Daddy Makes Amanda Feel Good

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This is a fictional erotic story and all characters are at least 18 years of age. If accepted and I get a positive response, I might consider making this a series. Thank you.

My daughter Amanda has always been my pride and joy. After her Mother ran off with another man, we decided to sell our house and move to our vacation home located on a beautiful secluded stretch of beach. There were too many memories in the old house.

The serene view and sounds of the waves that poured through the open patio helped us both deal with the fact Amanda’s mother was gone. She tried the school here for a year but going from the city schools to a really small underfunded island school was hard for her. The education they gave her was pathetic. She asked if she could do her studies through home school and considering the circumstances I agreed. In her Junior year of high school I hired a tutor who came by three times a week and Amanda graduated with Honors going into her senior year.

Amanda and I have always been very close. Hugging, talking and snuggling up on the couch are common and we became understandably closer after her Mom ran off. After a good meal we often snuggled up on the couch together and watched a movie or some TV. I’m grateful to have had her company through those hard times.

Amanda is so beautiful. About five feet and three inches. Maybe 115 pounds with beautiful curves. I couldn’t help but noticed how her body was developing. Her hips widened, her breasts started growing and are now a very perky 34 C’s. Her long blonde hair drapes down her back. Every man and boy in our small town practically drools over her. I told her how to behave but I did not really have to. Amanda is pretty shy. She mostly stays on the computer and reads. I guess I got lucky that she was always a good girl. Daddy’s good girl.

Since her mother left us she almost always slept in the same bed with me. I have a King Sized Bed so there was always plenty of room but a lot of times she would be close to me and hug me. I was ok with that. She was my little girl. I had just wished she had not gone through the loss of her mother. She had cried for months after she left. I felt so bad.

Than it happened, for the first time. It was almost on accident. I am usually at my computer working in the morning but I had gone upstairs to take a nap. I had worked rather late the night before. Amanda liked the shower next to my room rather than the small one downstairs. I woke up when I heard the water running and tried not to think too much of it. My mind wandered. I knew she was in there and beautiful as always. I immediately felt bad for even thinking such a way but she is so pretty and I had not been with a woman for such a long time. I felt my dick stiffen and push against my pants just thinking about her naked in there with the water caressing down her body. I started stroking my cock and than the water turned off. I stopped which made my cock ache. I did not want her to know I was not sleeping. She would not expect me in the room at this time of the afternoon.

I pretended as she came out of the bathroom to be asleep, but had my eyes slightly open with the blanket pulled mostly over my head. I could not believe it but my baby girl came out of the shower with nothing but a towel on her head. She was amazing. She had shaved her pussy bare as could be and had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. Her nipples were a rose color and her hard nipples were sticking way out. She was slender but so curvy. My cock began aching even more looking at her. She had no clue I was looking so she took her time getting her hair brushed. I could not wait for her to hold me tonight.

As soon as she left the room I started stroking my cock thinking about her. I know it might seem wrong and she is my daughter but we are so isolated out here. It only took me a few minutes to cum. It was the first time I had cum that hard in years. It spurted everywhere. I decided then I had to have her. I just had to. I knew I could make her feel good and I did not want another woman. I wanted to please my little girl.

I “woke up” shortly after and went downstairs. “Hi Daddy!” Amanda said and gave me a big hug. She always wore a tight shirt at home with no bra and I could feel her long nipples up against me. I wanted her so badly but I knew I had to wait and plan it right.

We always cook dinner together so we made a wonderful seafood dish that night. I had purposely made her get the large bottle of wine from the cellar. Amanda had not drunken before and I asked her if she would like a glass. It was a very mild Pino Grigio.

“Daddy is it ok?” She was obviously surprised I had offered it to her.

“Yes baby it goes well with the food.” I replied innocently enough.

She had one glass and I made sure to fill it back up. She only had two during dinner but because she had never drank before she was a little tipsy already.

“Baby lets go upstairs and watch TV”. I suggested. I desperately wanted her in my bed.

“OK Daddy.” Bahçeşehir Escort She giggled a little.

I made sure to bring the glasses and the wine with us. Tonight was going to be very special.

