Do My Brother!

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“You know, Jim, I think Hank’s turned on by you,” Molly said as her brother, Hank, left the apartment, giving me a smile. Molly’s my lover and Hank’s her brother. Hank moved in with me and Molly when he came to live in New York a couple of months ago, right after graduating high school. It seemed someone saw him in a high school drama production back in Iowa and thought he had real talent. So the second he got his diploma and turned eighteen, Hank headed for the Big Apple and right away was getting acting gigs, mainly TV commercials. He was a real looker, a lean All-American type, a sort very popular with the ad agencies.

“Turned on by me?” I said, acting surprised. “What do you mean?”

Actually I wasn’t all that shocked to hear Molly tell me this. I’d noticed Hank give me the once-over a couple of times, checking me out. I didn’t think much of it, figuring him to be straight, but the thought did cross my mind that Hank might’ve seen something in me he liked. I know, because I’m bi. Once in a while me and Molly hook up with a bi or gay stud and have ourselves a wild threesome.

Molly excitedly urging me on to do the other guy.

“He asks about you all the time,” Molly said with a knowing smile, taking a swig of beer. “He wants to know what you and me do, what kind of a cock you got, shit like that. What does that sound like to you?”

“He asks about my cock?” I said, a little startled to hear this.

“Uh huh,” Molly smirked. “You should’ve seen the look on his face when I told him you got nine thick, hard inches which you sure as shit knew how to use. I even showed him that picture I took of you a couple of weeks ago, with your big cock all hard, sticking out like that.”

Molly had taken a photo of me in bed, with my cock erect. But I didn’t realize Molly and her brother were so close that they talked openly about my equipment and Molly’s sex life with me. And that she showed photos of my cock to Hank!

“But I thought your brother was straight? What about the cute blonde that he’s got over here all the time? The actress?”

“What about her?” Molly said. “Just because he’s banging that foul little bitch don’t mean he can’t have a hardon for you.”

“No shit,” I said, excited to hear this. Because Hank had actually been turning me on a little, which I had a feeling Molly noticed. And I know Molly didn’t mind. Molly loves it when she sees me turn on to a stud and craves those times when we invite a stud over and she can watch me put him through the paces with my big dick. Molly’s got that fetish, she loves to watch. Now was she telling me all this because she had this fantasy of watching me do her own brother? Maybe. One thing about my girlfriend Molly, she’s definitely a freak.

“Get this,” Molly said, leaning close. “I came home one night last week and heard this strange groaning. And it didn’t sound like Debbie. She’s a loud one, but it wasn’t her. So I tip-toe down the hallway to Hank’s room and see he’s left the door open. And what do you think they’re doing? My brother’s down on his elbows and knees with that little blonde cunt right behind him, fucking him up the ass with one of those strap-ons. He was squealing like a pig, loving it. What does that tell you?”

“Tells me he probably likes to get fucked.”

“Exactly!” Molly said, his point made. “And if he likes that hunk of rubber so much, what do you think he’d make of the real deal, your meaty nine inches, huh, baby?”

“Sounds like you want to see me fuck him?” I said.

“Shit, I wouldn’t mind. It’d be pretty bitchin’ , watching you fuck my good-lookin’ brother.”

“Damn, Molly, you are a freak,” I said, slapping her playfully.

“Takes one to know one,” she said, running her hand up my thigh.

Then, a week later, one night all of a sudden Debbie, the blond actress, comes storming out of Hank’s room yelling, and heads right out the door, slamming it behind her. A few seconds later Hank appeared, bare-footed, wearing only jeans.

“What a bitch!” he sneered.

“She walk out on you?” Molly teased.

“Seems like she’s always on the rag or something,” he said, then he looked over at me, his eyes lingering, knowing he was shirtless and exposing his perfect, smooth, lean torso. We shared a look whose meaning was unmistakable.

“Well, if your girlfriend split on you, Hank,” Molly said. “Maybe you can join me and Jim and have some fun with us, know what I mean?”

“With you two? What are you talking about?” he said, looking escort bayan puzzled. “You’re my sister, Molly.”

