Devine Defloration Ch. 03

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Author’ Note :

This story is a product of imagination. Resemblance of any character herein with any person dead or alive is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

I have used certain words from Gujarati to add flavor to the story. They are:

Lund: Erect penis Bhos: Vulva, pussy.

Chut: Vagina Choli: Skimpy tight fitting blouse

Odhani: Half sari, going half way around the body Ghaghari: Pleated skirt reaching below knee

None of the characters of the story is less than eighteen years of age.

The Story So Far:

The King of Anangpur being considered direct descendant of Lord Vishnu by a branch of Hinduism had a duty to deflower every bride coming in to the clan. When he could not ‘perform’ adequately due to advancing age the duty was relegated to the young Prince Rativir. He makes his debut with a teenage bride Harkha but had to call in for help of his concubine Juhi. The Prince and Juhi did not know that Harkha was a friend of his step sister Princess Ratna Kumari. Next morning Ratna and Harkha get together with the help of Juhi. Harkha tells about Prince’s prowess in bed and Ratna gets aroused. The Prince obliges Ratna by simply fucking her. This chapter is devoted to the life history of Juhi.




I am Juhi, nineteen years old favorite concubine of my beloved Prince Rativir Sinh. I consider myself lucky that after an ordeal of a year I ended up in his harem, luckier than other concubines of his harem that the Prince found me attractive, luckiest of all that he fucks me regularly as a husband fucks the wife. He could not marry me because he is a pure Rajput while I am a vaishya girl of mixed blood. But who cares about marriage so long as you have a glorious fuck everyday. I am very happy where I am; cannot ask for more.

I was the only child of my parents. My dad worked as one of the engineers in an international company. His salary was sufficient for us to live lavishly hence there was no need for my mom to do a full time job. She worked as only a part time teacher in local school just to remain ‘busy’.

My childhood therefore was very happy. There was plenty of clothes, plenty of toys and plenty of sweets to pamper me. My parents being fun loving people had many friends. There were parties and picnics, excursions and outings every few days. There was never a dull moment.

I was a good looking kid with a sharp inquisitive mind. I could learn easily and was always amongst the top five students of the class. My queries sometimes exasperated my parents at home and teachers at school.

I knew nothing of sex till I was eleven. A couple of friends who had entered puberty and were knowledgeable told me about the basics of sex. I listened to them out of curiosity but did not believe a word. Same day before going to bed I asked my mom. She spent about an hour patiently explaining me the sex, menstruation, pregnancy, virginity and predatory nature of males in general. All this was new to my ears but I did not feel any ‘urge’ till late in my life.

The first stirrings occurred when I was thirteen and Prince Rativir Sinh twenty at the time visited our school.

By then I had started with physical changes of puberty. I was having periods every month regularly. My limbs became rounded up, my hips became wide and heavy. Black curly hair sprouted in the armpits and over my bhos. My breasts however were late in sprouting but when they did they blossomed very fast to a size considered large for a girl of my age. Males of all ages used to stare at them and even though I was feeling shy I felt sweet sensations in my heart when they were stared at. Yet I was far from feeling the urge to get fucked.

The Prince was so handsome! I was one of the ten girls lined up to welcome him. So I had a chance to see him at close quarters. As he passed by he looked at every girl in her eyes. With me his gaze dropped down to my chest where my jutting breasts had pushed forward the pinafore uniform. My heart missed a couple of beats. Even though the thought of sex was far from my mind, my body betrayed me with nipples getting stiff and bhos getting wet. At night I dreamed of him staring at my breasts, naked. I day dreamed of him gazing in my eyes and telling me, “Juhi, I like you.”

My immature mind could not conceive that he had really liked me.

Life was rosy, everybody was happy. But the happy days did not last long. The disaster struck when I was too immature to bear it.

Soon after my eighteenth birthday my father died of some kind of blood cancer. My mom followed him within six months; she had fever which never came down, I had no immediate relatives and hence was left alone in this wide world.

A distant cousin of my mom however took me under his wings. I had only heard of him, never seen him but at the time I needed a shoulder to cry on and he, Narhari Mama provided with it. He took me with him to his home in another town.

