Desire is mightier than the mind, part II?

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Desire is mightier than the mind, part II?So it had been a few days since I had sex with my grandmother. I hadn’t been able to get it out of my mind and when my girlfriend came over one night I fucked her hard but I was thinking about my grandmother the whole time. I felt really bad inside but I kept getting hard every time I thought about my grandmother. Then a couple days later my grandmother called not and wanted me to come over for dinner. She didn’t seem mad or sad, or like anything had even happened. So of course I agreed, but I was really worried. How do I know I wasn’t being set up?When I arrived at her house I was even more nervous. I kept waiting for police to show up at any moment. Or my family to show up and kick me out. But my grandmother was very pleasant and seemed happy to see me. She was wearing this long dress sweater like thing that had big buttons down the front. Under that she was wearing some kind of low cut white shirt and I could really see her cleavage. I got a little more worried as I thought about what blackman had said. What if she didn’t remember? But that couldn’t be because my grandmother always was very intelligent and has never had memory problems before. Still I was really worried as the night went on.She had cooked a very good dinner for us of steak, mashed potatoes and stuffing. She even had pulled out some wine and we ate and drank and talked like we were best friends. Everything was wonderful. But the as the we talked about things in the news, movies, and the rest of the family I was getting more and more horny. She looked beautiful and her shape was driving me crazy. Then she asked me about my girlfriend. I told her the truth, it wasn’t anything too serious right now. I then asked her about Roger. She kind of looked at me kinda shocked. She didn’t really say much about him. I then took a deep breath and asked if he made her happy, sexually? She looked at me shocked again and told me it was none of my business as she downed another glass of wine. I then asked her if he made her cum like she did when she was with me. She looked at me embarrassed. I told her it was ok. It was just between us. She said what had happened between us was wrong and disgusting. But I asked her if she liked it though. She looked down at her plate embarrassed and said she hadn’t had an orgasm in quite some time until I was with her. And she couldn’t stop thinking about it.Well needless to say I was hard as a rock now. I told her how beautiful I always thought she was and how bad I had always wanted to make love to her. She told me to stop it couldn’t happen again it was wrong. I stood and walked over to her and she saw the bulge in my pants. I was shaking and she looked away. I stepped in front of her and took her hand. I put in on my bulge and told her how excited she made me. She didn’t look at me but I swear she started to feel my bulge and started to rub it. Her touch through my pants felt good. I wanted more so badly. I then started to unzip myself. She looked at me surprised and stood up quickly looking embarrassed again and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted her right now. She told me to stop it but I took her hand again and placed it inside my boxers. I was surprised she didn’t really fight me. She actually grabbed my cock and started to play with it. I was so hot I leaned in and started to kiss my grandmother. She was hesitant but suddenly began kissing me back. God I was so turned on. I was really kissing my grandmother now while her hand was playing with my hard cock. Quickly I reached into her sweater dress and felt her panties. I slid my hand inside fast before she protested and began to finger her. She got really wet fast and our kissing got more passionate. I was about to tell her I wanted to fuck her when she suddenly pulled away releasing me and took a step back. She covered her face and was silent for a moment. She told me she shouldn’t have done that. She began to go on the speech again that its wrong and disgusting. She was my grandmother and I was her grandson. Her daughters son. I told her it didn’t matter I loved her and wanted her. She was really embarrassed and poured another glass of wine. She told me we cant do this and she walked off to the bedroom sipping 1xbet yeni giriş her glass. I was too hot to stop. I know I should have left but her wetness was still fresh on my fingers. I walked into the bedroom and she turned to me looking nervous. She finished her wine and I told her I wanted her again. She put the glass on the floor and was about to tell me to go when i rushed up and started kissing her again. She tried to push me back for a moment but suddenly began kissing me back. I quickly began fingering her sweet pussy again and I could tell she was trying to hold back her pleasure. Getting hotter by the second I pulled open her sweater dress and it dropped to the floor. She looked so hot standing there in here white granny panties and her white shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples were poking through the shirt. She told me to wait again but I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it above her head and tossing it to the floor. As soon as it was off I began kissing her deeply again before she could say anything. And she was kissing me back. As we kissed I grabbed her panties and pushed them down to her feet. She then pulled away again and tried to cover those beautiful breasts and that wet pussy. She began to say her speech again that we had to stop it was disgusting what we were doing. I was her grandson and the son of her daughter. She looked so hot and so beautiful. I wanted her now. I lightly