Dee Reunited

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Dee smiled warmly at her patient as she finished washing his feet. Paul had been on the ward for a week now following his operation and had begun to be increasingly chatty as he improved day by day. It wasn’t often she got to work with more interesting patients, but a policeman in traction was most definitely of interest. His short cropped dark hair and blossoming smile had made Paul’s sideroom one of Dee’s most frequented locations on the ward. She was rapidly running out of excuses as to why she could be found chatting to him when there were other jobs to be done.

“So what about your wife, Paul? She must be getting lonely, you being in here, especially with no hope of you being home soon.” Dee rinsed the cloth in the bowl of water, then began to dry his feet.

“I think she’s glad of the break, she always complains I don’t let her sleep enough…” Paul blushed as he realised what he had said.

“Oh yes? I suppose your snoring is a little loud sometimes but that’s often because of your sedation and with you stuck on your back.” She ignored the insinuation of her patient’s sexual appetite desperately hoping that he hadn’t seen the shiver that ran up her spine at the thought of Paul naked and hard. It was bad enough that she was finding him in her thoughts while in the coffee room, she didn’t want to end up flirting with a patient unless a permanent vacation from her post as staff nurse was appealing.

The pair stayed silent as Dee dried his legs, working the rough towel up his calf as the sounds of footsteps and muffled conversations drifted in under the door. She resisted the urge to massage his inner thigh as she continued before reaching the towel over his groin.

“You, er, you want me to do down there myself?” Paul held his hand out for the flannel and Dee passed it over, trying to tell herself that she wasn’t disappointed to miss out on checking his cock for both size and girth. She turned around so not to intrude on him and spotted a gauze pad on the floor.

As she bent, her dress rode up and skimmed the top of her stocking tops.

Giving him adequate time to finish, Dee turned back round to face Paul and took the cloth from him. “I’m just going to go find someone to help me turn you while I do your back.” Her patient smiled awkwardly and bunched the towel at his crotch; a manoeuvre she knew meant that he had become aroused. Perhaps a good thing then that she couldn’t assist him further without a second nurse. Paul opened his mouth to speak, a sheepish expression on his face, when a knock on the door followed immediately by its opening intruded on the pair.

“Dee there you are! Mr Lyons is on the ward and wants to do ward round, right now. Come on!”

Her colleague grabbed Dee by the wrist and yanked her from the room, slamming the door behind her. She looked anxious and leant in to Dee.

“He’s got such a face on him Dee, and I can’t do it, not today! Danny dumped me last night and I just know that old Lyons will make me burst into tears. He likes you though, please? Do the round with him for me?” Becky quavered, her eyes filling with tears. This wasn’t the first time Dee had been forced by loyalty to cover for her easily-in-love friend.

“Pleeeeease? For me? Go on, he hates me and always finds something wrong when I do the round, but you have him wrapped round the tip of your little finger!”

“Fine, but you’ll have to buddy up with someone and finish washing cubicle six.”

“Ooohh, sexy motorcycle cop? Sure thing, partner!” Becky turned and set off down the corridor to find a helper.

Dee tugged her apron off and quickly washed her hands. A look in the mirror as she arranged her hair, pulling it from its tight bun into a long trailing ponytail then adding a touch of clear gloss to her lips. Becky was right; Mr Lyons did like her, far more so than any of her colleagues knew although they can’t have missed her leaving in his company more than once after shift. She knew that the other staff thought she was easy but that didn’t bother her. She was good at her job, friendly and hardworking, they could overlook that she cared more for foreplay than the latest happenings in Coronation Street. Not only that but her fellow nurses always came to her boyfriend advice, the men around her ward seeking something else entirely from her.

Pouting her lips and making sure her dress was straight, she headed straight for the orthopaedic surgeon and his entourage waiting by the nurses’ station.

“Ahhh, staff nurse Fisher, so pleasant to see that an eager face is joining us today. Shall we begin?” Mr Lyons turned on his heel and stepped off towards the first bay of patients, his students and SHO trailing. The medical students attached to Mr Lyons she had met before; both were pleasant and seemed capable. His SHO she had an intimate acquaintance with, but which she kept to herself as he had requested. Mr Lyons himself was a huge man, a rugby player and word had it that he used to box. His dark skin hailed from the Bahamas, together with a deep rich voice that sent trembles into her chest when he spoke. She tried not to think about Escort Ankara his rippling muscles, the way his cock felt as he thrust into her tight, sweet little pussy… and snapped her attentions back to the round.

