Cousins, A love fantasy.

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Cousins, A love fantasy.Cousins Love fantasy by Day DreamerChapter ILaurie and I were first cousins and next-door neighbors. Wewere both nineteen, though I was six months older, and were in thesame grade in school. We were both only c***dren, and not havingbrothers or sisters, we had grown up close to each other, almostlike brother and sister. If asked, we would both characterizethe other as best friend.One main reason we were so close was that we were bothafflicted with the same malady–overwhelming, shivering, break-out-in-cold-sweat shyness. I would get tongue-tied around girlsof any age and was too quiet to have any boys as close friends.Laurie was the same. She would blush bright red if a boy evenspoke to her, and her interests were too different from othergirls her age for her to have any close girl friends. We bothloved to read and to listen to music, and these shared intereststogether with our mutually recognized shyness drew us togetherlike opposite poles of a magnet.Our shyness didn’t extend to each other, though, and we werecomfortable and relaxed in each other’s company, sharing both ourhappy and our sad times. We shared confidences and told eachother secrets we wouldn’t tell our parents.More than anything else, we shared about how miserable wewere with our shyness and how much we would like to be different.We tried to bolster our confidences by telling each other howboys and girls felt about each other. I would assure her thatboys considered girls somewhat of a mystery and that all she hadto do was act confident around boys and she could get along fine.Her version about girls was similar to mine about boys. Eventhough we could accept the idea intellectually, we simplycouldn’t put it into practice.Laurie wasn’t plain. To the contrary, she was a knock-out.She had long blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and a voluptuous bodythat any young woman would have been proud of. I tried to gether dates, but I didn’t know any boys well enough to get the jobdone. The boys would just make excuses for not taking her out.Laurie also encouraged me to try to get dates and suggestedsome possible girls. With Laurie standing right next to me, Icalled one of the girls. After several minutes of stuttering andstammering, though, I excused myself and gave up. I turned toLaurie and said, “Well, so much for that. I wouldn’t even knowwhat to do with a girl even if I did get a date. I don’t evenknow how to dance, and I wouldn’t begin to know how to kiss agirl. I’d just end up being a nerd.””Danny, you’re no nerd, and both you and I know it,” Laurieshot back. “As far as dancing goes, I do at least know how todance and I’ll be glad to teach you if you’d like for me to.””I sure would. When can we start?””How about Saturday?” Laurie said. “All our folks are goingto be in Bridgeport for the day, and we can have either one ofour houses all to ourselves and play music as loud as we want.””Sounds great to me. Why don’t we do it here in your house.Your den is bigger than ours, and the stereo is right there wherewe’ll need it.””Oh, Danny, I’m excited about this! I really like to dance,and it’s going to be fun to teach you how.””Yeah, me too,” I answered. “I’ll be over here Saturdaymorning just as soon as the folks leave.”After I got back to my house and thought about the situationI became even more excited about the prospect. I had never helda girl in my arms in my entire life, and even if she was mycousin, Laurie was a good-looking girl, soft and curvy in the allthe right places. I realized then that what I felt was sexual, andeven though I hadn’t thought of Laurie in a sexual way before, Icouldn’t help but feel a twinge in my groin at the prospect ofholding her close. “Yeah, I really AM looking forward to it,” Ithought.That night, as I lay in bed, I thought some more aboutLaurie and how it would feel to hold her in my arms. My cocklengthened out and crept out of the bottom of my shorts. I putmy hand on it and slowly worked it out of my shorts so that itwas standing up straight. It was rock hard and pre-cum wasoozing out of the slit and covering the head. I worked my handup and down, slowly, squeezing it as I went. I rubbed the pre-cum all over the head and very lightly on the underside where itwas so sensitive. Each time I did, it would jump and even morelubricant would pour out. Soon my whole cock was coated as Irubbed my hand up and down, up and down. I could feel the ten-sion build as the pleasure mounted. It reached a point where Ididn’t want it ever to end, yet I felt I would die if I didn’tcome right then. And come I did. Big spurts kept shooting outand went all over my chest and pooled up on my hands, balls, andgroin area. I got up quietly, got a towel from the bathroom, andcleaned myself up. Then I crawled back into bed and even thoughI had never seen a real live naked girl, I dreamt of Lauriestretched out without any clothes on.Saturday morning, just as soon as our parents had drivenoff, I went over to Laurie’s house. She was dressed in a tee-shirt and a pair of brief running shorts. Her hair was combedback and held in place on her neck with a ribbon. The shortsemphasized her tiny waist, and even though her tee-shirt waslarge and loose, it failed to conceal that she was bra-less. Forthe first time I was looking at her as a girl, not just my cous-in. I realized that she had beautiful, slender legs and thatthey led up to perfectly formed buttocks. Through the slits inthe sides of her shorts I could see the pale blue bottom of whathad to be bikini panties. Seemingly, she had put on only alittle makeup, but somehow her eyes, high freckled cheekbones,and full, pouty lips were featured at their best. In short, Ifinally recognized that my cousin Laurie was one of the mostbeautiful girls I could ever recall seeing. If I hadn’t myselfexperienced it, I would have wondered how a girl as beautiful asLaurie could ever feel shy around boys.”Well, Danny, are you ready for me to turn you into a FredAstaire?” Laurie asked.”I’m putty in your hands, teacher,” I replied.”Come on, we’ll use the den as our studio,” she said, andled the way down the stairs to the basement den. As I followed,I couldn’t help but notice the way her buttocks moved inside hershorts, tick-tocking back and forth. They were firm and tight,and it was all I could do to tear my eyes from them when wereached the bottom.”Help me move the furniture away,” Laurie said, and grabbedone end of the sofa. I grabbed the other end and we lifted it afew feet away. As we did, Laurie leaned over and the top of herloose tee-shirt fell down, giving me a clear view all the way toher waist. Her breasts were clearly visible, softly rounded fullmounds of invitingly soft milk white skin with pinkish-brownareolas and protruding stalk-like nipples. Even though her breastsclearly weren’t as large as the ones I had seen in Playboy andPenthouse, they seemed as perfect in real life as they had in mydream about Laurie. I would have enjoyed a longer view, but I hadto jerk my eyes way when Laurie looked up so that I wouldn’tembarrass her.We quickly finished moving the furniture and Laurie wentover and turned on the stereo, putting on a soft-rock CD. Lean-ing down, Laurie took hold of my hand, pulling me to my feet, andsaid, “Okay, Twinkletoes, it’s time to learn how to fast dance.”Surprisingly, learning to fast dance was much easier than Iever imagined and after about only thirty minutes I was gettinggood at it. What made it even better was dancing with Laurie.She was a good dancer and the dance steps made every part of hermove. The best moving parts, though, were her breasts and herass. Without a bra, her breasts moved all around under her shirtand I had to concentrate to keep from looking only at them. Herass, too, was great. When she turned, her buttocks seemed tomove independently, sliding up and down alongside each other.She was clearly enjoying herself, and I was enjoying her enjoyingherself. I was horny before, but not anything like I felt now.”You’re doing great,” Laurie said. “You can go out on anydance floor now and hold your own. Not being able to danceshouldn’t stand in the way of your getting a date anymore.””That’s because I have such a good teacher,” I came back.”But tell me,” I said, “how did you learn to dance so well whenyour experience with boys has been as limited as mine withgirls?””Don’t you remember when I took dancing lessons? Threeyears of lessons produced at least something. As for knowing thelatest steps, I doubt if there is any young girl in the countrywho doesn’t watch American Bandstand to learn how to do the latestdances. How do you think boys ever learn? They learn from girls,just the way you’re learning right now.” Wiping a sheen of sweatfrom her forehead, Laurie continued, “But anyway, that’s enough fornow. Let’s take a break and drink a Coke. I’ll go up to the fridgeand get us some.”I was relieved to see her go. I had a raging hard-on, andthe pressure inside my Jockey shorts was so intense I was uncom-fortable. Without her in sight for a few minutes, maybe it wouldgo down some. I stood and walked around, hoping to relieve myhorniness. It seemed to work, for by the time Laurie got backwith the Cokes, I was down to just a half-hard.Laurie handed me a Coke and sat down beside me on the sofa.Both of us were quiet, savoring the coolness of the drinks. Ifinished mine and put it on the end table. Laurie did the same.In almost a whisper, Laurie said, “Danny, you said the other dayyou didn’t know how to kiss a girl. Is that true?””Yeah. Isn’t that something? Nineteen years old and I’venever kissed a girl. Has a boy ever kissed you?”Laurie kind of half-laughed and said, “What do you think?Of course not, silly. I’m just like you.” Then her voice turnedsoft and serious and she said, “Danny, do you think maybe wecould…er…uh…””Teach each other?” I said, finishing the sentence for her.”Yes,” Laurie said softly, blushing just a little. “Maybeif we learned from each other we wouldn’t feel so self-consciousabout it.””I think I would like that,” I said, and turned to face herdirectly. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her towardme. We were both a little stiff and awkward at first, but thensort of melted and leaned in against each other. Leaning evenfurther, I softly put my lips against hers and kissed her verygently. She pulled back quickly and looked into my eyes. Thenshe leaned forward and put her lips back on mine, reached her armaround my neck, and pulled up tight against me. My heart waspounding in my chest and I could hardly catch my breath. Ipushed her head against the back of the sofa and pressed my lipsagainst hers, spreading them just a little. Our mouths softenedand we rubbed our lips back and forward against the others. Shewas breathing hard, too, and I could feel her heart beatingagainst my chest. The sensation of her pliant lush breasts pushingagainst me was driving me to distraction. We held the kiss a longtime before finally breaking away. By now, my hard-on had returnedin full measure and even with Jockey shorts on, there was anoticeable bulge. I hoped that Laurie was naive enough to notnotice it .”Golly, Danny, so that’s what kissing is all about. I seenow why people like to kiss. I feel all weak and fluttery. Howdid you feel?””Exactly the same,” I replied. “Only I could hardly breatheand my heart beat real fast.””So did mine, so did mine,” Laurie said. “Well, now thatwe’ve covered fast dancing and kissing, I guess it’s time for meto teach you how to slow dance.””Okay,” I said. “Is it harder than fast dancing?””In some ways it is, and in other ways it isn’t. You haveto learn to coordinate your steps with the person you’re dancingwith so that you don’t step on each other’s feet. I haven’t hadmuch practice slow dancing, since I haven’t danced with a boysince my lessons last year. It’s like bicycle-riding, though,and it should come back very quickly.”Laurie put on a slow CD and showed me how to put my handsand arms around her body to slow dance. I guess I was a goodlearner because after about ten or fifteen minutes we were dancingin perfect step with each other. We had started out standing aboutsix inches apart, but gradually we had moved closer together. Thesong that was playing then was a slow ballad and about all we hadto do was to sway to the music. She put her head on my shoulderand leaned her cheek up against mine.What space there had been between us was now completely goneand I could feel her press against me from cheek to toe. Herbreasts were pressed against my chest and could feel the nipplesthrough our tee-shirts. They were like hard rubber points tryingto bore a hole through the fabric. I found it hard to breathe justas when I kissed her. My heart was beating a thunderous tattoo.Hers was doing the same, because I