Devil May Care

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Devil May CareChapter 1:The Pick-UpSo I was sitting at the bar of a club in an old part of town, on a night out, enjoying my Mojito.My strait friend I was with had been chatted up by this handsome – if a little too slick – guyand she and him had gone off somewhere more… Private.I was left all alone, and every girl I chatted to was either strait or in a relationship.I had already been drinking a lot most of the night and was now onto cocktails and shots.Feeling bored, I was getting ready to finish my drink and leave.As I gulped down the last mouthful of my sweet drink, a woman sat down beside me,placing an hand onto my shoulder for leverage as she sat onto the black leather barstool.”Another one of them for her.”She instructed the bartender whilst pointing at my now empty glass.I glanced up at her, and was awestruck at how beautiful she looked.She was dark, almost latino like. She had a big thick full head of dark brown/almost black hair.Her dark ruby lips naturally pouting. Her deep dark green eyes burned into mine.There was something so magnetic about her, yet so mysterious and distant.It was like all eyes in the darkly lit club was drawn to her, and yet, no soul was looking at her.I glanced down at her thick curvy body for just a quick second.Her large voluptuous breasts were hardly contained in her tight red dress.The soft satin-like material looked as though it had been painted onto her hourglass figure.The dress went down only as far as the uppermost regions of her thick full thighs.”Hi Sam, stay for one last drink.”She told me in a smooth dark voice that burrowed deep into my soul.”H-h-how do you know my name?”I had to force my breath over my voice-box to speak my question.”I know lots of things about you.”She replied mysteriously.My eyebrows twisted slightly into a quizzical look.”I’d been listening to you chat with your friend all night, she always calls you Sam,even though your name is Samantha.”She explained.”Oh. Oh me and her, we’re not, you know, we’re not together.”I found myself stating the obvious.”I know you both don’t fuck. Infact she’s busy fucking that creep right now. In the cab on the way to his studio apartment.”She retorted so matter-of-factly.”How do you know that?”I puzzled.”Would you really wait around ’til you get back to the apartment before fucking?”She asked rather boldly.”Um,I-“I was about to reply when she quickly interrupted.”Don’t answer, I know.”She turned her attention to the bartender as he placed my drink infront of me.She leaned forward off her stool, grabbing his shoulder to whisper something into his ear.As she did that, I couldn’t help but to check out her bum.What a bum it was!It looked so lovely and big and round, her tight short red dress leaving very little to the imagination as it curved and conformed to the magnificent shape of her peachy ass.Her gorgeous derriere was hidden away underneath her as she sat back down properly onto her stool.”This one’s on the house.”The barman told me in a bland, almost robotic voice.”Oh um, thanks.”I replied, slightly stunned.He just ignored me though and walked off to the back room.”Drink up, I want you to take me home.”She suddenly ordered me.I almost spat my drink out by the shock of her bluntness.”And what makes you think I want to take you home?”I playfully replied, trying to keep a cool composure as I sipped my drink.”‘Cos you’ve been wanting to fuck me since you laid eyes on me.”She stared deep into my eyes with a little smirk on her gorgeous face.I chuckled, more out of nervousness than anything else.”And I noticed you staring at my arse a moment ago, well, drink up and you can have it.”She grinned, revealing gorgeous white shiny teeth.I licked my lips, and daringly teased her as I took another slow sip from my drink.”I’m easy, but not that easy!”I teased her with a wink.”Fine. Suit yourself.”She suddenly stated, and stood up off the bar.I couldn’t work out by the tone of her voice whether she was angry, annoyed, or if she just couldn’t care less whether she fucked me or not.I gulped anxiously, thinking I just blew my chance at some fun.”Wait – wait.”I quickly called to her, and gulped down my drink in one.She stopped in her tracks and watched me down my drink.I sighed and placed my empty glass down onto the black wooden bar and stood up.”Good, come with me.”She grabbed my hand.Her palm felt very warm but not a trace of sweat or moisture could be felt.She was noticeably taller than me.Standing in her black 6inch heels, she was almost dwarfing me by being over a foot taller than me.She pulled hard on my hand, I almost tripped in my silver coloured heels.I had to pace hard and fast to keep up with her long powerful strides from her long powerful legs.She led me outside.The dark night air was cool and crisp, and the smell of rain lingered around.”I thought you wanted me to take you home?”I asked, slightly bewildered.”You are.”She replied, stopping at the curb to the empty silent road, looking both ways, as though waiting for a car to drive past.”Well, we’re going the wrong way. The train station’s that way.”I told her, feeling a little embarrassed.”No we’re not. We’ll take my ride.”She replied, turning her back to the road and looked at me.As she did that, a black flashy car with black tinted windows pulled up to the curb, right behind her where she stood.It’s a long stretch of road and I sure didn’t see the car from either direction,it’s like it appeared from out of thin air!I tried to look at the driver’s window, but it was foggy and hazy with black smoke.”Come on.”The beautiful woman ordered, as she opened the back door.I hesitantly walked over to the car and got in.”Move up.”She told me, and I sidled over the back seats and sat at the other side.In one smooth move, she climbed into the car, sat down, and closed the door.”You know my name, but I don’t know yours…?”I puzzled.”You can call me, Zee.”She answered, staring at me with her gorgeous deep green eyes.The car started moving, it was heading in the opposite direction to where my home is.We turned around a corner and the view outside of the windows turned as dark and as black as the tint on the windows themselves. I couldn’t see anything. No buildings, no landmarks, no objects.No sky. Nothing.If it wasn’t for the small dim light on the ceiling in the car, we’d have been sitting in complete darkness.Zee could sense me tensing up nervously.”Don’t be afraid.”She reassured me, placing a hand onto my exposed thigh.She then leaned in closer to me, as though leaning in for a kiss.Her subtle sweet spicy perfume slowly filled my lungs.She leaned in closer. Closer still.Her beautiful rich full lips of dark ruby red so dangerously close to touching mine.”You’re in safe hands.”She softly whispered to me as I felt her fingertips crawl up my thigh, under my small jean skirt.Her warm breath smelt like sweet coconut.I swallowed anxiously, my eyes closed, her lips pressed to mine.She kissed me, long and slowly, she kissed me.She opened her mouth a little, almost sucking my tongue into the small abyss of her mouth.She wrapped her sweet tongue over mine, and snogged me.My mind went into a complete drunken haze.I didn’t know a second from a minute.Who knows what length of time passed, but she stopped snogging me.Our lips smacked as she gently pulled away, biting my lower lip between her perfect white teeth as she did before it snapped back into place as she released me.”Do you want to be mine?”She asked in a whisper.”Yeah…”I breathlessly utter, opening my heavy eyes slightly to see her.Chapter 2:Deal with the DevilThe car suddenly stopped, I nearly fell forward from the sudden change in speed.She stopped me with her hand placed firmly onto my chest just above my breasts.”Where are we?”I asked, looking out at the sea of glowing red from the window.”Just a little pit stop.”She answered.”Thought we were going back to my place?”I replied, feeling lost.”We will soon. It’s just a little pit stop.”She continued.The car door opened, and she gracefully climbed out.I shuffled over, to follow her.”Come. Don’t be afraid, you couldn’t be in better company here.”She softly chuckled.I climbed out of the car, and was greeted by a disturbing scene.It looked like any other street in any other town, but with fires burning and breaking out from deep long cracks in the ground. Houses broken, bricks and dust laying in their wake.The sky blazed a very dark orangey red.It was the middle of a cold January night, and yet the heat glowing around my body felt like I was standing outside at noon during a hot summer’s heat wave.She grabbed my hand once again, and led me away.”W-where are we?”I asked nervously.”A place many fear to tread, but many are bound for.”Her mysterious answer raising more questions.”Am- am I, dead?”My voice a little shaky.My question amused her as she let out a rather sexy sounding giggle.”No, soon you’re going to feel very much alive!”She grinned from ear to ear.I tried to resist walking with her, but there was something about her that made me feel compelled to keep walking with her. I suddenly heard a loud unearthly groan nearby from a deep fiery hole.”What was that?!”I asked in a panic.”Don’t worry.”She replied coolly.I heard another loud piercing groan, and another, and another.Like a pained group of a****ls.The groaning grew louder, the further we walked. Louder, and louder still,’til the groans turned to screams and gasps and moans and wails.So loud. I couldn’t take any more.I pulled my hand out of Zee’s grasp and covered my ears with both hands.I closed my eyes, but still, I could hear the terrifying screams.She grabbed my upper-arm, and marched me over to a grand looking glass building.The glass tinted black, just like the car door windows.We walked into an elevator, and without pressing a button, it’s silver doors closed and it took us further down.”Whe-where are we going?”I asked, my lip quivering from fear.”Don’t be afraid.”She giggled, enjoying my fear.”Answer me, where are we going?!”I almost screamed at her, frustrated by her lack of answers.This made her giggle all the more.”We’re going to my office.”She finally answered.”Your office? What for?”I gulped.”Business, before pleasure.”She winked at me.The elevator pinged, and the doors opened to reveal an extravagant room.The dark red walls packed full of glorious looking paintings, depicting nightmarish hellish sexual visions.The black wooden floor underneath eventually gave way to a blood-red fluffy shag carpet.In the middle of which, stood a huge looking black gothic wooden desk.Behind the desk, was a big tall luxurious looking black throne with a red cushion lining.”You like?”She asked me as she let go of my arm, and swanned into the room.Clearly proud of her office. I nervously followed in behind her.She walked over to the corner of the room, where a potted tree stood with strange red fruits I’d never seen before hanging from it’s dark green almost black leafy branches.She reached up, and pulled one of the fruits off.They was about the size of a small fist, and shaped like 2 small pears stuck together.To be frank, they looked like shiny red buttocks.She gently squeezed the one in her hand, to feel its ripeness.Then with a loud crunch, she bit into it.”Mmmm, lovely and juicy. Care to partake?”She commented and asked me.”Er…”I paused to think, too overwhelmed to think strait.”Here.”She plucked another fruit off the tree and threw it at me.I caught it, and looked at the fruit in my hand.”These are very rare, and are to be fully enjoyed.Don’t just bite it – savour it. Smell it’s lovely aroma first…”She instructed me, her voice sounded slightly orgasmic.I held the strange fruit to my face, tilted my nose to it, and sniffed.”Mmmmm…”I softly moan as my eyes closed.It smelt like a sweet perfumed aroma. Yet oddly, slightly savoury too.It’s hard to describe, but it smelt ever so slightly musky, ever so slightly… Womanly.I sniffed its smell again, and it’s scent was now stronger. Much more clearer.It