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Subject: Days of our Lives – Sexual Urges 3 This is a fan fiction story with the characters Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) and Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) This story says nothing about the actors being gay or something it’s just pure fiction. Copyrights � NBC DAYS OF OUR LIVES ********************************* Sonny is getting pounded at the wall by Brady while someone is watching from the hallway. Brady fucks Sonny wildly, the boys have no clue someone is spying on them. The person can’t hold it any longer, so turned on by Sonny’s moaning from Brady’s big cock inside him, the person has to get off, he unzips his pants and takes his dick out, his jeans and underwear halfway at his knees, stroking his cock with one hand and holding his shirt a little bit up with the other,watching the show of Brady and Sonny. The person strokes his cock, fast, not realizing someone else stands behind him and grabs him, It’s Eric who was stroking his dick and gets taken to another room across the hallway, Eric tries to pull his pants and underwear up, but failed. Inside the bedroom, Eric gets loose from his abductor, he’s shocked to see it’s Xander. “Well… well… well, what do we have here” Xander says, laughing, seeing Eric with his pants and underwear down at his knees. Eric wants to pull his underwear up but Xander storms at him, grabbing him by his hand. “Not so fast” “Let me go” Eric demands. “You were watching Brady fuck Sonny wern’t you and it turned you on” Xander says. “I uhm…” Eric stutters. “You became horny right” Xander says with a grin. “No it’s not what it looks like” Eric assures. “Right” Xander says and starts unzipping his jeans. “What are you doing” Eric asks. Xander takes his dick out “If you were turned on, why don’t you go for it and suck my cock” Eric looks shocked at Xander’s huge member. Xander grabs Eric by his arm and pushes him on the floor infront of him on his knees. Eric looks at Xander’s huge cock, close at his mouth. Xander pushes his dick against Eric’s face “Start sucking” he demands. Eric looks away but Xander grabs Eric’s head with both hands and pushes his dick at Eric’s mouth “Open wide” Eric resists and when he starts to say “No” Xander pushes his dick in Eric’s mouth. “Don’t you dare bite me” Xander warns and starts making Eric suck on it. Eric resists at first but can’t any longer and starts sucking on it. “Yeah… that’s it, suck my cock” Xander says. Eric tries his best to suck on Xander’s huge cock that’s getting harder. “That’s it, you enjoyed seeing Brady fuck Sonny with his cock, now you get yourself a big cock” Xander mocks and laughs. Eric sucks on Xander’s growing cock. “Stroke your bursa escort bayan cock while sucking me, just as you did when your were spying on Brady and Sonny like the little pervert you are” Xander says, holding Eric’s head and starting to face fuck him. “Come on you little bitch, put some more effort into it, gag on it” Xander says and pushes his cock deeper in Eric’s throat, making Eric gag. Xander let’s go of Eric’s head. Eric catches his breath, drool drips from his chin that he wipes away with his hand. Xander laughs “Not bad bitch” Eric looks up angry, hating how Xander is calling him bitch. “I’ll give it to you, just like Brady was giving it to Sonny” Xander says and lifts Eric up, he removes the jacket Eric is wearing and lifts the t-shirt he has uunderneath. “Step out of those jeans and underwear” Xander orders. Eric refuses, then Xander pushes Eric on the bed, roughly removes Eric’s shoes and pulls the underwear and jeans off, Eric’s socks goes automaticly off with that. “I think I need to teach you a lesson in behaving” Xander says. Xander gets Eric up, he sets down and bends Eric over his knee. “What the…” Eric says. “Don’t you swear, that’s not good for a former priest” Xander says laughing and gives Eric a hard smack on his ass. “STOP” Eric screams. “If you scream any harder Brady and Sonny will hear you” Xander says. Eric realizes he doesn’t want them to know, he sure knows Xander will tell them about him spying on them. Xander hits Eric’s ass again. Eric yelps, feeling the hard slap at his ass, leaving a red mark on his ass. Xander pets Eric’s sore spot and then hits it again. “Please… Xander… stop” Eric begs. “Shut up and take it” Xander says and hits Eric’s ass again. Eric grinds his teeth, while Xander slaps Eric four more times on his ass. Suddenly Xander spreads Eric’s ass cheeks and spits at Eric’s hole. Eric feels shivers going over his spine, it turns him on a little bit, his cock twitches against Xander’s leg, making Xander notice it. “You like it dirty don’t you bitch” Xander mocks. Eric ignores it and feels Xander’s finger against his hole, teasing him, making his dick twitch some more, going against Xander’s leg. Suddenly Xander makes his finger wet and moves it slowly inside Eric’s hole. “Umpff…” Eric reacts and growls. “Mmmm… nice… a tight hole to fuck” Xander says grinning. Xander pushes his finger further inside. Eric growls, feeling Xander’s finger coming further inside. “I’m so gonna fuck you like Brady was fucking Sonny, making you my bitch just like Sonny was Brady’s” Eric can’t believe what’s happening to him. Xander stops finger fucking Eric, he pushes görükle escort Eric off of him “Get on your back on the bed and