gave her a push and she fell back surprised onto the bed asking me what I was doing. I didn’t say anything but fell to my knees. Her pussy was right in my face. She put her hand in front of my face again telling me to wait, wait. I responded by licking her fingers. She pulled her hand away and I leaned in and could smell her wetness. It was like a d**g. I felt dizzy. Thats when I noticed her legs bend and go up on the bed, exposing her pussy even more to me. I began rubbing her thighs on both sides of my head and quickly began to eat out my grandmother. I was eating OUT my grandmother. Her pussy was in my mouth. It was delicious and soooo freaking hot. I was licking deep inside her, and against her clit. She covered her face at first but I noticed her breathing had picked up. I was still dressed except for my unzipped cock and I reached down and squeezed my balls hard. I was fighting hard not to cum by just eating out my grandmother but I was so hot I think I leaked quite a bit of pre. Then I felt my grandmothers hands on the top of my head kind of softly rubbing and she let out a very erotic very slow mumble. “Johnnnnnnny stooooooop iiiiiiit.” Something about the way she said it drove me insane and I began eating her faster. I had to squeeze my balls again to stop myself from cumming. Her hips started to rise and fall under my tongue and her breathing was so fast. I stared at her big c cups with their hard nipples. My grandmother then shut her eyes and shut her mouth tightly and her head went back. I think she was still trying to hold back. Not let me know that she was enjoying it. Suddenly her hips started to tremble hard and I knew that my grandmother had just cum in my mouth. Her hips rose high against my mouth and she shook all over as I continued to eat her. Finally her mouth opened and she let out this loud gasp. Her hips fell back onto the bed quickly and she covered her face again. Her breathing was still heavy and it had me worried for a moment there. I stood up and watched her sexy body still shaking. There was some sweat between her breasts and it looked so hot. I pulled off my shirt and watched my grandmothers covered face. As I began to pull my pants and boxers off I saw her fingers spread and here eyes were peeking at me from between them. I was now totally naked in front of my totally naked grandmother who just came in my mouth. God it was hot. It was also so hot that my grandmother was staring at my hard precum wet cock. I climbed onto the bed between my grandmothers bent knees and pointed my cock at her soaked pussy. I was so gone. I reached up and grabbed my grandmothers wrists and pulled them down. She looked away embarrassed and I released her wrists. I then scooted forward a little more and started entering her. Her eyes closed tight and her head rolled 1xbet giriş to her left. I groaned loud. She felt so good. I pushed it as far as I could and sat still for a second like the first time. I was in my grandmother and I was loving it. Quickly I began to move my hips. Not slow at all but right away I was moving at a good speed. She was already so wet from me eating her and it was feeling so good. I was breathing hard and I sat up fucking her good. Her c cups were bouncing pretty erotically and her hands were on either side of her clutching the blanket she was on. I was doing her good and wasn’t holding back. I was groaning pretty loud. I thin asked her if she had cum good. She didn’t say anything at first. I picked up speed a little more and gave it to her a little harder and asked her if she had cum hard. Her head rolled back and while keeping her eyes tightly closed she actually mumbled in a hurry, “Yes. Yes you made me cum.” I slammed her hard a few more times and then had to pull it out because I felt my cum rise. I shook myself a few times and then put it back in her. I shifted myself and layed down on top of her as my hips moved up and down quickly. I ran my hands through her hair and clamped my mouth down on hers and began french kissing her passionately. She must have really enjoyed it because she started to kiss me back and her arms suddenly wrapped around me and her hips surprised me by starting to move up and down with my thrusts. I think we both groaned into each others mouths. We were really fucking hard for quite a while when I felt her thighs suddenly clenching around my waist. I lifted my head and her head rolled back and she let out another hot moan. “Johnnny your maaaaaaking meeeee cuuuum agaiin.” I groaned louder and started moving as fast as I could while staring at the headboard. I tried to focus my thoughts on the headboard and not think about me fucking my grandmother, or how hot it was just so I wouldn’t cum. She then lifted her hips and began shaking again. She shut her mouth though this time and held back any noise which was pretty disappointing. I kept moving for a few more thrusts when her hips ly still against the bed then pulled it out. We were both pretty sweaty and I was still hard because I hadn’t cum but had leaked plenty of pre in her. She put an arm around her eyes as she was breathing hard and I began to suck her nipples. They tasted so good and I just kept going back and forth between the breasts. She just ly still with her eyes closed and her arm hiding them from me. I pulled away from her and took a second to look at her open wet pussy. God it looked hot. I then grabbed her hips and began to flip her over. She looked at me surprised and with a look like she just woke up.She asked me what I was doing as she got up on her knees. She got up on all fours with out me even saying anything. She then started to tell me once again, “Wait wait. We can’t do this. We have to stop.” But just looked at her open pussy and her so hot pink