Dahska’s Trial Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Broken

Her mouth pushed open filled overflowing with pee. ” Drink up whore.” The three men pulled their cocks from her mouth. She held it all in and gulped it down.

” Thanks guys I needed that, ” They laughed and one kicked the club in her ass up so far it could not be seen.

” Oh shit it hurts take it out please, ” She put a hand on her ass but could not reach the club.

” No. ” and the men walked away.

Ashley was on her knees sucking at the ass of the giant lord. “Good lord master do you ever clean back here. ” Her tongue covered in shit. Her nose pressed in his crack.

“Shut the fuck up and clean me inside now. ” The massive hand of the giant lord pressed her head in to his ass. His anal ring stretched and her head was in his ass. She licked his ass as he pulled and pushed her in and out of his ass. Her hair was wiping the shit from his ass walls as her tongue flicked peace’s into her mouth.

“Oops I gotta shit. ” The giant warned Ashley but her ears were covered in shit so she didn’t hear him. She felt it as he pushed her harder up his ass the thick shit smashing around her head in her eyes and mouth.

“Oh Gods, Yes. ” Ashley was frigging herself as she cleaned his nasty ass.

He pulled her out and laid her on the floor. She spread her legs and he rubbed his cock up and down her cunt. He slapped his cock in to her clit. She cried out as he sank his cock in her cunt. He fucked her hard.

“Ooh huh do it fuck me you big stud. ” Ashley faked her way through his humping. Praying that Brawlen would find the relic before this big fucker was done with her.

“Where the fuck would he hide it? ” Brawlen looked everywhere he cold think of.

“Look at me bitch. ” The giant lord grabbed her face and spit on her. “Clean your face off. “

Ashley rubbed his spit over her Bostancı Escort face wiping some of the shit away. Her blue skin streaked with brown. She looked up at him with her now cleared eyes.

“That is better now you can see me. ” He groped her breasts and pounded her cunt. He had no passion. He just rammed her till he came. He stayed inside her till he went soft. He pissed in her cunt filling her. He then made her clean his cock with her mouth.

“There it is. ” Brawlen had found the giant’s relic and left his hut returning to where Ashley said she would meet him.

“Where is my mead mug.” The giant trashed his hut looking for it.

“Do you want my to leave? ” Ashley faked innocence.

“Go whore, Leave now. ” The giant dismissed her

“Did you get it Brawlen. ” Ashley asked holding her sore pussy.

“Yes, Things fucking heavy. ” He said as he held up the golden mug.

Dahska felt the two clubs in her cunt move and thought someone was pulling them out. Whoosh her full cunt felt heavy. She looked up and saw a young woman her age shiting in her cunt and pounding the shit in with the clubs.

” Dahska your a whore, A slut, A stupid piss gulping cunt. ” The girl spat on her face.

” Yes, I am and your shiting in me so that makes you… ” Dahska was grinding her cunt into the girl ass. Smearing shit all over the girl’s ass.

” Me I am nothing like you I am a virgin. ” The red headed girl screeched. Her face turning as red as her hair.

” Bullshit your ass is huge and all that shit in my cunt flowed too easy. You have been fucked in the ass. ” Dahska was pushing the girl off her. When the girl stood up. Dahska ass fell to the ground as the redheaded girl stood over Dahska’s head.

” Ass fucking is not sex, See I still have my maidenhood. ” She thrust her pussy in Dahska’s Kadıköy Escort face and with a loud fart shit right in her mouth rubbing her ass all over Dahska’s face smearing shit in her eyes and nose. Dahska bit in to the girl’s clit and she pissed. Drinking it down to wash out the shit Dahska formed a plan to free this woman and herself. Dahska pulled the girls ass cheeks apart and slid her hand up the shit covered passage. The girl looked down wide eyed and Dahska was smiling. Pushing harder Dahska’s arm was up to the elbow in the girl ass.

“More Dahska now. ” Dahska pulled the girls clit, Slid her arm out of the girls ass. The girl’s ass was trembling she was so close to cumming.

“No put it back, ” The girl craved the fullness in her ass. she was on the verge of tears.

” First you must lick it, ” Dahska moved her fist to the girl’s mouth. The smell of her shit filled her nose.

” But I have never ate my own shit, ” The girl knew she would eat it she just wanted to be made to. She was licking her lips in anticipation. She had cleaned the cocks that fucked her ass many times and loved her musky taste.

” You want it back in your ass, Start eating. ” The girl looked at the thick shit covering Dahska’s arm, Leaned in and put it in her mouth. Um umm she sucked the shit off Dahska’s fingers. Making sure to get it all.

” Do you like your shit? ” Dahska asked while ramming her fist in the girl’s mouth. The girl was gagging as she shook her head yes.

” Do you want me to fuck you pussy with my hand? ” Dahska was panting. As she pulled her hand from the girl’s mouth.

” Yes.” Dahska did not wait for her to realize what she said. Forcing her hand in the girls cunt and pushed it right past her hymen all the way up to her elbow.

“Oh fucking … oh going to oh so much oh crap, ” The girl lost Göztepe Escort all control and pissed cum all over Dahska. Who took it with an open mouth. Drinking it down she rubbed the rest into her skin.

“That all you got.” Dahska taunted her. Ugh the girl let loose the biggest turd it hung down to Dahska lips some sixteen inches below her ass. It did not brake off just hung there like a cock and Dahska wrapped her lips around it and sucked it down her throat. All 16 inches and when her mouth touched ass she hummed and the girl came, passing out face down in Dahska’s cunt.

“Wake up bitch.” Dahska pissed in the girls face. Her eyes opened to the burning sting of urine. She opens her mouth to talk and it filled with the amber liquid. The fiery headed girl swallowed the mouthful and loved it.

“No one has ever done that to me. ” The girl had fallen in love with Dahska. “Please let me get you out of here, ” Her eyes full of lust. Never had the girl’s lovers brought her to climax. They would just fuck her ass and cum in her mouth then leave her wanting more. She knew now that would never happen again she would get off and would only drink piss and eat the shit of those that loved her.

“Yes, OK do what you can um, ” Dahska felt bad using this girl but she had no other plan.

“What is it Dahska, ” The girl getting close to Dahska. The girl played with Dahska’s breasts.

“Oh lover I don’t even know your name. ” Dahska did care for her even if she was using her, And the girl’s rubbing was stoking a fire in her cunt.

“Dahska you have broken me of my old life, So my old name holds no meaning. Now call me Amber for your liquid of truth has set me free. ” Amber was crying tears of happiness. She had found strength in herself thanks to Dahska.

“Amber go now, Come back to me when you can free me. ” Dahska knew it was a slim hope the girl could help but it was a start. And she wouldn’t stop trying to free herself.

“I will. ” As Amber left Dahska’s side a group of seven ninja tribes men appeared out of thin air and took their turn.

Not the end.

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