Daddy’s Little Girl

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Before the story begins, I want to thank you, Theron, for helping me write this, for keeping my imagination flowing, among keeping other things flowing as well;)

Daddy always told me to be a good girl; he said that if I were bad, bad things would happen to me. I am not talking about bad things that will get you sent to jail, I’m talking about bad things that a woman and man do together. Daddy said that all women were whores, and they were that way because they didn’t know how to control themselves. Momma, according to Daddy, was a whore, she left us, ran off with another man, and Daddy has always taking the opportunity to let me know just how much of a slut my Momma was, and how to avoid it.

Growing up in this world made me shy, and afraid of my father. He would give me odd looks when I was a child, and would ask me everyday, after I had started to develop into a woman if I was having sex. When I would reassure him that I wasn’t, he’d look at me suspiciously but say nothing more. I’m older now, 19, and though I still live with my father, I’ve distanced myself from him. He hasn’t gotten anymore strange, but I’ve become bad, the type of woman that Daddy hates, and I don’t want to let him down.

I couldn’t help it really, I had my first sexual experience when I was 18, and from there on out, I couldn’t stop it. Sex felt so good, and I thought that maybe a little of my mother had rubbed off on me, and I felt some how closer to her. Daddy still asked if I was having sex, and I’d still tell him no, but I really didn’t think he believed me, lying has never been a specialty of mine. I would soon find out that Daddy knew everything.

I was at the top of the stairs, about ready to come down them to have my breakfast, and go off to work, when Daddy stepped around the corner. I knew, somehow, that he had found out. His face was contorted with so much anger that I had to hold back a gasp of surprise and fear when I looked at him. He clenched his teeth as he began to speak to me, and he held something in his hand.

“Get down those stairs right now young lady!”

I trotted quickly down them, but stopped right at the bottom, I didn’t want to come anywhere near him. I saw what he held in his hands, a pair of my panties. I have done my own laundry since I was small, and I didn’t understand why he had them. He held them at my accusingly.

“What’s this?”

I jumped back at his voice.

“Answer me!”

“A pair of panties, Daddy. Why are you going through my things?”

“Don’t question me you little harlot! What’s in them?”


I began to cry; I had sneaked out of my house last night, ha imagine that, a grown woman still sneaking out of her father’s house, and went to a boyfriend’s house of mine, where we fucked for hours, before I came home. I knew what where in those panties; I had been too tired last night to wash them when I got home.

“Answer me child!”

“I’m not a child!”

Daddy moved with quickness that I never knew possible, and grabbed my wrist. He twisted my arm behind me and held me close to him. He thrust the panties in my face, and screamed the question again.

“Cum, Daddy, it’s cum!”

“What have you been doing? Have you been a bad girl?”


“Yes you have, this isn’t your cum is it? You haven’t just been up in your room masturbating with a pair of panties on have you?”

“No, it’s not mine.”

My voice sounded defeated as I spoke, and Daddy whirled me around to face him.

“You’ve turned out just like her! Just like that slut I married, but I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you how to be good!”


He seemed far away, his eyes taken on a far off look, but his mouth came down into a sneer that made me yelp when I looked at him. He didn’t say anything to me, but dragged me back up the stairs, to his bedroom. He sat on me after he threw me on the bed, and to my surprise brought lines of rope that were tied to the bottom of the bed to my wrists.

“Daddy? Daddy! What are you doing? Why are those on your bed?”

“I’ve been preparing.”

“For what?”

“For this. I knew my little girl was becoming a whore, and now I’ll teach you.”

“You’ll teach me what, Daddy?”

“How to stay loyal to one man, you little bitch!”

“Daddy? You realize that I’m your daughter, right?’

“You’re a whore. I was going to keep you. I was going to save you, keep you pure, unlike that tramp of a mother of yours. But you gone and fucked that up!”

“Daddy, what are you going to do to me?”