“So? I’m your sister, so what? And what about Jim? Maybe you can get the same thing from him that you get from Debbie. You know, some good, hot loving?”

Molly wasn’t quite letting on that she knew her brother took it up the ass courtesy of Debbie’s strap-on, but she sure was playing him right.

“Yeah, Hank,” Molly purred seductively. “You loved having me tell you all about Jim’s cock. And how about when I showed you that picture? Man, you should’ve seen your eyes.”

Hank looked stunned, and he even blushed a little. But he sure seemed interested.

“Here, check it out in the flesh,” Molly said, unbuckling my belt, unzipping my jeans, and pulling it out. The whole thing was making me so instantly aroused that when she pulled it out it was at full mast, nine thick inches sticking straight up for her and her brother’s viewing pleasure. I’m like that. All I have to do is think about it, and my dick gets all stiff right away. Hank stared at it in amazement, and so, of course, did Molly, who always licked her lips at the sight of my shaft, erect and ready for some serious fun.

“Nice, huh?” Molly said to her brother, staring him straight in the eye, a big shit-eating grin on her face. This is just what she wanted, luring Hank into our scene.

“It feels real good, Hank. You should come over here and have yourself a feel,” Molly urged her brother. Molly had told me she’d confessed to Hank that sometimes me and her liked to add another stud to the mix. She no doubt mentioned that to get Hank’s imagination all stirred up.

Mesmerized, Hank walked the few feet to the couch, dropping to his knees in front of me, reaching up and wrapping his fist around my thick shaft, stroking it sensually, like he knew just how to handle one of these.

“Holy shit, you’re so fucking big!” Hank said as he stared at it.

“You like ’em big?” I asked. He didn’t answer, just blushed again.

“Sure, he loves ‘em big, don’t you, bro?” Molly cackled lustily, unbuckling her own belt and sliding a hand under the crotch of her jeans, under her panties, to finger her pussy. I knew that pussy well, and was certain it was nice and wet! Molly is a total sex freak, and nothing turns her on as much as a scene with me, her and another guy. Especially when the guy isn’t straight, but swings both ways.

Molly stared with mesmerized eyes as Hank fondled my big tool.

“Suck it,” she hissed, pressing his face down on it. He didn’t need any convincing as his lips opened and he wrapped them around my fat cockhead. That did it. From that first taste, he just went crazy, running his tongue over every one of my nine inches, kissing and licking my cock and my balls before he started sucking my dick in earnest, twisting the shaft in his hand while taking more and more of it in his mouth and down his throat. Either this young stud had himself some experience wolfing down cock, or his girlfriend had given him plenty of practice sucking on her rubber one.

Looking down I could see a big bulge had formed in the crotch of his tight, worn jeans. I reached down and pulled out his cock, as rigid as mine. Molly, of course, noticed.

“Look at you, Hank, I think you like sucking my boyfriend’s dick,” Molly said, as Hank stared up at me, his eyes blazing with lust, his mouth filled with cock.

Now Molly got down on her knees next to her brother. The greedy slut couldn’t keep away, seeing her brother have me all to himself.

“Let Molly have some now,” I told Hank who pulled away and watched Molly go down on me. This is just the kind of freak scene Molly loved, on her knees next to a stud, worshiping my thick, stiff nine inches. Except this time the stud was her own brother!

“Check this out, Hank,” Molly said, turning to Hank, as she pushed back on my thighs, exposing more of my butt. Then she slid her hot, wet tongue in my crack and started rimming my ass. The slut loves feeding on my bottom!

Hank watched in amazement as his brother greedily ate out my butthole, giving me a thorough tongue bath down there.

“Want a taste too?” she asked Hank.

“Uh– sure–” he mumbled as Molly pulled away.

“But first let’s get all these off,” she said, pulling down my jeans and taking off my shirt. Then Hank and Molly followed suit. Now I looked at Hank’s lean, smooth young body, perfect from head to foot, his dick nice and altıparmak escort bayan meaty. Molly’s brother had himself a nice one.

