Cricket Anyone? The Third Man

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This is my entry into the 2021 Summer Lovin’ competition, and is a stand alone follow up to my two previous India vs Australia stories.


Thanks again to Sweetdreamssss for helping me with her original characters, and to Bdrew86 for beta reading.

Have fun!


11.30 am… Neha drummed her fingers on the steering wheel of the old Nissan and looked at the map on her phone. Turn left, an eleven hours drive to Nowra. Straight ahead, a bit over seven…

She decided to go straight ahead.


Neha had found a reasonable music station on the old car’s radio and was singing loudly to herself. She was feeling pretty good, just a bit sore in places. Steve, the large Samoan guy she had met yesterday, had given her a good workout. They’d jumped into his old Volkswagen van and headed to a spot overlooking the sea where they started fucking. Ass, pussy, mouth, hands… They tried nearly everything humanly possible and loved every second of it.

She yawned and squinted at the steel-blue sky behind her sunglasses. The only problem was she didn’t get a lot of sleep, and now she was looking at a very long drive to meet what her parents back home in India desperately hoped would be her future husband. She hoped his dick was as big as Steve’s, or even like Russell, her best friend’s boyfriend. Neha giggled. Now that was a fun night.

She’d always wanted to fuck a white guy, and there was no one she’d ever met that was whiter than Rusty. His hair was so red and skin so pale, it seemed unnatural. She could see why her best friend and colleague, Madiha, liked him. He was a nice guy and a terrific fuck. He managed to keep up with their assault on him, which she had to admit, could be overwhelming. They had shared several partners back home, but most Indian guys were intimidated by two sexually wild women. Russell just accepted it and worked hard to make sure they all had fun.

Neha giggled to herself and squirmed on the seat. Her ass was very tender and stung a little bit. When she was fucked by Madiha and Russ, a decent amount of lube was used in her rear hole, but she hadn’t bothered with Steve. Just natural spit and pussy juice scooped out with his fingers, then transferred across. It had been rough, but it felt oh so good once he got his juices flowing.

Another series of advertisements came on the radio. Neha didn’t mind listening to the descriptions of strange new shops, but she just wanted to listen to some upbeat rap. She picked her phone up and quickly cast Spotify to the Bluetooth speaker Russ had loaned her. On a whim, she then flicked to her photo app. A series of photos from the night before popped up.

‘Now, that’s a good shot. I wonder what Vaibhav would say if he saw that? Probably crap his perfect NRI pants and run home to his mommy.’ she thought.

She did like that photo. It was a selfie taken in Steve’s van early that morning. He had his dick deep up her ass and two middle fingers of one hand in her vagina. The other two fingers were pulled back, trying to do Devil’s horns. Neha was holding the selfie stick in one hand and the other was pinching her nipple. They both had their tongues out and had screamed when the photo was taken. As soon as the flash went off, they both started laughing at the absurd position they had wedged themselves in to get that shot.

Neha closed the app, tossed the phone back on the seat, then reached under her skirt and rubbed her bum. Steve really liked fucking her ass. After they had left Russ’s holiday house to ‘watch the ocean’, they had quickly started to explore each other and very soon Neha had a naked Samoan cock pounding her cunt. She was disappointed when he pulled out and came in a towel on the bed. When she asked him why, he had apologised for not asking first whether it was ok to come in her. She thought that was sweet, and assured him he was fine to come in anywhere he wanted to. His eyes had lit up and he had asked if she had ever done anal. In response, Neha knelt down on the van’s bed and pulled her ass cheeks wide.

“Once or twice,” she giggled, “and I’m happy to try again.”

Steve later explained when they were taking a short break that bum fucking was sort of taboo. He came from a very Christian family, and anal was frowned on because it was a waste of God’s desire.

“And, to be honest, having my dick up your arse lets me play with your other bits. I really get off on the feel and sounds when I get my fingers in,” he said while demonstrating on her.

She giggled again at the memory of squelchy pussy noises and sighed. It’d been a great weekend. Good friends – old and new, good food – although the Australian preoccupation with Vegemite was something she couldn’t understand, and good fucking. Neha doubted Şişli escort Vaibhav would evening think about having sex with her. From her admittedly limited experience with Non-Resident Indians, they were more interested in maintaining a facade for the family at home than having fun.

