Dana and Mark: Fantasy Finally Becomes Reality

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Dana and Mark: Fantasy Finally Becomes RealityDana was surprised and also intrigued when Mark, her husband of nearly 20 years, shared his fantasy of seeing Dana have sex with another man. Dana had been with lots of men before settling down, but at 48 and after raising two k**s she assumed those days were over. She worked hard to stay toned, though, and her 36E breasts had always gotten lots of attention, which Dana would admit she enjoyed and sometimes encouraged. Still, even though Mark kept bringing it up, Dana wasn’t sure he was serious about his fantasy. So, one night during sex Dana told him she would do it if he really wanted her to. When Mark assured her that he did (and Dana felt his cock get rock hard when he said he wanted it), Dana began to think about it more often. Then, at a boat show a few weeks ago, Dana was flirting with a sexy young boat salesman named Brad. As part of his sales pitch, Brad invited Dana and Mark out on his personal boat to see how they liked it, and Mark agreed to would call Brad to arrange it. Every time Dana and Mark had sex after that, Mark brought up Brad’s name and they role-played Dana fucking the young hunk on the boat.It was the day of the boat trip. Dana was on edge as she got ready, but she kept telling herself that probably nothing would happen. Brad had definitely flirted with her at the boat show, but she was at least 20 years older than him, and Dana could not imagine how things might get around to them hooking up with her husband on the boat. Still, Dana noticed her nipples were erect as she put on the skimpy bikini she bought earlier that week, her first new bikini purchase in two years. Dana liked how she looked and felt in her new suit and was twirling slowly in front of the mirror, when she was startled by her husband’s voice: “Oh fuck, you look amazing babe,” Mark said, walking into the bedroom. Dana turned and was excited by the lustful look on his face. “Do you really think so?” Dana asks, fishing for more compliments. “God, yes,” he said, now running his hands over her breasts, ribs and back as they kissed deeply. “No guy could possibly resist you. I think today may be the day,” he said as his hands cupped and squeezed her ass and grinded his hard cock into her. “Down tiger,” Dana whispered. “I need to save myself for my new boyfriend,” she teased. “Oh baby, are you a little slut?” Mark asked. “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” Dana said, rubbing Mark’s stiff cock through his shorts. “But we better get going,” Dana said as her husband moaned. As Dana finished getting ready and strapped on her sexy wedge sandals, she could not ignore the moistness between her legs. When they arrived at the marina, Dana’s tummy fluttered when she saw Brad on the boat wearing a tight t-shirt, khaki boating shorts, and dark sunglasses. Dana’s eyes drank in his muscular and tan arms and legs as he worked on board. When Brad saw them, he jumped on to the dock and shook hands with Mark, before smiling at Dana and saying, “Wow, you are more beautiful than I even remembered.” He hugged Dana close and tight pulling her boobs against his torso. Dana sighed as Brad’s strong arms enveloped her. He held the embrace longer than a friendly hug, before taking her hand in his and saying to both of them, while looking toward Dana, “Permission to come aboard.” Brad held Dana’s hand firmly as she stepped on to the boat. Dana imagined Brad’s eyes behind his mirror shades taking in her body, and it felt good to think that a young guy was ogling her.Brad poured frozen daquiris as soon as they were on board, and Dana’s nerves caused her to drink hers quickly. Brad was quick to serve her a second while Mark was only halfway through his first. By the time Mark finished his drink, Brad had the boat ready to go, and he refilled both of their glasses. Dana was already feeling the effects of the alcohol, and taking the third daquiri she said, “You are going to get me drunk Captain.” Brad flashed his gorgeous smile and said, “No worries, Ma’am, just relax and leave everything to me.” “Aye, aye Captain, you’re in charge,” Dana said seductively. She had to resist the urge to run her hands over Brad’s chest and hard stomach, until Brad said, “Time to shove off,” and he