was so sweet, and so earthly, and so dark.”Hmm that’s it, savour the smell… Now bite it.”She ordered me in her panting gasp.I opened my mouth and held the firm fruit between my teeth,and with a small crunch, I gently bit into it.”Ooooh yeahhh… Mmmmm – that’s it, there’s a good girl…”She groaned in ecstatic pleasure.The taste was an odd mix of apple, pear, and fishy citrus.It was very odd, but very lovely at the same time.She watched intently as I chewed, and with every chew, she’d groan and wince in pleasure.As I swallowed to fruity mush in my mouth, she closed her eyes and breathed hard.She then sighed contently, walked over to me, and grabbed the fruit from my hand.”No one can ever resist the fruit, even Eve couldn’t.”She chuckled playfully, and threw both mine and her fruits over her shoulder without looking,landing perfectly into a small wastebasket beside her desk.”I was enjoying that.”I sighed.”Once the fruit is bitten, it’s no longer any fun.”She stated wryly.”Come, we have business to discuss.”She walked over to her desk, and energetically jumped and sat down onto her throne.Despite her being a tall curvy woman, she looked small whilst sat on the big towering chair.She sprawled out on it, laying back rather unladylike with one leg hanging over the arm of the chair and resting her other foot onto the desk.She leaned forward and took both her high heels off.”Ahhh there’s nothing like letting your feet breathe, is there?”She sighed contently and threw her shoes to the side.”Yeah… So, um…”I paused and there was an awkward silence as she looked me up and down.Studying me with her eyes. I stared deep into her eyes, and was startled as the green colour began to fade from the greenish colour into a dark grey.I closed my eyes and looked from side to side before opening them.I noticed the grey colour in her eyes now filling with a deep dark red colour.”I know what you want, and I can give you that.”She suddenly said.”Yeah, and what do I want?”I responded.She chuckled.”You want to know why I bought you here, and you want to know what this place is. Who I am.”She replied.”Yeah.”I agreed.”First off, who am I? I am what you mortals call, the Princess of Darkness.”She stated bluntly.I found myself chuckling in amusement.”Isn’t it supposed to be, the Prince of Darkness? Not princess.”I point out to her.She looked less than impressed.”No, it’s Princess. Your religious so-called ‘men’ of past couldn’t handle the thought of a female holding any position of authority or power so they decided to create a male vision of me instead for the populous to swallow down.”She explained, sounding quite bitter about it.”You should have came into existence in this day and age, lots of woman have broken through the glass ceiling!”I joked.I suddenly noticed the red walls glow brighter and more flame like”I wouldn’t annoy me, if I was you.”She threatened.”Sorry. So, is Zee the real name of the devil?”I wondered.”I’ve been given many a name before, but my favourite is Satana, but I like to shorten it to Zee, makes me sound cool, don’t you think?”She grinned playfully.”Yeah, I guess it does. So what about God: He or she?”I asked.”Why does everyone ask that? It’s really obvious!”She frustrated.”Is it?”I quizzed.”Yes, but that’s neither here nor there. You shouldn’t worry about God, any more than you should worry about a k** playing with ants, or better yet, a k** playing a cosmic version of The Sims!”She smirked.”Hmm. So, uh, what is this place?”I asked, looking around once again at my astonishing surroundings .”This is a level of Hell. There’s many levels, but don’t worry, you’re on the best one!”She grinned playfully.”All that pained screaming I heard earlier would suggest otherwise.”I dryly retort.She chuckled once again.”Oh that? You thought that was people in pain and suffering? Fire and brimstone and all that?”She continued to chuckle.”Well, wasn’t it?”I replied, confused.”No, that was the sound of intense orgasms of billions of people.”She grinned.”What? That didn’t sound like an orgasm…”I returned.”Not A orgasm, lots and lots and lots of different orgasms, from lots and lots and lots of different people – billions and billions of people, infact. If you don’t believe me, take a peek behind that curtain.”She motioned towards the black heavy curtain hanging on the wall.I nervously walked up to it, and parted it slightly, for a peek out of a small window.I couldn’t believe my eyes.There was a huge ocean of naked sweaty bodies of different colours and genders,as far as the eye can see,all writhing and twisting over one and other.Flames burning in the distance.From behind the glass, I could hear the muffled groans and moans and screams and wails of endless orgasms.Constant and endless carnal a****listic fucking.I moved aback in shock, letting the curtain fall and cover the window.My heart racing, my mind ablaze by what I had just saw.I suddenly took a deep breath in, having forgotten to breathe and began panting.”Quite a sight, isn’t it?”She asked with a pleased smile fixed to her beautiful face.”Yes… Quite…”I replied, still stunned by what I had witnessed.”I’m not really such a bad person. I only save the extreme severe punishments for the truly wretched scum of humanity. Such as murderers and sex offenders. Those that unjustly take or destroy the lives of normal honourable decent people. Even those who are unnecessarily cruel to a****ls will find themselves on my barbeque.”She explained.”So who are those people out there? What did they do to deserve eternal damnation in hell?”I looked at her, and pointed to the curtain.”Nothing really, they just didn’t meet the exacting standards and rules to get into Heaven.So God sent them all here. They didn’t do anything too bad or abnormal in their lives to deserve eternal pain, so I grant them eternal pleasure instead.Heaven is so overrated anyway, think of it like a really exclusive country club for boring do-gooders.Hell is where the real fun is at!”She chuckled.”What does this all have to do with me?”I pondered.”Being forever immortal and invulnerable has its perks, but time does tend to drag along slowly,so I need fun and entertainment. That’s where you come in.”She spoke with such calmness.”What, like a one night stand?”I queried.”I suppose in some way, yes. Only I want to fool around with you for your whole life.Time, for me, however, is so monumentally long that your single lifetime feels like nothing more than a one night stand for me.”She smiled with a playful glint in her hypnotically beautiful eye.”I could just as easily entertain myself by causing untold destruction in your world,but that act gets old and boring fast. No. What I need is some… Fleshly fun with you.”She continued, and brushed the tip of her tongue around her sexy smooth red lips.I felt a little uneasy as she eyed me and my body up once more.I nervously clasped my hands together.”There are, however, some rules I have to follow, and also set, before I can have my fun with you.”She began to explain.”Oh, how comes?”I intrigued.”Well even I can’t just snatch a girl off the street and have her be my human toy for the rest of her pathetic life. Not without divine consequences at least, what with that silly ‘no messing with free will’ rule. No. I have to get you to willingly sign a contract first.Business before pleasure.”She explained.She suddenly clicked her fingers, and a small flame puffed on the desk and spewed out a scroll.”Take a look.”She instructed me, as she put a cigarette into her mouth and lifted her finger up and made a small fire appear from the tip of her red painted nail, to light the cigarette.The flame on her finger then disappeared, and she took a drag from her white stick.I nervously walked over to the desk, and picked up the scroll.I unfurled it and, studying the archaic letters and characters, I couldn’t work out what it read.”I- I don’t understand. What language is this, Latin?”I squinted my eyes, trying to make out the words.”No. It’s a language only divine beings can read.Don’t worry, it’s just a simple contract saying you willingly give yourself wholeheartedly to me, and willingly be my human toy, allowing me to subject you to any and all sorts of things, whatever I desire.And you will do whatever I desire. You will always obey me. You will never say no.You will aim to please me even if it means being displeased yourself.”She sat forward on her throne, and blew out a thick smog of white smoke from her cigarette.I waved my hand infront of my face, dispersing the smoke.I must admit, I was very intrigued by the proposal. Being a natural submissive girl,I found it second nature to giving myself entirely over to another.”What do I get out of this deal?”I brazenly asked.”You get to enjoy the kind of pleasures you’ve long been seeking. You get full protection from harm, unless you fail to please me of course, then I get to punish you in a suitable way.”She chuckled with glee, clearly thinking of ways to do that.”Also, I can make any wish of yours come true… Within reason.If you want wealth, you’ll have it. You want success? Easy peasy.You’ll never know sickness ever again.”She got up and walked around the desk, to stand beside me.”There is a catch however. If you choose to sign this contract, you’re not just signingover your mortal life to me, you’re also singing over your eternal life to me as well.I will own you and your soul. You’ll be mine to keep forever.”A pen suddenly appeared in her hand, and she placed it in the palm of my hand.”That means when you die, your soul will be sent strait to me.But don’t be afraid of that, you’ll have a very powerful friend in me down here, and I can make your eternal stay here be very fun and very pleasurable indeed.Heaven is overrated, hell is where the real fun is at!”She beamed and repeated her phrase with a big pretty grin.I gripped the pen tightly in between my fingers, and being fully aware of what’s at stake,I took a deep breath, and signed my name onto the contract.A swift flame suddenly burst around the scroll, just as I finished the last letter of my signature, and the scroll disappeared along with the ball of fire.”Great! Fantastic! You wont regret this!”She chirped proudly. She wrapped her warm arms around me, and gave me a big smacker of a kiss onto my cheek. I could tell her dark ruby red lipstick had caused her lip-print to stick to my cheek.She dropped her cigarette onto the floor, and stubbed it out with her bare foot.”Ok, let’s go back to your place.”She beamed and, with her arm around my shoulder, walked me to the elevator.We stepped into it, and as the doors closed with a ping, she turned to me, her pretty flawless face had a stern expression, and she said:”Oh, I should have also mentioned, if at any time during your life, you fail to do as I say when I say, you will be sent strait to hell, and not the good level. Trust me, you don’t want that.”She warned, before her face lit up with a grin.”I wont disobey you.”I softly utter in reassurance to her.Chapter 3:Homeward BoundWe got outside and she led me back to her car.She stood at the back door, and turned to me, her arms folded impatiently.”Go on. Open it for me.”She ordered me.”Oh, sorry.”I apologised and quickly opened the door for her.She climbed inside and sat down.”Get in.”She told me.I put my foot in when she stopped me.”Uh uh. I want you to crawl in.”She smirked.”Sorry. Ok.”I replied.”No. The correct response is: yes Princess Zee.”She sternly told me before softly chuckling.”Sorry. Yes Princess Zee.”I submissively responded, before kneeling down.I then crawled into her car, much to her satisfaction.”Kneel at my feet.”She instructed me, and I obeyed.The car took off, once again travelling through into that shroud of darkness.”Lets see just how good you are at doing as I tell you to do.”She suddenly said, a wry smile appearing on her gorgeous face.”I’ll do anything you say.”I whimpered.”Shut up. I know you will. I also know you’re an ankara escort arse girl, but you’ll have to work your way up to my lovely arse. First I want