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Cruisin’CRUISIN’This is to be told by Al whose wife Barb just related the previous story Stella Maris to us. Both stories are intrinsically related as this is a continuation of their sexual exploration and adventures together.ALWith Barb’s fifty–fifth birthday approaching I was a bit mystified as to what I could get her. It was a landmark anniversary and she’d been a bit spoiled with most of the necessities of life plus some luxuries. We’d entered into this wonderful period of sexual discovery and total unrestrained enjoyment. Barb is still a bloody attractive woman I think and as her adventures prove , so do lots of other guys. A good firm solid figure which she not afraid to expose in the right circumstances. We’d been exploring our fantasies and Barb has satisfied some of hers and in the process some of mine as well. As she explained in her earlier story, I have no concerns about her sexual adventures and in fact encourage them. She is very careful in her judgement of others and so far has not run into any problems. During the past two years we’ve indulged together with another guy and once with another girl both of which were highly satisfying. As Barb explained, prior to our marriage 35 years ago, Barb had tried about every sexual experience going so threesomes and girl /girl action was nothing new but she’d happily left all that behind when we married. So not only was her special birthday approaching but also a milestone anniversary. This had to be a memorable celebration. I formed an idea and kept it a secret right up to the day. Took some organising and was a bit expensive but we were now in the fortunate position of being financially quite comfortable. I chose a cruise ship which was a busman’s holiday for me but unique for Barb. I arranged for us to have a superior balcony suite. Then the organising started for real. I started to trawl the sex sites for some suitable guys to join us on the cruise. I couldn’t afford to pay their fares but if they were interested in coming on a eight day coastal cruise with as much sex as they could handle then I’d pay their bar bills. I met with a couple of dozen guys over a four month period and narrowed the choice down eventually to five guys of varying ages. All could prove their health status to me and were prepared to pay the fare. The two youngest I put in touch with each other and they decided to share a cabin – both of them were in their early twenties. Another single bloke about forty and two married guys in their early forties who would bring their wives. All were fully briefed on what was required of them. They all had outgoing warm personalities and could hold a conversation beyond sexual topics. I reasoned if we were to be in close association with these guys over a week we wanted good interesting company with a lot of humour thrown in so I did the best I could in choosing on that basis. It all turned out for the best. The single guys were to promise they would not have sex with anyone else at last until they tried my wife then if they decided they didn’t want to continue, they could go their separate ways but have no further contact. All were happy with that. The married guys I couldn’t insist on the same rule but needed assurance their wives knew what they were there for. In fact their wives turned out to be enthusiastic participants – as expected.I had only told Barb we were going away for a week to celebrate her birthday and our anniversary – she could dress as sexily as she liked but it was a bit up market. On the morning of our departure I revealed the destination only – not my plans. She immediately rushed out to the shops and bought some bits and pieces – mainly lingerie she said as she was intending to keep me hard and interested – if only she knew. We duly boarded our ship in Sydney and we were both absolutely excited by the size and furnishings of our suite. Barb noted it was big enough to party in – I think she was getting the picture. In fact she was so excited she insisted I bend her over the bed and fuck her fully clothed (she’d long disposed of her underwear) which I did till she came loudly and quickly. I saved my self!I was to keep in touch with the accompanying ‘guests’ by mobile – texting mainly and I immediately contacted all privately to ensure they were aboard. We migrated to a bar where I had advised my fellow conspirators we would be having a drink and asked them to have a look over Barb who was simply ravishing. She had on a skintight red strapless dress, mid thigh length and ‘fuck me” red stilettos. Since she had not another stitch on she was hot and knew it. I spotted the other guys who I had all met, as they came into the bar and nodded acknowledgement. I had allowed them to come over to chat innocently but not to take things any further and obviously not to let on any hints of knowledge of my plan. One of the young ones whispered to me he wanted to fuck her on the floor there and then but I had to cool his ardour. He did understand and was looking forward to the following night. The forty -year old single guy came over said hello and started chatting so innocently to Barb. She suspected nothing and in fact was quite turned on by him since she told me in bed later that he’d be nice to fuck – little did she know. I checked out the two couples. One of the girls was a tiny little thing – almost overbalanced by huge tits but the tiniest waist and quite slim hips. She had a huge mass of curly hair which was fashionably unkempt and impossibly high heels under a flowing short skirt and tight top accentuating her boobs. Nice I thought. The other was in tight leather slacks and a leather waistcoat arrangement. I doubt she had any underwear on as there was no evidence. She had short black hair (almost as short as Barb’s) and must have been close to 190 cms tall without shoes. Her heavy dark make-up was a la Kiss. She looked stunning as did her very contemporary dressed husband. I knew them to be seasoned swingers and I was also looking forward to my turn with her. All were the picture of discretion and we didn’t hang around too long – went to dinner alone then headed back to the cabin for our first night of sex. With the plans I had I needed to pace myself and perhaps Barb too so I suggested we just enjoy some slow easy fucking as we had a week of fun ahead of us. Barb so innocently agreed. Our next day was one of discovery of the ship. Barb didn’t really want to leave the cabin too early and insisted on her morning orgasm – easy for a girl like her as I could use fingers, tongue, or toys all to her complete satisfaction. I still hadn’t cum but that wasn’t unusual and Barb understood I liked to savour it for special moments. We toured the ship and sought out intimate bars and found the adult only sanctum high on deck where adults who paid extra