Cousins helping hand prologue and part 1

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Me and my wife agree we had to tell out story somewhere. Since it streaches out for about a year from us masterbating infront of each other. To actually having our first sexual experience with each other. We decided to hit just a couple of the milestones along that journey.

I can’t tell you exactly when or how I realized that I was in love with wife of 23 years now. It could have been since the day I was born since she was six months older than me. Or it could have been gradually building over the years since we either lived with each other or barely separated by only the thin wall of our duplex.

For the first eight years of our lives we lived practically as brother and sister not as cousins. As the years went on my parents went on to have 3 more kids. This made the 3 bedroom too small with us five kids so we ended up moving to a bigger place across town. My Aunt and Uncle were not able to have any other kids.

We still hung out as much as possible but since the new place was about a half hour drive away it was limited to occasional weekends and family get togethers. That all changed about a year and a half later when my Dad and Uncle started working for the same company. Their where several weekends where the adults would get drunk together and many times my Aunt and Uncle stayed over.

Then there was a bright Idea to get a sitter for us all occasionally. Eventually it got to a point that all the adults agreed that me and Jessica could actually take over the baby sitting duties and we did.

That’s when everything was in place for it all to change. The first thing that that changed was me and Jessica stayed up after the rest of the kids where in bed. The first several times we did pretty much the same we always did. Sit on the couch and watch what ever was on t.v the big difference was we had cable.

One night while Jessica was looking for something to watch when she thought she seen a movie that she recognized. It turned out to be a cinimax after dark movie. That first time we quickly changed the channel and I went to my room before our parents got back. However every time after that we seemed to end up on that channel longer and longer each time.

That caused a lot of hard times and a couple of embarrassing moments for me when trying to move about. Jessica would stretch out on the couch with something to cover up with almost always no matter how hard she tried to hide them I would catch subtle movements from time to time. Then came the first of many talks.

Part 1

“Come sit on the couch with me for a minute please.” Jessica asked

“What for?” I responded

“I want to talk about something. Come here” she replied moving up making room as I moved to the couch.

“Have you ever French kissed a girl?” Jessica randomly asked me in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Yeah I have a few times, Have you?” I replied in the same tone

“Just a couple times also, who did you kiss?” Jessica asked as her demeanor seemed to change a bit.

“You ever meet that girl Ashley from down the street?” I replied looking at her

“The little red head that’s friends with your sister?” Jessica looked shocked and her blueish green eyes seemed to flare.

“Yeah but honestly it was a bit weird.” I answered

“Weird what do you mean you didn’t like it?” Jessica asked

“I don’t know how to explain it. This is what happened at first when we started kissing and just hugging each other every thing seemed fine. She was hugging me just as tight as I was her. And we was kissing quite a lot. She seemed to be enjoying it then suddenly she stopped.” I said

“Wait she stopped as in got up and left?” Jessica asked as she stretched back out under the blanket putting her feet on me.

“No it’s like she became a zombie or something. If my lips touched hers she opened her lips. But if I slipped my tounge in nothing and she stopped hugging or even touching my body. She just Erzincan Escort laid their not moving at all.” I replied noticing small movements under the sheet.

“What else did you two do?” Jessica asked her voice to changing slightly.

“All I did was touch her tits a few times thru her shirt. But it didn’t seem right when she stopped moving. So I stopped after a while she kissed me once more like before and left my room.” I said

“Wait she was in your room? Did you force her in to any of this?” Jessica asked her eyes seemed to peer thru me

“How could I force her in to this when it was her that woke me up?” I asked

“She woke you up when? And did she break in or something?” Jessica asked her glare intensified.

“She stayed the night 2 times over spring break with shelly and around 1 am the first night. Then at around 3 the second time.” I replied

“Was she sleepwalking possibly?” Jessica asked

“Maybe the first time but definitely not the second time. She turned on my lamp before jumping on my bed the second time. After waking me she apologized for the first time and even took her shirt off before we started kissing and hugging then she did the same thing but I didn’t touch her tits at all that time.” I stated

“What happened before she froze that time did you touch her pussy?” Jessica asked

“Just the opposite she grabbed me and would not let go. She squeezed so tight it hurt before she got up she kissed me again and then my boxers saying sorry then left.” I answered

“Well that shoots my theory then, Any thing else happen between you two since then?’ Jessica asked shifting around a bit.