“Okay here it is,” I said, standing up and reaching back to spread myself open. Hank dropped to his knees behind me and a moment later I could feel his slick tongue digging into my hole. Meanwhile his sister fell to her knees in front of me and started eating up my dick again. What a trip, my girlfriend and her brother, just turned eighteen, down on their knees serving me orally. Now I turned, feeding Hank my cock again, and Molly my ass.

“Who wants to get fucked?” I said.

“Me! Me!” Molly hissed, always greedy for it.

That sounded good. I figured I’d let young Hank watch me fuck his sister, hoping that would really get him in the mood for it himself. If all he’d ever had back there was his girlfriend’s dildo, then my thick one could be quite a challenge for him. It sure was for Molly when I first started doing her ass. We agreed to this, Molly and me, and figured we’d skip her pussy tonight, just get straight to ass. Molly’s a freak for taking it up the butt, so we said that since we were going to try to lure her brother into taking it up the ass from me, we’d have him watch me do her like that first.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Molly said, leading us there. Once inside, she immediately assumed the position, getting up on the bed on elbows and knees, sticking it out and showing it off. Molly had herself a hot and very good-looking bottom and loved displaying it, especially when she knew it was about to be ravaged. As it was to be right now.

Hank stared at my cock, then at his sister’s exposed, vulnerable asshole.

“How about you lick it a little first?” I said, figuring I’d turn up the kink a notch, knowing this is what Molly wanted.

“But– but– she’s my sister!” Hank stuttered.

“Yeah, I know that,” Molly said, her voice insistent, “and now what I want you to do, bro, is lick my ass and get it ready for Jim’s cock.”

Molly was looking over her shoulder at us both, loving all this. And so Hank took a deep breath and started rimming Molly as I reached into a drawer where we kept the lube.

“Here, now some of this,” I said, pulling Hank’s face away and squeezing some of the clear jelly into Molly’s crack. “Rub it around.”

Hank worked the slick lubricant all over his sister’s asshole.

“Stick in a finger,” I told him, which he did.

“That’s feels good, Hank,” Molly cooed seductively, “feels real good having you stickin’ your fingers up my tight ass. I should’ve had you doing that when we were growing up together.”

That’s why I loved Molly, she could be so uninhibited and raunchy.

“Deeper,” I said, as Hank looked up at me like he was in a trance or something, sliding two fingers deep inside Molly’s ass, working in the lube.

“Okay, now just hold her open,” I said as Hank spread her cheeks and I knelt behind Molly, cock in hand, erect, poised and ready. I positioned the tip right against her greased hole and then just pushed forward, as I had so many times before, working inch after inch of my thick cock into the dark, humid depths of her hot ass. Hank’s eyes were glued like a pair of lasers to the spot where my cock was saying a big hello to Molly’s sphincter. I always love the sight of an asshole, a slut’s or a stud’s, all dilated, stretched around my thick girth.

“Why don’t you come up here and let me suck your cock?” Molly said to Hank, “I just love taking it from both ends at once.”

Still stunned by all this, Hank knelt in front of his sister’s face and fed her his cock. I took my time fucking Molly’s bottom, then I figured I’d tackle Hank’s, if he was willing, which I guessed he’d be.

“Ready for some more of Jim’s cock, inside this time?” Molly said to her brother, releasing his cock from the grip of her lips, “he really knows how to fuck ass.”

“Uh– yeah– sure,” he said, still a little shell shocked by this unexpected turn of events. A half hour ago his little blonde fox ran out on him. And now he was about to get fucked by his sister’s boyfriend.

I pulled my dick out of Molly’s bottom and had Hank assume the same position. Man, was his young butt ever cute, exposed like that, smooth but rippling with muscles. Like a lot of actors, Hank was athletic and had himself a lean, muscled body.

“Molly? Turn around and hold yourself open,” I said as Molly eagerly showed nilüfer eskort off her ravaged asshole, still nice and open from my rugged rectal assault. Hank stared at Molly’s dilated hole with spellbound eyes.