my feet kissed, so kiss them. Kiss my foot.”She ordered and she lifted her leg up, offering her foot to me.”Yes Princess Zee.”I replied and leaned down, pressing my lips to the back of her pretty foot, and kissed it.”More. Keep kissing my foot.”She ordered.I did as I was told, and kept kissing the back of her bare foot.”Good bitch.”She praised.I kept kissing, but was hesitant to kiss the sole of her foot, as it was slightly darkened by dirt and also the trace remnants of ash from the crushed up cigarette she had rubbed out.”Now lick my foot.”She ordered.I help the tip of my tongue out, and stroked it against the back of her smooth foot.”Uh uh. Stupid bitch. Lick the bottom of my foot.”She corrected me.I paused and looked hesitantly at her dirty foot.”Come on. Lick it. I don’t give a shit if you don’t want to. You WILL lick it.”She sternly told me.I held the tip of my tongue out, and very quickly licked the darkened sole of her foot,trying my best to avoid the ash on her foot.”That’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. Show me your tongue.”She belittled me with a giggle and then snapped her command at me.I looked up at her sitting on her seat, and poked my tongue out at her for her to see.”You think I want to see just the tip of your tongue? Stupid bitch. Show me your whole tongue.Come on. Open your mouth wide and hold your whole tongue out.”She ordered.”Yes Princess Zee.”I replied and did exactly as she told me.I held my mouth open with my whole tongue sticking out as much as I could, holding it flat against my chin.”That’s better, bitch. Now lick it.”She pushed the sole of her foot against the flat wet surface of my tongue.She then stroked my tongue with her sole, moving her foot up and down against my tongue.”Lick it just. Like. This.”She punctuated each word with a stroke of her foot.I could taste her sweat and the ash from her cigarette.It was making me feel queasy, but I daren’t pull my tongue back into my mouth.I daren’t displease her.She stopped moving her foot.”Lick it.”She ordered me.I began moving my head up and down against her, rubbing my tongue flat against her sole.”Uh uh. Not like that. Slowly, bitch. Nice and slow.”She instructed, and I obliged.I started doing long slow licks of her foot instead.As I licked her, I found myself moving my arms behind my back.My hands wasn’t tied behind my back, but they may as well have been.It just felt very natural to kneel infront of her, licking her foot as I held my hands behind my back.”There’s a good bitch. 5 minutes since giving your soul to me and I already have you kneeling like a dog, licking my feet. I wonder what I’ll have you doing in a few years time.”She was saying with an excited glint in her eye.”Ok, that’s enough.”She finally told me, and I stopped licking.There was an uncomfortable texture to my tongue as I pressed it against the roof of my mouth.A gritty texture, like tiny patches of sand.I realised it must have been from the ash on her foot.I looked at her foot as she sat with her leg crossed over her other leg.The sole of her foot was shiny from my spit, and there was a big clean clearing on her skin from where I had been licking.I felt quite pleased but a part of me really wanted to lick the dirt away from the rest of her foot. I didn’t enjoy licking her foot, but I just really wanted to do a great job for her and lick the smooth soft surface completely clean.I was very tempted to just lean in and lick her, but I knew better than to do something without her permission first.”There’s a good little bitch. Now wipe your dirty spit off my foot.”She ordered me.I looked at her, a little confused. Wipe it with what?I did a quick search of my surroundings in the car, looking for a towel or napkin or something,as I knelt infront of her.”What you looking for? A towel? There is none. Wipe my foot with your face.”She instructed.I was still confused, and feeling her fiery red eyes burning into me,I leaned forward and rubbed the bridge and tip of my nose against the wet skin on her foot.She laughed derisively.”Stupid bitch. With your face. Your cheeks.”She corrected me.I turned my head and brushed my cheek against the bottom of her foot.I rubbed it up and down, feeling the wetness from my spit on her sole transferring onto my skin.”Good bitch. That side’s too wet now to dry me. Use the other side.”She instructed me.I turned my head to place my other, dry cheek, against the still slightly damp sole of her foot,and wiped it clean with my skin.”Someone once said something about turning the other cheek!”She joked and chuckled to herself.”Is my foot dry now?”She asked after a few rubs of my face against her much drier foot.”Yes Princess Zee. I think so.”I answered.”Stop. Let me check.”She ordered and I stopped rubbing against her.I knelt back into my normal position and looked up at her.”It better be dry. You don’t want to know what I’ll do to you if it isn’t.”She warned me as she leant her body forward and ran her fingertips over the sole of her foot.I nervously gulped as I watched, hoping to hell that she didn’t feel any wetness.”Hm. Good bitch.”She finally praised me.I breathed a subtle sigh of relief.”Thank you, Princess Zee.”I softly thanked her.She smiled at me, making me feel really pleased with myself.”Ok, you’ve earned a reward. Seeing as you love bums, you can smell mine.”She told me, and my heart raced.She turned around on her seat, so she was kneeling on it, and she rested her head down onto the cushioned top of her car seat.I was amazed by how stunning her big curvy butt looked as she was making sure to show it off proudly in her very tight red dress. The smooth curves like 2 perfect bowling balls with red fabric d****d over it.The soft taut fabric of her red dress stopped just past where her bumhole is, so I couldn’t see it.What I could see, however, was the small hairless bumps of her pussy just under her ass.She wasn’t wearing any knickers.”Go on. Sniff it.”She assured me.I took a breath and leaned my face in.I rested my nose right at the middle, my nostrils aimed right at the red fabric.I drew a long slow intake of air through my nose.Ahhh perfect. The perfect smell. The perfect darkly-sweet smell.The smell of a flower too wondrous and divine to describe.”That’s right, you dirty bitch, sniff my arse.”She softly moaned.She didn’t have to tell me, I was savouring every whiff of her incredible scent.Breathing in each sniff as if it was my last.”You better only smell it. Don’t you dare lick it. Just sniff.I don’t want your dirty tongue on my butthole. Not yet, anyway.”She warned.I must have pleased her very well with my foot-licking, as she let me stay kneeling behind her wonderful butt, sniffing it, for the whole journey home. I’m not sure how long of a journey it was,I was too lost in the smell of her bum to take any note of the time.All I know is, it couldn’t be long enough for my liking.I wanted to sniff her perfect bum forever.Chapter 4:HomeThe car screeched to a halt outside my home.My face slapped hard against Zee’s buttocks from the sudden stop, much to her amusement.”Wow, you are eager for my arse!”She joked and cackled.”Sorry, Princess Zee!”I quickly moved my face away and apologised.My nose started throbbing with a dull ache from being pushed up hard against her bum.I checked it with my fingers, making sure it wasn’t broken or bleeding.Thankfully it was ok.She turned around to face me and sat down in her seat.”Well, here we are. You going to show me in or what, bitch?”She asked, more of a demand than a question.”Yes, Princess Zee. Please come in.”I quickly scuffled to the car door and opened it, before moving back to allow her to exit first.She shuffled across her seat and climbed out the car.I followed behind her, crawling on my knees.The cold pavement felt wet on my knees, with gravel digging into my soft flesh.”Get up.”She ordered me as she grabbed my blonde hair, pulling me up.”Thank you, Princess Zee.”I returned, as I stumbled to stand up strait onto my high heels.”Show me in then, stupid bitch.”She smirked.”Sorry, please, follow me.”I requested.I walked up the small steps leading to my door.I suddenly stopped and paused. A panic crept across my chest.”What’s the hold up?”Zee asked impatiently.”I- I- I left my purse with my friend. My key is in there.”My lip quivered out of fear.Zee just looked at me with her beautiful enchanting eyes.”You’re a stupid little blonde headed bimbo, aren’t you?”She sighed mockingly.”S-sorry Prin-“She suddenly barged past me before I could apologise.”Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.”She scolded me as she place a hand over the keyhole.With a small red glow, the white door slowly opened.”I have to do everything for you. Can’t do anything yourself.”She continued to lecture me.”I’m sorry Princess Zee.”I bowed my head in shame.”Come here. Look at me.”She turned around to face me, placing her finger and thumb to my chin, lifting my head up.I looked up at her. A sorrowful expression on my face.She let go of my chin, and smiled pleasantly at me.*SMMCCKK!!*She suddenly slapped me hard across the cheek.So hard, I fell to the floor, resting on the side of my thighs, holding myself up with one arm.”Owww!”I cried, holding a hand to my sore reddened cheek.My eyes watering.”I told you. I don’t want to hear it.”She reminded me.”S-s-s-“I quickly stopped myself from apologising again to her, for fear of receiving another slap.”Oh I know you’re sorry. And you are going to make up for it. But not by whimpering a pathetic ‘sorry’ to me. Now get in and show your guest some hospitality.”She told me, her sweet smooth tone of voice never changing, yet almost comforting my pain.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I quivered tearfully and quickly scrambled up to my feet, and walked into my home.I showed her in and she walked strait into the living room and sat down onto my white leather sofa.She put her bare feet up, making herself right at home.”C-c-can I get you a drink, or anything?”I asked, my tears drying up.”A glass of red wine.”She answered.”Yes, ma’am, right away Princess Zee.”I hurried to the kitchen, still rubbing my sore tingling cheek with my hand.I got a nice clean wine glass out the cupboard, and took out a bottle of red wine from the fridge.It was already opened from the Sunday dinner I had earlier in the week.I poured her drink out and brought it over to her on the sofa.”Here you go, Princess Zee. I hope it’s to your liking.”I handed her the glass of wine.”Good, bitch.”She praised and took the glass from my hand.I stood there, watching intensely as she tipped the rim of the glass to her beautiful red lips.She titled the glass up and I watched the dark red liquid softly disappear into her mouth.I licked my lips, looking at hers, thinking of the snog in the car.Tasting her kiss in my memory.She then held the glass away from her face, looking at it studiously.”Hm. No no. This is no good. It’s already been opened. I expected fresh wine.”She scowled.”S-sorry Princess Zee. It’s the only red wine I have.”I apologised.”That’s no excuse. Your a terrible host. Pathetic.”She tutted.”S-sorry-“I whimpered, fearing more pain.”Am I a pathetic guest? Do you not care what I want? Do you want to displease me?Do you think I’m pathetic like you? Is that why you treat me like I’m no better than you?”Her questions fired from her pretty mouth like a machine gun.”N-no. No. No Princess Zee. No-“I tried my best to keep up with her.”Do you want me to punish you? Do you want to be hurt? Do you like being in pain?”She continued, and handed me her glass of wine.”N-n-no-no. No Princess Zee. Please no more pain. Please. I want to please you. please.”I quivered as I took her glass.”Go throw that shit down the sink. And come back here immediately.”She ordered me.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I replied and scuttled off back to the kitchen.I did exactly as I was told, and poured the wine down the sink.I ran the water from the tap quickly to wash it all down and then hurried back to the living room.”Come here. Kneel before me.”She demanded.I walked over to her, and knelt down onto my knees infront of her.She put her feet down and sat forward, so my body was between her legs.”You got a lot to make up for bitch, haven’t you?”She asked.