Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 01

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter 1


Fyr paused at the foot of the stairs, one paw on the banisters as her tail curled gently back and forth. Dressed in her work clothes, she slipped off her low heels, suitable enough for her job, but they had always said she should have dressed up more nicely. She’d hoped that day it was good enough and, if not, well, she was more than good enough at her job. It kept them going while they were getting the farm up and running at least.

Something bumped in the bedroom, directly above her head, and the dragoness frowned, halfway through the motion of hanging up her jacket. What on earth could that be? And what the heck was that damn husband of hers doing?

“Ropes?” She cupped her paw to her muzzle, directing her voice a little better. “What are you doing up there?”

Her cougar husband growled from the bedroom and she frowned as the thumps and bumps intensified, taking on a certain rhythm and frequency that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. She shook her head. He was a strange cat sometimes, but maybe that was just another weird thing she had to put down to his demonic tendencies. He was, after all, a being of lust. Not that she minded.

Or, at least, she’d thought she hadn’t minded.

Each step up the stairs should have told her to turn back and yet Fyr continued resolutely on, already imagining what kind of crazy project she would find her husband wrapped in. The dragoness even chuckled to herself, smoothing down a rough edge to the scales on her neck; they needed moisturising once again. Such was the life of a dragoness who cared for her well being and the very baseline of her care and appearance.


It didn’t matter how many times she called his name, the cougar was never going to hear her. But she didn’t realise just how occupied her husband was until she pushed open the bedroom door to find him balls deep inside another dragoness. And not just any other dragoness – her own mother!

Sasha, the divine blue dragoness who had birthed her all those years ago, moaned loudly, her legs wrapped around Ropes’ waist. The cougar huffed shortly, curved nostrils flared, and rammed into her, holding her legs up around him as she stretched her arms back over her head. Her body was yet to tell of her years and maturity, despite the light pull of gravity on her breasts, and envy flickered up briefly in Fyr, her mind struggling to comprehend just what she was seeing. Her mother’s wings were folded beneath her back, claws digging into the sheets as she rocked her hips back up to meet each and every single one of Ropes’ driving thrusts.

Fyr stared, dumbstruck, and stepped back, pulling the door nearly all the way back into the frame. What more could she have done? What response could ever possibly be the right one when a dragon walks in on her very own husband cheating on her? Her head spun and she leaned against the wall as the hallway swayed sickeningly around her. The beat of the headrest of their bed hitting the wall drove the pounding in her head to a brutal crescendo and she pressed her paw over her mouth to muffle her moan of sheer and utter horror.

Ropes…cheating? How could he? The dragoness knew she should have been angry and curled her paw into a fist because she knew it was what emotion she was supposed to feel. She was supposed to scream and throw things and beat the living hell out of her husband for daring to sleep with another – her own mother nonetheless!

Unable to help herself – what could she really be giving him that she couldn’t? – Fyr cracked the door and dropped to her knees, taking in the scene for a second time. Maybe she’d imagined it all. Maybe it wasn’t real. But, no, there they were, caught up in their lust as Ropes’ tentacles caressed Sasha’s body from muzzle to tail, leaving no scale untouched.

Something burned under her scales and the tip of her tail flicked back and forth, refusing to be still.

“Come on, you big kitty-cat,” Sasha taunted him in a low hiss, eyes gleaming with good-natured mischief. “Is that the best you got? Why don’t you really thrust? Fuck me like you’re filling my daughter in the height of her heat. I want to see just how well you’ve been breeding her.”

Fyr suppressed a groan and, peering through the crack, left the lovers to it, knowing that she should leave, but rooted in place all the same. Eyes riveted to her husband’s muscled rump as he pounded her mother, Fyr hugged her own tail to her chest, one paw creeping down the front of her trousers to tease over her suddenly overly sensitive pussy lips. She trembled, fluttering a fingertip over her swollen nub of a clit as Sasha clung to the cougar, wings spreading out in a shivering, translucent batman escort swathe of soft skin, back arched and climax imminent.

The dragoness tried to shake herself out of it, pinching her arm as if a burst of pain could toss her from the dream and back into a screaming reality. But nothing could drown out the lustful groans and the rise and fall of their bodies, shivering on the brink of illicit ecstasy. And Fyr watched on, drinking in every moment like a creature who had not known she’d been dehydrated until she drank and drank and drank.