could relax by their own pool “in privacy” whatever that meant. We paid and joined for the trip and discovered it tolerated topless sunbathing at least. All pairs of lounges were segregated into private nooks by plants so couples could enjoy a small degree of intimacy. The pool was curved into similar private nooks with lots of greenery hanging over it. Barb just winked at me and said this had possibilities so we decided to spend the afternoon lounging there reading and chatting over steward supplied drinks. Barb happily went topless in our corner and wearing a fairly small yellow bikini bottom. Wearing a towel to the pool she tested reaction by going topless in the pool but nobody blinked an eye. However we did notice that a couple of the gents decided to swim at the same time and came close to our nook as Barb was giving me a slow hand job underwater. Tonight was my planned surprise. I had arranged for all our friends to be seated at our dinner table which was quite innocent since random selection was the order of the day regarding dinner seating. We saw a couple of them at pre –dinner drinks and when we were finally seated at our table there were nine of us who made introductions and we settled down to easy conversation about everything and nothing. We all knew they were Sydney based and found out our various professions and other aspects of our lives including k**s. After a couple of wines the tall dark girl made it obvious she and her husband were players not that the “k**s were off their hands” and this intrigued Barb. The tiny girl was very quiet but managed to stroke my leg under the table so I knew she was aware of the night’s plans. After dinner I suggested we all go to a particular bar where the wine flowed freely and Barb was getting amorous with the single mature guy. After an hour or so I was wondering how to break the ice and get things going when the dark girl suggested we go to someone’s cabin to party on. Thank goodness she knew the ropes and led from experience. I suggested it be ours as it was the biggest and Barb loved the idea. I think Barb decided she was going to fuck the mature guy as she took him by the hand and led the way.As soon as we all got into the suite I cleared my throat and announced that this was Barb’s birthday and we were all her present. She didn’t catch on at first so I took her in my arms slowly explained that all these people were pre-selected by me to help make her birthday fantasies a reality. She gave me the wettest juiciest kiss in ages then turned and said “what are we waiting for”. She took the hem of her dress and in one movement pulled it over her head. Everyone was struck by her boldness and the boys whistled. Tiny girl came over to me and crouched in front of me undoing my fly and taking my half erect cock out – I’d gone commando myself so underwear wasn’t a problem. Quite oblivious to anyone she slid my cock down her throat. The clothing came off quickly and I just remembered seeing Barb pulling her fancied guy onto the bed in one movement and burying his cock in her to his balls – she still had her stilettos on -WOW. I had to slow proceedings and remind the guys of our agreement that it was Barb’s present to be gang banged so all the guys had to fuck her first before anyone else. They were to come in her cunt or arse and after that it could be a free for all. Everybody happily agreed and some of the guys – all naked now, grabbed a drink while Tiny kept sucking me. Darkie went to Barb and started to suck her tits so I knew she was heading for a resounding orgasm before too much else happened. One of the young guys stood beside Darkie and gently fingered her pussy as she sucked Barb’s tit. Soon enough Barb started shouting about her impending cum and her fucker just quietly exploded in her cunt which sent her over the wall. He simply pulled out climbed off and said “next’ . Darkies husband pushed her legs high and stared to feel her arse hole so Barb called out “there’s lube on the bedside table. Will someone apply it”. Darkie left her tit and opening the tube applied it liberally to Barb’s arsehole and her husbands prick which she then guided into Barb’s arse. Darkie squatted over Barbs face while she held Barb’s ankles well back to allow her husband good access to Barb’s anus.It was an amazing scene and I was sorry I’d not set up the video but I would try to get some photos after Tiny finished with me. She was the only one still dressed and seemed possessed about getting me off. I promised her she could have my cum when I was ready but I’d like to undress her now. She released me and stood thus allowing me to slide her skirt down her legs revealing a miniscule g-string. I lifted her shirt over her head and revealed a ridiculously small underwired bra which just supported her significant boobs and just covered her nipples. I unclipped it and her breasts fell pendulously forward. They were simply big boobs and I took the weight of each in my hands, massaging the nipples as I did. She started to moan as I noticed one of the young guys sliding her g-string off then kneeling in front to lick her cunt. Access wasn’t easy for him so he lifted her legs over his shoulders and inserted his tongue that way. He was supporting her lower half while I had her laying her back against my chest with a tit in each hand. By now Darkies husband had filled Barb’s arse and someone else had put her on her hands and knees and, I assumed, was fucking her cunt but I couldn’t really tell. All too soon all five guys had filled Barb’s holes and she stopped for a breather. She looked at me and just said “darling you enjoy some nice new pussy”. As she said so Darkie now fell on her in 69 position and started licking the cream out of her cunt. This was new for Barb I knew – never cleaned out by a girl before who now with a mouthful turned and stretched out on top of Barb and shared a deep cum filled passionate kiss with her. Barb came again – quietly but I saw the signs. Barb had got her much fantasised gang bang but the party was just warming up. I couldn’t follow it all so I just went back to Tiny who was naked now and sucking a much younger cock. She was on her knees so I took the opportunity offered and entered her from behind – no complaints – she just took me in and I don’t think she had any idea who it was at first. I did get off this time and let her have my nights cum supply. I saw Barb get off the bed and move out onto the balcony saying she needed fresh air. She told me later the guys came onto her again as she leaned over the balcony. Fortunately the lights were off on the balconies either side so she wasn’t sprung as she just got fucked in her cunt and arse again by possibly the five guys but she wasn’t counting – just enjoying the multiple cocks and now of course some pussy as well. The night started to slow down and gradually people