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It all started out of despair. I moved from my place of birth because of distress that I do not wish to mention. But my life had changed and not for the good. I picked up, packed up, and moved to the out back of Australia, to a small community that was known as Billabong forty miles from the closest civilization. Being a mechanical engineer I had no trouble finding work. The money from insurance I had recently came into would have kept me for years, but if I didn’t keep busy my mind wandered and this was not something I wished for at this point in time. I opened a small shop repairing just about anything machine oriented and was accepted by the people even though I was an outsider. The entire place consisted of a post office, petrol station, my small shop and a large bar. Once a month the supply-train, a portable store rolled through the town and this was where most of the residents got their supplies. Perfect for a man trying to leave the world behind.

Being the only repair shop for miles meant that business would have been brisk even if I didn’t know as much as I did. I managed to repair equipment that had been broken for years. There were enough pieces laying around that the art of scavenging parts was an interesting part of the job and took me to many locations. I had to wait on the supply train to get new parts for equipment and the shipping costs were prohibitive to most of the people that lived here. So making do was part of life. After less than 4 months I never paid for anything again. Repairing equipment with a limited amount of funds was just something to keep busy so I charged very little, but while the people around me knew something was wrong they respected my privacy and were just happy I was here.

After about my second month of business, anytime I was out of my workshop I would return to find a large number of notes tacked, nailed and taped to the door. I would spend more time answering these messages and the phone that it quickly reached a point where less and less time was spent on repairing equipment. Even though I was not looking for a new career it seemed that I had found one. It was at this point in time, I decided to hire a girl to work the office part of the business, so that I could keep my mind and hands busy.

I asked around and a girl showed up at the door one day asking if

“The position had been filled?”

I informed her it was open and asked if she thought she could handle the developing workload. She informed me she could. She knew how to type, file and had done it for her father’s cattle ranch until his death. And most importantly she knew all those in the area and most of their phone numbers. This was important being as there was no directory or listing in the entire area and to get a phone number you called around to those you knew until someone knew the person you wanted to talk to and told you how to reach them.

She was a nice looking woman of around 34 years old and while not a raving beauty she was pleasant to look at, her voice was soft and melodious and sounded good after this time alone. She smelled of soap and water with just the hint of flowers. A nice distraction from the sweaty farmers I spent most of my time with. Her name was Andrea.

Andrea slipped into the job as if she had been there since the start. I had the time I needed for my work and she did what I considered the drudgework with relish. Six months flew past. I was happy puttering around my shop, stopping only to handle what work Andrea thought must be done and visiting the outer areas as a general maintenance helper. I was learning as much as I was helping. This is what I had always wanted.

As the anniversary of my despair approached I made arrangements to spend it as I had came to consider a ritual. I informed everyone that I would be indisposed for two days. I gave Andrea those days off and disconnected the phone. The supply train had brought me three bottles of very good scotch, I disconnected the phone and put a padlock on the door. I then climbed in the window to make it look as if I were gone and set about sinking into my own pit of darkness.

The first bottle was dead and the second was not far behind. This numbed the pain for a while and helped me make it through the three days that had change my life forever. setting there dirty, drunk, and feeling sorry for my self was all I cared about. Two days had passed and the numbing effects of the Scotch was slipping I placed the bottle against my lips and drew some of the biting amber liquid into my mouth. The sweet burning slid down my throat and I felt it re-enforce the steady blur I was trying to maintain. A few more deep swigs and the darkness of booze induced stupor called me from this life. I dropped into a heavy sleep.

I was drawn out of this peaceful escape by the sound of pounding on the front door. In the muddled state of my mind I could hear someone calling but was incapable Escort Eryaman of distinguishing what he or she was saying. In a slurred speech I yelled at the door.

