Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 04

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As I drove down to Long Beach Island my mind was reeling from the events in the past few months. The time spent with Rocky in the Poconos was the event that started all the changes in me. Until then I was the faithful dedicated housewife. Granted my marriage was not as solid as I would have wanted, my husband was too close to his mother. Since the Poconos I have had two other adventures one of which was a complete mistake and I will never repeat it. The other, well the other was part of the reason I was on my way to LBI.

I am a full time mom and consequently only a part time photographer and I try to get to the beach when I can to try to capture images with my camera. I am not an artist but I shoot what interests me and the results, so I have been told by some of my on line friends are very good. The last time I spent the day at the beach, I met a young surfer named Kyle and in an effort to avoid an oncoming rain storm Kyle took me to his beachfront house to sit out the rain.

Well we did a bit more then sit he and I spent most of the time in his home fucking. He was magnificent. I was surprised that a man of his youth could have found a mother in her thirties attractive but he presented a few hard arguments to prove his point. I got his point a couple of times that day and if the truth were told, I was hoping to see him again.

I wanted to get to LBI early so I could take the pictures I would need to ‘prove’ or justify my time away from home. I also enjoyed taking photographs and wanted to do so for my own benefit. Besides I figured the odds of ‘running into’ Kyle again were not all that great. So I again parked in my normal spot and worked my way down the beach. I may have moved faster then normal, anxious t get to the area where I had met Kyle, but I also managed to take some shots that I thought would come out good.

As I neared the area my stomach twisted as I saw in the distance someone surfing. I don’t know if my nerves were reacting to the possibility of it being Kyle or the possibility that it was not Kyle. At any rate as I closed the distance my nervousness grew wondering all of a sudden if Kyle would either recognize me and if her did would he really want to see me again. Those last few yards were hell I was close to turning and running when I saw the man on the surfboard wave and head to shore. I was unable to run now so I tried my best to quell my nerves and walked to where Kyle was coming to shore.

I gerçek porno was able to use my camera to shield my uncertain face taking shots of him as he approached. I saw through the viewfinder that Kyle had obviously recognized me and he seemed to be pleased to see me. I relaxed and brought the camera down as he came to me and said.

“Danielle, it is like an answer to a prayer that you came back. I have thought of nothing since out last meeting. How are you?”

“Kyle I have to admit I was unsure that you would be pleased to see me, after all at my age…”

“Danny, come on we’ve already talked that out, you are stunning and if I may say so great in bed. Sit with me and lets just talk for a bit. OK?”

I nodded and we sat in the sand. It was a gorgeous day and no storms to use as an excuse to take me to his home. Kyle told me how much he enjoyed our time together and that he had been hoping I would return. He and I then talked about our likes and dislikes and got to know one another a bit better. We also both agreed that whatever happened with us would be purely physical, friends with benefits if you will. And then he asked me a few questions that in some way excited me. He asked me to tell him what my sexual limits were. I told him that I did not believe I had many taboos, but that gay sex was a big turn off for me.

He then asked me if I was ready to try new things in bed, and I replied that fucking a stud surfer in a rainstorm should tell him that I am at least a bit adventurous. He asked me what I wanted from him today and I said, Sex. He asked me to trust him and then took my hand and we walked to his house. I could feel myself getting wet as we neared his home and by the time I was in the door I went in his arms and kissed him hard. He responded and soon we stumbled to the couch. We continued to kiss each other as our hands sought out buttons and zippers almost tearing each other’s cloths off.

I was pleasantly reminded of Kyle’s large hard cock as I reached down and took it in my hands. At the same time Kyle’s lips had reached my tits and his hand was working a finger into me. We did not need to prolong this foreplay as we were both ready and I pushed him on his back and sat down on his cock. I was once again amazed at how it filled my pussy and just sitting there I edged closer and closer to cuming. I was so hot and ready that I just started bouncing up and down on genç porno izle his cock and crying out.

‘Oh yeah Kyle let me ride that fat juicy cock of yours! Yes! Oh god yes.”