started to drift fethiye escort off as they gave us all wonderful kisses goodnight and promises to see us again tomorrow. Barb asked if the two young guys would stay with her for the night in our bed. I didn’t object as it would be exciting to be so close to Barbs action and I did intend to sleep as it had been an exhausting day. Her initial interest, the mature single admitted to shooting three loads – two for Barb in each hole and he also fucked Darkie. He was happy to go back to his cabin for a rest. As it transpired I got a good sleep on the couch and Barb was asleep in minutes herself. I awoke once during the early hours to the sounds of a Barb orgasm but drifted off again quickly. I woke with the sun and the three in our bed were absolutely shot. They didn’t stir for a couple more hours when I woke them all with a nice cup of tea. The boys both had morning ‘woodys’ so Barb, seeing this just rolled on her tummy and invited them to take turns wherever they fancied. She was still very sleepy but responded to their youthful early morning thrusting enjoying as she later described “a couple of nice morning sneaky ones”. When they had finished the boys dressed and I discussed where we would go from here. Barb was going to be available to them all cruise – virtually ‘on call’. They just had to ring the cabin first because she wouldn’t play anywhere outside of the cabin. They both suggested they may like her to take care of their morning glories each day to which she agreed so long as they weren’t before daybreak and they rang first. I also allowed them to play elsewhere but asked them to be careful. We fully expected and had discussed partying with the two couples each night and our mature single guy could visit when he pleased. Thus the scene was set for some heavy constant sexual activity for Barb at least for the next week. She was quite enthused and fortunately it coincided with one of her periods of high libido. She was just horny all the time and I was having such fun helping her enjoy herself.We settled into going to the private sanctum late each morning where we could read, swim and just relax together. Barb had purchased some time back a white Wicked Weasel bikini which was so miniscule it was virtually impossible to wear outside the house. For those who know don’t them I describe it as a ‘pussy lip support’ . There’s just enough material in the bottom half to pack her cunt lips into. The material starts right at the top of her gash folds the lips together and disappears in a string over her anus. The whole thing is held in position by strings over her hips. As for the top, I’m not sure why they bothered. Two tiny triangles of material which, in Barbs case, can’t cover her areolae and all held there by string. She slipped it on adjusting her distended pussy lips to fit in but the lower section of the lips simply couldn’t fit so, right between her legs the lips hung outside, separated by the string. She asked what I thought and I was a bit sceptical that it would be accepted at the private sanctum but as she reasoned, nobody actually saw what they were wearing while on their lounges in their private corner. It was only in the pool and already it was known going topless in the pool was fine and she wore a towel to the pool edge. She won me by saying she felt so sexy wearing it in a semi public location. Of course she would happily go naked if permitted.Despite having indulged in so much sex in our first couple of days, Barb just seemed insatiable and I know the sea air and the relaxed environment on board contributed to this. Hence she was just a wicked tease especially to the senior patrons of the private sanctum. She loved getting in the pool and waiting until some other male passenger would sneakily leave his partner and slide into the water just to get a perve at Barb. The WW g-string became totally transparent when wet and with her being topless as well she became a site to behold if you could catch a glimpse of her as she exited the pool. I don’t think too many of the wives approved but then most weren’t looking. This became obvious when some of the braver souls would slip into the water and swim over to engage Barb in conversation. If she could manoeuvre them into a private nook in the pool she very happily slipped a hand down their trunks and stroked their Viagra enhanced cocks for them. She probably got to do this two or three times each day and she loved it. She got so much pleasure out of giving these senior gents some sort of a hard -on but she doesn’t recall a single one of them cumming – they just enjoyed the conversation and the intimacy. Probably something few of them received elsewhere. On about our third day aboard, we noticed a handsome elderly couple come to the sanctum and select a private bay in which to lounge. We both remarked that despite being quite senior they were an attractive couple. Both were tall and very slim with a good head of silver grey hair. He wore his hair a bit longer than usual and she had silver shoulder length usually pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a small lycra bikini which accentuated a trim figure obviously well looked after and boobs which suggested they had been enhanced at some stage. We did in fact recognise him from a prominent position in the corporate world. Barb actually suggested to me that they would make interesting swing partners if they were sexually active still as she always liked to be inspired intellectually if she could by sexual partners – it added to the arousal to which I agreed.He wore a snug fitting pair of speedos which probably gave his age away and very few guys wore them nowadays. Barb watched him go to the pool and rather than be the ‘pursued’ as she normally was she became the ‘predator’ this day. She deliberately dropped her towel early before stepping in the pool and only when she knew he was looking. She engaged him in conversation easily but he took some time to be manoeuvred into a private spot where she could start her seduction. When she did she was delightfully surprised at his reaction. His penis rose quite quickly and the head popped out of his speedos waistband which Barb loosened. He made no objection – what man would – and engaged her in a totally unrelated subject. She enjoyed this as he remained beautifully erect and eventually he advised her that it was most unlikely that he would cum as he saved his daily lot for his wife with whom he had just had sex that morning. However he was enjoying her manipulation and her conversation. They chatted for about an hour before Barb returned to our lounge and told me of her adventure. He too had enjoyed stroking her pussy and especially her very engorged clit at which he was amazed. They planned a repeat the next morning as Barb was quite stimulated physically and intellectually by this elderly gentleman.Our second night