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Subject: DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 190 The TARDIS can only go to more places and times and beyond if you donate, because if not, maybe these stories will vanish from the net KNOWN as NIFTY! DONATE! fty/donate.html DOCTOR WHO, JESSE AND JEREMY 190 fty/donate.html HAPPY ENDINGS: THE BATTLEFIELD WITH DOORS (sequel to THE ROOM WITH NO DOORS) Part one: THE DEADLY BLADES A slender, well sectioned, zero percent body fat torso, stretching. Hands behind neck, elbows up. Aoi enjoyed showing off his body. He was being sold as a slave and the mostly male crowd watching was mesmerized by his indifference to the situation…not so much as indifference that turned to a sultry, devil may care attitude. He was enjoying this. The attention. The eyes of the males from the youngest to the oldest all on him. He was sold quickly and trained just as quickly by the leaders of several Samurai. Why was he passed off through different Samurai leaders, who often had nothing but contempt for their rivals? Was it his big dick? Was it his long silky hair, sometimes down and covering his face like some female spirit from a horror story, a legend like no other of a woman killed by a husband for another woman who returned to get her horror revenge on him and her? No, it was because each successive leader seemed to…die…stabbed…through the navel. Somehow the new buyers and trainers of Aoi didn’t seem to mind, even though they knew of the deaths, that it could have been him. They had to have him. His huge cock, on the slave auction that first time, slipped out of the sultry red and black silk covering that he was almost wearing. It was like a cock no other. Huge, smooth, covered, uncovered, dripping from the male eye attention, Aoi looked heavenward and murmured a curse. His eyes glowed red for a short time. Men noticed but didn’t care. His usual light brown color returned. Or were they black like his jet black hair? A piece of hair hung over his left eye. He looked at the crowd. Every male thought he looked right at them. He gave a wicked smile, malcontent content. His eyes …the pupils looked down at his own shaft. Then his head tilted down and he shook his head a few times to indicate YES and smiled and nodded up and down as if to tell the men watching, “Oh yeah, you want this. This is like no other. AND I got it and I got you. I can have your power…” He was proud, brazen, and …sexy as hell. They had no idea how like hell… Aoi had Dai where he wanted him. First, Dai had slain a hot warrior prince that lost all his men to Dai’s swords, knife, and spear. Dai didn’t look like much but he was smooth if nothing else and an efficient warrior. Aoi, with his silky jet black hair tied back in a bun, some longer parts hanging out the sides was totally shirtless to the waist, wore only the Samurai white rag around his privates which seemed to leak out under his terrific boyish eight pack and his half outtie, half innie navel. The way his stomach bent back a he leaned on a tree, uncaring if Dai saw him, turned the boy faced Dai on even more Dai has found a last Samurai to take down with his blades and shoved two swords through the naked Samurai’s belly. Another was still alive but wounded. Dai handed that one a small seppuku sword and smiled as the young-ish man, older than himself and Aoi, placed it at his navel. He was going to cut from there in the traditional manner but Dai nodded NO, looked at Aoi for approval and Aoi nodded YES slow and licked his luscious, full pink lips. It was clear he was turned on. Dai helped the wounded one…as the warrior prince was stabbed through the belly button with both swords and died slowly as he sunk to his knees. Dai helped the wounded one place the smaller sword in the navel and twisted. “Like that,” he said in Japanese. Aoi shut his eyes and stuck his chin up in the air. He drew pleasure from it. Dai was another warrior prince who defeated this warrior prince, all of them Samurai from birth, trained that way. Dai was almost naked, wearing nothing but the same type of rag and brown boots up to his ankle. He had barely any body hair and a shorter cut than Aoi’s long locks. Dai’s hair was longish in front and parted down the middle and thicker and curlier but on the whole the sides were far shorter than Aoi’s. Who watched with relish all of Dai’s victories. “Run through…” Aoi said as Dai said the same thing to the warrior man who looked up at Dai with determination and a bit of fear. The fear soon turned out a half smile as the man thought he might like it. He liked the feel of the point in there already as Dai twisted, hands over his hands. Dai knelt in front and shoved. The man gasped, wide eyed. His dick was coming and cumming through his own loin cloth, which was soon torn by the man’s savage and leaking dick. His torso seemed to draw back, like a gun that was shooting. For the man was shooting. He took over the blade handle as Dai majestically swung his hands away from it and up in the air in a victory pose. Dai’s nipples were thick and dark and very round on a smooth skin. All over he was smooth. His stomach had a bit of baby fat on it but was mostly flat with a large oval navel and inside that what seemed like another navel. If he weren’t with some baby fat, he might have had an hourglass shape and indeed, some of that shone through his dark toned shape. His legs were thick and strong. His biceps well developed and shoulders muscular. He had a beautiful smile, Aoi thought and straight white teeth that shone when he smiled at his victim’s pain. Aoi related. “You are one that I want. You won. You are the one.” “Die, warrior,” Dai told the man killing himself and the blade went in deeper and the man reacted. He sweated, spurring and spermed on by the summer heat. He shook. The blade twisted and Dai shook his head more encouragement. The point popped out the man’s back just above his buttocks. “Feel that good. Like it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Make it part of you. Who you are…” Aoi strode over to Dai and put a hand on his back. “I like you. I like…love the way you think.” “And I…” Dai rose his head up in pride as they both stood from the crouching position. “Love thee, too. I’ve known about you for a while now. The one who works for any prince. Who makes men love him and loves them and leaves them. Some of them betray you?” “Yes, why they are dead,” Aoi lied. He would have slain them if they didn’t and most of them didn’t betray him. The men loved him. Most thought he was a paid geisha boy, a Samurai who would be used like a woman for their repository of cum. He used their navels as a repository for his points of his weapons. “I know I can take you,” Dai said. “You need not fear me,” Aoi told him and put an arm around his bare backside. Both hands slipped over the bare, smooth boyish hips. “I want you and I know you want me.” Dai drew his lips to Aoi’s. “It is true. Since I know you can be beaten by me, I accept your challenge. To pound my flesh to your own.” Dai’s nose was pleasant and round if not pert, his ears large and pleasing to the taste, Aoi noted. He had the faint traces of a mustache �of a boy who could not yet grow much and no beard of course. Aoi kissed the chin, the lips, upper and lower, licked up one side of the cute nose and sucked his tongue. As Aoi hugged him, he put both hands behind Dai’s head. Draping behind his neck. As Dai lovingly kissed him but in a rough manner, “You like it tough and rough, doncha, slave boy?” “You have no idea, Master.” Aoi turned both hands into fists and pounded the back of Dai’s head. Dai went limp in his arms. Aoi laughed evilly and caught him. When he awoke, Dai first heard the sounds of dying men. He knew they were dying and then saw many of them expire in their last moments, some on their stomachs, holding bellies in. Some on their backs kicking, holding hand or hands over their belly button wounds. Some fought it and rolled to their sides and kicked. Some were still and then jerked. Some jerked and then were still. Most cam buckets from their loins. ALL of them were nude. Dai looked wide eyed. “My men.” “No, they my men,” Aoi laughed. Dai looked overhead. He was in his lush home. Hands tied up on a wooden rafter above him He pulled but the ropes kept him tied tight. He was bare himself except for the thin rag he wore but his penis from Aoi punching his belly a few times, grew and the pre cum leaked. “What is this? Why you do this to me?” He looked as if he wanted to cry. Aoi mocked him. “You a man? Or a cry baby? A boy? That’s it. A little boy?” Aoi took out a knife and dance it along Dai’s upper jaw and then lined it down from there to his neck area. Around his left nipple. Dai’s eyes followed it. He showed wide eyed terror. His nipples, low on his body, were, nevertheless, hardening as Aoi played with them with the point of the blade. “Ow! Ohno, lemme loose I will show you boy…” “NO!” Aoi stopped and put the blade to Dai’s ribs on his left side. “Not boy…girl…you a little girl…” From his angular body, Dai showed he was not a girl. The knife went to his mid chest and then lowered from there, up and then lowered again. Dai searched Aoi’s face for something. Something human. He found nothing. Aoi’s face showed mockery and thrill. His eyes widened at the prospect of sticking the blade in Dai’s belly button at the bottom of his nice angular hour glass curve. Dai pulled and his abs tightened. “I will kill you. In fair fight.” “So you kept saying. But fair is not what I am after. I am after power and the power I get from your body, what’s inside it. The entire thing. And to