lift your legs” Nervously Eric slowly gets on the bed. It takes too long for Xander and he pushes Eric down “Lay down bitch” and then pulls Eric’s legs up. Xander looks down and spits down on his cock. Eric looks scared at Xander, seeing the lust of Xander wanting to fuck him. Xander sees the fear in Eric’s eyes and enjoys his power over Eric. “Here it comes” Xander says and pushes his dick inside. “Aaaarrrggghhhh…” Eric growls, feelig Xander’s big hard cock coming inside his tight hole. “Come on bitch, take it all” Xander says, letting Eric’s legs rest at his chest and bends a little bit forward to push further inside. “Oh my God… it’s so big” Eric says. “It’s all for you bitch” Xander says with a evil grin on his face, knowing he’s stretching Eric. Eric grabs the sheets in his hands to hold on. “That’s it, hold on tight, this is going to be a rough ride” Xander says pushing the last few inches inside. Eric feels Xander’s big hard cock all the way inside. Xander starts to move back and forth giving Eric hardly any time to adjust to his cock inside. “Come on… take it” Xander commands. Eric growls, feeling Xander going back and forth fucking him at a hard pace “Yeah bitch… take it” Xander orders, going really wild on Eric. Eric moans, while Xander grunts. “Call me daddy” Xander says while looking at Eric. Eric looks up at Xander, saying nothing, thinking Xander is joking. Xander puts one hand on Eric’s throat “I told you to call me daddy” “Ye… ye… yes daddy” Eric stutters, shocked of Xander’s roughness. “Tell me how much your want it” Xander says. “I want it daddy” Eric replies. “What do you want” Xander asks. “I want your cock to fuck me daddy” Eric answers. Xander grins “Yeah bitch, it’s all yours” Eric moans, taking Xander’s big cock. Xander thrusting in deep, making grunting sounds. “Let’s make it more interesting” Xander says and takes his dick out of Eric. Eric looks surprised at Xander. Xander takes a step back, letting Eric’s legs go down, he grabs Eric by his arm to stand up. Eric not understanding what Xander wants. Xander grabs Eric, makes him take a few steps back, pushing Eric against the wall. Suddenly Xander lifts one of Eric’s legs up and gets his cock inside Eric’s hole. “Just like Brady fucked Sonny against the wall, I will pin you against it and fuck you” Xander explains, pushing his dick all the way inside. Eric gasps, feeling that big tool coming back inside. Xander holds Eric’s left leg up with his right arm, while with his left bursa escort bayan arm he holds Eric against the wall, pushing his body against Eric’s body. Eric feels Xander’s masculine body against his. “Put your arms around my shoulders and let yourself ride” Xander says. Eric puts his arms around Xander’s shoulders, feeling Xander pounding his cock up inside his hole. Both breathing heavy. Eric moans while Xander grunts. “Take it bitch, ride that cock” Eric holding on to Xander. Xander suddenly grabs the other leg lifting it up, keeping Eric tight against the wall fucking him. “Is this what turned you on” Xander asks. Eric remembers how Sonny was pushed against the wall by Brady and riding the studs cock, now he’s the one riding a cock, pinned against the wall. Xander drops Eric’s legs and pulls Eric at his arm back to the bed, he sits down and wants Eric to sit on it. Eric is so into it now, that he has forgotten everything and goes all for the lust and exciment, he gets on top of Xander and slowly lets himself go on Xander’s cock, taking it all inside. “Yeah bitch, take that cock up your ass, ride it like a slut” Xander says. Eric has it all inside, Xander lays down and looks up at Eric who starts to ride him. Xander moans, enjoying Eric riding him. Eric grunts, riding that big cock. “Bounce bitch” Xander orders. Eric goes up and down, making his hairy pecs bounce up and down and his cock dancing, slapping his and Xander’s abs. “Damn bitch, you do that good” Xander says. Eric continues riding it. Xander lifts his hips up, surprising Eric by meeting him half way. Eric moans loudly. Xander grabs Eric, holding him close against him, and breeds Eric deep, pounding that ass even harder. Then Xander lets go “Turn around but continue riding me” Eric turns his back to Xander and starts riding that cock again while he strokes his own cock. “Yeah bitch, stroke it, cum for your daddy” Xander says. Eric moans loudly, stroking himself and riding Xander’s dick. Xander grunts, feeling Eric pump his cock. “I’m going to fill you up bitch” Xander says. Eric can’t hold it any longer and shoots his load, three big spurts of cum, all landing on Eric’s stomach. Xander is so turned on he can’t hold it anymore and fills Eric up with five spurts of cum. Eric is so tired he let’s himself fall on top of Xander. Xander wraps his arms around Eric and holds him, both catching their breath. Suddenly Eric feels Xander scoop the sperm from his body. Xander brings his fingers to Eric’s mouth “Lick it” he orders. Eric has lost all his reserves, he just licks Xander’s fingers clean, tasting his own sperm. Their sweaty bodies against each other, both are tired and eventually fall asleep. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message Don’t forget to donate to Nifty for support to let this great site excist and keeping the stories going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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