could feel it against my chest.”Umm, this is nice,” Laurie said. “You’re a dreamy dancer.”She pressed her hips even harder against mine and I could feelthe area at the juncture of her thighs press against my groinarea. My hard-on was beating like my heart, and I was fearfulshe would be able to feel it.Laurie pulled her head back and whispered, “Oh, Danny, thisis so nice. I’m glad I’m with you right now.”It was too much to resist. I put my lips down to hers andkissed her deeply. The kiss was soft at first, but then I couldfeel her lips spread apart as I spread mine. I tentatively putmy tongue between my lips and touched her lips with it. Shespread her lips even further and pressed them harder againstmine. The tip of her tongue came out and touched the tip ofmine. It was like an electric current, tingling and flowingbetween the two of us. I pushed my tongue into her mouth andhers played games with it, twirling around and around it, curlingand almost dueling it. Her hips pressed even harder againstmine, and I put my hands down on her buttocks, caressing them andpulling her in even closer. She moaned softly into my mouth andher ass trembled and shuddered. There was no doubt but that shecould clearly feel my hard-on.Laurie pulled away from me slightly, looked me full in theface, and in a little-girl voice said, “Danny, is that what’scalled an erection?”Embarrassed, I whispered, “Yes. But guys call it a hard-on.”Laurie put her head back on my shoulder and said, “Oh,Danny, who am I fooling. I want to learn about boys so maybe Ican get dates and know how to behave on them, but all I’m findingout is how little I know. I hardly know anything about boys andsex. All I know is what I learned in Sex-Ed, and that’s darnedlittle. Just a few fuzzy pictures in books. How ever in theworld can I expect to succeed with boys when I know so little.””Well, I’m in the same boat,” I said. “I didn’t even takeSex-Ed, and all I’ve ever seen are pictures in Playboy and Pent-house. And I know full well most girls I might be dating won’tlook like that. The only girl I know who is that pretty is you.”Laurie laid her head back on my should and said, “You alwayssay nice things to me, Danny, and I appreciate it, but you knowthat’s not so. My boobs don’t even come close to matching thoseof the girls in those pictures. Just for that, you’ll have tokiss me again like you did before. I think I really like kissinga lot.” Laurie turned her face back to me and with her handbehind my head brought my lips down to hers. Her tongue immedi-ately snaked out and brushed across my lips and then into mymouth. She caressed all parts of my mouth and rubbed her tongueall over mine. Her hips pushed back against mine and began acircular rubbing motion over my groin area. I was so horny Ithought I would come in my pants right there. My hard-onthrobbed, and all it would have taken is just one or two strokesto bring me off to a crashing orgasm. This time it was my turnto moan in her mouth and for my hips to jerk spasmodically.Laurie broke the kiss, and putting her mouth close to myear, very softly said, “Danny, since we seem to have done wellteaching each other how to kiss, do you think maybe we might beable to teach each other some other things?”I could barely get out an answer. “Ummmm…yesssss,” Iwhispered into her ear and pulled her even closer against me. Iput my hands on her back and rubbed it and then lowered them tothe top of her shorts. Slipping the tips of my fingers inside, Ifelt the top of her panties. They felt smooth and silky. Imoved my fingers under the panties and down on to her buttocks.They were smooth and just as tight and firm as I had imaginedwhen I had been so enraptured by them earlier. I could feel thejuncture between them, and I felt all the way down the crackuntil I came to the bottom. I was amazed to find her wet andslick, like someone had rubbed warmed K-Y Jelly over that part ofher. I could feel the crotch of her panties and they were dampin the same way.Her legs trembled so much she could hardly stand. Herstomach jerked against me in little movements as my fingers trailedteasingly over the puffy wet lips of her eager pussy. She moanedsoftly and grasped my neck hard with both hands. Moving her headfrom side to side, she found my lips and put her open mouth overthem. I opened my mouth and our tongues and moans mingledtogether.I lifted her by her ass, and sustaining the kiss all theway, carried her to the sofa and laid her down. I knelt on thefloor next to her and continued the kiss. One of her handsfondled the back of my neck and the other one raced up and downmy back, finally stopping on my ass. She began to caress it thesame way I had played with hers. I had never thought of my assbeing an erogenous area, but her light touches brought waves ofpleasure.Moving my hand to her waist, I gently tugged her tee-shirtout of her shorts until the whole front of it was free. I put myhand under the fabric and could feel the silky feel of the skinacross her stomach and the area below her ribcage. She shiveredand drew in her breath as I lightly ran my fingers back andforth. I moved my hand upward until I could feel the undersideof her breast. My whole palm went to this area, and I squeezed,almost imperceptibly. She felt it, though, because she archedher back a little to move the breast into my hand. I moved myfingers up even more and came to her nipple and areola. Thenipple was extended and rigid, and the areola was covered by tinygoosebumps. Laurie gasped as I gently stroked the nipple, movingin circles around and over it. She arched her back even more andmade little mewling sounds into my mouth. I moved my hand backdown to the hem of her shirt and pulled the whole shirt up,completely exposing both breasts. My hand moved back to herbreasts and roved back and forth between them, fondling one andthen moving to the other and gently stroking and rubbing thenipples of each.Breaking the kiss, I moved my lips down to her neck andsoftly kissed and sucked on this area. Finally, lifting my head,I looked down on the first real live breasts I had ever seen.They weren’t the huge mammaries of some of the Playboy models,but to my virgin’s eyes, they were more perfect than Madonna,Gina Lollobrigida, and Sophia Loren all wrapped into one. Theywere about the size of a cantaloupe, standing firm, withoutany sag. The nipples were erect, standing out like large pencilerasers. The area around the nipples was flushed and coveredwith goosebumps.Without volition, I lowered my head until my mouth was overthe right breast. I extended my tongue and brushed it lightlyacross the nipple. Laurie arched her back again and sighed,”Ooooohhh, Dannieeeee….TTHHATT FFFEEELSS SOOOOOGGGOOODDD…SUUUCCCKKK MMYYYYY TEATTTSS…PPLEASSSE KEEEEPPSUCKKING…YOU’RRR MAKINNG ME SOOO HOTTTT” I moved my mouth overto the other nipple and treated it the same. Placing my hand onone breast, I gently squeezed it and rubbed the nipple while I tookthe whole nipple area of the other one into my mouth. I sucked onthe nipple and ran my tongue over it like a cat licking its fur.Laurie shivered and sighed again.As Laurie arched her back, she moved one leg off the sofaand rested her foot on the floor. This caused her legs to part,opening her thighs and stretching the crotch of her shorts wide.I dropped one hand down to her exposed knee and ran my fingers upand down her thigh from knee to juncture of her legs. I couldfeel her buttocks strain upward and her legs move even furtherapart each time I reached the area near her crotch. I slowlymoved my fingers up to where they were at the hem of her shorts.Finger tips first and then my whole hand slipped up into one legof the shorts. My finger tips were right under the crotch of hershorts and I could feel the panties that covered the goal of myexploring. The whole crotch area of the panties were soaked andthe outside felt slick and hot as I stroked my fingers backwardand forward. I pressed even harder and felt the lips of herpussy through the fabric.I moved my fingers under the edge of her panties and foundthat she was wet and slick just like her ass had been. I delvedeven further and felt soft hair and the lips and crease of herpussy. I dipped a finger tip into the crease and found it wet,slick, and hot. Stroking even further, I found a little nub andrubbed this. Laurie went wild, jerking her hips up and down.Fearful of the reaction, I plumbed further and found the treasureI had been seeking. My finger moved into a hot, slick cavity. Ipushed it in even further and felt the walls around my fingerpulsate and almost grab at my finger. With what little motionher panties allowed, I stroked my finger in and out. Lauriestrained her hips up to me, reciprocating stroke for stroke.Moving my finger out of the hole, I went back to the littlenubbin I had felt earlier. I rubbed my finger across it very,very gently, fearful of hurting her. “Laurie’s body litrally flewinto the air. OOHHH, YESSSSSS, DANNNNYYYY….THATTT’SSSS THEEESPOTTT…..KEEEPPPP RUBBBINNGGG ITTTTT…KEEPPPP RUBBINNGGG MEEEETHEREE…ITTT FEELLLLSS SOOOO WONDERFULLL…PLEASEEE DON’TTTTSTOPPP…..YOU’RRR DRIVINGGG MEEEE CRAZYYY,”.. Laurie was moaningalmost incoherently and her body was twisting uncontolably on thesofa.Laurie began to jerk her hips up and down against my hand.Her moans filled the whole den and flooded all my senses. “Oh,Danny…Oh, Danny…Oh, Danny,” she repeated over and over again.Finally, she lifted her whole body off the sofa, arching herback, with every muscle straining against my hand. Her wholebody shook and she screamed out, “AAAUUUHHHGGGG….GODDDDDD…I’MMMM CUMMMINNGGGG…I.MMMM CUMMINNNG…OHHHH YESSS..OHHHDANNNYY…Yesss…Oh, Danny, yesssss…” Relaxing, she slowly fell back againstthe cushions. She continued shuddering, with the shudders slowly diminishinguntil she was totally still.She opened her eyes, looked up at me, and said, “Oh, Danny, Ididn’t have any idea anything could be that good. I’ve neverfelt anything like that before.”Laurie lay there on the sofa, eyes half-closed, totallyrelaxed. Her running shorts were pulled slightly aside, the hemof her tee-shirt was up to her neck, and her legs were spreadapart. To me, she was the most beautiful, sensual girl in theworld. I wanted to see more of her, though. I wanted to see heras I saw her in my dream: stretched out with nothing at all on.She opened her eyes wide and looked up at me. “I didn’tknow anything could feel that wonderful. Thank you for doing that tome. Now I know what girls mean when they talk about ‘coming’.”Seeing Laurie reclined like that, I couldn’t help but say,”Do you know I dreamed about you the other night?””You did?” Pleased, Laurie asked, “What was the dreamabout?””Well, you were stretched out like you are now, but you werecompletely nude. Not one stitch of clothes or shoes.”She was silent for a moment, thinking of what I said. Thenin a small, soft voice she said, “Would you like for me to makeyour dream come true?””Yes,” I whispered. Laurie then sat up and in one sweepingmotion pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She stood up and wasreaching for her shorts when I stopped her. “Wait, Laurie.Please, let me do that.”Laurie looked puzzled, but then she smiled softly. “Yes,”she said very slowly, “that would be nice. I would like for youto finish undressing me.”I gently pressed Laurie back down on the sofa, then downonto her back. I took off her shoes and socks slowly, running myhand up her calf and thigh after each sock and each shoe. Herbreathing became faster and her thighs quivered slightly witheach stroke.Then there was just her shorts and panties to go. When theywent, not only would my dream come true, not only would I beseeing my first live nude woman, but I would be seeing in totali-ty the most beautiful girl I knew. My hands trembled and myheart beat faster as I reached for the waist of her shorts. Itook hold of them and gently started tugging them down. Theystuck when they reached her buttocks, but Laurie helped by lift-ing herself so the shorts could finish sliding down. Finally,down to her feet, then off and on to the floor. Now, only herpanties were left.Her panties were just as I had imagined–pale blue bikini,cut high in the hips with a French cut. The whole crotch areawas soaked and was almost completely transparent. I could seeswirls of pubic hair and I could dimly see the crease that splitthe three-inch splay between her legs. I could smell Laurie,too. A rich, musky, but still pleasant odor welled up from her.For the first time, I experienced the aphrodisiac aroma of awoman sexually aroused, a woman in heat.I tugged further at the silken panties, pulling them down inthe same way I had done the shorts. Slowly, they came down, inchby inch, revealing Laurie’s softly rounded tummy. The first curlof pubic hair appeared, then a whole swatch. My hands shook as Ipulled the fabric down even more. There