Dicked by Daddy and Duke

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Dicked by Daddy and DukeI had literally walked through the front door Friday afternoon,when my Dad asked me “Son,how would like to spend the next ten days deer hunting with Your Old Man and Duke? Now,before You answer,I want you to think about it. It will be just the three of us,there’s no running water and our sources of entertainment are a radio,an old greasy deck of cards and some magazines. Well? What do you say?” “Are You serious?” I replied,stopping in my tracks. My hand was still on the doorknob and my bookbag slammed into the backs my legs. “Man o Man! That sounds fantastic!” I laughed. “When do we leave?” Just the thought of spending all that time without listening to my Mother’s or S ister’s voice bitching and nagging,was enough for me to say “Yes!”.Duke,looking like a lumberjack,walked out from the kitchen holding a beer can and tightened his belt. “We leave as soon as you shower,change into some jeans and park your scrawney ass in the truck! Everything’s packed and waiting on You!” he said coming over to me and squashing me in a one armed hug. “Now get a move on!” he growled and slapped me on my backside.I couldn’t believe my luck! Why the sudden change in my Dad? Every year I begged to go along with Him and Duke,and every year I got the same answers “No, You’ll hate it. You’re not a hunter. Hell,Boy! You cry every time You watch Bambi! and, Maybe when you grow a pair!”That thought kept popping into my head as I showered. “Maybe when You grow a pair.” Had Dad Finally noticed that puberty was setting in? I didn’t know,was this idea about taking me along His or Dukes? Dad knew that Duke was my favorite friend of his. I mean,Duke would take me bowling,fishing,or wherever I wanted to go and He teased me all the time like I was His own. So,maybe it was Duke’s idea after all. If it was,I couldn’t be more thrilled.I was sitting in the back seat of the truck,smiling my fool head off just a few minutes later. And altho I was excited and didn’t think I would,I fell asl eep a couple of hours into the trip. When I awoke,the truck was at our camp. It was pitch black outside and I could hear them talking as they unpacked. “That boy can sleep through almost anything!” Duke was laughing. “Hay! Fuzzy Nuts! Wake up and help,will Ya?!” Duke bellowed in the window as he knocked loudly on the door with his knuckles. When He opened the door,I fell out at his feet. Reaching down,Duke grabbed me by my belt,picked me up and then carried me up the cabin steps. Setting me on my feet,He told me what needed to be done and in almost no time, we were finished and in our rooms settling down for the night.***That first day was spent cleaning,stocking the pantry shelves and loading up the refrigerator. Dad had a generator he locked up when we weren’t there. “It gets cold this time of year and My Old Bone likes to stay warm and snuggly!” He said as he pointed to a space heater. We also used the generator for the refrigerator and freezer, to keep any fish or game we may get from spoiling.That afternoon, as I was bringing in some firewood,I watched as Duke was taking a piss on a tree not too far away from me. Oh My God! His dick was enormous! I had never seen it before and I was seriously impressed! He caught me looking at him and gave me a wink as he slowly shook,then pulled on his cock. I had to hurry inside,because for some reason I was getting a hard-on and I didn’t want him to think I was queer or something.A few minutes later my Dad walked past me,rifle in hand and said “I’m going out to set up the tree stands. Stay here and hold down the fort with Duke. I’ll be gone quite a while so get dinner started,will Ya? And don’t let him tease You too much.” He ruffled my hair and left. I listened to the four wheeler as he drove away and for some reason,I began to get butterflies in my stomach.Duke’s tall,lean form came in and stood in the doorway. He had an armload of wood and wanted me to help unload it. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about his dick and how big it was,and I felt my own dick getting hard again as I stared at his buldging crotch! I walked over and took a couple of the logs ,I was bending over,placing them in the woodbox,when I heard him walk up behind me. I turned around to see him looking down at me smiling. I smiled back and moved off to the side,holding my hands in front of my groin,so he wouldn’t see my stiffy. “Don’t You go too far.” He said. “I’m going to need some more help. Bring in some water and set it to heating by the fire. I’ll start dinner. No offense,Buddy,but I’ve tasted your cooking.” He chuckled.I did as I was told and heard him in the kitchen,banging pots and pans around a few minutes later. After a half hour of playing Solitary,Duke said “Done! How’s the water?”