Dinner in a Castle Dungeon

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Paul and Howard have been thinking for some time now about spending a night in a European castle bed and breakfast. They would like to immerse themselves into the historic past of eccentric royalty who owned and ran these castles. A royalty from antiquity who is a bit of a demented kook would be fine by them. The tales of their ghosts and perverted lifestyles have captivated their vivid imagination and perked their interest. Their primary requirement is that dinner serving must be in the cellar or dungeon where things are a little more mysterious. The purpose and use of a dungeon in those old times must have provided for some interesting events being a place for some rather bizarre and out of the ordinary behaviors.

Paul and Howard find a perfect castle in Germany that was run by an eccentric Duke that even has a dumb waiter going to the dining room in the cellar. This looks perfect based on their Internet search which can satisfy their curiosity about the era. They are keen to learn more about the power and eccentric indulgences of the Counts and Dukes from the Middle-Ages and to experience this first hand for themselves. So they tell their girlfriends, who are apprehensive about the strangeness of their idea, and set up a one night reservation at the castle plus another day for touring the area. A flight is booked and they are set for an adventure into the twilight zone.

Upon arrival in Heidelberg they explore the sites, see the people, examine the architecture and imbibe the seemingly time immemorial agelessness and deathlessness history of the city. They are excited to see this castle for real since the pictures seemed to be drawing in their attention for some time now. Next morning they check in early to the tall castle and are anxious to receive a guided tour of the inner castle and surrounding grounds. To add to the character the staff are all dressed in period uniforms of the Middle Ages from management to maintenance including the room service crew. Things are situated as they hoped and the old feel of the many generations of people living here is very palpable. Their twilight experience is beginning to unfold just like in a movie.

So they check into their rooms and then head back into the city for more people exploration and immersion into the culture. They return a little early in anticipation for that dinner experience in the dungeon and discover from the front desk that they are the only guests for the night. There are late cancellations so there will be a full wait staff for their dinner.

At the call for dinner they descend to the cavernous dungeon by way of a spiral staircase and find themselves walking into a Middle-Ages decor and theme. The walls are decorated with period tapestry, ceiling paneled with mahogany and the floors laid with rustic but smooth hardwood boards. The center dining table is surrounded by a beautiful floor rug of earth tone colors and a Medieval pattern. They imagine all kinds of hideous acts committed here that would have likely occurred in the Tower of London during the Middle-Ages. Paul and Howard wonder just what were the predilections of these kooky eccentric Dukes, Lords and Counts anyway! This is just what they have been anticipating for a retro kind of spooked out experience.

The head waiter Wolfgang introduces himself and introduces waitresses Ulla and Kathryn.

Ulla appears to be more headstrong and dominant and Kathryn more submissive. The two guests are presented to the dinner table which has a white table cover and six candle candelabra centerpiece. The chairs are very robust and sturdy without arm rests.

Paul and Howard sit on opposing sides of the table and Kathryn presents them with menus which have only a few selections of foods that relate to the Middle-Ages period. They both select a Beef Wellington meal along with a fine red wine. Paul who is sitting closest to the server cart and the dumb waiter is very curious about the history of this cellar and asks Wolfgang to explain. Wolfgang gives an overview of the type of important guests that have been entertained in this cellar. He also points out that some parties have been thrown here by former eccentric Dukes but far too perverted to be mentioned. Meanwhile food is being prepared in the kitchen above and sent down the dumb waiter to be placed on the wheeled server cart. Ulla dedicates her service to Paul and Kathryn is serving Howard. Ulla turns out to be very bossy and orders Kathryn about to do the most menial of tasks while carrying about an air of authority. Such things such as menial tasks are beneath her dignity. This is a very quaint arrangement and both Paul and Howard are thoroughly enjoying the personal attention and indulgence of the staff serving them. Yet they are extremely curious to learn more about this eccentric perversion of the Dukes and Counts of the past. Paul and Howard are wondering how they are going to get Wolfgang to reveal more about the history.

They are loving their Beef Wellington with German mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables. The look around to all areas of the room with their imaginations running wild at full tilt over what may have occurred in çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle this very room. The energy of place lends itself to something mysterious almost ghost like or maybe an apparition.

Now it is about time for desert and as they are handed a desert menu the rather quiet Howard says in a low tone “I wish Ulla was my desert!” Paul laughs and replies “But she is serving me. Seems like you have a liking for strong personality women.” A bit embarrassed Howard replies nothing and looks about nonchalantly as to deny or dismiss his faux pas.