Twenty minutes passed uneventfully, she adding in details of the patients’ progress and taking notes of any jobs that needed attending to immediately. She was just sketching down the list of bloods required for her elderly female patient when the ward clerk bustled over, trying to look bold as she went up to Mr Lyons.

“erm, excuse me…Sir…erm, Mr Lyons Sir. There’s a gentleman at the desk who says he would like a moment?”

Mr Lyons sighed, unhappy at having his round disturbed. “And who might this gentleman be that thinks he can just walk onto the ward and disrupt me?” Throwing a set of case notes to the trolley he turned to the desk, his large strides covering the distance effortlessly.

Trying not to stare at the impending storm of Mr Lyons being interrupted Dee fetched the notes which had slid over the trolley top and were now splayed all over the bay floor. She had just about picked them all up when she felt she was being watched.

Standing behind her Mr Lyons and the gentleman from the desk were patiently waiting for her to rise. Dee grinned widely in recognition and their hands met in a polite handshake.

“Dee, wow, I haven’t seen you in years! You’re looking, er, great!”

“Thanks! It must be what, ten years? College seems a long time away now. So what brings you here Dan?”

“Work — an interview with Mr Lyons here.” A flicker of something slipped over his face.

Dee struggled for a moment as she thought about the last few years. Dan and she had shared a certain amount of correspondence, some of it more than a little suggestive. Was he insinuating something with his comment? It was the first time in a long while that Dee felt embarrassment creeping up her neck. Sometimes her urges got the better of her common sense.

“Well, it’s good to see you anyways.” Dee grinned then leant in and hugged Dan warmly. She breathed the scent of her old friend before releasing him and smiling at Mr Lyons who was staring at her.

“So it seems the two of you are already acquainted then, well that makes my job all the easier. Fisher, Dan is one of my old students and may be joining the team. Would you be so kind as to take him on a tour of the hospital? I’ve cleared it with the powers that be.”

“Of course Mr Lyons, it’d be a pleasure to take a few minutes off the ward.”

“Well, I know your hospitality is second to none, Staff.” Mr Lyons turned away to rejoin the round and Dee pondered the undertones of the statement. She decided to take it as a compliment rather than a slur.


“So then, shall we go?” Dan said as she stepped from the locker room, handbag slung over her shoulder. He rubbed his hand over his head and Dee watched as his jacket opened to show his shirt pulled tight over his chest. Just as well I put my gloss on, she thought. Although they had never been overly friendly in college, she remembered Dan well, and a small knot of desire bunched in her stomach. She’d been so different then, so shy. Nothing like the heated seductress she had matured into.

Setting off along the main corridor they made small talk about the job Dan was applying for and the hospital as a whole. Dee could feel her suspenders rubbing softly along her thighs as they strolled. They always made her feel sexy, the nylon on her skin and lace chaffing her inner thigh.

Her confidence grew as they chatted. She was aware too of how close she was walking to Dan, causing him to walk almost touching the wall. When they were met by a patient being wheeled in bed along the hallway she was almost glad to step around the opposite side. Pressed up against the wall her eyes flicked over to her friend over the bed and their gaze met. She parted her lips a little, looked down and then up again, hoping that he might note the gesture of submissive allure — but he merely replied with his usual friendly grin.

Soon enough they were alone in the corridor again and Dee began to explain the layout of the hospital and its three main blocks. The way he smelled as they walked side by side was intoxicating and try as she might she couldn’t help but imagine what Dan would look like without his suit. She felt herself becoming moist, damp at the thought of his naked body just under the fabric. Did he not notice the way her voice had deepened, hoarse as she discussed the various merits of their new A&E department?

Just then her pager beeped. Mr Lyon’s number flashed along the display and she excused herself from Dan to use the phone, finding her nearest one which was located in the casualty sister’s office. She shut the door behind her before dialling the number.

“Staff nurse Fisher, you’ve been gone an age.” Mr Lyon’s voice growled down the phone, the baritone purr instantly causing Dee’s nipples to stiffen. “What are you up to, surely you’ve finished the Ankara Escort tour by now.”

“Actually we’re just leaving A&E, I was going to take Dan along the Victorian wing back to the ward. Sorry Mr Lyons, I hadn’t noticed the time.”

