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Adriana Chechik

Subject: Random Tails/ Craig’s List Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned Or encouraged. We all live two great lives. One in reality and one in our minds. Craig’s List by aol Paul’s ass felt so good sliding up and down my hard cock. It’s funny how I got to this point. I mean after all I’m not gay, not really. I don’t suck cock or get fucked. I might give a hand job, sometimes, if I’m in the right mood. Two years ago when I was 27 and working as an appliance repairman, which I still do now, I met Paul who was 18. I had a repair order for a refrigerator and Paul was home to let me in since his parents were at work. He flirted with me big time. Now I was used to having house wives flirt with me all the time. I was/am very handsome and rugged. And fill in my uniform rather well. I don’t know if was because I was only 27 and had three kids at home, 8, 6, 3 and a fourth one in the oven right now. Maybe because I was worried about making ends meet with the money I made. Or because of my wife’s pregnancy I hadn’t had any sex in months. For whatever reason I broke down and shot a load of my baby makers down Paul’s throat. He gave far better head than my wife ever did. After he put his number in my phone and begged me to text him anytime I needed relief. He said mine was the best cock he ever played with and said if you think my throat was good you should try my ass. He was cute and gave me some great relief but I didn’t contact him. Not for a couple of months anyway. Again I don’t know why but I broke down and texted him after a bad day with the family. We got together and I fucked him. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it enough that now two years later at 29 and him at 20, I see him at least once every other week. He bought a house out of an inheritance from a grandma and we meet there. He doesn’t expect or have any illusions that I’m going to leave my wife or kids for him. But we have fun just talking and goofing off and well yes the sex also. Paul is openly gay and he tells me about the gay world and about different kinks that he finds interesting and I find it arousing thru him. As I said Paul’s ass feels good sliding up and down my hard cock as it is right now. I’m on my back on his bed and he is riding me. “So what new sexy thing you got to tell me?” I ask. “Well,” He paused. “How young do you think is too young to have sex?” He looked at me for a reaction. I shrugged my shoulders. “I never thought about it.” I replied honestly. “Well how about 16? Would it be ok for a 16 year old to have sex?” “If it’s not being forced on them, I guess why not.” “How about 14?” “Again if they are not being forced into it and they want to. I mean most kids have reached puberty by then so sure why not.” “How about if they haven’t hit puberty, say 10 or 11 but they want the sex and aren’t forced to.” I mulled that over in my mind. “Sure why not. Wait are we talking with other kids or with adults?” I asked for clarification. “With adults.” Paul said as he wiggled his ass tight against my crotch. I sighed. It wasn’t unusual for us to have heavy conversations as Paul fucked himself on me. I stayed hard the whole time and he liked a long fuck rather than a quickie. “Since you’re gay I am going to assume you mean a 10 or 11 year old boy with a man.” Paul nodded I was correct. “The way the world is now I think kids that age know a lot more about what is going on than even the few years ago when we were young. With the internet and twitter and snap chat and all. I guess I would be okay with a boy that age having sex with a man as long as he wasn’t forced into it and really wants it.” “So you wouldn’t go running to the police if you found out about such a thing?” Paul asked without looking at me. “No I wouldn’t, but you are acting strange now. Are you having sex with a kid?” “He started it I swear. But yes a 10 year old boy.” Paul responded with I think pride in his voice. “Ok so you gonna tell me the story?” I asked with a grin. “I went onto Craig’s list to find someone who could help me with some things around the house.” “Like your cock and ass?” I broke in laughing. “Not that section. At least not this time.” Paul gave me a smug smile. “I was looking for real labor help and under Services — Labor there was a short posting saying that a 10 year old boy looking to make money will do whatever odd jobs he was able to do. And yes my parents know about this.” I snickered. “Of course it sounds fishy but Craig’s List didn’t pull the ad after two days so I figured it was legit. I wasn’t going to ask him to remodel the bathroom but there were some small things I could afford to have him do like cut grass, pull weeds, clean the basement. I responded to his ad, told him what I was thinking and that I would pay $15 an hour cash. He specified it had to be cash.” “Cash is easiest for kids, makes sense.” I commented. “We make arrangements and the kid comes over.” şişli travesti “How did he