Debbie’s Addiction Ch. 07

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“Jack, are you home?” Renee asked as she pulled out of her driveway and drove down the street. Her heart was still racing from the display of raw sex she had just witnessed in her own living room. It had aroused her in a way she had never expected. It also confused her. How should she respond to her own son who was having sex with a girl in her house with such passion, that if she hadn’t seen Stacy’s response, she would have thought he was raping her. Her hand was shaking as she held the phone.

“No. I’m at a jobsite right now.” Jack heard the urgency in Renee’s voice. “You ok?”

“Yes! I’m fine. But no, I’m not . . . I mean I’m not sure how I am. I just need to talk to someone, and I thought of you.”

“I’ll be home in a couple hours. If you want, head on over and just let yourself in. You know where the key is at.” He wondered what the problem was as he threw his phone back on the front seat of his truck. Renee could be a bit of a drama queen at times. So he wasn’t too worried. But he’d done his best to take care of her and Jeremy after his brother had dies years ago. So whatever it was, he’d help her through it.

When Jack walked into his house several hours later, he found Renee sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. From all appearances she had calmed down. Wine had that affect on her. “So what’s going on?” He asked as he sat down across from her in his favorite chair with the oversized pillow beside it for Debbie when she was with him.

Renee started fidgeting as she thought about how to begin. “I don’t know where to begin.” Jack didn’t say anything. He just sat there quietly. He’d learned after years of dealing with his sister-in-law, this was the best way to handle her. Just let her ramble and rant. Eventually he would reign her in and deal with whatever the issue was. “Jeremy was having sex with Stacy right in my house! In my living room!” She said almost screaming. Jack almost burst out laughing, but he controlled himself. “I left work early today, and when I got home, I noticed Jeremy’s car blocking the driveway. So I pull into the driveway, just off the street and walk around the back of the house, where I always go in the house. I step inside the back door and I hear this horrible noise, like someone is in terrible pain. I step just inside the kitchen, and there I see what it is.” Renee’s voice goes up an octave or two. “Jeremy was . . . ” She didn’t like using the word fuck. It was too vulgar of a word for her. “Jeremy was taking Stacy in a way that at first I thought he was hurting her. But then I saw the look on her face,” she paused. “Then the words she kept repeating over and over.”

Jack pretended to be concerned as he was laughing his ass off on the inside. “What was she repeating over and over?”

“Oh I can’t. I don’t. I won’t repeat that.” Renee was getting flustered just thinking about it.

“Tell me what she was saying!” Jack commanded her with a firm voice.

Renee hesitated not wanting to use that kind of language. “She kept repeating dirty words.”

Jack laughed out loud now. He couldn’t suppress his reaction to Renee’s puritanical reaction to what he had a good idea had taken place. “I want to know what she said. Tell me!”

Renee became irritated that Jack was pushing her this way, but she relented. “She kept saying Fuck your whore! Fuck your slut! There! Are you happy now?” Her shaking returned as she recounted Stacy’s conduct from just a few hours ago. “But it wasn’t so much what she was saying. It was the whole scene. It was everything. It was the way Jeremy was taking her and the way she was responding.”

“Did that bother you?”

“Yes! I mean no, not really! I mean it was in my house, in my living room, on my couch!”

“He took her on the couch? Good for him!” Jack said with a chuckle.

Renee’s mouth dropped. “What!? Good for him! What have you been telling my son?”

“Oh Renee would you shut up for a change?! Jeremy was just giving that filly of his what she wanted and needed. That’s why she responded the way she did. Stacy is a bitch that needs to be taken hard and dominated like the slut she is! Just like her . . . .” He caught himself in mid-sentence. He better not play that card yet. “Give the boy some credit. He knows how to take a woman and use her for their mutual enjoyment. Stacy’s a gorgeous girl and they’ve got something good together. Why are you here? Are you coming to me for my advice on how to handle them?”


“Then my advice is leave them alone and let them enjoy each other. That girl has some deep needs that our boy has discovered. He’s just now learning how to meet those needs for their mutual enjoyment and satisfaction. She needs a man with a strong hand. And that’s what our boy is giving her.” Jack watched her reaction as he spoke. There was something more going on inside Renee’s head that she wasn’t saying. “Come on Renee! What’s really going on here? You’re not just here for my advice.”