I wasn’t concerned about his ramblings; I’d heard it all before.

“I’m going to keep you. I’m going to show you how to love one man.”

“Love how, Daddy? I love you.”

“No you don’t. If you loved me you would have stayed true to me, but you didn’t. You went off and found someone else.”

“But Daddy, I can’t have sex with you. I’m your daughter!”

“You’ll do whatever I tell you to.”

“But you just can’t! It’s not right!”

“That’s all I ever wanted. For you to love me. I was going to wait until you were a little older before I took you as mine. I figured all my teachings had some effect on you, and that you would stay mine, but that didn’t happen, and now I have to teach you the hard way.”

I couldn’t believe it, all those times that Daddy talked about loving only one man, he’d talked about himself. He had always wanted me to become his surrogate wife.

“Daddy, you can’t do this. I’m your fucking daughter for god’s sake!”

He slapped me.

“Don’t curse at me!”

I looked at him wide-eyed, as he stood, admiring his own job of Ataköy Escort securing me to the bed. He nodded as he looked at me, and a hint of a smile came to his lips.

“I’ll be right back.”

He left the room, and I could only wonder what the hell he was doing now.

A few minutes later, he came back into the room. He stood and stared down at me with a strange look in his eyes. I noticed he was wearing only a pair of jeans. Looking up at him from this angle, I noticed for the first time how very well-developed his upper body was. His pecs were quite cut, as were his abs. He looked very brutish and not a little intimidating. And hot…he looked very, very hot.

He shook his head in a disgusted manner.

“Look at you. I can tell what you’re thinking by the way you’re looking at me. When did this happen? When did my little angel become a nasty, fuckin’ whore?”

I got control of myself and replied.

“Daddy, I’m not a bad girl! I’m a woman, and women are supposed to have sex.”

He laughed.

“Are they? Are they, now? Well, then, I’ll be the judge of whether you really are a woman, you little bitch.”

With that, he leaned over me slightly and put his large hand on the smooth, soft flesh of my thigh and began to rub it ever so lightly. Goosebumps quickly appeared, and I shivered with pleasure. He leered at my response.

“Do you like it when Daddy touches you, baby? Does it feel good?”

The way he said it made sound dirty. But I felt dirty, so maybe he was right. Maybe I am bad.

“Daddy please! Don’t do this!”

His hands tightened on my thigh, and I winced in pain. He brought his head down to mine, so close that I could smell his morning coffee on his breath. As his face came ever closer, his hand loosened its grip on my thigh, and move up. His hand touched my pussy; I hadn’t gotten dressed yet, and only wore a nightshirt that came down at mid-thigh. A whimpering sound came from me as his finger moved across my clit. His eyebrows rose up, and he did it again, making me whimper again.

“Baby likes that doesn’t she? You like Daddy’s finger on your clit?”

His eyes darkened when I didn’t respond, and he moved his finger again, this time leaving it on my clit, which was beginning to grow hard, though I was willing it not to. I couldn’t help it, though, he was my father, the feel of his finger was good. He moved his finger softly around my clit, as his mouth came down on mine. He pressed his lips so hard on mine, that my nose was pushed into his cheek and I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t pucker, I didn’t return the kiss, and I cried out a little when I felt his tongue against my lips.

He prodded my lips with his tongue, until he was able to separate them, and plunged his tongue into my mouth. Out of pure instinct, I began to suck on his tongue like a cock. His finger had begun to move faster and harder on my clit, and that feeling alone caused the reaction with my mouth. I felt and heard him moan into my mouth, and then he moved completely away from me and looked down with a sneer.

“See, that didn’t take long,”

He removed his finger from my clit and put it to my lips.

“Lick yourself off my finger, slut.”

When I resisted, he pushed the finger into my mouth. Again, I sucked as if it were a cock. I must admit that I enjoyed it this time. I enjoyed imagining I was sucking my father’s cock. I am a whore. A dirty, nasty, no-good slut. Why have I fought it for so long, I wondered?