The life at Mama’s was entirely bursa escort different from life at my parents’. While my parents were easy going and fun loving persons enjoying the life, everything at Mama’s was centered around money. Mama was very wealthy being a successful trader in stocks and bonds yet they were very tight fisted. Consequently they had very few friends. There were no parties, no picnics, no nothing. Mama went to share market every day morning to return at lunch time. He would go again after a short siesta and come back home late in the evening. Mami was doing some social work and was member of several organizations for the benefit of women.

Both of them received me with open arms and why not? In me Mami got a slave, free of charge. She put on my shoulders the burden of running the house. She relieved two servants who were working for them relegating their work to me. I had to do cooking, cleaning, wash the clothes, clean the dishes prepare the beds, you name it. I would have done all these with interest but for constant nagging of Mami. No matter what or how I did she would find fault and scold me till I cried. I tried my best to please her but of no avail. She made my life miserable.

Mama looked at me as a sex object. He would have fucked me on day one but for the presence of Mami. In a way Mami turned out to be protector of my virtue. I avoided Mama as far as possible but he never missed a chance to fondle my boobs and try to kiss me. He was an ugly guy in his late forties with a big paunch and thin limbs. I hated his advances but I had no place to go and complain. I had to bear with him with a constant threat to my virginity.

There was a threat to my virginity from another source also but in this case strangely Mama was on my side. On the second day of my stay at Mama’s Mami smilingly gave me some money and told me to go and enjoy a movie. When I came back home a hefty guy of about thirty was sitting talking to Mami. I did not like his looks but kept quiet and went upstairs to my room. While I was going up the stair I heard him asking Mami, ” Who is this young chick? Did Narhari fuck her? She is cute. I would like to fuck her ass. You get her for me, okay?”

What a way to talk to a lady like Mami? When he was gone Mami told me that he was one of her nephews. ” He is studying in local college and staying in hostels. Comes here time and again. He is a nice boy.”

A week later I came to know how nice the ‘Boy’ was. One day I came late from the school, Mami was not present. By the time I cooked evening meal and ate it was nine o’clock and was feeling extremely sleepy. I went to sleep in spite of pending homework for the school and did not open my eyes till I heard booming voice of the ‘boy’ downstairs. The bedside clock showed 12-30 AM. Apparently they were returning from a movie. He was saying, ” When is Narhari returning?”

Out of curiosity I pussy footed to the stairs and leaning over the banister looked down. Immediately pulled myself back being shocked at what I saw.

Mami was sitting in his lap. He had removed her sari from upper part of her body and had unhooked the blouse. Both of her breasts were imprisoned in his palms.

Mami said, ” Four days. We have four days and nights but I wish he does not return at all.”

She turned her face and they kissed while he kneaded her breasts.

“You should not talk like that for your husband,” he said.

” Husband ha ha. He has a dead rat hanging between his thighs. Two days ago we celebrated anniversary of our fucking. The whole year went by dry.”

” Not exactly. I must have watered your garden for not less than fifty times.”

I was getting excited seeing them making love. Of late I had noticed that hot scenes of a movie left my bhos swollen and wet with its love juice. Here I was watching a live show. I knew I should not do so but I was simply mesmerized. Besides, to tell the truth, my fingers were already playing with my clitoris and it was so pleasant that I stuck there even at some risk of being caught.

Down below they had changed the positions. He was sitting at the edge of setae while she was on the floor between his spread thighs. Mami was playing with his lund which was fully erect. Oh boy, what a lund. I never had a chance to see an adult lund, flaccid or ererct. Hence I was both excited and worried for Mami wondering as to how she would be able to take it in her chut. But I should not have worried as the events unfolded before my eyes.

Mami said, “I cannot imagine what I could have done without you.”

With a hand on her head he brought her mouth to his lund saying, “Now stop talking and use your mouth for something pleasant.”

Mami kissed the tip of his rampant lund, put out her tongue and swiped over the bulbous head, Then she opened her mouth and swallowed half the length of the lund. Immediately the lover boy forced her head back and forth and fucked vigorously. Couple of times he pushed the whole bursa escort bayan of his lund deep down in her throat till her lips kissed his mons. He released her only when she gagged. The lund would then come out longer and thicker than ever slobbered in her slimy saliva. Mami then would stroke it vigorously before eagerly swallowing it again. Once she said, “Oh my darling, you taste so good.”

