Daddy’s Little Sweetheart

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This story has been written for digdaddyrich; I know the type of story he enjoys, and this is for him. However, I do hope everyone enjoys this story. All persons are 18 or older, when engaged in any sex acts. Just remember this is fiction!

Carl Bemis was what you would call your typical father. He doesn’t have the athletic built of some men; nor has he the smooth Tom Cruise looks, and style of other men. Carl did have one thing above all others; and that was the love for his daughter Cindy. Carl would give his own life up for her, if asked to. Cindy felt the same way about her daddy.

Carl had been married to his wife Betty for about ten years when she decided to leave him for greener pastures. Cindy was nine years old at the time, and “begged her momma to take her with her.” Betty told Cindy she had no room for her, and she was to stay with her father.

But Momma; “I love you, and want to go with you.”

It doesn’t matter, Betty said to her daughter with a cold chill in her voice. I have no room for you, I must go, my ride is waiting. Betty picked up her bag, turned around, and headed out the front door, she never looked back.

That was the last time either Cindy or myself ever saw Betty again. Cindy was devastated; she fell to the floor, and cried her eyes out for some time.

I picked Cindy up off the floor and rubbed her back, telling her that we will be alright. Baby; you and I will make a wonderful home for ourselves. “I love you Cindy, and Daddy will take good care of you.”

Our Story….

Let me tell you about my beautiful daughter Cindy; she is short, but built like the brick house. Lovely silky blonde hair, an ass, and hips most women would die for, plus a 34C on a 4’10” frame, that weighs 115 lbs. and beautiful blue eyes. When we go to the shore; I watch with a smile on my face, as men and some women both, drool over her beautiful body…

It was on one such occasion, I nearly lost her. It was a hot and windy summer’s day, and Cindy was swimming in the ocean when I noticed the waves become quit violent, and much larger than they had been. I saw Cindy having a hard time trying to get into shore as the waves kept tossing her about. Even a good strong swimmer, would have trouble in that surf. I waved at the life guard, as I headed into the water and out toward Cindy. I could hear her calling “Daddy,” and I knew; I just had to get to her or die trying. “This was my life, my reason for being.”

“Oh Daddy Help Me, Cindy screamed.” She couldn’t get into shore; and was getting tired, and it seemed no one has heard her call for help. Wait; I see daddy coming, “yes,” he is coming to save me; my daddy wouldn’t let anything harm me, he loves me too much. Cindy has tears in her eyes, as I approache her in the water. “Hold on to Daddy sweetheart,” and I’ll get you into shore.

I have my arm rapped around my Cindy; and in doing so, I have a hand full of beautiful young tit. Damn, I can even feel that eraser size nipple pressing against my palm, as I try to get my daughter back into shore. I’m starting to get weak, but I won’t give up. Just when my worst fears came upon me, a hand grabs my shoulder and says; “its Ok buddy, I’ve got her, you both will be all right.” The lifeguard showed up in the nick of time.

Cindy is thinking to herself as she lands on shore, how lucky she was that her Daddy was with her, to look after her. She also loved the feeling of his hand on her breast, and wants much more. Cindy wonders how she can think of things of such a sexual nature, at a time like this.

Cindy and I head home; this is a day at the beach they will never forget. I’m thinking about how I almost lost my Cindy.

Cindy is thinking about how she can seduce her father. Her young pussy is absolutely flowing with young sweet juices. That almost hairless pussy is itching like crazy, and she wants her Daddy to scratch it for her. Cindy and her girl friend Judy have played with each other ever since they got their periods. However, both girls are still virgins, and want their dads to take their cherries. Cindy and Judy both have masturbated with that thought in mind, over the last four years. They are now 18, and considered women, so they lay out their plans, for the seduction of their Dads. Both young women are very similar in stature. Except Judy has Raven hair and all most lavender eyes with only a wisp of black hair on her pussy. One thing you notice right away about both young women is their clitoris. Both have a clit the size of a man’s thumb.

Cindy and I both sit down to a light supper, and decide to call it a night. I tell Cindy Bakırköy Escort how tired I am, and really need some rest.