headed off to start the day’s cruise. After navigating out of the marina, ığdır escort they had about 20-30 minutes on the open water before they would drop anchor. Mark was next to Brad on the bridge talking boat stuff and Mark even took over the wheel for a while. About 15 minutes in, Dana peeled off her cover and moved into the sun on the deck below. From behind her sunglasses, Dana peeked up at the guys on the bridge and saw Brad and Mark talking, laughing, smiling, and looking at her a lot. She imagined what Mark and Brad might be saying as she leaned her head back to get more direct sun, which she knew pushed her fulsome breasts up and out. Dana peeked up to see Brad looking toward her while Mark was behind the boat’s wheel, and she felt her nipples stiffen and poke against her thin top.Once they were at anchor, Brad served another round of drinks and some snacks. “Make sure to use sunscreen,” Brad told Dana. “Yes Captain,” Dana said, but she stayed put, soaking up the sun. “She never listens to me about that either,” Mark chimed in from the bridge above. “Well nobody gets burned on my watch,” Brad said as he rustled through a storage bin and came out with a bottle of sunscreen. As he walked back toward Dana, Brad peeled off his t-shirt and Dana’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of his muscular and tanned chest and abs. “You need to put this sunscreen on young lady,” Brad said, and the twist on their ages made Dana tingle. “Ugh, I’m way too lazy and a little too tipsy,” Dana teased. She then took a deep breath and decided on a game-changer, saying, loud enough for Mark to hear: “I always make my husband rub this on me, but he’s all the way up there . . . Will you do the honors, Captain?” Brad paused a second and looked up at Mark, who smiled and shrugged. Dana knew right then that today was in fact going to be the day, and she saw that her husband knew it too. Dana moved toward the front of the boat and laid flat on her stomach on a towel. She tossed her sunglasses aside, reached back to untie the string at her neck, and pulled her hair to the side. Brad began spreading the creamy lotion on Dana’s neck and upper back, kneading her muscles with strong hands, and Dana moaned quietly. Brad moved down to the middle of Dana’s back and then lower to the top of her bikini, rubbing the lotion in vigorously and feeling the contours of Dana’s spine and ribs. Brad’s hands moved back up and slipped under the string and knot tied in the middle of her back, and out to her rib cage inches from her breasts. Dana, now very aroused, turned her head and says, “You can undo that if it’s easier.” Brad looks up again at Mark watching them intently and sipping his drink, sand then unties the knot causing the bikini top to fall away, baring Dana’s back and fully exposing the sides of her luscious breasts. Brad lathers his hands and reaches around Dana’s sides to apply the creamy lotion to the sides of her big milky breasts. Dana’s mind is racing. She had forgotten how much she craved sexual attention, and the thought of this young, handsome guy touching her, and maybe doing more, felt validating. Dana also has to admit that she found it hot that her husband wanted her to give in to her lust. She strains to turn her head, without being too obvious, to see Mark, but she is interrupted when Brad’s hands pull her bikini bottom into a thin strip, exposing her ass cheeks. As Brad rubs the lotion on her bare bottom, Dana shudders and swallows a moan, and she reflexively wiggles her hips seductively. Brad’s fingers spread sunscreen between Dana’s ass cheeks, and Dana knows that the outcome is now inevitable. As Brad massages her ass, Dana’s legs open slightly in a well-choreographed dance. Above them on the bridge, Mark is almost in a trance. He can hardly believe that he is watching a man, more than 20 years younger than Dana, manhandling his wife’s body. Mark recognizes the physical clues that tell him Dana is sexually aroused, and he is aware that his cock is as hard as he could ever remember it being.On the bow of the boat, Dana’s mind is flooded with almost random thoughts as she imagines how big and hard Brad’s cock will be and wonders if he can recover quickly to fuck her more than once. Then she alternates between wondering ısparta escort what Mark would find most exciting and worrying that Mark might