Although he was still mad, I could tell my change in attitude was having an effect on my Daddy. He seemed to be in a trance as he watched me enjoy sucking on his finger. Absentmindedly, he began to rub his cock through the fabric of his jeans. Unable to control myself, I started watching his hand play with the huge bulge growing beneath it.

He removed his finger from my mouth, and uncontrollably my tongue came out to sweep my lower lip. Daddy took note of this, and followed my eyes to where the rested. A big smile crossed his face, as he looked into mine again.

“You like watching Daddy stroke his cock, baby girl?”

My head nodded slowly, it was as if I were entranced by the sight of his hand on his cock.

“Would you like to see more of it? More of Daddy’s cock?”

I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t control myself, Daddy was right, I was a big slut.

“Yes Daddy.”

He undid his pants, and stepped out of them. His smile broadened as he saw my eyes go wide. His cock was big; I would have never imagined that my Daddy would be hung like this, and to think my Mother left this man, left that cock.

He came closer to me, his cock inches from my face, and he looked down as his hand came back to stroke his cock.

“You little slut, look at you, you like your Daddy’s cock don’t you? Yes, I see it in your slutty little face!”

His voice had simmered down, but there was still anger in his eyes, anger at me for liking this, and he took this time to show me how angry he still was. He kept stroking his cock, but he smacked it against my face. It hurt, and tears came to my eyes, even though a low moan of desire escaped my lips. He kept cock-slapping me, with a big evil grin on his face as he did so. I tried to move away, but this only seemed to cause more anger in him, and his smile turned once again into a sneer.

“Why are you pretending that you don’t want it, baby? You can pretend all you want but, before we’re through here, you’re gonna be begging to have me slap you with this.”

With that, he took his cock and slowly traced it over my lips and cheeks. It felt so hot and firm. The Ataköy Escort Bayan fat, round head was a shade of deep red and felt both hard and soft at the same time. It leaked a trail of pre-cum on its journey around my face. I loved the way it felt.

“Ohhh, please rub your cock on my tits, Daddy. Please!”

He shifted his gaze to my breasts. My nipples were stiff and making little peaks in my nightshirt. He smiled and steered his hot rod down my neck and atop my shirt over my chest until he arrived at the hard little nub.

He pulled his fat, hard cock up against his stomach and released it suddenly. It flew down and slapped my inflamed nipple with a smacking sound, which drew a stifled groan from me. He did it again and again and again, smiling all the while.

“Ooooo…God, Daddy! That feels so good! Your cock slapping against my tit feels fucking wonderful!”

His eyes shot up to mine, and his smile faded.

“I know something else that makes little whores like you cream their panties.”

He moved his cock away from my tit, and moved it up to my lips again. He pressed the head against them, and smiled down.

“Open up that pretty whore mouth Baby!”

I did as he said, and moaned as I felt his cock slip past my lips. He kept pushing, and I began to gag as his cock reached the back of my throat. I looked up at him in alarm, tears swelling in my eyes as my face turned an alarming shade of red.

“Hush now! You’ll get use to it!”

I whimpered as he pushed harder, shoving the head of his cock past the opening of my throat. He stopped then, and began to thrust. Even though, I thought I was going to choke to death on Daddy’s cock, I could feel my pussy pounding, and getting wetter by the second. My sex now filled the room, and caught Daddy’s attention. He moved his hand back and down to my pussy.

“Just relax and breathe through your nose, girl.”

He said as he began to caress my pussy. I felt his finger slowly tracing up and down the length of my slit as I did as he said. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I heard him groan his approval as I started taking his cock down into my throat.

This made me hotter, and I began to shiver again. I could feel an orgasm forming deep inside of me. “My Daddy is going to make me cum,” I thought. That thought made the feeling even stronger.

