Darling Daughter Ch. 01

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Standard warning before you start:

This story is completely a work of fiction involving sexual relations between family members. All characters are over the age of 18. Please enjoy.


A soft staccato huffing sound came out of the vent above me. I sat at my desk in the large office I shared with a few other people. The vent continued giving out quick bursts of air, distracting me from my work.

I peered up at the ceiling in frustration. Just then it let out a low groan. I looked around at my coworkers to view their reactions but they apparently had not heard it. My skin flushed red as another odd noise came from the vent, this one a soft moan.

When I awoke my eyes remained closed a moment, hearing repeated quick exhalations, warm puffs of air against my face.

My eyes popped open and I was greeted by the full grin of my youngest daughter, Becca.

“Morning mom.” she said with that wide smile, the corners of her lips dotted by dimples. Her smile disappeared as her face crumpled into a painful looking grimace, her eyes fluttering momentarily and then clamping shut. A pathetic whimper fell from her mouth.

Her head shook in the same even pace as her breathing. I slid my eyes down to her bare shoulders, then to her small hanging breasts, down along her side and hips. My eyes adjusted from sleep to see my husband Alan, her father, sawing his cock in and out of her from behind. My eyes continued on up his body until our eyes met. We exchanged a quick smile.

With my eyes still locked with his, I reached up and gently pulled Becca’s head down into a deep and loving kiss. Alan reacted to this by momentarily picking up his pace, jamming his dick in and out of her tight young body with a number of quick and hard thrusts. She squealed into my mouth as I probed hers with my tongue.

He settled back into a steady pace as the kiss broke, our lips moist with shared spit, a bit of it dripping down to her chin.

Becca giggled and reached up with one hand to wipe it away. As she did this, Alan gave her one quick hard thrust, almost knocking her over onto me. We all let out a chuckle at this.

My eyes were drawn to her chest as her lovely breasts bounced with each thrust. I took the left one in my hand, covering it with my palm as I smiled into Becca’s face. Gently I rolled the nipple in the crook between my thumb and forefinger. I pinched it slightly, causing her to gasp and wince. I moved over to the other tit and repeated my motions, then slid my hand down her taut belly, feeling each impact of Alan’s hips against her ass vibrate through her body.

My fingers finally came in contact with her pussy mound. I felt the slight stubble from her recent shave. Slipping lower I found the upper ridge of her cunt followed by the spongy nub of her clitoris. It was covered in a sheen of wetness and the slight contact I made with it made Becca moan loudly into my face. I brought a groan of frustration out of her as I ignored her lovely little bud and slid my hand down further. I spread my middle and ring finger into a V and slipped it along the sides of my husbands dick, pressing my fingers firmly along my daughters splayed labia.

When I was pregnant with our daughters I went from being a very sound sleeper to sleeping very light. Over the years since I had moved back in the other direction, as told by the copious amount of wetness where they joined. There was a white frothy buildup of fuck juices covering Alan’s cock. I pressed my fingers against him as he continued to assault her messy hole, collecting some of the bubbly fluid. I then brought my hand back to her mound, smearing the mess on her shaven skin, coating her clit with it. Then I went to work, assisting her father with her pleasure.

I started to stroke her bud slowly at first with small, light circles. And although this brought forth more moaning from Becca, I knew that after fucking for as long as they had been, she’d be ready for a more vigorous motion. Pressing firmly against her clit I started rubbing it back and forth quickly. The added speed and pressure soon brought her to the edge of an orgasm.

Becca was moaning, her eyes closed tight. Her body shuddered with every forceful buck from her father. As I ground my fingers into her wet clit I saw her arms start to shake. Thinking they might give out I slid partially under her, giving her my shoulder and bare breast to lay against.

Alan started his quick barking grunts that signaled his own approach, and upped his thrusting pace. I felt Becca’s body tremble each time his hips collided violently with her firm young ass.

Each slam brought a painful sounding yelp from Becca, her face twisted with pleasure. She collapsed onto my chest, her red sweaty face pressed against my left tit while her hand gripped the other tightly.

Alan yelled out as he jack-hammered into her vulnerable cunt, gripping her hips tightly, lifting her knees slightly off the bed.

