Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 07

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Cum Slut

Steve left on assignment for a few weeks a couple of days later. Bummer, we were just heating up our public adventures.

The next Friday, Sarah called me and asked if she could come to my place on Saturday afternoon, knowing Steve was away and Tim was gone for the weekend. She said, “Damn, after just a couple of weeks of wooly sex, I have become a brazen slut. Maybe we could do something Sunday morning. I just want to be naked all the time, in the house, and on the balcony facing the street. Wherever.” I told her I would see her then and we could talk about it.

I was nude when there was a knock on the door. I opened up and Sarah said: I love that cock. She was wearing the same sun dress. Standing in the entryway, she whipped it over her head and was stark naked. She came in and gave me a kiss while brushing my now growing cock head. Would you like some coffee, beer, or maybe wine? She said a beer would be great. I brought two and sat across from her. I got an erection looking at her luscious body.

Sarah, ” I grew up in a small town in Northern California and was quite sheltered. I was very naïve and didn’t have a boyfriend until I came to LA for school. I made the acquaintance of several racy girls and heard stories that blew me away, but were quite stimulating. After some time I met Tim and we went on several dates. One thing led to another and we were in bed making passionate love. One of the girls told me a story that really turned me on. She had had a boyfriend that was bi and he asked her if she would like to watch him suck a strange cock. As she told me she was turned on by anything kinky, she said she would love to. He took her to the same spot where I met you and Steve. He took her up the canyon and sucked off the first naked guy they came across. This made her so wild, they had sex right there.”

Me,” How did you feel about that?”

Sarah, ” That evening, after making love, I told Tim the story and told him that it intrigued me. He said that I was certainly his wild thing. He, sort of tongue in cheek, asked if I would want him to do that. He was amazed when I said, It makes me so hot thinking Ankara bayan escort about it that I get all wet. He then said, as most guys think of sucking cock, he had that fantasy too, but had never acted on it. Over the next few days we discussed it thoroughly and he said that since the thought of it turned me on so, maybe we should try. That’s how we ended up sitting in the car when you and Steve appeared.”

Me, “That is too cool. I had wondered what you were doing there.”

Sarah, “Before that I had never dreamed I would become the slut I am now. Since that fateful day I have been naked all the time, leading to our second adventure. Out there in the sunshine and fresh air it was heavenly to have my tits, ass and cunt bared for all to see. I was hooked.” She then put her feet on the coffee table and gave me a direct look at her beautiful shaved pussy. My dick got much harder. “I have been somewhat nervous about going out in public by myself and am hoping you can show me the ropes.”

Me “I would be delighted and it excites me to no end. Since we spoke on the phone, I thought of two spots that would fill the bill. I have been there numerous times, mostly alone, but once with a gay guy. As usual we need to be there early and should leave by 5:30.”

Sarah, “Oh my god, I knew you would come through. I can’t wait till morning.”

Since we had to arise early and we both had several beers, I told Sarah we should hit the sack.

Me, “Sarah, you can crash on the sofa. I will wake you at five.”

With that, I went to bed. I was drifting off, still sporting my stiff prick, when the covers are pulled back and Sarah slides up against my ass. I turned around and kissed her hard. I couldn’t wait to taste every bit of her hot body. I ran my tongue over her neck and shoulders, before moving down to her lovely tits, sucking both for a time. She was moaning and squirming all the while. I then licked her navel and belly, before moving to the prize. I was using the expert technique I had honed since I was a young guy. Teasing her clit, while licking the inside of her thighs and the rest of that extremely Escort bayan Ankara gorgeous and tasty cunt, I tore into her love button. It wasn’t long before she erupted and drenched my face in girl juices. I then pushed her legs over her head and I buried my face between her ass cheeks. She pulled her legs down and said she had to have my cock in her mouth. I was so hot, it was only a minute or before I dumped my cum In her mouth. We then fell asleep in each others arms.

We got up at five, had some coffee and prepared to go. I told Sarah to wear her sneakers as the second spot could be rough with maybe some broken glass. She put on her shoes and picked up her sun dress and said let’s go. Man oh man, naked all the way. So I put on my shoes and carried my shorts with me out to the car.

Sarah, “What are these places like?”

Me, “The first is the Mulholland Memorial fountain at the corner of Riverside Dr and Los Feliz. The second is on the Pasadena freeway where it is not so necessary to be there so early.”

Sarah, “Great, it sounds very sexy.”

We arrive just before six and it is getting pretty light. We get out of the car carrying our scant clothes and walk to the entrance and sit down on a bench by the sidewalk. A couple of cars passed by and then a young man slowed down and stopped. It was dazzling to see Sarah pull her legs up, wide apart affording a full view of her cunt. I say to her: wow, you sure are a slut, she just giggles. The young man shouts: your pussy is lovely and drives off. Sarah says she loves that. We walk to the large fountain and Sarah climbs on the wall and walks back and forth reveling in her nakedness. I then help her get up onto a large concrete block. She bends over with her back to Los Feliz exposing her ass and pussy. She then lays down with her legs in the air.

Me, “Sarah, we should go. More and more cars mean one of them could be a cop.”

Sarah, “I was just getting warmed up and I’m so wet. Do we have to?”

Me, ” Yeah, let’s go.”

The freeway spot is only about a mile away. The north and southbound lanes are separated by a sort Bayan escort Ankara of ridge that used to have some kind of transport, as there is a tunnel under the northbound lanes and steps up and down.

We drove there and parked very near the tunnel entrance. We got out with only our shoes and walked through the tunnel, which led to about 30 steps up to a level area , and then about twenty steps down to within about four feet of the left lane of traffic. When we arrived at the top of the stairs, Sarah began rubbing her cunt and exclaimed: “this is so hot!, how do you do it.” There was a steady stream of cars in all lanes. She said, “more people will see my wet twat then I could ever have imagined.” We went down the steps to a chain link fence and Sarah pressed her body up against it, so close to the cars zipping by that they could almost reach out and touch her. She began grinding her crotch against the fence and started moaning, “Oh, oh, oh my god”.

We were standing next to a pedestal about four feet high. Sarah wanted up there, so I boosted her up. She stood there in all her naked glory as the line of cars began to slow for a better look. She bent back with her hands on her butt in order to give a full on view of her pussy. There was an occasional sound of a horn and some catcalls which only pushed her further to begin grinding and then violently rubbing her clit. She then let go with many squirts of her love juice.

After what seemed like an eternity, she climbed down. My cock was rock hard. She took it in her hand, prompting more blaring horns. She then went to her knees and took my meat in her mouth and began sucking with wild abandon. I came in no time. Oh, what a slut, she stood up against the fence and let my cum dribble on her chin dropping off on her chest. She then rubbed it all over her tits and pulled on her large nips that were now supremely erect. At that we went up and back down the stairs, through the tunnel to the car. Sarah still had cum on her lips, chin and smeared all over her chest. I leaned over and kissed sucking the remaining cum from her lips and chin and licked the rest from her boobs and chest.

On the drive back to my place, still naked, she was again diddling herself. Before we got back, she had another crushing orgasm. When we got back in the apartment, I cleaned up her cunt and thighs with my tongue.

More to cum.

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