it was–the beginning ofthe crease between kadıköy escort Laurie’s legs, the swollen lips of her satu-rated pussy that the view through her panties had only hinted of.I tugged the panties down more, down to her thighs. Her wholepussy was there right in front of my face. I paused, taking inthe vision, reveling in the sight and smell of Laurie’s sexualcore.I came back to my senses then and pulled the panties downover her legs and feet, caressing the thighs and legs as I went.I wadded up the panties and put them to my nose, closing my eyesand taking in the heady aroma. It truly was an aphrodisiac. Mycock was already throbbing in my jeans, but the musky smell madeit spurt out even more pre-cum. Laurie’s panties had beensoaked, but my Jockey shorts were even worse. A spot was soakingthrough the front of my jeans, and the whole inside area aroundmy cock and balls felt wet and hot and slick.I dropped the panties to the floor and just continued tokneel there, my senses almost overcome by the sight of Laurietotally revealed. One leg had dropped to the floor, leaving hervulva area spread apart. The lips and valley between were shiny,glistening with her secretions. Her pubic hair was arranged in aswirling pattern, damp and still pressed to her skin from herpanties. The curls were blonde, perfectly matching the hairstreaming over her shoulders. The little nubbin that had givenher so much pleasure was barely visible at the top of the lips.It looked swollen and ripe and was a deeper color than the sur-rounding area.My eyes traveled upward, to her softly mounded belly, to thearea just below her ribcage where the rapid beating of her heartshowed on the surface. My vision crept up even more, and therewere her breasts. Round, white, with nipples standing erect andlittle bumps speckling the brownish-pink circles of her areolas.Her breasts blended into her neck with a flow that was likemusic. Her barely-cleft chin added a counter-point to her mouth,lips damp and slightly open as she breathed rapidly. Then hereyes–round, blue, soft and languid. For a long moment I staredwith awe and wonder into those eyes and she returned my gaze,silently. She broke the silence with words. In almost a whispershe said, “Do I look like your dream?””No,” I whispered back. “You look a hundred…no, a thou-sand times better than in my dream. There, you just existed inmy imagination. Here, you’re real, right in front of my eyes,right where I can feel and touch you.”I reached down and lightly stroked her belly mound and thearea under her breasts. “Even in my dreams, I never realized agirl’s body could be so beautiful. Can I look closer, Laurie?Can I explore? I want to find out all about a girl’s body.”Laurie kind of half-smiled and said, “Okay, but only on thecondition that I get my turn with you. Is that a promise?”Her words made my heart beat even more rapidly. “My God,” Ithought, “she wants to do me like I’m doing her, and she’s askingmy permission.” It was my turn to smile now. “Yes, Laurie,that’s a promise.”I knelt between her legs and spread them apart so that Icould see right into the area between them. I could see all herpussy and down into the crack between the globes of her buttocks.Her little brown rosette nestled there between those cheeks. Itook my hands and spread the lips of her pussy even furtherapart. I realized it was more complex than I had imagined,composed of several folds and sets of lips. Down near the bottomI could just see the opening into her cavity, the place where Ihad had my finger earlier. At the top of the lips was thatspecial little nubbin, her ultra-sensitive clitoris. The wholearea was wet and coated in a slippery fluid. I ran my finger upand down the crease, feeling the wetness and slipperiness. I putone finger into the cavity and slowly pushed it in to past theknuckle. I pushed it the rest of the way so that it was totallyinserted into her. The cavity was slick, just like the outside,and warm. I pushed the finger in and out and the walls of thecavity seemed to cling to my finger, as though they wanted totake it captive.I added a second finger to the first and pushed them in andout, twisting them slightly. As I did, some of her slipperysecretion flowed out of the cavity, coating my fingers and drip-ping down so that it ran down the crack between her buttocks.Laurie moaned softly as I did this. “Does that hurt, Laurie?” Iasked in alarm.”Noooo…,” Laurie said in a choked voice, “that doesn’thurt at all. You don’t need to stop.” I realized then that shewasn’t hurting at all, but was getting as turned on as I was. Itwas as new and exciting to her as it was to me, and she wasgetting sexually aroused like me.I had heard about boys eating pussy and had wondered whatmade them want to do something like that. With my face so closeto Laurie’s pussy, with the sensation of the touch and smell ofit, I realized what made it so attractive. I withdrew my fingersfrom her and lightly rubbed my thumb over her clitoris. Shegasped, moving her hips up and down just slightly. I took myfingers and spread the lips of her pussy wide apart and, bendingmy head closer, pushed my tongue out and lightly stroked hernubbin with it. With a sharp intake of breath, she hunched hercenter up to me.”Danny, what ARE you doing?””I’m teaching you what it’s like to have a boy eat you.””Oh, God, Danny, I’ve heard about eating, but I neverthought it would happen to me. If that was a sample, I don’tknow whether I’ll be able to stand it.””Well, I’ve never done it before, Laurie, so I don’t knowwhether I’m doing it right or not.””Nothing could be more right than what you just did.”I put my mouth back between Laurie’s legs and stroked mytongue up and down. I ran my lips up one side, caressing theswollen pussy lip. Then I went down the other side, suckling andlicking. I extended my tongue as far as it would go and bored itinto the cavity down below. I made love to her with my tongue,pushing in and out, twisting my head from side to side. Slowly,I pulled my tongue out of the soaking hole and pressing it so itwas broad and fat ran it up and down, right in the middle of hercrease. I covered the area all around her vaginal opening,alternating pressure and light, fluttering strokes.I lifted Laurie’s legs and put them over my shoulders so Icould have completely uninhibited access to the center of hersex. I reached up and caressed her breasts, rubbing my thumbslightly over and around the nipples. Laurie was moaning almostconstantly, a low crooning sound of pure pleasure. With her legsd****d down my back, she pulled me in even closer. Her thighssqueezed and unsqueezed against the sides of my head, in perfectharmony with the actions of my mouth and tongue.I lifted Laurie up higher and moved my mouth down to herlittle brown star. It was coated with her secretions, just likemy face and all the area of her sexual center. I extended mytongue and rubbed it lightly over the wrinkled surface. “Oh,God, Danny! Uuuuhhh…Dannieeee…” Laurie moaned, wrapping herlegs completely around my neck and squeezing. I shaped my tongueinto a little spear and delved the wrinkles until I found thecenter. Twisting my tongue around and around, I worked a spacefor it to finally enter. Laurie kept squeezing and softly croon-ing as I paid homage to her little nether spot.Gently lowering Laurie, I moved back up to her vaginalcavity, using my tongue like I imagined I would use my cock if itwere in her. I made it as long and slender as possible andpushed it into her and out, using a slow twisting motion. At thesame time, I rubbed my thumb over the opening I had just aban-doned, lightly rubbing her anal opening in small circles. Herhips seemed to have a mind of their own, undulating up and downas I ministered to their center.To now I had just barely touched her clitoris. I was get-ting much pleasure from what I was doing and I didn’t want tochance it’s premature end. I had already seen how sensitive hernubbin was, and I was fearful that attention to it would bring onher orgasm and an end to my pleasure. Laurie was not to bedenied, though. She moved her hips so that the nubbin was rightunder my tongue and I had to pay attention to it.At the same time, I moved my fingers back to her vaginalopening. I inserted two fingers into the hole and stroked themin and out. I sucked her nubbin up between my lips and ran thetip of my tongue over it. I could feel where the nubbin’s littlesheath had pulled back and its ultra-sensitive head protruded. Iconcentrated on this area, using the lightest strokes I couldmanage. Laurie started trembling all over, her legs pullingaround my neck in spasms. She moved her hands down to my head,stroking my hair, making love to me with her hands. Her moancontinued, soft and whispery, and then she started chanting, verysoftly, “So good…so good…so good…”and then she began cryingout more and more loudly..”OHHH, DANNEEE…OHHHH YESSSSS…THAT’S IT THATS THE SPOT….OH GOD…KEEP LICKING MY CLIT…FASTER…FASTER…MY PUSY FEELS SO HOT…I’M ON FIRE…MAKE ME CUM…MAKE ME CUM…PLEASEEEE MAKE ME CUM NOW! Her body was literally writhing with uncontrollable passiongrinding her sweet, dripping cunt tightly against my lips andtongue.Suddenly, Laurie clamped her legs around my neck, arched herback, and strained against my mouth. I could feel her pussypulsating against my fingers inside, and then it clamped down onthem, holding them in a vise grip. The muscles of her tummy andthighs were jerking in uncontrollable spasms….. Laurie moaned,”Oh, God, I’m coming again, I’m coming, I’m commmminnngg…OHGOD..DANNEEE KEEP SUCKING ME… EAT ME …THAT’S IT..THAT’S ITAHHHHHHHH… GAWDDDDD”Small convulsions wracked her abdomen, and her stomach,buttocks, and thighs shuddered. They seemed to go on and on asher orgasm continued in wave after wave. The leg-clamp she hadon my head relaxed little by little, and I moved my tonguethrough her crease and over her clitoris very slowly and lightly,matching pace with her orgasm’s slide down from peak. Gradually,her legs relaxed and she unwrapped them from around my neck andlet them fall back down on my back. I took them from my shoul-ders and gently put them back on the sofa. Laurie lay theretotally spent, absolutely still, savoring the slowly ebbingafter-shocks of her orgasm.From between her legs I gazed at her and was filled with amixture of both pride and pleasure. The realization that I wasthe one responsible for her pleasure, the knowledge that it waspossible for me to give so much pleasure to a girl, thrilled meand filled me with awe. I had been so worried about how I wouldact with a girl if given the opportunity, and now I had theassurance that I could give pleasure in its fullest measure.Laurie’s tremors had stopped and she now lay completelystill. Her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled weakly at me.”Oh, God, Danny, I can’t even begin to tell you how that felt. Ithought I had to be in heaven. And you said you didn’t know howit was done.””I guess that sort of thing just comes natural. Besides, Ihad you to inspire me. I can’t imagine that anyone could lookmore beautiful and sexy than you.””There you go again, Danny, and I love every word of it.You still have to kiss me for saying it, though.”She held out her arms to me and I knelt over her, moving mylips down to hers. One arm went on my shoulder and caressed theback of my neck. The other went around my back and lightlystroked. Our mouths blended together, wet and open. Her tonguewas the aggressor, moving under my lips, under my tongue, and allaround it. Her vaginal juices were all over my face and in mymouth and I knew she could taste them the same as I had. As webroke the kiss, she reached out and licked all around my mouth,trying to get even more of them.Then Laurie stirred. She put her hands to my chest and withthe soft smile she had used before, pushed me away gently, say-ing, “Now it’s time for you to keep your promise.””I always keep my promises,” I said, smiling back at her.”What do you want me to do?””Trade places with me, so that I can do you just like youdid me. I want to get you naked and look at you and exploreeverything there is about you.” She pushed at me even harder andthen slipping around to my side stood up. She reached down formy hands and stood me up right against the sofa. Then she pushedme so that I had to sit down. She stood there, completely nudeand unselfconscious, and reached down for my tee-shirt. Shepulled it up, and I put my hands over my head so that she couldpull it free. Putting her hands back on my chest, she gentlypushed me down so that I lay supine on the sofa.She moved to my feet and removed one loafer and then theother. Then the socks, one at a time. She stroked her hand upmy leg until it reached my crotch and then gently rubbed her handacross the bulge of my hard-on. I gasped loudly and moaned, “Oh,God, Laurie, do that much more and I’m gonna go off in my