Becca was the first to start cumming. I could feel her spasm as her toned young body flexed against Avrupa Yakası Escort me, her fingers digging into my breast. Her mouth was held open, her eyes clamped shut. No sound came out of her at first. After a few moments a very high-pitched squeal shot from her lungs. As she trembled against me this squeal continued for a few seconds and then rose in volume until it was a full-blown scream of incestuous pleasure.

I continued to attack her clitoris as Alan started to cum. He clenched his teeth tightly and was mostly silent, holding her quivering pussy tight to his crotch, his cock rooted deeply inside. He grunted through his teeth, giving a quick jab forward, trying to sink even deeper. Her knees hovered just off of the bed as he held her by the hips, giving occasional jabs of his cock, spurting gob after gob of his fatherly cum into her womb.

When he was finished, he slowly let her knees back down onto the bed. He remained in her cunt as he started to soften. My hand kept working on her clitoris, the goal to extend her orgasm as far as it would go. Alan did his own part to help by giving her a series of fast and deep thrusts while he still remained somewhat hard.

Becca took what she could or our continued assault on her privates. After a short time she rose from my chest, holding herself up on shaking arms. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw the beautifully empty expression of a person trapped inside an orgasm.

“Stop” she said weakly, that glazed blank stare directed at me. But her hips continued to shift against the two of us, grinding herself into my hand and against her fathers softening dick.

Alan held onto her hips, keeping himself lodged in her creamed cunt. Then with a sigh he withdrew, the slow motion of his cock making the sound of a boot being pulled from mud. Father and daughter let out a duet of groans as they separated. I felt some of their fuck sauce leak out of her hole and run down over my hand. I slid my hand down to cup her wet slit, pressing a finger in between the puffy lips of it.

“Enough, mom” Becca said with a tone of annoyance. I ignored her and held my hand firmly against her as Alan and I exchanged another big grin. He then leaned forward, kissed and playfully bit one of Becca’s firm young buttocks before laying out on the other side of her. He let out a sigh as he gently fondled one of her hanging tits.

“Both of you!” she said with a slight giggle as she pushed her fathers hand away from her breast. I reluctantly gave in and slid my hand from her battered and now overly-sensitive cunt, sliding my hand back up along her body, leaving a trail of their combined slime on her shaven mound and up her belly.

I let my hand fall away from the warmth of her body and she collapsed with a groan onto the bed between her father and I, facing me on her side.

“God, I’m starving.” She said. Alan’s hand had return to her breast, cupping it gently from behind.

“Me too.” he added as his thumb traced her pointed nipple.

I looked at the muck pasted between my fingers and along the back of my hand before rubbing it with the other, working the mess into my skin. “What are you two in the mood for for breakfast?” I asked as I continued to watch the mess disappear into the fine pores and creases of my flesh.

“Pancakes?” Becca said, looking at me with a bright smile.

“With bacon. And eggs.” Alan said from behind her.

I then rose up on an elbow facing them, my heavy breasts hanging with their slight sag. “Ok, fine. But I think it’s only fair that you two help.” I said looking down at them as they spooned together. “In fact I think you two should make ME breakfast. After all, you two both just came and I’m left all worked up without so much as a finger between my legs.” I added after a quick thought.

Both of them let out a mock whine which got all of us laughing but they agreed to my suggestion. However, I ended up helping since I’m the only one in the household that knows how to properly fry an egg.

We all got out of bed and started dressing. I threw on a skimpy baby blue nightgown and put on my short white bathrobe over it. Alan slipped into a pair of pajama bottoms. I watched his limp dick as he pulled the pants up over it, coated in a white froth of cunt and cum. Becca found her discarded bright red panties and slid them up over her messy pussy, a dark patch quickly forming at the crotch. Over her perky tits she wore a white tanktop.

We went downstairs and worked together making breakfast. Becca was on pancake duty while I cooked the eggs. Alan didn’t as much help but got in the way by pawning at our bodies while we stood at the stove. His main contribution to breakfast was pouring us all OJ and making a pot of coffee. There wasn’t any bacon in the fridge so I instead cooked up some sausage links.

Everyone was so hungry, we finished eating not long after everything was cooked. Becca had done a decent job on the pancakes, only a couple of them were burned. “I don’t remember asking for mine well done.” Avrupa Yakası Bayan Alan said, teasing her as he held up his next blackened bite.