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I replied.”And you’ll do anything to make up for it, won’t you bitch?”She asked.”Yes, Princess Zee. Anything.”I replied.”Good, bitch.”She smiled at me, and placed her hand to my sore cheek. Her handprint still reddened my skin.She softly and tenderly stroked my cheek.She then quickly moved her hand away from my face. I flinched. Closed my eyes.She chuckled cruelly.She then slowly and gently tapped her fingers to my face, in a real soft slap motion.She then held her hand onto my cheek, and just stared into my eyes, a playful smile on her gorgeous face.Just staring…*PFFLLFLFLFLFBBLFLFF!*A sudden rumble of a muffled fart came from beneath her where she sat.I almost gasped.Her expression didn’t change.She just continued to stare into my eyes, smiling playfully at me.”Sniff it.”She suddenly told me.I looked at her, a little unsure.”Go on. I know you like that sort of thing. Sniff my fart.”She grinned.Without saying a word, I leaned my face down between her thighs, and sniffed.She grabbed a hold of my hair, to hold my head in place.The air felt a little warmer against my face between her thighs, but all I could smell was the small faint subtle trace of her fart.I kept sniffing regardless though, and was getting immensely wet from the humiliation.”Ha ha, you’re so pathetic! Look at you, dirty bitch. Sniffing my fart.”She teased and taunted me.*Pffaarrmmfttblblblbththfff…*Another quieter but still fairly long fart rumbled out of her, muffled by the cushion of the sofa.The way she was sitting meant the air blew from her butthole into the direction of my face.I felt the warm air rush over me, caressing my cheeks.I breathed in long, slow and deep through my nose.It was a much stronger smell than before.So strong, yet oddly sweet.Like as if perfume had been sprayed over steaming broccoli.I was incredibly turned now.My nipples felt like they would rip holes through my silver-sequined vest top.My black thong felt soaked through and through, like as if I’d been wearing them whilst swimming.”Smell good? Dirty bitch.”She asked with a soft chuckle.”Yes, Princess Zee. Smells so good.”I sighed.”You really are a dirty bitch!”She laughed a really sexy mocking laugh.I leaned my face down even closer, so my nose was nestled at the point where the white leather fabric of her seat cushion met the soft red fabric of her dress. I was loving the smell so much.What with her wearing no knickers, I could see her naked pretty pussy out on full show.I tried to lean forward just that little teeny bit further, so I could directly sniff her little taut bumhole, but her clutching my hair on my head so tight stopped me from moving any closer to her.”Uh uh. You stay right there. And smell my fart. You dirty little bitch.”She smirked.Out of curiosity, I tilted my nose up slightly, so my nostrils were aimed to the pussy.I wanted to know what it smelt like too. The smell of her fart was now dissipating rapidly.I sniffed and could smell the most sweetest scent.A real tasty sweet moist aroma filled the back of my throat.I wanted to lick it.I held my tongue out but couldn’t reach.She felt me tugging my head forward slightly trying to lick her.”Aw does my dirty little bitch want to get closer?”She asked in a teasing voice.”Yes please, Princess Zee.”I sighed.”If I let you get closer, you’re going to have to lick my pussy. Understand?”She asked.”Yes – yes please, Princess Zee. I want to lick your pussy. Please.”I gasped.”Ok.”She let go of my hair, and I dived strait in, nose first, into her awaiting moist pussy.I took a deep whiff of her scent, and then held my tongue out and began licking her.Oh fuck, she tasted so good!Her flavour was very similar to the taste of those fruits in her office, but much more better.Much more stronger, much more flavourful. Much more juicy.I rolled my tongue around inside her, between her sloppy pink slits and into her small opening.I ran the tip of my tongue along the very warm watery walls of her pussy.A mixture of my spit and her vaginal juices was seeping around the corners of my lips.It dribbled down my chin.She was so juicy.So sweet.So tasty.”Ahhh that’s it. There’s a good little slave. You lick your mistress’ pussy.”She laid backwards onto the sofa, and groaned in pleasure.”You do a good enough job, and I may – MAY – let you lick my arsehole too.”She sighed as her hand clasped the back of my head, gripping my hair between her fingers.Once again, keeping my head firmly in place.”Yesh Plinshesh Shee.”My muffled words understandably bobbled and raspberried, what with being tongue-deep inside of her.I licked and licked. Desperate to please her. Desperate to be rewarded with a lick of her crack.I licked more and more. Fucking her with my warm wet slimy tongue.Her soft silky moist pussy was getting hotter and hotter. Wetter and wetter.The smell of her hot juices getting more stronger.A slightly sweatier, muskier smell, but still so very sweet and misty too.”Fuck – fuck yeah. That’s it. That’s my little bitch. Fuck. I own you. Fuck!”She groaned and started to writhe around.She was now uncontrollably pushing and grinding her pussy against my mouth,my tongue still exploring inside of her.My cheeks were now getting wetted by her juices and my spit.”Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck you’re good! Fuck!”She began to cry, unable to keep her emotions in check.”Don’t fucking stop! Don’t stop! Fuck you bitch! Fuck! Oh fuck don’t stop!”She was almost screaming now.My licking intensified.I slurped my tongue out of her and flicked at her swelling clit.Licking it and sucking on it like as if its a teat.”Agghhhh!! Ahhh! Agghh fuuuuck!! Ohhh!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!”She was now gripping my hair so tight – pulling my hair so tight – that it was aching my scalp.I didn’t stop though. I daren’t stop. Not letting up, not even for a single second.”Fuck!! Fuck!! You’re going to- you’re going to make me- make me cum!! Fuuuck!!”She whimpered loudly. Her lip quivering.I could feel the tremors inside of her soaking pussy, visibly pulsating and pressing against my lower lip as my tongue wrestled with her throbbing clit.”Oh fuck! Here it comes! Ooohhh fuuuck!! Fuuuuuckkk!!! FUUUUCCCCKKK – YEEEAAAHHHH!!!”She screamed and out burst a powerfully long spurt of hot clear liquid,splashing against my chin.She moved her free hand down and pushed my tongue away from her clit with her fingertips,only to resume pleasuring her clit with her middle finger. Her index finger resting against one side of her pussy slits and her ring and little finger resting on the other side. Still groaning and crying and writhing in pleasure.I couldn’t stop to admire the beautiful red paintings on her fingernails,she pushed my head down with her other hand gripping my hair, shoving my face ever closer to her enflamed excited orgasmic pussy.I instinctively held my mouth open at the twitching soaking wet opening of her pussy.”Ahhhh fuuck! Sw-swallow my fucking cum! You fucking whore! Ohhh fuck…!”She groaned out her order.Her groans increased to another loud orgasmic moan,and sure enough, she spurted and showered out more of her special juice.I caught it all in my mouth. The hot liquid tasting like freshly squeezed citrus water with sprinklings of salt and honey from a very special fruit.I drank as much as I could, but there was so much of it, that it splashed and dribbled out of my mouth onto the carpet below the sofa.More clear juice was dripping from her pussy, seeping all down the sides of her flushed pussy,trickling down her groin and inner thighs, pooling around her bumhole and the white leather sofa cushion.She squirted some more, and I drank it up like a thirsty fish in a desert.She tasted so good, that if I could, I would have continued drinking her juice until my stomach had burst.Unfortunately, after the 3rd spurt, she was done.She let go of my hair, her juice having dripped and splashed everywhere around her,and she just let her body flop fully backwards, relaxing entirely onto the sofa.She rested her head back against the top of the sofa, and she let out a wholeheartedly relieved sigh of pure content pleasure. She just laid there panting as I took in the magnificent glorious sight of her beautiful bare pussy, shining and glistening in juice and sweat.Her smooth belly was also glistening, though I was unsure if that was from just sweat or if some of her cum had managed to splash its way there.”Clean. Clean me up.”She ordered me, breathlessly.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I replied and immediately went about my duty.Tongue out, I leaned in and licked up the juice from all around her genitalia and thighs.I didn’t lick her ass though. Not yet. I wanted to be given permission first.I wanted that as my reward.She placed her hand back onto the top of my head again, only this time, to gently rub and pet me.”Good girl. My good little bitch.”She praised me. Her voice sounding so very loving.I looked up at her, ever so briefly, to smile proudly at her,before quickly returning to my licking duties.She finally stopped me after a minute or 2.Placing a hand under my chin, she lifted my head up, making me look up at her.She looked so beautiful. Never mind being the devil, she looked like a goddess, in all her sweaty naked post-coital glory.”You missed a spot.”She told me, whilst smiling warmly at me.”Where, my Princess?”I softly asked.Without taking her beautiful dark ruby red eyes off of mine, she pointed down with her finger.I glanced down at the small little pooling of juice around her bumhole.”May I, Princess Zee?”I requested.She nodded lovingly at me.I leaned down and forward, the tip of my tongue poking out from my lips.I was just about to lick her, when she suddenly stopped me.”Uh uh. Not there. Not yet.”She oppressed me, I slinked back and looked up at her, confused.”I meant down there, silly bitch.”She giggled and pointed further down, showing the small streak of juice that had dripped down onto the broad bottom of the sofa from off the cushion.”Start from the bottom, and lick your way up.””Oh, sorry Princess Zee.”I quickly apologised and leaned over forward, bending right down to follow her instruction.I placed the tip of my tongue against the smooth white leather of the sofa.”Lick nice and slow.”She told me.I held my tongue flat against the dark grey streak of her cum, and followed the dark damp trail upwards. Slowly.”You should know, I always feel at my most relaxed just after I cum.And do you know what I do when I’m very relaxed?-“She asked me.My eyes peaked over the edge of the cushion, my face right between her thighs, staring directly at the amazing sight of her exposed still glistening pussy and seeing the small little crevice to her butthole underneath it. Suddenly the crevice twitched and -*Pfffttfff!*A small warm puff of a fart blew into my eyes, making me close and squint my eyes briefly.”