I kept repeating as I allowed my pussy to plunge down on his cock again and again. I continued to ride him only slowing when my first orgasm hit causing me to bite my lips and hold on as my body just shook in pleasure. As my trembling body eased off I resumed my attack and it was not long after that I felt his cock twitch in me and then enjoyed the bliss of his cock spewing his seed deep inside me.

As we rested together on the couch I thought I had heard a noise but then Kyle spoke.

“Danny I hope you are as adventurous as you say because my house guests have been watching us and would love to join in.”

I panicked and tried to hide but soon realized that they had already seen so much more of me already. As I looked behind me I saw three tall muscular guys naked with their manhood all hard and big smiles on their faces. This was a complete and utter surprise to me and I tried to think about it but all I could see were three more cocks and I felt my pussy starting to tingle and Kyle’s cock, still embedded in me, started to harden again.

“Danny it’s your choice here no one will do anything you do not want. In fact if you want them to leave they will do that as well. I ask that you consider the possibilities for you and that no one here knows you nor would you likely run into any of them anywhere but here. So what do you want Danny?”

I was considering all of his words and my pussy was chiming in on the debate with my mind. In the end I said.

“Ok but I get to choose who does what and where.”

And with that I pointed to the shortest guy and asked his name. He said Todd, so I had Todd come over and while I started to ride Kyle’s cock I told the other two to play with my breasts while I sucked Todd’s cock. As I sucked one cock and fucked the other I thought that this was a real slutty situation to be in and surprisingly that thought drove me on. There was no thinking after that just more sucking and fucking. As my pussy rode Kyle I was doing my best to swallow Todd’s growing monster. At some point in this ménage both boys became more aggressive. Kyle was starting to ram his cock up into my pussy as I came down on him and Todd had grabbed my head and was literally fucking my face. The pornography hdx porno industry always has everyone cuming together but in this case Todd shot his cum first, some went straight down my throat and the rest he sprayed on my tits.

Watching his cock ejaculate in front of my eyes sent me over the edge and I felt my pussy contract around Kyle’s cock squeezing him as he pumped up into me. My legs we shaking, my pussy was generating a lot of juice and with Kyle still pounding me, my orgasm just continued without peaks or valleys for a few more minutes. While I was still in a blissful state Kyle erupted inside my and left his second load of cum buried in my hot wet pussy.

I felt someone pulling me off of Kyle and placing me down on a much thicker cock. It did not go as deep as Kyle but it was stretching my pussy wide. The boy on whose cock I now sat reached up and pulled me forward and kissed me. I eagerly kissed him back and tried to ride his fat cock but I felt a hand holding me down. Before I could turn to see what was happening the fourth member of this group had lined his cock up and was pushing it into my ass.

I was not a stranger to anal sex but I had never had my ass and pussy being fucked at the same time. While my sense of right and wrong tried to have my mouth object, my brain forced me to just feel the fullness of the two cocks. When they both started to pump into and out of me, I was in heaven. The sensation was remarkable my hand had gone to my clit and I was busily rubbing that little nub as my other hand found my tit and was twisting and pulling on my nipple. I opened my mouth to groan at the wonderful feeling I was experiencing and was happy to find that Kyle’s cock was sliding in.

I know a reserved mid-thirties mother should not have been in a beach house with three cocks using her body at the same time but who always did what they should. I guess because of the erotic level of this threesome the guys in my pussy and ass came fairly quickly and the feeling of two cocks spurting at one another with only a thin membranes separating them was more then enough to start me off again. When Kyle came he elected to spray my face and tits with his cum.

I was left to myself for a while I guess so the guys could rest up. I spent most of that time with my hand between my legs masturbating at the memory of this morning and the promise of this afternoon. As I came, this time by flying solo, I wondered how much of this day would end up in my blog. As I thought more on it and as my orgasm was receding I decided that perhaps having my on line friend Kevin write this up as an erotic story might be better.

I have a feeling that he will keep this afternoon’s debauchery for another time.

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