Darkest Before Dawn Ch. 02

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This is chapter two of the story of the same title; it will probably make more sense as a tale if you read the first part before continuing:

I was becoming more and more accepted into the life of the village. After my initiation into the ways local government worked round here, I realised that I was the first anthropologist in modern times (and maybe the only one ever) to have the option of studying such an unspoiled civilisation.

These people, who hadn’t got a name like all of the others tribes in Benin and who referred to themselves as The People – and to everybody outside of their tribe by the same title; who used sex as the lubricant in the mechanism of their society – for appeasement, for sorrow, for equanimity, for relaxation and most of all for pleasure.

Since the night of the first orgy that had taken place after I had been invited to join the villagers in the adult sleeping house, I had been asked back to the same place numerous times during each day. Everybody wanted to try out this new (seemingly) exotic addition to the village. I said no a lot more times than I said yes – my libido just wasn’t up to eight or ten such forays during each day. The way my friend Fayeye, the most open of the local young women, put it; being asked to get involved in a sexual tryst in their society held as much importance as an invitation for coffee in ours. A refusal wasn’t ever likely to cause offence.

However, now that I knew more of what took place within its confines, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the villagers seemed to take the time out from whatever they were doing for a liaison of some sort at least a couple of times during each day.

It was explained to me that I was being observed as a representative of all outside societies and that a decision about whether or not further representatives would be welcome was being deferred until they had a better handle on what we were like. Inside I knew that whenever they decided to accept other outsiders in, my sexual contact would almost certainly cease lest I be fired from my post for improper behaviour.

It was two nights after my first orgy that I was invited to my next during a bathing session in the stone-lined bed of the stream which ran through the village. Fayeye had started helping me in my twice daily public ablutions, and it was she who extended the invitation. I watched closely as she tried to explain something new to me in their language of words, sounds, posture and gesture. A celebration of some sort was indicated by the rapid rise and fall of both eyebrows in conjunction with a toothy grin. Added to that she held both arms down, with her genital areas surrounded by open hands palms facing out. The new sign included a rumbling throaty chuckle interspersed with the word ‘eutu’, a dipping of the head with eyes ending up looking upwards at you and the opening and closing of the left hand from loose fist into open palm, fingers pointing up… very Amerindian like. It was another enigma in a plethora of them that I was coming across in my observations of these wonderful generous people.

I puzzled over this new sign, asking for clarification of similar meanings twice before realising that tonight was the start of the annual celebration of the start of their settlement. Another tick in another box… a verbal rather than written history; I wondered how accurate it was in terms of dates… and how far back did it go?

Dinner was roast jungle pig on a bed tecavüz porno of sour sago served on a plantain leaf plate (the villagers’ idea of disposable crockery) with copious amounts of their beer, followed by a semi-fermented fruit salad with crushed nuts – also with copious amounts of beer. Once the food was cleared away and the last of the children had made their way to the larger of the two huge sleeping huts, the remainder of the adults and I made our way carrying beers and jugs containing more of the same over to the other hut.

Once inside, everybody took a place sitting against the long side walls of the dormitory; once we were all seated, all conversation stopped… one by one each villager stood up and told their part of the story of the village. My data recorder, sitting on the matting floor between my legs, caught it all… probably enough on that one recording for somebody back at the university to take a PhD on.

The tone was serene without being too serious… I realised that this repeating of the history in front of everybody ensured that each part of it was remembered correctly. A memory failsafe that seemed to have worked successfully for the villagers for eons, the telling of their history took almost two and a half hours, during which even the beer drinking was kept in check.

It came to an end with a great flourish of the teller’s arms, the sign for all of those present. Immediately everybody stood and embraced each and every other person there. I just stood where I was, perplexed by what was going on in terms of what I was supposed to do… and got hugged and caressed by each of these gentle people.

Fayeye was the first to embrace me; her shorter frame meant that she had to turn her beautiful face up to mine so that we could kiss. Her skin, as was all of the villagers, was the darkest of browns, so dark that it was only the closest examination of the most personal parts of their bodies that told me that they weren’t as black as jet. Her colour was so deep that she looked as if your fingers might pass through her as easily as they would through the darkness of the night. Her teeth and the whites of her eyes were beacons in the flickering torchlight of the hut and the deep hazel of her iris, pools deep enough to lose myself in. She passed beyond me and her place was taken by one then another of the people and then, eventually, she was back.

The second embrace was different – so different. This time her lips pushed hard at me forcing her teeth against mine, her tongue hammered rapidly against my teeth until they opened to her. Then it snaked into my mouth, enveloping and pulling at mine. She tasted of fruit, so sweet I would have been willing to swear she was partly made of honey. She pulled me to her so that our bodies meld, our shapes joined in a line from knee to neck. She ran firm hands down both sides of my back and over the curves of my bum, squeezing before continuing down the back of my thighs. Her fingers curved and her nails scraped lines in the back of my legs; causing ripples which run up and down making me feel as if my legs might just give way under the burgeoning weight of such stimulation.

Her tongue pulled mine out through my teeth and into her mouth; her teeth grip it and massage it, sending even more ripples of delight from my tongue down inside of me. I moaned and lowered my eyelids in an attempt to contemplate all that I was feeling; I felt myself swooning 18 porno as her fingernails scrape up each side of me from above my knees to the sides of my breasts before pushing between us to capture both my nipples in her fingers. She twisted and pulled at what she has grabbed; I manoeuvred her backwards towards the raised platform at the end of the dorm – she was as eager as me and tumbled slowly and surely backwards with me as the back of her knees came into contact with it.

