Daddy and Krystle

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My daughter and I have a special relationship. Actually, it is the best kind of relationship that a father and daughter could have. We both thought we should share this story in the hopes that other people will take advantage of the opportunity to make their lives better if they find it is right for them.

Krystle, my daughter, was in high school, and had recently started her senior year, and turned 18. She had only just recently grown into a gorgeous body. It was a fast transformation. One minute she was wearing frumpy clothes, then suddenly she had curves in all the right places and wore tight clothes, especially short skirts and shorts that showcased her delectable ass.

I always thought my little girl was beautiful, but seeing her around the house with her new-found body and confidence to show it off started to make me see her in a new light. When a father like me has a daughter as hot as Krystle, you can only ignore certain thoughts for so long before you finally have to admit to yourself that yes, your daughter is hot. I knew that men would want to fuck her. Hard. I always felt a twinge of jealousy at that thought, but I at the time I rationalized that feeling away as protectiveness. I’d noticed a lot more attention being given to her by boys. The ones that I saw her talking to for any significant length of time looked kind of like me, with the same athletic build, over 6 feet tall, and the same hair color. I didn’t really think much of it, but it made it easier to fantasize a little too much later on by putting me in the place of those boys in my mind. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me take a moment to explain something. There is a kind of connection that fathers and daughters can share that most people don’t really fully explore. Too bad for them, I think. It’s sad, really, because they have less joy in their life than they could have. What could ever be wrong with more love in the world? If two consenting adults want to express their love for each other, I say, let them do it. Daddy and daughter relationships, well, they have a special kind of love.

My daughter and I have always been close. I knew it must have been difficult for her after her mom left when she was only eight years old, so I’ve tried to help her and guide her as much as I could, and she was always so appreciative, giving me that special smile that made my heart swell. We shared hugs and small kisses all the time, and she loved to sit on my lap and cuddle with me on the couch. Her sweet smell always made my mind blank out a little bit. I thought I caught her inhaling my scent once or twice, but I just ignored it, thinking that it didn’t make much sense for a cute little girl to want to sniff her sweaty, dirty daddy.

I’ve always had a difficult time disciplining my daughter because she is just my little angel. Not that she ever does anything bad enough to get seriously punished, but I have to admit that sometimes as she was growing into her tight, supple body that I thought about what I would do if she ever actually did do something wrong. Perhaps she stayed out past curfew; every time I thought about it, my thoughts would go a little further. I’d think about her on the porch with her boyfriend, then him convincing her to move her hand toward his crotch, then before it got anywhere I’d open the door and tell the boy goodnight. When I thought about that part, I’d feel those “protective” feelings. After I get her inside the house, maybe I’d give her a good rant about whatever came to mind, or maybe I’d bend her over, raise her short skirt up, and take my palm to her sweet ass.

The first time my thoughts drifted that far, I realized I had an erection. I told myself that it was just because I hadn’t been with a woman for a while, but the seed had been planted. I found myself fantasizing about her more and more.

One night my daughter gave me a big hug before she went to sleep. I felt her tits press against me through her long t-shirt. She was thanking me for buying her something or other, I don’t even remember. I do remember that my cock started to grow, as I thought about how she didn’t have a bra on, and I wondered if she was wearing panties. I wondered if she shaved or trimmed (I prefer shaved) Maybe I could just check. Maybe when she’s walking altyazılı porno away, up the stairs, I can pretend to lean over and pick something up, while looking up at just the right angle. I’d probably just see panty but there’s always a chance. I remember thinking how perverted I was, thinking about my daughter’s pussy while she was hugging me. However as my cock grew, she held me tighter.

I didn’t have the nerve to attempt to see her pussy as she went up the stairs, but my cock was making the decisions for me now. If only I could just get a look at what she had on under her shirt. Maybe I would be satisfied if I got one good luck, which I could use to jerk off furiously for a few weeks, then the infatuation would resolve itself. Maybe I just needed to get it out of my system. My cock was practically drooling and making a dark spot on my pants as I thought about it, and talked myself into peeking in my daughter’s room as she slept. I didn’t even have an alibi planned if she was awake and asked a question.

When I went up to her room, her door was open just a crack. I peeked in and she was on her stomach, with no covers over her. I admired the sight of her ass cheeks tightly outlined against her shirt, which was pulled taught against her body. I don’t know how long I stood there but I didn’t date take my cock out, no matter how much I wanted to. I stared for a while, occasionally touching my cock through my pants, wishing I could do something with it.

