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Subject: Deans Summer Job 5 As nice as this place is to work at and the action I get every day, it needs more interesting and younger couples and men. The last 2 weeks all it has been is old men coming for conferences or single old men looking to fuck any young bucks that move. They have been nice and tipped me well as I have serviced their cocks all day and night and with one guy I spent a whole day with him in his room where all he did was fuck my arse. Id like to see more younger guys in their 20s and 30s. Though I really enjoyed spending the day in his room and I felt comfortable around him, for that day I got 5 grand just to be his sex toy. He would have fucked me 6 or 7 times and by knock off I could barely walk and he let me sleep in his bed, it was nice as he hadn’t had much company since his wife had passed away We were due new guests today and the first bus rolled up and Tim who had decided to start working in the last week were hoping we would have so younger guests to entertain. The first couple that stepped off the bus looked like a newlywed couple, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they were young and hunks. It looked like our wishes for younger couples, tim went and helped them with their luggage and what happens at this resort if you help a couple off the bus you are assigned to them for their time in the resort, Tim might get a threesome. The next couple that came in off the bus looked strange and John one of the older hunkier bell boys went and helped them. The yon Huy was holding the hand of a guy that looked about 10 years older than him and the young guy was sucking his thumb, we made eye contact and he waved at me. John saw it and said you can help them. i like John, he is ripper guy and he’s always up for a chat Once the strange couple checked in, I took them to their room. They had 3 big boxes and 4 suitcases with them, I was curious as to what the hell was in the boxes. I showed them the room and they said thank you and I left. I honestly had an uneasy feeling about them. After helping the new guests get settled in I went down to the pool bar to see off any guests needed drinks. As I got to the bar it started to piss down and I just sat at the bar and waited for the rain to stop. John came and sat with me while we waited to be called to action “did you see that guy that was sucking his thumb?” John chuckled and said “they come her for a vacation every year, I try to stay clear of them” I was curious “why?” He looked at me and said “they are just a bit weird for my liking” I looked down at his crotch and saw how big his bulge was and I wanted to see his cock. “You like what you are looking at dean” I went bright red “sorry John but a gay mind will always wander” he smiled and said “I’ve seen you in the gym and I’ve alway wondered if those jockstraps you wear are as good aksaray escort as they look” I smiled “you can see for yourself tonight if you want”. I knew he was married and has 4 boys, as Tim had told me. But man gotta eat. “Sure come to my room and we’ll see what we can do” I kissed him and left I was called up to room service to help them for the rest of the day. First call was from the strange couple and I looked at the order, mashed banana, strained carrot and pend and apple juice in a soppy cup. I didn’t want to judge these 2 but it seemed strange that 2 adults would want this meal. I reached the room and knocked on the door, the younger guy answered and he wasn’t sucking his thumb or anything unusually I set the plate down on the table and I was about to leave when the older guy stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door. I knew straight away they set a trap for me. I didn’t know what to do or feel about the situation, I just stood still. The younger guy stood right behind me and rubbed his and over my arm and felt my arse, I looked back and smiled. The older guy stepped forward and said “look kid relax we just want to have some fun with you” I smiled and the older guy started gliding his hand over my face and said “gee you are perfect, I’m harry and the handsome man behind you is billy” I looked over my shoulder and billy was smiling and he was sucking his thumb. I looked around the room, I saw a lot of diapers and a high chair. I was confused as I didn’t see a baby. “What dod you want to do with me” billy put his arms around me and held me tight and harry said “billy needs a baby brother to play with” I was curious and interested. “Baby brother?” Bill spun me around and he started removing his jeans. He was wearing a diaper, I thought it was sick at first. “We will tip you better than anyone has ever tipped you” I knew that would be the deal winner “ok ill play” Harry walked up to me and started removing my clothes, he saw that I was wearing a jopckstrap. “Babies don’t wear undies” he removed my jockstrap and I was standing naked. Harry grabbed my cock and jerked it for a bit. He took me into the bathroom and helped me step into the shower, “babies don’t have pubic hair either” he then started putting shaving cream on my pubic area and started shaving. It felt quite weird having my balls shaved. He started the shower head and washed me all over and it was nice, he washed my balls and cock and he really gave it a good jerk and smiled and said “I bet this little pecker has had some action of late” hew washed up inside my arse crack and said “does baby boo feel clean now” I just nodded my head He helped me out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me, he picked me up and carried me back into the bedroom. He was so strong. He placed me on their bed and went and got some alsancak escort supplies, Billy was in a onesie and sucking on his pacifier when he came and laid next to me. He