Renee sat there sipping her wine not able to look Jack in the eye any longer. She couldn’t bring herself xslot to verbalize the truth of what watching had done to her. “It was just unsettling.” She whispered.

“How?” Jack almost shouted

She couldn’t bring herself to admit the feelings that had almost overwhelmed her as she watched them. It had been so long since she had been taken like that. Her husband had taken her that way before he died. But that was so long ago. She knew what it was like. She understood how the passion could consume you in every way. She had blocked it out of her mind after Jeremy had died. Her son still bore his name as a reminder to her. Now he was reminding her of something else she had missed desperately. “It reminded me of the way Jeremy and I used to be.” Her statement sounded distant and hollow.

Now it was Jack’s turn to sit in silence. After his brother had died he had sworn to take care of Renee and Jeremy Jr. For years he had watched over both of them. For years he had wanted Renee in the way any man would want an attractive woman with Renee’s beauty and sensuality. But he always came back to the fact that she was his brother’s wife. He couldn’t let himself do it. ‘Forgive me Jeremy’ he thought to himself.

“Renee, stand up!” He commanded her with a voice that left no doubt he wasn’t playing around. Renee stood as she was told. “Come over here!” She walked across the floor and stood in front of him. “Get on your knees!”

Renee’s eyes widened. “Why? What. . .”

“I said get on your knees!” She dropped to her knees in front of him, her hands folded in her lap. Jack sat there for several seconds deciding if he was going to take this leap off the cliff. A leap he had contemplated many times before, but had never found the courage to do so. He knew once he jumped there was no turning back. “Take off your blouse and bra!” His voice left no doubt to Renee he wasn’t kidding.

Renee’s eyes widened again. “What did you . . .?”

Jack cut her off. He leaned forward and spoke with even more determination. “I said take off your blouse and bra!”

Renee’s trembling hands reached for the buttons to her blouse. She didn’t know if it was fear or excitement that was driving them. At this point it didn’t matter. She just knew she had to obey. Her pulse quickened as each button became unclasped. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt as it was tucked. Jack held out his hand. “Hand me your blouse.” Renee slid the thin material off her shoulders and handed it to him. She sat there for several seconds. “I’m waiting!” Jack forced the issue. She reached around her back and unclasped her bra, let it slip from her shoulders and handed it to Jack.

Jack had always wondered what her tits looked like. He stared at her with pure lust. “They’re magnificent!”

Without thinking Renee responded. “Thank you!”

“Now come closer!”

Renee crawled forward on her knees till she was touching his chair between his legs. Jack reached out and cupped her huge breasts in his massive hands. Renee gasped at his touch. He began stroking them with his fingertips. “How big are these?”


“You’ve got some real cow tits here!” He said smiling.

Renee groaned at Jack’s words. “That’s what Jeremy used to call them.”

“Do you miss being talked to like that?” Jack asked as he pinched her nipples gently.

Renee closed her eyes as her head fell back. She was becoming lost in the sensations coursing through her body. “YES!” She hissed.

Jack began talking as his handling of her tits became rougher and more intense. “Since Jeremy died I’ve wanted to step into his role in your life. I just couldn’t do it. Felt like I would have been betraying my brother. So I’ve watched you and wanted you from afar. I tried to be the dad Jeremy needed. But I never messed with you. Although,” he chuckled, “Jeremy and I did scare a couple of potential suitors away. But they were just pricks neither of us liked. I’m not going to ignore you anymore. The question is do you want it?” He leaned down and kissed her as his hands continued to play with her tits.

Renee reached up and threw her arms around Jack’s neck. The need within her slowly overtaking her hesitancy. Their tongues danced together as Jack mauled her tits. He pinched her nipples harder. Renee moaned into his mouth. Jack had always suspected there was a tigress within her. After several minutes Jack pulled away, but continued to play with her tits. “Do you want this?”

“Yes!” Renee said panting as she tried to regain her composure.

Jack too was worked up. He forced himself to calm down. “I’m not sure you do.” He handed Renee her bra and blouse back. “I want you to go home and think about this. Because once we walk through that door together, things will never be the same again.”

“I don’t have to think about it. I know what I want. I’ve wondered for years why you didn’t pursue me after Jeremy died.”

“Damn!” Jack sat there staring at her. “All those years I could have had you, and now . . .”

“And now what?” Renee reached xslot Giriş for her blouse and bra. Then threw them behind his chair. “I don’t want them back. And now what? You’ve found someone else?”