get to it, I can and will…” First, he warmed up the belly button with his left hand’s finger a long nail there. He rubbed the area and then like it was a knife, poked his finger into the navel. Dai gasped and his body moved back, only held by the ropes around his wrists. The sounds of his dying men only sped his pre cum on. The top of his head was awash in pools of the clear fluid. Aoi turned his finger. He pulled out and the jerk out was as much pain as the jerk in. Empty feeling in navel as if Dai needed it in there again. He longed for it in there and Aoi told him so. Aoi put two fingers in like a knife. He twisted. “What good that do?” “Just warming you up!” Aoi laughed. Each strike of either finger in or punch gave him intense pleasure and joy. He laughed and slunk his belly back, almost unnaturally. His muscled but skinny frame held the belly which seemed to slink back like a VEE in the center, upper body upward, lower belly sticking out while navel sticking inward and then it, too, stuck out as he moved a new way to inflict more pain…he had three fingers in Dai and Dai reacted in wincing, staring, and gasping pain. Alternating between all three and sometimes all three following seconds after each other. Once in there, at times, Aoi did a second poke without removing his fingers, jabbing it in more and more even though it was flush to Dai’s back wall of his navel. Aoi turned his head and got closer to Dai’s face and spoke to him in a language Dai didn’t understand. Filipino? Cambodian? Some other foreign language. Aoi tilted his head back and forth some of the time while inflicting the most pain. Dai tried to remain forward as far as possible. “I can take it.” Aoi smiled and flashed wide white teeth. “Oh, sweet prince, smooth boy, I will make you feel good while you feel pain. I see you like it.” He looked down and regarded the growling, foaming penis head. He had a point. So did Dai. The dickhead was completely covered in pre cum pools. It slipped over the sides and curtained the shaft in various positions. A bit more and the entire shaft would be flowed over. Dribbles for now melted down the sides, igniting even more the fiery sensitive skin on the shaft facing away from Dai. Soon, the part facing him would have liquid drop and in such quantities that it would pool over and under his ridge of his head. Then from there almost waterfall downward in a VERY slow…oh so very slow methodic invasion of his shaft on that side, and not even his thick manly vein would halt the tsunami of pre cum. He jerked his whole body as the pre cum hit spots of orgasm and even more sensitive spots. Aoi bent down to watch penis and pre cum alike. His eyes grew wide. “I want to lick it,” he told when he rose up again to face Dai, almost face to face, almost nose to nose. He smiled and turned his head as if to Dai he might stop. “I want to love you.” “Then…” Dai thought Aoi was sparing him. BUT Aoi added, “LIKE THIS!” He drove his fingers, all four into him and then withdrew fast this time. Dai yelped and this time didn’t resist the back draft that ploughed his body back on the ropes. With body bent and head bending the opposite way and bending over slightly at the hips and ribs at times, Aoi turned his body closer and with each plunge jerked his own body, sometimes going beneath his own rag, which soon dropped so Aoi was naked in all his stunning beauty and glory and sometimes with no hands. Each jerk from Dai’s pain gave birth to a new joy jerk from Aoi and they both played off each other. Aoi kept moving back and forth, both hand in Dai’s navel, and his body. When he withdrew, he kept moving to and fro, forward and backward, his stomach bent at the navel where it seemed the bird like on its side look to him grew with sweat and sexuality. The heat they both emitted was a match for the steamy summer drought. A long thick lock of his hair spilled in front of his left eye. He smiled a lot and never stopped. Moist lips. Then, when he tired of making Dai jerk from punches to the gut hole and finger stabbing him, the slick covered boy took out the knife. Every hit from Aoi caused Dai’s parted hair to flip up and down again. He looked at Aoi for mercy but knew at this point he would find none. He almost lost hope but thought he could get a hand free…but the jumps he made to try and the jumps from the hits made him eventually realize that he could not pull free or loosen the rafter or get his hands out. “Please, no. Please,” Dai looked at him directly again. He made eye contact. Aoi was playing with his knife in his right hand, twirling it, enjoying his superiority. He looked at Dai and then at the knife both with love. He put the point to under neck and moved it from side to side and then traced down to Dai’s right nipples, around it, and then under it, just above rib. Dai watched it and at times, glanced at Aoi, wide eyed. “NAW!” Aoi moved the blade around nipple to down again. He moved it to the opposite side of the place he started…to Dai’s left cheek, down to left nipple and then to middle of chest. He lined the line down the center of the pecs to the upper belly. He hit a few erogenous zones along the way and Dai jumped a few involuntary jumps of pleasure. “Show me what you can do!” Aoi threw his hands out and dared Dai. “You tickle?” Aoi whispered. He stopped the point at Dai’s belly button and placed it there. He moved it in a circular “down the drain” motion a few times, circling the large squat navel a few times. He moved it back and forth. He took it out, which gave Dai a relieved look. Aoi deep kissed Dai. Dai expected that to be the end. It was the beginning…of the end. He then realized and followed Aoi’s every slinking, sensuous move with the blade… For the second the knife reached out of Dai navel, Aoi plunged as deep as he could IN! “AHHHHH!” Dai gasped and head over Aoi’s shoulder. Nerve endings fired off. As Aoi scanned his eyes, Dai saw nothing. He didn’t look at his slayer. Aoi went to town on Dai’s navel. Dai tried to tighten muscle and did so but the stabbing was too great. Aoi swiveled the knife inside. Dai’s dick throbbed up Aoi’s hip and higher. It began to shoot. The shooting lasted a long, long time…as… Aoi tongue kissed Dai, heads moving back and forth in love…and lust… “Lemme free now, we have more fun…” BUT Aoi continued finger poking through it all… Every now and then, Dai would wince but mostly was in a blank stare state as his arms hung there, his nearly hairless arm pits bare to the world. Aoi ignored the pits and stabbed in the pit that mattered to him: the large oval navel, every which way. He twisted. “Bastard!” Aoi laughed and turned away from him to laugh at the ceiling and to poke a sword through the belly button of one of the last of the dying naked Samurai on the ground. The man folded at the belly, head tilted down to find out his last made wound. He jerked back and fired off his own cum. Aoi laughed again and returned to Dai. “You will die, Dai. Beautiful boy.” Aoi made guttural primal sounds as he stabbed and cut… In shock, Dai sometimes came back and felt it. His second volley of cum fired so that his balls came out of his rag and dropped it. He was naked now, jerking on his ropes, spraying over Aoi’s smooth skin, coating it with his juice. CUM. Aoi studied Dai’s face, eyes to eyes. Dai was looking elsewhere. As he unloaded all over Aoi: thighs, abs, navel water hole dripping like a frosty donut now undergoing extreme heat, sides, ribs, neck and chin, Aoi thrust his body into Dai and caused the thick long shaft to then fire at his own self. Dai, as a result, washed his own upper body with thick, glossy strings of pearls of white, glistening on hairless skin, some blobs too thick to remain as curtain on his shoulders and below so they dripped down and rolled down and some stayed as long lines of boy joy. He didn’t even see Aoi’s face as lips touched and smooched. Dai was in too much pain to even grit his teeth. Aoi churned blade in a semi-circle and then a circle. Every once in a while he would jerk it in some more. This would cause more of a reaction from Dai each time. Aoi grunted with effort…and mirth… And with each jerk in, a new stream of cum would rip itself out of Dai’s slit and cape Aoi’s chest, shoulders, and over the shoulder down his back. Aoi would soon have his upper body dripping with Dai cum, white on dark skin. It drove him to jerking some more and that made him stab more and that made Dai jerk more. Dai looked skyward but even that turned to a non-look as his eyes seemed to see nothing. It was as if his senses were all turned off to only the pain in his navel. Aoi took full power of this and laughed. Aoi wiggled the blade inside. Electric jolts hit Dai from his navel outward. Aoi jerked in hard every so often. Dai gasped and took one last direct eye contact to Aoi but Aoi laughed and his eyes gleamed a wide eyed thrill of kill. Dai yelped again. Aoi’s lower jaw stuck out. “ohhhh…” “Ohhhhh, agggargh!” He looked, for a bit, like a man on a mission. To milk Dai of every last bit of sex fluid. And he was and he did. More kissing. Firing cock. Missiles of reproductive juice. Globs of certainty. Electric heat on both boys, inside emanating out and outside emanating inside. A jerking spiking feeling in Dai’s navel, a chest rise on Aoi. Dai’s last look was one of trying to find something, trying to bare something and of extreme pleasure and pain. Dai half smiled but a jerk to the left caused him to silently gasp out. Then, he smiled, eyes unblinking. Dick firing. 