Cougar Trap Ch. 01

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Cougar Trap

“I’m off to work” I said to Jessica, my girlfriend. “Bye Honey” she said. My name is Mike Miller, a fresh IT graduates of twenty-two-year-old guy currently living with(in) my girlfriend (house).

Me and my girlfriend were college friend and she is working as freelance software engineer. As for me, I have been working in a well-known IT company Morris Inc. for half of the year.

“Hello Chris, Anna” I greet to my colleagues and saw them talking quietly with other colleagues in oval shape reception area and the gathering intrigue me and I walked towards them. “What are you talking about guys, something else to spill the tea?” I asked, then Anna said “Don’t you know that Carrissa will come to office today?”

“What! Carrissa? she will come to office today? Hummm…… I have not met her since I start to work here” I said. “What does she look like Chris” I said, “She is like a hurricane, she is the force” Chris joked. “What!” I frowned.

Then we walked to our respective office and started to work. Time went so fast and around lunch time I heard someone saying “she is coming, she is coming”, I looked to the door and here she came.

Carrissa Mayer, the CEO of Morris Inc. walking confidently towards us, putting smile on her face, “Hello everyone” she said, then she and Bella her secretary went to her office.

She is wearing dark blue slip and man she has big breast, hip and hour glass shape body. My first impression on her is good, she is attractive, friendly and confident. And I guess she has D size breasts.

It is lunch time and when Mike and his colleagues about to have lunch, Luke the general manager of Morris Inc called them and said Mrs. Mayer would like to have meal with them.

Here in company canteen, Luke introduced new employees Anna and Mike to Carrissa.

“Mrs. Mayer, this is Anna and Mike”, Luke said. Carrissa shook hand with Anna said “Hello Anna” then turned to Mike “Hello Mike, it is nice to have you here” she said smiling as she grasped Mike’s hand, giving it a firm, confident shake, and Mike looked at Carrissa beautiful blue eyes and said “Nice to meet you too ma’am”.

She walked towards Chris and shoot him a smile then sat down next to him.

They had our lunch, she talked about her recent trip to Saudi Arabia where her husband Jack Mayer, a 55-year-old business man, live and other business meeting and trips. During talking, she looked at Mike, smiling at him many times and Mike also smiled her back out of politeness.

“I’m home” I said, Jessica came out from the kitchen said “Honey, let’s go and get a shower, then we will have dinner”, she said. I went straight to the bathroom and took a fresh shower. Then had dinner with my girlfriend.

“So how was your day” she asked. “Nothing special, Oh… today I met Mrs. Mayer my boss” I answered. “Really? How does she look like?”, I said “She is friendly, outgoing and also beautiful”.

“How nice” Jessica commented.

Tomorrow morning at work, Bella came to me and said “Mike, Carrissa call you to come to her office”. I said OK and then came to CEO office. Bella office desk is in front of the Carrissa’s office room.

As soon as I entered her office, Carrissa said with grin “Hi Mike, I’ve got a problem with my laptop, would you mind having a quick look?”

Her office room was large enough to have a big office desk in front of the outside window as well as a small area for sofa, coffee table and a couple of pot plants. Window blinds covered the glass partitions, giving her some privacy from the rest of the office. Her office room also has its own bathroom.

“I just don’t seem able to connect to the network this morning,” she said, showing her laptop to me. And I asked “Are you using wi-fi or LAN cable?”

“I can’t get a decent wi-fi signal in here, so I’m using a cable,” she explained as she sat down on the sofa.

The LAN cable appeared to have a solid connection with the laptop’s socket, so I asked her where is the floor socket and she answered me “there” by pointing at the coffee table. Then I found myself kneeling on the thin, red color carpet next to the table and checked the socket.

She was sitting right in front of the table and me, deliberating crossing and re-crossing her stocking-worn legs. “The socket is having no problem; I think it is the cable……” I said turning my head up, looking at her.

Suddenly I lost for words, she was directly looking at me with her piercing blue eyes as if she is staring at my soul.

She was wearing a short, navy skirt and I couldn’t resist peeping her long, slender legs, clad in sheer dark nylon stockings. I’ve always found stockings very sexy. She then opened her legs a little bit, exposing a brief glimpse of her darker stocking tops.

“So it the cable, right? Mike” she asked.

“Y…Yes, it is the cable. I will get the new one and change it for you. Ma’am” I answered.

“You do not have to call me Mrs Mayer or Ma’am all the time Mike, call me Carrissa” she Avrupa yakası escort bayan said.

