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Subject: Dane part 4 No this is not me, no it never happened to me, no I don’t know anyone who it did happen to, I don’t know anyone by these names that it might have happened to. It’s a work of fiction, pure bullshit. Just enjoy it. We arrived at my place about a half an hour later, Dane having been fairly quiet during the drive. We went in and he commented on how the place looked, in an approving manner. I showed him the guest room where he could put his things and he looked at me, again it seemed, on the verge of tears. “I thought I would be able to sleep with you Cody” he said in a small voice. “Oh baby boy, of course you can. But I can’t force that on you and I think you should still have a space of your own just in case you need it”. I had moved to the bed, sat and patted the spot next to me. Dane came over and sat next to me, leaning on my shoulder. I put my arm around him, pulling him close and said “Sweetie, I know this has been a stressful day for you and I don’t want to add more to it. I just want you to be as comfortable as possible.” At that, Dane climbed onto my lap and broke down in tears. He said that he was worried about Leeza and the operations she had to have and his mom being in a strange town, and all of that. I let him cry him self out, rubbing his back and his head. He finally stopped crying but stayed for a few minutes longer, his face buried in my chest. My heart ached for this boy, not in a sexual way but for his feelings. I realized that love, honest and true, was what I felt for him. I knew I could never hurt him and would protect him with my life. “Look sweet boy”, I said, “it’s 7 O’clock, are you hungry yet, what do you want to do”? He nodded his head in the affirmative so we went into the kitchen. I drug everything back out of the fridge while I directed Dane to dishes, silverware and glasses which he placed on the table. I clicked on the 26 inch TV and we watched a mindless flick while we ate, talking very little. After wards, Dane helped clean up, learning his way around the kitchen in the process. We sat cuddled together on the futon and watched the movie to it’s boring end. Dane still wasn’t talking much so I figured that he was still processing the day’s events. It was getting on 9 so asked him what time he usually went to bed. He allowed at it was getting close to time (both of us forgetting it was Saturday) so I asked if he wanted to take a shower. He said that he did so I led him to the bathroom and pulled out a towel, setting it on the counter. I am fortunate that the previous owner had installed a large, double person shower with multiple shower heads and sides high enough to create a partial bath. I told Dane to enjoy himself and headed into my bedroom that adjoins the bath. Dane called after me asking if I would take a shower with him, and maybe wash his back, my response being drowned out by the running water. I pulled my clothes off and wandered back to see my Adonis behind the steamed glass door of the shower. I opened the door and climbed in. Dane turned toward me, water streaming down his upturned face and running down his sweet naked body to his still soft cock and balls. I glanced down at his beautiful boy meat, lengthening in the hot water. My cock started to react to the sight, which Dane noticed since he was looking me up and down. Giresun Escort “You have a nice body Cody, and I really like your cock,” As he reached out and gripped it. His warm hand felt so good and coupled with the hot water and his naked body, my cock went to instant full stand, all 7 + inches. I said ” Hey, lets get us washed before we start something ok baby boy”. I grabbed the soap and moved him out of the shower stream and began to lather him up. Taking my time with his back, moving down to his creamy white firm ass, kneading the cheeks softly with soap. I moved to his little butt crack and he automatically shifted his legs to allow me entry to his hole, which I did, gently soaping it up, rubbing my finger back and forth on it and lightly probing into it with my finger tip then moving to lather his balls from behind then moved back to his asshole. He had braced his hands on the wall and was moaning with pleasure at the attention that his most private part was getting. As much as I hated to leave I finished by washing his legs then turned him around to face me. My god this boy was soooooo gorgeous. When I first met him I thought him only cute but time was proving me wrong. He was a beauty and now this beauty faced me, his young teenage cock at full stand, almost against his belly, his sparse patch of hair flattened by the water and his young hairless balls hanging down between his equally hairless legs. I soaped his neck and chest, playing lightly with his small brown nipples, moved down to his firm belly, then getting on my knees, faced his maleness. I could not resist and put my mouth over that wonderful hard piece of flesh. Dane put his hands on my shoulder to stop from falling and I sucked on his boy cock for just a second then moved my mouth down and licked and sucked on his balls. I though he was gonna faint so I stopped, lathered it all up then turned him in to the spray and proceeded to rinse him off leaving no crease or crevice untouched, spreading his butt cheeks and using my finger making sure his hole was rinsed clean. After all I thought, my tongue may be there before the night is out. Dane wanted to wash me as well so he did, following the basic procedure I used on him. He paid the same attention to my asshole, my nipples and tried with my cock. He put the head in his mouth and tried to take in the shaft but having no experience, his teeth raked and made me jump. “I am sorry Cody” he said, “I didn’t mean to bite”.I chuckled and told him not to worry about it, there was plenty of time for him to learn, which he stated he was most eager to do We finished, got out, and dried off under the heat lamps. I dried his back for him and after completing it kissed both his butt cheeks with a resounding smack. We hung the towels up and before he could move, I picked him up in my arms, and with his arms around my neck took my young lover into my bedroom and dropped him onto my King sized water bed. He rolled and laughed and said “how cool is this, oh man I have never been on a water bed before this is way awesome”. It is a pretty neat bed, mirrors in the center of the headboard, stained glass doors on each end with back lighting inside the cupboards they front. Dane was opening things, looking around satisfying his cat like boy curiosity. I sat on the bed and Giresun Escort Bayan began running my finger tips ever so lightly across his back. He laid his head on a pillow and murmured in appreciation, wiggling as