Deviant Behavior

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The opening salvoes foretold the coming battle between what is acceptable behavior and what is deviant. I know full well what is acceptable and what is deviant. I am an academic doctor and teach students to weigh what is acceptable against what is unacceptable when making decisions. In my private life, however, I find myself leaning to the deviant.

What were the opening salvoes and why did have such a foretelling? I have never shrunk from the enjoyment of sex. Over the years, I’ve experimented with straight sex, tried gay a couple times, got into groups, and generally committed multiple forms of debauchery.

Yet, I was always able to separate my personal habits from my public professional persona until a recent encounter that surprised me. I was about to break the ultimate rule of teacher/student ethics.

One of my students is an extremely petite female, 19 years old. She is short, about five feet one inch and probably weighs a staggering 95 pounds. She is a distance runner; her body is lean and tight. Her body has cute female curves that look more like a tween girl going through puberty than an adult. Her small frame supports tiny breasts that I guess were not more that 28A cups. Her tiny waist couldn’t be larger than 22. Her hips held well-formed globes of tight young butt. She had runner?s legs, slender and limber while being firm and shapely. She sat in the front row directly in front of the podium. Her eyes followed me as I worked the classroom. She was a good note taker as well.

Now that the weather is warming from the cold winter, Maggie is wearing more spring-like clothing that gets more revealing as temperatures rise. Try as I might, I cannot keep my gaze on the class.

Today, she showed up in class in her running shorts and warm-up jersey. I swear she intentionally showed glimpses of her white cotton panty at the juncture of you’re going to hell if you keep looking. Hell, I looked.

I have to admit the truth; I am not a unique specimen of the male gender. I’m in my late forties and my athletic physique disappeared years ago. The most exercise I get is walking across a parking lot, unless curling a beer can is considered exercise. I’m not fat but my body curves outward at the waist and inward at the chest. If I have one redeeming quality, I have a strong libido. Even my ex wife is still a friend with benefits.

After class today, Maggie stayed behind with a couple questions about the difference between what is acceptable behavior with in different parameters. “Give me an example of what you mean, Maggie,” I enquired.

She referred to a diagram I drew on the dry writer. “You said that within these lines is behavior society finds acceptable and what occurs outside the lines is usually considered deviant. What if two adults consent to something that society considers acceptable, how can it be deviant?”

“Maggie, you are being too vague. What exactly are you asking?” I feared her answer and anticipated it nonetheless.

“Say, a student and a teacher get involved with each other. If they are both adult, what’ the issue? Why is that deviant?”

“I think you are linking deviant with unethical. If they are both consenting adults and there is no harm done, it wouldn’t be deviant. However, the biggie is the ethical nature of their relationship. As long as one is a student and the other is a university professor, there is violation of acceptable ethical behavior. When violating acceptable ethical behavior even within the parameters of what others consider acceptable, it creates an atmosphere in which other students may conclude that one student gets better treatment. If the people involved were not teacher and student, well then, their relationship might be acceptable to society.”

“So,” Maggie continued, “suppose that you have a student who wants more from a professor than an education, that would be unethical and deviant?”

“Yes, that’s the down and dirty, Maggie.” I thought she would leave it there as she spun to leave. Then she turned back.

“So, Paul,” she used my first name rather than my professional title, “was it deviant for me to give you some panty shots during class? I know you looked.”

“Maggie, I won’t go down this road with you. As long as you are a student here and I am an employee, neither of us will know the answer to your question.”

The term ended as late spring warmth heated the atmosphere. The piles of winter clothing gave way to far less covering and classroom distractions everywhere. Maggie kept her distance and kept her shows of sexuality to a minimum.

With the last classes done and summer break on the horizon, Maggie came up after the last class period with a simple message, “I’m transferring to LaPlatte next semester. I’m not a student here any longer.”

Her message was a simple continuation of the conversation we had a few weeks ago and I interpreted it just as she meant it. “Show me your transfer paperwork and acceptance.” I was ready to take a risk never taken before.

Indeed, Maggie had transferred. “Is antalya escort this move part of the discussion we had about deviant versus acceptable behavior, Maggie?” I was rather certain the answer would be the affirmative and Maggie confirmed it was.