Then I heard something beautiful. I heard my baby girl’s moan for the first time. It was muffled as she moaned into the pillow, but I knew immediately that it was a sexual moan. I opened the door a little further, and took a step inside, and saw something mesmerizing. I saw two of her delicate fingers working over her delicious tunnel. I heard the ever-so-faint sound of her slick juices allowing her fingers to glide back and forth.

Then something happened that flipped a switch in my brain, pushing me into sensory overload. I smelled her; the best, sweetest smelling part of her. The scent of her pussy, that suddenly looked ripe and delicious, made my mouth water. It was the most beautiful scent I’d ever experienced. My cock started to hurt as I was overwhelmed with arousal.

I fought myself. I told myself to leave. I told myself that this is my daughter and that I shouldn’t be aroused by her. But how could I not be? How could anybody see those tits and not want to grab them, or take ownership of that ass, or claim that pussy with their seed? Something primal came over me, I could feel it. What was I doing, thinking about owning her body? I knew I don’t own her, but I wanted to. I wanted it to be mine. Mine, mine, mine! I wanted it all. I didn’t want to hurt her, though. I wanted her to have a happy life, and not be traumatized by her perverted father.

Then I heard it.

“Oh, daddy…”

I was shocked. It couldn’t be.

“Mmm, daddy…”

I unbuckled my belt.

“Daddy, please…”

My pants fell to the floor.

“Inside me, daddy…”

Nothing was going to stop me now.

“Honey? Daddy’s here.”

She said nothing. Her fingers stopped, and she drew her hand out from under her. Then, without turning around, she silently opened her legs. “Daddy, please.” She wiggled her ass as I took one more moment to search my heart and make sure I wasn’t hurting her.

“Daddy, now. I need you.”

That was it. My darling girl needed me. I got behind her on the bed, and gently slid my cock up and down her crack. She let out a pleasant sigh. That lifted my heart to new heights. She moaned a little more, getting impatient.

Then I slid right in, little by little, giving myself time to fully appreciate the feeling of her tight daughter-sleeve around my daddycock. We were mated now. I knew it was the right thing to do, for us. We were meant for this.

In and out, I made her moan into her pillow. My cock inside her without her even looking at me. Taking ownership of this body. Soon I would make it official. Soon I would make it permanent. My incestuous seed would fill her, coat her womb, make her mine. And I would be hers. We would own each other’s bodies.

I wanted to look in her eyes when I came in her. I drew out and flipped her türkçe altyazılı porno over. She looked at me so lovingly. So pure, so caring. I got between her legs again and covered her. Her breasts were pressed against my chest as I kissed her deeply. Together we were joined in love; father and daughter. I leaned over and whispered in her ear how much I loved her. How I would always care for her. I would always provide for her. And I told her that I owned her pussy now, that I owned all of her. Nobody else would be allowed to use it. She moaned at that, and her pussy squeezed my cock tightly. I felt so primal but at the same time, I also felt so loving. Such powerful emotions mixed together.

“Daddy, mmm, uh, oooh… mmm, Daddy, I have to… aaah, mmm, tell you something.”

“What is it darling?”

“Daddy, I’m… ooooh, yes, take me, make me yours… mmm, daddy, I don’t have any birth control.”

My cock suddenly felt much closer to releasing what my daughter deserved to have inside of her.

“And Daddy… it’s the best time of the month to give me what I’ve always wanted from you. Ooh, aaah, mmm, keep doing that. I always wanted a sibling.”

This was it, the turning point that would make me a happy man for the rest of my life, and the chance to make my sweet daughter happy as well.

“Huh, huh, mmm, my sweet, little girl, my darling Krystle, I can’t refuse you. You know I always give you what you want.”

“Oh, Daddy!!! Thank you! I love you!”

“I love you too my darling Krystle. Take the seed that made you deep inside of you. You deserve daddy’s cock. You are such a good girl! Here it comes, one baby in my little girl!”

At that point I saw stars and came harder and more than I had ever come before as she screamed in pleasure, wrapping her legs tightly around me. I usually come more than most men, but that day my body knew what had to be done. There was an egg waiting to be fertilized, and nothing was to be held back. We didn’t get much sleep that night, and we stayed home the next day to make sure that she caught.

Two months later, my little girl is expecting and glowing. Her beauty is radiant and she lights up every room she walks into. She will have the baby in June after she graduates from high school. When she goes to college she will wear a ring to fend off the boys. We can’t get married but our last names are the same already. We’re going to move somewhere else and act like husband and wife. I’m so lucky to have a girl like her.

In the meantime, we have had so many fun adventures. I take her out to romantic dinners and we have many nights in, where we watch a movie but lose interest when our hands start wandering. One night she was lying on the floor, working on homework, with her short little skirt just barely giving a glimpse of her panties. I straddled her and started giving her a massage. She loves my massages. It didn’t take long for that wet spot to form on her panties, and soon I slid her panties aside and filled her with my daddycock. When we were done, she continued working on her homework with a nice, sloppy pussy, full of the spunk that made her.