He began to withdraw his meat from my mouth and, as he did so, I grabbed the head of his cock with my full, wet lips and began to work them around his big, purple helmet. I looked up at him eagerly. Was I performing well enough for him?

He seemed to answer my thought by pushing a finger past my pussy lips deep into my cunt. I felt him rubbing an area at the top of my pussy. I felt something grow taut inside of myself and a feeling of pleasure seemed to flood through me out of nowhere. I’d never felt anything like it before. Soon, I was moaning loudly and starting to thrash on the bed.

“Well, you seem to have a pretty sensitive G Spot. See, Daddy does know best.”

I moved my lips away from his cock and looked at him, my eyes wide with both pleasure and fear.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy, I feel like I’m going to pee!”

He laughed at this, and shook his head.

“You’re not going to pee, child. That feeling will pass. You must have had some pretty dumb guys fucking you, if they’d never found your g-spot before. Is this the first time? Has Daddy at least done something to you for the first time?”

I nodded my head, the feeling hadn’t past yet, but I trusted that he knew what he was doing.

“Yes, Daddy you are the first to do this to me, and it is wonderful! Daddy, you’re making me feel so good!”

He pushed his cock back to my mouth, and placed another finger inside my pussy. Both fingers now touching that oh-so-sensitive spot, and my body lunged from the bed. I practically screamed out in pleasure and the pressure that had made me feel as though I was going to pee left. I took the head of his cock back into my mouth. He looked down at me, both in wonder and desire.

“Bite it!”


“Bite my cock. Use those teeth girl!”

“I’ll hurt you Daddy!”

“Ha! It would take a lot to hurt a cock like mine. Now do as I say wench!”

I placed my teeth down on the tip of his cock, and looked up at him for approval, my body still shook violently from the pleasure he was giving to me. He nodded his head hard, a motion for me to keep going. I bit harder, and placed my lips around my teeth, I began to suck and nibble at the same time, and his hard, though, soft flesh between my teeth made me even hotter than I already was. My hips began to buck against his fingers, and loud moans escaped my throat, as I felt that familiar burning sensation way down in my stomach rise. I was going to cum, and it was going to be the hardest orgasm I had ever experienced. Daddy, decided that it was time to set my arms free, they were pulling against the rope so hard that they were beginning to become red. I sighed when I could move my arms, and brought them to Daddy’s hips.

I moved my mouth away from Daddy’s cock, in my passion I didn’t want to hurt him. I placed my hand, which looked so tiny around his cock, where my mouth had been. He barked at me to place my other hand on him too, and I did so. I jacked his cock off with a strength that I had never thought could come from me. My moans, turned into howls of ecstasy as he moved his finger along my g-spot. I looked up at him, I could barely keep my eyes open, but I was going to, I knew that it would make him happy.

“Oh fuck Daddy! Mmmmmm….you’re going to make me cum! Escort Ataköy My Daddy is going to make me cum!”

My words left, and though my mouth was opened, nothing came from it. My breath caught, and my face turned that awful shade of red again. I could feel sweat beading up on my forehead as my orgasm came ever closer, trapping me within it.

When I opened my eyes, Daddy was looking down at me like a hungry animal. I’d never seen that expression on his face before, but I loved that I was the one responsible for it.

“Mmmm, you looked like you enjoyed that quite a bit, baby. Don’t stop what you’re doing to my cock. You’ve learned a lot about cock, haven’t you, slut?”

He slid his hand off of my pussy and up beneath my nightshirt and began to play with my nipples, which were harder than ever before. He pinched and tweaked them as I continued jacking his monster of a prick.

Its shaft was so thick and had fat, purple veins starting and stopping all over its length. His balls were large and hung down very far. As I fondled his cock, they seemed to move around as if they were alive. But his cock, too, seemed alive. It pulsed and jumped to a beat of its own.

My favorite part was the cockhead. It was so round and firm and dark, like an apple or a plum. I wrapped my tiny fist over it and twisted my wrist over and over again. This just made his cock jump all the more. I could tell from the sounds he was making that I was doing a good job for my Daddy.