it tickled goose bumps onto his soft smooth skin. I moved down to his butt, snowy mounds of firm boy flesh, tickling under the cheeks as well as on them. I leaned down and ran my tongue over one and down his crack. As he shivered, he slid one leg over to allow me more access. “Are you ready to try something new baby boy”, I asked. He only nodded his head. I moved his leg farther over, kneaded the cheeks a little more and spread them open, allowing air and light onto the rosy pink bud of his ass hole. Moving forward I slipped my tongue between the cheeks and made contact. Dane jumped slightly at the new sensation and I went to work, licking firmly all around the little muscle, pushing my tongue inside as far as could, which was little, but giving the intended effect. Dane’s little ass was shaking and squirming as I slid down to the underneath of his balls. It was difficult to get to so I asked him to roll on his back, which he did compliantly. He nodded his head, green eyes glazed as I told him to hold his legs up and open and I got down, rolled him up a little on his back exposing his entire playground to my gaze and my mouth. I slid my tongue back to his ass hole then licked up to his smooth sac and back down and back up, and then down. He was moaning, “god Cody that feels so good, don’t stop please, oh god” and when I sucked those hairless balls in my mouth he drew air into his lungs with a sharp intake of breath. I rolled his balls around in my mouth, taking care to be gentle, the smell of hot young boy strong, heady in my nostrils. I popped them out and slid up his rock hard shaft and moving to his side, directed his legs back down and licked up to the swollen head. There was a drop of precum, which I licked up, tasting his sweet boy juice then plunged the whole cock into my mouth up to his balls. He put his hand on my head and thrust his small hips up ensuring that every possible inch of his boy hood was inside my warm mouth. I then took it out, and grasped his cock with my hand and started stroking him. “I want to see your sperms squirt this time Dane” I whispered. I licked and sucked on his nipple while I slowly stroked his cock. His breath came faster, his hips pushing, helping move his young cock in and out of my hand then yelled “I’m gonna cum Cody, here come my fresh hot sperms for you”. The first squirt jetted out, almost reaching my chin, a second spurt landed in his little belly button. I had moved my head enough so that Dane could witness his eruption. I slowly stroked his hard flesh, staying away from the very sensitive head and leaned down to lick up all his boy sperm from his chest and tummy. His breathing gradually slowed. “Wow Cody, that is the most sperms I have made yet, and I think maybe the longest I have squirted it”, pride evident in his young voice. “I think you may be right baby boy” I said as I lay beside him. He rolled over to face me, our noses only inches apart, just looking into each other’s eyes then he moved in for the kiss, which, I must say, he was getting much better at it. His tongue roved all over the inside Escort Giresun of my mouth, sucking on my lower lip as the kiss ended and he backed away. “Now it’s your turn” he stated with a mischievous tone in his voice as he grasped my cock and slowly stroked it. Unlike me, he was more interested in my cock than any lingering foreplay. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to bring me pleasure but more about being able to suck cock. He slid down to the staging area and slowly licked the swollen head of my dick, tonguing the hole and around the head rim. “Gosh your cock is so big Cody” he said, although it isn’t really. Just seemed like it to Dane. He put the head in his mouth and managed a couple inches before he started to gag. “I can’t get it all” his voice carrying a bit of disappointment. “Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get it, you’re doing just fine the way you are”. He kept on sucking, moving up and down, stroking my cock at the same time. He stopped for a minute to examine my low hanging balls, hefting them in his hand as though weighing them, then putting his mouth down there and licking them. He managed to get one in his mouth and rolled it around a bit before letting it plop out. He went back to my stone cock, moving the head and a few inches in and out of his sweet young mouth, all the while stroking it. I looked down at my young lover and waves of emotion swept over me. He was so sweet, so innocent, so willing and while it usually takes time for me to cum I could feel it building up and told him, “My sweet boy I am gonna cum really soon”. He didn’t miss a beat, didn’t stop sucking but didn’t’ pull me out of his mouth when he came up to the top. Within 20 seconds I was exploding into his young hot virgin mouth, 2, 3, 4, jets of hot sperm blasting into his mouth and throat so fast he couldn’t swallow it all. He got some of it down his throat but his mouth filled and it dribbled out the sides. Smaller spurts followed but Dane had to remove me from his mouth. He swallowed what was in his mouth and commented on the salty taste. I told him to grab a towel out of the storage area on the headboard so I could clean up the rest of it. He did so, but cleaned me off himself, being quite tender about it, treating my softening cock like fine china. When he was done, he lay beside me once again. “Was that ok Cody did I do it right this time, did it feel good for you, I didn’t bite your cock did I gosh you make so much sperms I couldn’t take it all and I don’t mind the taste really, I would like to do that again soon.” I chuckled a little. When he got on a run it was something else. I pulled him close to me, resting his head in the crook of my shoulder. “You were awesome baby boy, it was so great, I loved it and I love you.” He snuggled in closer, one arm on my chest and said softly, ” I like it when you call me baby boy. I like being your baby boy. I really really feel special with you Cody you are soooo awesomely kewl. We lay there a bit, basking in the afterglow and soon Dane was breathing shallower. My boy was tired, it had been a stressful day for him. I gently removed myself from under him and as I did he rolled away from me onto his other side. I snuggled in behind him in spoon fashion and draped my arm over his side. In his sleep he grasped my hand and clutched it to his chest. A turn of events is about to happen….of course, you should expect no less. It could easily mean the termination of the budding love of our heroes as Dane moves to Europe. Or is it that Cody has to rush home to his family in……..I dunno, how about Ohio. Feel free to E with comments hoo

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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