And, although she didn’t want to admit to her feelings, she could not deny the reaction of her body, how her snatch ached to be filled and stretched out with her husband’s cock after he’d fucked her mother. Did she…like it? Fyr bit her lip. Did she honestly, truly like the fact that Ropes was cheating on her, right before her very eyes? The fact that she couldn’t tear her eyes away told a tale that her thoughts would not admit to.

Pushing two fingers into her dripping cunny – when had she gotten that aroused? – Fyr squeezed her paw around her muzzle, holding back her moans as Ropes’ thrusts grew rougher and rougher. Slamming into her mother, the cougar yowled like a feral cat as he shuddered, spending every drop of seed he had to give into her needy pussy.

And Fyr woke with a start, sitting bolt upright in bed with her heart hammering.

Awake. She struggled to comprehend her own consciousness. She was awake? How could she be awake? But the dream had felt so very real! Had it all just been her subconscious after all? She patted the empty space in bed beside her, blinking in the dawn light, still dimmed by the curtains pulled taut over the windows.

Lust tingled in the pit of her belly and Fyr hissed through her teeth, one emotion after the other crashing into her so that she could not pause to address one individually. Growling, she thrust them away and drew her knees up to her chest.

Clinging to the bed sheets, the dragon gulped air, fighting to take stock of the situation. It took her several long moments to actually convince herself that she was in her own bed and not crouched by the door watching her husband seed her mother. She closed her eyes, chin on top of her knees as she shivered in a cold sweat. But it had all felt so real, so very, very real.

What the heck kind of dream was that? Why had she even had such a dream? And what was so wrong with her that she found it such a turn on? Fyr’s eyes bulged out of her skull and she leaned her head down into her paws, rubbing her temples in small, soothing circles, though there seemed to be nothing that could be done to soothe her drilling headache.

But there was one fact that could not be ignored. Hot-faced, she reached under the cover and her nightclothes, light enough to be comfortable as the weather turned warmer still, seeking out her soft lips. She wore no underwear under her nightclothes and the dragoness rolled her head back with a soft, breathy moan as she stroked her wet lips, arousal making them slick and so very easy for her to glide a fingertip over. She twisted her cheek down to her shoulder, panting shallowly, and eased two digits and then a third into her dripping sex, shoulders trembling.

Oh, it was so hard to be quiet, but, like in her dream, she simply could not help herself. The thought of pleasuring herself to the wicked memory of pleasure was too great to resist. Driving her fingers into her hot passage, the dragoness purred softly, throat vibrating as she stretched out her wings much as Sasha had in her dream. Circling her clit with her fingertips, she bore down softly as she became more used to the pressure, her lust rising and rising.

Oh… She rolled her head from shoulder to shoulder. How she wished that she could walk in on Ropes with another female just like that, exactly like that. Balanced on the edge of a quick, sharp climax, the dragoness rocked her hips up, grinding onto her own paw as she whimpered, jaw clenched. Too close!

Footsteps on the stairs jerked her from her daydream and she pulled her soaked fingers from her sex with a lewd slurp of her own juices. Flinching guiltily from the sound, she lay back and dragged the sheets up to her neck, hiding what her own musky scent strove to throw out there for her husband to see.

The steps paused outside the bedroom door, the brush of fur on the old, painted wood unmistakable as he listened. Fyr held her breath, though she did not know why. Her heart beat hard against her ribcage, so loud that she suddenly feared that he would hear it before even entering their bedroom.

The bedroom where she had just dreamed about her husband making love to her mother.

“There you are.”

Ropes pushed open the bedroom door, a mug of steaming coffee clasped between his paws. He offered it to Fyr, who took it with shaking paws, and drew back the curtains, allowing in a spill of crisp, dawn light. Against herself, Fyr inhaled deeply, knowing the birds were singing outside, calling her out. But she had bayburt escort a job to go to still and the ranch was not, as yet, up and running. She sighed, returning a little to herself despite the raging need coursing through her veins. One day she would work on her own ranch and wouldn’t have to get up so early to travel into work. She’d just get up early to work in the delight of her own land.