. “It’s hot!” I replied and almost fell out of the chair as I watched Him come walking out of the kitchen stark naked! He had a towel over his shoulder and he carried an old aluminum bathtub. Duke placed it on the floor and without saying a word,he stood in the tub and washed his face,armpits,the crack of his ass and that huge,dangling,now semi-hard cock of his. “That feels Great!” He exclaimed rincing off with the hot water. “Your turn!””Wh-What?!” I stammered. “You heard me. “Your Turn!” Now get to it!” he laughed.I once again did as I was told. I stripped down and did my best to hide my erection while washing.”Well,well now,Fuzzy Nuts. That’s not too bad for a boy your age! What’re You sporting there? About five inches?” He asked,looking at my dick. He still stood there naked,but now he was drinking a beer. As he drank,I noticed that his dick was getting even fatter and longer and starting to rise! “I-I d-don’t really know. I never m-measured it.” I said looking at the floor. “Well let’s find out,shall We?” Duke asked as he stepped closer and patted my shoulder. Then He took my dick into the digitalbahis yeni giriş palm of his hand.Duke set the beer can on the floor,after draining it,and knelt in front of me. Using two of his fingers,He gently squeezd my aching dick,just behind the head. Then taking his free hand,he cupped my balls and pressed them up against my crotch. My head and vision swam! I heard my heart pounding in my ears! “Yep! I’d say that’s at Least five inches! How ya doin’?” He asked calmly,like nothing special had just happened! I couldn’t talk. I tried to,but I couldn’t! My throat was dry and I was having a hard time breathing! Letting go of my dick,Duke stood up. When He did,his cock stuck up hard and curved. The head of it came to rest at least four inches above his navel! Duke then pulled me into a hug and I felt his manhood,hot,massive and pulsing,pressing against the top of my naked stomach and into my chest!He stood there holding me as I circled my arms around his waist and pushed my face into his chest. Duke leaned forward and I felt his hands move down along my wet back,coming to rest on my buttox. His big,rough hands began to kneed my butt cheeks and spread them apart little by little. He removed his right hand and sucked on his middle finger then returned it,placing the tip against the pucker of my asshole. He continued applying pressure,then easing off,over and over again. He kept this motion up until the tip of his finger finally slipped past the ring of my asshole. I squeeked and gave a little jump,then I pushed back against his probing digit. For the next fifteen minutes he slowly finger fucked my ass! I had never felt anything like that before and I was in love with the sensation! I begged Him for more! My dick was dancing around with each of his finger’s strokes,and when he went full finger deep and pressed it forward against the wall of my lower stomach,I pushed down even harder and began to grind myself on it! I was seeing stars!By the time Duke broke our embrace,He had been able to work three fingers up into my gaping,virgin asshole,all because I kept begging him to “Add One More! Please! Just One More!” until he did. Removing his fingers and giving me another big smile,He slapped me hard across the ass with a loud,stinging “Crack”!I looked up at him lovingly. “Why? Why did you stop?!” I whined “Please! Do it some more! You can do anything to me! Anything at all that you want to!” I was almost in tears. “Because Your Dad is comiing back. You can’t hear that?” He said,pointing out the open window where the four wheeler could barely be heard coming down the trail. “Get dressed. And don’t touch your cock! You hear me? I don’t want you jerking off!” I walked naked to my room and stood in the doorway,pointing my dick at him I said “Don’t worry. I haven’t done that yet. I don’t really know how to do that!”***For the next two days it was business as usual. We would wake,eat,wash(in a curtained camp shower Dad put up)and then spend the day hunting. At twilight,We would come back,have dinner and play card games while listening to the radio till it was bed time. Every so often,if Dad wasn’t in the room,Duke would look at me and wink. My dick was almost constantly hard and I was trying my best to hide it from Dad.That Monday,as I was getting ready to climb down from my tree stand,a big Buck walked right in front of me and stood there. I looked over at my Dad in his tree stand and then I looked over at Duke. They were watching me,not moving at all! I knew what I had to do and did it. Alto,I will admit I closed my eyes at the last moment. The Buck dropped right where it had been standing. I helped load it on the four wheeler and bring it back to the cabin. I didn’t cry when they made me help clean it,but I did almost got sick. And I even helped hang it in the shed!I drank my first beer that night! My Dad had been celebrating since we got back to the cabin. In fact,by the time he left the shed,Dad was Pretty Well Lit! He kept hugging me and shouting out into the woods how proud he was of his “Little Warrior!”