Ulla then reaches over the table just next to Howard and accidently tips over his wine glass. The wine spill instantly crawls back along the surface of the table towards the edge. A stream falls off the edge and onto Paul’s knee. Paul is startled and reels back in his chair. Ulla is very nonchalant and takes a step backward avoiding the spill onto the floor. She says nothing either being in complete empathy or having total disregard for Paul’s distress. Wolfgang immediately steps forward and apologizes for the accident while offering a napkin for Paul to wipe himself. He gives a reprimanding glance towards Ulla who now is stepping away to ignore the scene. Wolfgang says to Paul “I am so sorry for this accident and Ulla’s lack of concern. She’s been difficult to deal with all day today.”

Wolfgang then asks Paul “Do you think I should discipline her?” Paul replies “Why yes, I’d fire her!” with indignation. Instantly Wolfgang walks up behind Ulla and pushes her forward so that her body flops over the top of the empty serving cart. She shrieks out and he quickly grabs her wrists while motioning Kathryn to grab her ankles. Both Paul and Howard are startled by this aggressive forceful manhandling which is all happening right next to where Paul is sitting.

Wolfgang grabs a cord from the cart and quickly ties it to Ulla’s wrists. He then fastens the free end to the frame of the cart near the bottom. Wolfgang then moves to the back of the cart and ties Ulla’s ankles together with another cord. The free end is now fastened to the backside of the cart.

Ulla is now stretched out over the cart and securely tied down. She struggles but cannot escape her bonds. Wolfgang now boldly grabs the hem of her skirt and swings it up over her back. Then with a couple of fingers he slips them beneath the band of her panties and tugs them down exposing her bare vulnerable ass for all to see. Wolfgang then motions Kathryn to come over and says “You spank her!” Kathryn is excited since Ulla has acted superior, been so bossy, and acted so very condescending to her. Wolfgang says “She’s been a bitch to Kathryn all day.”

Kathryn raises up her hand and with an energetic directed swing comes down on that tender ass. Ulla jerks in response and shrieks out from the sharp pain. Paul and Howard are completely transfixed by this spectacle.

Kathryn’s pleasure and satisfaction is increasing over every shriek and cry from Ulla. Howard is fascinated watching Ulla’s vocal reactions and jerky body responses to Kathryn’s intensely energetic slaps. Kathryn is now completely immersed in a full concentrated emotional release. Howard also notices Kathryn’s pretty tits jiggle with each strike of her hand. Howard is also secretly hoping that those jiggling tits are arousing and exciting her passions. After the eighth spank Wolfgang reaches up and catches Kathryn by the wrist. He says “Howard here is your desert. Take whatever you want.” Howard rushes over with excitement from the other side of the table while Wolfgang spreads her ass cheeks out and says “Nice desert there.” Howard is now standing next to Kathryn and Wolfgang straightens up and says “May I suggest that you continue with the discipline.”

Howard now raises his hand and excitedly lays a hard spank onto Ulla’s bare pink ass. His hand is bigger than Kathryn’s and strikes with greater force. Ulla shrieks out loudly and Wolfgang says “Go ahead and scream all you want because nobody outside of us is going to hear you.” Howard comes down with another hard stinging spank and Ulla begins to beg for mercy. Wolfgang winks over to Howard and smiles indicating his approval and that he is doing a fine job. With this encouragement Howard takes good aim at those red ass cheeks. He lays down a spank with such force that the impulse and shock wave jiggles her ass. In a convulsive jerk and shriek Ulla cries out for mercy saying “I’ll be a good girl now. You’ll see.” Howard lays down another spank sending a sharp sting and driving vibrations that penetrate deep into her pussy. Meanwhile Paul is getting excited watching this spectacle unfold right in front of his eyes.

Wolfgang then says “Well Ulla have you had enough?” Ulla cries out “Yes, Yes!” Wolfgang then leans over down close to Ulla’s face and says “Are you now ready to apologize and make up for your bad behavior.” In a tearful tone she says “Yes, I am ready to apologize.” Wolfgang motions Howard to stand down from his spanking stance. He then begins to untie her and says “Now I want you to make up chasing waves izle to Paul for spilling the wine.” Ulla in a wimpy voice replies “I will make it up to him.” Wolfgang then caresses Ulla’s red tender ass in circular motions with the palm of his hand showing his soothing compassionate nature.