I couldn’t help but place one of my hands down on his balls, the size, the way the moved, made me want to touch them. I cupped them in one hand, while the other still worked on Daddy’s cockhead, and I heard another sound of approval from him. I kneaded them in my hand, pulling, pushing, and pinching them just a little. My mouth began to water, I wanted to taste them, I wanted to feel the texture, so unlike the texture of his cock, in my mouth.

I pulled my head up, and captured one of his balls in my mouth. I felt the short course hairs on my tongue and moaned as I sucked the soft flesh into my mouth. Daddy moaned again, which only made me work harder. I opened my mouth more and captured the other one. I sucked them both into my mouth, harder than I had his cock. I felt that jump in my hand, as I pulled my head back, stretching his balls, as far as I dared taking them without hurting him.

“Jesus baby! You know how to use that mouth!”

I smiled, I was happy that I was doing a good job, and that Daddy was being satisfied. I popped his balls out of my mouth, and licked them, moving my tongue all the way up the shaft and moaning as I got to the tip of his cock, and tasted the sweet pre-cum that had formed around the tiny hole.

I looked up at my Daddy and saw him tilting his head back and running his fingers through his wavy brown hair.

“Oh god that is so fuckin’ good, baby!”

I smiled and giggled.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“I want you tell me how you got so good at being a slut. Tell me, who did you fuck the first time? I want you to tell me everything…NOW.”

I balked at his request, but he quickly placed his hand on my pussy and began caressing it to coax me into telling my secrets.

I moaned before I answered, I looked straight into Daddy’s eyes.

“It was Steve.”

“Steve, the boy from down the street?”

“Yes, him.”

“How’d it happen? Come on tell me girl!”

“I had seen him that afternoon, we’d been dating for awhile, and I was still trying to be good. I told him I had to go, and he kissed me, on the lips, and that kiss made my pussy tingle. He must have guessed how I felt, because he took my hand and placed it on his cock. I tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let me. I could feel the hardness through his jeans, and it made my pussy even wetter. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “wouldn’t you like to see my cock without any clothes on it?” I nodded my head, I really did want to, and then he said, “Why don’t you come in. My parents are gone.” I couldn’t resist, my body was telling the rest of me what to do. I went inside with him, and we both quickly undressed. He asked if I’d ever given head before, and I said no. He didn’t seem bothered by it and placed his hands on my shoulders, making me go down to the floor. With his cock just inches from my mouth, I had the urge to taste it, and so I did. I brought my tongue out and I licked his cock. It tasted so good, and felt so good on my tongue. I moved my head closer and took the head between my lips, and started sucking, like it was a bottle. He pushed my head more, and more of his cock went into my mouth. He said I sucked cock like a pro, and couldn’t believe that it was really my first time. I wanted to keep sucking, but he pulled me up, said that if I kept doing it, he’d cum, and he wanted to feel my tight pussy. He laid me on the couch, and climbed on top of me. As gently as he could, he pushed his cock into me, it hurt a little, but I was so wet, that it helped with the pain. When his cock was all the way inside of me, I begged for him to fuck me. I wanted so bad to feel his cock push in and out of my pussy, I wanted him to make me cum so bad. He did so, fucking me, not too hard and not too slow, but when I began to cum I screamed out at him to fuck the hell out of me, to slam his cock into my pussy. I came so hard, so good, and with my already tight hole tightening even more on his cock, he announced that he would cum too. I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy, I was afraid of getting pregnant, so I begged for him to let me taste it. He didn’t refuse me, and moved himself up so that he was kneeling above my chest. He started to jack off, and I loved seeing his hand run the course of his cock. When he was ready to cum, he told me to open my mouth, and he emptied his load down my throat. I loved the taste of it, and thought that I was going to cum, just swallowing his salty seed…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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