I was on top of her, she is still pulling on my nipples and biting at my tongue and lips but as soon as her weight is taken from her feet she is pushing a sweat-slicked thigh between mine, and then started mashing her pussy against mine, shifting from side to side until she could feel that our clits are together. Nothing I’ve experienced up to now has prepared me for the bolt of erogenous lightening that coursed between those two sensitive organs and I screamed into her mouth as my entire body turned rigid. In an instant my first orgasm was on me. My shaking body caused more rapid contact between our panic buttons and the first was followed by another, which in turn gave Fayeye her first of the evening.

We broke apart to take breath, my body still shuddering and spasming as we lay side by side. I caught my breath, loving the post-orgasmic internal shivers that course from my centre down each limb to my extremities. I became aware of others around me and open my eyes to not one but two dicks being pushed in the direction of my lips; I pushed out my tongue and the two of them rasp back and forth against the top and bottom of it. I heard a swishing noise before feeling the slap on my breast. I ignored the cocks and half sat up… one of the older women had a hand full of palm fronds which rubbed their rough surfaces against my tit and nipple as she dragged them down my torso. Satisfied, I turned my attention back to the waiting men. I turned onto my stomach and lifted myself up so that I might go down on them both. Face to face I pull both erections towards each other and into my mouth; the foreskins stretched back behind such beautiful belled ends as I examined my prize. I could only fit a couple of inches of each in between my teeth, but their rubbing against each other on one side and against the chiselled edges of my front teeth on the other seems to produce just about their desired effect. One moaned outwardly while the other sucked breath in through rounded lips, a concerto to my efforts.

My arse must have looked to all and sundry as if it desperately need some attention, because that’s what it got…in spades. The two cocks pushing back and forth into my mouth were starting to give me that feeling of empowerment that a good blow job gives a woman… they could have been putty in my hands. I could have entreated them to climb any mountain or fight any war, just so long as I continued. I felt a hand and then lips on each of my arse cheeks, hands pulling and rubbing, lips sucking and kissing, tongues licking, teeth biting. My cheeks are pulled apart and one mouth leaves the cheek and a tongue darts a round trip into the creases of my rear entrance. I try not to stop sucking, rising up and down on the two cocks, the owners of which are embracing each other above my head. The tongue on my puckered back door stops, for a second… long enough to send a surge of disappointment coursing through me, before the mouth bites at my arsehole, taking the konulu porno whole of it between teeth that bite over and over. My sensitive arsehole has never experienced anything like it and it sends a further bolt through me. Involuntarily my hips bucked up and down slamming my pussy and clit onto the rush floor of the platform and I was coming again.

My orgasm must have made me add just enough pressure on the two cocks in my mouth because they swell, pushing my mouth open further before both started to shake. Simultaneously the two men stop their embrace, ululating yodels of celebration as their dicks push hard against my lips and teeth before pumping spunk alternately one after another into my mouth. I start to gulp but am stopped from swallowing by a hand around my throat, my mouth feels as if it is being filled to overflowing, but the cocks withdraw still oozing the end of the two men’s orgasms. The hand on my throat pulls my face up to his and pushes his tongue into my mouth; it seeks the pool of warm semen and sucks at it using his curled tongue as an improvised ladle. He lets go of me and as I fall back I see him seeking out the lips of the other man. The sight of his spunky tongue reaching through the gap between them and being met by the other mans sent further shudders through me… the deepest thrill… that concerning the dirty and naughty: things taboo since my childhood.

The biting at my arse has stopped and the tongue removed. I start to turn over onto my back, but initially I am prevented from doing so for a second or two before the restraining hands change and help to turn me over. For the first time I see that the two who had been assailing my behind were a man and woman, she is now drooling beaded lines of spit onto his cock as he finishes turning me and the lifts my legs to his shoulders, she pulls away without letting go of his engorged member. He shuffles forward on his knees and I feel the bulbous end of him as she pushes it against my sopping backside.

In one push its shining head is inside me, barely a second’s pause before she pushed against his behind, forcing his whole length into me. A burning sensation turned to a harsh tingle, and as the burning spreads deeper inside it became a heated bar of enervating thrills. She reached around pulling at the hood behind which sits my clit, it popped out from its little shield; immediately she slaps it, and again; he pulled back, and she slapped my clit then spun on the platform until she knelt astride of my face before squatting. With her free hand she tried to gather both of my nipples, achieving it by stretching them to their absolute limit. The cock in my arse starts to speed up and she begins to hump at my face in the same rhythm, increasing the rate at which she slaps my clit. I can only recoil from her hand by following the fat cock as it withdraws.

Her clit came within range and I bit at it – she didn’t pull away but pulled harder back as I gripped it between my teeth, then she came, squirting a sweet and sour mixture from her pussy over my face and neck; at the third spurt I let go of her clitoris and sought to take some of her warm juices into my mouth. For the fourth and fifth squirt she pushed her cunt down on my mouth and screamed her release. The taste was slightly vinegar and honey… the best salad dressing ever. As she shuddered to a halt she reached down and pinched my clit between two nails, just as the man pushes in hard and then stops to explode his come deep into the recess of my arse. I twist my body against his dick and her nails before another orgasm rushes me. It’s too much and I slip rapidly into the comforting surrounds of my subconscious.

… to be continued…

Edited with her usual finesse by Hotti… thanks

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