“Yes ma’am oh sorry yes Carrissa” I said. “Good, ask Bella where the new cable is, then change it for me, Mike” she said.

I went out of her room and got the new one. I once again entered her office and she still sat on the sofa but I noticed her unfasten a few buttons of her dress.

I then went back to where I was earlier and attached the new cable to the floor socket and to the laptop which is on the coffee table. She then leaned forward a little bit and looked at the laptop.

I glanced at her cleavage and the outlines of her dress which were molded by her breasts.

“Well, well Mike you are quite handy” she said, that little half-smile playing around her lips again as she slowly uncrossed then re-crossed her legs.

“I’m glad to help,” I said, unable to resist looking as her tight skirt rode up a little.

Then we both looked each other, her eyes locked with mine. She then pulled her skirt a little bit, revealing more of her ultra-feminine legs. “Enjoying the view?”

“Gosh, I’m sorry, I mean……” I started to say, feeling slightly uneasy at being caught staring at her legs as I quickly got to my feet as I apologized, my cheeks burning red.

“You sorry for what, staring at my legs?”?” she said, her lips curling into a mischievous smile.

“Sorry ma’am, I did not mean to” I said, desperately trying to think of a way-out. “Do be sorry Mike. I will take it as a compliment. Actually, I enjoy the admiration from men especially young men” she said gazing at me.

“You can go now but before you go, I wanna ask you something. It is about work of course.” she said.

“OK sure” I nodded.

“One of my clients want to discuss a new project and I want you to lead the project” she said

“Me? I think Chris or Luke can lead that project, I am just a newbie here” I commented. “Come on, we want to offer newbie an opportunity, it is great for you and for us and I can give you direct guidance so do not worry!” she winked saying.

Before I said anything, she whispered “see you at Old Town restaurant, 7PM tonight dear”.

“Wicked!” Anna exclaimed. “That is nice of you Mike” she said. “I do not think I can lead that Anna” I replied. “Why do you give up even before trying it first Mike, give yourself a try” Anna cheered. “I heard she also gave similar opportunity to Chris before she went oversea” she said.


I phoned my girlfriend to let her know I had to stay late for a business meeting and that she shouldn’t expect me for dinner. The Old Town restaurant is probably the best restaurant in the area and have been awarded Michelin stars.

By the time I finished my work, I went straight to the taxi stand and headed to the restaurant. Carrissa already left after lunch time, she said she had another business meeting and would went straight to the restaurant after that meeting.

By the time, I fought my way through the traffic, I found Carrissa with a client already waiting for me in the restaurant. I was surprised to see that she’d changed out of her office clothes into a rather red gown, cut low enough to give a hint of her rather eye-catching cleavage. Her blonde hair spilled freely over her shoulders.

Carrissa introduced me to the client Alfred, he seemed to be in his mid-thirties. Then we talked about the project and from the conversation I knew that we have to make a software for his company and I also somehow sensed that Carrissa and Alfred connection is more than just business. Alfred is tall, dark, fit, has broad shoulders and strong facial features.

During our conversation, Alfred got a phone call. Then he said “sorry Carrissa Mike, I got an emergency to deal with right away, so we will talk about the project next time”. “That is OK Alfred, I know you are busy!” Carrissa said impatiently.

After Alfred left, we continued having our dinner. The food and wine were both excellent.

While we ate, Carrissa started the conversation, saying she spends her time travelling a lot around the different businesses, usually doing for Jack, her husband.

“So you can’t get to spend a lot of time with your husband then?” I said

“We are mid-way through the divorce process, just waiting for the papers to come through” she said.

“Oops! Sorry” I said.

“Our married life was not smooth as it seems Mike. At first I thought he was using me for his businesses but later I realized that I did not like to be married at all. It was just like threads entangling me, got captured and limiting my liberty” she said.

Now I started to understand Chris’s comment, “she is the force!”. Carrissa Mayer or Carrissa Davis in a few weeks, is the self-made businesswoman who founded Morris Inc. She seemed to be assertive and know exactly what she wants.

“Especially sexual relationship” she said gazing at me.

“Excuse me!” I said.

She then said Escort Ataköy “When you are married, you are limited to have only one sexual partner your wife or husband, I do not like that. And I do not like to get involved in a serious relationship also”.

“So you would like to date and having many one night stands as you like?” I asked.

“Humm… night stand? Not really though. If he can satisfy my specific needs, I can consider long-term”.