Sometimes when I drive her to school she insists that I pull over to the edge of the school parking lot, then leans over, pulls my cock out, and starts slobbering all over it right there on school grounds. My sweetheart must need the extra nutrition from my daddy juice. I make sure to take care of my little girl. She’s such an over-achiever, making sure to get my cock completely down her throat. I can only guess what the other parents thought when they drove by, seeing her head bob up and down over the dashboard. I bet all of the other daddies are jealous that their little girls don’t take such good care of them.

Sometimes when I get home, I find her standing in the kitchen, wearing exactly what I like my daughter to wear. I like to see her short skirt that barely covers her ass cheeks as she stands at the kitchen counter, pretending to bend over for something, making her panties just barely peek out. When she wears panties. She knows me so well, and I always respond the same way. I push her over the counter, flip her skirt up, and fondle her ass while lightly brushing my fingers over her sweet spot. I grope her all and make hd altyazılı porno her pussy most, and cause a wet spot to spread on her panties, showing me how much of a slut she is for daddy. Once she is wet enough I ram this hard cock inside her and pound her into the counter. I work her into a froth and taste the delicious juices her pussy makes as I wipe them off my cock as it reams her. Yes, I like tasting my sweet girl-cunt. It is mine and I give it the daddycock it needs and decide what happens to it. She is daddy’s special meal and her cream is my favorite flavor. When I get my mouth on her sweet slit, I don’t stop until I’m satisfied.

I make sure to frequently fill her with my seed. She always tells me a girl hasn’t truly lived until she’s been fucked by her daddy. She understands Daddy’s number one rule is that my cum goes where I say it goes, and she loves it. In her pussy, down her throat, on her face or tits, she always loves my cum. Did I mention how lucky I was? One time after I filled her with my baby batter and put it right inside of her where it belongs, which was inside her pussy, I had her leave her panties off. I do like watching my cum run down her legs, leaving streaks as it makes its way down those beautiful legs, and leaving marks that dry and let the world know that her body has been claimed by her own father. But that day, I had something more in mind. I wanted to show her off. We went to a mall a little further away than we normally go, and we walked around, with my cum streaks announcing to the world how lucky we are to have each other. My cock cream drooling down your legs lets everyone know that my little girl gets exactly what she needs from her daddy. Afterward, we went to a movie and sat in the back row. She softly unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and gave it a few licks to get it nice and hard, then sat on my lap with my cock inside of her. Anybody looking at us would just see two people having an outing together. I felt the muscles inside her baby tube spasm around my meat stick until she can’t take it anymore and she finally started gently rocking up and down, rising and falling on my cock, until she got the stimulation you need to orgasm. Finally, I let another huge load go inside. We repeated that twice more, left behind a sticky and gooey seat that smelled sweetly of our combined juices.

My daughter tells me about how she tries to get her friends to get with their daddies, just by joking around and putting the thoughts in their heads at first, then going a little further with the friends that don’t act too grossed out. She always flatters me by telling me that I’m quite a catch for a father of a high school girl. She thinks she got her friend Emily to give her dad head at least once, based on how her friend blushed when she brought up the subject jokingly one time. They might have even gone further. I think she’s right because last time I saw them both at the mall, they were coming out of a photo booth and Emily was wiping her mouth and adjusting her skirt while her father just had a huge grin on his face. I made a mental note to take some memorable photos in the photo booth with Krystle later.

10 years later, we have 3 daughters and one son, which means she has three sisters and one brother. She can always get me going by mentioning that fact. Krystle and I love each other as much as two people can love each other. Our kids are loved and cared for, and they all feel loved, no matter how many new kids come along. We don’t hide our love for each other from her siblings because we want them to see what a healthy relationship looks like.

One night my daughter was especially horny and was saying all the right things to convince me to put another brother or sister inside of her. She told me that if I knock her up again, I’ll see her belly swell, and she knows how proud I feel when I get to fondle her expanding tummy as the result of our incestuous love grows inside of her.

I was hard as steel, and I asked her if she really wanted it. My little girl told me that she wants it just as bad as the first time, then pushed my horny mind over the edge by saying that she wants a really BIG family, mentioning that she might see how our daughters feel about helping her out with making new brothers and sisters when they get old enough. She enjoyed the result of her kinky suggestion all night long, and the rhythmic sounds of bedsprings and our bed’s headboard hitting the wall gave her siblings audible proof of how much their parents love each other.

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