. Duke kept a steady supply of beer flowing to all of us. I was standing in the kitchen,lost,when I heard a loud thud and Dad laughing. I stumbled back to the living room and Dad was laying on the floor naked. The camp shower’s curtain was laying next to him in a heap.”At leass Igot th soap ovuv me nutsss!” he laughed “Gmmea dowel ana peer! Oy! I-Igodda pizz! Hep me upand out!” he continued laughing as he crawled to the door. It took Duke and I both,to stand him up and get him to the porch rail. It had been years since I had seen my Dad’s dick and I was shocked! It filled his entire hand and hung out a good four or five inches from that! He was almost as big as Duke! Dad swung his cock back and forth while he pissed. “Jusstink Boy! Mebby You’ll hava dick thiss big in a few yearz!” He said when he finished. He then began reaching out behind him for a chair to sit down in. I stood there staring at my Dad’s big,limp cock hanging down between his legs,dripping piss. He reached up and patted my cheek,closed his eyes and fell asleep.I had turned to go get Dad a blanket when Duke tossed one from the porch swing over him. “Come on! Let’s go get cleaned up.” Duke said,resting my hands on my shoulders and walking behind me as we went into the cabin. I stood there,shaking,as he undid my belt and opened the front of my jeans. “Well. Are You going to help?” he asked,looking amused. I pulled the shirt up and over my head as he pulled off my pants and underwear. Stepping out of them,I giggled as he began touching my dick with his fingertips. He ran them along the sides of the length of my shaft to it’s base,and then stroked the underside till he was touching just under the tip of my cock,which he then tickled. Without saying a word,He leaned forward and sucked the head digitalbahis giriş of my cock into his mouth french kissing it! My hands flew to the sides of his face holding him there! I thought I was going to piss in his mouth!Duke stood up then and with fumbling fingers I helped get him undressed. Stepping into the tub we began to wash each others bodies. He knelt down and held me in his arms,exploring my body with soapy hands. His face rested on the top of my head and his long brown hair d****d over me,covering my head and shoulders. My dick hurt! God did it hurt! It was so hard! Harder than ever before in my life! I wanted him to touch me more ,but I was aching so badly, whenever my dick brushed against the hair on his chest,I couldn’t stand it or the pressure of his caress! We rinced off and stayed there looking at each other in the fire light. When Duke finally stood back up,the shadow of his enormous cock was grossly distorted against the cabin wall. He was clenching his asscheeks together,f orcing more b lood into it and making his cock bounce about,as I watched and laughed. Then he did something that I didn’t think was possible. His cock got even bigger and harder! It began to swell in girth and length! Suddenly His cock head swelled up till it looked like a large,dark red peach!Duke lifted me up and stood me in front of the fire place. Telling me to stay put,he went to the kitchen and came back with a six pack of beer,handing me one of them. “Drink Up!” he said and walked down the hall to his room. As he walked back to me,all I could do was stare at his cock! It was the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life! It was way bigger than any of the guys dicks in the porno mags I found that morning,hidden under my bed in the cabin! And His Balls! They looked like two fat pill bottles hanging down in a brown plastic bag,almost six inches between his thighs! I couldn’t wait to feel the weight of them in my hands! Or to see if I could suck on them,like I had seen this one blond bitch doing in a Hustler.His cock wasn’t as big as it had been,when he returned to me. He was carying a bottle of clear lotion and something else that was hidden in his hand. I mentioned it and he told me not to worry. As I took his dick in both of my hands and lifted it,licking all around his cocks head,he said “It’ll get at least that big again! See? I sure hope You can take it,Little Buddy! God,I have wanted to fuck You for such a long time and now I finally have the chance!” He moaned and lifted me up giving me another hug and kissing me deeply.It was my first time being french kissed,and I didn’t want it to end! I clawed at him,pulling him deerer and harder against me. When we broke apart I said “I sure wish You had said something before now!” and I was slapping at his hand as he tried to touch my dick. “I would have let You,You know! We’ve been alone tons of times! Why didn’t You show me Your cock years ago? You know all you have to do is ask and I always do whatever You want!”