Crime and punishment 2050

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Joe was a horny 18 year old guy. Average looks and decent personality allowed him to get lucky on occasion. Joe was cruising the avenue looking for some fun in his Mustang convertible. He saw a female hitchhiker ahead. One look and he pulled over. She ran to the car opened the door and told Joe she needed a ride to see some friends.

When she got in Joe could smell the alcohol on her breath. After talking for a few minutes she pulled a bottle of peppermint schnapps out of her purse. She asked Joe if he wanted a drink. He said he did, but wanted off the street. They pulled into a dark park.

She told him she liked the peppermint schnapps for kissing. It was not long before their lips were locked and Joe’s hand was down her shirt. She was moaning and moving to his playing with her nipples. Joe then went for the grand prize he unsnapped her pants and worked a finger into her pussy. She asked if he had a condom and Joe smiled and pulled one out of the console.

She sucked him and then rolled the condom on his dick with her lips. Joe moved over to her side of the car and had just buried his pecker in her love hole when it became like daylight around the car.

There was a cop standing over them as Joe pulled out and tried to cover himself. The cops demanded identification and when Joe overheard that she was just fifteen his stomach dropped and his heart pounded. He knew that with the 2050 child rape act what he was in for.

Less than 48 hours later Joe was convicted and sentenced to spend five years as his victim. New technology and an eye for an eye criminal justice mentality had spawned new punishments. Joe was taken from the courthouse in shackles and transported to a special sex offender’s prison.

Joe shuffled off the bus and into a processing facility. He was stripped and hosed off. All the prisoners were then stood in a line, naked. A female sergeant of the guard addressed the group. “Prisoners you are here for punishment. You are the lowest of the low, sex offenders. You will be injected with a special DNA reorganizer. This injection will convert you into an exact copy of your victim. You will then be subjected to the same acts you perpetrated on your victim. Enjoy”

The prisoners shuffled off to their fate. One by one they were strapped to beds in a hospital ward. A nurse in a white coat came out. “First you will have your prisoner number tattooed on your ass. Next you will receive two injections. The first will sedate you until your DNA reorganization is complete and the second is your DNA shot. Any questions?”

With that one of the men started screaming he was not guilty. The nurse nodded at a big burly orderly that injected the Pendik Escort man and the screaming and crying soon stopped. Joe was tattooed and then injected the world turned black.

Joe slowly woke up. From a half sleep his eyelids fluttered open. The first thing he noticed was that he was in some sort of a sling. His legs were spread wide and cuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling. His wrists were cuffed to chains at the other end. As he turned his head long red hair brushed his shoulders. Trying to get a look at the hair he noticed two large breasts with erect nipples that looked like pencil erasers atop his new mounds. At that point Joe let out a girlish scream.

The female guard came and said, “I am glad you are awake. It is time for you to start paying your debt to society.” With that she giggled and left the room.

The room darkened somewhat. Low music came on. Red mood lighting shown from the valance around the room. Joe looked around some more. As he twisted his body, he felt the weight of his large breasts shift on his chest. The room had a table with tubes of something and towels.

The door opened and a large black man stepped into the room. “Nice” he growled. “Looks like I will get my money worth this time around. “

Joe was terrified. He watched the black man shed his clothes, revealing a chiseled body and long throbbing jet black dick, the likes of which Joe had never seen or dreamed of. The black man walked to where Joe was restrained. He started running his hands over Joe’s body. He squeezed Joe’s large breasts and pinched his nipples. The pain shot threw Joe’s body, at the same time Joe felt his crotch turn damp. A large black hand moved down Joe’s flat stomach and caressed his crotch. Joe felt fingers invade a place that was foreign to him. It felt good as the finger slipped into a hole that Joe had never had before this. As the finger slid in all of a sudden there was pain.

The grinning black man looked down at Joe and with a wicked leer said, “My friend Connie promised me a virgin, I didn’t believe her until now.” With that the black man walked behind Joe and said “Suck it bitch”

Joe did not seem to have any control as he tilted his head back and licked the blue black knob. He felt repulsed; this is not what a straight heterosexual man did. The taste and smell was slightly funky, Joe realized that the man had not showered in a quite a while. Joe’s lips involuntarily parted and the big black cock traveled towards his throat.

“That is it bitch. I don’t want to blow my load when I pop your cherry. So I am going to get a nut before I shove this monster up your cunt.” With that the black man started Anadolu Yakası Escort fucking Joe’s face. Each stroke went a little deeper. Joe felt his throat expand slightly. Big black balls covered his eyes.

