Daddy and Jenna

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As I was raising my daughter, Jenna, I wondered how she became the free spirit that she was. My then-wife was quite conservative. Diana stopped short of wearing dresses constantly, but her shorts and skirts were always at least knee-length. She always wore a bra, even in bed, despite having only 32B boobs. Never wearing a sleeveless shirt, she always wore blouses and shirts that had sleeves at least halfway down her arms. In bed, her nightgowns were always ankle-length. She didn’t enjoy being seen unclothed, nor did she like nudity around her. On the rare occaisions that we had sex, she pulled her gown up to her waist, pulled her panties to the side, and never touched me. I disagreed with Diana on almost every front. Despite the fact that she had a beautiful face, her other drawbacks finally drove us apart. When the judge asked her if she wanted to share custody of Jenna, she replied “Share custody? I just want to start over, and I can’t do that with a child, especially one like Jenna.” The judge awarded full custody to me, and Jenna and I started life over again. We were both hurt by her mother just leaving without a trace, but it was probably for the best. As I said istanbul travesti before, Jenna was always a free spirit. I always thought that her attitudes were due to her mother’s conservative bent. Where Diana liked only long shorts, Jenna always wanted very short ones, always purchased for her by me. Where Diana constantly wore bras, Jenna rarely did. Jenna wore only bikinis when she went swimming or sunbathing; Diana rarely wore a swimsuit, and only one-piece suits when she did. It’s no wonder they didn’t get along. After the divorce, Jenna’s mode of dress became even more risque. She now only wore bras if the blouse/shirt that she wore was too revealing. Her shorts couldn’t be any shorter, and I wasn’t sure if she ever wore panties any more, especially at home. When she wore nightclothes, they were always the see-through variety, leaving little to the imagination.  She also began taking baths without closing the door. I had always told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of where her body and nudity was concerned, so that her mother’s teachings didn’t poison her mind. So I suppose that Jenna’s attitudes have their roots in me. But as she grew, istanbul travestileri it became more difficult to keep my eyes off her. She was becoming a beautiful woman–her breasts, which had developed into a size 34C, were difficult to keep my eyes off of. The first time I saw her naked, I was walking down the hall from my bedroom. I noticed that the bathroom door was wide open, and knowing that she was bathing, I decided to pull it closed. I was shocked to come face to face with a beautiful naked Jenna. Her blonde pussy hair looked so soft, and her boobs, with their light brown nipples, stood firm. I hid my eyes and started to apologize, but her response shocked me. “Hi, Daddy! Don’t worry about seeing me, I don’t mind. Besides, you have always told me that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, right? Anyway, I wanted to ask you a question. Do you like my body? Am I sexy?” She slowly turned around, giving me a view of her lovely ass before turning back around to face me. “Yes, honey, you’re very sexy” I replied as my cock began to grow. “But do you think that me seeing you naked is proper?” “You’ve always told me that there’s nothing wrong with travesti istanbul nudity, right? So why are you changing your mind now?” ‘Oh, great’ I thought. ‘Use my words against me.’ “I’m not changing my mind, I’m just worried that, if others find out that you’re exposing yourself to me, I’ll be in trouble.” “Oh, don’t worry” she giggled. “I don’t plan on talking about this to anyone. It’s our secret.” I had to move my cock a little, as it was getting uncomfortable. Jenna took note, saying “Are you having problems?” “Sorry, sweetheart. When I see a naked woman, my cock grows, and I have no control over that. I just had to make it comfortable.” She just grinned in response, then turned around to get a towel. I got another view of her ass, and found it hard to keep from reaching out to fondle it. She began drying off, and I got to see her boobs bounce as she toweled off. She looked at my crotch as she left the bathroom, carrying the towel by her side. Her ass jiggled as I watched her walk to her room, and my cock continued to grow. I retreated back to my room to change into my night shorts, then to the living room, where I began watching TV, trying to get my mind off of Jenna’s naked body. Since she had gone to bed, I started watching a pay-per-view adult movie. As I relaxed, my cock again began growing. This time, I reached under the waistband and began slowly stroking it. I was surprised when Jenna walked into the room and sat beside me.

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