“Kind of. There is another woman. But it’s complicated.”

Renee slid her hands up the inside of his thighs until they were covering his hardening cock. “Tell me! Who is she? Do I know her?” She wasn’t going to give up so easily. Two hours ago Jack had been so far back in the recesses of her mind, he wasn’t even on her radar. Now he was all she wanted.

“She’s married. And yes, you know her.”

Renee smiled. “Why Jack! You’ve been a bad boy!” She started to unbuckle his pants.

Jack grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands off his crotch. “You have no idea how bad I am! The bitch I’m fucking is Stacy’s mom, Debbie. But she’s more than just a lover. She’s my slut that does exactly what I tell her to do. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m giving her to Jeremy for a day as a graduation present.” Jack’s words finally shocked Renee back to reality. He released her hands. “Now! Are you still sure you want to walk through that door? Because if you unbuckle those pants I’m going to take you as my slut!”

Renee stayed on her knees between his legs as the two stared at each other. She didn’t move or speak for several minutes as she processed in her mind all he’d just said. Finally, “I don’t want to come between you and Debbie.”

“You wouldn’t! I wouldn’t let that happen!”

“What?! You’d keep us both?” Renee laughed. “You think you could keep up with two horny bitches?”

Now Jack laughed. “You ever heard of a gangbang? I’d keep you both well fucked.”

The shock on Renee’s face was priceless. “You wouldn’t!” But even as she said it her pussy twitched at the thought of servicing multiple cocks.

“I already have. Debbie’s been well fucked by 5 of my sub-contractors and me. We took her for most of the day.”

Renee felt herself getting excited just at the thought. “Was she ok with that?”

“First of all I would have never forced her to do that. But to answer your question, she loved it. The lady has an insatiable appetite when it comes to sex. We may do it again.” Jack sat there waiting for her next move. He knew she wanted it. The question was how badly did she want it?

“You’re really giving her to Jeremy for a day?”

Jack smiled. He could tell she was trying to stall making a decision either way. “Yes! He’s a good kid. Him and I have a great working relationship. He’s always had the hots for Debbie. So I thought she would make a nice graduation present for him.”

“Does she know what you have planned for her?”

Jack laughed. “Hell no! She’ll find out soon enough. Part of what turns her on, and I mean she really gets off on it, is being humiliated.” Jack gave her a sinister grin. “Maybe that’s what you need.”

Renee groaned within herself. This was the way her husband used to push her. They had never followed through with any of it. But it had always been one of those things she’d always fantasized about. One of those, ‘what if’s’ you play with in the back of your mind. Her eyes dropped from Jack’s eyes to his lap. She saw the bulge in his pants. She fought with herself. Do I? Don’t I? Impulsively she reached for his buckle with both hands trembling.

Jack didn’t stop her. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Renee just looked at him. The look in her eyes told him all he needed to know. She was being driven by a lust that had to be satisfied. He decided to take control and make her wait for the release she craved. She pulled open his jeans and fought to pull them down his legs. Jack finally lifted his butt off the chair enough to accommodate her. His rigid pole flopped out from his shorts. She grabbed it with both hands and began stroking it.

Jack grabbed her by the hair with both hands and pulled her head back. “Now I’m going to make you my slut!” He said smiling. “Let’s get started.” He leaned down and kissed her hard. He pulled away. “A good slut talks like one. You’ve always had a hard time with that.” He chuckled. “You’ve always been so proper. I don’t believe you were that way with Jeremy. Were you?”

Renee smiled up at him as she fondly remembered how Jeremy would drive her body for his pleasure. “He would try. I was always stubborn in some ways. That was one of them.” She giggled as she saw Jack’s facial response. It almost reminded her of Jeremy’s response when she would resist him. He never had it in him to push her that extra step and take complete control of her. She wondered if Jack had it in him.

Jack grabbed her head and shoved it down on his cock. He heard her gag slightly as the head of his snake hit the back of her throat. Renee closed her lips around his shaft and began to suck with the same fervor she used to suck her husband. There had always been something about having that male flesh in her mouth that she couldn’t get enough of. Jack began a furious pumping of her head up and down. “Damn you suck like xslot Güncel Giriş a pro! Jeremy was a lucky man!” He laughed. “Now I’m the lucky man! You’ll be a nice addition to my other slut!” She tried to say something in response, but he wouldn’t let her mouth off his pistoning cock.