pants.”She withdrew her hand and put it on the top button of myjeans. She couldn’t get it loose with one hand and had to putboth hands down to undo it. Her nipples rubbed against mine andlittle electric sparks of pleasure shot through them. I realizedthat being horny made a man’s nipples erogenous just like awoman’s. Seeing the goosebumps come up around my nipples, shelowered her head and licked across each one, slowly and sensual-ly. I couldn’t help but moan “Ummmmmm” as she did.At last she got the button undone and reached for the tab tothe zipper. She found it and slowly lowered the zipper to thebottom. She rubbed across my crotch in the process and my cockquivered and oozed out more pre-cum into my already soaked under-wear. She rubbed her hand back up the bulge as she reached forthe top of my jeans, enjoying the exquisite pleasure she knew shewas giving me.She tugged and struggled to get my jeans down. I lifted mybottom from off the sofa to give her room to pull them from myhips. At last they were down to my thighs and she was able toeasily take them off the rest of the way. I now lay there nakedbut for my Jockey shorts. They bulged out even further with therestriction of the jeans removed, and my hard-on made a tent oftheir front. I looked down, and even though the shorts werewhite, I could see the whole front and crotch of them was soakedwith my pre-seminal flow.Laurie traced her hand slowly up my bare leg to the edge ofmy shorts. Her touch was light and fluttering and I gasped asthe fingers barely touched the sensitive area high on the insideof my thigh. She dipped the tips of a couple of fingers underthe edge of the shorts and rubbed them very lightly againstunderside of my balls. My hips jerked up in a pleasure reactionand I moaned again.Then her hands moved to the top of my Jockey shorts and Iknew she would soon be seeing a sight. They came down easierthan my jeans, and I only had to lift my ass slightly to get thempast my buttocks. My hard-on was major obstruction, though, andLaurie had to lift the shorts high to get them over my balls andrigid, tumescent cock. She strained and jerked them down in onemotion. My cock, restrained for so long now, leapt up and stoodthere, quivering up and down with little movements in time withmy heartbeat.Laurie froze, her hands still, as she whispered, “Oh, myGod! Sex-Ed didn’t show this. It’s beautiful.”Hardly taking her eyes off my cock, she drew my shorts downand over my feet. She felt how damp they were and said, “Yourunderwear is wet just like my panties were. Do boys get wet likegirls do?””Yeah. It’s almost the same. When a boy get horny and getsa hard-on, pre-cum comes out. It’s like a lubricant. It makesit easier to put it inside a girl. I’ve had a hard-on for almostan hour now, and I’ve almost soaked my shorts.” While I wassaying this, some more pre-cum oozed out the head of my cock andran in a rivulet down the head. Laurie moved up between my legs,dropped to her knees, reached out a finger and touched the glis-tening bead of liquid. She smeared it around on the head with alittle circular motion. My hips jerked involuntarily and Igasped at the touch.”Oh, I’m sorry, Danny,” Laurie said. “Did that hurt?””No, no, it didn’t hurt. It felt good, real good. It’sjust that I’ve gotten so horny seeing you naked and touching youand seeing you go off that I’m right on the verge of going offmyself. It would take hardly anything to make me come rightnow.”Laurie’s eyes widened and she asked, “What does a boy dowhen he comes? Does stuff come out your penis like they said inSex-Ed?””Yes. Jism shoots out the end. It comes out in spurts.It’s what contains sperm, the stuff that makes girls pregnant.””Yeah, we learned about that in Sex-Ed. Teacher told usthat if a girl doesn’t want to get pregnant she should never haveintercourse unless the boy wears a condom. Or be on the pill.””Yeah, that’s so. Only we boys call them rubbers, notcondoms.”It looked like Laurie couldn’t keep her hands off me, andshe ran her hands up and down my thighs from my knees up to wherethey just barely touched my balls. She stared at my cock as shedid so, seemingly mesmerized by it. Finally, she spoke, andasked softly, “What makes a boy come, makes him shoot the stuffout the end?””Well, the best way for a boy is to put inside a girl. Boysdream about fucking girls so they can get off. From what I’veheard boys say, though, getting off orally is as good if notbetter than fucking. That’s where the girl puts it in her mouthand sucks on it until he gets off. That’s called eating it.””Yeah, I’ve heard girls in gym class brag about eating theirboy friends.””Then there’s always a hand-job. Touching a cock and rub-bing a hand up and down on it makes it go off, too,” I said.”When you touched it while ago, I was afraid I was gonna lose itright then.”Laurie reached out a hand and touched my cock with the tipof her fingers and ran them up and down from the wet, glisteninghead to its base. “Danny, I want to see you go off. Can I giveyou a…what did you call it…a hand-job?””Oh, yesss… It won’t take much, I’m so close to comingright now.””Tell me how to do it. I want to do it right. I want youto feel as good as you made me feel.””Just wrap your hand around it and move the skin up anddown. Get some of that juice on the end and smear it all overit. That makes it feel even better. This area right here, rightunder the head, is the most sensitive,” I said, pointing to thearea on the underside of the glans.She ran her finger tips through the drops of pre-cum on thehead and smeared them all over my cock. Wrapping her hand verygently around the shaft, she made little movements up and down.God, it felt good. I couldn’t keep from thrusting my hips up anddown to move my cock inside her hand. Sensing that I wanted moremovement, she began sliding her hand up and down, all the wayfrom the top to the bottom. Each time she moved over the top,more pre-cum oozed out and provided greater lubrication. I guessit was natural instinct that made her do it, but she put herother hand on my balls and stroked them lightly, causing pleasureto radiate through me. I closed my eyes and gave myself over tothe pleasure she was giving me.I wanted it to last forever, but nature couldn’t be delayedany longer. Moaning, I thrust my hips up and down and arched myback. My hips strained up against her hand and the explosioncame. The first spurt must have gone three feet into the air,flying upward and landing on my chest. More spurts came and randown over her hand, falling to my stomach and thighs. Gradually,the flow slowed and only a few drops flowed out. She kept work-ing her hand, carrying me through the orgasm and beyond. SlowlyI dropped my hips to the sofa, relaxing until even the smalltremors subsided.Laurie released my cock and rubbed her hands through thecome that lay spattered across my body. God, even that felt goodwhen she did it. She raised her hand, still dripping with come,and put it to her nose to take in the odor of my jism. She stuckout her tongue and ran it through some come and took it into hermouth. Satisfied that she knew how come smelled and tasted, sheput the hand back down on my stomach and rubbed the come aroundin circles. “God, Danny,” she said, “you really made a mess.Let me go get a cloth so I can clean us up.”I watched her walk to the bathroom, her hips swaying, herass even more sexy than the way she looked in her shorts. Mycock had shrunk a little after I shot off, but seeing Laurie’sass made it come back to its full rigidity. Five minutes aftercoming, and I was horny all over again!Laurie came back in a few minutes with a warm, wet cloth.She had cleaned the jism off her hands and was going to give me aclean-up now. She took the cloth and washed the come thatsmeared my legs, stomach, and chest. Then she started on my cockand balls. The warmth and friction of the cloth made my cockstart throbbing again. Laurie was enjoying ministering to myneeds and sensed the effect it was having on me. Stroking mycock, she said, “I thought a boy’s penis…er, cock…is supposedto go down after he has an orgasm.””Well, usually it does,” I answered. “I was horny for longahead of time, though, and seeing your sexy behind as you walkedout while ago has made me horny all over again. I guess oncejust wasn’t enough.”She continued to stroke my cock and said, “Well, if I’m theone responsible for this monster, then I guess I’ll just have tobe the one to tame it.” Mimicking the words I spoken to herearlier, she said, “Now it’s time for you to find out how itfeels to be eaten by a girl.” She lowered her head, opened hermouth, and took about half my cock into her mouth. Her tongueswirled around on the head and then moved down to that mostsensitive part under the head. She moved her head up and down,imitating the motion she had recently made with her hand. Shemoved up so that only the head was in her mouth and sucked on itlike it was a lollipop. Taking the cock out of her mouth, sheswirled her tongue over the head, and then up and down the sides.The pleasure she was giving me was beyond even my wildestimagination. My hips pushed upward and the muscles in my but-tocks and thighs strained against her. I put my hands down toher hair and stroked her head. Through clenched teeth, I moanedout, “Ohhh…Laurie…Ohhh, that’s sooo good.” She must haveremembered how I reacted to having her touch my balls because shemoved her mouth down to them and ran the tip of her tongue overthe balls in light circles. While doing this, her hand wasmoving up and down my cock, giving me pleasure on both my cockand my balls.While her tongue was playing with my balls and her hand withmy cock, her other hand was busy too. It moved to my buttocksand to the crease between them. The fingers stroked along thecrease and then down to its bottom, to the anal area. One fingerstroked across my anus and it was like sparks shooting throughme. Laurie felt the reaction, and rubbed in tiny circles overthe crinkled spot. She took some saliva and pre-cum that had rundown my crease and wet her finger and my anus with it. Then shemoved the finger to the center of my anus and pressed in. Slowlythe finger penetrated. I couldn’t believe the pleasure it gave.She withdrew the finger and rubbed the surface some more.My hips were jerking upward and I was grunting and moaningin pleasure at the same time. The pleasure kept mounting, and Icould feel myself reach a point where it was almost too much toendure. Laurie abandoned my balls and engulfed my cock back intoher mouth. She took as much of it in as she could, well overhalf of it. Her cheeks caved in from the suction, and she suckedand used her tongue in an unbelievable way. “Oh, Laurie,” Imoaned, “I’m gonna come! I gonna come right now!”I thought she would take it out of her mouth and finish meoff with her hands, but she didn’t. Instead, she tried to swal-low more of it, and started sucking even harder. It was toomuch. I crashed over the edge. My hips jerked, my back arched,and I pressed my whole groin area up the center of pleasure inLaurie’s mouth. Then the wave hit me and my cock started spas-ming, jetting streams of come out into Laurie’s mouth. Shegulped, trying to swallow all of it. She got a lot of it down,but I could feel some bubble out of her mouth and run down on mystomach and balls. I thought that I would have been out of comefrom the last orgasm, but there apparently much more stored up.The spasms lessened and slowly my cock began to shrink,after all this time finally to go down. Laurie kept it in hermouth until it was small and flaccid and then slowly eased it outwith her tongue. Some jism dripped on it as she did. She raisedher head, and looked up at me, a soft smile on her face. Herlips were coated with come, little drops of it were at the cor-ners of her mouth, and a drop of it dribbled from her chin. “Oh,God, Laurie, that was unbelievable. I know my orgasm must havebeen better than yours because I DID go to heaven.””Nothing could have been better than mine,” Laurie said.”Maybe as good, but not better.” She moved up my body, kissingme on the chest, and then full on the lips. I tasted myself thesame way she had tasted herself. A feeling of sheer concupis-cence flowed through me from the pure sensuality of such a kiss.We lay there on the sofa together: naked, satiated, spentlovers. We relaxed and kissed slowly, enjoying the afterglow ofpleasures. We probably would have dozed, awoke, and made loveagain if the phone hadn’t have rung. We jumped, startled by theunexpected sound. Laurie answered it and made a face at me asshe talked. She hung up the phone and said, “Darn! Darn, darn!That was Aunt Betty. It seems that Mom asked her to check on usand üsküdar escort she’s on the way over here to be sure we get fed today. We’dbetter get dressed, and you’d better go over to your house untilshe gets here. We sure don’t want anyone thinking