change his mind at the last second. Most of all, though Dana is proud and aroused that this young stud wants her to suck his cock and to fuck her. Her mind screams, “God, I want that so much.” When Brad’s hands move down to massage her thighs, Dana reflexively spreads her legs apart. The sun gleams off her bare back, now covered with a mix of sunscreen and some sweat. From above, Mark is mesmerized by the sight of Brad rubbing up the inside of Dana’s thighs until he is obviously massaging her pussy through the thin material of her bikini bottom. Dana’s hips move against Brad’s hand until she needs more. Dana moans and in one motion sits up and turns around. Her bikini top falls to the boat deck and her big, luscious boobs bounce on display. Dana’s hands frantically reach to undo Brad’s shorts. He gazes at Dana’s magnificent breasts as she single-mindedly works to free his cock. After unbuttoning Brad’s shorts and unzipping the fly, Dana pauses for a second before she pulls the shorts and his tight briefs down to his thighs. Dana’s eyes get big and she gasps. Above her, Mark watches from behind Brad and wonders what she sees. The look of pure lust on her face is overwhelming and Mark reaches to free his throbbing cock from his own shorts.Dana is flooded with so many thoughts. Brad is huge and thick, and his balls are big and firm. She glances up and realizes that Brad’s magnificent body is blocking her view of Mark. Still, she reaches with two hands to grasp his cock, and touching it sends jolts of electricity through her entire body. Dana deftly slides to one side and then to her knees in front of Brad. That makes Brad turn almost 90 degrees and gives Mark a view of Dana cradling Brad’s thick member in her little hands. Dana avoids looking up at Mark, afraid that he may want her to stop, and she so needs to keep going. She lets out almost a whimper and leans in to take this strange, huge cock in her mouth as her husband looks on. Brad’s dick fills her mouth more than anything she has ever experienced as more jolts of electricity run through her as she enjoys the feel of the amazing specimen in her mouth. Brad moves his hips, slowly fucking her mouth. Dana bobs her head, wanting it, actually needing it, faster and harder. Watching from above, Mark barely recognizes his wife; while he has never had complaints about their sex life, the woman below is purely a sexual creature. Dana is thinking the same thing. Feelings she never knew she had were flooding out; she wondered if her life would ever be the same.On her knees, Dana looks up at Brad, imploring him to fuck her mouth. Hard. Her hands grab his ass and her nails dig in. From where Mark is watching, it looks like Dana is trying to swallow him completely. Brad’s hand moves to the back of her head as he thrusts into Dana’s mouth. Mark hears Dana gag and cough, something he’s never known her to do. But, after a quick breath, Dana devours Brad again almost begging him to choke her with his huge dick. Instead, Brad grabs Dana’s hair to slow her down and then pulls her to her feet by her hair and forces her onto her back on the bow where she was when he was lathering her with sunscreen. Dana reflexively spreads her legs, quivering in anticipation of this gorgeous man fucking her with his amazing cock. Without looking up at Mark, Brad steps to his left while looking at Dana. That gives Mark an unimpeded view of his wife, on her back with legs spread, about to be fucked hard. It also allows Dana to look straight up at her husband. Mark is almost overwhelmed by the sight of his naked wife, her huge tits heaving with each breath, looking up at him with both of them knowing that Brad is going to have her completely and that is going to change things forever. Mark can’t help but look at her neatly trimmed pussy, her lips puffy and gleaming wet in the sun. He realizes he feels no remorse or jealousy; to the contrary, he wants this right now more than ever. Dana looks up and is relieved to see Mark with one hand on a huge erection. Her concerns about him changing his mind are gone. Seeing Mark watching, hard as a rock, istanbul escort Dana finds it amusing that she took so long to decide to do this. Had she known it was going to be one-half of this, she would have agreed to be a slut for Mark a long time ago. They both knew that, no matter how much Dana could