Cousin Joe Pimps Cousin Emma

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Cousin Joe Pimps Cousin Emma

“Hi Joe! I am coming to Detroit for an internship interview, can I crash at your place?” I said on the phone. “Definitely!” replied Joe, “When are you coming?”, “I will fly there this Friday afternoon”, “Sure, send me your flight info and I will pick you up”.

After I landed, I grabbed my carry-on and headed out, cousin Joe was waiting by his white BMW. “Emmaaa, welcome to Detroit!” said Joe, and gave me a big hug. He stepped back and looked at me head to toe, “Wow, you look like a Barbie doll!” he said. I blushed, “Thanks, Joe, you look like Ken!” I giggled. He held my hand, opened the passenger door and guided me in the seat. “I will put your suitcase in the luggage” he said.

As we started driving towards his apartment downtown, we were chit chatting, and I noticed as we spoke, cousin Joe’s eyes were getting stuck in my cleavage and nice waxed long legs accentuated by my tight mini skirt and t-shirt. I knew Joe all my life, so I was very friendly, a little bit flirty, treating him like a brother.

“Do you have a girlfriend, Joe?” I asked. “Nope, we just broke up, she cheated on me.” he replied. “I am so sorry!” I said, holding his hand. “Let me know if I can do anything to help you forget her”, I didn’t know why I said that, he could have misunderstand it, “I mean you can share your feelings and I will listen, which might help you recover” I clarified. “I am not a feeling guy, I am more physical” Joe replied, with a grin in his face. I raised my eye brows and said “Hmmm”, “Just kidding, Emma!” he laughed.

We arrived at Joe’s apartment, and parked his car in the underground garage. Joe opened my door, held my hand, helping me out of the car. “You are such a gentlemen”, I said sarcastically. “Do you open doors for all other girls?”. “Just for you” Joe laughed.

He grabbed my luggage, held my hand and we took the elevator. I was thinking why he was holding my hand, but I liked it, kind of gave me a feeling that I can lean on him. So I played along.

“Okey doke”, Joe said, unlocking the door to his pent house, “here is my pad!”. He had a nice big penthouse on the top floor, overlooking the city, with marble floors, and modern luxury furniture, fire places, whole nine yards.

“Wow, Joe! how do you afford all this?” I said, “don’t ask, just enjoy!” Joe replied. “OK, whatever”. I mumbled.

“When is your meeting, Emma?”, “tomorrow at 10 AM”, I replied. “Good, we can have fun, I have a party tonight here in my apartment!”.

I was worried about getting enough sleep, but then I thought probably party won’t last later than 2-3 AM in the morning, so it should have been OK.

“OK, I might go to bed early though” I said. “That’s fine! I have sleeping pills you can take, Emma” Joe replied. “Thanks, Joe! I will need them!”

We talked about our relatives, my school, and ordered some Chinese food for dinner. I was 9 PM now. “What time is your party starting?” I asked. “Around 10 PM” he replied. “OK, I will take a shower” I said.

I headed to the bathroom, turned the shower on, took off all my clothes and went under the warm water. Joe’s shower was a walk in shower with rain forest shower head in the ceiling with body jets and a handheld shower spray, looked very expensive. I relaxed under the warm water raining on my face, hair, boobs, shampooing my hair, then my arms, then my pussy, and legs.

While I was caressing my body with nice foamy shampoo, massaging my pussy, and I noticed a glare. I looked carefully, and there was a cell phone poking halfway under the bathroom door, camera side up, recording me.

I liked Joe’s voyeurism, that meant he thought I was hot! I decided to play along as if I didn’t notice.

I took the removable shower spray on the side, rinsed all my body with warm water, looking at the camera, then changed the shower spray to pulsating massage mode and point it to my pussy, and started fingering myself.

I warm feeling was expanding from my pussy to my legs, chest, arms, engulfing me in my journey to climax, Mersin Escort I started having convulsing orgasms, biting my lips, and pushing my fingers deeper in my pussy as I continue holding pulsating water on my clit. I was breathless.

I came out of the shower, dried myself with a towel slowly, in caressing moves, and opened my body lotion. I put body lotion in slow circular movements, massaging it in, first on my legs, then arms, then my neck, then my boobs, and then I turned to the door, opened my legs and slowly massage the lotion between my legs, pussy lips, occasionally fingering myself as I moan and tilt my head back.

This was enough show for the camera. I found a bathrobe, and shouted “Joe! can I use your bathrobe!”, I saw phone pulling out and heard steps walking away in a rush, sounds was getting fainter as Joe walked away. From a distance, he said “Whaat?”, “Bathroooobe!” I shouted, “You can use whatever you need” he shouted back. “What a player” I thought.

I put on the bathrobe, and headed to the living room, overlooking downtown, and perched on the bar stool. “I love your home!” I chimed cheerfully.

