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Double Penetration

“I want to fuck and I want to fuck now. Couple’s room?”

I was bouncing from the energy in the club, the bright lights and dancing with all my beautiful friends in their Japanese themed fetish wear; this combined with the grinding my man and I call dancing had me horny. Ravenously, passionately horny.

My amazing man had the same single-minded focus. My request brings a devious twinkle in his eye as he leads me by the hand, weaving and skipping through the crowd, our excitement obvious.

Beaming smiles give us away as the steward steps aside and allows us access to the couple’s room. Undeterred by rumours of it being little more than a cold dark corridor, we risk it to have each other — now — and are pleasantly surprised to find a light open space with play equipment, plentiful room and a handful of hot couples enjoying themselves, enjoying each other.

Sharing approving smiles we bound into a booth, tearing at each other, deep kisses, our hands everywhere, our connection instantly fired up in that way we know so well. He turns and whips the curtain across, hiding us from the rest of the room. bahçelievler escort I pout my objection “But…but, I want people to see! “Without hesitation and with a grin that gives away his internal monologue “of course you do, my little exhibitionist” he pulls me from the booth and into the middle of the room.

Bent over piece of equipment, all red leather and straps, he faces me into the centre of the room. Pulling down my strapless top I am exposed. Everyone can see me, everyone can hear me as my appreciation is obvious. His magical hands are making me pant and moan, rolling my hips in time with his movements inside me.

We have the attention of the couple fucking on the bench opposite us. Brazenly they turn to take in the show, positioning themselves in such a way that I make occasional eye contact with the pretty girl as we both get violated. Her eyes tell a tale of mutual appreciation. Watching them, watching me, watching them — our escalating game of voyeurism raised by exhibitionism. In this game, I’m all in.

Turning to face my man, I can see he’s in bakırköy escort his element — and he has company. A beautiful girl and her male friend sit beside him on the bench, fully clothed and not playing but engaging with him as he makes me come undone.

Sat on the bench next to him they watch him finger me, one hand on my back to hold me down. “Can I see her pussy?” she requests, taking a sharp intake of breath as he pushes my pants aside to let her see, “Oh, that’s hot.” Her voice is bold and clear, the compliment sincere, like a critic positively appraising their favourite work of art, enthusiastically endorsing the aesthetic benefits.

My man moves inside me as she comes around to the front of the bench. I’m grateful for the sturdiness of the equipment beneath me as it feels so good, his hands gripping my hips, pushing into me, filling me, fulfilling my desire to fuck him, to have him.

“Oh, you’re topless too. You’re so hot” I beam in response to her words, spoken clear. Standing directly in front of me, she and her friend nod in approval. balgat escort Appreciating the ravaging playing out in front of them as naturally and casually as though this were an everyday occurrence.

“Do you like getting fucked?”Her directness and eye contact makes me blush. She’s not embarrassed about being surrounded by play but then why should she be? I enjoy the exhibitionism of fucking in public but I’ve never had anyone engage with me like that before. A genuine and open voyeur, asking me the filthiest of questions. It’s really fucking hot, watching her genuinely getting off on watching us, arousal showing in her face. I nod my confirmation “Yes, yes, I like getting fucked…and I like you watching.”

Post-ravaged and with the biggest beaming smiles we have a chance to catch with her and her friend “You two are really hot,” she tells us, much to my delight, ” How long have you been together?” They look suitably impressed to find out we’ve been married for nearly 10 years, happily smug married.

“I think that’s great” she says bouncing, all glitter and pink hair “They’ve been married for a really long time too. They’re having so much fun” pointing towards a woman restrained being pleasured by two guys and very audibly enjoying herself.

…and with that she’s off, floating around the room and engaging with people, she looks in her element, encouraging couples and moresomes and enjoying the show in the Couple’s room.

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