“Maggie, I am 43 and you are 19. You are young and fit and I am neither of those. What do you hope to gain from any kind of relationship with me?” I knew I could satisfy her sexually, that wasn’t even on the radar. I wanted her to tell me what she wanted

“Do you think I don’t know the age difference? The one thing I want is to know how a man makes love. My ex boyfriend was my first and even though he tried to satisfy me, he didn’t. I’ve never had an orgasm.”

It seemed she was talking to a counselor about a medical problem rather than sizing up a new lover. “Maggie, you should talk with your guy and tell him what you want, what makes you feel good, what gets you off. I’m sure there is a lucky guy waiting for you to appear. I’m more like a father than a guy appearing to take you away.”

Maggie edged closer and whispered, “Paul, I know what I want and it is you. And, I think you want me.” She emphasized her point by stroking my arm and brushing her hand overtly over my crotch. “I’m not your student any longer.”

No, she wasn’t my student any longer and her runner?s body made me aware that she was made to go the distance. My inhibitions were slipping away and her stroke of my arm and my crotch took me over edge. We set a date for Friday evening and all weekend if it happened.

I prepared for the date thinking that a simple supper at a local pub would set something of a mood that we could follow up on at my cabin. Maggie dashed those plans when she arrived.

“Paul, I can’t wait to find out what making love is supposed to feel like. Touch me, please.” She was pleading for sex and knowing she had only one boyfriend before me made me worry.

I scooped her into my arms and kissed her forcefully. The strength of my grip on her and depth of the kiss alarmed me, this could be rape. But Maggie had a surprise for me, her loose fitting clothing fell from her body to expose herself completely naked.

Her small breasts were capped by cute little nipples no larger than a period at the end of a sentence. They were stiff and swollen. I gazed at her body in complete awe. If I didn’t know her age, she could pass for 13 not 19.

Her body was firm as I expected a runner?s body to be. Her stomach sported the makings of strong abs and her hips had a natural flare that emphasized her tight butt cheeks. What got me was her cute little camel toe covered by thin silky blond hair. Yes, I took an instant rise.

Maggie began to undress me, “The rumor is, Paul, you can really satisfy a woman and I can’t wait.”

When my cock in its semi erect state came into view, Maggie gasped and cupped her hands around it. “Its thick and long.”

Maggie was very inexperienced, unsure of herself. “Maggie, slow down, take it easy. Build up to it slowly. Take your time to enjoy.”

I took her hand to lead her to the couch. We sat and I asked her to tell me about the sex she had with her boyfriend and why she didn’t enjoy it with him. As she told the story, it became clear that she was the dominant partner and he didn’t know how to control himself let alone control her. That was the starting point.

“Maggie, sex isn’t just getting jumping a bone. There is foreplay, kissing, touching, and embracing. I don’t think you know your body and how exciting it can be.”

I began sensual touches of her face, tracing around her cheeks and chin, down her neck and over her shoulders. Then we kissed; I had to push her away. “Gentle, slow.” I could tell she didn’t like being dominated. “The pleasure comes from the anticipation.”

I started again with slow touches with just my fingertips. I only stroked her face neck and arms surprised to see she was learning her lessons. “Sensual, not sexual.”

I noticed Maggie beginning to respond to my touch with more aroused breathing. Her breasts stiffened and her legs parted slightly. I moved my touch to her chest being careful not to touch her breasts.

For long minutes I gently stroked her arms, neck, and chest until the moment was right. Maggie’s breathing was coming in a mix of long and short breaths and her hips moved involuntarily. Her eyes were closed as my fingers moved over her body. With a surprise move, I pinched her tiny nipples and she screamed in orgasm, she gushed her feminine nectar.

It was fun watching her have her first orgasm and she calmed from the experience, I reminded her, “Slow and sensual.”

“No one told me it felt so good. Teach me more, please Paul.” She leaned back into the cushions as I began stroking her with my fingertips again. This time, her breasts were part of the touching.

“Maggie, what do you want next,” I whispered then waited for her reply.

“Teach me to touch a man,” she whispered her reply.

“Touch me like I touched you, don’t be shy but be slow, slow and sensual, make it meaningful.”

Maggie learned her lesson well and her hands and fingers glided over my body. It felt as though she was reading me through her fingers. I was a page of braille as she read me. Her hands crept closer to my cock never touching it. I began applying my touches to her as she touched me.

