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Kirsty had worked for the courier company for six months, and while the money wasn’t great, she enjoyed the freedom the job gave her. There was nothing she liked better than the hot sunny days, cruising down the motorway, arm out the window, wind blowing in her hair. By now she had regular runs and knew where they were, so she could concentrate on more exiting things, just putting her mind into ‘cruise’ mode, while being able to take more breaks being another bonus of knowing the job.

One of Kirsty’s favourite runs was the ‘photographic run’, which involved picking up negatives from a midland photographer, taking them to Oxford, waiting for them to be developed, then returning them to the photographer’s studio. Most of the time the package was unsealed, and being a curious sort, she found herself scanning through the prints while on a break at a service area. She was astonished at some of the prints, most were just glamourous shots, with a varying array of glamourous looking girls, but the shots she took of a Thursday were always more graphic, and sometimes featured girls playing with themselves in front of the camera.

Kirsty found herself looking forward to the Thursday run, and as soon as she could, would delve into the package, looking for the muckier prints. She found herself becoming aroused by the shots, and found herself rubbing her pussy through her knickers as she sat in the quiet service area. One Friday in particular, she very nearly brought herself off, before snapping out of her haze, and realising she had spent longer than she should there. She rushed back to the photographers, he didn’t seem too happy, but accepted her apologies, signing her delivery sheet, before letting her go home, it was always the last job on a Friday.

At home, Kirsty slipped into a bath, and the images came flooding back, as they swam around her head she reached down to her pussy, dipping her fingers inside, bringing herself off in a matter of minutes. Vic, the photographer was curious, Kirsty had never been late before, she had been doing the run for the last five weeks, and was never more than a few minutes late. He really started to get curious when the next week she was thirty minutes late again. She was never late except on the Friday run.

Vic began to smile to himself, as he thought of what Kirsty was doing between the developer and him. He made a phone call after Kirsty left the next Friday, asking his friend, the developer, to put the prints into a specific order, as well as making sure that the more explicit shots had large blow-ups as well as his usual size. As he expected, Kirsty was late, again, he noticed that xslot giriş her face was flushed, and offered her a drink, she readily accepted. Vic went to make the coffee, taking the prints with him, he flicked the kettle on, and went to his studio. Under the bright lights he could clearly see that the more explicit shots had thumbprints around the edges. He now knew she had been stopping to look at them.

Vic brought the coffee back for Kirsty, and sat down with his next to her. He said he had something to ask her, and told her he knew why she was always late. She looked at him, a shocked expression on her face, she thought she was in trouble, but his smile told her she needn’t worry. He laughed as she admitted she had a look at some of the pictures. He finally got it out of her which ones she looked at, and told her not too worry, as he wouldn’t tell her boss, under one condition. Kirsty froze, she couldn’t afford to lose this job, but what was the condition.

Vic told her to have a good look at the next week’s prints, as she was going to pose for some the same. Kirsty almost passed out with embarrassment, she couldn’t pose for shots like she had seen, and had little sleep all week, eventually coming to pick up the job on Friday afternoon. As she got back into the van she floored the accelerator, getting to her usual service stop almost fifteen minutes before she usually did.

As she looked through the prints, she was relieved to see that this weeks poses were much less explicit, and thought if it was a choice between losing her job, and having to just pose naked, then she would do it, after all, she liked her body, and was proud of her firm boobs and pert ass. She was a little short, at only five foot five inches, but her hair was cut into a nice bob. She had always been told that she looked younger than her twenty-one years, and had trouble getting in pubs and clubs.

Kirsty was shown into a dressing room as she returned with the prints, there were clothes, well lingerie, already lain out for her use. Vic told her to change into the lingerie, then come through to the studio. When Kirsty came through, she realised Vic wasn’t alone, their was a younger guy, about mid-twenties, who was introduced as Gerry, he was Vic’s assistant. Kirsty recognised him for something else though, he was the male model that featured in some of her favourite prints, the ones she’d been playing with herself over.

Kirsty was wearing a pale blue lace bra, with matching thong, and nothing else, she was instructed to take up positions by Vic, until he eventually told her it was time to lose xslot some of her underwear. Slowly undoing the bra, she slipped it from her body, revealing to the men, her firm 34b tits, the nipples already erect due to her arousal, she was starting to enjoy posing, despite her earlier fear. By the time Vic told her to remove her knickers, her pussy was wet, leaving a stain on the front of the briefs.