“Cindy says Ok Dad;” and heads off to her bedroom to lay in silence and rub her hot young pussy, thinking of Daddy. Knowing how good his hands felt on her breasts when he was pulling her into shore. Lying on her bed naked; she can feel how wet her pussy is getting, as she runs a finger over her clitoris. Right now she is thinking she is glad she put a towel under her, because she is cumming like a faucet. Still stroking her clit with her left hand, Cindy reaches down, and feels how much fluid has flowed over her ass hole, and now pushes her right index finger into the little pink orifice. Cindy; now explodes, and is having the strongest orgasm she has ever had. She screams; ” Oh God, Yes… Yes…Yes… Yes… make me cum again Daddy.” Her breathing is heavy and erratic, and her orgasms still are coming in wave after wave.

I was not quit asleep, when Cindy started her orgasms and I had heard her moan. Thinking Cindy was having a nightmare; I put on my shorts, and headed to Cindy’s room. I knocked on the door but did not get any answer, so I slowly opened the door to see and hear Cindy; calling my name, lying nude and masturbating. I could hear her as she cried out “Oh Daddy Fuck me, Fuck Meeee Daddyyyyy, I love you. Make me your woman. Fuuuuuccccccccckkkk I’m going to Cummmmmmmmm.” Both of Cindy’s hands grabbed the sheet, and I could see her toes curl. I knew she must have had one hell of an orgasm. Cindy started to moan; I could hear her say, “Oh Daddy, I love you, I love you Daddy,” I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

I started to stroke Cindy’s hair as I talked to her. You didn’t upset me baby, everything is alright. I had forgotten that I was in Cindy’s room, and she was naked. I just wanted to comfort my daughter, that’s all I had thought about.

Cindy’s breathing had returned to normal, when she opened her eyes to find me Daddy stroking her hair, and telling her how much I love her. “Daddy what are you doing in my bedroom, she asked me?”

Sweetheart you were moaning and it sounded like you were having a bad nightmare. So I came in order to check on you, and this is how I found you. I didn’t mean to scare you sweetheart. Daddy will go back to his room and let you rest. I kissed her on her forehead, subsequently headed for my bedroom. Damn; I can’t believe how hard I’ve gotten listening to, and watching Cindy masturbate.

Now I head back to my room, and close the door. Lying in bed, I start to envision Cindy’s beautiful body in my mind. Those lovely breasts, that sweet looking pussy, with just a little blonde peach fuzz on it; I could not believe the size of her clit. It looked like a small dick; I had never seen a clitoris that big in my life. I could not get Cindy’s vision of loveliness out of my mind. My hand was already wrapped around my cock, and I was stroking myself. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. The more I thought of my little sweetheart the more I pumped my cock, and now it is me who is moaning and breathing out “Cindy; Oh Cindy, suck Daddy’s Cock sweetheart,” make Daddy cum, make me Cummmmmmm. Then suddenly; I exploded like never before.

There was cum going everywhere. I had cum in my hair, on my feet; even hit the window sill, next to the bed. My chest and stomach were loaded with my sauce. I think I could have hit the ceiling if I had tried to. This was the best orgasm I can ever remember. I grabbed my shorts and wiped my chest and stomach off, dropped them beside the bed. I headed to the shower, to clean myself up. I hoped I’d be able to get some rest. I knew now that Cindy; will occupy my mind from this day forwards. There in my doorway was Cindy, standing nude watching me.

“Daddy, she says to me;” can I take a shower with you?

“Yes baby you can; and she walked over to me and placed her hand in mind, as we both walk into the shower stall.” Cindy reaches up around my neck and hug’s me, she kisses me sweetly on my lips. I bend over and return her kiss with my tongue inserted into her mouth, my hands grabbing the cheeks of her beautiful ass.

“Oh daddy I love you so much, I would do anything for you daddy, anything at all.” Oh daddy, please love me, make me your woman. Let me wash you daddy, and that beautiful cock of yours.

Even though Cindy is short, she is still able to reach my shoulders and neck, and the feeling of my daughter’s hands running all over my body is incredible. I was in total bliss; Cindy now had my cock and was stroking it with the liquid soap on her hands. Bakırköy Escort Bayan She could see the look of pure ecstasy on my face. Letting the water rinse off the soap; slowing stroking my manhood. Cindy now takes me into her mouth, letting her tongue lather up and down my beautiful fat cock.