***We went out to the porch then,with beers in our hands and checked on Dad. He was still sleeping. Duke laughed when I knelt in front of Dad,lifted the blanket up and took his limp dick in my hands. The cold didn’t seem to bother him! Despite what he said! I gazed up at Duke and made a big show by pointing Dad’s cock at my face and I began licking the underside of it’s head. I was doing the same things I had seen those girls doing in the magazines. I started slapping my fathers cock all over my face and open mouth. I grabbed it at the base with my left hand and began jerking my right hand up and down,fast,while resting the swelling head o fhis dick on my tongue. I opened my mouth as far as I could,looked Duke in the eyes and sucked as much of Dad’s dick as I could get,into me! Dad moaned out and called my Mother’s name. That made me even bolder! I began sucking on the tip of his cock and jerked him off into my mouth. I backed up and raised his spit covered dick,leaning forward till I could kiss his low hanging balls. I couldn’t resist. I sucked one of his nuts into my mouth and swirlled it around. I began popping it in and out,between my lips! Then I heard Dad say “Oh Yeah! Missy! You’re gonna get it! I’m gonna fuck You! You dirty fuckin’ Whore!”I felt Duke rub something into my asshole. Whatever it was made it go numb almost instantly! He leaned against the rail watching as my father lurched to his feet and grabbed me by the hair. He was pushing his cock into my face till I took him once again into my mouth. I kept sucking on his big cock till it was rigid and stuck straight out from his skinny body. He wasn’t as big as Duke,but Damn! He was Big! The weird thing was,the head of his cock was smaller than the shaft!”Don’t be fooled by that Torpedo,Boy!” Duke told me “That fucker’s going to swell up! Big Time! Get ready!” and he laughed.Dad swayed on his feet. His eyes were closed as he reached out blindly for me. “C’mere,Missy! Back that snatch up! Now!” He demanded. I felt Duke’s hands on me turning me around and pushing me down till I was on all fours. He then stood behind Dad and guided him forward till Dad could grip my hips. This was not what I expected. Neither was what happened next. My eyes flew opened as my father shoved his dick into me! The opening of my asshole mightn’t not have felt it,but Man did the rest of me! My dick stood out hard and with every stroke he made,I thought I would split open. I felt a wetness dripping out of the head of my dick and I looked down between my legs just as I started to piss all over the porch!My hands slapped onto the floor of the porch as my father’s big dick plunged repeatedly into me! He was shoving into me! Instinctivly plowing away! He was madly humping my asshole! Dad then started grinding deeply into my ass and moving from side to side! He kept calling me digitalbahis güvenilirmi by my Mom’s name! “Take it Missy! Whoz stuffing your tight cunt,Missy? That’s right! I am!” He grunted. “Not long now,Slut! Not Long Nowww! Ugh! You fucking Slut! I’m Cuming! I’m Cuming,Missy! Take My Cum,You Cunt!” He yelled into the darkness.I felt hot liquid erupt inside of me! Time after time He unloaded deep within my bowels! I could feel his pelvic bone digging into my ass as he came and came! He held my hips tight against him as his cock slowly began to shrink. Then I burst into tears when He said “Take this Bitch!” and My Father emptied his bladder into me! It was the four ce of his piss filling me that hurt so much. I felt my stomach swelling as he filled me full of his amber discharge and it mixed with his cum!”Don’t you dare shit on me,you Bitch! Don’t You do it! Hold it in till You can get to the bathroom!” Dad was so out of it,He didn’t even know He had just fucked his Son’s virgin ass! Or that He was with Duke at the cabin!As He pulled his dick from my ass,He pinched my asscheeks together,keeping me from shooting everything inside of me out! With that said,He fell back into the chair and began snoring again!