After we finished, Alan went back upstairs to shower leaving Becca and I to clean up.

As I stood at the sink washing dishes, my helpful daughter brought them from the table and placed them in the foamy wash bin. After setting the last plate in she stepped behind me and I felt her hand, damp with water and dish soap, slide between my thighs from behind. My short robe and nightgown left my crotch exposed, her hand was firmly pressed against my shaven mound which was damp with excitement from this mornings events. I let out a soft groan and squeezed the soap from the sponge, my hand contracting from her unexpected touch.

“Your turn.” she said softly into my ear as she leaned into me, her voice low and husky. I dropped the plate I had been washing along with the sponge back into the soapy water. I leaned over and gripped the sides of the sink, arching my back to give my cunt to her.

“Yes baby.” was all I could think to say as her hand started working my twat. She very teasingly rubbed against my lips, feeling the wetness that coated them but refusing to spread them and get to the inner wonders. I whimpered as her hand continued to trail slowly from the back of my pussy, up to the front, slightly grazing against my plump clitoris as it peeked out from between the slick lips, then back towards my ass. Occasionally her hand would rub against my puckered asshole, I couldn’t tell if it was by accident or on purpose.

I started to move my hips, pressing my crotch firmly against her hand. She took the hint and wriggled a finger into the fleshy folds of my pussy. I let out a groan and bent further over the sink, my left tit dipping into the warm bin of soapy water.

“Careful.” Becca said with a laugh as she pulled me up slightly. “Don’t want to get these wet.” she added. With her free hand she awkwardly pulled off my robe, the edge of it damp from falling in the water. She tossed it aside and then attempted to tug my nightgown off as well. Struggling a bit she had to pull her hand from between my legs, causing me to let out a pathetic whimper. She finished removing my gown, leaving me bare from head to toe. Her hand returned where I needed it, this time she slipped her middle finger easily into my hole. I let out a gasp and groan at the wonderful intrusion.

“Back over.” she said as she gently pressed her other hand against my bare shoulder. I complied, lowering my left tit back into the dish bin, my ass upturned into the air. Her single finger worked slowly in and out of my cunt as her thumb ground against my asshole, now obviously deliberate. Becca reached up and sunk her hand into the the water, cupping my tit and fumbling with the soapy nipple.

Moaning softly, rhythmically moving my hips back into her as my daughter fingered me, I was nearing a lovely late morning orgasm. Becca sensed this and added her ring finger alongside the other in my hot twat, increasing her speed. The odor of my mature cunt filled the space around us, mixing with the smells of food and soap that hung in the air.

“Cum. Cum for me mom.” she said softly. She released my tit, her wet hand slipping out of the water and along my body as she lowered to her knees beside me, her fingers never missing a thrust into my dripping slit. She brought her free hand down hard on my left buttock causing a loud wet snap. I jumped from the pain, pressing my hips into the edge of the sink. The next moment I felt a firm pinch on my other cheek as her teeth clamped down upon it, a small patch of my flesh pinned between within her bite.

“Come on, cum.” she repeated in a much more authoritative tone before taking another patch of my fleshy buttock between her teeth.

Her fingers were flying in and out of my gooey hole as her mouth traveled over my ass and the backs of my thighs leaving a series of red indents. Finally my body gave in and my mind crashed as I came hard.

I bucked my hips back at her and my knees quivered, threatening to buckle and send me sprawling onto the floor on top of Becca. In fact I would have if she hadn’t reacted quickly. My orgasms often brought out strange and erratic reactions in my body. Odd muscle spasms and body movements. This one was no different. A pulse of pleasure shot through me and caused my spine to straighten out. I was forcefully pulled into a standing position, my tit pulling free of the dishwater, sending an arc of soapy water over the counter and onto the floor, some of it trailing down my body.

Becca quickly brought her left hand up as her right one continued to jab my twat, and she planted her palm into my lower back. She caught me just as I was about to tumble back onto her. She gently started to push me back over the sink when I suddenly got another intense ripple of pleasure that constricted my stomach muscles, pulling me back forward. My arm landed in the sudsy water, sending more of it in all directions.

Becca Escort Avrupa Yakası quickly stood up and pressed her body against mine. She brought her free arm across my tits and held them tightly as she continued to finger me, her hips pushing against her hand as if her fingers were a dick.