He says to Paul “Come over and touch her.” Paul rises from his chair and in a timid fashion lightly touches Ulla’s ass with his finger tips and then sits back down. Wolfgang says “Come back up here and stroke her ass like I did.” Paul comes back up with more confidence and sensually rubs his hand in circular motions over Ulla’s ass. Paul’s enthusiasm and excitability is growing as stroking her tender ass is an ice breaker for him in his secret desire for intimacy. After a few more circular strokes he backs off and sits back down in his chair. Wolfgang now finishes untying Ulla and she stands up with her skirt falling back down. She pulls up her panties and begins rubbing her red sore ass. Wolfgang looks at her and says “Well!”

Ulla immediately walks up close to Paul and drops/descends down to/onto her knees. She places her hands on Paul’s knee where the wine has dripped and says to him “I am very sorry for spilling the wine on you. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” Paul is quite dumbfounded and struggling to find a suitable thought or word to reply. His very turned-on state is not helping out with matters of finding an appropriate response. Ulla notices a protuberance in his pants and then looks him in the face while using a light upward stroke of her hand brushes against his excited cock. She sees the pleasurable reaction in his face and again strokes his now twitching cock with a firmer stroke. Paul desires more of these pleasurable sensations and is going into a rapturous ecstasy.

Meanwhile Kathryn has moved over closer to Howard and perched herself up upon his lap. She looks at him and says “I liked the way you spanked Ulla.” Kathryn holds her breasts out anticipating his excited response but a startled Howard is stunned speechless. She then leans forward pressing her shapely breasts up against his chest and whispers in his ear “You turned me on!” Kathryn straightens up again and smiles inviting cooperation with his playful side. He grabs her wrist with awkward excitement and kisses the pink palm of her ass slapping hand. He mutters out “Why you turn me on too!” Howard is now driven into a complete sensual state of mind and begins to stroke the tops of her legs, her back, her neck, and the sides of her body. Kathryn is pleased to see his total focus and attention on her as his passions are now totally stirred up and driving out of self-control. With magnetic attraction his hands gravitate over to her beautiful tits and begin to explore searching out her pleasure centers. His mind is completely filled with the image of taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking vigorously on it. He begins to unbutton her blouse using his clumsy left hand. Having slowly unfastened all the buttons he pulls her shirt out from beneath her skirt and with great enthusiasm strokes those perky tits hiding under her bra. His free hand then moves to the hem of her skirt and he pulls it part way up her legs exposing her thighs. His hand then strokes the tops of her legs and then stealthily drops to her inner thighs.

He boldly glides the tips of his fingers up to her pussy and in small circular strokes approaches her panties. There his finger tips lightly strokes her pussy where it is very warm. Kathryn spreads out her legs while sitting on his lap inviting more exploration while her breathing deepens. His fingers courageously make firmer contact with her pussy searching to pass over and stimulate her clitoris. She straightens out her back enveloping the sensations thus increasing her pleasure. Howard strokes his finger more deeply into her clitoris and Kathryn begins to lose herself in an ocean of pleasurable sensation.

Kathryn throws her head back with a deep sigh and then he pulls back his hand and moves over to remove her blouse. Her blouse comes down from her shoulders and falls to the floor. With his other hand resting on her back he unfastens her bra with great anticipation to gaze upon her breasts. Her bra then falls upon the floor and he stares at her perky nipples for a moment with a transfixed stare and mesmerized desire. He then runs his other hand fully across her breasts in an upward motion to stimulate their perkiness. Then he places two of his fingers up top one of her breasts and with firm pressure slowly runs them down her breast. When he makes contact with her tight nipple he stops and presses in a greater firmness. Then he slowly rakes over that erect nipple. As his fingers slowly come down that nipple it gets tugged and stretched. With a little more downward force this nipple suddenly pops out from under the stress and pressure. It now stands up more erect and excited. Howard tells that nipple to calm down but it is defiant and wants more stimulation. He repeats the same stimulating action and then moves over to do the same for the other nipple.

In a state of great christina in the country izle overwhelming sensation Howard leans forward and takes the closest tight erect nipple into his mouth. There he sucks on it until it goes from tight and hard to soft and compliant. At the same time he moves his hand which has enjoyed fondling and stroking her nipples down to her legs. There he again projects his fingers up her inner thighs and onto her panties. Kathryn again spreads open her legs inviting those inquisitive fingers onto her yet warmer pussy. His fingers quickly find out her pleasure center and smoothly glide over her wet panties.