“WOW! That is toy boy” I said.

“Yes, and I consider YOU as a potential” she said then reached forward and brushed the back of my hand with her red color nails.

“Well I see, but I have a girlfriend Carrissa….” I said, unable to resist looking at the movements of her nails brushing my skin.

“Oh…… I already said it is NOT a serious relationship Mike. It is all about LUST not LOVE, no hard feelings so it is not a betrayal. Think about it, and I can be very discrete” she said, her lips curling into a sultry smile.

I did not answer her and then we had the desserts. Of course, we also talked about the project and I found myself enjoy talking to Carrissa. All too soon, it was time to go.

Before she headed to her car, she kissed on my cheek and said “Are you sure I can’t tempt you, dear?”.

I just stood there, rooted to the spot, lost in the dizzy scent of her perfume, recalling the memories of her breasts firmly pressing against my body as she kissed me.

When I came to my senses, I said “Goodbye Carrissa!”, then she looked back at me smiling, a slutty seductive smile. That smile sent the shiver down to my spine.

Oh God she definitely can tempt me but I do not want to betray Jessica, I LOVE her. But Carrissa said between me and her is just lust. I don’t love Carrissa so it is not a betrayal, right? I shook my head as the thoughts weighed me down. Then hailed a taxi and went back home.

My mind kept going over the events of the evening as I checked my face from the front camera of my phone, wiping a thin smear of pink lipstick from my cheek.

“I’m home,” I shouted as I closed the front door behind me. Jessica was in the living room, watching television.

“You’re late, dear,” she said as I pecked her on the cheek. “You look tired. Meeting being tough?”

“No Not really, I am going to get a shower” I said.

In the shower, the flashbacks of Carriss’s nails brushing my skin, her stockings-worn legs, her perfume, her lips, her slutty smile and her breasts on my body, running through my mind and then I started to feel hot and my hand automatically grabbed my cock and started to jerk off. I moaned: nearly a whisper, furiously beating my meat and then I heard Jessica saying “Honey can I come in?”.

“What babe? You wanna come in?” I asked.

Before I got an answer, the door opened and Jessica came in to the bathroom. “WOW honey, already?” Jessica said smiling, looking at my hard member. I was caught off guard, worrying of Jessica asking me the reason behind my hard-on.

She already got undressed, her breasts swayed as she slowly walking towards me. Her breasts are not as big and round as Carrissa’s. She grasped my penis and said “We haven’t had sex for nearly a week, sorry honey I have been very busy. I must not ignore your needs”. I heaved a euphoric sigh of relief. “Humm…. yes, babe” I said and then my fingers found her bare pussy.

“Yes honey faster…… yes, yes finger-fuck me Mike” Jessica moaned as my three fingers furiously went in and out of her moist pussy. She no longer couldn’t jerk me off as she savoring the pleasure that I gave her.

“Let’s go to the bed babe” I said lifting her up, carrying her to the bedroom.

I placed her on the edge of the bed, me standing in front of it. Then I grabbed my hard cock, entered her. “Yes honey……. Fuck me hard” she said. “As you wish ma’am” I smiled.

I fucked her good, my hip banging her pelvis. I groaned as I was pounding her pussy, Jessica grabbed my arms and her legs clutched around my thighs.

“Yes baby ….. pound that pussy, fuck me good yes yes….. UGHHHHH” Jessica nearly screamed as I turned up the speed. My throbbing cock plowing her cunt, feeling her pussy muscle gripped my hard member tightly. “You like that babe ….. hun? You like my cock fucking your cunt?” I said.

“Mike I love your fucking …. Fuck me like Ahh a cheap slut …. Yes yes FUCK” she said closing her eyes. I moaned “Mmmm……… babe your pussy feel so good”. Her hands caressing my torso as I fucked her for like thirty minutes.

The pressure was started to build in my balls and I knew that I had to cum. “Ahh babe I gonna cum” I said, “yeah yeah cum in me honey, I want it creampie, GIVE IT TO ME” Jessica said lewdly.

Then the pictures of Carrissa went to my mind out of nowhere, her soft lips, ultra-feminine legs, big and round breasts, cleavage, “What!” I shook my head, “what am I thinking?” then I heard her saying “GIVE IT TO ME” as I closed my eyes, seeing Şirinevler escort her smiling seductively at me. I couldn’t hold any longer and then “UGHHH UGH IM CUMMING……Mmmm…” I grunted, thrust my cock further into her pussy and then I blew my jizz as spurt after spurt of my manly fluids shooting into the waiting pussy. “Yes yes baby AHHH….. I can feel it, it is so HOT YEAH…..” Jessica sobbed.

