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Alpha Male

Saturday, May 17th – 11:08am

“Babe, I’m going for a massage this afternoon at 1:30. Should be gone for about an hour-and-a-half.”

My wife Kristen had been complaining about some pain in her neck pain since she started working from home. She’d asked her boss for a laptop stand and a separate keyboard so her posture was better but the company hadn’t come through yet. Cheapskates.

“For your neck? Going to Lisa for that?”

“Yup. She doesn’t work from home anymore though – she’s at this place called Bodyworks now. Y’know, in that little plaza at Capital Avenue and Brookside? They do massage, chiropractic, all that kind of stuff.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yup. Lisa just got her RMT license too, which is kinda nice because I can run it through insurance now.”


“Yeah – Registered Massage Therapy. Have you never been for a massage before?”

“Nope. I’m happy with your back rubs.”

“Ha-ha. You should go one day. Even if you don’t have any sore spots or whatever it’s just nice to get your muscles all relaxed and loose.”

“Sure, I’ll check it out.” I probably wouldn’t but it’s nice to be nice.

I went back to flicking through my options on Netflix while Kristen continued puttering around the house. I settled on one of the myriad true crime docs available and watched the first episode (my guess is that the husband did it – it’s always the husband) before peeling myself off the sofa and heading into the garage. Time to mow the lawn.

I started out in the front yard. As I was mowing, I saw Kristen exit the house. She blew me a kiss and waved as she got in her car. I looked at my watch – it was coming up on 1pm, so I assumed she was off to her appointment. After moving around to the back and finishing up the yard there, I returned the mower to the garage and headed back inside. I threw my sweaty clothes into the hamper and jumped in the shower. How long did Kristen say she’d be gone for? 90 minutes? She’d been gone for maybe 40… still plenty of time to “take care of myself” under the warm water. I soaped myself up, taking extra time on my cock until it was at full mast. Closing my eyes, I pulled one of my favourite fantasies from the ol’ spank bank: my celebrity crush (no, I’m not telling you who it is, dear reader – feel free to substitute your own though!) standing behind me, tits pressed into my back while she reached around and jerked me off while talking dirty to me. It didn’t take long before I came, firing ropes towards the drain and watching as the water washed them away.

I had a thing for handjobs. A lot of my self-pleasuring involved fantasies where I cum with some pretty little thing’s hand wrapped around me. They just weren’t really part of my sex life. Kristen typically stroked me a bit during foreplay but I always finished inside of her. And I certainly wasn’t complaining – I was very satisfied with our sex life overall. Despite my affinity for handjobs I harboured a feeling that they were “beneath us”, something better-suited to young lovers fumbling in the backseat or to girls who wanted to please their boyfriends but weren’t ready for sex yet. I’d thought about asking for them but didn’t want to seem selfish or juvenile. This was definitely my hang-up – I’m sure Kristen would be willing if I just asked. I’d try to get over that.

Finishing up my shower, I towelled off and pulled on a t-shirt and some sweatpants. Something about going commando in sweats just screams “weekend” to me and I must confess that I like the feeling. I contemplated grabbing a power nap but decided to be an adult and finish cleaning up around the house. Kristen and always I tried our best to have the place all tidy and organized for Sundays – it let us take the day off, and we felt good going into the new work week.

I had just finished clearing the fridge of whatever food had expired during the week when I heard Kristen came through the door. “Hey sweetie. How was the massage?” She came into the kitchen and leaned against the counter, letting out a long sigh. She had a huge grin on her face.

“Amaaaazing. You won’t believe this – the woman I normally see, Lisa? She was off sick so I got someone named Heidi. I didn’t recognize her, but she definitely recognized me. Apparently she used to be on the same floor as me in the dorms at Michigan! Small world, right?”

“Huh, I’ll say. That’s pretty cool. Glad the massage was good.” I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a warm kiss. She smiled.

“It was so good. Total body workout. Total.” Her body shivered and she giggled. I looked at her curiously. She had a wistful look about her, as if she was recalling some long-lost fond memory. Kristen had a flare for the dramatic so I didn’t give it much consideration. She pulled away, adding “I think I’m gonna go grab a nap.”