and subsequent nights were similar to the first. Usually some or all of our friends gathered in our suite for late night fun. We were always stripped for action and Barb entertained with gusto though admittedly the constancy of orgasms and the physical exertion of fucking so many so often was slowing her down. She was encouraging the other two girls in our group to take the boys on which they did enthusiastically. They were virtually no limits to our activity and even us boys tried a little boy on boy which I found quite stimulating when highly aroused. I found sharing a cock and a shot of cum with one of the girls to be a favoured act and even one of the slimmer cocks in my arse became quite enjoyable. However even at the height of arousal I realised that I could never deliberately pick up a boy alone to have sex – that did nothing for me. I needed a nice wet pussy nearby for support.Barb’s cunt and arse were responding to all the action by being slow to return normal size. In fact her cunt lips didn’t retract for a couple of weeks. By cruise end she was DP’ing in cunt and arse with ease when relaxed but could still control her vaginal muscle during a good fucking to keep things reasonably tight. I must admit to getting very turned on at seeing Barb sitting astride a couple of guys with two cocks in her – either in separate holes or same hole – and she responded in kind loving the control and the double dose of pleasure. All of us boys were getting drier by weeks end too. Even the young guys were down to a couple of shots each 24 hours. Hence the girls enjoyed a lot of girl-girl action and with their smaller hand sizes included fisting in their playing. We tried some wet play – golden showers about night three but it didn’t do a great deal for anyone assembled. By night four and five we found we just enjoyed the company of the other couples at dinner and shows and left the sex out. We never even suggested swapping wives as we’d all fucked each others partners several times. Only our mature single male paced himself during the week and didn’t bother most nights to party. He just came over some afternoons for a long slow fuck with Barb which she always enjoyed because he could hold a great conversation during which he had his cock stuffed in either of Barb’s orifices. The other interest was our cabin steward. He was a young Philipino boy who we felt very sorry for the next morning following the first orgy night. I decided that I would have to be upfront and admit what went on and that we didn’t expect too much of him but he insisted on cleaning and tidying the room every morning. Thus as a reward Barb offered him a blowjob when ever he wanted one and he actually accepted by using her mouth after he finished our room each day. He left our room until last and thus had the time to enjoy it. He must have remained extremely discreet as none of his mates indicated they knew anything about his dalliances nor expected similar. I also rewarded him with a very handsome tip at voyage end.So our days remained a euphoric blur of sex, sun and complete relaxation. We continued our mornings at the sanctum and as promised Barb met her mature gentleman friend in the pool the morning after her first dalliance with him. As I was aware of her plans, I too entered the pool to ride shotgun on them and keep any nosey ones at bay. This morning Barb took him to the most secluded corner and stroked his prick until it popped out of his bathers. Then I watched as she manoeuvred herself in front of him with her back to the pool edge. I saw her raise her legs and encircle his waist and I knew then that she had slipped the g-string aside and had his cock up her. They remained this way for at least half an hour and I marvelled at her being able to keep him hard for this long. There was no thrusting on either part which was understandable as fucking in water can be difficult as the water washes the lube away. The only way he could have got into Barb would have been because she as so loose and then he would have had to hold her open and place his cock right inside her. I simply swam around and kept anyone else from getting too close not that there were too many in the water and those who were had enjoyed some of Barbs attention on previous days. They separated after some time and Barb climbed out. I noticed she hadn’t re-adjusted her g-string so it was still bunched to one side of her slit as she wrapped her towel around her. We went to our lounges and Barb explained what an amazing man he was. He was 72 and wife was 71 and they enjoy an active sex life especially on cruises which they do often. She said he had a lovely strong cut penis but hadn’t cum in her as once again he had fucked his wife just that morning. When Barb asked him if they were interested in swinging with us he said it would be new to them and would be entirely up to his wife. “Why don’t you ask her” he suggested. He said she may react one of two ways – tell us to get lost in no uncertain terms or express an interest. He had no way of telling except that she was very broadminded – had been all her life and would not be upset or disgusted with the suggestion. Thus said Barb and I without further discussion made our way over to their lounges, introduced ourselves (they were Tim and Dianne) and sat down on the foot stools at the end of their lounges. Barb, who is rarely lost for a word and can be very forthright just opened up – “Diane, I’ve just been having a very pleasant conversation with your lovely husband discussing a whole range of things. After discussing with my husband Al, we would like to enjoy more of your company on this cruise if you are so disposed and wonder if you’d like to party with us” Diane was a bit bemused. “Yes Tim mentioned this nice intelligent couple he’d met in the pool yesterday but what do you mean ‘party’.Barb straight up front says “ swing with us, if you understand, enjoy some socio- sexual activity. We love to entertain and socialise with interesting intelligent people and if all are comfortable with the situation we often indulge in sexual activity”Diane didn’t tell us where to go, she just said “how very fascinating You know at my age I thought I’d heard most approaches but I’ve never had that put to me so boldly. A few others years ago made a few innuendos and suggestions that may have led to that but we never succumbed. Now at my age I find it intriguing and somewhat flattering that another couple would want to enjoy our company that way. What exactly is involved? Do we just have sex with our own partner in front of each other or swap partners for sex and what form does the sex take? Oh and by the way Tim has just told me he has just had penetrative sex with you now Barb, the wicked old bugger”Barb knew she had them then. “the escort fethiye sex is only secondary to the socialisation. We may have penetrative sex but we can satisfy each other in so many ways without penetration and at the age of our men penetration may not always be a possibility. We can still enjoy each other and I’m quite aroused by some fun with another lady as well.”