Daddy’s Piss Receptacle

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My fuckbuddy always liked to try new things. He always had some new twist or kink to add to a session. It’s like every time I arrive at his place he’s got something new to do to/at/on/with me. I think he concocts new ideas between each meeting, like he has a notebook full of dirty thoughts somewhere.

“Mmmm… my dirty daughter likes licking my cock clean, hm?” He asked, relaxing on the couch with my mouth wrapped around his dick head.

“Mhm!” I replied, releasing his cock with a satisfying *pop!*

I was dressed fully in girls clothes. Long blonde wig hanging down my back, bangs tucked neatly behind my ears. Short-sleeved t-shirt with a comfy bra and fake boobs underneath (perky little tits, a squishy handful but nothing more). Tight jean shorts and a pair of old, red converse sneakers. It was a very casual outfit but the neat, dark make-up gave it a punk aesthetic that made me feel very attractive and very fuckable. I was smooth and passable, every girlboy’s dream.

I continued licking his tool like a lollipop, looking into his eyes as he gave me that knowing smirk.

“You like to be dirty, though, right? I’ve felt the way you eat my asshole. You’re a dirty cunt.” he asked, rhetorically.

“Yes Daddy.” I replied, anyway.

“I have a new idea… you want my piss?” he asked authoritatively. I think he wants to have a firm hand with his fuckdaughter, but really he knows I’ll be willing to do pretty much anything when I’m horny like this.

“You want me to drink you piss, Daddy?” I asked, sitting up to attention.

“Not quite.” he said deviously. He leaned in closer, holding my face in one hand. He squeezed my cheeks gently so my mouth escort fatih did a pouty kissy face. He smiled. “I’m going to fill your ass up.”

Before I could react, he shot up to his feet, grabbed my hips, and forced me face down onto the bed. Reaching under my hips, he unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. My cotton panties didn’t follow them down, instead my daddy pinched the fabric between my buttcheeks and pulled them to the side, holding them there as my asshole squeezed tight, flinching in the air.

“Up! Doggy. I’m not just going to piss into your un-fucked ass, it’ll go everywhere. I’m not going to make a mess, so you need to be still, Honey.”

I arched my back down and lowered my shoulders to the bed so my ass would be pointing nice and high and vertical for Daddy.

I felt a warm, wet glob hit my boy pussy. Spit to prepare me. I’ve been fucked by this man often enough that we don’t have to start with the lube and fingers anymore. I felt his pre-sucked cock press against my entrance. I relaxed, and felt him invade me, slowly, centimeter after centimeter. This time it was different though. I was expecting him to slowly pull out, then back in, then we’d be fucking like Daddy and Daughter should!

Instead, he pushed the head of his cock in until it locked. My butthole tightened at the base of his head, creating a seal. Then I could feel it.

Daddy moaned contentedly as he released the floodgates. I’ve never felt warmth like it. I could feel my ass being filled like an enema, but the warmth and source of the fluid turned me on so much I started leaking pre-cum in my panties. But that was the only thing I was leaking. güngören escort Every drop of pee was caught inside of my body.

As he finished, Daddy paused momentarily, and pressed against his taint (to squeeze out all the last drops of piss). As he pulled his cock head out of my ass, I held very, very still. Then it happened. I felt something press against my pussy the microsecond his cock left me.

“Not a drop.” Daddy instructed me. He was plugging me up with a buttplug!

So there I was; standing at the front door, fully dressed like a girl, with a special buttplug sealing in a healthy supply of my Daddy’s piss in my ass, my booty shorts and panties holding everything in place. And I was about to go into public on his orders! Luckily it was night time, and very dark out, but still!

“Don’t worry, you’re just going to the shop on the corner. Just get some milk. And remember, I want all of that piss held in there when you get back.”

I’ve never been turned on by humiliation, but standing there, in the shop, as the man behind the counter counted my change… I was squirming with horniness.

“35 pence change… you want anything else, hun?” asked the shopkeeper.

“Ummm…” I replied, awkwardly, looking up at him from through my bangs. He was smiling at me! A dirty old man, just how i like them. I smiled back, awkwardly still. If only he knew what was going on… downstairs.

Back in the safety of the house, hurriedly closed the door, and exhaled 15 minutes of tension away. WOOPS! I squeezed my butthole tight again, afraid the momentary lapse would fail my challenge!

I walked through into the kitchen to put the bağcılar escort milk away, and Daddy was there waiting for me. There in the middle of the room sat a small bucket on top of a couple of towels. Daddy took the milk from me, and simply gestured for me to take my position. Daddy pulled down my shorts, and my panties, and took them right off this time. He inspected me.

“Looks dry, congratulations Honey.” He gestured me down onto my knees. I positioned myself over the receptacle, hovering above it tentatively. I looked up at Daddy, and he nodded for me to start. I reached down between my legs and grasped the hilt of the plug. I slowly started to pull it out, taking extra care to catch the piss that would come shooting out into the bucket. It came out with a wet *shlop* and my Daddy’s piss came pouring out of me with abandon. It felt incredible to release all the pressure from me. I sighed with relief as it filled the bucket up and up and up. I jiggled my butt and giggled as the last few drops fell with satisfying *bloops* into the water.

I looked up at Daddy, smiling, as I had completely my dirty challenge. He smiled down at me. He grabbed the bucket and held it up to me to look at. I smelled it deeply, as the dirty smell made my girlcock rock hard.

“Drink up”

I gasped, but only with my eyes, as Daddy had grabbed my cheeks again and held the piss up to my lips.

He tipped it slowly into my mouth. It came pouring out into my open mouth.

I quickly tried to lower my tongue and start drinking the fluid as it slid down my mouth.

It was so warm and smelly but I loved this moment so much I grabbed the bucket from Daddy and held it aloft myself, drinking from the pale hungrily. I chugged my Daddy’s piss almost completely. Some of it spilled over my lips and face, and down onto my tits. Daddy simply stood back and admired me, jerking off as I quaffed his pee.

Daddy’s little piss receptacle.

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