smiled and played with my hair and said “I’ve always wanted a baby brother to play with” I smiled and waited and thought this isn’t as weird as I thought it might be. Harry came back holding a buttplug, a diaper, talcum powder and a pacifier. Harry put the pacifier in my mouth first and then flipped me over and started putting talcum powder on my arse, he then inserted the big buttplug and it slid straight in. It felt so good “babies don’t usually have loose bottoms” as harry laughed. He flipped me Ove and started putting the diaper on me. I haven’t been in one since I was 3 years old, I thought I would hate it. But I actually love it Was put in a onesie or a romper and and lifted into the highchair by harry. He got the food I brought from the kitchen and he started to put it on the fork “open up like a good boy” he said at first I didn’t want a bar of it, he forced the fork in and it went into my mouth, it tasted ok. I finished all of the food like a good boy and I was given a bottle of milk. I knew I couldn’t drink it as I am heavily lactose intolerant and if I drink it I will be on the toilet for hours. I pushed the bottle away and harry tried to force it on me and I knew then I had to put an end to this. I got up out of the chair and removed my romper and quickly got dressed and left. I couldn’t take it any more I went back to the bar and sat down and got a drink. I forgotten that I was still in a diaper, but didn’t think anyone would notice or care. John came and sat with me at the bar and first thing he asked me “where have you been for the last 3 hours dean” I looked at him and shook my head “I was with that weird couple we saw this morning. lets just say I feel quite sick around them” he laughed and mentioned “Tim felt the same after his experience with them last year mate” I laughed and thought that stuff would just freak him out and make him try and find a man to fuck straight away We had a staff meeting before the night shift and Tims uncle made an announcement before we went off to do our work. “So guys we have an employee of the month award and it goes to the best worker who goes above and beyond their duties” I was hoping out would be me as I have been going all out for the guests since I started working here “the winner gets a night in a private bungalow with a colleague or guest of his choice and a few days off, the winner is dean.” I was surmised as well as happy as I have worked my arse off. “Who would you like to take with you deano” I looked around and I did see Tim put his hand up and then I looked at John smiling and just talking to Hamish “I’m going to take John with me” Tims Uncle amasya escort smiled and said “id take him as well mate” we all left the room and I went back to the suite and got changed and removed my diaper and left the buttplug in and put a clean jock strap on and went to reception When I arrived at reception John was standing waiting with his overnight bag, we were driven to the bungalow as its off site and a decent pad. On the drive to the bungalow John had his hand placed perfectly on my crotch and he could feel my cock twitch and move. When we arrived and entered the bungalow we were shown how everything worked, once the porter left I started looking through the tv channels. As I was looking at the tv John come up from behind me and grabbed the remote and threw it away “we aren’t here to watch tv dean” and he was right. As I turned around I saw that he was naked and I got a look at his big cock, fuck it was well and truely hung. I looked down at his cock and took it in my hands and squeezed it, he let out a small moan. John went and laid on his back on the bed and put his hands behind his head and waited for me. I stripped down to my jockstrap and joined him. I moved straight to his cock and climbed on top of him with my arse facing his face he could see that I Wass still plugged. “You like having things stuck in your arse hey dean.” I looked back and smiled. He slowly removed the butt plug as I started bobbing my head up and down. God I could barely get my lips around his cock, but it tasted so good. I cupped my hands around his ball sack and squeezed them as I kept sucking and he kept moaning and groaning. He inserted a finger into my arse and swirled it around, “your hole is looser than my sons best mates hole” I gagged on his cock so many time it made my eyes water. He slapped my arse and said “ok thats enough of the blow jobs I want your arse” I hopped off John and laid on my back with my legs in the air, John moved himself to in front of me already guiding his cock towards my arse. His cock went straight in and I let out a little yelp and it went it “I bet you haven’t had a big cock like this before champ” he was right I hadn’t and I just put my feet on his shoulder and waited for him to pound my arse, “fuck me hard John” he didn’t need any green lights after that and he started pounding my arse good. John really fucked me raw and that how I could feel his cock hit my prostate with every thrust. Her was fucking me that hard he was making me conquest with my head hitting the head board so hard. He grunted a few times and with a few good hard thrusts John dumped a hot bit of seed in my arse. After he pulled out of me he want and sat on and recliner. It took me a while to catch my breath “come sit on johns lap dean” he said I got up and went over to the chair and slowly sat down on his cock. The feeling of his cock going into my arse again felt so good. I leaned back and we just sat there and slept with him. Every now and then he would thrust John really is a great guy and it was a special night with him. Tim will be jealous no doubt Please donate to this great fty

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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