“I have never had sex with another man or woman – I was a virgin when I married 50 years ago – though I’m sure Tim has dallied from time to time on his trips away. I never ask as he always came home to me and kept me very satisfied just as he is able to now. I have no concerns that he just had sex with you in the pool – he obviously has no intention of disappearing over the horizon with you and I know he’ll wake next to me in the morning and do his best to satisfy me. Let me and Tim discuss it please” explained Diane.“Fabulous” exclaimed Barb “we are just returning to our suite now and will be there all afternoon so you can ring or drop by when ever if you are interested and we can make plans” Barb stood and gave both a firm kiss on the lips while I just explained I’d follow Barb and said cheerio.I don’t think we’d been back at our suite for an hour when there was a knock on the door. I was laying on the bed and Barb outside on the balcony – both totally naked – and we’d hardly discussed the issue. I threw caution to the wind, just wrapped a towel around me and opened the door to a smiling Diane and Tim. Without thinking I invited them in and sat them down offering drinks. It was early afternoon so we opened a nice bottle of cold white and then I woke Barb snoozing on the balcony. She stepped into the room stark naked and smiled exclaiming how happy she was to see them here.“Obviously you have considered our invitation” she asked. Diane responded, “we don’t think we have anything to lose. We never thought an opportunity like this would raise its head at our age so when it did we couldn’t see a good reason to refuse to try – nothing ventured, nothing gained” she quoted. “we have no moral objections as we both know full well that sex is nothing to do with love or fidelity. At our age it is a blessing we can enjoy it at all and if friends want to share that blessing with us why disregard it. Maybe it will be a total failure but we are all mature enough to accept that we may simply not enjoy it and leave it at that no matter how comfortable we feel in each others company. At least we are bound to get a few laughs trying. No reason not to continue as friends”Barb was sprawled in a rather provocative way across the settee with a leg on the floor and the other stretched out along the couch as she lay back in the corner. Her fanny was completely on display and Diane remarked “ I can see why Tim enjoyed his penetration so much this morning “ as she stared at the bald cunt. I explained that Barb and I had been doing the ‘Brazilian’ thing for the past few years since we realised how much more sensitive and hence pleasurable sex was without the fuzz. Especially oral sex I explained. Diane was intrigued but then she was all questions for the whole afternoon as she wanted to know everything. She remarked on Barb’s very visible labia so I let Barb explain the situation we were presently enjoying on the ship. In fact the young boys rang while we were entertaining to see if Barb was up for a matinee session but she politely refused “ otherwise engaged darlings” she said. She explained the birthday and anniversary present and her fantasy for a ‘gang bang’ and a week of total sexual abandonment. She also stressed the reality of needing a rest and some gentle activity. This was why she had approached the assembled company. Diane suggested at some stage during the conversation that she was sure Barb would like to see the “real Tim -you only felt him this morning”. I think the wine was kicking in now. She dropped out of her chair to her knees and crawled in front of Tim, undid the tie string of his speedos and pulled them straight down his legs. He wasn’t hard but he was a ‘hanger’ as they say – his cock doesn’t retract much from its full on hard size when slack. It just softens so he had a lovely couple of hands full hanging there which Barb admired, suggesting she like to try it later in a more comfortable position. As she did this Tim leaned over Diane and taking the back of her stretchy material bra he just pulled it over her head suggesting all was fair. Diane seemed not to mind and told us last time she was naked in front of anyone other than Tim was over 30 years ago after the k**s had left home and she and Tim were regulars on their boat at one of Sydney’s nude harbour beaches. “We used to see all sorts of interesting activities on the beach and other boats but we never joined in. It just aroused us to go below and indulge ourselves” she explained in her very proper accent.As we opened the second bottle of white, Barb suggested we go out onto the balcony. As we did Tim told Diane she was the odd man out as we were all totally unclothed. Diane just calmly stepped out of her bikini bottom and joined us outside. We all sat in the deckchairs and laughed at the prospect of the neighbours peering into our balcony. “ They could join us” said Diane boldly with a rather sluttish laugh. As Diane was obviously now feeling very mellow I simply asked if she would like to join me inside on our bed. To my surprise – and everyone else’s especially Tim – she very enthusiastically jumped off her chair saying “I thought you’d never ask”. I started to stiffen immediately at the prospect of sex with this rather sexy looking very senior woman. It would certainly be one for my record books. Barb called out to be very gentle and don’t forget the lube. Diane thanked Barb and said she was probably ok for the initial entry but would soon run out “old glands you know darling”. I lay her on the bed on her back and started to kiss her – gently at first but more ardently as I stroked her lovely boobs. She told me they were the product of a very skilled plastic surgeon. She had an enhancement way back after the c***dren were in their teens then about ten years ago she re-visited the surgeon for a modification reducing them slightly but maintaining their shape and she was very happy with how they had held up. I certainly thought they were just near perfect and to have them on this very slim senior woman was most exciting. She was all the time stroking my penis as she referred to it and I had to advise her that when Barb and I were enjoying the intensity of good sexual activity we became quite crude with our language as it turned us on so I hoped she didn’t mind my using a more basic language. She promised she would try to follow suit “so can I suck your cock” she announced. She didn’t wait for an answer but turned in the bed and engulfed my cock in one swift movement. She was a sucker not a worshipper but her hand on my balls served to stiffen me magnificently despite all the weeks