-Ahhhh. I fart.”She revealed with a sigh.I licked up and over the cushion, and stopped with the tip of my tongue just at the opening to her crack.My chin rested on the very edge of the cushion.I could smell her small subtle fart, and almost taste it too.I looked up at her, awaiting my reward.”Aww you look so cute!”She gushed.”Like a cute little pathetic puppy dog!”She then giggled playfully.I didn’t react, I just kept looking up at her.”Aw, does my little pathetic puppy want to lick her mistress’ arse?”She asked in a playful voice.I nodded anxiously, so desperate to lick her bum.”Ok. I think my puppy’s earned her treat. Go on. Lick my arse.”She grinned.I almost beamed with a big grin too, and before she changed her mind, I poked my tongue right out and dipped it into the small opening right in the middle between ankara escort bayan the cushion and her bumcheeks.She had such a nice sweet and slightly dark flavour to her bum.It definitely tasted as good as it smelt back in her car.Knowing she had just farted moments earlier, made the act of licking her butt all the more exciting for me. All the more naughty and kinky and sexy.I was loving it, and I could feel my own juice starting to pool around my crotch and soaking my thong all the more.As I licked her bum, she just sat there comfortably on my tongue.She tilted her head back, closed her gorgeous eyes, and enjoyed the sensation.I managed to slip my thong off as I licked her, without her noticing.I wasn’t sure if my thong could ever be dried again, it felt so heavy with wetness.It made a very small splat sound as I dropped it onto the floor.I gazed upwards nervously, looking at her, as I’m sure she had heard it,but she just ignored it and was too busy enjoying having her tasty bumhole licked.She was so relaxed, and just like she told me, when she’s most relaxed, she…*ppftt!*…Farts.It was just a small little airy fart, but it was right on my tongue!It felt so warm, and it tasted so strongly.I couldn’t really smell it at all, but I could sure taste it.Although the taste seem to disappear after 2 more licks of her bumhole.She noticed how I kept on licking her ass without stopping when she farted.She looked down at me.It was hard to tell by her expression, but she seemed impressed with me, revealing a wry smile,before tilting her head back, resting it comfortably on the top of the sofa.”That’s it, bitch. You lick my farts. You love them, don’t you?”She softly uttered. She was trying to sound mocking of me, but the tone of her voice was more out of affection than offensiveness.”Yes, Princess Zee. I love your farts.”I quickly pulled my tongue in to humbly respond to her, before throwing my tongue back into her crevice and licked her taut little tasty hole some more.She softly chuckled.”There’s a good bitch. You will swallow all my farts, just like you swallow my cum.And you will be very grateful for the special privilege.”She spoke so warmly.”Mmmmm – yes, Princess Zee, I’m so very grateful to receive your farts.”I moaned feeling the pleasure overwhelming my body.As I licked her, I noticed something creeping over me.Like a blanket of pure pleasure coating my brain.I could feel pressure building up inside of my body.A strong electric current kept shooting down my spine and into my pussy.My knees started to feel weak and shake under my weight.My pussy was dripping and trickling out juice.I was cumming.I wasn’t even touching myself, yet I was cumming!So overwhelmed by pleasure, my body just gave in and cummed.I was dribbling juice from my pussy all down my leg, right down to my knees and onto the floor.I felt like screaming with pleasure, just to unleash all the pent up excitement and sexual tension.I could only quiver with a loud moan as I licked her.”Oh fuck, are you cumming?!”She gasped, noticing my plight.”Y-y-yes…! Pri-Pri- ahhh – Princess – Z-Zee…”I whimpered out, my thighs rattled and my pussy spewed with cum.”F-f-fuuck I can’t- I can’t stop…!!”I anxiously moaned as the intense pleasure erupted in me.She chuckled, amused and amazed at me.Finally, with my pussy still pulsing, I managed to contain myself.I had stopped cumming, and I felt fully flushed and relieved.I then felt nervous and anxious, having orgasmed without her permission.”S-sorry, Princess Zee. I couldn’t- sorry.”I nervously apologised, my lower lip still quivering from the aftershock.She just chuckled again.”It’s a good job you chose to cum after I did. If you had cum before me, I’d have been very upset.”She narrowed her beautiful eyes at me, trying to sound tough.”I didn’t mean to cum, I just couldn’t help it, I’m sorry Princess Zee.”I tried to explain to her.”Shhh, baby – shhh. It’s ok. Consider it part of your treat for doing as your told.”She smiled warmly at me.I was rather surprised by how lenient and understanding she was being with me.”Oh thank you, Princess Zee, thank you.”I hurried to thank her.For some reason I felt compelled to immediately bend down and kiss her feet.I kissed them and thanked her again, much to her amusement.”I know. Good girl.”She smiled.”I can’t have you thinking above your station, though. Cumming without my expressed permission,is not something I take lightly.”She suddenly warned me.I knelt back up strait, and nervously and softly gulped.”I think you ought to take me up to your bedroom, so you can make amends for your actions.”She told me.”Ok Princess Zee, I understand.”I sighed and stood up.She grabbed my hand and pulled herself up off the sofa.She then hooked her arm around mine.”Uh, please, follow me.”I requested and then led her up the wooden stairs and into my bedroom.I stopped and stood infront of her, my back to my big double bed with a thick pink duvet on it.She moved her eyes around the room, taking in the girlish surroundings of my bedroom.”Well, this is… Cute.”She complimented, I guess.”Thanks, Princess Zee.”I responded.She trained her eyes back onto mine, gazing deep into them.”Take your clothes off.”She demanded.I nervously obeyed, and stripped off infront of her.I felt very exposed, now standing naked, my whole body on show for her to see.”Now, how do you propose you make amends for cumming without my permission?”She asked me, sounding serious.”Erm… I don’t know, Princess Zee. I’ll do anything you ask – anything you want, I only wish to make you happy.”I answered.”I know. Making me happy is your whole entire purpose in life now, isn’t it?”She asked with a small pleased smile appearing on her face.”Yes, of course Princess Zee. You ARE my whole life now. I only live to serve you, worship you and make you happy.”I submissively replied.Her smile grew bigger, clearly pleased by my answer, knowing just how committed I am to her.”What would make me very happy right now, is to eat the flesh of a young naïve little horny girl.”She grinned playfully.”Y-y-you want to… Eat, me?”I puzzled fearfully.Not knowing if she was being literal or not.She nodded and shoved me down onto the bed.”What’s the matter, don’t you trust me?”She giggled as she toyed with me.She ran her fingernails around my thighs as I laid flat on the bed.”I-I do, Princess Zee. I trust you.”I answered.”Good. Now, I’m going to tie you up. Then I’m going to eat you. Is that understood?”She asked, already knowing the answer.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I nervously nodded.”Good girl.”She smiled, and put her hands behind her back.She then showed her hands, and in them was 2 red fluffy handcuffs.They seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, like magic.”Lay with your head there.”She instructed me, pointing to my girlishly pink soft pillows. The handcuffs tinkling as she moved her hands.I turned around and laid normally on my bed. My head resting on the pillows.She then crawled onto the bed, and knelt over my body. Straddling me.”Give me your hand.”She ordered me. I obeyed.I obediently offered her my hand, and she hooked one of the handcuff rings around my wrist.Then, without any resistance from me, she held my arm up above my head, with my wrist just about touching the black steel of my bed’s headrest, and she cuffed my hand to it. She then did the same with my other hand, so I was now handcuffed to my bed, helpless.I was feeling a little scared, but so excited. So horny.”You ready to be eaten, bitch?”She asked in a very sexy, playful tone of voice.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I answered her, softly licking my lips.She then licked her lips, and slowly leaned down.She opened her mouth, and with her perfectly white pretty teeth bearing,she pinched my firm erect nipple between them, and pulled.I gritted my teeth, and sucked in a sharp intake of air, anticipating the pain.She then stopped, released my nipple, and looked up at me.”Did you really think I was going to bite you?”She laughed tauntingly.”Um… Well I-“I responded only to be cut off by her laughing.”Aww, I wouldn’t do that to you, silly bitch!”She continued to laugh.”I am going to eat you though.”She stopped laughing and winked at me.She then crawled backwards off of my stomach, and laid down between my legs.Her gorgeous face right between my thighs.I softly gripped my lower lip between my teeth, and watched anxiously as she nuzzled the tip of her nose around my crotch.”Hmm, I love that smell. Don’t you?”She softly asked as she sniffed me.”Yes, Princess Zee.”I softly answered.”There’s no better smell than a nice fresh young tasty wet pussy.”She sighed.”I can think of a better smell… Princess Zee.”I bravely revealed.”Oh?”She perked her head up to look at me as she rubbed her chin against my labia.”Your lovely beautiful bum.”I told her.She softly chuckled.”Well, of course you’ll say that. My arse is divine. It smells better than any flower.”She grinned smugly.I couldn’t tell if she was being genuinely smug or just teasing me in her playful way.”It sure does, Princess Zee.”I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure, remembering the smell of her scent.”After I’m done eating you, I might just let you have another sniff of it.”She winked at me and then brushed the tip of her tongue against my pussy.I let out a soft gasp of pleasure as I felt her do that.Her tongue was truly magical!She had such fine minute control over her tongue that it was like as if it was a wet slimy serpentunder her power inside her mouth. She drove me wild and had me cumming in next to no time at all.It only seemed to take her less than a minute to bring me to boiling point.I’ve never squirted so much in my life before!I screamed aloud, unable to control myself in the slightest.I couldn’t, it was pointless to even try. I just gave in to her completely and let her make me cum as much as she pleased to.The rest of the night was such a haze of pure intense, incredible, amazing, mindblowing pleasure!I can hardly remember when she changed position to that of a 69.Sitting her gorgeous ass in my face for me to thoroughly sniff.I can only just about recall when I started licking and tongue-fucking her sweet pussy,and licking her tasty sweet hot asshole.It’s all such a blur. A hot intense, passionate, pleasurable blur…Chapter 5:Spoilt RottenI suddenly awoke.Dazed and slightly confused.Had I dreamt it all?Was it all just a drunken dream.I was laying on my bed, naked and feeling wet with sweat.I went to move my hand, to brush the messy hair off my face,but I sudden metallic clink and the feeling of my arm being restrained,made me realise exactly where the night had left off.I looked up, and saw both my wrists still handcuffed to the bed.I looked around the room, in a small panic.Zee was no where to be seen.My room looked exactly how it had before we entered the bedroom,only with my pink duvet slightly ruffled up.I moved my other arm, and what a relief.The steel cuff was loose, not hooked at all around my wrist and headrest so I was able to free my arm with absolute ease.I spotted a note written on red paper, resting on my bedside table, and a small black key on top.Beside it, strangely, was also my bank card.I carefully picked up the note with the key balanced on it, and brought it over onto my chest.I placed the key beside me, and read the note.It read:”Good morning, my little bitch.I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so peaceful after we moved the Earth last night!I was going to just leave you all tied up and helpless, but I decided against it.Consider yourself very lucky!I’ll let you have a rest for a short while, but don’t sleep for too long.We have a big day ahead of us, and I want you looking your best.So brush your teeth, relieve yourself, and grab a shower.I’ll see you soon.