After several minutes he pulled her head up. “Now tell me what you are!”

Renee giggled again knowing what he wanted. “I’m just a bad girl that needs cock!”

Jack smiled down at her knowing her resistance was all part of the game. A game he enjoyed playing. But also a game he knew how to raise to the next level. He pushed her back and stood up, raised his pants and buckled them. Renee looked on pouting. Jack didn’t say a word. He lifted her by the hair and led her downstairs to the basement. Renee’s eyes widened as she took in all the new furniture and various apparatus’ hanging from the wall. This was Jack’s playroom, and she knew she was about to become his new play toy. He led her to the middle of one room where a pair of leather cuffs hung from the ceiling attached to rope that ran through and eye-bolt. The other end of the rope was tied off at the nearest wall. Jack attached the cuffs to her wrists then walked over to the wall and began pulling the rope. He pulled hard, stretching her arms above her head till her feet were just barely touching the ground.

Jack walked over and stood in front of her. The look on her face was priceless. She had that wild-eyed look of fear. This was new territory for her. Jeremy had never done anything like this to her. She wasn’t sure what was coming next. Jeremy hadn’t been a natural Dom. It had always been something he had to work at. Renee was beginning to realize that Jack was a natural. “Jeremy never did anything like this with you, did he?”

Renee shook her head. “No!” Her voice had gone from taunting to a mousey whisper.

Jack laughed. “I didn’t think so. I knew my brother well. This wasn’t his style.” He reached forward and ripped her skirt and panties down till they were down around her ankles. Renee stood before him naked, her chest heaving with each breath. She was both excited beyond belief and scared. But it wasn’t a fear of Jack that overtook her. It was the fear of the unknown. What was he going to do next? How was he going to try and break her? “You going to submit and tell me what you are?”

Renee felt a sudden rush of confidence wash over her. She smiled at him with that mischievous smile she had. “I’m just a dirty girl that likes her cock.”

Jack walked over to the wall and pulled a leather flogger off of it, then returned to stand in front of Renee. Her eyes widened again as she focused on the thing Jack held in his hands. He had practiced with it quite a bit. He knew how to use it gently. He also knew how to get as rough as he could with it. “You going to submit?”

Renee shook her head in defiance.

Jack just smiled. “So be it!” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. “Hey Jeremy! You doing anything?”

Renee’s eyes shot open as panic took control of her. “NO!” She yelled with a whisper. Jack was calling her son.

Jack hit the speaker button on the phone. “No Uncle Jack! I just left Stacy.” He laughed. “I think she’s really my slut now Unc. I did some of the things you told me, and WOW. She responded just like you said she would.”

Renee’s body tensed even more as she listened to her son describe his encounter with Stacy. It slowly dawned on her that Jack knew all about her sons relationship with Stacy and was even behind how Jeremy was treating her. In any other situation she would have been angry with him. But she was slowly becoming so aroused she was losing all sense of how she should react. Jack was the man she had always needed, and she was beginning to realize it.

Jack broke into Jeremy’s rambling. “Would you like to watch me break in a new slut?”

Renee cried out. “NO!”

“Oh wow Uncle Jack! YEAH! Of course! Was there her just now that I heard?”

Jack laughed again. “Yeah! That was her. Get your ass over here and I’ll give you a lesson. We’ll call it Slut Breaking 101.” Jack turned his phone off and shoved it in his pocket. “That boy of yours has a lot of potential. He has the makings to be something special.” The smile on Jack’s face was as devilish as anything Renee had ever seen. It sent a chill down her spine. “I’ve watched over the both of you for years, since Jeremy died. I was glad to do it, and I’m going to continue to do it. It’s just that now you’re no longer my sister-in-law. Now you’re my slut.” He stepped forward, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then kissed her hard. “And if you’re a really good slut, I may let Jeremy taste you. Would you like that?” Renee moaned at the prospect of being taken and used by her own son. “I thought so! You really are a slut! Now we need to work on getting you to admit it.”

Jack stepped back and walked around to her side. Without warning he raised his arm and brought his first smack across her ass. It wasn’t a hard swat. But it was hard enough to make Renee yelp and jump. Jack began a steady spanking of her ass, each blow getting harder and harder. Renee resisted knowing exactly what he wanted. “Is that the best you got?!” She yelled. “What kind of a Dom are you?” She laughed at her own insult.

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