activity so far and it proved to me that the excitement of a new partner was always the best aphrodisiac. As wonderful as this was I really did want to fuck her because I wanted her to enjoy my very hard cock and I was quite fond of what I knew of her so far. I told her so ands she agreed it was time to “put that thing up my cunt”. “Learning fast” I laughed. She lay back and just spread her legs but I had other ideas. I asked if she was supple enough to push her legs back towards her chest and she just said “I still do yoga” so I got the hint. Grabbing behind each knee I pushed her legs wide and back. Diane reached between her legs and guided my cock into her cunt with consummate ease. “You see, no need for lube there yet” she cooed and suggested she’d not had such a hard cock in her for years. “but Tim is still great for his age” she told me. I really enjoyed a long slow fuck, sliding in and out, on top initially then we relaxed more and it became sort of sideways where we both had the support of the bed. I did have to apply some lube after a while but it was the nicest way to have a conversation with this highly intelligent woman. After about half an hour we were in a steady slow rhythm and we both admitted that we had no inclination to cum so while we still had lots to converse about we kept at it. In the meantime Tim was getting excited out on the balcony knowing Diane was at ease being gently fucked by a stranger. Barb asked if he was concerned and he admitted that even though it was difficult at first seeing the love of his life being so well fucked, he was also very happy that at last he could reconcile some of his guilt for his past dalliances. Diane had never asked him about them and they had the strongest of relationships but he always carried a little bit of guilt. Now he felt he was relieved of that and he hoped that she was really enjoying herself. Barb was leaning over the rail as she had a few nights ago and she explained to Tim that she had been fucked by five different men in just this very position and asked if he would like to be number six. Tim needed no second invitation and was already aroused and stiff seeing his wife being so willingly fucked. Barb suggested he get some lube – which he did. She offered him either hole but he declined the arse at this stage. He felt as a new friend he should establish some rapport with a woman before engaging in any anal. The lube was still welcomed by Barb as she was certainly drying up after all the activity so far. Tim entered her from behind and started a very slow steady thrusting without any urgency. Totally different to the hard young men she had enjoyed all week. This was relaxing and comfortable even if orgasm seemed a long way away. It was one of those fucks she hoped would never end – much like many of her episodes with her Al nowadays and even though she didn’t experience a huge orgasmic surge and need to verbalise her feelings, she did nevertheless enjoy a continuing emotional high with her cunt full of a nice mans cock. This man could keep her going with a happy interesting banter about everything and nothing. She felt then that these two new friends could be long-term lovers as distinct from casual fuckers.The afternoon wore on with Tim and Barb moving to the bed alongside Al and Diane. Barb was on her hands and knees with Tim dogging her. Barb took the opportunity to move over to Diane and without so much as a suggestion even, she leaned over and kissed her full on the lips moving to using her tongue. Diane responded eagerly so the boys took this as a signal to withdraw their respective cocks and let the girls go it alone. The girls moved into a 69 position and this was a first for Dianne. Not even in boarding school as a teenager had she experimented with another girl as she knew many had. Hence she was a little hesitant so Al gave her instructions as he knew intimately just exactly how Barb liked her oral sex. He started by telling her to run her tongue the full length of Barbs cunt just to get a feel for “what is there”. This brought howls of laughter from all as Dianne raised her head and said “Al, I do know a bit about fannys – I have got one myself”. Al suggested she suck her outer lips individually then try to suck her inner lips – which were protruding about two inches – together. Then penetrate with a finger or two and work on Barbs clit. She did very well judging by Barbs reaction and she was delighted with Barb’s prodigious clit which swelled to full extent between Dianne’s lips. It was probably the excitement of a new partner which sent Barb into a very wet orgasm in a short space of time. Since Dianne was underneath she was not expecting the flood of juices that flowed from Barb’s cunt. It got in her eyes, she swallowed some and the rest dribbled over her face to the bed. She could only explain how overwhelmed she was that she had caused that reaction in another woman – she was no stranger to the juices or squirting as Tim explained she reacted similarly when younger but hadn’t had a wet one for some years. Al then took her somewhere that was new to her. He explained that Barb enjoyed rimming so was she prepared to give Barb the pleasure. Dianne was hardly hesitant and asked to be guided – not difficult she found out. Barb was always fastidiously clean so Dianne had no qualms about poking her tongue into her anal passage as best she could. Barb explained she preferred to have her little wrinkly hole just licked around the rim. Her anus was quite open as she’d had a number of cocks in there in the past few days and its recuperative powers weren’t as rapid as in her younger years. In all this time Barb had been licking Dianne’s cunt – something Tim had done so well over the years but this was different and so much more gentle. It was probably the fact that Dianne was concentrating on satisfying Barb that she didn’t rush to orgasm. However after lubricating Barb’s arsehole with saliva someone suggested that maybe Tim would like to fuck that same hole with his wife’s face so close. Tim who had been so aroused by watching his wife and Barb was hard again so after Al wiped a little lube around his wife’s anus, Tim inserted his cock rather easily and started a slow rhythmic in/ out motion. This had the effect of swinging his balls into Dianne’s face. Dianne was now almost unbelieving of the state of her arousal – it was the most erotic circumstances she had ever imagined so with Barb licking her cunt and sucking her clit she had the loudest crudest orgasm she could remember. Just to top it off, her arousal was such that for the first time in years she felt herself “squirting”. It wasn’t a forceful squirt but her juice fethiye escort bayan flowed freely and Barb lapped it up voraciously. Barb enjoyed all of natures sexual body fluids – the creation of them, the taste and odour. She had her own