“By A&E, eh?” Mr Lyon’s voice was barely a whisper now and she heard the click of a door closing. “You little temptress, I bet you’ve been entertaining the young doctor in an entirely different fashion than that intended.”

Dee flushed as she listened to her consultant on the other end of the phone. His voice was low, murmuring, and she couldn’t help but whimper as he continued.

“You little slut, I love to think of you acting the tease, my little fucktoy.” Dee moaned again, her hand stealing over the front of her dress and teasing the stiff bud of her nipple under the cotton. “You’re such a cheap shallow slut. I’m surprised you even came to the phone, I thought you’d have his cock deep inside that luscious little cunt already, hidden away and stifling your moans as he ploughs you. Why haven’t you, my little whore? Don’t you want him?”

Dee could barely breathe, a familiar mist of heat fuzzing her head. “Yes, I do Sir, but he, he doesn’t seem to be interested, Mr Lyons Sir. Not like you, Sir…”

His command was direct and snipped her to silence. “Then get to it, what kind of slut are you that can’t even get a hot blooded male drooling after you? You have the rest of the day off, I’ve told Matron that you’ve been appropriated to an impromptu training session over in fracture clinic. I expect to hear all the details from you later. Go!”

The silence of the phone seemed to bring Dee back to the present moment. The hot sticky wetness of her pussy was clamouring for attention, her mouth watering at the thought of Dan doing precisely what Mr Lyons had described. Dusting herself down she replaced the handset and left the office.


“Is everything OK?” Dan was leaning against the wall opposite, clearly bored. His jacket was slung over one shoulder and his tie was missing.

Dee took a sharp intake of breath as she eyed him over, and steeled herself. If she had to be direct, then so be it. She did want this man, and sooner or later he would realise it.

“Yeah, sure, some good news actually! It was my ward sister, she’s been going through the annual leave on the ward and apparently I have too many hours to roll over to next year, so she’s offered me the rest of the day off. Do you have plans?”

“Well I was going to go back to my hotel and take a shower, get out of the work gear and then go for something to eat. I guess if you wouldn’t mind joining me then I’d be glad of the company?”

“Sure, so long as we can swing round my place, I’m dying to get out of these stockings.” She left the word stockings hanging in the air as she stalked off towards the exit. Please take a hint she thought, her hips swaying as she clicked out a fast pace along the hospital corridor. ———————————————————-

Stepping into her front lounge, Dee ushered Dan in and directed him to the sofa. Instead he walked towards the far wall where a nude canvas hung on the wall. The dark haired woman in the picture was smiling demurely as she draped on a chaise longue, her upper half looking as innocent as Botticelli’s Venus, but her lower half was shrouded by the back of a woman’s head, a second figure quite clearly pleasuring the first.

“err, interesting taste in art. Never seen one of those in any of the shops in town.” Dan looked at the canvas before taking a seat on the couch.

“It was a gift, from someone special.”

“Nice gift.” Dan scanned the rest of the room, not picking up on the less-than-subtle clue.

“OK, bear with me while I go change.” Dee quickly disappeared up the stairs before her frustration showed. What was wrong with this guy?! He had flirted with her over the years, a text here an email there, but now he seemed as dense as a brick. She quickly stripped, her uniform falling to the rug, her floor length mirror reflecting the image of her black lace underwear. A few moments and her hair was loose, crimson lipstick smeared along her smile. An idea formed as she looked at herself, and she reached to pick up her phone from the dresser. Holding it aloft she clicked the button and hoped she had a photo in focus.

She had. Her large almond eyes stared back at her, glossy lips catching the flash, beneath them the full swell of her breasts stark against the black bra she wore. Disappearing out of focus but still discernable, the black suspender belt she wore and the stocking tops, and placed neatly between, the glowing lips of her sex. The flash had glinted off the seeping wetness as her pussy lips cleft open and she smiled, her arousal captured digitally.

A few button presses, and a moment later she heard the beep of Dan’s phone downstairs. Try and ignore that one, she thought.

She could feel her heart beating inside her chest, literally clamouring as she waited to Ankara Escort Bayan see if he would take this final hint. Come on!

She counted to nine before she heard a footstep on the stairs, then stepped out of her room and leaned on the doorframe. “Thank god for that, she said, “I thought I was going to have to hit you with a frying pan then tie you to my bed before you came to.”