Vic instructed her to open her legs, bringing his camera to within a few inches of her pussy, he couldn’t help but notice her moistness, and knew he had her willing body to take whatever pictures he wanted. He told Gerry to get out of his clothes and join her on the set, it only consisted of a couch and rug. As Gerry neared her, she found she didn’t care anymore, her burning desire, overwhelming any other thoughts in her mind. As Gerry joined her, he sat behind her naked body, under instructions from Vic, he brought his hands round to cup Kirsty’s boobs.

Kirsty sighed as Gerry squeezed her boobs, pulling at her nipples. She could feel his erection pushing against her lower back, and found herself pushing back on it. Vic continued giving his instructions to Gerry, until he had them in a sixty-nine position, Kirsty underneath Gerry’s hanging dick, she thought it was at least seven inches in length, and thick as well. Gerry’s tongue brushed her pussy hair as Vic gave his orders, eventually his tongue flicked over her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Vic turned his attention to Kirsty, telling her to hold Gerry’s dick, brushing her fingers up and down it’s length, until he finally told her to put the tip in her mouth. As Kirsty put her tongue on his dick, Gerry’s dick seemed to expand, surprising her as she thought he was already fully erect. As it slipped into her mouth she could feel him throb, filling her mouth, making her breath through her nose. Vic told her to take it further into her mouth, while at the same time telling Gerry to lick her pussy.

They were now sixty-nining, both enjoying the taste of one another’s parts. Vic let them continue for a while, before getting them to change positions. Kirsty on her hands and knees, while Gerry kneeled behind her. Gerry’s dick slipped over her pussy lips, her juices leaving a trail across the end of his dick. As Gerry pushed forward, his dick slipped straight into her tight pussy, inch by inch it slid into her, parting her tight young folds, eventually Gerry was fully in, Kirsty, her eyes closed, had never felt so full in her life. Vic took some pictures of Kirsty’s face as she became accustomed to it’s girth, before asking her what she wanted.

“For fuck’s sake, just let him shag meeee…” her final word expanding as Gerry rammed his dick in then out like a man possessed, beaming her with vengeance, his passion exploding as he pummelled away at the tightest pussy he had ever been inside. Vic was shooting away, capturing the animal lust with his camera, as Kirsty screamed out for Gerry to do her harder, while he was pulling his dick virtually all the way out, before ramming it straight back in to the hilt. Vic was knelt in front of Kirsty as he felt her hands grabbing at his fly, pulling it down he allowed her to pull out his dick, grabbing it with her fist, jerking his foreskin up and down, before he shuffled forward, allowing her mouth to envelope his dick.

Kirsty was now being skewered, one dick from behind, while she devoured the one in front of her, taking Vic all the way to the back of her throat, running her tongue round it’s rim as it popped back out again. Vic signalled to Gerry, and he pulled out, lying down, pulling Kirsty back on top of his dick. She pounded away on his length, before realising that Vic was lubing a finger round her puckered asshole. Vic lubed, then inserted two fingers, making Kirsty yell, she had never taken anything in her ass, but Vic assured her she’d like it.

As Vic slowly inserted his six inch dick into her ass, she froze, but the pain was soon overtaken by pleasure, as Vic slowly pumped his cock up to it’s limit in her stretched anus. Kirsty could still make out a flash going off, Vic had an auto-button in his hand, and was capturing the double teaming for prosperity. As Kirsty reached an orgasm, her whole body seemed to explode, sending Gerry over the edge, blowing what felt like a bucket load of cum into her spasming pussy, spilling out around his balls as she bucked on his dick. Vic pulled out and turned her over, knelling over her face, he shot his load all over her mouth, opening it she took some of it into her mouth, licking the remaining strings from his dick, licking it and swallowing.

Kirsty lay there in the afterglow, as both men lat cuddled up to her. Vic was the first to speak, “So, would you like to do this for a living Kisrty, it pays well?”, she didn’t care about the pay, she just wanted to feel this way more often. “Too right I do”, she smiled. Kirsty never did go back to couriering, loosing count of the number of different cocks that took her over the next few months. The money was good, but it was the orgasms she really enjoyed. Of course the nice, well furnished flat, and the new BMW looked good too.

Eventually after making a few quid, Kirsty started her own courier company. She specialised in photographic contracts, and wondered how long it would be before one of her pretty young female drivers took the same journey she had taken herself. But then that’s another story.

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