We went upstairs and she went into her room to change. She always wore these cute little nighties having no idea how a man who had not been with a woman for years would be turned on by it. For her graduation party I had give her a $500 gift certificate to Victoria Secret. I had seen her before looking through the magazines I left around.

I poured her another glass of wine and gave her the cheers cling. Amanda giggled and we drank that one down rather quickly. I poured us another. She looked so dizzy I almost laughed but she looked so sexy too. You could see her nipples only semi hard pushing through her nightie. Her breasts over flowing the top of the red silk that covered them. It took everything I had to hold back. I was grateful I’d jerked off thinking about her earlier so I could tolerate and last with her because I knew what I was going to do with my baby girl. I was just so turned on by my beautiful young daughter, I had to have her.

I clicked through the Channels quickly and told Amanda there was nothing good on. She said “Daddy do you want to watch a movie?”

I refilled her half empty glass of wine and put it on the nightstand. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. She was already so tipsy she asked me “Daddy can we just lay down while we watch?”

“Yes baby girl we can lay down.” I whispered with a slightly husky voice I hadn’t intended.

She laid on her back looking so beautiful. It was warm inside so we only had the sheet on the end of the bed. I could see almost every inch of her body as the nightie crawled further up her body when she laid down.

She rolled on her side laying with her back toward me and I moved very close next to her. I gently stroked my hands through her hair and she giggled again. She was definitely relaxed and definitely getting drunk and more giggly from the wine. “I love you Daddy” she said to me as I lovingly ran my fingers through her soft hair.

“I love you too baby girl.” I told her as my cock began throbbing in my pants. My cock was so hard it hurt. I moved even closer to her so she could feel it against her and I could feel it against her.

“Amanda baby are you tired”? I asked while I continued to stroke her beautiful hair.

“No Daddy but I feel silly.” she replied.

She was so pretty with that huge smile. I took my hand and gently moved it down toward her breast. She did not resist me.

I was rather innocent about it brushing lightly over it and down to her stomach. I put my mouth close to her ear and started slowly to breathe my warm air into it. I lightly took my hands back up to her breast and could feel her nipple had hardened through her nightie.

After bringing my hand up to lightly caress her face I said “I love you baby girl”

Amanda said so sweetly “I love you too Daddy.”

I moved my hand back down slowly to her firm and beautiful breasts and lightly started squeezing her nipple between my thumb and forefinger through the thin material. She moaned and than flinched.

In a slightly slurred voice from the wine she asked “Daddy what are you doing?”

“Shhhhhhh just relax baby girl” I told her. “Daddy is just loving you. You know Daddy loves you.”

“I love you too Daddy” she told me again.

I moved my hand down to her other breast and slowly caressed around it slowly moving up to her other nipple. When I got there I lightly took it between my other thumb and finger and rubbed it in between them. Amanda moaned again for me. I knew the sensation of having both of her nipples played with simultaneously was excited her. I was so turned on and knew I was going to make my baby girl feel good. She had no idea how good I would make her feel.

I reached down to her legs and lightly ran my hand up to her middle thigh and than back down again. I began softly biting the back of her neck. Amanda’s breathing was getting heavier. I could tell she was beginning to get turned on. Each time I moved my hand back up her thigh I went a little higher. Her nipples were now purely hard and long through her sexy nightie. With her heavy breathing and inhibitions lowered from the wine I moved my hand on the up fully under her nightie and touched her long hard nipples for the first time skin to skin.

“Ooooh Daddyyyyy” she moaned. “What are you doing?”

“Shhhhhhh baby” I replied. “Daddy is just making you feel good. It’s ok just relax for me baby girl. Trust me sweetheart it is ok.”

I could tell she had never been touched like this before by the way her body responded to my squeezing and flicking fingers over her long nipples. I could not take it anymore. I had to see them again. I had to suck on them. I wanted to flick my tongue around them gently and then more firmly over her elongated, hard, round nipples. When I’d seen her come out of the shower Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan she was beautiful but I never imagined how long and hard they would get by my touch. I slowly removed my hand from her and quietly took off my shirt.

“Sit up for me baby Girl” I sweetly told Amanda.

“I feel a little dizzy Daddy.” Amanda said looking a little unsteady.

“That is ok baby girl” I said as I slid my hand around her back and slowly moved her up so she was sitting. From sliding my hand up to fondle her wonderfully voluptuous and firm breasts her silky red nightie was already around her waist.

