dark desires at the brothel

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dark desires at the brothelmakin’ money is never a problem when you have my particular skill set. Don’t get you too many movie watchin’ panties in a bunch, I’m rated to operate any make and model of crane. Been doin’ it since my friends dad gave us the hook up for construction jobs fresh outta high school. but that’s not what this is about, my job has never gotten me pussy. Only one thing has ever gotten me pussy, and that’s money…The yellow Clam was originally a brothel for Chinese workers when building the railroad. Over the decades the residents have changed but the name stuck, it’s kinda a historical landmark, especially now that it’s a legal brothel again.when i arrive for the first time, it looks like a vicious stereotype of a Chinese restaurant because it is. I’m taken to a table and served really strong green tea and egg rolls stuffed with mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, and carrots, with a sweet chili sauce and Thai chili paste. The menu is an ipad that show the profiles of the 16 ladies working at the time, though only nine are available at hat very moment. now i’ll say right off the back, the two i was very interested in were not available at the moment. there were counters indicating when they would be ready, but one said four hours or so and the second said nearly ninety minutes. but it wasn’t like the other women weren’t hot so i moved on.I settled on Brittanie, a waif, girl like women who’s profile said 23 but could easily pass for younger. She was white; like she never got sun, with sandy brown türbanlı bayburt escort hair and eyes the color of the mud you played with as a c***d. She was wide mouthed with thin, lush lips and tits no bigger than my hands. She also had that ass that drives black guys insane. She meets me at my table for a bowl of steamed rice and BBQ pork. She speaks with an accent that I cannot place, and smiles a lot. we negotiate my desires and her time and price. Using a megaphone indoors seemed out of the question so I went with plan B. She seemed nervous, but i assured her, that if she had any doubts, i could talk to any of the other ladies, i don’t want her to do something she wouldn’t fell comfortable doing. But i also didn’t want her to feel pressured to do it for the money, and offered to just get a blow job and pay her for it. But she agreed and had to borrow the out fit from another girl. I wait in her room, decorated in the tools of her trade: thongs, a saddle, whips, lube, condoms, stuffed a****ls, balloons, feathers, and a tambourine. I’m sitting on the freshly changed and made bed sipping a tsingtao and finishing off a plate of shrimp potstickers then she walked in; a complete vision of my dark desires. She’s wearing a black silver and white plaid school girl skirt that ends 13 cm above her black knee high socks. Her white,short sleeve button up shirt did nothing to hide a light pink bra underneath. A black with red stripes ascot was tied at the collar. türbanlı bayburt escort bayan Her hair was held back by a black hair band. i also had her remove all her make up and put on a pair of non prescription glasses. Before she could say a word i grabbed her wrist and spun her face first on to the bed. Quickly i was behind her sliding my hands up her creamy thighs; exposing her hello kitty panties. I yank them to the side and shove my thumb in her snatch. She moans or yelps, i don’t care! That’s not what this is about! i’m not trying to make love, here 7 now.This is about decadence. About understanding some people have strict guidelines that we all should follow. PFUI! I don’t believe in their rules or rules in general save, “An it harm non, do thy will shall be the whole of the law”. There was a negotiation, consent, and payment. She knew exactly what I wanted and agreed to all terms. including the safe word of Bloddueuth.I pulled down my pants and rolled a condom on my 10 cm throbbing cock and forced it into her hairless quim. My strokes are as hard as possible, she’s making primal grunts that increase my tempo and lick her face. I shove my fingers in her mouth and fish hook it wide open and give her several quick hard thrusts for acoustic effect. I squeeze her still clothed tits as hard as possible and start calling her degrading names, Bitch, cunt, hoes, tramp, liar, whore; with each thrust. I pull her hair and work my other thumb into her türbanlı escort bayburt anus. I’m thinking how much i want to shove my tongue in her ass and I like it so much I fill the condom with my spunk. I fall on to my back. legs shaking with orgasm. we take a few minutes to rest be fore she gasps, “Well that was… any way you have 42 minutes left. what do you want to do now?”with out hesitation i expressed my one true desire, “i wanna shove my tongue up your ass!” She stands and takes the panties off, but I command her to keep everything else on and stand over my face. the upskirt views get my cock back to attention. she squats down and a lap at her cunt and lick her clit, but use my fingers to finger her snatch and lube her as with the juice & my spit (though she’s prelubed). She’s really enjoying it because within minutes I’m blinded my the amount of juice dripping out. Sightless i adjust my position on the floor so i can shove my tongue in her ass with ease. I’m literally forcing my tongue as deep in her rectum as possible, trying to explore it’s entire surface area. She’s making noises (screams? yells? cries?) that can only hear but not distinguish. I begin bucking my hips up to convey the message that I want her to suck my dick, which succeeds! Her mouth is warm and inviting. Her tongue tries to prove superior to mine in her ass, exploring every vein and hole of my 10 cm cock. I’m ejaculating, but so is she. i can hardly breath as she has become immobile atop me. I gently roll us on to our sides as my dick was still in her mouth.We take an extra hot shower together. I washed her hair, she gave me a sensual hand job and fingers my anus with various oils and creams that heated and cooled my dick. The kind of thing one can only get from an experienced sex worker. I cum so hard it hurts. We dress and share a bottle of powerade before she tells me my hour is up…

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