be the sweet suburban working mom, and Mark the dutiful husband, for at least today Dana was a slut craving the biggest, thickest, hardest cock she had ever had, and Mark was a cuckold at heart. In a strange way, the moment is very intimate between Mark and Dana.Then, it is over. Mark watches Brad move to stand over Dana positioned between her splayed legs. He moves down to cover Dana, and from behind Mack watches Dana guide Brad’s thick tool inside her. The scene plays out almost in slow motion as Mark watches intently every inch of Brad’s impressive cock slide into his wife. Mark moans and squeezes the head of his cock to tamp down an urge to cum. Below him, Dana gasps as she feels Brad’s stomach against her, knowing he is buried completely in her pussy. Dana feels filled beyond what she thought possible. Brad begins an incredible in and out rhythm, fucking her slowly at first and then more quickly. Dana wraps her legs around him and then puts them flat on the deck to push back against him. She also begins rambling non-stop: “Oh baby, fuck me, please, so good baby. Oh god, you are so big, so good. I love it. Fuck your MILF Brad. I’m all yours. Make me yours. Whatever you want. Whenever you want……Make me a dirty slut. That’s it, your big cock feels so good baby….” Mark can tell Dana is talking, but her face is buried in Brad’s shoulder and he can only make out a few words. Her own words are so arousing that Dana feels an orgasm welling. “Oh, yes babe, like that, make me cum….Oh fuck yes,” Dana mumbles as her orgasm overtakes her. Her arms and legs wrap around Brad for security as waves of pleasure and contractions in her gut wrack her body. After a few seconds to let her recover, Brad restarts his assault on Dana’s pussy. He also starts sucking hard on one of Dana’s big tits, while his hand squeezes her other tit hard. Brad moves faster in and out of Dana until her wet pussy makes squishing sounds and all three can hear their bodies slapping together. Dana’s hands grasp Brad’s ass, and etched in Mark’s mind forever is the sight of her wedding ring shining in the sun against Brad’s taut ass as he continues to fuck Dana hard. Brad picks up the pace, his balls slapping against Dana with each thrust, and her legs are now open obscenely wide, wanting even more. Then, Brad grunts in a guttural tone, “Oh fuck baby….Fuck…..I am going to cum so fucking hard baby.” Dana, in full slut mode, shrieks, “Fuck, yes baby, yessss…..I want you to cum all over me….make me your nasty cum slut.” Mark needs to steady himself as Brad thrusts a few more times, pulls out, and straddles Dana on his knees. Dana’s hand immediately grabs his engorged cock and strokes him only twice before Brad groans and his body stiffens. With a deep moan, Brad starts to cum. The first blast sprays Dana’s tits and neck, the next is on her stomach, then one reaches her shoulder and her hair. Dana’s eyes are like saucers as another jet hits her chest and then two more on her belly. Finally, the rest oozes and drips on her lower abdomen. Dana is so turned on by the scene that a second smaller but satisfying orgasm rushes through her. Mark looks down and sees Dana, looking almost tiny under Brad and he knows she is now a slut covered in strange cum. Dana is still aroused and she shimmies down to take Brad’s deflating cock in her mouth. Mark watches Dana clean up the mess, sucking and licking the combination of her juices and Brad’s cum. “What a good whore, my wife is,” Mark thinks as he tenses and strokes himself to an intense orgasm, spraying cum all over the bridge, processing the sight of his just-fucked wife still servicing the young stud who just fucked her. As Brad is only semi-hard, Dana can take him all the way in her mouth. When she does, Mark sees Brad’s huge testicles resting on and over Dana’s chin. Dana is perfectly sated with this strange, new cock filling her mouth and balls covering her chin. Mark wonders if Dana remembers he is even there. Or if she cares. Her nipples are still stiff and the cum on her body is now mixed with the sweat and sunscreen. Dana’s hair is a hot mess, sweaty and tangled, with a few drops of cum mixed in. Her nose touches Brad’s ripped stomach. To Mark, Dana looks both like an angel and a slut, and he thinks to himself that he has the perfect new wife.

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