“Put your arms up for me baby” I said as I helped her put them up. I slowly pulled the sexy red nightie up and over her amazing body.

“Oh Daddy!” “I am naked in front of you!” she giggle.

“Shhhhhh baby girl it is ok. Lay back down and be comfortable. It is just like we always hold each other you just do not have your night gown on.” I said, knowing my lust for her was not going to allow me to hold back at this point. She always considered them nightgowns but did not know they were actually so very sexy.

“OK Daddy” she said as I gently laid her back down.

I was in complete awe looking over her naked body. Her nipples where a dark rose color which contrasted so noticeably against her pale skin. My huge cock was pressing hard against my boxers which was a bit uncomfortable but I new I had to move slowly with her. I needed and wanted her but she had to be ready to take me.

I again put my hands on her stomach and reached up to her left nipple and began to tease it slowly. When I felt her responding I took my cue and lowered my mouth onto her right breast holding her firm large tit in my hand while I slowly licked and sucked on her beautiful long and dark nipple.

“Ooooooh Daaaaaaadyyyyyy” she moaned out to me. I licked on her nipple a little more and whispered in her ear, still playing with her other breast.

Does that feel good baby?” I whispered.

“Yes Daddy but shouldn’t we stop?” she asked sounding like a little girl.

I responded only by holding her breast and licking and sucking it.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooooood Daddy” she said in the sweetest and pleasured voice.

I removed my hand from her left breast and slowly moved it down to her panties. I slid my hand inside and she flinched again. Her eyes widened. “Daddy you can’t touch me there. Nobody has ever touched my there We can’t do that”

I slid one of my fingers between her little pussy lips. “Don’t you like the way it feels baby girl?” I asked her. “Your little pussy is so wet”

She truly was soaked. Her sweet pussy juice began flowing onto the bed. I coated my finger with her wetness and slid my finger up and down but not touching her clit. Than I slowly slid one finger inside of her and put my mouth back on her nipple and began sucking again.

“Ooooooooooh” Amanda moaned while arching her back for me.

“Do you like that baby?” I asked her momentarily removing my mouth off of that gorgeous nipple. The only response I got was another beautiful moan.

She was so fucking tight I could not believe it. Her pussy squeezed and felt like a vice around my single finger. I was going to have to loosen her up a little before I tried to fit my fat 9 and a half inch cock inside of her. I knew she would learn to love it but I knew I had to be gentle with her now. She would always be mine now and she had to want it. I slid my finger out from her sweet, tight, bald pussy and slowly slid myself down the bed. I began kissing her inner thighs and slowly removed her panties down her legs while I kissed higher.

“Oh Daddy noooo” she said but you could tell she did not mean it. She was breathing so heavily. I slid my finger back into her pussy slowly pushing it in and out of her sweet soaking hole.

“Ooooooooohhh” she began moaning again. Her bald little pussy was driving me wild with passion and desire.

“Daddy is going to do something special to make you feel really good” I told her.

I removed my finger slowly from her sopping we pussy and began licking at her sweet little hole. As her moans became louder and she began moving I pulled her legs up and further apart. Her sweet little clit was swollen and protruding.

I removed my tongue from her sweet tasting pussy and slid my finger back in moving it in and out slowly again. With her legs spread nicely for me I licked up and down her pussy lips making her moan louder. I finally moved my head down to her swollen little bud and just lightly laid my tongue on top of it. She moaned so loud I took my chance and slid a second finger inside of her now moving both in and out. Than I licked her once from where my fingers were up and around each side of her clit slightly spreading her pussy lips so I had better access to tongue her juicy morsel. She was moaning so loudly now and her sweet pussy juice was beginning to drip down my hand.

I began slowly circling her clit with Escort Bahçeşehir my tongue while pushing up against the walls of her tight little pussy with my fingers. I pushed just far enough to feel her hymen.. Just as I assumed my baby girl was a virgin and I was going to be her first. I was so aroused and so elated it was me making her feel so good and not some inexperienced boy that would leave her disappointed. I began sucking on her protruding nub slowly and slid a third finger inside of her. She let out a scream mixed with a moan of Ecstasy while I sucked a little harder on her clit.