butt hole and grabbed her hips. Standing on the floor behind her on all fours on the bed I pushed myself back into her. Her head hung down as I pushed it deep. Immediately I began to fuck my grandmother doggystyle. We were both naked and we were fucking. She then let loose another one of those hot groans that almost made me cum finally. “Jooooohnnny stooooop.” But I couldn’t. I was like an a****l fucking her from behind like mad. Her pussy started to actually make farting noises every so often when my cock went in deep. It was so hot. What caused that? To wet? Too open now?That’s when I noticed the mirror. To my left I noticed her dresser with the big mirror. I started to cum just a little, I had to fight to hold it back again. I could see myself in the mirror fucking my naked grandmother. It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I watched in the mirror as I fucked my grandmother and couldn’t help but ask her: “Do you like it grandma? Do you like getting fucked by your grandson?” I was so horny I was sounding like a bad porno. It’s funny when i think about it. She didn’t answer and I asked her again. I was hoping she would answer because I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer I knew. She then moaned so hotly, “Don’t 1xbet güvenilirmi make me say it.” I started to leak some more in her I felt it and I asked her again. And again she said the same thing. “Johnny don’t make me say it.” I couldn’t take it much more and told her to look in the mirror, her grandson was fucking her. She hesitated but slowly lifted her head and looked into the mirror. Her eyes got huge and it was the hottest look I’ve ever seen on her. She must have been like me and liked what she saw because then she just blurted out “Yes, I like my grandson fucking me.” That was it. I yelled like a wounded a****l and started shooting over and over in her. It felt like it was never going to stop I swear. I just kept shooting and shooting. I was actually cumming in my grandmother again and the thought of it seemed to make me shoot more. By the time my cock had finished my balls felt so sore. My grandmother collapsed on the bed. I hesitated but then lay down next to her. She covered her face again obviously really embarrassed. I moved in really close to her and pulled her hands from her face. She looked at me with this embarrassed gaze and I couldn’t help myself. I leaned in and kissed her deep. I then moved so she could put her head on my shoulder and I held her. It was an amazing feeling. We didn’t say anything for several minutes.She then with out looking at me said something like A grandson is not suppose to make his grandmother cum and cum. Her saying that was hot to me. I kissed the top of her head and I could feel her suddenly staring at my cock. I can’t describe it but I just felt it. She was just staring at it. And it started to grow again. She didn’t say anything but stared at it and when it was pretty erect she wrapped her hand around it. Her hand felt great. She didn’t say another word and fell asleep with it in her hand. A few seconds later I passed out too. When I awoke according to the alarm clock it was about five in the morning. And I was hard as a rock. My grandmother had rolled over during the night and was still a sleep. She looked beautiful. So sexy. I started thinking about what we had done and hot really horny fast. I started to kiss her shoulders and her back. I then rolled her onto her back as she started to wake and began kissing her breasts. She really started to wake up when I started to suck them and my finger went into her pussy. Still nice and warm and wet. I didn’t hesitate and climbed on her. It only took a second for my cock to enter her and she didn’t hold back. She moaned. As did I. I immediatly began to thrust. I was fucking my grandmother again. And I was moaning loud again. Her eyes were still closed and we began to kiss deeply again as we kissed. After a few moments of thrusting in her I rolled over, pulling her on top of me. We kissed some more and she put her head onto my shoulder. I whispered into her ear, “Ride me grandma.Fuck me.” She didn’t say a word but started to move. In a second she was riding me really good and we were both moaning. I don’t know why but this one wasn’t as long. With in a few minutes she started cumming and gasping. At least time she wasn’t holding back. I held her sweet white ass tight as she came and not more than a second or two after her my cock erupted in her. We kissed deep for a moment then she slid off me and lay beside me. I held her from behind and kissed her shoulders and neck. After a few moments she slowly rose from the bed and put her robe on. She was a little shaky, probably weak at the knees and leaned against the dresser. I got up and stood in front of her. I kissed her and then she lightly stopped me. She told me I had better get home. We shouldn’t have done any of that. I was kinda shocked by her words and pretty hurt. She still felt like it was wrong? I mean it was but it was so good. I quickly dressed and left the room. I didn’t know what to say or do. But right before I opened the front door my grandmother rushed at me and kissed me very deeply. I was pretty shocked but totally engulfed. She really kissed me good. She then told me no one can know about this because its disgusting and wrong. I didn’t know what to say and just said of course. She then kissed me softly on the lips and I left. What a night. What a morning. I was feeling really high but confused. I went home and showered and went to work. I was all torn up inside. But then it got worse because when I got home my grandmother had called and left a message on my phone to drop by for dinner again.

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