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My wife was out of town on business, so there was no need for me to hurry home from the office. I thought I’d go downtown and do some shopping before heading back out to our home in the burbs. I stopped by one of my favorite bars, had a quick beer and set out to visit some new stores that had just opened.

As I waited for the crosswalk light to change I noticed an incredibly handsome man across the street waiting to cross towards me in the crosswalk. He was in his mid-thirties, dressed very nicely and he had a great smile. Actually, we looked a lot alike. He seemed to be about my height of 6 feet all; he had very dark brown hair like mine and he had a great tan. As a former model, and fraternity “face” man, I made an effort to take care of how I looked. My looks had always been a kind of calling card for me in social and business situations. The guy across the street had the same air about him. It wasn’t cockiness; just a good case of confidence.

The light changed and we both started walking across the street. As we approached each other he smiled and said, “Hi, great afternoon isn’t it?”

was surprised he had spoken, but managed to mumble out a, “Yes, it sure is.” After I walked by, I turned to take a look at the guy just as he did the same thing and smiled. I went about my shopping in a couple stores, all the time wondering what was going on in my life. Before I had gotten married I had some doubts about my sexuality. I answered an ad in a local paper to meet a gay man. We met, had sex and it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. Not enjoying it at all, I convinced myself I couldn’t possibly be gay and it was O.K. to get married. But lately, I found myself being more and more attracted to men. And quite often it was the case of gay men being attracted to me. In the past few months several really gorgeous men had made passes at me, which I always brushed off politely. My wife and I had even talked about it. She suggested I just accept the advances as a compliment and not let it bother me. She said men and women had always been attracted to me – it was something she even noticed during our college days.

I was kind of lost in thought as I went out the door of one store. I looked gaziantep escort up and there he was again. This time, as he got closer, I noticed one major difference between us. He had beautiful blue eyes. Mine are brown. His eyes twinkled at me as he said, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” and laughed, continuing on his way past the storefronts.

Something about him made my cock start to harden as I watched him, and his great ass, move up the street. I was stunned to find myself so attracted to another man and thinking about how it would be to go to bed with him. I went back to the bar I’d visited earlier, had another beer and headed to the parking garage where I’d left my car. I fumbled for my keys as I neared the corner. Just then someone came around the corner and I ran directly into them. I looked up just as my dream man grabbed me to keep me from losing my balance. After numerous apologies to and from each other, he asked if he could buy me a drink.

We went to a nearly restaurant and bar. I soon learned his name was Mike, he was an airline pilot and this was his first layover in my city. One drink led to another and Mike asked me to have dinner with him at a restaurant near his hotel. We got along like two long-lost friends. Although he never said he was gay, there was an amazing sexual tension between the two of us. My hard, dripping cock told me I was interested. I just hoped he was, too.

The check came and I asked Mike if I couldn’t pay my share of the tab. He smiled, rested his hand on my upper thigh and said, “I’ll buy your dinner if you will come up to my room for dessert.”

I could feel myself turning bright red and all I could do was nod my head “yes.” The bill was soon taken care of and we left the table. It was a little difficult for me to walk with my hard-on trying to escape from my Calvins. I think we were both relieved to find no one else in the elevator. Mike quickly faced me, kissed me lightly on the lips and gave my cock a strong squeeze through my pants. I’d never been kissed by a man with stubble before. It felt odd, new and exhilarating.

Still in the hotel hallway, we started removing our clothes before his key was in the lock of the door. With my shirt open and pants around my ankles, I found myself pushed back on the bed. A gorgeous, hunky man was on top of me, grinding his hard crotch into mine. He lifted his head up, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “I wanted to get you in bed the moment I saw you.”

I was astounded. “But Mike, I’ve never really done this before. I don’t even know what to do. I’m not even sure I should be here.”

“Well, your hard cock says you should be here. And, don’t worry, I DO know what to do,” was his comeback.

With that he pulled my shirt and pants off. His face was quickly in my crotch, licking my shaft through my white briefs and making the white fabric transparent with his saliva. Then he pulled the shorts down. In one gulp he took my entire eight inches into his mouth and down his throat. The feeling was incredible! As his tongue wrapped around my cock one hand was pinching and twisting my left nipple. His other hand contained my balls, which he rolled back and forth in his palm while rubbing one finger between my ball sac and asshole. At that moment I knew I was hooked.

Mike stood to remove all of his clothes and I got my first good look at his body. It was directly out of one of those fitness magazines – well-defined pecs covered with a light brown fuzz that snaked down his abs to a neatly trimmed pubic bush. Below that hung the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. His semi-hard cock had to be about ten inches long and was decorated with bulging purple veins. His balls were the size of lemons with a light dusting of fur. When I sat up on the bed his piece of meat was just at eye level. I took hold of it as it started to grow. I stuck my tongue out a gently licked the large drop of pre-cum from the slit on the large head. I was surprised it tasted almost sweet and I went back for more. I slowly tried to take more of his cock in my mouth as Mike rocked back and forth urging more into my mouth.

Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe, my eyes were watering and I was choking. Mike pulled out quickly and knelt down beside me. He kissed me and said, “Hey, take it easy. You’ll have plenty of other opportunities in the future.”

He joined me on the bed and began bringing me to the brink of climaxing again and again. He did things to me that I didn’t even know men did. While giving me head he worked one, two and then three fingers into my asshole. I felt like I was giving up my body to him to do with as he pleased. Still, in the back of my mind I was terrified he would try to fuck me with that monster between his legs. Then he moved his mouth down to my balls, taking both of them at once. He carefully lifted me legs giving his mouth access to the crack of my ass. He licked up and down the crevice, tickling my hole and teasing it with the tip of his tongue. He rolled his tongue and I felt it slip inside my ass. This gorgeous man was fucking my ass with his tongue!!!

Mike had one hand jerking my cock and the other on his own. With the licking my asshole was getting I knew I couldn’t last much longer. The more I tried to lift his head up off my hole; the more determined he was to shove more of his tongue into me. When I could hold back no longer my body spasmed so violently I thought my thighs would crush Mike’s head. I came like I had never come before. I had the goo in my hair, across my face, in one armpit and all over my chest. I stuck my tongue out and licked a bit from the corner of my mouth. It was another first. I’d never tasted my own cum before and wasn’t prepared for the saltiness of it.

Lost in my own orgasm, I hadn’t noticed that Mike was standing over me at the end of the bed pounding his meat faster and faster. His other hand seemed to be pulverizing one of his nipples. Every muscle in his body was displayed as his cock let loose with a load all over me. It seemed to shoot in slow motion again and again.

With a big sigh, Mike collapsed on top of me, smearing our cum together between us. We laid together without speaking for a long period of time. The pounding of his heart echoed through my body. The new smell of mansex filled the room and excited me. I knew I’d found a missing piece of my life and things would never be the same again. Mike rolled off of me and lifted his body up on one arm. His smile was intoxicating.

I was exhausted. “Shouldn’t we get cleaned up a bit,” I asked.

Mike laughed and said, “That’s dessert!” With that comment he started licking our combined cum off my body with a tongue in my armpit. I felt my spent cock start to revive.

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