“PISS OFF!” And fell back into the darkness. After time that passed with out notice a sharp noise once again brought me back into the light. Through eyes encrusted with unknown matter I looked towards the door. Standing there holding a large wrecking bar was a local man named “Jocko”. He was a brute of a man standing well over six feet tall, well muscled but not the brightest of lads. He was strong and dependable mostly a good Joe just trying to get by, and doing her best to push him out the door was Andrea. I could see her mouth moving but my mind was beyond hearing the words. Jocko was pushed out the door under protest and I saw Andrea bolt the door and at last darkness returned.

Through the darkness came a sense of movement. Someone was dragging me along. I forced open my eyes to the best of my ability and caught a glimpse of Andrea, holding my shoulders pulling me along the floor, then again darkness.

Pain, an all-consuming pain that was felt in every part of my body. It forced its way into the darkness and dragged me from the peace of the near death like state. Back to the realm of unfairness and despair. I opened my eyes with great difficulty and saw the smiling face of Andrea. I closed my eyes again and it started to seep into my alcohol filled brain that I was in the shower and it was damn cold. I tried to force myself to my feet and failed miserably. I was slow on my fall by firm but delicate arms. They slowed my fall back to the shower floor so I did not injure my self. I looked over and was greeted by her big blue eyes with very concerned look. It was then that I noticed that she was wearing just her bra and jeans. The ever-present work styled shirt was missing. The water had turned her bra translucent. Like a thin layer of cellophane covering her ample breast. Her large aureole and protruding nipple were beautiful. I slowly reached out and cupped one if my shaking hand. The firmness was wonderful. It had been 2 years since I had touched a woman’s breast. She clasped my hand to her breast and then slowly removed it. Through the din of the shower I heard her say,

“Well it looks like you are going to live.” she said. Her voice was not angry. But I removed my hand to my lap anyway. This was the point that I saw I was naked and setting on the floor of the shower. After a while I managed to get to my feet with only moderate assistance. Andrea held me to her until I steadied my self. Her breasts were warm and nice against my chest. I shook my head trying to chase the thoughts away from my addled mind. I was guided to the bed and placed under a warm wool blanket. At this point sleep, not stupor came. I had dreams of violence and death, then nothing just sleep. I awoke 14 hours later to the smell of coffee and bacon.

I struggled to my feet and stumbled to the kitchen. I sat in the chair and placed my aching head in my hands. A cheery voice was the last thin I needed but got one any way.

“Good morning, I see you are alive.” I managed to give a nod as a reply. Through the eyes staring at the finish on the table top I saw a cup on strong black coffee placed under my hanging head.

“Breakfast in a Jif, drink that.” Came the voice fading back into the kitchen I managed a few swallows and set the cup down. The coffee was strong and hot. The cure for hangover, and I had a dilly.

“Breakfast.” Came the morning person’s voice. I forced my self to rise to a sitting position. Andrea came in with a skillet and leaned over and started placing bacon and eggs on my plate. I noticed she still wore only her bra. It had dried opaque. As she leaned over her generous cleavage was more than apparent. I finally managed to look up and saw her looking at me with a slight smile on her full lips. I averted my eyes back to the food and know I was blushing.

“Sorry for my appearance, my shirt got ripped last night and I don’t have another.” She said Her voice was very pleasant. I informed her that there were shirts in my closet and that she could help herself. I apologized for the damage to her clothes. She brushed it off with a wave of her hand.

“You eat all of that and relax. I’m going to shower then we can talk about this if that is ok?” She did not wait for a reply but turned with waft of gardenia perfume and was out the door and into the bathroom.

I ate as much as I could but did manage another cup of the good coffee. Then I went in to the bedroom to change clothes. I got as far as the edge of the bed before the spinning started and I was forced to set down. The sound of Andrea’s voice was drifting in from the bathroom as she hummed in the shower. I placed my head in my hands and tried not to think. Thinking brought the depression and that lead back to the booze. I was so Eryaman Escort self-absorbed I did not hear the shower stop.