Mami sucked him for about fifteen minutes. He pulled out and again asked her to let him fuck me. Mmi firmly declined saying, ” Narhari wants her to remain a virgin till she gets married. He has plans for her. Nobody touches her.”

That is how my dear Mama protected that thin fold of skin inside of my chut. I was surprised, angry, scared and feeling helpless all at a time. I longed for my Prince and prayed God that he might come and rescue me. Rescue me and fuck me.

Seeing Mami enjoying the sucking of the lund had set me thinking. I had heard girls at the school talking about sucking a cock but always thought it to be dirty and repulsive. Does it not taste dirty with urine? Does the cock feel so pleasant in the mouth? What would my Prince’s lund be like? Would he allow me to suck it?

While thinking of the Prince and his lund unknowingly my finger went to my clitoris which immediately became erect. How can I ignore sweet little clitty of mine? While Mami’s bhos was being pounded by her ‘nephew’ I manipulated mine into an intense orgasm.

A couple of days later one evening Mama came home badly shaken and agitated. He closed himself in his den stuck to the telephone. He missed his meals subsisting only on tea and snacks. He was irritable as hornet and did not like being disturbed. He stayed imprisoned in his den for three days.

On the fourth day when he came out he was smelling like a pig. He ate with us only after Mami gave him a thorough scrubbing. After dinner he went to bed and slept for straight fourteen hours. Within a couple of days he was caught up in his daily routine.

I was too insignificant to be informed as to what had happened. Astonishingly he stopped pestering me.

A week later on, one day a group of two gents and a lady came to our house. I was dolled up with heavy make up and a new dress. The dress was befitting a hooker, it revealed more than it concealed. I was asked to serve the guests with tea and snacks. When I bent down to serve the tea I felt as if my boobs would spill out from the low cut choli I was wearing.

Then Mami took me aside and hissed through clenched teeth, “Now, listen and listen carefully. These people are from a very reputed family and very wealthy. They have come to see you for marriage with one of their sons. The lady will talk to you in private. There is nothing to be afraid of. But do not act like an innocent virgin. Do what the lady tells you to do.”

She put me in a separate room where I was joined by the lady visitor who was constantly chewing paan. She asked me so many questions regarding my family, education, sex life and such. She asked me to show her my legs right up to the crotch and finally told me to remove the choli. I was so scared that I could not refuse. She was amazed on seeing my breasts and said, “Your boobs alone make you invaluable.”

Invaluable? That should have opened my eyes but I was naive in those days.

The group departed after Mama had ‘private’ talk with them. “We will contact you as soon as possible,” were the last words the lady spoke.

At night in the solitude of my bed I remembered the Prince. I was not aware when my eyes closed and the fantasy changed into a dream but it was the sweetest one I saw. I was standing in a line to welcome the Prince with the new dress on in place of school uniform. The Prince came to stand before me staring t my naked breasts. He smiled and touched one nipple with the tip of his finger. I felt tingling sensation in my vulva and I put my hand there. Intense pleasure burst forth from my bhos and my eyes opened.

The bedside clock showed 12-35 AM. My hand in reality was on my bhos. I had learnt the art of self gratification. I found that the vulva was slimy wet and swollen. The clitoris was erect. I wetted my finger and ran it down the short length of clitoris on one side. On reaching the slippery head I teased it with the finger tip and then ran the same finger up on the other side of the shaft. The clitoris jerked in response and sent out volleys of pleasure every few seconds. Eventually it became so sensitized that I could not tolerate my own touch. In the end I covered the whole cunt with the flat of my hand and rubbed it with circular motion applying gentle pressure, triggering a strong orgasm.

Orgasmic spasms lasted for few minutes and I felt an urge to pee. I got up quietly and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I had to pass by Mami’s bedroom to reach the bathroom. Suddenly I heard Mami uttering my name, “…….Juhi.?”