A strong gust of wind buffeted the car, which made her squeak in surprise. Neha had left Russell’s beach house with the car windows down, but after about twenty minutes she wound them up and turned the air conditioning on full. She was used to warm weather, but the hot dry wind was nothing like home. Madiha had said her first day in Australia was as hot as hell, but Neha had thought she was exaggerating. Now, she wasn’t so sure. She picked up her phone and flicked to the weather app. Thirty-seven degrees now, a top of forty-two, strong northerly winds, and a fire weather warning for Gippsland.

Memories of Australian bushfires on the news a couple of years ago flashed through her mind. She shuddered and put the phone back down. ‘Glad I’m not going to Gippsland.’

A bit after midday Neha pulled into a service station in a largish town. Russ had insisted she drive no more than two hours without a break.

“Look, I know you’re keen to get to Nowra and meet this character your mum’s set you up with but it’s a long way. Take it easy, stop every two hours or so, and for God’s sake if you’re tired just find a place to rest. There’s plenty of motels along the Hume.” he had said, concerned about her lack of long distance driving experience.

Russ had extracted a promise out of her that she’d follow his advice. Admittedly, she was now on a different highway but she could understand why he’d been so insistent. Neha had left his house at 11 am and already she was feeling stiff. She got out of the car and stretched, then tugged her short denim skirt back down.

‘Behenchod, it’s hot. I wonder if there’s a drive-through take out here?’ she thought as the petrol slowly trickled into the tank. It seemed like the rivulets of sweat running down her back and soaking her top were travelling faster than the fuel. Finally, the pump clicked off and she headed to the shop counter.

The door slid open as she approached and a blast of ice-cold air hit her in the face. The change in temperature was so intense, Neha gasped and steadied herself on a display rack.

“Good afternoon, can I help you?” the attendant behind the counter asked.

Neha blinked a couple of times. “Wow. I just felt a bit dizzy for some reason. Umm, just the petrol, thanks…” She peered at his name badge, “Bhuvneshwar.”

He smiled broadly when Neha pronounced his name correctly. “No worries. I think you’d better stay inside for a moment. You still look a bit – odd.”

“I’ll be ok,” replied Neha as she swiped her credit card. “It was just a bit of a shock after the heat outside. Umm, Bhuvneshwar, is there anywhere in town I can get a quick parcel, and a nice place to eat it? I’ve still got a long drive ahead of me.”

“Call me Bhuvi. Everyone around here does. Well, there’s a KFC just down the road on the right. That’s probably your best option, and there’s a park by the river. Find a tree and sit under that. It’s very nice.” He looked at her curiously. “Can I ask, where are you going?”

“Hmm, oh, Nowra,” she absently replied as she put her card in her purse.

Bhuvi inhaled quickly, “No, that’s not a good idea. It’s not a good day to travel in that direction. You should stay here overnight and leave in the morning. It’s supposed to be cooler.”

Neha laughed and waved dismissively at his concerned look. “It’s fine. Thanks for the offer, but I’m ummm, meeting family there. Nice meeting you Bhuvi.”

“But… but… Oh, crap.” He shook his head sadly as the cute girl bounced out of his shop and drove off.

Neha smiled as she turned into the KFC. She knew she looked good in her short skirt and white tank top, but it was always nice to have it confirmed by a random guy she met. She placed her order and quickly looked at her phone to see where the park was. As she was waiting a convoy of ten fire trucks with their lights flashing headed east.

“Huh. That doesn’t look good. Where are they going?” Neha asked the girl serving her.

“Dunno. Probably Bemm River, I guess. I heard there’s something happening down there. Enjoy your meal.”

Neha put her parcel on the passenger seat and drove off in the same direction as the fire trucks. The borrowed car was actually quite good, apart from a terrible radio and useless cup holders. She had to hold the large lemonade that came with the meal in one hand and steer with the other. After a short drive, she found the park and sat under a large tree to eat her lunch. Curious, she looked up Bemm River on her map and was happy to see it was well south of the highway she was on.