we’vebeen…er, been doing the things we just did.””No. Not with our straight-laced folks,” I answered.”Oh, Danny, I’m sorry. I thought we would have more timetoday. There’s still a lot more I want to know, more questions Iwant to ask you. Maybe even some more…uh, somemore…show-and-tell,” she said finally, with just a hint of asmile. “Do you think maybe later on…maybe later on we couldhave some more…maybe some more…uh, dancing lessons?”I was thrilled by her question. I had wanted to suggestthat we continue our exploration, but didn’t want to risk thegood thing already going. She had taken it out my hands, though,and paved the way by suggesting it herself. “Yeah, Laurie, Iwould really like that. I would like some more…dancing les-sons.””I’ll see if I can find out when our folks are going to beout of town again. I’ll want to make sure we’re here alone. NowI’m going to take a quick shower, and you need to run home and dothe same. I’ll call you when Aunt Betty gets here and has a mealready.”With Laurie standing there, I quickly got back into my jeansand tee-shirt. “I’ll see you later,” I said, turning back toher. No word was spoken, but we leaned forward and kissed light-ly before heading in our different directions.After leaving Laurie’s house, I went home and showered andchanged clothes. The telephone rang about an hour later, andpretending I didn’t know about Aunt Betty’s being there, Laurieinvited me over for dinner. The three of us had dinner together,and then Laurie and I volunteered to clean up the kitchen and putthe dishes in the dishwasher. During dinner and even now Laurieseemed to sparkle with a new animation. There was a glow abouther that hadn’t shown before, and it was very becoming.Laurie had put on pants and a blouse that complemented theblue of her eyes, and her appearance together with this aspect ofher personality made her even more desirable. I ached to reachout and hold her in my arms just as she had been only a shorttime before down in the den. I whispered to her so that AuntBetty couldn’t possible hear, “Laurie, maybe it’s that outfit youhave on, but I’ve never seen you look prettier. God, Laurie,you’re more than pretty, right now you’re absolutely beautiful.”Laurie leaned toward me, lightly brushed her lips acrossmine, and with a little soft, almost secret, smile whisperedback, “Maybe you’re just now really seeing me as a girl. Anyway,you’ve got to quit saying things like that when other people arearound.” Then with an impish smile, she said, “That keeps mefrom collecting my penance.””Okay, I promise to be good,” I whispered, smiling back.”And you always keep your promises,” she whispered, laughingsoftly into my ear. Turning serious, she continued, “I reallymean it, Danny. We have to be careful and act just like wealways do. We can’t give anyone ideas about us.””Yeah. You’re right, I know. I really do promise I’llwatch myself.”The three of us watched television in the den for a coupleof hours, and then I decided I had better go home and get readyfor bed. I had been home for about thirty minutes when all ourfolks drove up. I listened to stories about Bridgeport for awhile and then turned in. I slept soundly, with no disturbingdreams of Laurie.The next evening, I went over to Laurie’s to study for anEnglish exam. We had several classes together and often studiedtogether. We went to her bedroom to use her study desk. Al-though it was not unusual for us to shut the bedroom door inorder to study, this time we left it open. As soon as we wereseated, Laurie quietly cautioned, “Now you be sure and behaveyourself.”Half-irritated, I replied, “I SAID I’d be good, didn’t I?”Laurie stroked her hand across my cheek and said, “I’msorry, Danny. It’s just that we can’t be too careful.””Well, you’re not helping matters any,” I replied, lookingher up and down. She was dressed in cutoffs that barely coveredher crotch and the bottoms of her buttocks and her tight tanktopexposed every line in her bra.”Oh, gosh, Danny, I’m sorry. I’m not used to guys beinginterested in me, and I didn’t think how I might affect you. Iguess it’s my turn to say I’ll behave.” I could tell from herexpression that she genuinely was sorry, and I yearned to reachout and hold her and ask her forgiveness for scolding.We finished studying around 9:00 o’clock and went down tothe kitchen to have cookies and milk. After swallowing the lastdrop of milk, I picked up my book, told Laurie I’d see her atschool the next day, and headed out the back door to go home.Laurie followed me out to the dark of the back porch and whis-pered, “Wait, Danny.””Hmm? What is it?””I just found out all our folks are going back to BridgeportWednesday evening,” Laurie whispered excitedly. “They won’t beback to around midnight. Aunt Betty is even going this time.””Does that mean…?” I softly said.Laurie nodded her head, and with a look of elation, whis-pered, “Yes, yes, yes. It means we can continue…it means wecan continue our…er, our dancing lessons,” she finally said.”That is,” she said with a return of that impish smile, “youalready have something planned for Wednesday evening.”I reached out, pulled Laurie up close to me, and whispereddirectly into her ear, “Well, I had planned to stay home and readWar and Peace.”Laughing softly, Laurie hit me on the shoulder and said,”You’ll pay for that.”Holding her even closer, I murmured into her ear, “Laurie,you’re the only thing in my plans.” She wrapped both arms aroundmy neck and snuggled up real close. I touched her chin, turnedup her mouth to mine, and kissed her deeply. She opened hermouth to me, and our tongues fought a fencing duel. Her hipspushed toward mine, and our whole bodies embraced. My cocksprung to its full rigidity, and through the scant cover hercutoffs provided, she could feel the knot it formed. She pushedhard against it, broke the kiss, and whispered, “Umm, you’re justgoing to have to put that on hold for a while.” Then she reachedout the tip of her tongue, brushed it across my ear lobe, andwith a laugh so soft I could only feel it through our embrace,she murmured, “Maybe you can take a cold shower.”Laurie pulled away from me, and turning serious, said,”Danny, I’m sorry. That was mean. I’ll make it up to you. I’llhave some…uh…some surprises for you Wednesday.””Surprises? What kind of surprises?””Silly, they won’t be surprises if I tell you. Now you runhome and develop some patience.”As I turned away, Laurie softly said, “Oh, Danny.””Hmm?””Have a nice shower.”I picked up a newspaper that was on the back porch and threwit at her.I thought Wednesday would never arrive. First, I was fear-ful for the whole time that something would arise to make ourparents change their minds or keep them from going. Second, Ihad stayed in almost a constant state of erection for those twodays, and had to change shorts twice a day because I kept soakingthem with pre-cum. I had been tempted several times to beat offto relieve the pressure, but each time decided to wait, to saveit all for our “lesson time.”All my fears came to naught, though, and 6:00 o’clockWednesday evening, our parents and Aunt Betty drove off. Iwaited for fifteen minutes to make certain none of them hadforgotten something they would have to return for and thenslipped out the back door and over to Laurie’s house. I didn’tknow what to expect when I got there–whether she would be wait-ing for me in the nude or what. As it was, she wasn’t. In fact,she was dressed more fully that usual, with a loose blouse andlong, full skirt. Just as before, though, she had barely touchedup with make-up, and just as before, she was stunningly beauti-ful.The way she was dressed confused me, though. Last Monday,when we couldn’t do anything, she had dressed like a littlesexpot. This evening, when we were alone, she was dressed like agirl from the Catholic high school. What kind of signals was shesending–had she reverted to shyness with me, had she changed hermind about our “dancing lessons?”Laurie stepped up to me, put her hands behind my neck, andsaid, “Oh, Danny, I’ve been so nervous. I’ve been so afraidsomething would happen and we’d have to call this evening off.””I’ve had exactly the same sort of feelings,” I said.Because of being thrown off by her signals, I was uncertain howto proceed. I desperately needed for her to give some sort ofclear signal, to somehow point in a direction that would lead theway. The last thing I wanted was to do something that would turnher away from me, and I hoped she would indicate what she wantedto do.Luckily, she came to the rescue by saying, “Let’s go down tothe den and put on some music.”When we got down to the den, I saw the lights had beenturned down dim. My hopes soared and my heart beat a littlefaster. Even so, I still wasn’t certain that could be considereda sure signal–the lights could have been turned that way acci-dentally. As soon as we got into the room, Laurie went over tothe stereo and turned it on. The music to “Three Times a Lady,”a song Laurie knew to be one of my favorites, came out. Laurieheld out her arms to me and said, “Come dance with me, Danny.”Now I really was confused. Laurie had referred to thisevening as our “dance lesson,” and I thought she was just using acute euphemism–now I wondered if “dance lesson” had been whatshe really meant. She moved against me, and nestling close, puther head on my shoulder. Holding her like that felt exactlyright, and even if nothing else happened, I felt myself fortu-nate. The music was some of my favorites, I had the joy ofholding Laurie’s body up against mine, and if that was all Iwould get, then that’s what I’d happily accept. Laurie put herhand to the back of my neck and lightly caressed it. I couldhear her breathing into my ear and responded by caressing herback.Suddenly, Laurie’s tongue reached out and ran lightly in alittle circle around my ear lobe. There must be a direct nervebetween the ear and the cock because my cock immediately sprangto attention. I had been half-hard till this, but now my cockbloomed to its full dimension, pressing against the front of myjeans. Laurie felt the surge and pressed herself hard againstit. With her mouth right at my ear, I could hear her breathingbecome harder and faster. Nothing could be a clearer signal thanthat.I put my hands down to Laurie’s buttocks and pulled her ineven harder against my bulge. The pressure made my cock throband put out such a stream of pre-cum that I could feel a largecircle of hot wetness all around it. Very slowly, I started toease her skirt up. I wanted to put my hands on her panties, tomove my hands under them and caress her bare skin, make directcontact with the sweet little handfuls of her buttocks. I pulledthe skirt almost to her waist and then put my hands down, feelingfor the silken smoothness of her panties. Instead of silk, Ifelt the soft, hot globules of her ass and the crevice thatseparated them. Laurie was completely bare under her skirt.Under the chaste, full skirt, Laurie was completely uncovered. Ihad been looking for subtle signals, and she was hitting mebetween the eyes, instead. I gently kneaded the twin little ripemelons of her ass and murmured, “Oh, Laurie, Laurie.””That’s my first surprise,” Laurie whispered.”First surprise? There’s others?””In time, Mr. Impatience. First, you have to make uppenance for all the times you had to miss. A kiss for each nicething you’ve said,” Laurie said, turning her face up to mine andopening her mouth for a kiss.”Oh, what a punishment,” I said, my mouth hungrily seekinghers. “I’m going to have to watch the things I say.”Our mouths fought with each other, lip against lip, tongueagainst tongue. She opened her’s wider, completely surroundingmine, and nibbled and ate on my mouth. Her tongue licked over mylips and all around my mouth. She bit down gently on my lowerlip, pulling it into her mouth, and sucked and fed on it.My hands continued to make love to her buttocks, to caressthe flesh so close to her center. I moved my fingers into theirdividing cleft and slowly traced downward, seeking out the femi-nine treasures hidden below. Further down, the crevice was wet,coated with her hot, slippery, sexual creams. I moved my fingersup and down, sliding in the hot slickness of her lower crevice.I worked two fingers down even further, to where I could feel thebeginning of the hot, swamp of her woman sex. The whole areabetween her legs was wet, wetter even than she had been before.Cream coated the inside of her thighs, running in little riversdown her legs.I stroked my fingers across the inside of her thighs andLaurie spread them apart, giving me greater access. Her breathpanted into my mouth and her tongue made crazy gyrations in andaround my mouth. I dipped a finger into the liquid pudding ofher pussy and rubbed around the edge of her vaginal opening. Shemoaned and pressed the Vee of her sex even harder against my cockbulge. Still holding the