get here?” “On his bike.” “I would think a parent would bring him so they could check out the situation first.” I commented. “Well not all parents are good parents. Anyway he shows up and comes in the house. I tell him right up front that I am gay and there is no one else here. If he is uncomfortable with that then I would give him $5 for his trouble and he should be on his way.” “Thoughtful and honest. A good way to handle it. But did it occur to you that by announcing it to him and without anyone else around he could claim anything he wanted and people would believe him over you?” “No I didn’t but yes I should have.” Paul admitted. “He seemed relaxed with that and said no problem. I gave him a list of things he could do and said he was free to pick from them. He asked if he was limited as to how many hours he worked or stayed. I said no. It was morning yet so he decided to do the yard work before it got hot out. I left him alone after showing him what I wanted. At lunch time I went out and offered him sandwiches. He had slipped his shirt off and he is a little stud muffin. Nice build for a 10 year old.” “Good thing you weren’t interested in that.” I snickered. “I can still look.” Paul snapped with a laugh. “Anyway he said sure he would be done in 10 minutes. So he came in the house still shirtless and we ate. After lunch he moved to cleaning the basement. That took about two hours and he came back up all dusty and asked if he could shower. I said sure.” “I bet you did.” I laughed. Paul swatted me on the chest. “I showed him where and left him alone. I realized the shower had stopped and I didn’t hear anything. I found the bathroom door open and the room empty. I called out his name which is D by the way. Just plain D. He said I’m in here. I followed the path of his voice and found him naked on my bed.” “Isn’t this like a plot from a porn movie?” I snarked. “I told you he started it as god is my witness. I walked into the room and asked what was going on. He said he needed to earn more money than what those jobs were paying. Excuse me child I said. I’m only 20 why would I have to pay for it? Because I’m only 10 and you don’t get a chance at this very often. This kid was confident as hell.” “Sounds like you weren’t his first john.” I commented. “Guess not, anyway for $25 he would lick my balls and blow me all the way. If I wanted he would also let me blow him but he wasn’t making cum yet. Another $10 would allow me to kiss and lick his whole body. If I wanted to rim him it would be another $20 and $100 to fuck him.” “For a ten year old that seems like low prices. Maybe he wants the sex as much as the money.” “I thought the same thing.” Paul responded. “And so what did you pay for?” I asked. “The blow job package. I stripped off and I think he was a little surprised when my 7 � inches popped out. He admitted he hadn’t had one that big yet. His little 4 inches was hard as could be as he crawled up on to my body as I laid on the bed. I could tell he enjoyed rubbing his hands across my body. He liked the fact that my balls were shaved and lapped at them with gusto and I have to tell you for a 10 year old he gave one of the best blow jobs ever.” “Sounds like you enjoyed it. Has he tried to black mail you or anything?” “Oh no not at all. In fact he contacted me and asked if we could get together again.I agreed and he came over the following Saturday. Actually it was two Saturdays ago when you were here in the morning and your wife thought you were running errands. He came over about an hour after you left. The bed was still warm from you and your cum was still up my ass. Anyway he offered to let me fuck him for half price. I dragged him into the bedroom and stripped him down. I went to kiss him and I could tell he hadn’t had that done yet. He melted into my arms as we frenched. I took my time and taught him how to kiss back. I realized he has probably just been used and not been given much pleasure back. So I laid him back on the bed and gave his tight 10 year old body a tongue bath. I swirled it around his ears and down his chin. I licked at his little dots of nipples and across his taught little tummy. He must be into sports because he was a little muscle machine. I went down and licked at his little cock and balls. I bathed them with my tongue and sucked them into my mouth. He was just squirming all over the bed. I kept at it till I could tell his body lifted up and he had a dry orgasm. He moaned out fuckin hell as the last quiver went thru his body. I didn’t give him any time to rest. I grabbed his legs and twisted them causing him to flip over onto his stomach. Paul’s story was arousing me. I reached up and started to work his nipples as he continued to ride up and down my cock as he relayed his story. Taking the boy’s legs I spread them apart and dove right into his ass with my tongue. It was the prettiest little pink rose beylikdüzü travesti I had ever seen and the kid went absolutely berserk as I rimmed him. I kid you not he tasted like honey and