12th shot. Making out, cum hits both chins. Aoi’s arms flexed as he moved them in semi circles, the arm attached to the blade which was attached to the inner workings of Dai’s button and beyond…puncturing, rifting, cutting, making new holes from that precious beautiful original. As he continued for a long time, even Aoi winced a bit, more from effort than from any kind of sympathy for his victim. He grit his teeth. But mostly he smiled. Five more painful jerks inside made him wince and load up and down bodily so that his eyes closed a bit here and there and his mouth opened greater but… Aoi, to top it all off, removed the blade, which caused Dai much pain as it ripped through a ridge above that was almost untouched, and then Aoi stuck in again and again and again. A fourth time and then screwing it in there. Dai leaned forward and jerked. Veins on bulging biceps. “HA. You mean into it boy,” Aoi stated almost as a question. “Mean you like…no, you LOVE et.” “Yeah!” Dai breathed. “Lov…vvaaaaack!” There was little to no blood. The blood seemed to go INTO Aoi. Who didn’t seem to notice but moved his head methodically at times. Aoi. Who drew further inspiration from getting Dai’s power, his very blood internally? When Dai seemed to be emptied of all cum, Aoi jerked the blade out after wildly gouging around inside. “DIE DAI!” Dai’s eyes slowly closed. His thick lips didn’t touch. Aoi smacked his face a few times to see if there was any life. He grabbed the back of his thick hair to bring the face up to see if Dai was dead. Aoi soaked in the energy as it left Dai. “I’m alive! I’m alive!” Aoi laughed. “And you are dead! Died! Dai died!” And so it went with him. Anyone he “concubined” for became his victim. Almost all of them were Samurai leaders who thought themselves indestructible. Surrounded by Samurai underlings. Kings working for Kings. Masters of the sword. One such man was twice his age and yet physically fit and even superior. He had a big chest, ample pectorials, and a well sectioned stomach and almost 2 percent body fat from his years of training. He also had a scar that ran from below navel, up navel and above navel almost to his heart area, almost mid center chest. Aoi worked and worked on this man to relax him. He uncurled his long hair and draped it over the man’s nipples and shook his head back and forth. “I shake my head back and forth and behold…” the man smiled. Aoi was over him on the bed, on knees between knees, and naked. Both were naked. Aoi took a dance to undress him and laid him on the bed. “You are strong for one so …fragile…” “I’m less fragile than I look,” Aoi smiled warmly but underneath it was a cold, empty smile. Perfect teeth. “Perfect skin.” The man touched Aoi’s jaw and up his cheek. “Flawless, to the touch silk and smooth, heavenly…” “You can go there, too.” Aoi rubbed the man’s bare arms. He focused on the man’s solid and very big and round navel, which had a thick ridge around it and it wormed inside swirling. “What do you mean, lovely one? Lovelier than women…” “I mean thank you.” “For?” The man bent his head to look at Aoi, who sat up after kissing the man’s lips. “For your sacrifice. For your energy. For your very soul.” “I give all of me to you.” “Yes, you do.” Aoi took a long knife out of his buttocks and jabbed it down with irreverent and wide eyes, filling the man’s hole in center. The man jerked as a folding snap trap. Aoi bent down and kissed the man’s lips which opened and then closed around Aoi’s lips. Aoi felt around with tongue in the mouth, with knife in the belly button tunnel, and with dick on the lower belly and lurched up slowly so as to position his dick in the man’s anal opening. Unnaturally his own penis met it and ploughed it. The man jerked up as Aoi jerked with him, the man jerking from the sex and the stab to his navel, a perfect fit. “I take all of you. You take all of me!” “I am! I am! I am! Guards!” “Do not worry. They are all dead before you and I get in here. I did it quietly and those that may CUM!” Aoi jerked the blade in as he cam in the buttocks. “…will meet similar fate!” When he was finished thrusting and cumming, Aoi jumped off the left side of the bed but kept his fist around the knife hilt and burying it in the still squirming man. The man tried to reach out and grab Aoi’s arms and then to hold the hilt away but Aoi shook his head and the hair flew out of his face so he could view his own handiwork of penetrating belly button wall and through the man’s body into the bed in three more jerks down. He plunged and sat his head up and shut his eyes. “I draw it in from thee…” The man gasped and struggled. He finally gave in and shot a load of his own. It caked over Aoi’s smooth boyish chest and dripped over both his nipples to create a glazed donut on each side as it leaked from both sides of each nipple. Another shot creamed Aoi’s chin and an unusually long and pointed tongue came out and lapped it all up in one move. Another shot hit him mid stomach and waterfalled over his navel, creating a cave like effect of a cave covered with a human seed of liquid love, half seen, half unseen. Visible and invisible, clear and yet clumpy. Fluidic. Mesmeric. HOT! “DIE!” “I die as I lived…by the Samurai blade…” “Yes!” He found more like this Samurai. He would be the reason the Samurai grew extinct. He would gain all the energy he needed. In his walking through the area he saw an object he thought he knew. “Monks? Doctor there?” Part of the human side of him sought help. “I need a Doctor…” Aoi looked at the monastery but it looked a little different. It was not the one he remembered the Doctor fleeing to. The Doctor and his tall, hot blond friend. There were no guards. People were going in ready to gamble. Aoi didn’t realize it but his hair was now tied up into a knot on his head, it looked as though he had short hair. Additionally, Aoi was shirtless when he left but now he had on a white short sleeve shirt, open with the buttons off. It was also short cut a bit and revealed his quivering belly….quivering for he had anticipation of stabbing someone in the gut. He put the knives long ways up his arms so as to hide them and the crowd was such that he could move along with it and get inside without any problems. No one questioned him. No one noticed him. No one even seemed to see him. But he was there. He smelled the smell of the monastery. He thought it smelled as though it had been washed of all the blood and the bodies were, of course, gone. These were men of violence. They killed the monks that lived here. Aoi smiled one of utter glee. His eyes were wide, knowing he would do what he had to do. He was surprised that no one even noticed his dark skin. At least until bursa yabancı escort the crowd, once inside, parted. Two large men with open shirts came toward him. They had open white shirts and they moved at him with speed. He recognized them. Lu Eng and Lo Mang. “The cowards who will die as I died twice,” Aoi said. They obviously did recognize him. Even with his head down. “The demon one!” “Nonsense, he will die like any other even if we have to make him over and over again.” Lu Eng said, “Only patrons come in here this way…slave warriors to my rear of my temple…” Aoi looked at them, lifting his head, wide eyed. His mouth snarled at them, “You killed the monks and me! Now you pay!” He lifted both knives and the points were sticking downward out of the sides of his pinkie side of his hands. He arched the knives downward toward their middles. The knives went down fast and the two warriors went down with them. They buckled and fell back but Aoi didn’t let them go. He followed their falling backward and stabbed those points down into their belly buttons. The two yelled, made wide Os with their mouths and as their bellies caved in with the knives arching down, they knew it was over for them. The blades found their intestines and Aoi removed the blades with a loud meaty sound. Lo Mang fell forward but Aoi snarled and let him fall past, stuck the knife, expertly whirling it into position in Lo Mang’s belly button but this time on an upper angle and ripped it out again. Lo Mang huffed loudly and grappled with his navel mess before falling to the ground with a loud thud and one last gasping pain of air. Aoi watched as Lu Eng moved backward but then stumbled. Around them, the patrons panicked and began to run out, past Aoi and out the doors they just entered. The palace that was filled was soon empty of everyone. Aoi saw Lu Eng move forward and apparently trying to grab Aoi’s upper arm. “Join us dead. Give me your energy!” Aoi lunged the knife upward from underneath and knifed into the belly button that seemed to wait for him. He arched it upward and ripped, took it out as Lu Eng reacted to that move with jerking pains of loud screams, and Aoi then put it straight on in. “As Peter Pan would say, straight on till mourning. Though I forgot no one will be mourning you, Lu Eng! You die!” Aoi pulled it out and Lu Eng fell onto his shoulder but Aoi shoved his shoulder in Lu Eng’s face and Lu Eng gawked and fell away from it, trying to hold his belly liquids in. He failed and fell in a splat. Aoi ran through the palace and toward the courtyard. The whole thing had been transformed into a gambling den now and it had tables and roulette wheels, dice corners. “Come to me, Shaw and Phat Man. You are the only ones left. Don’t be as cowardly as they who went to their own private hells before you! Come to my hell, be part of me!” Phat Man’s voice echoed out, “Only ones left?” Aoi heard footsteps. From every corner of the palace, came warriors. They wore loin cloths, some wore nothing, some wore thongs, some wore only codpieces, some wore fig leaves, some wore literally rags. They were all Japanese and Samurai. They all had