“Oh”, came the startled voice. “I didn’t know you were done” I looked up to she Andrea standing in the door Hair wet face freshly scrubbed wrapped in a towel that did only a fair job of covering her. I could not take my eyes off of her lovely form.

“I’m sorry Andrea. I’ll go back in the kitchen” I tried to rise. She was in front of me at once and here hand gently pushed me back to setting. I looked at her as she dripped water on the floor at my feet. Her face looked a little scared as she looked into my eyes. She never moved her eyes as she opened her towel and allowed it to fall to the floor. Standing there in all her glory. She was very beautiful. I slowly moved my arms out and placed them around her waist. Pulling her to me I placed my head on her breast and held her close. She cradled my head in her arms and held me close.

This was the first contact I had with a woman in over two years. It is amazing how much I had missed it. The warmth of a woman and the scent filling my nostrils the softness against my head all gave a feeling that everything would be all right. It was more than can be translated into mere words on paper.

After what seem like ages I pulled back and slowly and tenderly kissed one of her breast. She shuddered at the touch of my lips but ever so slightly and did not pull away. I continued to kiss and caress her full breasts the taste had been all but forgotten. The nipples started to grow under my attention and were soon full and firm. I took one into my mouth and sucked lightly. A small moan escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes and went with the feeling. Pulling my head closer her breast pressed against face and I had to move to keep an airway clear. I was now sucking hard and massaging the other at the same time. I had missed this much more than I imagined. I slowly rolled to the left guiding her warm body to the bed. She followed flowing like water on to her back beside me. As I moved to her hands pressed against my shoulders stopping me.

“I’ve never done this before Jim.” She said with slight lilt in her voice.

“I haven’t either, is it moving to fast for you? We do hardly know each other.” I asked

The look on her face was different than I had ever seen.

“What’s wrong?” I asked She looked very thoughtful before she answered.

“Jim, I have NEVER done this. I am a virgin.” This did catch me a little off guard. I froze for just a second but she noticed and a look of embarrassment came to her. I saw this and tenderly kissed her. Letting her control the situation slowly at first and more like kissing my sister it went but she started to want it as much as I did. She gained in passion and before long things were moving under their own power. I slowly lowered my kiss down her body each new place I went caused her to winch like she had never felt this before.

As I reached her abdomen she was moving against my lips waiting for each kiss. I tongued her navel and she wiggled in pleasure I slowly moved south. As I used my hands to open her legs, the muscles protested for just a second before giving in. They spread and allowed me to position my head so that my face was in the never touched area. Slowly my tongue licked the outside of her she moaned and her hips sank into the mattress licking just the outside was making her grind her hips against my face uncontrollably.

My tongue slowly parted the external lips of her vagina and wetted the inside of her. She moaned and wiggled against me. My tongue probed deeper and then it contacted the hymen that was still intact. This caused her to orgasm sharply. She filled my mouth with her come. Using my fingers I slowly opened her to expose her clit. It was red and swollen, begging for attention. I licked it ever so gentle. This caused her entire body to shudder. She moaned and her hips wiggled with out the control of her mind. Her clit was large and protruded from its sheath. I took it into my mouth and sucked as if it were a small penis. The response was immediate. Her legs convulsed tightly around my neck and she pulled at my hair driving my face deeper into her crotch. I sucked harder and this caused her to pull harder.

I licked the sensitive area again and again and this brought her to orgasm so violent that her I thought her legs would crack my neck. It lasted for a easy 30 seconds. She arched her back and pull like she was trying to put my entire body physically inside her. Slowly the convulsions slid away and she laid gentle back on to the bed. I again inserted my tongue and pressed it against her hymen a little harder than before. She at once started to come again, I again brought her to the edge and at the edge I stopped.

Wiping my face with my hand I positioned myself between her legs. As my body pressed against Eryaman Escort Bayan hers she pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply. I returned it with all my feelings. I gentle pressed the head of my straining penis against the entrance of the sealed opening. She sank her tongue into my throat. I pulled my head back and look at her face. It was covered with a glistening layer of perspiration. The smile spoke volumes. Looking into her eyes I asked her.

