you are.”

Then she mounted me and guided my cock into her. She began with slow, long strokes, leaning forward and supporting her body on her arms with her large breasts jiggling right over my face. I reached up to play with them and she moaned. It was just like the first time I fucked her. Cowboy had always been her favorite position.

Then her strokes got faster and harder until she was pounding me – her beaver slapping into my body rapidly. Sweat was dripping off her flopping tits onto my chest. She was working hard for her orgasm and her breathing became panting and then she began to grunt like an animal as she approached her climax. Betty’s eyes were frozen, staring at her face, watching as BB lost control completely.

BB began to tremble and then she collapsed on my body groaning and I felt her pussy start rhythmic, firm contractions on my cock. We had fucked this way many times before and I knew exactly what she wanted next – what always gave her a quick, second orgasm more powerful than her first.

I rolled her off of me roughly, and dominantly ordered her, “Spread your legs bitch! Spread ’em wide!”

Then I lifted her knees up to her shoulders, slammed my cock deep into her, and pounded her hard like I’d fuck a whore. It took less than a minute. It was exactly the same, every time I fucked her. I pumped my load deep into her and her second orgasm started.

She screamed, “Oh God! Yessss! Yessss! Use me! Take me! Anything you want!”

She was begging just like always as that big orgasm hit her and her strong pussy muscles contracted on my pumping cock. It was a long orgasm. Afterwards I stayed on top of her as we both panted for air and in a few moments, as she always did, she began to whimper and make soft helpless woman sounds.

Barely loud enough to hear she murmured, “Oh God I need it so! Use me any way you want! Whatever you want. Whenever you want it. I need it! Use me like your slut! Do it! Please use me!”

I looked over at Betty, only inches away from us, and she had a look of complete surprise and amazement on her face. I read her thoughts. She was Escort Kağıthane wondering how could this powerful, dominant executive be reduced to such a weak, and helpless female – begging to be used – needing desperately to be used by a powerful man.

This was a part of BB’s persona that I had never told Betty about. It was too embarrassing for me I suppose – like stripping BB naked for public ridicule. But Betty had seen it now and I could see that it had affected her deeply.

Both Betty and I pretended that we had seen nothing unusual – just a big orgasm. And BB did not pretend it was anything else. But I knew that Betty would never be jealous of BB again. She would profoundly respect BB’s executive skills and envy her sexual knowledge and the perfection that she had retained in her physical body. But she would never envy that helpless need, only rarely fulfilled in BB’s never-ending search for the lover of her dreams. Betty already had what BB could only dream of having.

The next morning I woke up with a hard on, laying between two, beautiful naked women. They giggled as four hands and two hot mouths made short work of it.

I lay in bed as they showered, remembering fucking Betty last night. BB had lubricated her finger and gone to work on my prostate saying that I needed a little something extra to get that third load out. Betty was always a good fuck, but last night was special somehow. She had pumped her ass like a slut and she made that familiar pussy feel new and especially user-friendly. I think BB was a good influence on her.

Just before noon, BB led us into a fancy boardroom filled with obviously important people. We met Abe, the CEO, and the members of the board plus a few of the big shareholders who often attended such meetings. BB, in a modest business suit, addressed the board, introducing me.

Then the fifteen minutes that might change my life. No slides. No notes. No microphone. It sounded like a casual review of proposed changes for the eastern division of our company. But there was nothing casual about it. BB and I had researched it very carefully, written it with precision, and I had memorized it with repeated deliveries to BB at the office and to Betty at home. There was something in it for every member of the board, and I looked directly at that member when I said what I knew he wanted to hear. It came off exactly as we had hoped.

After I finished, Abe thanked me. Betty and I left to return to the hotel. It was the first time we had been completely alone in two days.

“You were perfect,” Betty said. “I know that speech as well as you do and you didn’t miss a thing.”

“They received it well,” I said. “I could tell by their faces. Abe liked it. I don’t know if you noticed it but, as we left, BB gave me a look that said I had done what she wanted.”

Betty smiled. “I think you’ll get the job, but either way I love you. I’ve got something BB doesn’t have. I’ve got you. BB’s right. I’ve got to be sure I never lose you. If there’s ever anything I’m not doing right, you just tell me baby, and I’ll fix it.”

“I love you too darling and I think you are as close to perfect as a wife can get. Except … well … maybe you might work a little harder on your kegels.”

Betty laughed, “You bastard! I knew you’d say that.”

Then she looked serious for a moment. “BB’s in love with you, you know that. You’re the man she’s been searching for, all these years. You are as smart in business as she is – just younger and less experienced. And making love? Making love you are the answer to all of her fantasies. But she knows that with the age difference and the way you love me, nothing could possibly come of her love for you except pain for all three of us.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Maybe. Maybe she is in love with me, but I could never leave you.”

“BB knows that too.”

We were sitting in the suite when BB arrived several hours later. She had a big smile on her face.

“Congratulations Mr. Director,” she said. “It was unanimous. You start in two weeks.”

BB uncorked a bottle of Chablis and poured three glasses. We talked about moving to the east coast and where to live and how exciting it would be to start my new job.

Then BB said sadly, “Well, I guess we’ll be headed back tomorrow.”

There was a long pause and then Betty said, “Why don’t we stay over and make it a long weekend. This is such a nice suite and that Emperor bed is really great. A few extra days would be very relaxing.”

I looked at BB’s face. Her mouth opened slightly and her breathing became heavier. It was obvious she was turning on, thinking about having several days of sex.

Betty saw the same thing in her face and smiled. “The board meets here every month and this is such a nice hotel. Why don’t we make it a long weekend every month? What do you think about that BB?”

BB looked at Betty and, regaining some of her composure, she said, “You’re a very confident wife. Not many wives would be so generous.”

“It’s not generosity,” Betty said, with all the confidence in the world. “It’s just common sense. I’ve got a lot to learn from you and so does Barry. Besides, I have nothing to worry about. I’ve got the key to your cookie jar.”

Both ladies looked at me when Betty said “cookie jar.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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