smooth skin, tight bodies, no fat with some exceptions, and black hair, some long, some short, some bald. Most held knives, some two, someone, some held pears, long wooden thin ones with barely a spearhead but a thin point. A few had swords, some long swords, some short swords. And a few had thin sabers. Aoi looked, unfazed by the amount of warriors that came out. One warrior laughed and joked and put his arms out, enticing Aoi to come and stab him, as though he knew his side would win by the sheer amount of their numbers. Aoi stabbed him first, “Right in the belly button!” Both Aoi and this warrior said this. Both were in awe he got it there, “Right in DA belly button!” “Huh?” This warrior’s companion who only seconds ago was making fun also, had his arms up making biceps, posing like a body builder. He was taken by surprise too, so Aoi stabbed him and forgot about him as he fell to the ground. Five more came at Aoi, desperate to stop him, to prove themselves. Many of these warriors were over 19 but they knew nothing else but fighting. They never really had lives. Thus they never really had any experiences. Now they might be thrilled to know they would or might have their first orgasm over Aoi’s dying, quivering, throbbing body. One threw himself, chest out as Aoi, knife raised. First mistake. Aoi stabbed his left hand at the warrior’s belly, the knife heading in before the hand met belly. Aoi pulled out, this warrior fell by him, Aoi shouldering him away, moving onto the other four who threw themselves at him. Wildly more and more warriors came at Aoi, seemingly at the same time, yet none of them withstood him and soon none of them would stand. Their dicks stood if they were landed on their backs, if on their bereaved bellies, their dicks smushed into the marble floor and spat there. Aoi ignored it all, he didn’t even get hard this time. He was unthinking as he slaughtered the first five all in their belly buttons. With yells, the warriors continued to throw themselves at him, this first wave having mostly only knives in their hands or hand as the case may be. Aoi kept moving as though he were dancing with them, which he was. A dance of death. Finishing off for each Samurai warrior in their own private jig of jisum. Smooth, clean bellies came at Aoi. Many warriors began to strip their button shirts which were open anyway, off. They sweated. Those on the outskirts of the fighting, moved back to ready themselves. Aoi made his way through the crowd of warriors who he slew. He moved past the entrance throne area and moved through the courtyard. He tossed his body aside as one warrior threw himself at him, Aoi elbowed the warrior’s bony back and sent the warrior flying into the roulette wheel, belly first. Belly onto the stakes on the wheel as the warrior slid across the table first. Aoi stabbed another warrior who came at him and the warrior moved back. Aoi used his hand to double grab his own knife and the warrior’s knife, tossing it at the back of the warrior on the roulette wheel pinning him to it. Aoi was wide eyed but he had time for a joke or two, “I’m a winner! He’s a loser! You all are! You lose! Your belly innards! That’s what you lose!” As he said this, each syllable punctuated by punctured belly meat, the sounds of which pleased Aoi. As he tore into them, he noticed the sounds they made. Different ones to the sounds they gawked out as he moved the knife that went in the same way. Once in a while it sounded the same. In and out sounds, different yet the same sometimes. He noted how the y even sounded like his sounds that issued forth from him as he stuck them. A winning sound. A victory sound. Sometimes the same. Aoi could go on like this forever: stabbing belly buttons. A thousand young bad dudes. “Makenin’ ’em suffer…steel deep and nasty in the belly.” Aoi stabbed knives into two different belly buttons and shoved hard up them as they leaned up and over the knives, trying to get closer or perhaps from the rushing in, “Hehe!” More ran at him. He stabbed them quickly and withdrew blades. “Wait your turn! I only hold but two knives, 1000 warriors, two knives, what’s a soul sucking guy like me to do! Hahaha!” “ these odds…..these warriors gonna die at the blades of a master…I’ll carve ’em up for the time of their lives..” Indeed, the warriors fell and cam. The warriors leaned on walls and pulled their respective shorts, thongs, and loin cloths down as they leaned. A row of three warriors rolled their eyes up as they felt the pain burn deep in their guts and the dick pointedly burn out in a fiery fashion. Hands to shafts, they egged themselves on. Testicles emptied. The sounds of “Oh yeah!” echoed through the courtyard as Aoi stabbed and stabbed and warriors leaned on walls, trees from the garden or just landed on their backs and began their long agony of masturbating in a frenzy! “Hehe…your short lives reach a premature conclusion as my steel finds… and sinks…into your lovely smooth bellies and navels!” They die screaming…and aroused.. “Hehe” Aoi saw the others back off a bit and the fighting paused. He was sweating, covering his smooth naked skin. Fighting this many he had to take stock, he couldn’t waver for a second or let up his senses. He knew where they all were. One jumped from a tree, another from a hanging garden. Aoi just put his arm straight out and the one that jumped from the tree got impaled in the guts and flopped backward in the air and fell from the air, hands to belly. The other who jumped from the hanging garden fell at Aoi’s back but Aoi stabbing yet another runner up, turned fast and jabbed the knife under the belly button of the spread out warrior who flew through the air but fell straight downward at Aoi. Aoi got out from under fast and held the knife in his hand, the one that he just unplugged from the other warrior and this one as well. The thousand grew in number and became more than a thousand. They backed off. One brave one flew at Aoi, knives out. A spear warrior behind him, watching his back, stepping forward too. Aoi smiled, “The….massacre… of you all.” This made the brave one stop. Aoi stabbed him. Held the knife there and Aoi looked over the brave one’s shoulder, a bony thing with some brave meat on it and muscle. Over the shoulder, Aoi winked at the spear warrior who tried to find his way to Aoi. “Why not plunge right through him?” “He…he’s my lover!” “Oh please,” Aoi moved back but kept the knife poisoning the brave one’s bellybutton and as he did the warrior felt the burning pump into his guts, puncturing anything in its way. As that happened, simultaneously the skin on his dick shafted up to a full bone, slowly rising, seemingly stacking up like a tower of cards building itself slowly. “Even though you are both old enough…I doubt either of you has ever had your first orgasm yet under these cruel slave masters…go on do it before you die!” Aoi used his other knife to tear off the warrior’s thong. The cold knife flashed and the dick felt it. This made the brave one harder and dripping with pre cum, his dick rose up higher. “I give you permission of the machine!” The brave on uttered his last word, “Humiliating.” The “lover” came around with the spear to watch, and he smiled and said, “…and wonderfully satisfying.” “No!” The brave one felt his pelvic thrust as he jammed up and up and up. His dick spat and he dropped his own knives and grabbed at it, “But I must!” He make his ministrations to his shaft and fisted it in two fists. Rubbing, twisting. Seemingly in sync with the pain Aoi’s knife still had in his guts. Aoi watched the rest, circling, “Let em finish!” As Aoi circled, the brave one circled with him. And the spear warrior “lover” seemed to circle too with the spear pointed at Aoi’s bare side. The brave one did and Aoi removed his knife. The last shot was a huge one, a volley that went high up and landed on a warrior’s mouth. He lapped it up as the brave one sank, slowly. Behind him, the spear warrior waited and shoved his spear at Aoi. Aoi back bent under it, making him get in close to the spear warrior, whom he stabbed in the guts as he stepped in a few steps to the warrior. The belly wiped out, Aoi rose back, snapped the spear in half in his hands over his knee and tossed the pointed part into the warrior who had the cum of the brave one on his mouth. “Hey I’m’s a-gonna have a lot of fun, no doubt…THIS IS GREAT!!!!” Aoi’s body throbbed with the energy the alien machine gave him as he slew. Phat Man was sitting on his bed with a little warrior, his hands around the warrior’s shoulders. Shaw ran in through the stone doors. “He…he….he can wipe out an entire demographic segment of our trainees and new warrior warriors….the whole damned population of warrior males!” Phat Man dismissed the worried little warrior who ran outside happy he did not have to do anything with Phat Man. This would have been his first time and he was not happy about it. Phat Man was not unpleasant to look at. He was white and he put on his white robe which had Japanese symbols on it. “What are you saying?” He looked a lot like Michael O’Hearn on Earth Prime. “Calm down.” “Lu Eng and Lo Mang are dead…” Now Phat Man looked worried too, “Dead?” “He did it. Just walked right up to them and stabbed em! HE. HE. HE!” Shaw came up to him, “He’s here!” Shaw shook, “Bbbbbbback from the d–duh-duh-dah…dead!” “Who?” “The Dark One!” “HUH? Dark One is back?!!!!” “Heehee!” Aoi tore through the crowd, bodies falling on top of each other. “Excellent…love when the sword`meat gets out all fetished up and out of control….fear….yet…desire to get killed in that very special way….that very special spot within…” On each word Aoi