- Zee”I put the note down and laid there for a short while, just thinking about her.She had my head racing as well as my heart.I came to realise my other arm was still handcuffed to the headrest,so I picked up the little black key and unlocked the cuff, freeing me completely from my bed.I sat up, rubbed my eyes and yawned, and then got up to go to the bathroom.On the way to the bathroom, I had a little rub of my pussy with my fingertips, and it still felt a little tender from having cummed so much throughout the night.I felt almost like as if I was on auto-pilot.Everything I was doing was more from muscle memory of my usual routine when I wake up,rather than me being consciously aware of what I was doing.My mind was too busy thinking all about Zee and the deal I had made with her.I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I have made a deal with the devil herself.I went to the bathroom to relieve myself,and then I brushed my teeth.I walked back into my bedroom, and threw on a grey pyjama vest and pink pyjama bottoms.I looked at my bank card on the bedside table, and thought it strange being there.Usually I keep it in my purse, and my purse had been left with my friend the night before.Did she come round really early in the morning to drop it off, I wondered.If so, then where is my purse?Thoughts like that began racing through my mind.I thought it best if I went to an ATM machine nearby and check my balance.So I went downstairs to have a quick bite of buttered toast in the kitchen and a cup of tea,and then I put on some socks and shoes, and my thick wintery coat,and headed out just down the street to check my bank account.It was chilly out, so I rushed over and down the road, stopping at my local branch.I put the card into the machine and tapped in my PIN number.I waited for a few moments, for the prompt to show onscreen, and I then pressed the”check balance” option.My mouth hit the floor.I couldn’t believe what my eyes was seeing on the screen.’£66,600.00’I started to panic and fret.There’s been a mistake surely.I pinched my eyes shut and rubbed them,unsure if I had read it correctly.’£66,600.00’No. No it can’t be.I only had a couple hundred pounds at most saved away.There’s been a mistake.An error.I looked to the side of the machine, into the window at the empty bank.It was too early in the morning for it to be open.I wanted to go get help.To inform the bank of the mistake.Maybe the council put it into my account by mistake.Something.I’ve never seen that kind of money before!I pressed the button to get my card back out.I waited for the machine to spit it out.”I thought I told you to look nice.”I jumped at the sudden sound of Zee’s voice from behind me.”Oh shit! You almost killed me!”I squealed as I spun around to face her.She had a big grin on her gorgeous face.She was wearing a different red dress from the one she wore last night.As well as a big thick white fur coat that went down to her knees,and black knee high boots.”Do you like my gift?”She asked, and hinted at the machine.”What? Th-that’s your money in there?”I puzzled.”No. That’s YOUR money.”She giggled nonchalantly.”It’s too much. I-I can’t accept that. It’s too much.”I gasped, my heart beating really hard inside my chest.”Pft. It’s nothing. I was going to give you millions, but I thought that would just be spoiling my little bitch.”She chuckled warmly.”Please. I can’t- I couldn’t ever be able to pay you back.”I anxiously stressed.”You don’t have to. It’s yours. I give it to you.And I wont accept it back if you refuse.”She told me, her big grin changing to a little smile.”B-b-but still. I-I-I-…”I stuttered before pausing to think.”Shhh, baby. Don’t worry.”She cooed and softly caressed my cheek with her hand.”How could I ever thank you for it?”I asked.”Oh I’m sure we can find plenty of ways to make you thank me.”She winked and chuckled seductively.”I cant believe it though. 66,600 pounds…”I glanced down at my bank card.”Tell you what. you can kiss my arse and say thank you. That would be a start.”Her perfect sexy grin spread across her gorgeous face once more.”R-right now?”I queried.”Of course right now.”She continued to grin.”R-right here?”I nervously looked around at the empty quiet street.”Yes. Just shut up and kiss my arse already.”She impatiently replied.I glanced around once more, making sure there wasn’t some person wandering around to see it.She stood still, making me walk around to the back of her.She then bent forward a little, placing her hands onto her knees, sticking her butt out.I leant down, with my lips puckered up, and I kissed her soft fluffy white fur coat where her bum is.”Thank you.”I immediately thanked her after my kiss.”Was that it? Get down onto your knees first, silly bitch.”She playfully instructed me.”Oh, sorry.”I apologised, and knelt down onto my knees onto the cold damp grey pavement.The dampness on the ground seeped through my thin pink pyjama bottoms,making my knees wet.I then leant my face back into her bum with my lips puckered up and kissed her coat once more.”Thank you.”I thanked her again after the kiss.”Tut tut. That won’t do at all. I told you to kiss my arse, not my coat! Now. Lift my coat up. And kiss my arse. And thank me properly.”She ordered, starting to sound very impatient with me.”Sorry!”I quickly apologised, and lifted the soft fluffy fur coat up and held it over the gorgeous round rump of her bum in the more casual looking red dress.I leant my face in once more, up close to her perfectly round firm buttocks,and planted a long appreciative kiss onto her right cheek.”And the other cheek.”She ordered me.I moved my face across, and gave another big kiss onto her firm round cushy left cheek.”Thank you ever so much, Princess Zee.”I pulled my face away slightly to thank her.”Good girl. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”She stood up strait and turned around to face me as I knelt on the floor.I shook my head from side to side without taking my eyes off hers.She caressed my face once more, with such a warm loving pleased smile on her gorgeous face.”You look so pathetic kneeling on the street.”She chuckled playfully.”Get up.”I stood up, and she threw her arms around me and gave me a big cuddle.She then looked at me, her arms still wrapped tight around my body.”Do you think your dirty pretty lips have earned the right to kiss mine?Even after they’ve just kissed my butt?”She asked me.”…Um-“I perplexed, not knowing the correct answer.I didn’t feel like I had done anything deserving to kiss her,but before I could answer, she suddenly planted her gorgeous red plumpish lips onto mine.I closed my eyes and kissed her back.We stood smooching in the street for a minute, before she let go of me.”Come. Why don’t we go buy you some new clothes.”She looked at me, still clutching me tight in her warm comfy arms.”Ok, Princess Zee. Can we just please quickly go back to my house so I can get changed.I’m not wearing appropriate attire for clothes shopping.”I pleaded.”No. You should have followed my instructions better and wore decent clothes before you came out.”She lectured me with a smile.”B-but I’m wearing pyjamas.”I protested, and looked down at the 2 big dark wet patches around the knees of my pyjama bottoms.”We’re going to buy you some clothes. Now come on.”She let go off me and grabbed my hand, and pulled me along to walk with her,as she turned around and headed up the street.We stopped at a bus-stop, where an old lady was already sitting and waiting for a bus. Zee then sat me down onto the hard red plastic bench, about 2ft away from that old lady.She then awkwardly straddled me. More leaning her body against mine, than actually sitting on me,and she snogged me.She then stopped and looked right at the old lady, who was looking very shocked by such a public display of lesbian affection. Zee had a very big playful grin on her face, and the old lady stood up and walked forward, shock and disgust etched onto her old wrinkled face,so as not to look at us.”Erm, not that I don’t appreciate you taking me shopping – I really do appreciate it, my Princess -but don’t you have a car? What do we need to take the bus for?”I inquired.”I like public transport. We can have more fun!”She mysterious answered with a playful wink.”Oh, ok.”I accepted her answer without further questioning her.She grabbed my cheeks with one hand, and held my head strait as she planted another big kiss onto me.She then turned around, and sat her gorgeous bum down onto my lap.The old lady cautiously looked behind her shoulder.”Hi.”Zee greeted her with a wave and a playful grin.”Hmph.”The old lady dismissed her and looked back ahead into the road.”Hold me.”Zee instructed me in a soft whisper,and I wrapped my arms around her belly to hug her as she sat on me.I softly sniffed the lovely sweet smell of her clean thick wavy smooth dark brunette/blackish hair.She turned her pretty face to the side to look at me. She winked and smiled.I suddenly felt her bum pushing on me and, with a slight pause, she let out a small quiet rumble of a fart directly onto my lap. She giggled as she did.As the hot warmth of her fart covered a small area of my crotch, I couldn’t help but feel my vagina pulsate knowing she had just farted on me.I sighed soft and deeply as I got horny.It was quiet and only a couple cars drove down the road.Finally, the bus turned up.Zee stood up off me, and holding my arms, she made me stand up too with my arms still around her.The long single-decker red vehicle pulled up to the curb, and it hissed as the glass door swung open.The old lady slowly and carefully got on.Zee then walked me onto the bus, standing infront of me the whole time.She showed the middle-aged, tired-looking male driver a pass, and he waved her on.Zee pulled away from my hug, and walked down the aisle.I stopped and stared anxiously at the driver, realising I didn’t have a pass nor did I have any change on me.”Um, sorry I don’t-“I was about to apologise before Zee came to my rescue.”Here, I’ll pay for her. The silly cow forgot her pass.”She chucked friendly-like to the driver and slid him some pound coins.The bus driver just grunted and gave me a bus ticket.”Thanks.”I mumbled at him, feeling embarrassed, and he drove the bus off.The bus was fairly empty, just a few other passengers on board.I took my seat next to Zee.”Thank you, Princess Zee, for paying for me.”I thanked her.”That’s another thing you’ll have to kiss my arse for.”She spoke in a hushed tone of voice.”Please don’t make me kiss your arse right now. Not in this public place, please!”I begged her, also speaking in a hushed tone of voice.She knew that if she had told me to kiss her butt right there and then that I would have done it,despite it being really embarrassing for me to do that.”Would I really be that cruel?”She giggled and pinched the flesh on my hip, playfully.”You can kiss my arse later.”She winked at me.”Thank you, my Princess.”I smiled in relief at her.She smiled back.She then held my hand, and kissed me on the cheek, before looking out the window.One of the other passengers on board was a young mum with a small boy.A toddler really, only about 3 years old.He was trying to walk around, and the mum kept having to tell him to sit or stand still.He started whinging and whining, so she got up and tried to bribe him to keep quiet by giving me a big chocolate chip cookie.This caught the attention of Zee.”Watch this.”She excitedly told me, and stared at the boy.I watched, a little fearful of what she might do to him.Suddenly, the bus hit a speed bump in the road and made the vehicle jerk up and down.The boy lost his footing and fell onto his knees, dropping his cookie onto the dirty floor.There was a moment of silence, with shock and horror on the boy’s face.Suddenly he burst into tears, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs.I gasped, and Zee burst out laughing. Loudly.”You think it’s funny, do you?”The mum scolded her as she attended to her little precious.Picking him up in her arms to coddle him.”Yes, I do, actually.”Zee answered, still chuckling.”Nasty bitch.”The young track-suited mum swore at her.I felt very tense and uneasy.I didn’t know what to expect of Zee, how she’d react to being escort ankara sworn at.If only the woman knew who she was swearing at, she may not be so confrontational.To my surprise, Zee