“OK. I’ll be around.” Kristen headed towards the stairs. As usual I couldn’t resist watching her ass as she walked away. God bless the boom in ‘athleisure’ – who said you needed to actually do yoga to wear Artvin Escort yoga pants, right? I couldn’t imagine getting tired of trying to surreptitiously grab a peek of a cute butt packed tightly into nylon and lycra.

Before she disappeared out of view, she turned back to me and said, “seriously, make an appointment. You’ll love it.” I mumbled something dismissive and continued with sundry household chores for a while before dropping down on the couch to catch up on some social media. Soon, I drifted off into my own nap. I don’t think I was out too long before I was awoken by the sound of Kristen moving around in the kitchen.

“Hey. Sorry, guess I fell asleep too.”

“All good babe. That’s what weekends are for!” We both enjoyed a good power nap, that’s for sure. I heaved myself off of the couch and walked towards the kitchen. Kristen looked towards me. She raised her eyebrows and said “hmm, looks like you were having a good dream.” She looked pointedly at my crotch. Sure enough, I was sporting a semi which was tenting the front of my sweatpants. That I was wearing them commando-style only helped to emphasize things

“Well, you know that we fellas can’t control these pesky things sometimes!”

She chuckled. “I know babe. Just teasing.” Kristen stepped up to me and pushed her body against mine, circling her arms around my waist. She pushed her crotch into mine. “And you know that I like it.”

“Want to help me take care of it?” I asked, a hopeful tone in my voice.

“Would love to but I’m meeting Emma for coffee in a bit. Tonight though, I promise.” She snaked her hand inside my waistband, reached down to give me a little squeeze and kissed me deeply. Damn, my wife is so sexy. I’m a lucky man.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

Breaking our embrace, Kristen said “OK. Time to hit the shower.”

“Alright. I’ve got a couple of errands to run anyhow. I’ll take care of them while you’re gone. Want to order in for dinner?”

“Works for me. Could do some pad thai. How about Thai Garden?”

“Sure. See ya in a bit. Say hi to Emma for me.”

“Will do.”

I gave her a slap on the ass as she walked off, which she returned with a faux dirty look. We’d always been pretty playful. No kids, dual incomes and good work-life balance keep things easy for us. We were madly in love and still learning new things about each other, even after almost six years together (three of them as husband and wife). It kept things lively. While Kristen showered, I quickly dressed and called out to her: “OK, going to do errands.”

“See ya babe,” she shouted back through the sound of running water. I jumped in the car and headed out. I won’t bore you with the details, but I got through my errands quickly enough. My last stop coincidentally had me driving on Capital Avenue. Stuck at a red light, I was gazing around absentmindedly when the sign for Bodyworks jumped out at me from the plaza on the other side of the intersection. Well, this was a sign (literally) – I’d book that appointment after all. I called the number and dealt with a friendly receptionist. She asked me who I wanted to have my “service” with and I cursed myself for only half paying attention when Kristen told me who she’d had her massage with. I referenced Kristen’s name to the receptionist and she got things sorted out for me: I’d be seeing Heidi on Tuesday at 5:30pm.

I finished up my errands and swung by Thai Garden for takeout. While I was waiting for my order to come up, I messaged Kristen just to check in.Me: Hey

Kristen: Hi sweetie. Still out with Emma. Home in an hour or so.

Me: Sounds good. Just picking up food now, I’ll keep it warm for later

Kristen: OK

Me: Say hi to Emma for me

Kristen: Will do. Talk later xo

Soon enough, food was in hand and I headed back home. I set a low temperature on the oven and threw the food in to keep it warm before sitting back down in front of the TV and picking up the docuseries where I’d left off earlier. I was nearing the end of the episode when Kristen returned.

“Good chat with Emma?”

“Oh yeah, as always. Her son just got into some fancy preschool, she’s pretty excited about that. I guess you need premium preschool now if you want to be part of the upper crust” she said with an eye-roll. We both laughed.

“Sounds like it’s more about the parents’ social status than the kid’s education if you ask me.”

“That’s the way I see it. Oh well, if you have the money to spend, who am I to judge?”

“Fair enough. Oh, hey – I passed by that massage place when I was out. Booked an appointment for Tuesday.”

Kristen’s eyes lit up. “Did you get Heidi?”

“I did.”

She did a little jump and clapped her hands. “Oh babe, that’s awesome! You are going to love her.” She threw her arms around me and gave me a peculiarly intense look. “I’m really glad you’re doing this.”