stuck a knife into some warrior’s eager belly. Each word was followed by another display of quick moving and sportsman ship, acrobatics, and fast steps. Moving past colored beads he was in the former dining area/throne area now. It had been changed to a sort of gambling restaurant. Each word was host to a warrior dying. Aoi sliced across one warrior’s stomach, “Hate it when I have to do that…” He cut a Warrior’s stomach behind him who had tried to sneak up behind him. “I…” He twisted in this warrior. The warrior looked at him and then didn’t. “…don’t” The warrior brought himself up again as the next pain wave hit as Aoi twisted and shoved at the same time. “Like….” The warrior smiled and nodded. “Stabbing anywhere….” The warrior nodded to him. His dick was up against Aoi’s upper leg. “…Other than the button! GOT IT? !!! I SEE YOU HAVE RIGHT IN YOUR FUCKING BELLY BUTTON!” “I do, I do, I DOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The warrior shut his eyes. His dick spat up Aoi’s muscled leg and then the warrior was tossed aside as Aoi moved onto still more attackers. Grabbing his staff pole, Phat Man ran through the hallway with Shaw, “Get the others. They are off duty but they can help too!” “Yes,” Shaw ran to a training open area out back surrounded by stone walls. There trainees were shooting dice, practicing on each other (and a few even got killed in their practice), and just hanging out. “All of you, get a weapon! There is an enemy here. One we know well. I know…I know well. It is now a chance…” Shaw steeled himself, “For you all to prove yourselves. Kill him and you will be rich beyond imaginings!” The warriors got excited. Those who had weapons in hands already ran out the doors into the monastery. Shaw waited there as warriors found weapons or ran inside to find weapons. He would do what he did before. Wait. Wait here. He’d be safe. He trembled. “Back from the dead,” he whispered to himself. “But how?” Now many of these trainees were wearing regular long pants. Some with belts, some with tie string and ropes. The warriors anticipated getting killed by this Aoi. They had heard of him before, how he bested almost 8 of the best warriors. Some wanted to slay him. Others as they joined the battle, knew that Aoi would get them. They wanted it. They invited it. They even pulled their pants down as far as they could to get maximum exposure to make Aoi target their anxious, nervous belly buttons. Would they get it there? Or someplace else? Or would they get a chance to best this Aoi? The excitement was not knowing. And most didn’t even know if they wanted to kill or be killed! Not all of the trainees arrived at Aoi’s spot in the dining area. But as he felled eight more warriors to their orgasming first cum, Aoi waved at them, “COME ON! JOIN THE PARTY! JUST C’MON AND GET ME!!!!!! AS IF YOU CAN!!!!” “Not even I could picture ’em shovin’ their loin cloths lower to get max belly exposure. Hee hee, whether you guys know it or not, you really, really want it right, well, right, THERE!” Aoi emphasized the last word as he stabbed a boy in his gut hole. The boy smiled as he got hit and then realized the pain of the sting that went inside as well as the uncontrolled lifting of his dick, Aoi figured for the first time in this youth’s life…and the last, he thought and smiled. “Brutality rules!” Aoi said as he wiggled it out and struck again into the same spot. The boy sighed a sigh of heavenly bliss but then it turned to fear. His eyes opened again and he went wide eyed and gulped and swallowed some more as he felt the severe burden of belly button pained death! The kid —well, all of them referred to themselves as kids but they were all over 19—fell and Aoi moved on to others! In the corner of his eyes he saw two boys in a kind of blue long pants, both comparing how low they could make their pants before it showed dick…of course there was no pubic hair…In his mind, Aoi wanted those two and moved closer to them, past the table where a boy—they referred to each other as boys but they were all over 19, jumped at him. Aoi sidestepped him, stabbed one in front of him and let the kid land on the table, back to him. Belly to table which sported a green felt top. Aoi used his right knife to stab down into the kid’s bare back. The kid’s front rose like a fish out of water and his fee t rose too…he looked almost like a dolphin out of the water at those dolphin shows. Funny, Aoi thought, that he remembered that. On Earth, the real world, the real life. His father. His father’s honor. His father’s friend and the friend’s honor. Is his father still alive? He faltered for a moment, recalling his innocence in those days but knew to do this would cost him his life if he lingered on these melancholy thoughts. He pressed his mind to the current crowd, away from the thoughts of his past life, lives. Those two, like the others. They wanna’ fight… Aoi reached the exit door and the two boys in blue pants were there, the pair sturdy robust youths who threw themselves at him, one hand on their pants, inching their pants so much lower than their hips, causing several erogenous zones to be hit as they did so. They touched their own hip on one side in search of their pants waist band or top that hung a bit over their rope to adjust it so that it didn’t do that…making their skin show even more. Aoi threw himself from side to side and then passed the pair who tried real hard…and were real hard now. It was feeling they were not used to. “We like,” one said before he knew he had a gaping hole where his navel used to be and then he and his friend looked down and saw the holes. “Ohhh…” They jerked at each other, falling and leaning eventually on each other as Aoi was long gone! Comrade trainees ignored them and ran past, following Aoi… Yes, indeed, he thought they wanna fight…actually as little clothing that is as tight as possible…just a little leather triangle straight across the lowest hips..barely coverin’ the genitals.. and a butt strap in the back. It was a hallway Aoi was in and it was close quarters at first, little room to fight. The boys began pressing in to fight…gettin’ belly stabbed….grunting..staggering..screaming…falling…. dicks straight out. One boy got in front of Aoi and managed to fend off Aoi’s advances with knives, using two knives also. Aoi smiled, “You better than the others…” “Yeah I am,” the kid raised his chin. “Won’t help ya though!” Aoi met knife with knife and the knives sort of skidded on each other. Aoi’s left hand gripped the kid’s wrist using his knife and open hand with knife in it. The kid struggled. This kid used the same grip, surprised by Aoi’s move at first but learning from Aoi. He grabbed Aoi’s right wrist. They struggled like this for about 30 seconds. Boys on the outskirts not able to fit in, one trying to jut a spear in at Aoi’s side and almost hitting his own comrade instead until one of the others turned to him, called him some curse name and stabbed a long wavy knife into the spear boy’s side and ripped it from side to the other, killing him. Bloodlust made him do this. The others watching this and the fight, didn’t know which one to look at first, for the spear boy fell leaving spear for dick shaft. He used his manipulative hands on his own well veined shaft and AWE and HOOed himself and the watchers with a magnificent hard on and lustful cum filled soaking! The bath of cum made his belly look so hot and wet and it dripped everywhere, down his hips and over his navel and down toward his dick, leading the way there. The kid gripped. The kid fighting Aoi gripped. “Can’t stay here all day!” Aoi smiled, pulled free with his right hand–the hand moving toward himself but then he used the space he had in that move and brought his arm out…and stabbed the kid right in the gut hole! The kid threw himself back but met only hard stucko wall and felt the knife not relent. “You were good, I was better!” Aoi stabbed him into the wall, making meat meet stucko. He pulled out and looked at the kid, who looked and met his gaze, locking eyes. Aoi stabbed again. In navel. In their gazing though, they understood each other in that second of locking. The passion. The heat. The bravado. The muscles. The sweat and the smell from it. Ring holding loin cloth together, pressing dick to it. Aoi was about to move on but he looked back at the boy again and gazed. He pressed his lips to the boy and realized he still held his knife in the kid’s navel hole. Aoi realized the kid didn’t make much of a sound when he was hit. He unstuck the kid who seemed to have his back still pinned to the wall, probably life fluids holding him to it as they sprang from his back hole. Aoi kissed deeply again and kept it there for a long time. Awing the watchers, who stupidly enough stopped attacking. Aoi shook his head free of the tongue lock and moved on, past the kid, to a sort of open area of the same hallway, one wall giving way to a sort of banister and open area that out looked to the massive gardens and more breezeways. The hall remained small though and only one boy at a time could get to him. And the hall was sectioned off as it looked into the overview areas. Thus as Aoi approached, a boy could hide by the section area as it provided mini corners and mini adjacent walls. One boy tried this but Aoi shoved a knife through the wall and the kid’s navel anyway! The kid was stuck to the wall by the point and he dropped his sword and put his hands up against the wall, palms out. Aoi giggled and pulled out. Then Aoi moved through the hall opening to find the kid falling there, the kid falling sideways onto his shoulder. Aoi shoved the kid with his shoulder and