“Yes, fucking cum.” she groaned into my ear as she fucked me, my body bucking against her.

A short time later and I was finally settling down. Both of us were panting hard and her fingers continued to work slowly in and out of me. I would have stayed bent over the sink all day if Becca would agree to continue what she was doing. But unfortunately she pulled her fingers from my cunt and after planting a series of soft kisses on my cheek and bare shoulder, she stepped away.

I remained bent over, trying to find solid legs and an overall composure.

“Looks like you might as well have kept them on.” Becca said, a grin in her voice.

“Huh?” I said groggily as I finally stood up and turned around, leaning back on my elbows against the counter. I first looked at her. Her tanktop was half transparent, her left tit exposed through the damp fabric. I looked down and saw small pools of water all around us and saw my robe and gown both soaked through with it. I shrugged my shoulders at her, giving her a wicked grin. “Worth it.” I said and we both burst out laughing.

She stepped forward and kissed me deeply, at the same moment our lips met, her hand cupped my stimulated pussy. I groaned into her kiss and pressed my slit into her palm.

We kissed for a minute, exchanging tongues and then Becca pulled her head back. “What, you want more?” she asked with an inquisitive raise of an eyebrow.

“More.” I whined as my hips made slow fucking motions into her hand.

Becca slid around to my side and hooked her arm around my back. “Let’s go.” she said as she urged me forward, her hand still cupping my drenched crotch. She led me out of the kitchen this way, like a bank robber taking a hostage. It was slow going as I would occasionally stop and start hunching my twat into her hand. “Move.” she’d say, driving me forward.

We got to the bottom of the stairs as Alan was coming down them. He was halfway down and stopped.

“What the hell happened here?” He asked, seeing his half-drenched daughter molest his wet and naked wife.

“Had an accident. Need to go have more accidents.” Becca said with a smile as she nudged me up the stairs.

“But I just showered.” Alan said, his voice that of a defeated man.

“Who said you were invited?” I said as we passed him, giving him a nasty grin, Becca, a step behind me, now had her hand up under my ass, working it between my legs as I awkwardly stumbled up the stairs.

Alan turned and watched us for a moment. “Oh fuck that!” he said, and bound back up the stairs behind us.

Both of us girls starting giggling wildly as we ran towards the master bedroom, our pursuer close behind. I made it in first and waited for Becca to get inside before slamming the door shut and locking it.

Alan made it to the door a second later and fruitlessly twisted the doorknob. He banged against the door hard with his fist, still jiggling the knob.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you two dare!” he shouted. “I WILL break this door down and you know it!”

The two of us huddled against the door laughing.

“No boys allowed!” Becca shouted back through the door, making us both laugh.

“No DICKS allowed!” I added.

“I’m serious, count of ten I’m knocking it down!” he yelled.

“Ok, enough teasing.” I said quietly to Becca who backed away from the door and stripped out of her damp clothing. She hopped up onto the bed and laid back on her elbows, her thin legs crossed.

I clicked the lock off and the door flung open. I had barely enough time to jump backwards. Alan was already naked and his cock was fully erect. He burst into the room and ran into me, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand carried me swiftly to the bed, his firm dick pressed into my abdomen.

“Teach you.” he growled under his breath as he dumped me onto the bed next to our daughter. I bounced onto the bed with a yelp and both Becca and I started laughing again.

Alan jumped up onto the bed and pried my legs apart. “Your turn.” he said, his hand on his hard pole.

“Well technically mom…” Becca started to say.

“My turn.” I said to her sternly, using my old do-as-your-mother-says tone. My need to cum again was overwhelming, as well as my need to be properly filled.

“You need to learn to share.” he playfully said to our daughter as he lined his dick up at my entrance. He swiped his cock up and down my slit, the head brushing against my dripping lips. When it found it’s home, Alan pressed in firmly, pushing a groan out of my mouth. “Besides, you’re still clogged up from earlier.” he added with a big dumb grin.

At this, Becca uncrossed her legs and spread them. She pried open her pasted together labia, letting a slow trickle of cream out.

“Just makes it easier to go back in.” she said, proving her point by sticking three of her fingers inside at once, moaning softly as her head tipped back. We both watched as Alan fucked into me at a fast and even pace. The excitement Becca had brought me to was apparent in the lewd squelching noises of our union.

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