kiss, Laurie pulled her hips away frommine and lowered her hand to the front of my jeans. She movedher fingers over and around the bulge, and cupped and gentlysqueezed it. It was my turn now to gasp, and I panted and moanedinto her mouth. Laurie finally broke the kiss just a little.Holding her lips so that they just brushed against mine, shesaid, “Let’s get naked.”I reached for the buttons on her blouse to undo them, andshe said, “No…I want to do it. I want to undress for you.Just sit down there and let me put on the Laurie Show.” Dumb-founded at my good fortune, I sat down on the sofa, my heartbeating fast and my cock throbbing in anticipation of Laurie’sshow.Laurie stood there in front of me and slowly ran her tongueover her lips, making them even wetter and more pouty. The musicwas still playing, and with half-closed eyes she started swayingto the music’s slow beat. Her hands went to the front of herblouse and with agonizingly slow movements, she unbuttoned it.Moving the loosened front of her blouse, she flashed me a glimpseof one bra-covered breast and then the other. The turned herback to me, and working the blouse loose from her arms, sheshrugged and it fell to the floor. She slowly turned back, herhands in front, each covering a breast. In a graceful motion,she sat down on the floor, carefully spreading the skirt so itcovered almost all of her, and removed her shoes and socks. Shethen stood, deliberately giving me a momentary view of herthighs. Although Laurie was still mostly dressed with skirt andbra still on, the pure sensuality of her actions coupled with theanticipation of what was still to be seen had me gasping anddrooling: gasping for breath and drooling a flood of excitedpre-seminal secretions. I caught myself holding my breath andhad to force myself to breathe normally.Laurie next put her hands behind her back, feeling for thecatch of her bra. I could see the cups fall loose from herbreasts as the catch came undone. She turned her back to me oncemore and shrugged the straps from off her shoulders. When sheturned back, she was holding the cups in place. Slowly she letthe right one fall away, revealing the full breast, its nipple,and crinkled areola. The other cup fell away and her arm and brafell to her side. Her breasts were now completely bare, nipplesupright at rigid attention. She let the bra fall to the floorand then threw back her shoulders, raising her mounds to standproudly in all their magnificence. She put her finger tips toher mouth, licked them, and then ran the saliva over her nipplesand areolas, teasing them to even greater rigidity. She lookeddirectly into my eyes, and the look told me she was enjoyingshowing her body to me.Catching the beat of the music again, Laurie started onceagain to sway–her eyes hooded over and half-closed. She put herhands under her breasts and caressed them. Then, slowly, thehands stroked down her exposed middle to the top of her skirt.She undid the button and the skirt loosened from her waist. Iheld my breath in anticipation of its fall to the floor, of theawaited view of the very essence of Laurie’s sex. She thwartedmy desires by catching the skirt and turning away from me. Shedropped the skirt so that one buttock was revealed and then downeven further so the mounds of both her perfect ass globes couldbe seen. Then she released the skirt and it fell to the floor,forming a circle about her feet. Her whole back was now totallyrevealed to me–the smooth arch and the cleft that split her assand curved under to her hot core.She stepped out of the circle of her skirt, spreading herthighs, and I had a brief glimpse of the swollen lips and glis-tening valley of her vulva. With a graceful pivot, she turnedback to me. An arm now covered her breasts and a hand fanned infront of her sex, like a flesh-and-blood fig leaf. Then shelowered her arms to her side, closed her eyes, bowed her head,and stood immobile, an young Venus, a perfect nymph, a fullyrevealed c***d-woman. No where in the world could there havebeen someone more beautiful, a girl more desirable, a woman moresensual than Laurie was at that moment.I realized I had been holding my breath through the finalminutes of her revelation, and I gasped for air, dizzy-headed. Iwanted to applaud, stamp my feet, stand up and cheer, but all Icould do was sit there, struck mute. Before my very eyes, littleshy Laurie had been transformed. Like a butterfly emerging fromits cocoon, Laurie’s new-found sexuality, her new sparkle, wasturning her into a newer, even more beautiful and desirablewoman.Laurie walked to me, leaned over, and kissed me every sogently on the lips. When she did, her thighs spread and the lipsof her sex split wide, revealing the whole secretion-coated area.Her juicy cream had continued to flow and covered the insides ofher thighs almost down to the knees. I put my hand down andstroked through the slick coating, sliding up to make contactwith her inflamed vulva. “Oh, I’m so wet,” she said. “Wetterthan even last time. Without panties, I’m running just all overthe place. I need to get a cloth and dry myself.””Don’t you dare,” I said. “I love the way you cream likethat, and I want you keep all of it.” I put my whole palmagainst the inside of her thigh and stroked my hand through theslick juice, caressing from her knee to flax-covered edge of herlabia.Laurie pulled back from me and said, “No, not yet, Danny.You get naked first. Put me on a show now. Put me on a Dannyshow.” Then, dropping her hand so that her fingers strokedthrough her love juice, she said, “Make me even wetter, Danny.”Though I knew anything I might do would appear clumsy, evenludicrous, compared to Laurie’s stunning and beautiful revelationof her body, I wanted more than anything in the world to pleaseher, to try to give her pleasure in return for that she had justgiven me. So, in imitation her actions, I stood up, moved infront of her, and removed my shirt, slowly and what I hoped wouldbe teasingly. Instead of sitting to remove my shoes, I liftedeach foot and removed my shoes and socks that way. I undid thetop button of my jeans, and slowly, inch by slow inch, loweredthe zipper. The front of my jeans fell open, revealing my uppergroin, still concealed by my Jockey shorts.Laurie had been silent, watching my every movement. One ofher hands had fallen to between her thighs, where she was tracinga small circle with her finger tips in the coating of wet creamthat had flowed over her there. She seemed to be caught up inwatching me and oblivious to her hand action. It may have beenstimulating to her, but the sensuality of the action was evenmore stimulating to me. I continued to watch her hand as Islowly lowered my jeans downward to my thighs, allowing my pent-up erection to fill out the front of my shorts. Laurie’s fingertips moved upward and stroked the crease that formed the linebetween her hip and mount of Venus, tracing the line back andforth. I pushed my jeans all the way to the floor and steppedout of them. Then I thrust out my hips, forcing my still-hiddenbut bulging hard-out out for her view. Laurie moved her fingerseven higher, right along the edge of her labia, gently and idlystroking and caressing the beginnings of her pleasure center.I turned my back to her then and started lowering the shortsdown over the cheeks of my ass. I pulled them down below my hipsand leaned over from the waist to remove them from my feet. Iknew that pose would reveal my balls hanging down, the bush ofhair surrounding them, and the base of my cock. I held the posefor more than necessary to give her a longer view. Then I turnedback to her, my cock fully extended, inflamed, and dripping withmy pre-cum flow. I stood still, the only movement being mycock’s little nods up and down as it throbbed in concert witheach heart beat. Her fingers were actually in her pussy now, andlightly stroked over and around her clitoris. Whatever I mayhave thought of my show, it was obvious that Laurie liked it.She parted her legs even more, and throwing her head back andmoving her hand over her whole soaking vulva, she said hoarsely,”Oh, God, Danny, I’m practically gushing.”Then, without waiting for anything else from me, she stood,put one hand behind my head, and with lips spread open and tonguealready extended, she put her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply.Her other hand dropped to my turgid cock and lightly stroked upand down its shaft. Drops of lubricant that had been building upin my cock flowed over her fingers, and she spread my male juicesover the swollen head and vein-covered shaft. I groaned in thepure pleasure of her touch and thrust my swollen member againstthe hand causing me such sweet agony.At the same time, my hands hungrily sought her body. Idipped one hand between her legs, feeling the oily secretionsthat flowed and covered her there. One finger moved lightly andlovingly between the gaping, engorged labial lips, then upward toflick across her inflamed love bud, her throbbing clitoris. Sheground her whole pussy against my hand, and with an almost a****lsound, growled into my mouth. She took my lower lip into hermouth, put it between her teeth, and with gentle little bitesnibbled and sucked on it. “Danny, Danny,” she sighed, “I’ve beenwanting this so bad. I’ve been wanting YOU so bad.””Oh, God, me, too. I’ve been hard ever since I left hereMonday, knowing about tonight. All I could think about wasseeing you like this, holding you like this, kissing you likethis.” Our mouths came back together, and we ground our wholebodies against each other. Her breasts were crushed against mychest, and her hips thrust up against mine. Our thighs pressedtogether, and I could feel their wetness as they pressed againstmine. My cock had pressed downward and was lodged in the hot,liquid tightness between her thighs. The lubricity and the heatof her sex made me throb and thrust against her. “Oh, Laurie,that’s so good…so, so good,” I murmured.Laurie twisted her thighs together and the head of my cockslid down even further, down to where I could feel the beginningof the slope into her cavity. Oh, how I longed to thrust deeplyinto that pleasure place, to bury my hardness in its steamy heat.Reluctantly, I pulled back. Much more, and I might not haveenough control to avoid driving my cock into her cavern andripping apart the maidenhood that protected it. Laurie was mybest friend, my cousin, my almost-sister, and now, my lover. Icould not bear the thought of causing her any pain, most certain-ly the pain that would accompany penetration. And even if thatcould be avoided, the thought of her getting pregnant was night-marish. Maybe it was because I had sensed our common plight, butfrom the time of my very first memories of Laurie and me, I hadalways felt protective of her, wanting to shield her from anypain or unhappiness. Even wanting her as badly as I did, I couldnot bear to think of the consequences of such action. Reluctant-ly, I pulled my cock out of the exquisite liquid embrace of herthighs.Feeling the separation, Laurie said, “I think now’s the timefor my next surprise.” She stood up, walked over to the bookcasecabinet and took out a large, coffee-table size book. She satdown, cross-legged in the floor, and patted a place beside her.”Sit here,” she said, “I’ve got something to show you. SomethingI think you’re going to like.”I sat down on the floor next to her, cross-legged just likeshe. My cock jutted out, still rock-hard, into the space betweenmy knees. I looked over at Laurie, and the lips of her pussywere spread apart, lips gaping, the shadow of her secret openingshowing just at the bottom, the swollen bud of her clitorispeeping out at the top. She saw the direction of my stare andasked, “Do I look sexy?””Laurie, you make all the sex goddesses pale in comparison.”She laughed a pleased laugh and said, “That one goes on thelist. But if you think I look sexy, wait until you see thisbook. I found it by accident in the bottom of the bookcase. Momand Dad must have got a long time ago and forgot about it. Ijust glanced inside it and decided I wanted to save it for us tolook at together.””What is it?” I asked excitedly, my curiosity rising to apeak.”It’s a Swedish sex manual,” Laurie said softly.”If it’s Swedish, how can we read it?””You don’t have to read it, silly,” Laurie said laughing.”The pictures in it speak for themselves.” Laurie opened thebook to the first page and there was a collage of small photo-graphs of people doing just about every sex act imaginable.”Wow!” I said, letting it out slowly.”Just tuzla escort wait,” Laurie said, and turned a couple of pages inthe book. There was a full-page, full-color photograph of ayoung couple about our age engaged in mutual oral love. Her headwas between his thighs and she was sucking avidly on his cock.His head was between hers, and his tongue could be seen strokingup her wide-open slit. From the expressions on their faces, theywere both fully enjoying the ministrations of the other. Theaction continued in the next several pages–she was licking hiscock from top to bottom and he was licking the entire wide openspace from the beginning of her ass crack to the very top of herstreaming pussy. In the next picture, the boy’s cock was stand-ing up straight and the girl was running her tongue in circles onthat ultra-sensitive area just under his glans. Come was jettingin big spurts from his cock, hitting her around the mouth and onthe cheeks. She was smiling, either from the pleasure of seeinghis enjoyment or from the mutual pleasure he was giving her. Inthe next picture, the girl had the cock back in her mouth, gulp-ing down the last of the boy’s spurting love juice.She turned on in the book, and there were pictures of cou-ples in their teens, twenties, forties, and even one gray-hairedcouple. Cocks were in mouths, pussies, and in some cases, burieddeep in the girls’ rectums. Couples were making love in everyposition–missionary, woman on top, doggie, and many variationsof each. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. My breathwas coming in gasps and my cock was throbbing so hard I thoughtit would explode. “God, Laurie,” I said, “would you look at allthat.”Laurie turned back to the couple of teenagers sixty-nining.She seemed fascinated with the pictures. “God, Danny, isn’t thata turn-on?””Yeah, I really like that. I liked it when I did it you andwhen you did it to me, but I felt bad when you were doing it tome because you couldn’t be feeling the same pleasure I was.Doing that way, we could both give and receive pleasure at thesame time.””Danny, I want to try it all. I want to do it all with you.And I want to start right now. I feel like there’s a balloondown here between my legs that’s about to burst,” she said,stroking her pussy. “It’s like an itch deep inside that needs tobe scratched. I’ve got to come, and come soon, or I’ll die.””Yeah, me too,” I said. “If I don’t get some relief, mycock and balls are going to explode.”Laurie reached out and touched my cock, running her fingersover its head. Juice ran all over them. She put her fingers toher mouth and licked the juice, looking me right in the eyes.”Let’s do it at the same time like those k**s in the book didit.””Oh, yesssss,” I murmured.Laurie stretched out on the carpet, lying on her side. Ilay down beside her, my head right in front of her sex. Shereached out and lifted my top leg, then pillowed her head on mythigh, just as the couple in the book had done. I lifted herthigh up high, and dove my face into the steamy swamp of her sex.I was so high from my pent-up desires that I wanted to devour hersex, to wallow in her sexuality, to soak myself in her juices, toplunge my tongue, my mouth, my whole being into Laurie’s swampypleasure center. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go andtried to suck all of Laurie’s center into it. She moaned andbucked her hips toward me, moving them in little circles, tryingto get more of herself into my mouth.Laurie took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her oralheat and liquid made it jerk almost like ejaculation, and dropsof pre-cum spurted out onto her swirling tongue. I moaned out myagonized ecstasy, trying to get even more of my cock into hermouth. She grabbed the base of my cock, controlling my move-ments, preventing me from pushing completely down her throat.Then, with a deep breath, Laurie gulped, and I could feel theentire length of my cock enter her mouth and down her throat. Ihad heard of deep- throating, but to experience it was almostbeyond belief. She pulled my cock out, before she started togag, and I muttered, “Oh, God, Laurie. That was so good.”I moved my mouth to her thighs, licking their creamy coat-ing, trying to get every drop into my mouth. She did the samething to me, scooping up the pre-cum that had dribbled there whenI lay on my side. Gradually, lick by lick, our mouths moved upto the centers of our sexes. Laurie licked my balls, I drove mytongue directly into her cavern and pushed it in and out in slow,twisting movements. Laurie worked her mouth down lower, andfinding my little brown spot, made love to it with her tongue.Little strokes circled around and around the opening, and thenmoved across it, backward and forward. My hips began to moveinvoluntarily, pushing back and forth, in feverish imitation ofthe thrusts my cock longed to make, the forbidden thrusts deepinto that secret cave between Laurie’s thighs. I moved my mouthdown and also made love to her rosebud, the crinkled nether holeof her anus. She moaned and squeezed my head between her thighs,moving her buttocks in little circles under my tongue.Leaving her little pit quivering, I moved my mouth up to herdeeper pit and circled my tongue around the edges of her juicygrotto. Her feminine secretions were pouring from it, and Ilapped them onto my tongue, savoring the tangy taste. My nos-trils were filled with her woman scent, her musky female sexscent. My senses were drenched in her sexuality–the touch of mymouth and tongue on the slick, swollen parts of her sex core, thetaste of her gushing secretions, and the heady odor of arousedsexuality coming out all her pores.He had my cock back fully in her mouth now, and the heatedmovements of my loins pushed it in and out. Her tongue caressedit and stroked under its head. My ecstasy was climbing everhigher as I moved rapidly up the peak to orgasm. I moved mytongue to her clitoris to give Laurie the same sensations she waslavishing upon me, and she started moaning around my cock andhunching her sex harder and harder against my mouth. We eachwere so close to the mountain top, so close to rockets shootingoff and thunder rolling. We each increased the pace of ourmutual orality, pressing each other to match climbs to fulfill-ment. I could hear Laurie’s ever higher moans as she wrapped herlegs around my head and squeezed. I could feel her belly con-vulse and her pelvis jerk in spasms. I had my hands on herbuttocks and they clenched into little hard knots as she pressedherself against me, orgasm spilling in undulations of ecstasythroughout the whole center of her sexual core. In one finalmovement, she completely engulfed my cock, swallowing it to thebase. Her lips moved all the way to its base, and rested in thewet locks of drenched pubic hair. She applied suction to thefull length of my cock and it responded by giving up its essence,jetting spurt after spurt down her throat. The sensation wasalmost beyond belief. This is what it would feel like, I knew,if I could bury my cock in the deep recess of her pussy, if Icould bore it into the slippery, clutching pit of her vagina.We each held like that for what seemed an eternity–shespasming between waist and knees and me jerking, spurting, andgushing forth my masculinity into Laurie’s suctioning, gulpingmouth. I was flooded by her outpouring, drenched from hair toneck, loving and savoring the sensations. I tried to drink hernectar, but it was too much for me. Some ran down onto her thighand some dripped off my mouth and chin.Gradually, we came down from the peaks of our orgasms. Theconvulsions and spasms began to ebb into just little shivers andquivers. She let my cock slip out of her throat and gasped forbreath. I pulled back slightly from the smothering confines ofbeing locked into her sexual pit and gulped air into my lungs.We lay there panting, quivering, shaking, coming down slowly asthe pleasure flow faded. Finally, Laurie stirred and said in awhisper that was almost a whimper, “It just keeps getting betterand better.””Yeah,” I said breathlessly, “I feel like I died and went toheaven. I feel like a bowl of Jello, like a limp noodle.””Oh, yes, me too,” Laurie said, as she stretched, moving herhead from between my thighs. She got up on her hands and kneesand turned toward me. Her whole mouth was coated with my juice,with the spurtings of my cock. It hadn’t all been swallowed,some had run to the outside. She pushed me over onto my back,and then crawled on top, face to face, belly to belly, wet sex towet sex. She lowered her mouth to mine and rubbed her mouth allover mine. The slippery outpouring of my cock now coated mymouth as well as hers. She opened her mouth to kiss me and Icould see pools of my jism still coating its inside. He put herjism-coated tongue between my lips, and it insinuated itselfbetween them and plunged into my mouth. Our saliva and juicesmingled, the very essence of our whole beings comingling as shepressed fully against me and moved her lips and mouth so tenderlyagainst mine. I could hardly comprehend what we had just done.I was totally in awe of her burgeoning sexuality, of the way shehad moved from being a shy little school girl to a nymph from outof the most lascivious pages of ancient mythology.Laurie’s creamy outpouring now began to flow onto me, tocoat my cock, balls, stomach and thighs in her slipperiness. Shesquirmed her pelvis on mine, spreading the warm juices. Lauriespread her thighs and moved her vulva so that it was in totalcontact with my half-shrunken cock. The sheer sensuousness ofher slick, wet skin against mine, the heat of her warm, flowingvulva against my cock brought a reaction. Blood immediatelypumped back into my cock, inflating it, lengthening it out so itwas once more rigid. She clamped her labial lips on it and movedher pelvis up and down. Each time she moved down, the bulbouscock’s head brushed against the opening into Laurie’s vagina.Knowing heaven was so near, yet so far, made the sensation thatmuch more voluptuous. The entire length of my cock rubbed alongher clitoris with each stroke, and I moved my hands down toclutch her buttocks and control the movement. I was attemptingto avoid the danger of such closeness leading to accidentalpenetration, but she wanted no part of it. Moving against myhands, she lengthened her strokes so that each one brought mycock came closer and closer to slipping into her secret, warmwoman’s cave.Laurie stopped kissing me and whispered into my ear, “Danny,I want you in me. I want to feel your cock inside. I want forus to be totally part of each other. Danny, make me a woman,totally and completely.””Oh, God, Laurie,” I groaned. “I can feel my cock right atthe entrance to your vagina, and I want to push into it so bad Ican taste it. It would hurt you, though, Laurie. I can’t bearthe thought of hurting you, not even a little bit. Laurie, I’venever hurt you, and I won’t hurt you now.”Laurie said softly, “It won’t hurt.””It won’t hurt? How do you know? Laurie, do you meanyou’ve already…””Oh, my silly Danny,” Laurie answered back. “It’s not whatyou think. I’ve never been with another boy before–you’re myvery first one. No, the reason I know it won’t hurt is that Iused the nozzle of my mother’s douche bag to test it out. Thenozzle is about the same size and shape as a penis, so I tried tosee if it would fit. It went right it, without any pain at all.I’ve read about girls who break their maidenhood by riding abicycle or a horse, and since I’ve done both, I guess I’m luckyenough to not have to put up with the virgin’s curse.”My cock throbbed at the thought of thrusting into the hot,grasping hole that waited right at its head. I had drenchedLaurie’s whole vulva and labia with my outpouring of pre-cum, soall it should take would be one good push of my cock. But then Iremembered the need for protection. I had no rubbers and Lauriehad no protection, so the thoughts of actually penetrating Lauriewere banished. No matter that we both desperately wanted andwere on the very verge of going the final step in our love-making, the risk of pregnancy made it impossible. Once more Igroaned and then explained to Laurie that I had no rubbers and wesimply couldn’t take the risk.Laurie pushed up from me, leaving a void, leaving me with avacant feeling. She got to her knees, straddling me, and smiledwith her secret smile. “Time for my last surprise,” she mur-mured, standing to her feet. She went over to the cabinet whereshe had gotten the book and took out a small box. She brought itback, got down on her knees next to me, and put it in my hands.”My last surprise,” she said. “A special gift just for us.”I looked down at the box and almost shouted in joy. Con-doms! It was whole box–a three-pack–of condoms!”God, Laurie…rubbers! This means…””Yeah,” Laurie said, “it means you can put your cock in menow. It means you can make me a woman. It means we can actuallyfuck.” Her words made a new surge of blood flow into my cock,and it swelled and throbbed like never before.”I’ve never used a rubber before,” I said. “I think all youhave to do it just roll it on.””If it’s that easy, let me put it on you,” Laurie said,taking one of the condoms out of the box and tearing off its foilwrapping. She took the rubber and put its cup over the