“No she hasn’t spent the night with Shelly since then.’ I replied.

“Good.” Jessica said

“What about you who did you kiss?” I asked

“Just a guy from school that I was somewhat seeing for a bit.” Jessica stated

“And?” I asked

“And what it was just during school a couple times at lunch. Nothing like your story ya perv.” Jessica said.

“Why am I a perv?” I asked

“Who uses their younger sister to get little girls to take advantage of like that?” Jessica asked

“I didn’t take advantage of her.” I responded

“Really you was kissing and touching her friend that’s nearly half your age?” Jessica replied

“No she’s not she’s only 2 years younger than us.” I replied.

“She really don’t look like it.” Jessica stated.

“She’s a bit short is all.” I replied

“So you think she’s cute?” Jessica asked

“She looks alright to me.” I answered

“You confuse the hell out of me. And your still hiding something from all this.” Jessica said her stare becoming more intense.

“How do I confuse you and what am I hiding?” I asked

“Theirs times I think I have you pegged and then you pull a u turn. And what about the underwear?” Asked Jessica

“Oh that’s another whole can of worms I’m not getting into right now. I will say only this I was either lied to or someone was confused on if they bought them.” I answered

“If you say so, I know when I come back you will tell me the answer to my biggest question before the end of the night.” Jessica said getting off the couch and getting her backpack.

She pulled out a video tape from her back pack put it in the vcr and came back.

“Scoot over towards the middle of the couch a bit.” Jessica demanded

As she started to lay back down on the couch she laid her legs across me. And placed her feet in the empty space that I was sitting. She then picked up the remotes and swapped it to start the video.

It started out zoomed in on a nipple and slowly backed out. You could tell that this female had very small nearly no tits she started playing with her nipples and chest after a few minutes it zoomed out even more. Jessica rolled on her side to watch.

The camera operator was extremely careful Erzincan Escort Bayan to not expose anything to show the models identity. She then began to play with herself slowly and deliberately. After a few moments there was a dildo added to the scene. It was a very erotic scene but had absolutely no sound that was one thing I didn’t like.

It was only about a 10 minute long solo scene but it started to have it’s effect on me. Jessica had pressed her legs down a few times when the screen went black. Suddenly the vcr powered off and the t.v was turned back on.

“Ok so you liked watching that part of the movie?” Jessica asked she pulled her legs off me and set up beside me.

“No sound at all makes it kind of boring though.” I replied.

“True but it is important for these first 2 parts of my experiment right now.” Jessica said

“What is the other part of it then?” I asked

“Just wait till the hormones drop then you will see.” She replied

Then out of no where she reached and pinched my chest and twisted. I twisted away from her and started to go back at her but she was starting to lay back and put her legs back on me. So I decided to pinch her ass the same way. Her foot came back getting placed in my crotch and she seemed ready to shove.

“That worked for my purpose now stop the bullshit?” Jessica demanded as she laid back down facing the tv.

She covered herself back up and started fumbling with the remotes again. The blank screen came back on and the second scene started out the same way as the first one. How ever this models tits where larger then the first ones. The second model had way more ways to play with her tits then the first one. It started to turn me on and I noticed several small movements from Jessica. The rest of the scene played out very much like the other as the camera zoomed out however I noticed something. There was a spot on this models skin that was slightly off color compared to the rest. I focused on that area then closed my eyes. I then pictured this model in a two-piece bikini. My pulse quickened and my hormones spiked when I did that. I knew who those tits and the rest of this body was.

Not even thinking about the consequences I placed my hands under the cover. One on Jessica’s thigh the other under her leg down my shorts. Her legs locked down on me as she twisted to look at me. Then she pulled her legs up and placed her feet next to me. Causing the cover to block her view suddenly she pulled the cover back towards her shoving it between her legs. She stared right at me taking my hand placing it back on the outside of her thigh.

“Seems like you do like bigger tits when given a choice.” Jessica said in a raspy voice. Her movements becoming more noticeable.