“You look gorgeous! I always loved your big blue eyes and positive attitude!” chimed Joe. “Thanks, Joe!” I said, in a tone pretty girls use when they are complimented a millionth time.

It was almost 10:00PM, “I will take your pills and head to bed, I am tired.” I said. “OK” replied Joe, went to his bedroom, came back with a bottle of pills, “if you take one pill you sleep well, if you take two, no one can wake you up” he said. “I will then take three! I gotta sleep!” I replied, and swallowed three pills.

I headed to my bedroom, took off all my clothes because I like sleeping naked, and slided under the sheets. “Good night, Joe!” I shouted. “Good night, Emma!” Joe replied. That reminded me the good nights wishes we had when we were sleeping in the same room when we visit each others family in my childhood.

Pills were kicking in, and I was getting drowsy, then I blacked out.

I woke up with a feeling of really being drowsy, as if I drank two bottles of Tequila. I wasn’t able to open my eyes and I was feeling paralyzed.

“Wow, that bitch looks hotter than the shower video you sent! How much?” I heard a deep voice. “If you fuck her pussy, $500, if you fuck her ass, $1000, if you fuck her mouth $1500, if you come inside her, $2000, if you do all, $5000, you have one hour” I heard Joe. “I will fuck all her holes and inseminate her, I want the full package” replied the deep voice. “One condition, I will stay and watch, for her safety” Joe said. “Fine” said the deep voice.

I panicked, my cousin was pimping me out to people, and he drugged me saying they are sleeping pills. But I wasn’t able to move or speak.

I felt the sheets sliding off of me, and felt the cold air in the room on my bare skin. I was sleeping on my back. A big hand started caressing my face, “she is so beautiful” deep voice said, caressing my shoulders, arms, boobs, tummy, legs, and going back up my face.

I felt two fingers shoving into my mouth, I was completely paralyzed, so I wasn’t able to control my jaw muscles. He pushed his fingers over my tongue, down my throat. I thought I was going to vomit, but whatever Joe gave me disabled my gagging reflex too. “Nice deep throat” chimed the deep voice, “it will worth every dollar when I push my cock deep in her throat”.

I felt a weight on my chest, he was sitting there, then I felt the unmistakable texture of cock head rubbing my face, and then going into my mouth. His cock was getting harder as he pushed his cock deep in my throat, he pulled out, “ I will come in her pussy first” deep voice said.

I felt a weight on me, he was sweaty,with a big belly pressing against my stomach, and I was feeling his hairy belly on my baby soft smooth skin. I felt him folding my legs towards my shoulders, and entering me forcefully, “hell yeah” he exclaimed, “that’s what I am talking about”

He was fucking my pussy as if he was without Mersin Escort Bayan a woman for years. I was hearing his balls slapping my pussy, and his thick cock rubbing inside my dry pussy, because I wasn’t aroused. “This bitch is dry” deep voice complained. “There is some lube in the drawer” Joe instructed.

He pulled his cock out, roughly handled me off the bed like a rug doll, positioned me so I am face down, waist up on the bed, my ass is on the edge of the bed completely exposing my pussy and butt hole, legs dangling down.

“Let’s lube up this bitch!” deep voice said, and I felt cold lube squirting on my pussy and ass, and his thick hardened fingers working the lube in my cavities. He pushed lube with first one finger, then two fingers, the three fingers, then all for fingers in my ass and pussy. I was afraid he was going to fist me, then I heard “Oh yeah, she is ready now!” exclaimed the deep voice. “Yes she is” replied Joe. I was relieved.

I felt a pressure on my butt hole, which kept increasing, but his cock was bending and not able to enter me. I heard him stroking his cock to harden it, “I am going to rip your ass so well you will not be able to sit for a week!” said the deep voice, and forced his cock deep into my butt hole all the way in in one long push. My sister’s husband was already fucking my ass, and deep voice lubed me well, so I didn’t feel much pain. “This bitch was fucked from the ass before, her ass is loose, she took me all in and I didn’t feel resistance” deep voice complained as he was ramming my ass hole ruthlessly. I didn’t like him calling my ass loose.

“I am going to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time now” deep voice said, and started to push his cock all the way in my pussy, pulling out, pushing all the way into my butt hole, then to my pussy, then to my butt hole, and continued fucking me like that for a good 10 minutes. “I really liked her tight warm pussy, she has a unique texture in her vagina that makes my cock crazy,” said the deep voice. I liked him complimenting my vagina.

He again treated me like a rug fuck doll and turned me on my back at the edge of my bed, and I felt him putting my legs on his shoulder and continue fucking me as he swore “I am going to destroy your tight ass” “You are my whore from now on” “you have a tight pussy begging to be fucked, huh, bitch” “I will fill all your slutty holes”!

He leaned on me folding my legs so my feet touch my shoulder, and my ass completely exposed, fucking my pussy faster and faster, as he was squeezing my boobs, ass, choking me, slapping my face, saying “I will rip your ass”,”I will rip your boobs”,”I will choke your pussy with my cum and choke your neck with my hand”, “you fucking slut”.