Dan was halfway up the stairs, and by the time she finished speaking his head was level with Dee’s slick pussy lips on the other side of the balustrade. Her scent was intoxicating.

“I thought you were playing with me, you know, just teasing. I didn’t know you actually meant those things you texted to me last summer.” His eyes scanned over the flesh of her pussy, the pouting pink lips both puffy and slick with her juices. As he watched, she slipped a finger down over the mound of her sex and parted the lips, the slick sound of wetness as she teased herself softly, purposefully, before withdrawing the finger. He followed it as she lifted her hand to her lips, spreading the juices along her bottom lip. Her finger toyed with the plush flesh before hooking it slightly. Oh god, what a horny sight.

Dee turned and walked back into her bedroom, kicking the uniform to one side. As Dan stepped into the room she pressed him firmly against the wall and sank to her knees. Her hands flew to his belt, then released the button at the top of his suit pants. Her dark hair was covering her shoulders but Dan must be able to see the tips of her breasts she knew. Here nipples were a deep pink and peeking from the mesh of the lacework on her bra.

Dee moaned as she released Dan’s cock from the confines of his pants. The object of her desire bobbed in front of her face and she firmly gripped the shaft, examining him adoringly. She looked up and met his gaze, biting her bottom lip wantonly. A devilish little smile plucked at the corner of her lips before being replaced by serenity as she rubbed her face along his length. Her cheek grazed along his cock, her eyes closed, eyelashes a deep black against her visage as she breathed deeply.

A deep, masculine aroma filled with notes of lust coaxed Dee further, and she played the tip of his cock along her lips. The swollen head looked so crude against the scarlet of her lips as she began to pout, kissing it with lingering caresses. She could feel him swelling further in her hands, the thrum of his blood as it flooded his cock engorging it to the point of aching. Nuzzling along the length she moved downwards until her nose was teasing the underside of his length at the base. She flicked her gaze back upwards to meet his, then opened her mouth slowly, her tongue snaking out the flattening itself along his inches as she licked catlike upwards.

Dan groaned, the sudden wet warmness of Dee’s tongue pleasuring him beyond expectation. She grasped his hips and tugged his pants down before enveloping the tip of his cock between her lips. He tasted so good that all thoughts of teasing fled and breathing heavily she skewered her face onto him. Her pussy clenched tightly, nothing else ever felt as good and wholesome as engulfing the thick swollen meat of a man. She could hear him moaning and stuttering above her. The sound of a man aroused was heavenly to her and she dug her fingernails into his captive hips.

Swallowing him deeply into her throat Dee stifled her own moan, clipping it short as his mushroomed tip blocked off her airways. She relaxed, cutting off her intake of breath and letting her lips close around his shaft. Ignoring the urge to breathe she pulled off, slowly, leaving a trail of lipstick and saliva along his cock. Smoothing her wetness onto his cock with her hand she pumped his length, suckling now on just the top half of his shaft, breathing heavily. Her moans purring along his length as she coaxed him to relax.

Dan was leaning heavily on the wall as his knees threatened to buckle under him. Dee suckled him as deeply into her as his cock could go. She could feel her chin pressing into him, her face touching him before agonisingly slowly moving off to release that throbbing cock. Her hands still toyed along him, her fingers dancing as she felt a groan rumbling within her. The vibrations teased his cock, a half ticklish feeling that dropped into his balls and became a tightening yearn for him to fuck her pretty face.

Dee felt his hands begin to play with her hair, his fingers slipping beneath the satin and along her scalp before dragging back. Not wanting to lose his cock from her mouth she released her grip on the glorious shaft and hastily felt behind her head, bunching her hair into a pony. He took the hint this time and gripped it firmly, her head now in his control as he wrapped the long ribbons of her hair around his fist.

“Ohhh fuck. You want me to use you? Fuck your face?” His words dripped down onto her and her pussy clenched tightly as she listened. She nodded, his cock bobbing in her mouth, a groan audible as she squeezed her thighs together. Her pussy needed this, she needed this. She didn’t care about flowers or chocolates or romance, what Dee craved was sex. Without the moans of her fuckbuddies in her ears regularly she was scatty, frustrated and grouchy. Nothing else did it for her but to be used, thoroughly and decisively. And that was precisely what she intended to happen.

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