***Duke helped me crawl to the edge of the steps without incident. I turned around and shot a stream of,”I don’t want to think about it”,from my sore asshole,into the weeds! I emptied myself time and again. I clenched my stomach muscles together till nothing more that air would issue forth!He then carried me into the livingroom. My head spun and My body felt like a punching bag. Duke asked me to kneel down on all fours again in front of the fire,and I did so. I will do anything for Him! He took a hot,soapy washcloth and cleaned me up. Then he warned me about what was to come next.I felt a pressure against the pucker of my hole. He inserterd a tube,gently and I felt bliss as warm water slowly began to fill me. He lifted me up into a squating position and let me relieve myself in a bucket. We did this four times,until he told me everything was clean and clear. I snuggled into his arms as we went to bed.***Right before we went to bed,Duke gave some pills and I slept like a baby. I awoke with no headache,altho my stomach was still a tad sore. I opened my eyes and was amazed to find my asshole felt almost normal!I left Duke in bed,after I kissed his massive hard-on,and went to check on Dad. Dad was laying on the porch,wrapped in the balnket,passed out and still snoring. I was laughing as I went back to snuggle into Dukes arms. But when I got to Duke’s room, He was gone! I was frantic! I ran through the cabin looking for him! When I finally found him,He was on the back porch drinking a cup of coffee and taking a piss. I stood there watching him,licking my lips!”Little Buddy,I’ve already been up twice! Hell,Boy! I made us coffe and breakfast and all You did was sleep! Ya hungry?” He said to me winking holding his cock in his hand as he started to walk naked into the kitchen. “Hell Fucking Yeah,I’m Hungry!” I exclaimed and stood blocking his way inside. I reached out and took his long flacid cock,stuffing as much of it into my mouth as I could fit!I began sucking greedily upon the head of his cock. It began swelling,as I hoped it would. I continued to lather the head of his cock with my spit,teasing it with my lips as it became engorged with Bl ood. My jaw began acheing as Duke’s cock became too large for my mouth! I sc****d my teeth across his sensitive dickhead as I took it out. Then I stroked my hands along it’s shaft in a wanton fashion and looked up at Him.”Duke? I know that Dad already fucked me. But will You Please take my Virginity?” I panted. “Please? Would you Fuck me? Please?! I wanted You to be the first and You gave me to Him! But I want You to Forget about my Dad and FUCK ME!”Duke knelt in front of me. Just like he had the night before,and He gripped my asscheeks in his hands. He looked up at me and smiled as He took my stiff little cock into his mouth and began giving me a proper blow job! Moments later,as tears streamed down from my eyes,I clenched my ass cheeks together,and felt total extasy as I emptied my balls! I shot my first orgasm into Dukes waiting mouth! He continued sucking my cock! He drank every last drop as I stood writhing back and forth,my dick dancing in his mouth! I couldn’t help myself as I slapped the top of his head! He kept sucking my dick until I fell over his shoulder,exhausted as He carried me to his bed!***Duke’s cock had grown even bigger than I had ever seen it before! Once again he had fo rced bl ood into His Monster Cock,making it swell beyond belief! He then had Me stretch a rubber cock-ring over the shaft and secure it to it’s base! My God! That Thing Was Enormous! If I thought the head of his cock had looked like a large red peach before,it now resembled a Navel Orange! His cock was thicker than my wrist and I actually wept thinking about him fucking me!Duke laid me on my back and kissed me. Hard. My legs were lifted and rested against his shoulders as I felt the knob of his engorged manhood pressing against my asshole. There was no other way,He Had To Shove that Monster past the tight ring of my ass-pussy!I felt like I was shitting fire! The head of Dukes cock entered me and I think I passed out as He began feeding me every inch,by turgid inch of his hard,Horse sized cock that He could,into me!I came to screaming “Fuck Me,Duke!” His fat,long,hard cock was barely in me! I bucked against him trying to take every inch of His cock I possibly could! I ground my ass into Him!”Pleae! Duke! Please Fuck Me! Cum IN Me! Fuh..” and I passed out again! I don’t know how many times I lost consciousness while He fucked me,but I awoke to Duke holding his cock to my lips! “Open Up! Bitch!” He told me as I parted my lips and He came in my mouth!I wrapped my lips around the very tip of His cock and I sucked! I took every spurt of cum he shot into my mouth! And when He was done? I begged Him to stick his cock back up my asshole and hold me close. He did it too!Dad woke us by knocking on Duke’s bedroom door and saying “Hay,Duke?! You seen the Boy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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