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Danni the Door Dolly:-Jordans Surprise part 1 ( ADanni fidgeted with the collar of her shirt and wondered once again how she’d let herself be talked into this,her plans for a weekend of clubbing and partying in London had fell apart when Julie had answered the door to her flat wrapped in a blanket looking like death warmed up.”Oh Danni I’m sorry I tried ringing you to cancel but couldn’t get an answer” Julie explained through coughs and sniffles as they sat on her couch drinking tea. “It’s ok babe” said Danni “It’s not your fault I should have charged my phone,and you can’t help being ill.Don’t worry about it,so we can’t hit the town but I’ll do a bit of shopping and we can catch up”. Whilst putting on a brave face for her poorly friend inside Danni was gutted,she hadn’t seen Julie for nearly a year since she’d moved down south and had really been looking forward to raving it up with her mate and showing these cockney tossers how Black Country girls have a good time. The best she could do was salvage what she could from the trip,pick up some bargains and have a gossip with Jules at least it was a weekend off work.No sooner had the thought entered her head than Julie’s phone started ringing and buzzing on the coffee table.Whatever the call was about it wasn’t good news “Ok ok I’ll ask,let me ring you back in 5 ok?”. Slamming the phone down Julie turned to her friend with a sheepish look in her flued-up eyes “So what was that all about then?” Danni asked. “It was my boss down at China Whites,Suzy was supposed to be covering my shift tonight but she’s come down with this flu as well. And because it’s my shift I’ve got to find someone else or go in myself…….” Julie let the sentence trail off as she cast a hopeful glance at Danni.”Oh crap” thought Danni “I can see what’s coming,so much for a saturday night with no work!”. ” I know it’s a lot to ask Danni but….” Danni cut Jules of with a wave of her hand as she started her pitch “Look I’ll do it” said Danni “But only cos it’s you,what are friends for if not the bad times” she said with a smile that looked more genuine that it was. “Thank you,thank you,thank you” gushed Julie as she moved in to hug her saviour “Woah back off sickie” laughed Danni “I’ll be no use if you give me your germs,lets go see if I can squeeze into your uniform.”So here she stood outside China Whites on a chilly October night in a borrowed uniform working with a couple of idiots who could’nt take their eyes of her heaving tits that were straining against a shirt two sizes too small and threatening to burst out if she breathed too deeply.To make matters worse Dumb & Dumber insisted on calling her Brummie,even though she made it clear she wasn’t from fucking Birmingham,it was turning into a dismal night watching pissed up d-listers and hooray-henries with more money than sense stagger in and out of the swanky club without giving her so much as a glance. At least back home she had a laugh with sarıyer escort the punters and worked with a good crew who she’d trust to have her back. These prats looked as useful as a chocolate teapot and the stuck-up knobs coming in and out weren’t worth pissing on if they were on fire,then it happened, a pink Bentley Gt Continental pulled up and out SHE stepped.Danni’s heart stopped and the breath caught in her throat,it was HER in flesh! The woman of her dreams, who she’d spent many sweaty nights fantasising about was standing there not 10ft from her,it was like a dream.Jordan stepped out of her car and straightened her clothes,she checked herself out in the Bentleys tinted windows making sure everything was in order,because if there was one thing Jordan excelled at it was making an entrance. Her outfit tonight would have given a corpse a hard-on,the thigh high patent leather boots with 4-inch heels were a fetishists wet dream. The same Candy Pink as her ride they left a good 12-inches of firm tanned flesh exposed before reaching the latex hot-pants that clung to her like a second skin. Turning to one side she ran her hands over the cheeks of her world class arse smoothing out non-existent wrinkles purely for the pleasure of touching herself,giving the waistband a little tug she thrilled as she felt the crotch pull into her clit sending a pleasant buzz through her body. Even walking was a secret joy in shorts this tight and she couldn’t wait to get out on the dancefloor to bump and grind the night away,knowing every eye in the club would be on her. The look was completed by a “top” that in truth was little more than a fur trimmed bra,in the same bright pink as her boots and shorts, it pushed her legendary breasts together into a cleavage that had sold more newspapers and magazines than WHSmiths, “Mmmmm” she thought to herself “Good enough to eat” it was a shame Alex was away working but she was in the mood to have fun and when Katie wanted something nothing stopped her “While the cats away….” she giggled and headed off into the club.Danni bit her lip trying to get herself under control,watching Jordan touching and admiring her body was driving her insane,she could feel blood pumping through her veins as the world seemed to shrink so that all that existed was that goddess in pink. She let out a gasp, as Katie’s hands moved over the perfect cheeks of her ass and it took every ounce of self-control she had not to throw herself to her knees and worship that heavenly body,glancing round she was glad no-one had noticed how flustered she was as all the attention was on the glorious vision in pink. With the inspection finished Danni watched as Jordan strode towards the entrance like an Amazonian warrior princess,the closer she got the harder her heart beat until all she was aware of was the pounding in her ears and the beauty before her. As Jordan esenyurt escort walked passed her she caught a hint of expensive fragrance,then she turned her head and their eyes met briefly and as Danni melted with lust Jordan