licked out that little honey pot till my tongue almost feel off. I got him as wet as I could and I slid my body up and touched my cock head to his sweet spot. His face was buried in the pillow. I pressed and the hole opened a little but fought me. I figured being only ten he would be tight and I was right. Plus the first time when he sucked me off he said I was the biggest he had. I new this would be a hot fuck. I pushed harder and my cock head split the little hole open wider and wider till my cock head popped in and his muscle clamped down around behind my flare. I saw his body jerk and shake and he was rolling his head back and forth in the pillow. Then it occurred to me he might be a virgin. I asked him if this was his first fuck and he shook his head yes. “Did it occur to you that he was lying to boost the experience for you.” I asked Paul. I think I can tell a faker and I was sure he wasn’t. I suggested I pull out but he lifted his head and said no, he wanted to be fucked, he wanted to be fucked by a man and begged me to keep going. He even said he wouldn’t charge me. “Not a very good work model” I interjected. Paul ignored my comment and went on. Well knowing he was 10 year virgin ass I decided to go easier but I was gonna get the most out of this. I held myself in that hot tight hole till he got used to my cock and then instructed him to push back. As he did I slipped a little more in. We repeated this process slowly till I swear I was balls deep in. That 10 year old hole was the tightest and hottest thing I had ever been in. We spent an hour working him into it but by the time we were done he was panting in pleasure. Since it was his virginity I gave him $200 but he has been back twice since begging for it. “Well Paul it sounds like you have yourself a little boy toy.” I said with a laugh. “And that is why I brought it up.” “What do you mean?” Suspicion entered my voice. “Your birthday is coming up and I thought as a present I would buy you some 10 year old tail. I think you would love fucking a 10 year old boy.” Paul stated running his finger thru my chest hair. I looked at him without replying. “Your cock jerked inside me when I suggested it. Don’t deny the idea doesn’t interest you.” “Alright maybe yes, but I don’t want him to know my name or anything about me.” I stated firmly. “I’ll just say you’re a friend. He doesn’t need to know anything more.” Paul agreed. I guess the idea did excite me because I rolled Paul off of me, got on top and power fucked him into a breath taking orgasm. We spent the next two weeks texting trying to set up a day that worked for all three of us. Finally we landed on one. A Thursday night which was my usual night out with the guys. The kid said he could be there by 7. The day of, I was running late at work and texted Paul to start without me. Get the kid warmed up for my bigger cock. Paul accused me of trying to worm out of the night. I assured him I would be there. I did finally get there at 7:45 and let myself in. Paul had given me a key right after he bought the place. I didn’t bother to call out but just walked to the bedroom. As I stepped in I saw Paul’s back with two kid legs stretched out on either side of him. His ass rising and falling and his balls slapping against a small ass. I stepped around to the side of the bed. “Douglas.” I exclaimed in shock. “Dad!” The kid cried out. “What the fuck?” Paul yelled. Then we all fell silent not sure what to say. Douglas had a look of fear on his face. I was stunned just stunned that my boy was selling his ass and I had no idea. Paul being who Paul is just kept fucking but didn’t say a word. I’m sure he was more turned on than ever. “Is this the kid who has been selling himself to you?” I asked calmly. “Yes, but I.” I cut Paul off. “And you have paid him to get fucked by two guys tonight?” “Yes.” He replied. “Douglas did he pay you with the understanding that two men were going to fuck you?” “Yes Dad.” My son stammered. “Well you offered me a birthday gift Paul and I said I would accept it. You and Douglas have a business deal that needs to be honored so let’s do this.” I started to peel my clothes off as fast as I could before I lost my nerve. My son’s eye’s bugged out when he saw my 9 inches of fat daddy meat plop out in front of his face. “I’m going to add another $25 to your deal for a blow job. That is the price right?” I asked looking at my son. He nodded his head yes slowly as I brought my cock up to his face. “So suck my cock son.” I said firmly. “But dad.” Douglas said. “But what, isn’t my cock as good as another? Is there something wrong with it? My moneys good.” My voice had an edge to it. “But you don’t have to pay for it.” Douglas looked like he was gonna cry. “You decided to whore yourself out to make money, you shouldn’t istanbul travesti give it away.” Softening my voice a little. “But I was trying to earn money to help you.” My son’s lip quivered. Paul finally decided it was time to pull out. I sat down beside Douglas on the bed and put my arm around