He strokes into her clitoris many times giving her the most pleasurable sensations that he possibly can. His hand then moves up higher to the band of her panties and tugs them down. Howard releases her stimulated nipple from his mouth and whispers in her ear “I want your pussy!” Kathryn reaches down under her skirt and slips down her panties. Her hand makes contact with Howard’s excited cock and there for a moment strokes up and down upon it. His excitement for her is very strong and with great desire wants more contact and stimulation on his cock. Kathryn then reaches down and removes her shoes then pushes off her panties letting them fall to the floor while remaining seated upon his lap. She closes her legs to tease him a little leaving him to explore again and gain access to her warm pussy.

Meanwhile Ulla is continuing to make restitution to Paul and to make her apology felt more sincerely and intensely. She has become attentive and solicitous finding his authority respectful and potentially pleasure giving. Attentive Ulla is now going to give Paul her all. She will hold nothing back. Ulla has so far been gently brush touching Paul’s excited erection and stroking it in an upward direction. Through his pants she has felt his responsive twitching. She has seen the pleasure and satisfaction in his face and now moves her hand to unfasten the belt of his trousers. His strong penis cannot wait to get out from the bonds of restriction and spontaneously jerks with greater anticipation. Ulla’s touch is gentle, calculating and exhilarating to Paul. She unbuttons his pants and pulls down the zipper. Ulla then reaches down and pulls out his 10 inch tall standing cock. She releases it and gazes upon it. He is so excited that his cock is already twitching and throbbing in short intervals without being touched or stroked. She just stares at his whole cock and with the tip of her finger touches and explores the head. Ulla traces over the whole surface of his hood and outlines the flaring flange along the edges. She asks him if he is enjoying this and wants more. In deep breathes Paul squeezes out an “Oh, Yes!” She then leans forward and takes his large penis head into her mouth. Ulla feels his greatly excited spasms in her mouth and his attempted thrusts while still sitting in his chair.

Meanwhile Kathryn has risen up from Howard’s lap then turns to him and says “Take all his clothes off.” Howard timidly gets up and begins removing his clothes. She watches him carefully without providing any help or assistance. Howard feels a little vulnerable taking off his clothes to a staring woman but awkwardly gets through it. Kathryn jumps back on his lap with just her skirt on. Feeling a bit encouraged by her return to his lap Howard begins to explore the tops of her legs which she now holds closed. Slowly his hand caresses her in circular motions travelling slowly bit-by-bit up her skirt. His fingers reach her pussy but he can only partly jam his finger between her legs. His finger barely makes contact with her pussy as her legs are clamped shut tight. Howard begins to feel a little concerned and anxious. Kathryn leans back a little and says “Your desert is waiting for you over there. All you have to do is go over there and take her.”

Howard does not what to say in reply. She pauses a little then turns part way to face him and says “I will make sure that you are good and hard before you enter her.” Howard is stunned by this offer that would give him the rapture of fucking the pussy of that ass he just spanked into submission. What a turn on to simply go over and get that fine desert.

However surprised Howard is over the fantasy of this proposition he thoughtfully and sincerely replies “But I would rather enter you.” In a few seconds he feels Kathryn’s legs relax. Then very slowly she begins to spread them open for him. His finger now plunges deeper down with excited desire to stroke her pussy and bring it up to excited life. He is relieved to feel how wet she is and moist his fingers have become. Howard is now all afire with excitement and wants with great desire to stimulate her clitoris to great excitement. His finger enters her vagina with the upper part rubbing in circular motions upon her clitoris. She arches her back and with a heavy breath elevates her excitement. Kathryn begins to ride his finger and to undulate her hips for maximum stimulation. At the same time she reaches down and strokes his excited hard cock. Kathryn desires more to receive pleasure than to give pleasure and loses herself in this ecstasy. She rises from climax plateau to climax plateau getting closer and closer to the pinnacle of orgasm. Howard’s touch is very good and Kathryn finally undulates her body as she reaches orgasm with gasps and a long drawn out moan. This deep orgasm captures the acute attention of Howard, Paul, Ulla and Wolfgang. All are wishing for such a cataclysmic release as this.

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