“OW Daaaaadyyyyy Ooooooohhhh” Amanda half yelled, half moaned.

I looked up at her. “Baby girl look at me.” She slowly pulled her head up. “Shhhhhhhhhh Daddy wants to make you feel nice Amanda. Don’t you trust Daddy?”

I held my fingers insider of her and began curling them up and down inside of her. I was determined to pleasure her and make her cum for me. I wanted Amanda’s pussy sopping wet to ease sliding my huge cock inside of her.

“Oooooooo Daddyyyyy” She moaned again, in pure pleasure this time.

“Lean up for me Amanda. I want you to watch Daddy lick your pussy.” She moaned again and did as she was told. “Who is my good little girl?” I asked her.

“Ooooooh meeee Daddy” she moaned as she met my eyes and watching me flick my tongue over her pleasure nub peeking out of it’s hood.

While she watched I began moving my fingers in and out of her again. I knew she felt full she was so tight. I lowered my mouth back down to her clit and began alternating between licking and sucking on it. For just a moment I removed my mouth from her pussy and put slight pressure on her clit. She was staring right at me watching what I was doing.

“Cum for me baby girl. Cum for Daddy” I purred.

I moved my mouth back onto her swollen clit and reached up to squeeze her right nipple with the hand that was not fondling her sweet little pussy. I lifted my head again.

“Do you like that Amanda? Are you enjoying Daddy making you feel good?” I seductively asked her.

She answered only with a moan. I lowered my head back down to her pussy and licked and sucked faster as I tried to widen my fingers inside of her. I could not so I just kept sucking and moving them faster in and out of her tight little hole.

“OMG DADDY OH GOD OOOOOOOOOOOH” she started screaming.

I relentlessly licked and sucked on her clit and squeezed her beautiful nipple feeling her sweet juice pouring out of her. She was so sensitive I slowly slowed down and lightly licked until her screaming stopped. Her orgasm was so strong I could not even move my fingers while she came for me. She was squeezing so hard against them as she came I could barely even move them up and down.

I slowly moved up the bed and kissed her on the lips with my fingers still inside of her. “Did that feel good Amanda? Did Daddy make you feel good?”

Amanda was breathless “Yes Daddy, yes oh Daddy that felt wonderful I did not know you could feel like that”

“Daddy is not done baby girl. Now you have to make Daddy feel like I made you feel” She looked at me curiously not understanding what I meant. She looked so innocent at that moment. I could not take it anymore. I had to be inside of her. I slid down my shorts and her eyes widened when she saw my reddened long thick cock.

Amanda gasped, “Oh my God Daddy it is so big. How did it get so big?”

“You made Daddy excited when I made you feel good” I responded.

I straddled her waist, gently lifted her head and placed two large pillows under it. Amanda looked somewhat confused. Still tipsy and now slightly drained from cumming so hard for the first time in her young little life she just stared at my huge cock that was pointing straight in front of me toward her face.

“Touch Daddy’s cock baby girl. Put your little hand around it and Daddy will show you what to do”

She slowly reached up to touch it not really knowing what to do. I gently grabbed her hand and rubbed it around the pre cum of my cock and than took it gently and wrapped it around my dick.

“Stroke it nice and slowly for Daddy baby girl” I told her as I moved her small hand up and down on it.

The feeling was unbelievable. Her hands where so soft. I fully planned on making this experience last for us. It would be our first time. There is only one first time and I was going to make the most of it.

She began to realize what she should do to make me feel good so I let go of her hand and while she stroked me I pushed back and forth through her hand.

“Oh baby girl that feels so good.” I told my sweet little Amanda. I lightly grabbed her hand and moved further up her body. “Baby I want you to lick and suck on Daddy’s cock”

Again she looked at me somewhat confused. “Daddy will help you baby just start by licking it”.

I held my cock toward her face as she tentatively stuck her tongue out of mouth. I rubbed the crease of my cock over it and gently pulled her head up. Holding my cock in my other hand I began rubbing my pre cum over her tongue. “That’s a good girl. Taste Daddy’s Cock baby. Oh your tongue feels so good on me. I want you to suck on it baby”. I was in ecstasy watching her lick me. My beautiful little girl was licking my cock. I could not believe it.

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