mini orgasm again with a full arse and a drink of ‘lady cum’. She was quite exhausted and said so. Tim had no intention of cumming in her arse so he withdrew and they untangled themselves to rest completely on the huge kingsize bed.The afternoon was coming to a close and they all chatted quietly about their plans for the rest of the cruise. Two days left so Barb intended taking a rest tonight and limiting her. Al certainly was just about worn out so Barb thought they may just enjoy the company of one or two of the couples in the group – no gangbangs with the boys tonight. They’d be disappointed but there never were any promises and they had all had their fill anyway. Dianne and Tim thought they would have dinner and a quiet night. Dianne was intrigued though by Barb’s activities on board and said she would like to see her in action. A suggestion Barb was enthusiastic about as she was a dedicated exhibitionist. Thus Dianne suggested that tomorrow night – second last night – she would have a formal cocktail party in her suite. It would be invitation only – formal dress and service from the ship’s staff. After the party the guests could enjoy whatever sexual activity they liked in the privacy of Dianne’s huge suite. The invitees were to be Barb’s team of men and the two couples, Barb’s steward who she serviced each day and she would ask him to invite two of the female crew who he could guarantee would be discreet and willing.That night after dinner we retired to Darkie’s cabin and the girls had a quiet session entertaining us boys with their antics but we made it an early night. Barb’s boys called next morning for their early morning session to which Barb agreed as she hadn’t seen them at all yesterday. They were very enthused about tonight. All guests had received proper invitations through reception – Dianne only did things properly and being who she was – one of their top guests – then no one would have thought for a moment what was planned for her suite. At six we all gathered in Dianne and Tim’s suite. All except the steward and his two friends who were to arrive later after the service staff had left – total discretion. As expected everybody was formally attired. The guys looked fabulous in their suits and tuxedos and the girls stunning and VERY sexy in their gowns. It was very obvious from the start to the trained eye that the girls had little to nothing on under their gowns. Dianne stole the show with an outfit that was cut to the waist in front and literally dropped to the top of her bum crack. She couldn’t wear knickers that wouldn’t be seen. On a 70 + year old it was unbelievable and her intentions for the night were obvious. Barb had a bare shoulder outfit that just hugged her tight – really tight. You couldn’t have fitted a pair of panties under it. Her top supported her copious boobs by just giving them something to rest on. If you looked at them from over her shoulder, her nipples were very visible. Tiny and Darkie both had tight mini dresses on – just covering their crutches which were visible if they bent over and Tiny wore the highest heels possible. Dianne and Tim were introduced to all and Barb’s mature guy was really interested in Dianne from the outset. She simply didn’t look her age though it was obvious she was the oldest there but she exuded sexuality. Drinks (champagne only) was passed around and hors d’oeuvres constantly on hand being served by four smartly dressed waiters and waitresses. The conversation was about anything and everything except sex. At least all could be discreet. A hour later the wait staff left and the air was palpable with sexual tension. Who was going to be first to strip? Who was going to fuck who and when? Since this was new to Dianne and Tim, Barb took control and simply suggested everybody relax and work slowly into some good sex. We all knew what we were there for but no one planned any particular activity. Dianne and Tim were still not even sure if they would participate even if they could. Barb started, as expected, by taking Darkies husband out on the balcony and we could all see her sitting forward on a chair as she had his cock out of his fly and getting him nice and stiff. We all watched through the window until she stood and pulled her dress up around her waist and bent over the rail – a favourite position. Watching the sea go by as she was doggie fucked. This was really the signal for most of the others to at least strip. It was interesting to note that not a single person – male or female – had worn any underwear. Just then the crew guests arrived. The steward entered using his pass key and introduced a Philipina who was probably almost 40 and very attractive. She worked in the pursers office and with them was a Canadian girl who was a back-up dancer in the entertainers troupe. Steward assured us these girls were very trustworthy and were the only ones he knew who had experience at these “special” parties which apparently were not uncommon on the ships. All three were very quick to disrobe with Barb’s two young boys heading straight for the girls.It was a bit hard to follow who was doing what to who after this. However Dianne was still watching intensely and chatting to the mature guy who had stripped. He was going very gently and explaining what was happening as various couplings started. Tim on the other hand was right into it. He took a fancy to Tiny and she very willingly got him hard then sat him in a chair and straddled his cock in very quick time. She didn’t move much nor he. They just seemed to enjoy each others company and started a long conversation. In the meantime mature guy was chatting very earnestly to Dianne who was now reacting easily by allowing herself to be undressed by him. It wasn’t difficult – just unclip the halter behind her neck and the whole sheath fell to the floor. Dianne stepped out of it and stayed in her gold high heels presenting a picture of absolute mature sexuality and eroticism. With her hair piled on her head she took mature guy by the hand and led him onto the balcony where Barb was till being gently rutted over the rail. What no one had noticed at that stage was that Dianne had shaved herself (or rather Tim had) completely bald. She had been really taken earlier by Barbs total pubic baldness and loved the exhibitionist streak it brought out in her – she strutted her bare cunt willingly.