“Are you sure?”

Oh yes, for once I am sure.” Was the reply and her hips rose to meet me.

I kissed her passionately and with one thrust was in. She inhaled sharply and buried her nails into the flesh of my back, pulling me deeper. I waited just a moment then withdrew all but the head and slowly reinserted it as deep as possible. She accepted readily and her hips rose to meet the incoming penetration. Trying to maintain control and move my thrusts slow soon failed, and I was pounding into her never before used pussy. She did not ask me to stop, or to even slow down, but instead she wrapped her arms around my torso and her legs around my back locking her feet and pulling me as deep into her as possible. My penis strained as I drove it into her she held me so tight that breathing was difficult. I braced my weight on my hands and arms for leverage and drove myself as deep as possible. She accepted it and let it be know that I should not stop. Her breath was short and sharp. With every thrust she inhaled. My balls were slapping against her up turned ass and the tight pussy strained against my intruding penis. The sensation of the tightness was beyond belief. I lifted her legs on to my shoulders while continuing my thrusts. This position let me to go in another full inch. An inch that brought on new territory no man had been before. Andrea inhaled and racked her nails across my back while calling for God. I was bouncing off of her crotch with all the power I had. My penis felt like it would rip away from my body. The throbbing started and I knew it was going to explode. My mind knew I should withdraw as we were using no protection but by this time my mind was not in control.

The damn broke on two years of abstinence, my penis exploded with such power that it seemed the tip had been blown away. At the same moment Andrea arched her back and let out a scream from the biggest orgasm of her life. I drove deep into her waiting cunt. The combination of my cum mixed with hers and exploded from her vagina sliding down her thighs and. After a few seconds I started to move again the in and out action was like a pump, pulling cum from her to deposit it over her thighs and then sliding down her firm ample ass to rest on the sheets. I then collapsed on top of her. She held me close and was squeezing so hard it was difficult to catch my breath. As my penis lost size and girth inside her I came to my senses and tried to pull out and take my weight off of her. She tightened her grip then spoke.

“Don’t, leave it in me and lay here please. I never want his feeling to end, …please?” Her voice was soft as an angels kiss on my ears. I slowly lowered my weight back on to her. Her cunt tightened on my limp penis and squeezed. Her arms tightened on my back. There had been such a release of tension, that as I laid there on top of her, I fell asleep.

I awoke three hours later. Andrea was stroking my hair and holding me as gentle as a baby. For the first time in years slept with no nightmares, just peace. I looked at her and she was aglow. Just looking at me and smiling melted years of pain. I felt a stir from little Jim and started to work him in slowly in and out. We were stuck together and the wince on Andreas face showed she was sore. But that was to be expected. I tried slowly to pull apart but our pubic hair was matted together. We both decided to just do it and pull apart. It was a little painful and cost both of us some hair. As Andrea stood she placed both hands on her hips. I am not a small guy and her hips wrapped around my girth for that long had caused her to stiffen. We showered, together with fondling and caressing. With the temperament of a small child she told me she was sore in that certain area. I had to explain that it was natural and would get better in more ways than one.

Andrea had brought me back from the pit of darkness I was surrendering too. Her love and caring showed me the light. Later that night as I held her she became quiet she then told me she knew that this was a one-time thing and would hold me to nothing. I smiled and held her close. One time my ass.

That was 4 years ago, We were married 6 months later. We had talked about it then discovered that the “ONE TIME” had been enough Andrea was pregnant. Our first time started a life for more than one. It was not because if the child that I married her. Her unconditional love saved me and it was special for her too. She had saved herself for 34 years before she met someone she cared enough about to even consider giving her whole self to. She never asked why I was the way I was. She helped me through the few nightmares I had after being with her. And they are now rare if they happen at all. Life can improve and go on after tragedy.

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