“I like all shapes and sizes of tits. How ever this second set of tits are better than the first set for sure.” I responded in a shaky voice.

“Oh and why is that?.” Jessica nearly whispering again

“Because I know who they belong to.” Looking at her as I answered, moving my hand to the inside of her open thighs.

“Really, how do you know her?” Jessica asked

“You tried very hard to cover it up. But the makeup was wrong and made your birthmark catch my eye.”I replied

“I hoped you would miss that.” As she stopped the vcr stain right before she started playing with the dildo.

“Wait why stop?” I asked looking in her eyes.

“You figured out who it was. And why continue the experiment now? So you can try to secretly masterbait while you watch me toy my self.” Jessica asked

“Honestly I’d prefer to watch it up close and personal and even help if you would let me.” I said with out thinking

“I didn’t think you would figure out it was me honestly. You can watch the rest of the video as long as I get to watch you.” Jessica stated

“What about watching you right here right now?” I asked standing up and lowering Escort Erzincan my pants and boxers. My cock standing strong and proud.

“I will have to think long and hard about playing with my self in front of you. Turn the lamp on so I can see.” Jessica stated

I turned it on and sat down and started to stroke my self slowly making sure to make it last. Jessica had moved forward to look closer several times. She had to move back again almost just as fast. I decided to stand up and face her moving to where the light shown best. Jessica then stretched her legs pulling the cover with them to just above her waist . I could see one hand under her shirt, the second hidden by the covers but clearly in her shorts.

“God you look so beautiful right now.” I complimented her.

“Move a bit more towards me. I want to see all the details well.”Jessica stated

I moved closer like she asked me to still stroking my self. Jessica started to play with her chest faster and that’s when her shirt seemed to start irritating her. She sat up slightly pulling it up above her tits. And she laid back down and started to play with her entire body again. I watched her mash and twist her nipples and tits repeatedly and the hand between her legs moved in time with mine.

“Faster I want to see your cum shoot out!” Jessica stated in a breathless manner

I paused for a moment to take my shirt off and restarted stoking my self faster than before. I held the shirt close to my cock as I started to feel the familiar build up. Suddenly the shirt I was holding got jerked pulling me off balance and towards her a bit. She wouldn’t let go of the shirt, swinging it side to side trying to rip it out of my hand. I let it go looking down at her.

“I said I want to see it and I mean it.” Jessica said

“I have to cum in a towel or something so I don’t make a mess.’ I panted

“Don’t worry about that just grip the base of your cock hard and shake it up and down when you feel like you are about to get off.” Jessica replied

I followed her instructions that’s when she did something totally unexpected. She then grabbed the head of my cock. She used her other hand to pull mine away and she made me finish cumming on her chest and stomach area. My knees started to get weak as she mindlessly kept pumping my cock her eyes where closed with her body really tense and she was holding back several sounds behind clenched teeth. Her eyes opened and looked right at me and stopped jerking me off.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me. Please go to your room and don’t say anything about this right now.” Jessica said as she pulled down her shirt

“But.” I started to say then moved quickly to my room when I seen her closest hand turn in to a fist.

The rest of the night my mind kept replaying the events and adding things I should have said or done. I only left my room once to use the restroom. I also went and checked on Jessica but she was silent and cold. So I went back to my room.

A few days went by and my mother yells and tells me I got a phone call. I picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice.

” Their are three rules that you and me must swear by. One no one is able to ever find out. Two absolutely no form of sex of any kind. Three absolutely no touching each other?” The voice barked.

I agreed to the rules and then had a conversation about other things with Jessica. And when she showed up the next weekend I would get rubbed against or thouched by her ass or chest or hand every time their was any chance. And as time progressed with us masterbating in front of each other. The third changed too, If one or the other said stop no matter what it stopped.

The whole reason it changed was one night I decided to kiss her while she had her hands full of the laundry that was just washed. For four months this went on with out a problem. Then I find out she was going to be gone for almost 3 maybe 4 weeks. Depending on the results of her softball tournament’s schedule.

But instead she ended up blowing out her knee and was put in a brace and later a cast she wasn’t able to come over.

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