“See Hank, that’s what an ass looks like after it’s been fucked by Jim,” Molly said, showing off for her brother, and for me too. “That’s what yours is going to look like when Jim’s done with you.”

Then I got behind Hank and peered into his crack as Molly joined me.

“Mmmmmh, look at that,” she purred, spreading apart his cheeks and staring at the puckered hole, “I think I’ll have myself a taste.”

I smiled as I stroked myself excitedly, watching the depraved sight. There was my foxy girlfriend lapping away hungrily at her own brother’s asshole. And by the way he was moaning and groaning, I’d say Hank sure was enjoying the sensation of Molly’s tongue digging into his hot bottom.

After she made a meal of him like this, Molly slapped plenty of lube into his crack, working it in with a couple of stiff fingers.

“Now you, Jim, let me see you feel him up,” she said as I replaced her fingers with my own, digging in, Molly staring down with wide open eyes, watching me force my fingers into her brother’s rectum, stretching him out, getting him ready for my big one.

“You’re gonna love it, bro,” Molly snickered. “Much more than that rubber one of your girlfriend’s.”

“How do you know about that?” Hank said, snapping his head around.

“You should learn to close your door when you get kinky with Debbie.”

I listened to the banter, then pulled out my fingers, bringing my dick up in their place.

“Ready Hank, ready for a real one?” Molly asked.

“Uh– yeah, I guess so,” he said, biting his lip.

I started to work it in and he gasped and trembled as he felt my cockhead open him up, but then it suddenly popped inside him, the thickest part. He was taking deep breaths, trying to relax and get used to it. I can be quite a challenge for a stud who’s never had one as big as mine packed into his young bottom.

I let him adjust to it, then pushed forward slowly until every last one of my inches was buried in his depths as Molly held him wide open for me.

“Holy shit! You got the whole fuckin’ thing inside you, bro!” Molly said, then knelt in front of Hank and pressed her pussy in his face. He dug in to have a taste of her snatch, already having tasted her ass.

“His ass nice and tight?” Molly asked with a lewd grin.

“What do you think?” I said, pumping away.

Suddenly the phone rang. Normally Molly wouldn’t bother getting it if we were having sex, but now there was a sly grin on her face as she picked it up.

“Hey Debbie, what’s up?” she said with a wink. “Sure, he’s right here. He and Jim are doing something together. Let me get him.”

“It’s Debbie,” she said, handing her brother the phone with a wicked grin. Hank took it but was speechless, shocked.

“Hello?” A pause. “No, that’s okay. No, really. I’m fine. No, I’m not doing anything special right now. Just hanging out with my sister and Jim. I’ll see you tomorrow… okay… bye.”

Then he hung up as Molly cracked up.

” ‘Not doing anything special’ huh? Just ‘hanging out’ ” Molly teased. “Just getting fucked up the ass by your own sister’s boyfriend, that’s all. If only Debbie could see you now, huh bro?”

I couldn’t help smiling to myself. Here I was, slamming nine thick inches up Hank’s hot young bottom as he listened to his girlfriend call to make up and to his sister tease him.

“Next time she screws you with her rubber one, you just think about how Jim’s big one busted open your bottom today,” Molly said to Hank. “You think about how great it feels to take a real live one up your ass, Jimmy’s.”

I reached around and under to take hold of Hank’s cock, nice and meaty and as rigid as a length of steel tubing. Now I milked that tubing as I kept reaming out his rectum. Finally I felt it throb in my hand and unload all over the sheets.

Now it was my turn. So I pulled out and had the two of them bring their faces down to my dick. I was going to blast off over brother and sister both, then we’d take a break. Later maybe Molly could strap on Debbie’s dildo and do her brother the way he liked it, the way his girlfriend did him, the way I did him just now. And while she was sodomizing her own brother like this, I’d get behind Molly and once again slam my cock right up her tight, pretty ass while she fucked Hank. That’d be something for the two siblings to share! It’s such thoughts that brought me right over the edge as I blasted a heavy, heavy load all over the two of them, pearly gobs of semen splattering their faces, dripping from their chins as they lapped it all up hungrily.

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