the kid fell and spun in front of another kid coming at Aoi. The comer became a cummer as he shoved his sword into the falling kid’s belly button and in a new path. He snapped, “Human waste getoutt here! My way!” The kid fell off but the cummer, cumming because he liked stabbing more than getting stabbed, HE THOUGHT, was pre occupied in so many ways that he didn’t realize Aoi’s knife was zipping in and out of his navel twice. Aoi passed him by before he even finished cumming against the air and then against the side wall as he fell against it, moving on. A kid jumped from the next section area and Aoi just stabbed him. Aoi jumped through the next opening and a kid was there, wondering where the hell Aoi was. The kid turned around, “Huh?” He found his belly host to Aoi’s TWO knives, acting as one, pushing, mangling mushing his stomach’s belly button and indeed a major area of his abs! “Ohhh noooo!” “OH YES!” Aoi was wide eyed and made mocking faces at the kid and pulled out, raising his eyebrows as if to say, “Oh poor baby.” The kid sank and Aoi moved on! As he moved, he didn’t expect some boys to come flying up from over the banister of the outlook area but indeed they did! One flew through the air, not touching the banister for support. Aoi helped him along and sailed him into the wall by reaching up and using his arm as a guide. The kid hit the wall, face first and sank but managed to turn as he sank, holding up his blade weakly. “Naw, I can’t, it’s too easy.” The kid looked relieved and his dick started to lose its weight. “NAW OF COURSE I CAN! ” Aoi reached down real fast and jabbed one knife in the kid’s curled up belly. The kid rocked a bit back and forth but Aoi was reaching out with the other knife as a kid jumped over the banister using one hand on it and the long thin spear in the other moving at Aoi’s chest. Aoi moved his chest back a bit but his arm out and the kid with the thin spear got a knife in his thin belly. Aoi pulled out and the kid gasped. Another came jumping and used a thin rapier. Aoi put his knives in his own loin cloth, grabbed the kid’s wrist and moved in all at the same time. He took the rapier, “LOVE THESE RAPIERS! SO WILL YOU RIGHT IN HERE!” He plunged it in the kid’s navel. A knife boy who was coming through the sectioned off opening ahead of Aoi to surprise Aoi was himself surprised when the rapier came out the first boy’s back and into his navel a bit. He jumped back but as Aoi pulled rapier out, first boy falling, the second stood there. “Damn!” Sound of kid knowing he’s had it before actually getting it. He felt the rapier move in and out of his navel. Aoi moved past him. He moved too. He turned but found himself impeded by two things acting as though they were one. His dick, hard enough to reach the moon and his belly which was hard too but in a different way. Trying to compensate for a fire hole through it. Aoi reached the end of the hall and saw thousands more boys…this time the boys wavering…but all feeling Aoi’s knives flash in… And out… of their naked bellies…. going off, screaming in agony…yet…with secret desire and arousal….sexual awakening at the end of a knife. Sure…No problem for the now quiet Aoi, who moved with precision among them… Aoi can almost feel their terror…and bursa sınırsız escort intense agony…and sexual arousal as the boys, seeing their comrades getting it, didn’t learn…they continued to plunge in to combat… almost …secretly offering their bare navels to Aoi. Aoi thought this funny and laughed again now. As some ran at him, he noticed them thumbing down loin cloths to expose just a fringe of pubes. “Sure, I’ll do ya for free….also good!” The newest ones were wearing their long pants…with belt buckles just at the pubes….feeling it coming. First experience of combat….going up against a master…who will definitely enjoy the sport “Hehe…” Aoi will make sure he ends an entire segment of the baddie’s male population… “Hey I am your community’s post`birth birth control!” As he stabbed, he felt his knife skid against, agonizingly, against the metal of one belt buckled as it slid in slowly to the boy’s belly button just past the belt buckle…it pulling the pants over the kid’s groin area and making it all wet with pre cum. Aoi could tell that by the kid’s cry of anguish, he had had a cold. “All cured now!!!!” “Time to tie and them all naked down to very low long pants worn right at the pube line…” And so they were and so they found their time to die. Many boys were like this: just the very top of the butt crack shows in back….and a hint of the pubes pop up over the belt….totally bare as low as possible below their baddie belly buttons… Aoi used them all as targets: the belly buttons, the warrior boys, some in training, most in training, and some seasoned veterans. They all died! And all around him as he slew them, the ones from just before lay dying in agony of belly button tunnel entering, moaning, groaning, cumming, gasping, huffing for air, grasping the air for a hand hold…and finding none, only finding peace in their release from this life and release of white stuff from their mushroomic heads on their cock ending! Sometimes they cam and then found release from life, others, not so fortunate died and got a release from life but did not get to cum first! Those were the ones Aoi felt sorriest for but in seconds notice he just forgot them. Deserved it anyway, he figured. He found the open area he was in lead to the training area and he hopped over the wall to it, instead of taking the exit. Boys waited there, looking out to where Aoi just jumped from. He jabbed them, ONE, TWO THREE, FOUR, FIVE in their backs and jutted knives out their stringy navels. They looked at each other first and then yelled in pain, two of them hitting the wall, two of them hitting each other, bare wounded belly to bare wounded belly, intestines coming out and winding around each other. Hugging. Falling. Aoi snickered at them and moved on, turning around. Hundred left? He wondered. Where the hell was Shaw and Phat Man??? In this training area, there were tables with blades sticking out of them up and down, above table top and below. There were trees with ropes on them. There were long spears stuck in a rotating cylinder. There were rings from the tree branches. There was a wooden horse for practice and bamboo poles leaning against the wall. Shaw was hiding under a table. Aoi stopped as more boys threw at him. He ignored them even as the knives didn’t. Aoi saw Shaw. He moved at that table. A boy used his head to hit Aoi’s back and thrust Aoi toward the rings. Aoi flipped upward and put both feet through the rings so that he was hanging upside down. Boys took this as their chance…to get it in their navel hole openings. They rushed Aoi. Even upside down, Aoi wouldn’t be stopped. He swished knives, cutting throats and arms and hands. Chests. He swung and as he swung, he just had to hold out his knives and he cut many that way. “Bored now.” Aoi jumped down and reached the table of blades. A baddie boy came at him, laughing, pants with belt buckle. Aoi moved aside, used a well placed elbow into the small of the boy’s back and the boy landed, bellybutton first onto one swift upward blade jutting up from the table. The boy tried to get back up but could only just lift his head. He collapsed onto the table, a blade through his navel and out his boyish back. He thrust against the table even as he collapsed and threatened to collapse the table with his gyrations. Under the table, the boy cam, dick straight across the underbelly of the table. Aoi looked as he stabbed two other boys, lifting them right off their feet, “Hey he just made a motion under the table!” Aoi moved and another kid joined the first on the table, laying on top of him. “You guys never learn!” Aoi smiled as a spearboy came at him. He dived aside and saw the boy on top the other boy, jerking, dick standing up against the boy’s bare lower back and moving up it to the upper back, huge dick. “Hey, you big!” Aoi stabbed a totally naked boy who came at him with another spear. The spearboy coming at him from the other side, he grabbed by the spear and thrust it into another spear boy coming at him from another side and it entered his navel and popped some meat out back. Aoi moved in and stabbed all three spear boys where they knew they would like it! They cummed and buckled at their knees, warm feelings shivering all over them, and spreading out, making their chests come alive. Their hard nipples thick! The boy on table boy was quivering and jisming over the boy under him, who still alive, raised his head up, eyes rolling, mouth open, tongue jutting out. The boy up on him, had his navel host to the blade on the table too. While his mouth said, “OH ! GeTIT OUT GET IT OUT GET ITOUT pLUGGGGGPLESAZZEEEE!” His body said, “I like it! I want it! I dn’twanna it to ever ever end!” But end it did. The boys both found their gourd cut and cords split. They fell, one on the other, arms hanging limply, dick going soft and dripping leftover contents…!!!! One warrior boy, older, muscled, just sat on the horse, watching, feeling himself up and nursing his ever growing woody hard on. It was uncurled out of foreskin and it rose up higher and higher. He bent over and tried to reach it with his mouth, curling his belly muscles. He looked around and saw boys getting it all over by this Dark One. He looked at his dick head and managed to touch it with his tongue, which he stuck out. Aoi stabbed him in the belly, parting dick and mouth using his knife passing by. “Not fair. They die while all you do is get off looking on! Help them!” “Would IT HELP THEM REALLY???” The