We just held the position, did not move a muscle as we were savoring the afterglow of sexual climax. When I pull out, the man cream was starting to oozing out and I took some tissues to clean it up. Then she drank the pill and we went to sleep. Jessica did not see my confused face that night as she slept safe and sound. But I was wondering whether I cum for Jessica or Carrissa. wondering why she had such effects on me, wondering why and when did I start to get intrigued to her.


“So I hear you had dinner with her last night,” Anna said, standing in front of my desk, a coffee mug in her hand. “I also heard the rumors she likes picking up young men” she whispered to me.

“I know what you’re thinking but it was just a business meeting” I replied.

“Really?” she said suspiciously. “You are 22 years old, right? She is 53 years old so you are definitely a potential prey” Anna said matter-of-factly.

“She is 53? How do you know that?” I asked. I don’t think she is that old because she looks like she is nearing forty.

“Chris told me…..” Anna answered. Before she finished her sentence, Carrissa appeared behind her, looking at me and said “Hi Mike, come to my office and let’s talk about the project we discussed last night meeting?”, then she walked into her office.

I shrugged, looked at Anna and then entered Carrissa’s office.

“Have a seat Mike” Carrissa said, sitting on the sofa. When I about to sit in front of her, she interrupted me and said “You have to sit beside me Mike, I have to show you the project agenda from my computer”. The I looked at the computer in front of her and then sat beside her.

We talked about the To-Do-Lists for the project and she asked for my opinions. While I was talking I suddenly felt her foot touched and brushing against my calf. I stunned a little bit but continued talking as my throat dry, watching her stockinged foot slide up over my leg.

Without my protest, she even went further as her hand touched my thigh, caressing gently and her foot was sliding up over my leg.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and whispered “Carrissa I don’t think that’s a good idea”.

“Come on, I don’t find any harms in it. What’s more, YOU LIKE IT. Don’t you!” she whispered back and suddenly her hand moved from my thigh to groin, grabbing my semi-hard cock. “SEE, your cock is more honest than you” she said, looking at me seductively.

“Carrissa, we shouldn’t, not here, anyone could come in!” I protested weakly and repositioned uncomfortably as my cock stirred, pressing uncomfortably against my trousers. “What! You don’t like it? I think you like it” she said, eyed the growing bulge in my trousers. “Please” I said, my eyes meeting her gaze. I grasped her hand, looking at her and I could hear the sound of my beating heart.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. I quickly removed her hand over my groin and she also repositioned herself before Chris went into the office. “Sorry, hope I’m not interrupting anything important,” he said. “Not really Chris, what is the matter?” she asked smiling at him. “I wanna discuss about something of course about work” Chris said.

“So I’d better go, we can talk about the project later Mrs Mayer” I said to Carrissa, then smiled at Chris and made a hasty exit. I could feel the heat and their gaze upon me while I exited her office. I quickly went straight to the toilet, entered into a cubicle, closed the door and blew a sigh of relief. I was just like a naughty schoolboy, who is afraid of getting caught doing bad things.

Then I felt the bulge in my trousers, I immediately unfastening my belt with my trembling hands, unzipped my trousers and took out my hard cock. I started to beat my stick, thinking of Carrissa, recalling the sensation of her stockinged foot, her soft skin, hands, legs touching me. “YEAH……. Carrissa…. Mmmmmm…” I moaned merely a murmur. I imagined of her soft hands grabbing my steel-hard cock, furiously jerking me off, “…… Arrr….. faster….Carrissa……faster….Mmmmm” I groaned. “You like it, don’t you” I recalled her question she asked a few minutes earlier in her office. “YES…… Carrissa… I like it…. I like your touch….Arr…” I moaned as I quicken the speed of masturbation. “Cumm… cuming……Arr…ugh…..” moaning as I came. Then I heard someone entered the toilet, I quickly grabbed tissue and cleaned up my mess.

I sat on the chair in my office desk, thinking of my recent changes. Carrissa that woman was driving me crazy. I shook my head and I said to myself that I already had Jessica, I can’t betray her and I have to pull myself together.

Then I saw Chris left the Carrissa office, by the look of his face I could tell that he was unhappy and unsatisfied of something. Maybe it is about work or maybe….., “What do you like to have for lunch Mike?” Anna asked, suddenly appeared beside me.


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