“That looks very exciting Barb” Dianne announced “and comfortable – may I join you. Young man please wet me with your tongue as I bend over here then do your best to fuck me please” she suggested. Her guy dropped to his knees and as Dianne bent over the rail, he pushed his face into her cunt and arse and started licking. He ran his tongue along her lovely long and distended cuntlips and up to her arse hole then back again. Repeating it several times including inserting his tongue into her anus and her cunt. When he felt she was wet enough he inserted his cock very gently and thus Dianne began to receive only the third cock of her lifetime. Barb reminded her fucker of the need to keep the lube up “as she’s not young and producing fluid all the time”. Hence he called inside to one of the young guys to bring him some lube. As he fucked Dianne gently he kept applying lube and encouraging her with praise and compliments which he meant. She was, as he announced to all “a fabulous senior fuck” and “all the boys should try her if she’s willing”. Barb was a bit concerned at that but knew she could look after herself and Tim and Al would look after her too. With a ready supply of lube, Dianne’s fucker asked if she had ever been fucked in the arse before. “Young man, my Tim was doing that to me before you were a glint in your daddy’s eye” she explained almost indignantly.“Well then you won’t mind if I empty my first load of cum for the night into your rectum” her fucker said. “Please be my guest but be gentle and keep the lubrication coming. I’m really starting to enjoy this night” Dianne announced with pleasure. In the suite there were bodies on the beds and on the floor, spread on chairs and the lounge. There were girls enjoying themselves and Al was sharing the dancer with one of the young guys in a DP. It was about them that Dianne and Barb came in from outside Dianne saw what Al was doing she queried Barb and suggested she would like to try it. Barb was a bit hesitant and said it could be painful for her but she reckoned she could stop if it was. She’d already been well rutted in her arse – and cunt for that matter – and was running with her first load of cum for the night. She thought the whole scene was totally depraved and she wanted to be part of it in every way. She admitted to Barb that she wanted be “a slut for the night just as Tim had fantasised so often”. She never thought that at her age it would happen but here she was in the middle of it and she intended to extend her limits to accommodate as much “depravity as I can”. Dianne approached Tim who was still slowly fucking Darkie and asked if he’d like to be one to her DP partners. Darkie agreed immediately knowing how much it would mean to him and raised herself off his cock. Tiny’s husband was free just then and hadn’t yet cum so Dianne asked him to be her second partner. She wanted Tim in her arse so laying Tiny’s husband on the bed she straddled his still stiff prick and bent forward asking Tim to “fuck my anus please darling”. The room had stopped now to watch this fantastic ‘old’ woman get DP’d or the first time in her life. She instructed both her partners to get into a rhythm, “use plenty of lube and please try to cum in me together”.They watched for a while then all got back to business. Barb was being greedy and wanted to “have every male in the room in one of my holes” she shouted and Dianne called in the middle of her DP that she’d like to try that too. “One thing at a time sweetheart” someone called. “Get those two cocks firing first”. Dianne, shortly after, did just that. She built to a very noisy orgasm as first Mr Tiny grunted his shot into her followed quickly by her Tim. Dianne’s orgasm was not only noisy but very wet and fluid ran down her legs. As she climbed off Mr Tiny she remained kneeling on the bed and called over her shoulder “next please”. “There’s no queue sweetheart” was the retort but very soon someone stepped forward and shoved his prick quite roughly into Dianne’s cunt. It was hardly tight having had two cocks and a load of cum in there already and she wasn’t sure how she would decide whether she’d been fucked or not. Not very bloke was confident of cumming in her and she wasn’t sure she could orgasm to every one but she decided she’d go with the flow and let the guys fuck her anywhere until she was sure everyone had filled her somewhere at sometime. As the night wore on the older guys slowed to a crawl and sat around watching the younger ones keep at it. Barb and Dianne got their quota and relaxed with a girl each. Dianne found solace in the lips of the Filipina and Barb tried the dancer in a gentle 69. Barb and Al were the last ones left in the suite so Dianne asked them to stay with her and Tim for the night. Tim was already curled up in bed so Barb slid in beside him and Dianne and Al took the other king bed in the suite. No one fucked as they were all buggered in every respect. In the morning when they woke very late they all sat around naked in the suite enjoying coffee and discussing the nights activities. Dianne admitted to having “a very sore fanny and arse”. “No wonder” Tim suggested “ you had at least seven cocks in there at some time during the night. I would never have believed it if I’d not seen it for myself but darling you have fulfilled and old mans ultimate fantasy. I’d have been very happy if you just fucked one other guy but to extend your limits and try every kinky sexual activity was mind blowing. Thank you darling. Now we can go home very satisfied with lots of smiles, a few naughty photos (there’d been mobile phones taking shots all night) and wondering what we do next cruise to top that.”“Tim my love, I’m sure we will never repeat last night and I don’t want to. I want to remember just that. All we’ll take from this cruise is fantastic memories and two wonderful new friends who I hope can keep our sex lives active for a few more years” Dianne responded.Barb came over and hugged then kissed Dianne promising they be mates to the end. Al and Tim hugged the girls and all swapped contact details and prepared to end their cruise. Barb was so well fucked she couldn’t get interested in a last fuck with the boys (or girls) but they promised to keep in touch and maybe they’d have a ‘reunion’ in a few months.True to their word Barb and Al did have a reunion with all their invited friends. They have kept in regular touch with Dianne and Tim and meet regularly once every time Al comes home at one or the others place. Since they live a couple of hours drive apart they always stay the night at least and often for the weekend. Dianne and Tim don’t swing with anyone else but their sexual capabilities have not diminished in these past two years and Dianne insists on trying it all each time they meet. She insists the boys give her a DP and she’s even had one just in her cunt now – lots of lube and a good fisting from Barb first.As for Barb and Al, they continue to live the good life. They are doting grandparents one day and avid swingers the next. Barb continues her volunteer work at the Seaman’s club and brings home a nice toy-boy at least a couple of times while Al is away and Skype’s the activity to him.I just scored a lovely blow job from Barb as they related this story to me and let me tell you she is fantastic.

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