Mama said, “They have bursa merkez escort liked her looks, it is now the question of price. I am asking for fifty thousand while they offer only twenty, that too , only if she is a virgin. “

“You should have started with seventy thousand. Anyway thank God you have not fucked her. Who is buying her?”

“They say he is an old guy, rolling in money but childless. He wants a young chut to give him a son.”

“Whatever, we will be out of the squeeze. How much do you need?”

“Thirty thousand .”

“I can negotiate a higher price on a condition.”

“Like what?”

“You get your thirty thousand and I take the rest.”

“Give me forty and the deal is done.”

I could not bear further. Mama Mami were trying to sell me for fifty thousand rupees so that they can pay off their debt of thirty thousand? Cold sweat broke out on my body and my legs felt mushy. I was scared to death that I may collapse to the floor. Taking support of the wall I inched my way to the bed and burst out crying.

For about an hour my mind went blank, not knowing what to do. Then when the thought process was re established the first thing it considered was suicide. Then the mind swung to the other side: what is wrong in marrying an old guy, so long his lund is in working order? Even if it is not you can always get younger guys to fuck you. Why not go to a bordello?

I did not want Mama to profit from my fate. The only way was suicide or running away. Running away to whom? Where? How? When?

Then I remembered the Prince. For him I had to go to Anangpur and there was no guaranty that he would accept me as his wife. If he does not I will go to a prostitute house. I would offer my body to unknown guys free of charge rather than allow Mama to profit from my sale. After considerable thinking I decided to run away.

There was a train leaving the local station at ten minutes past four in the morning and reaching Anangpur by about eight. It was two o’clock and I had enough time. I wiped my tears to get ready. I was stiff with fear, what if I am caught? if I am waylaid and raped by ruffians? if Prince decides to send me back? But all these thoughts were set aside by the feeling of anger and a desire to retaliate.

I collected few of my belongings and some rupees I had brought with me and had kept with me. I pussy footed to the door and came out of the house. I started walking fast to the railway station. Baring few street dogs nobody crossed my path.

I reached my destination without any hitch and went to my friend’s home. She was married since one year but her husband was in USA and she was waiting for her visa call. At the time she was living with her in laws in Anangpur. A year back she was deflowered by the King and was proud of it.

She was pleased to see me but dismayed on hearing my story. She said, “We have 24 hours at our disposal because the police will not do anything during first 24 hours even if your Mama reports you missing right now. The only person who can help you is the Prince Rativir who is hard to reach. Luckily my family is well known to his chief eunuch Reshama who will take us to the Prince.”

But Reshama was also not easy to get. We had to wait two hours before she could see us. She heard my story and was furious at my Mama. She said that the Prince had no engagements for next three nights and will be glad to see me. Then she asked the million dollar question, “Will you allow him to fuck you? He does not force himself on any girl so the girl has to show her willingness. I suggest that you show your willingness and win his heart.”

At this point my friend told Reshama the incident of Prince’s school visit. Reshama was overwhelmed with joy. She scrutinized me from head to foot and said, ” So, you are that girl, aren’t you? No wonder he remembers you.” She felt for my breasts and continued, “You had impressive tits those days, didn’t you? Many times he recalls you as ‘that sweet little thing with beautiful breasts.’ He will be very pleased to have you today.”

Hearing this my heart went putty pat and I felt dizzy. Reshama said, “We have very little time. Let’s get going. My dear, we will prepare you for the occasion. Don’t be afraid, we are with you.”

Preparation started with Reshama stripping me stark naked and giving me thorough examination including all the orifices of my body. Then I was wisked away by a group of maids to attend to my nails and give me a scented bath including shampoo and shaving of my pussy. My hair was done in pig tails as ordered by Reshama. Meanwhile she had contrived to get a school uniform of my size and an exact replica of the one I was wearing that fateful morning at school. She personally put it on me omitting the bra and the panty.

By that time it was dinner time but I could hardly eat anything due to anxiety. Reshama forced me to eat something light before leading me to Prince’s chambers. It was nine o’clock at night

On the way she asked me, “This is your first time?”

I nodded yes.

She assured me, “Don’t be afraid. He is very gentle.”

On reaching his closed door Reshama knocked code knock.

” Come in” came the order.

Reshama entered first followed by me. She closed the door.

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