Cuckold in the Family Ch. 10

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A couple of days had passed before I called up Kayla and told her to meet me at our old standby, the Adult Book Store in the next town. My dick was a bit sore from overuse but I was still horny and in search of some cum myself.

I put $100 on the card and we proceeded to the dark hallway to take our place as cum dumps in the booths in back. We found a booth that had a glory hole on each wall and fired up the video player with with some tranny porn. I sneaked in an empty bowl and as we proceeded to go non stop sucking cocks that appeared thru the holes, I spit my loads into the bowl to save for later while Kayla swallowed load after load of strangers’ sperm.

At the end of the three hour “dinner rush” we had had our fill of cum, or at least Kayla had. She had sucked 15 strangers off to completion while I was only able to get ten cocks to shoot their loads into my eager mouth. Kayla smiled at the knowledge that she still was better at sucking cock than her bi-sexual ex. I told her that her prize for sucking off the most men was what was in the bowl and proceeded to feed her my ten loads. She gagged hard as I forced her to swallow the contents of the bowl. 25 loads total were down her throat, billions of sperm swimming around her stomach. I wiped the remaining contents of the bowl all over her face and forced her to walk out of the bookstore with her face covered with jism.

I followed Kayla home to pick up a few of Cassie’s things to bring to my house. When we arrived, a stoned Billy was sitting at the dining room table and told his mom to take off her clothes and bend over the table. She did so without hesitation and Billy proceeded to give his mother a proper fucking.

I gathered some clothes out of Cassie’s dresser and left the two new fuck buddies to their own resources.

I arrived home to a candle lit dinner and a very sexy daughter who was dressed to tease and please. She did her best to seduce her Daddy although it was not necessary as I was smitten with her and desired her tight young beautiful body without any effort on her part.

Cassie knew I had lusted after her since she was of legal age. She had dated quite a few “boys” along the way but most of them were in love Beylikdüzü escort with themselves, treated her like shit or cheated on her. She turned her attention to me and loves to show off her body. She knows I really am a sucker for down blouse and never misses a chance to go bra-less in front of me, giving me a show.

The past year things had gotten crazy with the cuckolding, incest and other debauchery that had taken place. Tonight was different. I wasn’t looking to Dom over her but instead had different feelings for her. We spent the rest of the night as if two lovers on a date. Very vanilla love making compared to what we had gotten used to. Just the two of us, no one else, no forcing, nothing too freaky, just two lovers making beautiful love together. Of course, the fact that it was Daddy Daughter love might raise an eyebrow or two.

I woke early to cook my new lover breakfast and Cassie came down in a tee shirt flirty as ever. “So Daddy” she smiled “last night was wonderful” she continued “I’m super horny though and when I get home from work tonight I want to get crazy” she said matter of fact.

“That can be arranged Princess” I replied. “Be home at nine o’clock sharp OK?”

“Yes Daddy but I’m headed to the gym after work. I will be home by nine as you require.”

I sent Kayla a text message instructing her to report to my home at eight p.m. that night. She confirmed. Hard to concentrate at work with the anticipation of what was to come that night. My devious mind had several ideas, now just to implement them. I left instructions for Kayla to arrive and prepare a gourmet dinner for two. She was instructed to wear her schoolgirl outfit.

I had already done all the shopping and had the necessary items for the dinner my ex was to cook. Kayla arrived and proceeded to cook an excellent meal for her Dom and her daughter.

Cassie arrived right on time and walked into the house, covered in sweat, just returning from the gym. “Sorry Daddy, I was running late at the gym and didn’t have time to take a shower” she said apologetically.

“Don’t worry Princess, just take off those sweaty clothes and your mom here will give you a tongue bath” I smirked.

I instructed Beylikdüzü escort Kayla to help her disrobe and to lick Cassie head to toes, cleaning the stinky sweat off her lovely body. Kayla did as instructed. She pulled Cassie’s shirt off and licked her neck, arms, arm pits, boobs, stomach and then from her waist and up her back; trying not to miss an inch of her glistening skin.

Next came off the shorts and Kayla licked her daughter from waste to ankle then back up to her ass, paying special attention to her ass crack and hole.

Finally, saving the best(or actually the worst) for last, she gave Cassie’s feet a proper tongue bath. Cassie was notorious for having smelly feet so Kayla gagged her way through this process while I smiled knowing that I had to lick my own cum off of Kayla’s feet several times while being cuckolded by her.

Cassie then took a quick normal shower and came to dinner. Kayla served us both and we ate a delicious dinner. After serving us, I outfitted Kayla with the dog’s collar and leash. I then broke off a piece of French bread and dropped it in the dog dish and took out a large bowl and filled it with a half gallon of water(this would be Kayla’s dinner.) Just for fun, I tied Kayla’s hands behind her back and pulled her over to the dog bowl. Ie commanded her to eat and drink like the dog that she was.

Kayla did her best to try to eat her bread and lap up her water that her Master provided for her. Kayla requested to be excused to relieve her bladder but I did not allow this. “Finish your water and we’ll discuss it” I told her. She was definitely uncomfortable as she knelt before her water bowl and continue to lap up the remaining water as her Master had instructed.

Cassie raised her mother’s skirt up to her waist exposing her naked ass. She proceeded to spank her ass and her exposed pussy with her opened hand. Kayla’s ass was turning bright red as she hurried between swats to finish licking the water bowl clean. “Finish that water doggy” Cassie barked at her.

“Please Master, Please let me go Pee” Kayla begged me.

I told her to squat over the now empty water bowl and piss away. Kayla seemed relieved and didn’t seemed humiliated Escort Beylikdüzü but instead relieved that she was pissing into a bowl while her ex and daughter watched and laughed at her.

Cassie couldn’t help but take out her camera and film as her mother was then instructed to drink the contents of the water bowl. Kayla had the look of horror on her face but knew that a severe punishment would result if she did not comply.

For the next twenty five minutes Kayla took gulps of the piss and choked down the golden nectar, trying not to throw up. When she finished off the bowl, both Cassie and I took turns pissing into the bowl and forcing her to drink our piss as well. Kayla spit up a few times but eventually did swallow all of the piss. Kayla looked pathetic from her ordeal. I almost felt sorry for her.

I dragged Kayla to the bathroom by the collar and chain to clean her up as her makeup was a mess, her hair was matted and the whole front of her schoolgirl outfit was covered with urine. I pulled her towards the toilet and dunked her head into the bowl and flushed the handle, giving her a proper cleaning. I tossed her into the shower and told her to clean up and meet us in the bedroom.

When Kayla arrived to the bedroom she found her Master making sweet love to her daughter. She was instructed to kneel and watch which she did. As I fucked my step daughter missionary style, her legs wrapped around me, grinding her tight pussy as I penetrated her deeper with each stroke. As I was shooting my seed deep into my daughter I felt something warm, unlike anything I had felt before.

I pulled out and my cock was covered in blood, turns out that Cassie started her period as I was filling her with my load. I grabbed Kayla by the hair and shoved my bloody cock in her mouth and commanded that she clean it off. Kayla gagged but did as told.

“Now clean my seed out of your daughter or you may be a grandmother” I commanded. Kayla climbed in between Cassie’s thighs and began the task of cleaning my cum from her daughter’s now bloody pussy.

Kayla had many times forced me to eat her out when she was on her period so I saw this as fitting retribution. “You finally have your red wings bitch” I told her as she tried her best to clean out the bloody, cum filled ooze that was dripping from her daughter’s well fucked cunt.

When she was finished I dismissed her and sent her home to service her son(reverse cuckolding at it’s finest.) Stay tuned. . .

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