Suddenly he stopped, pushed his cock all the way in, started throwing strings over strings of warm cum inside me. I felt his shaft throbbing over and over and over, and a warm feeling started to radiate from deep inside me.

“Oh man, that was awesome” deep voice said. “You owe $5000, you fucked all her holes and came in her pussy” said Joe. “It was worth it” replied deep voice, and I heard them shuffling papers, they were probably counting money! “All here”, “yep, all good” they conversed.

“Good thing I stayed here after the party, what time is it now” said the deep voice. “3 in the morning” replied Joe. “Wow, gotta go now, I have an important breakfast meeting at 7”, and heard them walking away chit chatting.

After a couple minutes, cousin Joe came and shook me “Emma, Emma!”, I was awake but paralyzed so I couldn’t respond. “Good! my turn now” exclaimed cousin Joe, dragged me to the floor, turned me face down and fucked my ass, pussy, throat like an animal again and again and again, filling my ass, mouth, pussy with his sweet cum, repeatedly, until he was completely satisfied. I felt like a piece of meat, like a sex doll men use only for their own pleasure.

Cousin Joe then brought a towel, wiped my pussy and ass, and put me back on the bed. “Oh shit, she is all bruised” he Escort Mersin said, put the bed sheet over me and left. I was not able to move, I was feeling used, but I got pleasure from all the fucking, which Joe didn’t know. I went into deep sleep.

I woke up to my phone’s alarm, I was able to move now. “Emma! Breakfast is ready” I heard Joe. “Comiiiing, first I am going to take a shower!” I shouted back.

I took a quick shower, all my body was bruised, I put some make up to cover them, and put on my sexy one piece red interview dress to show all my curves, and headed to kitchen.

“Wow, you look stunning in this dress!” said Joe. “If we weren’t cousins I would think you were flirting with me” I said jokingly with a wink. “Haha!” he said.

“I had a very nice dream last night”, I said. “Tell me”, Joe said. I told him all about last night as if it was my dream, where he was pimping me out then fucking me himself, and that it felt wonderful. Poor soul was listening to me speechless with his mouth open in awe. “It wasn’t a dream, it was real, I drugged you, sold you, then fucked you” Joe said. “I am glad you liked it, I don’t know how come you were awake after three pills”

“That’s great” I said, “I want half of that $5000, unless you want me to tell my family that you raped me”. “OK, OK” Joe said, “Now!” I replied. He went to his bedroom and came back with $2500.

“Thanks, Joe, I am not a prostitute, but if you arrange customers paying $5000, I would definitely do it again, and you don’t need to drug me” I laughed. “This works better than my booty calls and one night stands, where guys fuck me for free, with this at least I am getting paid” I said.

“What a slut you have become!” Joe laughed. “I would happily be your pimp! First, I will give you a ride to your interview, if you are still interested”. “I still need a real degree and job” I laughed, “I can’t sell my ass all my life, men only want young pussy” I said. “You are a slut with a wisdom” Joe cheered, “I like it!”

Joe dropped me off to a tall skyscraper, which belonged to a private steel conglomerate. I checked in at the reception, and they put me in a conference room, one side overlooking whole Detroit, other side to hallway through glass walls. After “me too” movement men are afraid to meet women in closed off conference rooms so they have transparent walls and doors, I thought.

Glass door opened. Two young guys named Chris and Jack came in, they said they will wait for human resources before start, and started talking to me in a flirting manner. I shouldn’t have worn my red dress, I thought.

Five minutes later a woman named Julia from human resources showed up, and looked at two guys monkeying themselves trying to impress me and then looked at my red dress with a disgusted face expression.

Probably she was thinking I was going to slut my way into this internship. She asked typical questions about my career ambitions, why I want to work there, then started asking weird “challenge” questions.

“She is jealous of my beauty” I thought, “She will block me from being hired, because she is not a pretty as I am” I said to myself. This wasn’t the first time I was blocked by other woman because I was prettier than they are.

“We will evaluate all candidates and get back to you” said Julia, the jealous blocker. At that moment I saw a panic on the face of all three, they all stand up, looking at the tall fat man with a well fitted expensive suite at the door, “Hi Curtis, we were interviewing an internship candidate”, said Julia, turning to me “Curtis is the owner of our company, Big Steel Corporation”.

“She is hired, I know her and her family” replied the man, in the same deep voice I heard last night, and winked at me. He must have talked to cousin Joe, and learned that I was awake while he fucked all my holes and creampied my pussy.

I winked back, “Thanks Curtis, I would love to be under you, as you work on me, umm, I mean, for reporting and for my professional growth” I said with a smile.

I stared at Julia’s eyes, putting on my victorious bitch face, then I realized Curtis fucked Julia in the past, and Julia now knew that Emma was going to be Curtis’s next employee with benefits, similar to friends with benefits 😉

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