just sat there, still chuckling, and ignored the mum’s comment.”I got to say, I was frightened then.”I admitted to Zee in a whisper.”What? Why? You scared of that silly tart?”She puzzled.”No. Scared of what you might have done to her…”I confessed. Zee just chuckled.”She’s a young unwed mother with a bastard c***d. There’s no way she’ll be on the guest list into Heaven. I’ll see her eventually, and she is going to be a lot more nicer to me when I meet her formally.”She casually told me with a wry smile.”Oh. Y-you’re not going to… You know, send her to the worst level in Hell, are you?”I gulped.”No!”Zee laughed.”I told you, I’m not such a bad person.”She smiled reassuringly at me.”Although I will make her crawl like a dog and beg me for entrance into a nice level of Hell…”She added in a small menacing voice…I didn’t say no more,I didn’t want to offend her by asking too many questions.After a number of stops, the bus finally made it to the shopping centre.We walked off the bus, with Zee holding my hand, and she led me into the large multi-floored mall.I felt so trashy, walking around in public in my pyjama’s with just shoes and a coat on.No make up on my face, and my blonde hair all wild and messy. I must have looked like a right tramp compared to Zee, who looked so gorgeous and so glamorous in her red dress, white fur coat, black knee-high boots and her flawlessly gorgeous face perfectly made up with make up.She took me into the most expensive high-end designer store.I caught the shop assistants giving me dirty looks at the way I looked. They Looked down their noses at me.One in particular made no attempt at all to hide her disdain for me.I shied away, trying to hide my face behind Zee’s white fur coat, like a young c***d.Zee caught the dirty look from that one particular assistant.”What you doing, hiding behind me for? Don’t worry about her, she’s not long for this world anyway.”Zee revealed me.”W-what? What do you mean she’s not long for this world?”I puzzled.”Don’t worry about it.”Zee tried to brush off what she had just let slip to me.”Y-you’re not going to kill her, are you?”I anxiously asked.”What? No! I’d never do that!I just mean, she’s… Well, she’s going to fall down a flight of stairs and land too badly…”She revealed.”What?! How do you know that?!”I gasped in fear at such a gruesome thought.”I just know.”She then stopped and turned to face me.”Look, it’s not something I like to brag about, but when someone’s number is close to being up,I can see it when I look at them. I hate it, and I hate that I can’t do anything about it.If people understood just how precious life is, they’d make the most of it everyday.Now please, can we drop the subject, and just enjoy our shopping trip?”She opened up to me and told me.I was taken aback, and shocked by her being so open with me.I never thought she’d feel that way towards mortal beings like us.”I’m – I’m sorry to hear that. Is there really nothing you can do, what if you told her about it, wouldn’t she be able to prevent it?”I asked fretfully.”I use to try that all the time with millions of others before. It never works…”She sighed looking downbeat.”How comes?”I concerned.”I don’t know why, you’d have to ask you-know-who upstairs about that…”She pointed up to the ceiling.”Oh… You poor thing.”I sighed and gave her a comforting hug.She hugged me back.”Oh well… First one to find a nice dress has to pay for it!”She suddenly chirped.I smiled and she rushed over to a shelf with lots of nice fancy expensive dresses on it.I stood beside her has she rummaged around, picking out different dress after different dress.She ended up with 5 different dresses wrapped over her arm.”Here,”She handed them to me,”go try these on and pick one you like.”She instructed before turning her attention back onto other dresses.”Yes, my princess.”I smiled at her and did as I was told.I took the dresses with me to the changing room and, having taken off my coat, pyjamas, shoes and socks in the small wooden cubicle, I began trying on each dress.I studied myself in them, in the mirror on the wall.They all fit me perfectly, she knew my size exactly.They looked really nice on me too.Showing off my body in just the right way.If only I had make up on and my hair neatened up,I’d have looked as glamorous as a model!Having tried on all dresses, it was very hard to pick a favourite.She had told me to pick one though, so I kept looking through each dress,trying desperately to decide on the one I liked the most.I was stood naked, holding each dress up to the front of my body, looking at myself in the mirror.Suddenly, the thick curtain moved and I spun around.”Oh phew, it’s just you.”I sighed seeing Zee step inside.She had her fur coat buttoned shut.”Have you picked one?”She asked, closing the curtain and clutching some sort of black frilly fabric in one hand,and black sparkly high heels in the other, which she placed down onto the floor, to the side of me.”I can’t decide which one I like the most.”I answered, turning around with the back of my naked body on full show to her.I could see in the mirror, her looking down behind me to check out my exposed bum.She then moved right up behind me, looking at me in the mirror as she pressed her free hand to my soft buttock.I felt a tingle of excitement rush down my spine from her doing that.”Do you like them all?”She asked.”Yes, I do, my princess.”I replied.”Ok, I’ll choose.”She smiled.”Thank you, Princess Zee.”I smiled at her reflection,perfectly happy to have her making my decisions for me!”I thought you might want some underwear to go with your new outfit. And some heels.”She stated and revealed the black frilly fabric in her hand to be some sexy lingerie.She gave me the underwear as I put the dresses down.I slipped the sexy black thong on and then put the bra on.She hooked it at the back for me.”Perfect.”She grinned,studying my form.I felt very sexy in them,and knowing she’s enjoying what she sees, made it all the more thrilling.”I got underwear similar to these.”She suddenly revealed.”Only I forgot the thong!”She winked at me in the reflection, before unbuttoning her coat.She opened it and I was very pleasantly surprised to see her wearing a sexy bra and suspenders/tights without the thong.”Woah…”I breathlessly uttered.I turned around to take in all of her sexy skimpy gorgeousness.”You like it then?”She giggled.”I love it! You look amazing.”I beamed.”I know.”She smugly chuckled.I put my hands onto the sides of her gorgeous thighs. I couldn’t resist touching her.I was slightly nervous that she’d stop me, but she didn’t. She let me.I glided my hands softly up to her hips, feeling the luxuriously soft fabric of her suspenders.She let me.My hands disappeared under the white soft warm fur of her coat, feeling my way to the belt.She let me. The palm of my hands followed the smooth round curves of her gorgeous exposed naked bumcheeks.She let me.My fingertips softly crept down and towards the middle of her cheeks.She stopped me.She crossed her arms across her belly and grabbed my wrists before turning around,holding on tight to my arms. She bent forward just a little.”It’s high time you kissed my arse.”She suddenly told me.Without her saying another word, I dropped to my knees behind her.We was so close together anyway in the cramped dressing cubicle, that my face was already just a few inches away from her bottom.I could already smell the really sweet warm earthy scent of her bottom.”Wait.”She demanded, as she then let go off my wrists and took off her coat.I watched as the soft white fur moved across her body and bared her magnificent ass. It was like the most gorgeous fullest moon of mocha-coloured flesh appearing right before my very eyes.She deliberately took her time, to neatly hang her coat up onto the small hook above the curtain.I took the time granted to me by her, to lean my nose in just an inch or 2 closer, into the dark little pocket of her bum, and sniffed her glorious scent.Ahhhh… To be smelling that sweetly dark smell once in it’s most purest form again.My nose nestled closer, ’til the tip of my nose disappeared from sight into the crack of her butt.With each sniff, it felt like my lungs were filling up with life.My mind was set ablaze by the excitement.My heart raced like I was taking a strong hit of a powerful d**g.The whole time, I knew she was perfectly aware of what I was doing, but she didn’t stop me.She just stood there, allowing me to sniff her.I noticed my mouth started to water.I desperately wanted to taste her.To lick her.To lick her sweet little dark taut rosebud once more.I held the tip of my tongue out, and with just the most faintest brushes of my tongue against her flesh,she finally stopped me.”Stop. You must kiss it first.”She decreed.I immediately put my tongue back into my mouth.”Kiss my arse.”She repeated.I pulled my lips to the middle of her left buttock.I kissed it long and slowly.”I used 3 coins to pay for your bus fare, bitch. So that’s 3 kisses my arse is owed.”She stated.I moved my face across and kissed the middle of her right bumcheek.I kissed it nice and slowly as I did with the left one.Her buttocks always felt so warm and smooth on my lips with a nice ripe firmness to them.”Good. Now kiss my coin-slot for the 3rd.”She ordered.I pushed my puckered lips between her cheeks, into the deep warm fleshy canyon,’til my lips touched her soft hot little asshole, and kissed it, long and slow.”Good. Now what do you say?”She asked.”Thank you ever so much, Princess Zee, for paying my bus fare.”I sincerely thanked her.”Good girl.”She praised.I kissed her asshole once more.”And for the lingerie?”She queried.I kissed her asshole again.”Thank you, Princess Zee, for my lingerie.”I thanked her.I then kissed her asshole again.”And thank you, Princess Zee, for the heels.”I thanked her once more.”And thank you ever so much, Princess Zee, for choosing my dress for me.”I kissed her butthole and thanked her.”Oooh, there’s a clever little bitch. I didn’t even have to tell you to do that.You are learning well.”She chirped.I smiled, and licked my lips, tasting the small trace of her natural flavour on my lips.”But, you should be giving me 5 kisses for your dresses.”She revealed.”5? Ok, my princess, thank you.”I responded before pressing my lips back between her cheeks, up against her tasty hot little asshole and kissed it 4 more times.”And one for good luck.”She teased with a small soft chuckle.I gave her sexy little smooth asshole one last big long slow kiss.More like as if I was smooching it than kissing it.I stuck my puckered lips to it ’til I ran out of breath.Finally I moved away, smacking my lips as I did.”MWAH! Thank you, Princess Zee!”I thanked her breathlessly and panted to catch my breath.She chuckled, seemingly very pleased with my submissiveness and devotion to her.”Now lick my asshole. Do it. And I’ll treat you to some jewellery.”She ordered.”Oh thank you, Princess Zee! Thank you!”I beamed and pushed my tongue up against her sweet tasty little asshole.Oh fuck she tasted so nice!Just what I desperately needed, to taste her butthole once again.I was licking it so eagerly. Lapping at it like a cat licks up cream.Like I was licking an ice cream whilst feeling thirsty on a hot day.I was loving the feel of the soft warm fleshy cushions of her bumcheeks, pressing against the cheeks of my face, as my tongue poked against and licked her little taut hole.The soft squishy muffled slaps of my tongue against her naked, most intimate flesh isall that could be heard from the dressing cubicle.I didn’t know if someone would catch us.I didn’t care quite frankly.I just so wanted to lick her and enjoy it.She didn’t seem all that fussed, herself.She just stood there, allowing me to lick her.She might let slip the odd sigh, but for the most part, she was just content to have her asshole licked in silence.I mainly just licked around and against her hot little rim.Although she allowed me to push the tip of my tongue about a centimetre into her.She had such a lovely tight little bumhole, that