Sucking in that pink head, that looks like a triceratops without the horns. She says to me I can’t believe how good you taste daddy. Cindy says to herself, I hope all the time that Judy and I practiced on our dildo’s pays off?

“I love the taste of you daddy;” Cindy tells me as she continues to stroke me and sucks on the head of my cock. I feel her young tongue slowly licking up and down my shaft, going over each vein. I’ve never felt like this over any woman; she is driving me crazy. My dick has gotten so hard, I doubt if it will ever go soft. Now licking the head; getting the pre come from my slit, Cindy tells me how good I taste. I feel like my whole body is going to explode. She now takes my whole cock down her throat. I can’t believe she didn’t even gag, she is unbelievable. Cindy kept sucking on my cock like a hungry baby on a nipple, she is fantastic…

God; she is making my balls ache, and I’m getting reading to cum. “Oh Cindy keep sucking sweetheart,” Oh Yes… Yes…Cindy… Oh God, I’m going to cum. I’m going to Cummmmmm… Yessssssssssssssssssssss… “Cindy!” Oh Baby, suck my cock dry, I cry to her, as I blew my load down her throat. Spurt after spurt, went down her lovely throat. I can’t believe what a strong orgasm I’m having. I’ve never experienced anything like this before…. She didn’t miss a drop. She swallowed the entire load; it was the biggest and best orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

“Oh Daddy;” you tasted so good; that I wanted every drop I could get out of that beautiful cock of yours. I love you daddy; I wanted to please you very much, please don’t be mad at me Daddy. I know how much you’ve given up for me. I want you to take my virginity. I have dreamed of this; ever since I got my first period. Daddy, please make me your woman.

I love you so much Daddy, I don’t want to be without you. “Oh daddy, I need you so much.”

“Oh Baby, are you really sure this is what you want. There will be no turning back once we’ve started. You must be sure of what you’re asking me to do. I do want you sweetheart, but I could never do anything to hurt you. I then start to place little butterfly kisses on and around her lips, then going on to her ears, then down her neck. Sliding my tongue between her beautiful breasts; I run my tongue over her half dollar size areola, and those eraser size nipples. I pay equal attention to both tits. Cindy is moaning and her breathing has become more erratic, as my ministrations feed the longing in her lovely young body. I squeeze each breast as I suck on the other, feeling her nipples grow harder if possible. Suddenly, Cindy grabs me by the hair and cries, “Daddy, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming Daddy.” I continue to suck on her nipple and run my left hand down over her pussy. I feel that clitoris is now swollen and feels like I’m rubbing a small cock.

Cindy’s pussy is dripping with her juices, she is as wet as I’ve felt on any woman. I now rub her clit faster and suck harder on her tit. She explodes, screaming; “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, I’m Cumminnnnng, I’m Cumminnnnng, Daddy, I’m Cumminnnnnnng.”

Cindy grabs the sheet with one hand and my head with the other, as I feel her whole body tense as she now is squirting her juice out of her pussy, and all over the bed. This goes on for several minutes. Cindy’s orgasm had to be one of the strongest I’ve ever felt any woman have. I’m running my finger lightly over her clitoris; it still feels as hard as my dick, unbelievable. I just can’t wait to suck on that lovely clitoris.

“Ohhh Daddy, what did you do to me; I’ve never cum like that before.” That had to be the most intense set of orgasms I’ve ever had. Oh Daddy; how did you ever learn to do such a thing? Daddy you just sucked on my tits and made me cum, what will it be like when you fuck me. Oh God I can’t wait, give me what I need Daddy. I want to feel that beautiful cock of yours, to fill every hole you can. My pussy, my ass, my mouth and my tits; I want you to fill all of them with that beautiful cock of yours.

I continue to lightly rub her clitoris as she professed her love for me. I started running my tongue down over her stomach into her belly button, then toward the full swollen lips of her pussy. I could now see close up the size of her clitoris, it was marvelous. I just couldn’t believe its size, as Escort Bakırköy I put my lips on her clitoris and proceeded to run my tongue all over and around it. I could feel Cindy respond to my ministrations, her clitoris became harder as I sucked on it, and I could feel her pussy giving out more of its love juice.