faltered mid-stride and held her gaze trapping her like a rabbit in the headlights. The moment seemed to last forever,electricity flowed through Danni’s body every nerve ending was on fire as she fell lost into Jordans deep brown eyes,then it was over and Jordan was making her way to the door. Danni never took her eyes of her idol and was admiring every lucious curve when Jordan stopped with her hand on the door and flicked her head round and their eyes met again,Jordan gave a shy half-smile and flicked her across her red pouting lips and Danni almost came on the spot then with a minx-like toss of her head Jordan was gone lost into the depths of China Whites.”What was that!” Danni’s mind screamed to itself,her thoughts racing at 200mph as she tried to make sense of what had just happened,all she could think of was those brown eyes,that sexy little smile and that tongue poking out between perfect white teeth licking those sensual lips. What did it mean? Was she imagining it? “No!” she thought “Calm down, you’re getting carried away,it was nothing.” she told herself but for the rest of the night her overactive mind plagued her with what-ifs and maybes that made concentrating almost impossible. Her hormones were racing and she was tempted to sneak off to the ladies and relieve herself but she was a professional and pulled herself together to focus on the job.Inside the club the music was pumping as the rich and beautiful of London partied the night away,Jordan prowled through the crowds like a jungle cat,this was her playground and everyone here knew it. As she danced amongst a crowd of admirers men and women tried to catch her eye but her thoughts were elsewhere more specifically they were on that statuesque brunette who was working the door. She thought she knew all the staff here “Must be new blood,I wonder if she likes to play?” she mused to herself,catching the attention of a waitress she made a few casual enquiries and came away with a name but nothing else. It puzzled the glamour model why the brunette was preying on here mind but outside when their eyes had met she couldn’t deny there’d been chemistry there,she’d felt that familiar tingle and a growing heat between her legs and all the dancing and flirting in the world wasn’t going to satisfy her,she wanted that powerful woman in her bed and what Jordan wanted Jordan got! Sipping her drink a plan began to form in her mind,a quick phone call to a very discrete and luxurious hotel secured her a room for the night away from prying eyes, now a little play acting and Danni and her beautiful big breasts and sexy hazel eyes would be hers.Outside Danni had just about managed to get to pull her runaway libido back avrupa yakası escort in check, “Damn!” she thought “Not such a bad night after all,if nothing else I’ll have plenty of fantasy material to keep me going for weeks.” she giggled to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the door crashing open and a laugh so dirty your ears would need a tetanus shot after hearing it,stumbling out into the the street came Jordan struggling to stand and with a dazed,confused look on her face. “How did she get so drunk so fast?” wondered Danni “She’s only been in there for 2 hours. Then she realised that Jordan was heading straight for her,conflicting feelings ran through her mind as the star of her wettest dreams staggered up to her,panic,lust and hope all fought with each other as Jordan halted in front of her and looked up into her eyes with a cheeky mixture of mischief and lust. “Hi it’s Danni isn’t it?” said Jordan with a slight slur to her words “uh uh yeah..hi” stammered Danni desperateley trying to keep it together as she breathed in the heady scent of alcohol,perfume and a subtle smell of woman that was coming from the TV star standing inches from her. “I’ve had a little too much to drink,you couldn’t be a darling and drive me to my hotel could you?” asked Jordan putting on her best damsel in distress pout. “Oh my God!” thought Danni “This can’t be happening,Jordan is asking me to drive her home!” Collecting herself Danni tried to form an answer but all she could focus on were those brown eyes,those full plump lips and those breasts that were straining against the sheer pink fabric of her top.”I..I..I’m not sure, I’m working” Danni managed to get out “Oh don’t worry about that dear” replied Jordan “The management here understand that their customers need to be looked after” she punctuated that last remark by trailing the back of her fingers across Danni’s hand and wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue. Danni was trembling now her senses in turmoil “I’ll be waiting in the car sweetie,do hurry” drawled Jordan turning on her heels and walking away giving Danni a perfect view of her perfect behind. Danni could feel her cheeks colouring and her nipples stiffening,her breathing was ragged and broken as she turned to Dumber (or was it Dumb?) and asked what to do, “Just go tell the boss and then drive her home,he’ll want to stay on her good side,she’s good for business”. She went inside and explained to the manager,grabbed her coat and the stepped outside her mind a mix of blind passion and maybe a little fear,what was happening? she’d never felt this excited or confused,things like this didn’t happen to girls like her,was she reading too much into it?Watching Danni leave the club clutching her coat Jordan smiled to herself,this was going to be fun,it had been a while since she’d been with a woman especially one as big and beautiful as Danni. At over 6ft Danni was considerably taller than her and was all curves just how she liked her ladies,she felt herself starting to get wet and sticky thinking about getting her hands on those amazing tits. If Danni thought this was going to end with just a lift she was in for a big surprise,little did Jordan know that by the end of the night she’d get a bigger one….in every way.End of Part One

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