As her fingers reached closer to my cock, my fingers played in her silky pubic hair. Maggie was again breathing heavily; I let my fingers skim over sensitive lips of her labia. She was leaking her juices and was wet.

She moaned in delight as I touched her in her most intimate place. I laid my whole hand over her entire labia and just lightly pressed. Now Maggie moaned deeper and rolled her hips hard against my hand. Her moistness made it easy to rub up and down.

She opened her legs wider and her little pussy lips opened to me. It was clear that my next move would be to begin fingering her without penetration. When I touched her little hooded clit, she came again. This time, I did not relax and as she rocked against my fingers and palm, I inserted a finger in her tight pussy. She tightened every muscle in her body as she came a third time.

Maggie was totally spent from three orgasms, two of which came back to back. She fell limp as I broke my contact with her. “Relax and rest Maggie, round two starts in a little while.”

Maggie recovered quickly; her youth and fitness served her well. I moved closer to her as she stirred. There was lust and passion in her eyes, her youthful body was turned on and she began reacting to me being closer.

“I didn’t think girls could cum by just touching. I guess I’m more naive than I thought.”

I smiled as she spoke then replied, “Are you ready to explore some more?”

I didn’t wait for Maggie to answer as I leaned in giving her an open mouth kiss that she returned with fiery passion. Now it was my lips and tongue teasing her body. I kissed her face, neck, shoulders, and down to her breasts. A whole breast filled my mouth as my tongue laved on her nipple; she reacted with a loud gasp. I gave her other breast equal attention.

Maggie’s fingers wrapped around my cock gently as she slowly stroked me. “That’s it Maggie,” I sighed, “slow and gentle.”

I didn’t want her to remove her hand from my cock; however, I did want to taste her font of youth. I eased off the couch to take a position between her legs, “Have you ever had oral?”

Maggie made it clear that she tried it but her boyfriend made it feel uncomfortable. I kissed up one leg almost to the point of no return, stopped, and moved to the other leg doing the same. Maggie responded with her hips gyrating and her breath coming in pants and sighs.

I kissed around her outer labia and above the juncture of her hooded little clit. Maggie pushed her sweet honey pot in my face telling me she wanted more. With her offering given, I swiped my tongue along her opening passage and across her clit. She shook as her nerves felt the pleasure being issued on her near virgin pussy.

As she began moaning more loudly and as she neared another orgasm, I replaced my tongue with my cock. I gave a careful push and she took my cock into her. She registered pain as I penetrated. I stopped pushing.

“A little more, Paul. Please.” Pain no longer registered, I saw heat and desire, I saw a demand to be made love to. I pushed deeper.

“More! Please, more.”

I pushed hard, one stroke and buried myself to the hilt. Maggie screamed at the sudden and deep thrust. Her eyes opened wide with surprise and pain registered again. I held myself at full length until Maggie adjusted to my size in her.

“Are you okay, Maggie,” there was honest concern in my tone.

“Oh god, Paul, I’m more than okay.” The shocked look faded from her face and became a look completeness. “Take it slow but take me,” she begged.

Just as Maggie asked, I slowly withdrew a bit then pushed back. I paused at the end of the stroke before withdrawing further and sliding back. Each action was met by her reaction of sighing. As seconds passed, the speed of my motion increased until Maggie begged me to lie on the floor.

Now she mounted me and took control of our sex. She rode me hard working my cock like a practiced older woman. Her moaning was constant as she vocalized our sex. As hard as she had already orgasmed, she was building a release that would explode like a bomb in her young pussy.

She drove herself hard down on my cock and rocked against me. Her cries went silent, she inhaled deeply, and her release gushed. Her orgasm was so complete; she squirted her cum all over us.

I knew I could hold off my own cum but with Maggie at this crescendo, I felt my cum boil over and splash deep into her waiting vagina. I squirted my cum in long hot blasts and she felt my contractions, she collapsed across my chest. The power of our combined cum caused her to slip into a faint.

I held her body against mine and kept our union tight while Maggie regained awareness of her world. Opening her eyes, she finally found her voice, “Enough.”

I slid my hands down to cup her tight little butt cheeks while I pressed up with my hips. “Enough what, Maggie?”