him. “I think you need to explain this son.” Douglas took a deep breath. “I know you and mom are having money problems and I wanted to help. So I put an ad on Craig’s List. Well the first guy wanted sex but he was gross and so I ran away from that one. The second was a nice old lady and I made a few dollars. Paul was only the third person and well he said he was gay and well.” I saw Douglas was struggling to put his next emotions into words. “I think I’m gay. I’ve been having sex with some 12 and 14 year old and so I knew all about sucking and fucking. Paul is so good looking that I wanted to have sex with him.” “Thanks, you’re a stud also.” Paul threw in. “But I maybe young but I know guys get paid for sex, I saw it in a movie and I thought the worse he could do is say no. But he didn’t and well we have been having sex and I get some money out of it. I was gonna give it to you on your birthday.” Douglas fell silent. I pulled him in tight to me for a hug. “So Paul is the only man you have had sex with for money. Right?” “The only man I’ve had sex with period.” My son replied. “Do you like having sex with Paul?” Douglas sniffled. “Yes very much.” “That’s ok. I like having sex with Paul also.” It took a few moments before that sunk into Douglas’s head then he looked up to me. “You and Paul?” I nodded my head yes. “But your dad is total top.” Paul commented. “He only gets sucked and does the fucking.” “Let’s make a deal son. You keep all the money you have earned so far. Your mom and I will be okay without it. As my birthday present you give me your body.” Douglas’s face lite up at that. “And you and Paul can keep having sex as long as both of you want to.” Douglas looked at me then Paul and back to me. “Why don’t we have sex together? I don’t want to do it only once with you. Whenever you come over bring me along if you can. We can be a threesome.” I swear Paul was tearing up. “Oh dad and son lovers.” “I’m okay with that son. From now on you’re only Paul’s and my whore boy. I love you.” “I love you to dad.” Douglas got out before I locked my lips onto his. My hands roamed across his young boy flesh, the creation of my seed. I moved back onto the bed and sat back against the headboard. I spread my legs. “Come suck daddies cock son and stick your ass up so Paul can finish fucking you.” Douglas crawled between my legs and stared at it. “It’s so big.” “Then you need to open your mouth wider. I talk dirty son during sex so don’t take it personally.” Douglas wrapped his small 10 year old fingers around my fat cock and lifted it up from my stomach. Lowering his head he stuck out his tongue. And licked around the head. “Tease my big cock whore, taste your daddies meat.” I put my fingers in his hair as he began his discovery of my cock. Paul got behind him and slipped his cock back into the tunnel of soft boy pussy. Douglas bucked a little bit but not much as Paul slid in. Douglas had my cock head into his mouth now. “Come on you, daddy cock sucking son get your mouth down on my fat meat. We are going to spend so much time teaching you how to handle this.” I moaned some as he slid more into his warm mouth. “You are going to be Paul’s and my boy toy. You will suck us where ever and whenever we want. We are going to fuck you whenever and where ever we want.” Paul was speeding up and now balls deep into my son’s ass. “How’s it feel to fuck my 10 year old son up the ass old friend?” “Your whore son is so tight and warm. Just wait till you get in here.” Paul returned. “He probably won’t be able to walk straight afterward.” I chuckled. Half my cock was down his throat and I was tempted to but didn’t force anymore. “You know.” Paul said. “If you are in need of money we could always tie this one to the bed, put a mask on him and charge guys to fuck his whore ass.” “Something to consider.” I agreed I think Douglas was trying to say something but his mouth was full. “Ok son dad is ready to feed you the seed that made you and if you spill any you will get spanked. Ah fuck Dougie eat your dad’s cum.” And feed him I did. He spilled a little but I will forgive him being his first time. Paul pushed in hard and released his load of swimmers. I laid back on the bed with my hands behind my head. Paul snuggled up against my left side and Douglas against my right. “Are you gonna fuck me now daddy?” Douglas asked and I could hear some concern in his voice. Brushing my fingers thru his hair. “No not today. I think what we should do is spend a whole weekend here. We will tell mom that I’m taking you camping or something but we will come here. And with the help of some poppers and pot I think by the end of the weekend you will have learned to take 9 fat inches of daddy cock balls deep into that whore son ass.” I ran my hand across Paul’s back. “That ok with you babe? Will you help me break my son in?” Paul purred, “I would love to share that moment.” It felt good to have my two boys in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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