Diving part 1

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Diving part 1Hans was bored, it was midsummer, but he had spent all his money on diving equipment and repairs on his boat. His buddy was away working on an offshore oil rig, and most of the other divers he knew were on holiday or busy painting their houses, so no diving. He strolled downtown, not much happening on a Tuesday morning. Perhaps he could find the hairdresser he spent the weekend in/with, he grinned at the inside joke. At least she promised him a free haircut, or perhaps she was up to some lunchtime naughtiness. If he could just remember the name of the place. She said it was a fairly new salon on the main street, which was not of much help because he did not often frequent that kind of establishment. “Paris hairstyle” – looked promising, he went in, but could not see Rita, instead there was this blonde knockout lady in her 30’s. Nice medium sized tits, straining against the material of what looked like a long teeshirt with a large print of the Eiffel tower. The base was at the hem mid-thigh, and the top ended at the cleavage between the tits. Was she wearing a bra at all, he started and could barely make the dark aureoles. Hey, she said, it is flattering that you like my tits, but if you lift your eyes just a little bit you might recognise my face? He looked up, rather bewildered, sorry, he said, I’m terrible at recognizing people out of context. We met at the diving charter a couple of months ago, she offered. Ah, yes, I would have remembered you on the deck of the diving boat, you had the black DUI drysuit, and the double cylinder set with Halcyon wing, and wait – Apeks ATX 100 regulators. You kadıköy escort remember all my equipment, but not my face, she pouted. Well, not many girls have a tech diving setup like that, do you really do deep diving, or did you get it all off ebay? I am, in fact, fully certified for diving with helium mixes down to 70m, she said. Wow, I always wanted to do that, but both the training and extra equipment are way to expensive for me at the moment, besides, the local diving shop can’t supply the special gas mixes. Anyway, I suppose you did not come in here just to stare at my tits, do you want a haircut for example? What else can you do? You’d be surprised, we can bleach all your hair, give you a clay mask , shave your balls, wax your asshole… Hmm, I think I’ll settle for the haircut. Any style? No, as it is, just shorter, by the way, what is that noise? What noise? There is whimpering and muffled screams. Oh, there’s just some girl getting a pussy wax in the back room, I guess you’d like to watch that, you naughty boy.Smalltalk at the hairdresser’s: You have been diving long? 20 years. You must be k**ding, are you even allowed to start at 10. Flattery will get you anywhere, but I was actually 17. What do you do for a living? It’s a bit complicated, I’m supposed to be an electrician, but got fired last week. Oh, why? I got caught fucking the boss’ wife. It was his own fault, apparently she had been nagging him about a lot of small jobs around the house, socket outlets that need fixin’, lamps to be installed, you know üsküdar escort it was sort of like the shoemakers c***dren. I was told to go out there and do whatever she told me to. Tell me all about it, she demanded. Everything? There are a few x-rated details. Especially the x-rated details, the day has been a little boring up to now…Ok, my boss’ wife answered the door wearing just a towel, apparently fresh out of the shower: oops I did not expect that fat slob of a husband to actually manage to get somebody to come so soon. The towel was too short to cover both her tits and pussy, and did a bad job of trying both. Have some coffee while I get dressed, she said, and of course lost the towel when pouring. Unperturbed, she finished the cup and handed it over before she picked up the towel and left for the bedroom. Dressed in a very short summer dress, she returned and gave me a rather long joblist. Can you do all that, she asked. No problem, he said I should do whatever you wanted. Anything eh, she got a mischievous glint in her eyes. We finished the coffee and I got a tour of the house with the various tasks. Bending over here and squatting there, showing me how she wanted things done, and showing me she had not put anything on under the dress, you know where this is going, right. I managed with some difficulty to focus on the job and finished the list about noon. Blushing, she came with two vibrators: if I could fix them as well? You know me – always willing to help a lady in distress, one was pardon – fucked, but I managed to get the other working by cleaning the tuzla escort battery contacts. Try it now, I handed it over. OK, she said, turned it on, laid back and promptly inserted it in her pussy. After just about 5 minutes, she had a screaming orgasm. Thank you, I needed that. Now for that anything the slob mentioned, come and fuck me! I never could say no to a lady with no knickers, so I helped her tear my clothes off, and dived for her muff, but she just rolled me over, did I say she was a big girl?, and impaled herself on my rod and rode it furiously. She was not very tight, no surprise considering the size of her dildos. I shot my first load rather quickly when her pussy started to quiver. That was quick, she made a face. Relax, I said; just give me 5 minutes and a blowjob. Ignoring the 5 minutes, I suddenly had her lips at the base of my cock. Her sucking was almost too intense, but I was ready for another go in no time. We did it doggystyle in the sitting room, missionary in the master bedroom, got some olive oil in the kitchen and I did her ass bent over the table. I seriously need to pee, she said and dragged me into the bathroom, you sit there, she worked my schlong back in her ass. Now rub my clit while I go. It was quite messy, but she was shaking all over when she came. Soon time to go home, but we had a quickie in the shower. Exiting from the bathroom, naked as jaybirds, we met my boss. Usually he and his secretary was “working” late, but that day he was really working and needed some files from his home PC. Bad luck.OK, your hair is done, have a look in the mirror, Rita said. Mirror, not the tits again! Her nipples were hard, I must admit your story got me hot and bothered, she said.Do you want to come diving with me one of these days, he said, I’m free the whole week!Tomorrow will be fine. OK, shall I pick you up? Excellent, I live upstairs. Upstairs? Well, actually it’s a penthouse on top of this building. Impressive, see you noonish then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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