Ropes didn’t seem to notice her unease and, if he did, he was polite enough to not mention anything. Her husband smiled genuinely as he took in his wife, splendid in her morning glory. Fyr ducked her head shyly, tipping her muzzle away. He still looked at her like the very first time they had kissed.

“You looking forward to going to see Sasha at the weekend?” He asked, smiling as he perched on the edge of the bed. “I know it’s been a while. We should have really gone down earlier, shouldn’t we?”

Fyr blinked dumbly at him.


Ropes gave her a strange look.

“Your mother?”

“Oh! Yes, right, of course.”

Fyr scrambled for words, tongue tied as a heated blush tingled down her neck. Her face was hot, too hot. She licked her lips, sitting up straight and busying herself with her coffee. Would he notice? Oh heavens – he was going to ask her what was wrong! Fyr swung her gaze from left to right, desperately searching for words that would not come to her lips as her tongue sat like glue stuck to the roof of her both. Ropes quirked his head to the side, brow furrowing ever so slightly. Quickly – she had to say something!

“Do you think Sasha will have missed you?”

Ropes blinked his pale white eyes slowly, tail lashing as the tip squirmed back and forth.

“Fyr, why on earth would your mother have missed me?”

Fyr’s cheeks burned. She wasn’t digging herself out of her self-made hole at all!

“Oh, um, just…”

She waved her paw in the air.

“You know…” It came to her just in time to save herself. “You’re so good at doing bits around the house for her and odd jobs, she really appreciates all of it, you know. She doesn’t really have much of a head for things like that herself, though you know she would be able to do it if she wanted to. She just likes having your help.”

The last sentence fell limply in the air between them and Fyr busied herself with sipping her coffee, ignoring how it scalded her tongue, still too hot to drink. It, however, gave her muzzle something to do other than blabber on and seal her own fate.

Ropes shook his head slowly and scratched his chin, a tentacle – he had four on his back, sprouting from between his shoulder blades – snaking out to brush Fyr’s cheek.

“Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep,” he offered genuinely, standing and stretching out his arms above his head. “Though I’m glad you think I’m helpful to Sasha too. I really do try to be.”

Fyr bobbed her muzzle, relieved that, for the moment, it certainly seemed like she was off the hook. But, as the two of them busied themselves getting ready for the day of work ahead, she couldn’t help but linger on the memory of the dream and the hot need between her thighs from an orgasm unfulfilled.

The dragoness groaned. It was going to be a long day!


On the drive to Sasha’s home that Friday night, Fyr grew quickly sick and tired of Ropes saying pointedly how quiet she was. Surely once was enough, but the cougar didn’t know when the stop, pestering her over and over again until she snapped, tail thumping into the underside of her seat. Frustration coiled in her stomach like a pit of snakes. But how could Ropes possibly know what she was thinking of, seeing him with Sasha? The secret desire that she didn’t even want to openly admit even to herself that she craved more and more with each passing day?

Groaning under her breath, Fyr leaned her forehead against the window and let the miles roll by. There was nothing she could say to satisfy Ropes’ endless curiosity – he was a cat, after all, if a demon – and no lie she could come up with in time either. The truck bumped and rattled down the freeway, telling its age as the couple simmered within. Ropes’ whiskers bristled as he strove to focus on the road, trouble brewing in the silence between them until they finally pulled onto the little driveway of Sasha’s house in the suburbs and turned off the engine.

Fyr took a deep breath.

“Come on.” The words stuck in her throat. “We should go.”

They stood on the doorstep side by side but not touching, the doorbell ringing. Sasha answered a moment later and swept her arms wide, a grin stretching her blue muzzle wide.

“Fyr! Ropes! Heaven’s it’s lovely to see you again! It’s been too long! Come here!”

Enveloping them in a tight hug that Fyr only returned half-heartedly, the dragoness greeted them as warmly as she only knew how. She didn’t lean in as close to her mother as she would have before, her neck tingling with the memory that was not a memory of her mother lying on her back with her legs wrapped around Ropes’ waist.

She bebek escort coughed, pulling away and pretending to stretch out her wings as her mother took the measure of both of them, eyeing both husband and wife up and down with a critical eye.

“Fyr, you’re looking thin.” Sasha pursed her lips. “Are you not feeding yourself right? You need one of my home-cooked meals, you do.”

Fyr smiled the best she could, they could hardly force her lips into the expression.