Like I said before, she could be dramatic so I didn’t read too much into it. Kristen was adorably excitable: everything Artvin Escort Bayan was “the best” and she loved new experiences. I guess she was just happy that I was going to have my first-ever massage. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. We had our dinner, read for a while, watched a movie and eventually headed up to bed. Sex is almost always on the table with us, especially on the weekends – simply put, we loved fucking each other. But Kristen seemed especially game tonight and we fucked with a fervour that I don’t think we’d had since our early days as a couple.

To say that she surprised me with her “finale” was an understatement. She was riding me, driving towards a climax while I played with her perfect B-cups. When she came, she came hard – her body tensed up as she rode out her orgasm, and her pussy grabbed at my cock. I fucked her throughout and it was only another minute before I erupted. I loved listening to her moan when I came – we were both deeply invested in making the other feel good in bed, and it made for some great sex.

Usually when we finished with her on top she’d just roll off of and snuggle up against me for a bit before finding her way to the washroom to take care of cleanup. But tonight was different. After my orgasm subsided, we locked eyes – a deeply loving look, saying more to each other with our eyes than our words could allow. She lifted herself up, but not off of me – she let her pussy lips hover just over me, sliding them gently along the tip of my cock. It was almost too much, with me at maximum sensitivity post-orgasm. She reached down and spread herself, letting my cum run from her open cunt and back over my cock. Seeing my cum oozing from her pussy was hot as hell and kept me hard. Satisfied that she’d coated my cock, she climbed off and slid down between my legs. She looked at me and licked her lips before leaning down and taking my still-hard cock into her mouth. I went into sensory overload, closing my eyes and trying to process the sensation. My cum made for the best lube and her mouth slid along me with silky ease. She lifted her head up and said, “your cum tastes good mixed with my pussy, babe. I could lick it up all night long.” All I could do was moan in reply. We trafficked in some dirty talk to be sure, but that was filthy by her standards. Kristen continued by licking my dick all over until she was satisfied with her cleanup job. She slid over and curled up against me, letting a hand caress my chest as she nestled in.

After a few minutes of wordless post-coitus snuggling, she got up to use the washroom. I wanted to ask her about her new “technique” – after all, if I let her know how much I liked it, maybe she’d do it again – but my body got the best of me and I was asleep in minutes.

Tuesday, May 20th – 5:26pm

The rest of our weekend had been pretty standard. A few more errands, dealt with some bills, a bit of cooking and food prep for the week to come, and a bit of TV time – all the boring stuff that comes with adulting. The start of the week had been likewise predictable. I’d finished up at the office (no working from home for me, alas) and now was standing at the front desk at Bodyworks. The receptionist had given me some paperwork to fill out but I wasn’t sure about one section.

I drew her attention. “Excuse me?”


“There’s a section asking why I’m here for a massage. Sports injury, occupational injury, muscle pain and so on – but I don’t have any of that. I just came because my wife told me I’d like it.”

She chuckled and said “no problem, you can leave that blank. Lots of our clients are here for therapeutic reasons but plenty of people just come to get a relaxing rub-down too.”

“Great, thank you.” I signed at the bottom, returned the clipboard to the desk and took a seat. The receptionist busied herself entering my information into the computer while I read through some emails on my phone. A few minutes later, she called out to me.

“Sir? You can head down into room 3. Heidi will be with you shortly.”

I thanked her and made my way down the hall. I entered Room 3 as requested. I didn’t really know what to expect from a massage place but this seemed pleasant enough. A massage table, a rack of towels, some fake flowers and some nice-smelling candles burning. Bland-sounding background music came through a little Bluetooth speaker. Not sure of what to do, I just stood there awkwardly. As promised, a woman entered the room a minute later with an iPad tucked under her arm.”Hey there. I’m Heidi.”

Whoa. What a knockout. I didn’t really have “a type” as far as women were concerned, but I know what I like when I see it. And Heidi – well, I certainly liked what I was seeing. At the very least, I could take away that Kristen must be confident that I don’t have a wandering eye – why else would she encourage me to let this complete smokeshow put her hands all over my body?

She extended her hand, which I shook. I realized that I was probably Escort Artvin staring at her at little too intently and snapped out of it. “Nice to meet you.”

“I understand that you’re Kristen’s husband?”