She sat back and watched Sultangazi escort bayan the bright sunlight spatter off the ripples on the river. The park was partially protected from the strong winds, and the treed area was shady and a bit cooler. Neha yawned, then quickly stood up and walked over to the toilet block.

“It’s too nice here. If I stay any longer, I’ll fall asleep. Better pee and keep moving.” she muttered to herself.

Neha drove through another town that was on the beachfront. The name “Lakes Entrance” was a bit confusing, but she thought there was probably a good reason for it. The town looked deserted. She thought there would be a lot of people at the beach, but there were very few tourists around.

The old car started climbing the hill out of the town when Neha heard a notification hit her phone. She picked it up and was surprised to see it was a Whatsapp message from Vaibhav.

‘I’m really looking forward to meeting you. Would you like to visit the wildlife park? Stay safe.’

Along with the note was a photo of a white kangaroo. Neha smiled and started composing a reply. One message didn’t change the fact her parents had set up this meeting between the two hoping they’d marry, but it was still sweet. Petting a kangaroo was on her Australian bucket list, so that was also a plus. A white kangaroo intrigued her. She wondered if it was a normal colour, or if it was an albino.

Neha had just tapped the send button when the ‘whoop’ of a siren went off behind her. Startled, she looked in the mirror and saw the front of a large black car with blue and red lights flashing in its window. She pulled over to the side of the road to let the car pass, but it pulled in behind her.

‘Oh, shit. What did I do?’ she anxiously thought.

Neha had never been in any trouble with the police, and she was now nervous. She had heard all sorts of horror stories about other people’s dealings with cops in different countries. She decided to wind down the window and then leave her hands on the steering wheel.

“Good afternoon. I noticed you were using your mobile phone when I came past. Can I ask, why?” the officer asked, leaning down to look in the window.

“Err, umm, my boyfriend sent me a message? It has a photo of a white kangaroo.” Neha replied in a small voice.

“Hmmm. Not really a good reason. Around these roads, you’re lucky you didn’t meet one in the bush as you sailed off the side. Can I see your licence please?”

Neha quickly dug through her handbag and handed over the card. The officer took one look at it and sighed. “Ok, so you’re visiting Australia? Isn’t it illegal to use a phone while driving in India?”

“Umm, yes. But everyone…”

“Everyone does it. I know. But you can’t here. It’s dangerous, and…”

The officer’s radio crackled and he stepped back quickly to his car. He returned and thrust Neha’s license back at her. “Don’t do it again, ok? Out of interest, where are you going?”

“Err, I was going to stop in the next big town, and…”

The officer curtly cut her off. “Good. Do that. Just stop there and stay put. I have to go. Stay safe.” He sprinted back to his car and roared off past her, lights on and siren blaring.

Neha watched the car disappear around a corner and slowly put her licence away. This trip was not working out like she had planned. A deep, dark sense of foreboding had entered her skull and refused to leave. The wind was stronger than it had been all day, and the trees beside the road were bending and groaning in protest. The malevolent noise sent an involuntary shiver up her spine. She quickly started the car and drove off.

The forest made her jumpy. Spotify cutting in and out upset her. Fleeting glimpses of a darkening sky were worrying. This was National Highway 1? A two-lane road that desperately needed maintenance? And no villages. This was nothing like she had been expecting. She started to think that Russ was right. The longer route back through Melbourne may have been better.

Eventually, the forest opened up to farmland and she took a deep breath. She was a city girl, and the dense trees encroaching on the road had made her edgy. Riding her scooter around Chennai needed a good sense of spatial awareness, but she knew what to expect at home. This was so different. The distance, the heat, the unknowns of driving through the forest all made her think that even the bus would have been a better choice.

“Fuck, I need a drink. Maybe just a tea.” Neha muttered to herself. If Australian police were so tough on cell phones in cars, she hated to think what they’d be like with alcohol.

She drove over a long bridge and turned left into another small town. The main street was wide but nearly deserted. The supermarket looked to be the only business that was busy, with plenty of grim-faced people talking Escort Taksim to each other out the front. Neha saw a cafe with tables and chairs on the sidewalk, so she assumed she could get her tea there.