“That would be lovely. I’ve missed your cooking.”

The blue dragon started, looking back at her.

“Is everything quite alright?”

“Oh, of course,” Fyr sidestepped the question lamely, cheeks heating up. “Just tired. Can we go in and sit down?”

Shaking her head, Sasha ushered them through into plush armchairs in the sitting room while she perched on the end of the sofa, long tail swishing slowly back and forth like the pendulum of a clock.

“Anything I can get you? Fyr? Ropes? Fyr? Fyr, are you listening to me?”

Fyr jumped, thighs pressed together and cheeks flushed.

“Oh! Huh, hm, something soft, lemonade would be lovely if you have any, thanks, mom.”

Ropes chuckled, though ducked his chin to the side to hide his own amusement.

As chatter thrummed around her and a tall glass of lemonade dripping with condensation was plunked on the side table beside her, Fyr relaxed back into the armchair. However relaxed she was, however, there was nothing she could do to sate the raging need in her belly, squeezing her thighs together as much as was comfortable for a lingering tingle of pleasure. The dragoness resisted the urge to roll her head back and pant, image after image of her mother with her husband flashing unbidden through her mind. Far from despairing, she clung to the excitement like a lifeline. But why did she love the thought of them together so much? Was there really something so wrong with her if it felt so damn good?

Fyr didn’t want to know the answer to that question. Sasha sighed, oblivious to her daughter’s dilemma, and drummed her fingers on the arm of the sofa.

“Something’s on your mind, honey, I can see it.” Sasha peered at her, an eyebrow raised. “Do you really think you can still hide things from me?”

“Yeah, you’ve been wound up the whole drive,” Ropes chimed in, tail flicking. “What’s up with that? What’s going on with you?”

Fyr shook her head, rubbing the side of her muzzle. Her tail flicked and she tucked it back against her ankles, hoping that nobody else had noticed the agitated motion.

“It’s really nothing,” she smoothly evaded the question, plastering a fake smile across her muzzle. “Honestly, you’d think the two of you had never seen a tired dragon before!”

She laughed, although the sound held no sincerity and they knew it too. Sasha frowned, her prettily shaped lives curving down in a frown. Ruffling her wings, she shook her head and sighed, resting her chin on her paw as she surveyed her daughter with a critical glare. Instinctively, Fyr shrank back into the armchair, arms wrapped around her torso as if for protection, although, of course, she had not done anything wrong like the naughty hatchling she had once been.

Her mother clicked her teeth together.

“You’re more than just tired, Fyr.”

The red dragoness clenched her teeth and turned her muzzle away, cheeks flushed and uncomfortably hot. Her scales prickled, yet there was nothing more she could say to satisfy their questioning and curiosity, their words only coming from a place of concern for her.

She wished she could tell them.

“Fine then, don’t tell me if you’re going to be like that.” Sasha waved a paw and stood, a muscle jumping in the corner of her jaw. “You always were like this and I suppose you’re never going to change either.”

The dragons stared each other down, neither willing to concede defeat in the admittedly minimal standoff. Ropes looked, wide-eyed, from one to the other, one paw outstretched to his wife as if he was not sure whether or not he should go to her, indecision scoring furrows across his brow.

And then the moment passed, a look of complete serenity sweeping across Sasha’s muzzle as she stood and carefully brushed off her pressed skirt, comfortable enough to wear at home on an evening.

“Excuse me, you two are a little earlier than expected and I have just a little tidying up left to do in the kitchen, if you wouldn’t mind me taking care of it.”

Sasha smiled and fluttered her fingertips, every bit the charming host as Fyr shifted uncomfortably.

“Even at my age, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done! It’s more fun to enjoy life than have a spotless home anyway, or least that’s what I’m telling myself. It’s just me now.”

Ropes leapt to his feet as Fyr nodded weakly, his tail swishing.

“I can help, don’t you worry.” He smiled disarmingly. “We’ll have it all done in a few minutes and then you can get back to relaxing.”

Sasha stroked one of her horns and threw Ropes a coy smile, turning with a little extra sway to her hips that Fyr knew she couldn’t possibly be imagining. Where jealousy should have reared its ugly head in her heart, all she felt was burning lust, clamped down deep where she didn’t have to immediately address it.

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