Her eyes opened full wide as she felt my hips press into her, my cock deep in her pussy. “I have to rest, I can’t take more,” she said this as her own reflexes began a new rhythmic dance with my cock.

“Maggie, your words don’t match your action. Are we done or do you want more?” After the hard pace we just concluded, I knew we could spend the rest of the night in a long slow lovemaking. I matched her movements as she continued the slow ride.

Maggie’s breasts felt warm on my chest and her nipples were still swollen. I looked in her eyes seeing satisfaction in a way I’d never seen it before. I placed my mouth to hers in a kiss that stifled whatever she was about say. “More,” is what I think she said through the kiss.

Maggie’s ability to recover was surely due to her skills as a runner but now she was barely at a walk as we continued our long session of pure lust driven sex. I didn’t care if I had another orgasm; Maggie’s body was the only feeling I had. She lay atop me slowly moving her pussy against my cock. I felt her spasmodic gripping and releasing of my cock in her pussy. We eased against each other in slow purposeful movements.

For many minutes, more than I could count, we gyrated on the floor. Maggie clenched and released my cock as she became more aware of her enjoyment. I was aware of her enjoyment also and urged her with whispers of how sweet her body feels. I used my hands to caress her back and her butt as she increased the pace she set.

Maggie stopped abruptly and dislodged my cock. She took a position on her hands and knees presenting me her pussy and her delicate virgin ass hole. I moved to position myself behind her and eased my cock back into her warm nest.

“Fuck me,” Maggie demanded.

With my cue given, I began thrusting into her with hard stabbing thrusts that I knew had to be painful, yet she met each thrust with an equally hard push. She voiced her mix of pain and lust with groans until she pulled away again.

Now she lay on her back, legs spread wide and lifted high. I hooked my arms behind her knees to raise her little pussy high form the floor. My cock thrust hard and deep in one maddening stroke and the pain registered on her face.

Maggie was a pure devil now, accepting the pain of my harsh thrusts. I knew she would be sore for days following this fuck and I did not relent. My blood was boiling and my nuts were ready to blow another deposit into waiting vagina. When my orgasm finally came, Maggie went limp from her own.

I had to give her some mercy. With ease, I raised myself from atop her body and saw her youthfulness spent in a heap. She was well and totally fucked.

Maggie was sweat soaked, cum soaked, and sore from head to toe. I knew a warm bath was in store to help her ease the pain in her hips from the pounding she just received.

“Maggie, lay there. I’ll draw a warm bath for you to soak in. Its up to you what happens later.” She was unable to reply and I left to draw the bath.

I put some essential oils in the tub and made the water warm. I returned to find Maggie slightly recovered. I bent deep at the knees to lift her and carry her to the tub. It wasn’t a dead weight lift but there wasn’t much life in her body.

Maggie mumbled, “toilet.”

I sat Maggie on the toilet and politely left her, “I’ll stay close, Maggie. Call when you want me to help more.”

I heard the toilet flush and the whine of Maggie trying to rise on her own. She did call my name and ask for help. “Paul, please help me.”

It wasn’t in a voice of need that she called. It sounded like a call of wanting me to help. I smiled at the view in the bathroom, there was a 19-year-old woman struggling with the tub rail trying to lift a foot over the edge. I stepped beside her and helped lift weak sore legs into the tub.

When we were able to get her reclined against the back of the tub, I began the task of bathing the teen beauty in my tub. I would shower after getting her out and into bed. Warm water began rejuvenating Maggie’s well-sexed body. I wondered if there would be more sex tonight.

Maggie’s body, especially her crotch, showed the signs of sexual satisfaction. Her labia were red and swollen; she was sore to the touch and reacted with a cry when she washed her pussy. “I’m sore from your cock, Paul.”

Maggie smiled at me as she made that statement; I knew she had never been fucked like that before. “It is okay if we don’t do anything more tonight, Maggie.”

I left it at that. Maggie was refreshed and clean as she left the tub. I showed her to the bedroom telling her to have a rest and go to sleep if she felt like it. “I’m going to shower now and come to bed with you.”

Returning to my bedroom, I found Maggie in a dream-like trance. Her eyes were open and fixed on a spot in space, she breathed in a steady pattern, and seemed to repeat some kind of incantation. It dawned on me she was deep in meditation.

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