Cuckold – The Wive’s Tale

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The following story contains creampie, watersports and cuckold themes, if its not for you then please choose another story (no offence taken). Still here – good! I hope you enjoy – I did!

The wives tale:

First of all, I do love my husband, and I’m not a bad person (least I don’t think so but as that’s a judgment call I’ll let you make up your own mind). My husband (Ian) is a cuckold, he loves it (and me) I get what I need both sexually (from my boyfriends) and emotionally (from my husband). This is how it began:

We had been married for a little over 7 years. We had married after a whirlwind romance (14 weeks to be precise) and were very happy. Sex, even in the early days, had been ‘brief’ but, at least, regular. By the third year even the quantity was dropping. First it was weekends only, then once a week, once a month. By the time we had been married 5 years it was birthdays and Christmas only!

We married young. Ian was 21 I was a mere 19. By 25, at the peak of my sexual being, sorry but a quick, sticky, fumble every 3 months interspersed with regular masturbation just wasn’t doing it for me. I needed to feel like a real woman, I needed the intimacy of lovemaking, I needed either a divorce or a lover! I chose the lover.

It was just Sex (God I must sound like a man!), but it was — at least that’s what I would tell myself. I had an itch that needed scratching — that’s all. No emotional attachment just occasional GOOD sex.

A guy at work (also married so discretion was assured) had made it clear he was interested. Until now I had always rebuffed his jokey advances, we both knew the ‘jokes’ were a socially acceptable cover for his advances. I began flirting with him, knocking him back verbally whilst making it clear he should continue.

Before long we were lovers, daytime illicit sex only. The sneaking around, having ‘our little secret’ only intensified the sensation. The sex was amazing we were fucking everywhere and at every opportunity. Daytime only — safer that way. To be honest the guilt I felt was more for his wife than my husband. We always practised safe sex, and I would shower before bed so the chances of being Kahramankazan Escort Bayan caught were minimised. At least that was until the Christmas party. We worked in separate departments, separate nights out, we shouldn’t have met, but we did.

Fuelled by passion, and alcohol, the inevitable happened, David offered to drive me home. Around 2 blocks from my home he pulled over and we had the best sex yet. It was animal, rough savage sex. Clothes were torn off, my wet panties yanked to the side as he forced himself in and fucked me hard – no condom. I came several times before he unloaded into me. I felt every squirt, every drop, his cock pulsing as it emptied. It was amazing.

I got out and walked the last stretch, a chance to regain my composure, and ensure my clothes were appropriate before reaching home. The fresh air coupled with a post orgasmic high helped to sober me up (at least a little). It also made me realise just how tired I was, it had been a long week, it was 2am and I was knackered!

It was then I knew I had a problem. Go home have a coffee (sober up some more) shower go to bed or just go to bed and hope Ian wasn’t horny. Option 1 was bound to raise suspicion, option 2 was a gamble. He’s been home alone all night, almost certainly on his PC porn sites (that I’m not supposed to know about), had a wank and was now sound asleep. The odds were in my favour.

I get home; the place is in darkness, that’s a good sign. Key in the door, its all quiet, as I tiptoe up the stairs. Undress quickly in the bathroom, and slip into the bedroom and into bed. Ian’s asleep and then so am I.

Still all loved-up I’m having the best dream. My limp-dicked husband is making love to me the way my lover does. His soft but firm touch is caressing my skin making me tingle with his touch. He’s nuzzling my neck as his hand explores my inner thigh my legs ease open inviting him in further. It’s so good. My pussy rises aching for his touch as his kisses work there way down my body, stopping only to nibble on my swollen nipples he’s heading south.

I can feel his hot breath on my clit, God I am so Kahramankazan Escort ready, but he’s teasing me. My bodies screaming out “Eat me, fuck me!” I shudder as his tongue runs up my hot clit, encircling it, teasing it out.

It’s over. The dream that is, its finished and I’m awake, horny as fuck, in that semi dream state but definitely awake. In my mind I can still feel my clit being worked. I relax back into my pillow hoping to continue the dream. Only then as I awaken further do I realise it’s not entirely a dream. Ian is down on me! – FUCK!, He can’t – he’ll know what I’ve done, Fuck!

“No!” I shout out as I close my legs trying to squeeze his head out. He doesn’t move, if anything he is eating faster his tongue is now darting into my soaking, filthy, pussy. I watch him for a bit. He’s horny as hell whilst sucking and licking me his pelvis is grinding into the bed. I’m not getting out of this, let him finish, maybe he’s drunk, maybe he won’t notice?

I lie back and relax, this is Ian, and it will be over quick enough.

I lie back, waiting for it to end, waiting for it to be over. It is nice though, and I find my mind wandering enjoying his gentle but firm licking I begin to relax into it. I’m remembering the pounding I had received less than an hour ago, the rough, torrid violation that had been imposed upon my tender pussy. It was now being soothed, caressed, nurtured back to life. It was good and I was responding.

My hand had wandered down and I had his hair in my fingers, scratching through to his head, pulling him in further, urging him to go faster.

Ian has never made me cum by oral alone, from this position (me on my back) he just can’t keep up the pressure or the pace and I want to cum again. Correction I need to cum again! Surprised by my own desire I roll Ian over onto his back and sit directly on his face.

“Suck my cunt, make me cum!” I order as I grind my pussy into his face. He likes it when I take charge and, to be honest, — so do I! He licks even harder and faster, darting in-and-out as I adjust to direct his tongue to the “sweet area.”

“Oh that’s good” Escort Kahramankazan I exclaim (and it is) “Eat my filthy cunt, come on make me cum on your face — FASTER!” I am getting so carried away, I’m so close to cumming that I’m riding his face like a woman possessed.

I look down. My God! What a sight. His face was soaking; his whole mouth area was a mess with saliva, pussy juice and — no doubt about it — cum. The smile on his face was enormous as he continued to please me. The sight of cum made me panic, return to reality, and I stopped grinding, rising just slightly of his face.

“No please” He exclaimed / begged “Let me finish, I want to clean your cunt, I need to get the rest of the cum from your nasty cunt.”

Well what could I do? I sat back down and ground away as had as I could. “Eat it, clean it, you’d better get all that nasty cum out of my cunt — every last fucking drop.” I couldn’t believe the words that were flowing out of my mouth, or how fucking hot it was making me – I was starting to cum.

I could fell the shudder running up my spine, my cunt tightening and throbbing around his tongue pressing down and grinding into his mouth my whole body shook and tingled.

Afterwards, as I regained control, my thoughts turned to how I could reward my little cunt cleaner. There was one thing he had asked for, long time ago, and I had denied. After what he had just done for me, I decided to “treat” him.

I reached behind me, arching my back slowly, and grabbed his twitching cock. Already wet with precum, he moaned as I dug my nails in and (very slowly) began to wank him off.

“Now don’t you fucking cum, my cunt’s not empty yet!” I instructed as I let my bladder release a little of its bitter fluid. His mouth immediately clamped around me as I pushed his head back and released a little more and jerked his cock harder and faster. The more he sucked and swallowed, the more I gave him, the faster I wanked his little cock until he exploded. His cum shot up and went everywhere I stopped pissing and climbed off — we both really needed to clean up.

The following morning, he was very attentive, breakfast in bed — the works. Followed me around like a lost puppy all day. Eventually we had to talk “Did you enjoy your little drink last night?” I asked.

“I enjoyed my whole MEAL” he replied, with a knowing smile. Since then I have ensured he is well fed and watered on a regular basis.


Constructive feedback / comments always welcome.

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