glisten-ing, wet head of my cock, and then started to roll it down ontoits shaft. I couldn’t hold my pelvis still in the process, andjerked my hips in little movements and circles. “How do youexpect me to do this with you moving all over the place,” Lauriesaid, half-frustrated and half-laughing.I noticed, though, that the problem wasn’t all me. Laurie’shands trembled as she prepared me for the final expression of oursexuality, for the final consummation of our desire to possesseach other. She was excited as I was about the prospect ofactual penetration, of having my cock buried deeply within heressence, the very core of her being. Despite our excitement, therubber was finally rolled down all the way to the base of my cockand fitted like a second piece of skin. Laurie grabbed my cockshaft and worked her hand up and down. The lubricated rubberslipped up and down the shaft, sending jolts of love agonythrough me. I groaned at her action and murmured, “Oh, Laurie,that’s so good. Even with a rubber on, the feeling is stillunbelievable.”She looked down at my face, and her expectations, her antic-ipation of what was to come, showed in her eyes. She lowered hermouth to mine and we kissed very softly and gently, our tonguesjust lightly stroking each other. We could feel our hungerbuilding, flaming, growing hotter, and we wanted to savor everynuance of this moment. Our hunger for each other was not merelust, it was the incandescent first flares of youthful sexualityreaching out to each other. It was more, too, than raging sexualfire, it was a need to absorb each other, to devour, to possesseach other totally. We each needed to be completely a part ofthe other.Laurie broke the kiss and rolled over onto her back, thesoft carpet cushioning her whole body. Her knees lifted up andher thighs spread wide apart. She moved her hands down to herswollen, dripping sex and spread the lips apart even wider thanthey were already gaping. She was completely open, fully ex-posed, turned up to me, waiting.”Danny, I want you here, now. I want your cock in me,filling me. Make me fully a woman. Make real love to me now,Danny.”I got on my knees between her wide-spread thighs, scootingup so the very tip of my cock brushed against the slick-coatedvalley splitting them, and nestled it there lengthwise betweenthe pouting labial lips. The sensation of her heat and lubricityand the soft, wet labial pressure filled my senses almost tooverflowing. The urge to thrust the ramrod stiff member into hersteaming love tunnel was almost irresistible, and I had to fightit, deferring that moment of truth, deferring what I knew wouldbe the greatest pleasure a male and female can share: the pleas-ure, the sweet agony, the joy, the pain, the ultimate step offirst penetration. I gazed down at her breasts, swelling upward,their nipples engorged, rigid. I wet my fingers in my mouth andlightly stroked them across the nipples, the areolas, and thenall around the breasts. Goosebumps of pleasure appeared andLaurie sighed. Her hips moved in little involuntary undulations,reflecting her tingling, mounting ocean wave of desire.A surge of tenderness swept over me as I touched and ca-ressed Laurie. Sweet, precious Laurie. My Laurie, waiting forme to fulfill our heart’s desire. I refused to question whateverfates had swept us together for this moment, determined only tomake the most of them, to fulfill Laurie, to fulfill myself, tomake us one.Laurie had closed her eyes during my caresses and was begin-ning to tremble ever so slightly. Her hips were becoming moreinsistent, moving up and down, brushing against my cock lyingthere between our bodies. Creamy juices were overflowing aroundmy cock, and it became coated and even more lubricated. Insidethe rubber, I could feel my own flow seeping out and working itsway around my cock, warm, slick, and liquid. My cock brushedagainst her clitoris and Laurie’s body responded in even greatertrembling and pressing of her hips against my intruding member.”Oh, Danny, Danny,” she whispered, “do it now. I can’t bear anymore of this. I can’t wait any longer.”Pulling back ever so slightly, I moved the head of my cockdown to the opening of Laurie’s little cave. Pressing in just alittle, its head lodged in the opening, spreading it. Just abeginning, and it was already tight and hot, so hot. I wonderedabout her “test” to see if my cock would fit and began to worryabout whether she would experience pain. Even if she wanted thepain, I’m not sure I could knowingly impose it. I eased my cockin another half-inch. It was still very tight. And hot, steamyhot, and so voluptuous. So far, no obstruction, no maidenhoodguarding the entrance to Laurie’s pleasure depths. I pushed somemore and got about two more inches of purchase. It was tight,yes, but with my cock so rigid, penetrable.Laurie was giving no signs of pain. To the contrary, shewas moaning–moans of pleasure, not pain. Her hands were strok-ing my back and holding my buttocks, almost seeming to urge meon, to encourage greater and greater penetration. I was nowhalf-way in. I stopped at this point and just held in place,enjoying the sensation. I leaned down and kissed Laurie, andasked, “Are you sure this doesn’t hurt?”Laurie looked up at me and answered. “No, no pain. Tight,yes, but it doesn’t hurt at all.”Encouraged, I pushed a little more. Laurie hunched her hipsup to me assisting and helping to speed the process. Anotherhalf-inch, and then another. Suddenly, Laurie put her handsbehind my buttocks and pushed, hunching her hips up to mine atthe same time. In one thrust, my buried itself, buried itself toits very base in Laurie. Laurie went “Unnnhhhh!” as I hit bot-tom.I put my cheek down to Laurie’s and murmured, “Oh, Laurie,I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to hurt. I didn’t want to hurtyou.”Laurie wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me allover my face, little kisses on my lips, my nose, my cheeks, myforehead. “Oh, dear, sweet Danny. You haven’t hurt me. Itdoesn’t hurt at all.” She flung her head back, smiling, andsaid, “No, it feels…it feels…glorious! Absolutely glorious.Just like I dreamed it would feel.”Laurie spread her thighs even wider and to my surprise mycock slipped in another half inch. Our wet locks of pubic hairwere intermingled, our pubic bones pressed hard against eachother. Laurie’s ankles moved up and locked around my calves, herhips spread to their widest, her sex completely and wetly gapingaround the base of my deeply buried cock.I moved my face to hers, my mouth eagerly searching. Ourlips blended, our tongues gliding softly and gently over eachother. Laurie’s breasts were between us, little love cushionsrubbing over my chest. I moved my chest against her breasts,enjoying the sensation of bare skin to bare skin. Her nippleswere hard little nubbins, and I could feel them press into myflesh. Then I wrapped my arms completely around Laurie, liftingher, holding her tight against me. Unmoving, we lay lockedtogether, flesh against flesh, interlinked through the throbbingconnection of the eternal yin and yang merged together into justone.We lay like that several minutes, each of us reveling in andenjoying the other’s presence. Me, the presence of a hot, lubri-cious envelope clasping my cock in a longed-for, so desiredembrace. She, the filling presence of my swollen and solidmember lodged deep within her belly. It beat and throbbed intempo with my heart beat, and she was able to feel each throb,each pulse within her heated grasp. I felt ten-feet long. Myrigid shaft felt like it was impaled in a hot, slick glove.Rapid-fire, joyous thoughts kept spinning through my head: “I’min Laurie…I’m actually buried to the hilt…I really have mycock deep inside Laurie…My God, I’m actually making love toLaurie… At long last, Laurie and I are actually fucking.”Laurie started moving first–little, tentative movements ofher hips against mine. I followed suit, pushing back at her,timing so we drew back and drove forward in perfect rhythm. Ourstrokes were about a half-inch, just enough for her to feel mycock move within her hot tunnel. Little by little, the strokeslengthened, until I was pulling out until just the head was stillin place and then slowly pushing back in, inch by inch, until Iwas once more filling her cavity. I speeded up my strokes andthen reverted to slow-motion, alternating back and forth. Lauriemoaned each time I reached bottom and the base of my cock brushedagainst her clitoris. Seeing her reaction, I drove all the wayto the hilt and then rubbed the base of my cock in little shortmovements, brushing it up and down, and rubbing her clitoris.Laurie threw her head back and shouted, “Danny, I coming again!I’m coming again so soon!” Her back arched, her buttocksclenched tight, and she pushed up hard against me, shuddering andgasping.I held in place as she was overtaken by orgasm. The wallsof her pussy had clamped down so hard on my cock that I couldn’thave moved if I had wanted to. The hot walls of her pussy werelike a molten hands, grasping and pulsing against my cock, send-ing it into its own little pulses and jerks. Her orgasm almostbrought on mine, and if I had been able to move, I’m sure I wouldhave gone over the crest with her.Her mouth sought out mine and the passion of her orgasmfired her kiss. She appeared to be oblivious to all except ourkiss, our bodies, and the blazing streams of pleasure centeredwhere our sexes were joined. Gradually, Laurie’s spasms eased upand her muscles relaxed. She broke the kiss and murmured,”Better, and better, and better. Each time it only gets better.”I renewed my movements, thankful for her few moments oflassitude so that I could continue. Gradual movements at first,then more rapid ones. Short strokes, then long ones. Lots ofstrokes, then pause. Laurie had returned to our pleasure and wasagain fully getting into the act. She moved her legs up from mycalves and wrapped them around my hips, then up so that they werearound my waist. She clutched at me, holding me around my neckwith her arms and around my waist with her legs. She was com-pletely off the floor now, moving in complete concert with mymovements, matching strokes and withdrawals one for one. I wasgetting close, close, close. My cock felt like it had swollenand was an engorged log ramming in and out of Laurie. She waspanting, crying, and moaning all at the same time. I was nobetter, with my grunts, cries of pleasure, moans, and gasping,panting breath filling the room. I fell down on top of Laurie,crushing her to the floor. Then I got on my knees, spread herthighs to their fullest, and pumped in and out, using the longestthrusts possible. Laurie and I were both crying and screaming,”Oh, it’s good! Oh, I’m coming! Here it is, here it comes!”Then our explosions came, like star-bursts, like all theRoman candles in the world going off at once. I wrapped my armscompletely around Laurie, crushed her to me, crushed her mouth tomine. We could hardly kiss for our pants and moans, but it wasimperative that we blend as much of ourselves together as possi-ble, that the pleasure flow between us at every point. I fell ontop of her again and her legs wrapped around me. She humped herpussy against me, over and over, until the movements lessened andshe lay still. Slowly, the muscles in our buttocks unclenched,and we lay spent, satiated. Our only movement was a continuationof the small, fluttery, clutching spasms of Laurie’s pussy aroundmy cock and my continuing little ejaculatory spurts, spewing outthe last of my come. My hot emissions filled the rubber, and mycock was bathed in the flow. Laurie’s flow covered the outsideof the rubber, and my cock felt it was immersed in a scaldingbath. Our mouths continued its kiss, gradually becoming moregentle as the intensity of our orgasms gradually ebbed.We lay locked in each other arms, neither wishing to move,to disturb the beauty of that moment in time. My cock was final-ly beginning to shrink, and I could feel it begin to fill lessand less of Laurie. After about five minutes, it once more layin Laurie’s wet pussy channel. Laurie finally stirred, openingher eyes, and stared into mine. “Danny, I don’t even know how totalk about it. That was better than all the good things thathave ever happened to me wrapped up into one.””Laurie, I think you know you’ve always been my specialperson, and this made it even more that way.””Danny, I’ve always planned for my first time to be withyou.” Laurie kissed me on the lips and continued, “I neverthought it possible, but it was better even than I dreamed itwould be. Thank you, Danny, my dear, sweet Danny.”Suddenly, there was a noise out in the dark stairwell, andthe sound of a person’s throat-clearing. Then a voice: “Ahem.I guess it’s okay for me to come in now.” There, to our horror,coming into the den, was Aunt Betty.THE END

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