“Oh daddy, eat my pussy, make me cum again.” Let me suck your cock daddy, I want to taste that wonderful love juice of yours. I proceeded to sit my pussy down on my fathers face as he lay on the bed, then I fell forward to grab and suck on his rock hard cock. Not only did I want to taste his cock again, I wanted to give his beautiful cock some relief.

“Oh Daddy;” you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that you want me. I’ve always dreamt of being your wife, and to you use me anyway you wanted or desired. “Fuck me now Daddy… Fuck me now… Daddy, please make me your woman!

I could only succumb to her wishes. I tell Cindy to lie back, as I crawl between her lovely legs. I begin to run my tongue up and down the inside of her lovely thighs, taking time to kiss them and add little bite marks on each one. I slowly move my finger over her wet dripping labia, just to feel how wet she is. I hear my daughter give out a soft moan followed, by her calling my name.

“Oh Daddy… Oh Daddy… Oh Daddy”… Cindy cries; as I feel her body buck and quiver, knowing her orgasm is close at hand. Daddy; eat my pussy and run your tongue all over it. I need you Daddy please; suck my pussy, “NOW”!!

I grab the top of her thighs and place my tongue right on her ass hole, and run it straight up to the middle of her pussy. When my tongue hits her clitoris Cindy grabs my ears and raps her legs around my neck and “EXPLODES”. “OH DADDY,” she screams, as the orgasm pulsates through her body.

I can’t believe how strong an orgasm Cindy had. I’ve never been with anyone who has cum like she just did. I crawl between her thighs and place the head of my cock at her opening. I tell her there will be a little pain and then the pure pleasure that see wants.

I push the head of my cock into Cindy’s wet hole. She moans as her pussy stretches to accommodate my cock. I feel the hymen, as I push forward then stop, as I now withdrawal slightly. “I love you Cindy,” I say to her and ram my cock home; breaking her cherry in the process.

Cindy screams, “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddyyyyyyy,” the pain is gone and your cock feels so good inside of me. Fuck me now Daddy, fuck me now I want to feel you cum in me. “Oh God I can’t believe how good this feels.”

I start a slow steady pumping of my cock into her; I feel her pussy grab my cock. Cindy is so wet, that my cock glides into her like a knife through warm butter. The feeling is unbelievable; Cindy and I are both moaning, as we now have a steady rhythm going, and her legs are rapped around my waist. I feel her pussy tighten on my cock, and she screams, “Oh Daddy…Oh Daddy… Oh Daddyyyyyyyy, I’m cummmminnnnnnnng!” Cindy grabs my neck and kisses me with such passion I’ve never felt before. Her orgasm has exploded almost without warning. This threw me over the edge; and my cock just exploded into her. This has to be the most intense orgasm that I’ve ever experienced. I could feel my cock shooting out ropes of cum, one after the other, filling my daughter’s young pussy with all of my juice. The pleasure is simply indescribable. I have no words for it.

We lay next to each other as we try to catch our breathes; letting our breathing come back to normal, Cindy moans.

“Oh Daddy,” I just knew it was going to be marvelous, and it really was. “I love you Daddy so very much.” This is the happiest day of my life, a day I’ll never forget it. I could feel my daddy’s semi-erect cock, and knew I wanted more of it. I kissed my way down over his chest than the stomach until I came to his beautiful cock. Both our juices covered his pubic area and cock, even a little blood from my hymen. I grabbed his cock taking the head into my mouth and licked all around the head. “Damn we taste good;” I love the taste of our combined juices.

“Carl; I became hard again,” Cindy climbed on top saying she was going to ride me for as long as she can. When she sunk her pussy down on my cock, I looked into her lovely blue eyes and just smiled. I said to myself, Carl it’s only going to get better. “This is going to be the best day of my life”!!!

Cindy’s Cell phone___Helloooo Judy…

“Hi Judy,” I say to her.

“Hello Cindy, what have you been doing?” Judy says to me.

“My father,” I say to her.

Judy shouts into the phone, “WHAT” are you kidding me?

I tell her “NO,” and she says I can’t wait to see you.

“Judy says to me;” Oh Cindy, you are such a slut, and I can’t wait to hear all of the juicy details.

“I know baby, and now it’s your turn!” Cindy says to her. I’ll see you tomorrow…..

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