The hammer of heat was expected as she got out, but the acrid hint of smoke was not. There was a sharp, pungent smell in the air along with a slight haze hanging over the town. Neha looked warily at the sky to the east where a tall, greyish white cloud had formed and was dominating the skyline. She tore her eyes away from the sight and quickly walked into the shop.

A bored looking girl dragged herself off a seat behind the counter just to lean on it. The girl looked at her strangely and asked, without a hint of enthusiasm, “Can I help you?”

“A large tea, please. White with three sugars.” Neha shrugged off the look as a small town thing, and probably not seeing many Indian visitors.

“Take away or have here?” the girl sullenly replied.

“I’ll take it away, thanks.” Neha got the distinct impression this was the last place the shop assistant wanted to be.

The drink was placed on the counter. “Five fifty.”

Neha handed over the money and hissed as she burnt her fingers on the paper cup.

“Wanna cup tray?” Bored Girl asked.

“Yes please.” Neha put the drink quickly in the offered tray and went back to the car.

The cardboard tray wasn’t perfect as a holder, but it was reasonably stable and could hold her tea until it cooled. She snorted at the price. It was a lot of money for a mug of boiling water and a teabag. Still, it was better than coffee or plain water. Once it was balanced on the passenger seat she checked her map for the next town. About another hour. Neha sighed. She had expected villages to be closer together, but they seemed to be all about 100 km apart in Australia. She headed back towards the highway, carefully supporting her tea with a finger on the lid.

“Oh great. Now what? An accident?” As she approached the highway intersection red and blue flashing lights caught her eye. Two police cars had blocked the road where she wanted to go and ‘Road Closed’ barriers had been erected. Neha really didn’t want to go back into town, but a car coming along the highway from the west turned and went up a small road directly opposite.

“Well, let’s play follow the leader.” Neha drove across the highway and was surprised when the road turned and started running parallel to the main road. The car in front stopped at a motel, so she decided to keep driving and see where the road went. It narrowed considerably the further she went, but just as she was thinking about turning around she spotted the highway. Neha looked back towards the town she had just left, but there was no sign of an accident.

“Huh. Must have been close to the intersection.” She picked up the tea and took a sip but hastily put it back down. “Fuck, that’s still hot. Oh well.”

The highway was deserted. Up until the last town there had been some traffic going in each direction but after driving another fifty kilometres she didn’t see a solitary vehicle. Neha started to feel like she was the last person on earth. Bits of branches and leaves, whipped up by the gusty wind, flew across the road and slapped into the car. The sky had darkened considerably and the smell of smoke was very strong. She took a sip of her tea, eyes darting left and right wondering where the fire was.

‘Behenchod, naturally…’ The cup tray decided it didn’t want to stay on the seat as she drove around a series of bends and it dropped between the seat and the door. The tea had cooled slightly, so Neha decided to hold the cup between her knees as she fiddled with the air conditioning controls, trying to block the stench of smoke and extract a bit more cooling.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move. She looked up and screamed as a large kangaroo bounced across the road in front of her. Neha jammed her foot hard on the brake and gasped with relief as the roo continued into the bush.

“Ohfuckohfuckoh… Oh, Uncle’s going to kill me.” The terror of nearly hitting a kangaroo faded as she felt a warm sensation spreading through her crotch. Neha looked down at the empty cup and the tea soaking into her clothes and the car seat.

“Great. Just great…” she grumbled. She forlornly looked in the back seat, knowing there wasn’t anything back there that would help soak up the spill. Neha bit her lip and debated about getting a shirt or something from her suitcase. In the short time she was considering her options, her skirt and panty had soaked up most of the mess. She squirmed uncomfortably and slid her skirt and underwear off, then squeezed the tea out of the window.

“Fuck you. Fuck you all. Fuck you kangaroo. Fuck you Vaibhav. Fuck you Australian summer.” She angrily threw her wet clothes into the back seat along with the empty cup, closed the window and started slowly driving. Neha hunched herself over the steering wheel, eyes wildly darting left and right looking for another suicidal kangaroo waiting to leap out at her. She rounded a corner and jerked to a stop. A fire truck was parked across the road, lights flashing.

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