I don’t think she’d want it any deeper than that.She certainly didn’t express the need for my tongue to go in any deeper.I was more than ok with that, I find the most tastiest part is just that first centimetre.”Hmm, you’re very good with that tongue, slave.”She suddenly sighed.I didn’t thank her, I was too busy licking.”Are you enjoying licking my arse?”She asked in a hushed tone of voice.”Yes, princess Zee.”I muffled my reply against her bum, before continuing with the licking.”Good girl. Is it making you get all wet and horny?”She asked.”Yes, Princess Zee.”Once again my answer was muffled by her thick flesh.”I’m definitely going to have to buy your lingerie ensemble then.Don’t think they’d accept the return of it, if the thong has been soaking in your dirty juices.”She casually stated.”Thank you, Princess Zee.”I thanked her.”Uh uh. You know how to thank me. So do it. Properly.”She ordered.I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, and pressed my lips to her now very wet hole,and kissed it.”Thank you ever so much, Princess Zee.”I thanked her.”That’s better. Whilst your down there – I’d also kiss it and thank me, if I were you,in advance for the jewellery.”She instructed me.I nodded my head in agreement before planting another kiss onto her wet bumhole.”Thank you in advance for my jewellery, Princess Zee.”I thanked her after the kiss.”Good girl.”She praised and grabbed her coat off the hook.I was about to lean in with my tongue out-stretched to lick her some more,but she disrupted my plans by turning around, slipping on her coat.”Get up. Put on whichever dress you fancy, and meet me by the cashier.”She instructed and buttoned up her coat, hiding her nakedness from view.”B-b-but I’m so horny…”I sighed, feeling amazingly turned on.”Good. Don’t go ‘baiting in here, I want you begging for it later!”She chuckled and turned around, walking out of the cubicle.I sighed in frustration, and stood up.I was extremely tempted just to finger myself right there and then,but I managed to resist the temptation.I didn’t want to displease or disobey her.Keeping my lingerie on, I picked out a dress from the small pile.A nice blue and sparkly silver patterned one with a black trim. I then slipped on the black sparkly high heels and did up the straps.I looked at myself in the mirror, and brushed my messy hair with my fingers,trying to neaten it up as best I could.Happy with my look, I grabbed my coat, folding it over my arm,and picked up the remaining 4 dresses and wrapped them around my arm too.I headed out the cubicle, and walked out to the main shop floor.I saw zee standing by the cashier.That snooty stuck up shop assistant was serving her, ringing up some other items of clothing Zee had bought.I joined her at the cashier.”-And I’ll take these as well.”Zee told her, picking up the dresses off my arm and laying them on the counter.”That’ll be £2,360.”The assistant revealed, having rung up all the items.Zee handed her a bank card, slightly different looking from my own.The assistant charged her, and put the items of clothing into a big plastic shopping bag.”Anything else?”The assistant asked.”No, that’s all.”Zee answered, and turned to walk out.”Actually, there is something.”I interrupted.”Enjoy your time with your family, you never know how long you have left…”I smiled at her and she looked somewhat perplexed by my statement.”Er, thanks.”She replied.Zee giggled as she walked a few feet ahead of me.I scurried along, catching up to Zee, and walked out side by side with her.We turned the corner as we exited the shop, and then I grabbed her arm, and stopped her.”Shit. We got to go back. I forgot to get her to ring up this dress.”I fretted.”What? You forgetful mare!”Zee chuckled as though it was a joke.”Come on, we got to go back and pay for it.”I told her.Zee looked around.”Why? No one’s looking for it.”She replied.”But it’s stealing.”I continued to fret. I went to turn around, but she grabbed my arm, stopping me.”You’re so funny! It’s just one little dress, they wont miss it.”She grinned.”Maybe. But It’s the right thing to do.”I explained.”Oh stop!”She laughed.”You sound like a little Brownie. You’re no Brownie, are you?The only browning you do is when you’re brown-nosing me!”She joked and laughed.I bit my lip nervously.”Tell you what. Forget about returning the dress, and I’ll let you brown-nose me some more later…”She winked seductively at me.I felt my knees go weak.I stared into her gorgeous dark red eyes, and felt compelled to do as she says.I couldn’t resist her. Even if I tried.”Oh… Ok. Thank you, Princess Zee.”I thanked her, although I’m not quite sure exactly what I’m thanking her for.”Good girl.”She praised and patted my head.I smiled at her.She grabbed my hand in hers, and we turned to continue walking through the mall together.”I just got one little question, my princess.”I chipped in.”Yeah? What?”She asked.”Why do we need to steal the dress for? We got lots of money to pay for it…”I wondered.”Because it’s fun.”She giggled.”I can feel your hand is sweaty, and your heart is racing, isn’t it?””Yes, it is, my princess.”I answered her.”See? It’s fun isn’t it?”She chuckled playfully.”I guess…”I sighed.”That’s the spirit. Plus now, if you don’t do as I say, I’ll go inform the nice security guard about your ‘sticky fingers’!”She beamed with a big grin, but I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.I nervously chuckled along with her.We continued our shopping trip by going into an expensive jewellers.I was looking at the different necklaces in the glass display cabinets, when I spied one with a lovely gold cross on it.I suddenly realised how strange it was to be looking at a cross whilst standing directly beside the devil herself!I looked at Zee, and she just had a beautiful smile on her face.”What?”She asked with a chuckle, seeing me glancing back and forth between her and the cabinet.”Nothing. It’s just, shouldn’t you be avoiding eye-contact with the cross or something?”I puzzled. She laughed.”No! Why? Do I think I’d be turning to smoke, being burnt by it?”She laughed.”Isn’t that what usually happens?”I giggled.”No!”She almost squealed with laughter.”I’m not a cartoon!””Sorry.”I chuckled.”Do you like it?”She asked, calming her laughter down and pointing to the cross.”Not really, I like that one though.”I answered and pointed to a lovely big beautiful heart-shaped pink-diamond pendantwith a white gold chain.I looked at the £1100 price tag on it.”Did you ever meet Jesus?”I asked her out of curiosity.”Yeah.”She casually answered.”What’s he like? Was he really like how he’s described in religious texts?”I inquired.”Oh, I could tell you some stories about him!”She laughed.”Oh really?”I chuckled along with her.”Maybe another time, though. Let’s get you that necklace.”She smiled.True to her word, she bought it for me.As well as some rings, a few bracelets, and some earrings.She then took me to other shops, treating me to perfumes and some other clothes.In total, she spent about £16,000 on me!It was now nearly 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”You hungry?”She asked me as we walked out of a shop, both of us carrying lots of shopping bags.”I am rather peckish now, yes, my princess.”I answered her.”Let’s get a bite to eat, then.”She returned.I followed her as she walked.I was wondering what sort of high-end restaurant she’d take me to.Wondering if it’d be Italian, or Chinese. Or maybe a real posh French restaurant.We stopped outside of a McDonald’s!”How classy!”I couldn’t help but to laugh.”Don’t you like McDonald’s? You fancy Burger King instead?”She quizzed.”Yeah, sure I like McDonald’s. It’s just funny, thinking of all the money we have and all the money you’ve been splashing out on me, that we’ll be eating at a McDonald’s!”I laughed.”You’re a right little spoilt bitch, you are!”She laughed too.”Am not!”I protested, still laughing.”Yeah you are! I’ll have to sort that out when I get you home!”She threatened whilst still laughing herself. Again I wasn’t sure if she was just joking or not.”Come on, my spoilt bitch.”She chuckled and headed inside.I followed her.We stood in line. It was rather busy in there, and finally we got up to the cashier.We placed our orders.I just wanted a chicken sandwich, small fries, and a coke.She ordered a Big Mac, large fries, some chicken nuggets and a large strawberry milkshake.Within a couple minutes, we got served our food.We lucked out in finding a small empty table, and took our seats there, on the cushioned bench.I had carried all the food on the large plastic tray.I rested it onto the table, placed our shopping bags under the table, and sat down to eat.We was just talking and giggling as we ate our food.I couldn’t help but to admire her though for having such a big appetite.She even took a few of my chips!Watching her eat all her food made me feel really happy.I love when a woman can really put it away!When we finished our food (with me finishing first),we just sat there resting for a few minutes, not really saying anything really.We just gazed into eachother’s eyes.”I got to fart.”She suddenly stated.I chuckled, thinking how wonderfully refreshing it is that she’s so open about her bodily functions.”Go for it.”I grinned.She lent to one side, and I could hear a real soft muffled rumble from under where she sat.”I should have warned you, McDonald’s food always give me gas…”She chuckled.”It’s ok. You have lovely gas.”I grinned at her.”You love my farts, don’t you?”She grinned back.”I do, my princess.”I nodded my head and smiled.She lent to one side and let out another muffled rumble of a fart from under her and then winked seductively at me.”I really want to smell it.”I whispered to her, and blushed.I fidgeted in my seat,twitching my thighs together, feeling my clit throb from being so horny.”I bet you do, you dirty bitch!”She chuckled in a soft tone of voice.”I’m going to get us both an ice cream. If you want to smell my farts,you’ll just have to make do with smelling my seat for now.”She grinned.”Ok, Princess Zee.”I sighed, eager to sniff her seat.She stood up,”Hope no one sees you sniffing my seat!”She softly chuckled before walking off to join the line to get our ice creams.I glanced around quickly.There was a few groups of people and a couple people on their own, eating their food.I wasn’t really in their line of sight, so I quickly shuffled around the bench, next to where Zee had just been sitting, and I leaned down to sniff it.I could smell a slightly strong smell of her fart that had lingered around.It was a little bit on the eggy side, but still so very nice.My nipples felt so hard, and my pussy so wet.I tried to make it seem like I was just leaning down to adjust the shopping bags,incase anyone walked by or looked at me as I sniffed the seat.The smell lingered for just a minute before it disappeared.All I could smell now, was the bland smell of the thin rubbery pink cushion.I sat back up normally, and shuffled back to where I’d been sitting,and waited for Zee to return with our ice creams.”Smell good?”She playfully asked me, as she handed me my small chubby ice cream.”Really good!”I chirped.She sat down into her seat, and began licking her ice cream.”Your farts smell so nice and sexy, Princess Zee.”I complimented her, and I licked my sweet vanilla ice cream.”There’s more where they came from.”She winked at me with a smile on her beautiful flawless face.”Oooh, I bet.”I sighed in delight.She chuckled sexily.We ate our ice creams, with me eating mine more quickly than her,then got up, picking up our shopping bags, and headed off to my home together.As we sat on the bus riding home, with her letting me cuddle up to her, she turned to me, and with a sexy yet almost threatening tone of voice, she whispered,”You got a lot of making up to do when we get back to your place…!”she then winked at me, and chuckled playfully.I silently gasped and then licked my lips and replied with a soft subtle moan,”Hmmm, I cant wait to do that…”

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