“I am. She referred me to you. You come highly recommended.”

“Aww, that’s very sweet of her.” She consulted the iPad. “I see that you didn’t indicate why you’ve booked a service with us.”

“Right. The receptionist said I could leave it blank.”

“No problem. So just here for a general massage then? No nagging injuries or areas of concern?”

“No. I’ve never actually had a massage before. Just wanted to try it out.”

“Oh, a virgin, huh?” she said with a laugh. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good.” Then she winked at me and bit her bottom lip. Great. A very attractive and flirty woman was about to run her hands all over my body. What if I got a boner? Christ, that would be embarrassing. I had to get myself together. I didn’t reply. “So, ready to start?”


“Alright, go ahead and get undressed and then lay face-down on the table.”

I waited a few seconds to see if Heidi was going to leave the room while I undressed but instead she busied herself getting herself organized and covering the table with a clean sheet. I was nervous to undress in front of her but she seemed thoroughly unbothered. I mean, she was going to see the end result of my being undressed once I got on the table anyhow, so what was the difference? I sat on the edge of the table, certain to face away from Heidi and rid myself of my shoes, socks and shirt. Pants quickly followed. I hopped up onto the table and laid face-down, my head resting in the cradle built into the end of the table.

I could sense Heidi turn towards me. “Oh. Um. Undressed, please. Like, all the way,” she said.

I felt myself flush. I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know that massages were meant to be in the nude. I had no idea. I guess it made sense – easier to do glutes and stuff without any underwear in the way, right? Besides, I didn’t want to seem like some Puritanical square. Sensing my hesitation, Heidi added “don’t worry, I’ll give you a towel to cover up when it’s time to turn over. I’ll leave the happy endings up to Kristen.” She laughed at her own joke. Meanwhile, I was fighting to keep the idea of getting a handjob out of my head – the last thing I wanted was to be trying to awkwardly lie face-down with my hard-on jammed beneath me. Or face-up, for that matter.

I slid off the table, faced away and removed my boxers. Heidi, of course, just had to chime in. “Nothing to be shy about. Even if you are a virgin!” Again, she laughed at her own joke – at least one of us was amused. Now fully naked, I turned around to climb back onto the table. Heidi wasn’t busy with anything this time though – she was looking right at me, a passive smile on her face. I tried to minimize the amount of time that my dick was exposed to her and hurried up onto the table. I was more than aware of my cock dangling below me as I lowered myself into the face-down position.

“See? Nothing to worry about. And certainly nothing to be ashamed of – Kristen was right about that!”

WTF. Had Kristen been talking about my dick with this woman? I wanted to be pissed off but a hint of arousal bubbled up, putting any anger at bay. I was definitely more tense now than when I’d walked in – quite the opposite of what you want when you’re in for a massage, right? I needn’t have worried. The moment that Heidi stood aside the table and put her hands on me, I melted. Were all massages this good? I should’ve done this years ago! She started on my legs, working out little knots in the muscles that I didn’t know were there.

“Did Kristen tell you that we went to school at Michigan together?”

“Briefly, yeah. You were in the same dorm?”

“Mm-hmm, the same floor even. I don’t think she remembered me though,” she said with a laugh. “It’s OK though. I was a different person back then, a lot more buttoned-up. I had these awful glasses that I’d been wearing since, like, tenth grade and I didn’t know about clothes and makeup and all that girly stuff that a lot of guys seem to like. I was pretty forgettable, in retrospect.”

“Well, whatever you studied at U of M, you’ve certainly on the right career path now. This is amazing. I’m so glad that Kristen mentioned it.”

“Aww, thanks honey. That’s sweet. Glad you’re enjoying it.”


“You know, Kristen was actually quite the inspiration for me.”

Huh. “Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah. I was this shy, bookworm type but she was like the cool girl next door. Really pretty, confident, lots of friends. She seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to like her.”

“That sounds about right. She’s a people person.”

“We definitely ran in different social circles – by that I mean that she had one and I did not ha-ha. I never struck up the nerve to talk to her, even though I’m sure she would’ve been super nice to me.”

“I’m sure! You definitely should have.”

“It’s OK. I was shy then. I’m sure she doesn’t know it, but Kristen really inspired me to open up. She was kind of my role model from afar. It took me a while but I managed to come out of my shell once I graduated.”

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