The man grabbed Joe’s tits and started fucking his mouth with a passion. He was grunting and groaning and Joe could barely breathe. Then he pulled half way out. Joe felt the cock pulse and Joe’s mouth filled with a sour salty cream. The man pinched Joe’s nose and said “Swallow it bitch” Joe didn’t have any choice, it was either swallow or choke to death.

Joe felt the cock start to deflate and it withdraw from his mouth. The black man walked over to a couch and sat down. “Got to take a breather and then I am going to breed you good bitch”

Joe tugged at his restraints and realized there was no escape for him. He watched the black man the same as a mouse watches a cat. The man started playing with his cock and the cock started to respond. Within minutes he was stroking it fully hard. Without a doubt it was a massive ten full inches and almost as big around as a beer can. Joe’s muddled mind had knew what was coming as the black man approached him again.

“Mmmm, bitch I cannot wait to pop your cherry. First I am going to get you good and wet” He said with a big grin. Joe felt the black man attach his new pussy. He slid a finger in to get it wet and then rubbed his brand new clit. Joe felt his pussy get warm and then even wetter as the man rubbed his new parts.

The finger withdrew and something larger split his pussy lips. The man grabbed Joe’s hips and held him tight. “This is going to hurt bitch” With that the man slammed his massive cock into Joe’s virgin pussy up to the hilt. Joe had never felt such pain and felt something running down his ass cheeks. He tried to get away but the man’s grip was too strong. All Joe could do was lay there and endure it. As seconds turned into minutes the pain eased. Then it started all over as the cock retreated to the entrance to Joe’s pussy and slammed back in. Joe repeatedly felt the man’s balls hit his ass.

Something snapped in Joe’s head. The cock invading him no longer felt foreign. It felt like it belonged. Joe started to moan as the cock continued to ravage his battered pussy. The big black man looked down and saw the look on Joe’s face. “Enjoying it now bitch?” He asked. “You all do eventually. Pretty soon you will be begging me to fuck you”

Joe felt his entire body start to convulse. His new pussy clenched the black cock. His first female orgasm rocked his body. The man fucking him howled and his cock grew even harder. Joe felt it start to pulse and shoot hot cum into İstanbul Escort his pussy. Joe had another orgasm. The cock withdrew and Joe was left in his restraints, panting with hot blood and cum running down his ass.

The man walked around to his head and told him to clean it up. Joe took the vile blood and cum covered sword in his mouth without a complaint. It seemed right that he should do as he was told. As he cleaned the gore covered cock it stiffened. Joe could not believe how fast this guy could recover.

“Only one thing left bitch” the man said as he walked to the table. He had a tube of lube in his big meaty hand. Joe knew what was coming as the man squirted some on his finger and then shoved his finger up Joe’s ass. “I promised Connie I wouldn’t tear you up to bad bitch” as he squirted more lube on his cock. “If you know what is good for you, you will just relax and take it”

Joe willed himself to relax, he was taking deep breaths as he felt the cock spear his ass. Moments later Joe felt as he was being torn in half as the cock made its way into the depth of his bowels. “All the way in bitch, you are so fucking tight” The man said as he started an all-out assault on Joe’s previously virgin ass. The lights in the room flashed twice. The man said “My time is almost up got to get off quick” The huge meat sword sawed in and out of Joe’s ass. Joe relaxed some and It started feeling better. He groaned and said “here it comes” Joe felt his bowels flood with the man’s cum.

The man walked over to the table wiped his cock off, got dressed, and left the room. The lights came on and the female guard walked into the room. “How do you like your punishment bitch?” She asked with a sneer. “By now you have figured out what has happened. You are an exact replica of the girl you tried to have sex with. Every day you will spend twelve hours in the chair at hard labor.”

With that the guard walked to the wall and pulled out a hose. She walked back and turned the nozzle which was shaped like a dildo in Joe’s face. “If you give me any lip or trouble this will be ice water. So just behave. Do you understand?”

Joe nodded his head and said “Yes ma’am” The warm water rinsed off Joe’s cum and blood covered face. The guard walked around between Joe’s legs and shoved the dildo in his cunt. The warm water rinsed the blood and cum out of his cunt. Then the nozzle pulled out of his pussy and was jammed up his ass. Joe’s belly started to get larger as the warm water filled his bowels. The guard pulled it out and told him to hold it for five minutes. Joe had a hard time with his gut cramping as it was. He just was about to let go when the guard told him he could expel. The relief was instantaneous.

The guard looked at him and told him only another eleven hours left of this shift. With that she exited the room and the rest of the day ran together. One man after another raped Joe’s ass, mouth and pussy. It was going to be a long five years.

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