boy groaned and bent over some more, his dick passing and bumping against cold blade! The dick jumped from the cold but got harder and harder and as the boy got stabbed, his mouth finally reached his dick head and he sucked it. Wet dick, wet mouth, spit all over it. The boy’s eyes looked up at Aoi, thanking him and yet also blaming him, accusing him. Aoi shook his head in a YES fashion. “Enjoy.” He unstuck the kid while with the other hand, putting end to a nice outtie bellybutton of yet another boy who thought he’d be the one to get and finish the Dark One! “Not gonna happen!” Aoi untugged and the kid fell. The sucking guy on the horse fell off the horse, his dick coming out of his own mouth and spurting uncontrollably. “You not help us!” As the curled up boy fell, another kid, younger, found the boy’s navel with his spear, a thin long affair that finished the older one’s life soon, crunching sounds all around. He wowed himself even though he at first felt bad that he couldn’t finish ministering to his own dick! He died happy anyway and went with a smile, curling up at first in pain and then in his agony stretching out his full body all the way under the thin spear. Aoi pulled the spear out and the boy jerked again and moved a new jig. Aoi stabbed the kid who stabbed the kid! The thin boy’s ribs stuck out and Aoi plunged the spear through back, knife against spear as he held it. The boy didn’t fall. He walked and walked, pained but determined to get to a wall. He hit the wall and purposely made the spear jut into him more and more until it hung out his back and hit the ground. A boy laughed at him. Aoi stabbed that one too! Bodies were all over, some dead, some unmoving, most moving, throbbing with pain and dicks filled with cum! Some fell on others and sent them on their way out of this life. Some rocked with others and went together, arms around each other, sometimes hugging without arms, sometimes hugging with arms just limply hanging, some had arms cutoff. Aoi ignored them again and continued killing and killing. Bear naked bodies lay all over the training outdoors! A guy moved a sword at Aoi’s body but Aoi stood aside and the guy’s sword found a nice warm home in the belly button outtie, now turned innie, of a kid attacking Aoi from the side. Aoi then planted one knife in the first kid’s gut hole, he stood up against this kid, pressing body into him, as the other one, groaning in death throes, fell aside and flopped uselessly to the floor, to be stepped on by others making their way at Aoi. Aoi put his face into the face of the boy who tried to sword him. In a macho gesture he snarled at the kid who almost got him. He heard the kid huff so he pulled the knife out and heard a louder huff. The kid fell forward, Aoi standing aside to let him. A big round outtie, knob, octopus, three or four sectioned, ball and chain, ball and socket. Aoi saw them all. All kinds of navels, of belly buttons. And he stuck them all. Then there was one that he felt would be a shame to stab. It was a combo of all the others put together. It looked like three buttons somehow meshed into one. Aoi stabbed it anyway and he stabbed it more than once, almost as many numbered times as there were types of belly buttons in this one single button. Aoi felt his dick wet now, although it had gotten hard in the fighting, it was now limper and yet the pre cum that was there stirred him onto more killing. “Aw this aint’ fun anymore. It’s much more like murder now! You guys, just back off!” Boys looked at each other, considering the possibility. They nodded and thrust themselves, knives flashing at Aoi. Aoi just stabbed them, one, then the other, then more and more and more! He thought it would never end. “Ahaha! I lied. It is fun!” He jumped up on a chess table, “What this? To teach strategy of war? Don’t need that. I know it…just stab em all in their gut bellybuttonholes!” Aoi knew Shaw was under the table, poised holding a spear. Shaw thrust the spear up at Aoi’s chest. Aoi stood on the table and moved aside, without moving his feet. Aoi thrust himself down, belly first, onto the table. As he did this, he shoved both knives downward into the table. The knives found their way into the table, down, and into Shaw’s pecs on both sides, down, down, down. Shaw screamed and opened his mouth more than the scream needed. He looked upward, rolled his eyes, and his head lopped back. Aoi left the blades there. Now each time he moved, the boys crowded around, less than a hundred now, moved with him, careful of his every move. Aoi grabbed one’s arm, “Give me those!” He took the kid’s sword and knife from each hand and stabbed the kid with his own knife, “Ahh, allright,” He said sardonically, sarcastically and ironically, “you can have this one back!” Aoi held the sword underhanded, something he rarely did, “It’s this one I want!” He jutted the sword down under the table from the side and impaled the belly button of Shaw on it, Shaw still struggling to get off the knives that were killing him. He felt the sword go in and bang against both knives in his guts, knives which came down from the pec areas! Shaw collapsed and died, one last huff on his lips! “And we have a winner!” Aoi thought and added, lower, “And a loser!” He jumped up just as another boy aimed a bow and arrow at him. He caught the arrow, spun it around and threw it into the kid’s belly button. “Wondered when you’d guys get around to using one of those! DON’T!” As the arrowed kid sunk in front of him, another boy letting his hands let go of the foolish arrow boy, letting him fall, asked, “Why not?” “Cause…” Aoi flew over to him, “It can’t beat having someone DO THIS!” He stabbed this kid, who looked a lot like Ernie Reyes Jr, with his solid steel abs. Bellybutton getting it. “Having someone standing there with a hand, a fist, an arm attached to that THANG in YA!!!” “Yeahhhh,” Ernie sank, his dick sprouting from what looked like 1970s gym shorts and waist band. He sank and his dick jumped, shooting rockets. The arrowed kid, on the ground, sat up, “Please, I wanna fell , I mean feel that too, not just this arrow!” “Hahahhh. Ahh, naw ya don’t,” Aoi teased, waving a knife he just took from another kid who he slew by choking him with a bare hand. “Now, I do. No, I do, pleasezzzzzzz before I dieeeeyyyy!” Aoi stabbed the kid and he jerked, unable to keep his upper body up any longer. He laid back and felt Aoi’s ministrations give him the comfort he needed or was it cumfort? The boy shot loads onto Aoi’s belly and it stayed in Aoi’s navel and some dripped down, adding to Aoi’s pre cum. Aoi got solidly hard again! He heard, “Thank you, Dark one!” “The NAME’S AOI! YOU WOULD NOT KNOW OF THE NAME IF I DIDN’T CUM BACK AND SLAY YOU ALL!” It didn’t impress. More boys didn’t care. They wanted the same for their gut holes. They knew it must feel reallllll goodah! “We die or slay!” Together they rushed Aoi!!! There was this boy, see, sitting on the ground, his hands spread out behind him, holding himself up. He was leaning back, his big belly spread outward waiting…waiting. His feet were far apart so to make room for the Dark One to come to him, to reach his area and let him have it right in the belly. The Dark One wouldn’t disappoint him. He waited…and waited… For now, Aoi in his killing, decided the best way to find Phat Man or draw him out was to do this: find a corner of the trainee fort area and put your back to it. But before all this, Aoi found himself jumped on by dozens of boys, dozens more ready to back them up. They laughed, thinking they finally tired him out and were going to gut his gut. Many of the boys watching, hanging back, tight round bellies on some, stopped and enjoyed. They saw Aoi fully covered by the group of boys on him. Everything was seen but butt cracks on them. Suddenly as they knew they that their side had victory, they saw one boy on Aoi’s chest, jerk as the pelvis and just as suddenly, a huge rip came out the boy’s back, proceeded by one of Aoi’s long straight pointed knives. It vanished just as quickly and then someone behind Aoi screamed and fell off his back. A boy was pressing his hands on Aoi’s shoulders, himself stretched to the max, booted feet off the ground as Aoi’s movements lifted him, bare belly tight and lean, looking like a canvass over a canopy made of bone. He was intent in the face. And stuck in the belly button as one of Aoi’s knives dashed back to strike him, burningly in the gut hole. He yelped and stretched back but hit another boy who jumped off Aoi, seeing this. Aoi’s knife hands flashed and flashed. The covering peeled back as skin mostly in and around the navel, was pressed in and forward as Aoi’s knives found their marks. A boy on Aoi’s right arm got the left knife in his gut hole while Aoi crisscrossed his arms and used his right knife on the boy on his left arm. As they cleared, Aoi looked wild and mad. The backup boys came at him, one with a spear, one with a sword, three with knifes in each hand. Aoi swung his arm across the first knife boy’s arms, taking both arms with his swipe and hitting the chest of an advancing boy, who looked so determined to make his mark on Aoi’s fine body. He even said so. “I will be known as the boy who makes his mark on your navel!” Aoi used the first boy’s knife to stab that one’s chest and pulled it out, while crisscrossing the other knife to the third knife boy. The boy with the sword ignored all three friends who fell from Aoi as he rushed Aoi’s back with the sword. Aoi ducked, bending over and letting the sword pass through air. Aoi duck waddled up to the boy’s bare belly and he licked the navel, then plunged both knives overhand into the lip of the belly button, twisted it to encompass the button and slightly downwardly stabbed the kid. The kid’s dick roared and spat at Aoi, who got the cum on his mouth, he licked it. The cum wadded onto his chest and dripped on his pecs. All this time the backup boy with the spear was trying to get Aoi from the side but he couldn’t because Aoi moved too fast and then he saw Aoi under his pal, at the kid’s tight muscled abbed belly. The spear boy saw his friend just stand there after being gut holed. Aoi rose up and grabbed the spear with one hand, for once using his knife in that hand, bounced it out of the spear boy’s hands, stabbed yet another boy rushing him from the side with his knife and pulled out. Some of these falling boys didn’t even have time to make death sounds as they were stabbed and sent on their way to blissful death. Aoi had the spear and hit the kid’s belly with the dull end, nearly flooring him but he stayed up, his knees buckled. Aoi spun the spear, “That side’s no fun!” and jabbed the point firmly into the kid’s hard belly. “Hardest one yet, there,” He looked at the kid’s burgeoning dick. “AND THERE!” Aoi stabbed harder and the kid fell against some piled up bodies and felt the flesh of bellies and arms and legs and chests and bare vee backs against his own back. He fell as Aoi pushed forward, driving spear deeper and deeper. The kid there on the other end, sucked in air and gasped and screamed all at once. And his dick screamed too right out of a severe G string. Aoi let go of the spear, flinging his hand away from it and it bounced a little. As he fought other kids, know rending their bellies with his knife, another kid, who laughed when the spear boy got stabbed, came over to watch spear boy die. The spear boy made odd faces at him, alternating between anger, blaming, pleasure, and pleading with the boy to finish him off, as well as a face that seemed to say just cause me more pain in that bellybutton! Mybellybutton. This kid this so until Aoi bumped into his back, causing the spear boy more pain as the spear in the kid’s hand moved and sloshed around in the spear kid’s pool of a navel. The dick shot again and again and again. It rained, snowed from the ground. No one noticed. The kid turned around at the same time Aoi turned around and Aoi just didn’t hesitate. He jabbed a knife into the kid’s belly button. Another warrior rushed him from the side and got the knife in him, pulled SIDEWAYS out of the kid’s belly button. The kid grabbed at his guts and fell back, right next to the spearboy who was there. Huffing. Every huff accompanied by a tightening of his abs, as if they were having a mind of their own and fighting off the intruding spear. This was their conversation, quick as it was. As he gasped, tightening his abs and entire belly, Spearboy gasped, huffing, “Feels good, doesn’t it! Doesn’t it!” He loosened his belly now and the pain was almost unbearable in its severe completeness. “Feel good to ya?” The Kid turned his head to him, “Oh yeah! Oh!” His body felt waves of energy passing through his legs, originating at his belly button and similarly waves issued out to his arms, his chest, and his hips and he kicked. “MAN!MAN!” The Spear boy leaned his head back from watching, “Feel it good.” He took a knife he had picked up in his search to find something to grab onto to bear the pain and used his hand closest to the kid who hit him and stabbed into the kid’s untouched lower belly, “FUCKING ENJOY!” The kid buckled and turned his head from side to side. His arms reached out from under. He yelped. Sitting boy, “Oh gosh, I hope when it’s my turn, I can take it real good. Like a real man.” In his other hand, he had another knife he found and he used all his effort to turn belly to belly with the kid who tortured him as he was dying. The spear still in him, went with him and grinding on the ground, causing more rips and tears in his own bare belly as it pushed aside other stuff in his guts and intestines and…he planted the other knife next to the first, like a Triceratops stabbing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sitting boy. “Wow! That looks like it really would be cool! My goodness.” Angry that the boys who covered him could get this close to him, mad because he just wanted to get this over with now an d his eyes were very wide. He smiled, half smiled really and grit his teeth and curled his upper lip in a snarl all at the same time. He shook his head free of the knot and his hair came undone, hanging long but flying all over as he shook his head like a dog out of water. Sweat flew off his head and hair. He moved forward and the boys there, with knives, jumped back. Aoi laughed and stopped, “Naw, just teasin yeah.” But he wasn’t so he stabbed the line of boys one after the other. He recalled Pare doing this to one of the guards of one of his other clients, just after sex, in a huge mansion of opulence that that Samurai king took from another, having slain him and all his men, Aoi then slew him and his men! Only those guards were unsuspecting. These boys actually stood there, in fear and waited for their belly buttons to get stabbed. Aoi stabbed around and caught the bellies of boys rushing at him from behind. They fell off, dicks stretching to the max, “Hey, boys, there’s only so much your coverings can hold before they…” Burst. Bursts. Cloths held watery cum which splattered in all different ways in different boys and some didn’t make it stay inside. Some tore off their thongs and loin cloths, some left the bubble like area of their pouches to hang, like some water balloon in a game. For now, Aoi in his killing, decided the best way to find Phat Man or draw him out was to do this: find a corner of the trainee fort area and put your back to it. He did this. He saw boys smiling and curling their lips. They knew he was tired, knew he was sweating. Now they saw him as an easy mark. One boy launched an arrow, ribs sticking out, belly all the in accentuating the boy’s thick outtie wormy navel. The kid was serious faced and he let the arrow fly. Aoi caught it and the tip just touched into his belly button. “I wondered when the arrows would be tried.” He turned it and threw it at the kid who was astonished that Aoi caught it. This arrow boy caught it: in his belly button. He tried to wrench it out, “OWWAHHHHH! TIFffffasgait!” He made strange sounds. Others either ignored him or watched him wrestle with his own body and trying to undo the arrow. “NAWWWWW!FUCK!” “Lemme!” Another kid came up to him and tried to pull the arrow out. He had one hand on the kid’s hip and moved that to the kid’s right upper arm to hold him. He reached his hand onto the arrow and tried to shift it out. It started to come, horribly taking something inside with it! “NO! STOP! THAT’S WORSE!” He started to say the word, “Don’t but only “Don” came out. The kid giggled and the arrow boy gasped, took an arrow he had in his left hand and jabbed it into the kid’s belly button. The kid, bent into this kid’s chin and then chest but he kept it coming. And this kept the arrow boy cumming as his dick arrowed out and tainted stains of wet joy over the bent over kid’s chest and belly. Another kid came over and said, “Stop being babies and die like men! And feed me!” He shoved the arrow into the arrow boy’s guts and churned it every which way, making a round circle all over. Then he pulled the kid’s hair who was bent and fighting with the arrow in his guts. He took the arrow out of the arrow boy’s belly, ripping meat out and the arrow boy fell with a sticky sounds of cum and other life fluids. He jabbed the arrow into the other’s belly and crisscrossed them, “There now take it like a man!” The kid yelped and grabbed his killer. He hugged him into himself but that kid pushed him off. “There…be ready to die.” Aoi stabbed this one in his belly and the kid stood there and looked at Aoi. “See, like me, takin’ it.” He swallowed and Aoi saw his Adam Apple go up and down. His lip quivered. He stuck his chest out. “You do take it like a man, you are good,” Aoi stuck it in deeper and carved inside. The taking it kid had his dick come straight up and take the loin cloth up with it, a wet spreading leading the way. It stretched so much the tie rope fell off. “Toooogg! Tug! Thought you were in the corner!” “Brief rest time!” Aoi smiled and jabbed his other knife into an attacker who jumped through the air. In mid air, the kid caught the knife in his gut hole and Aoi ripped it out and the kid fell past his back, a yelping bird like thing groping at its own innards within gut hole and now a big gut hole. “Oh,” the taking it kid said, “So how do I measure up to others you’ve killed? “Very good,” Aoi left the knife in the kid as he stared at him. Then he said, “Excuse me for a sec.” He let go of the knife totally and the kid held it. Aoi turned, kicked a few kids with both feet, landed on one foot and kicked another. A few waited for another foot attack but it never came. Instead, Aoi just came up to them quick as a flash. “Don’t let people walk all over you, I always say.” He jutted his knife into these few and went back to the boy, “Would love to see this through to your sticky end.” Aoi stared, hand on this knife again, “But I got things to do, people to punish.” “Puh…puh…” “Please? Are you trying to say please? Ask for mercy or pity? C’mon I thought you were gonna continue to take it like a real man until your last breath!” Aoi said, turning the knife a bit into untouched meat inside. “Puh…punishment?” “Yes they must pay for killing ME!” Aoi saw the kid’s loin cloth had fallen and the dick wavered between sticking straight up and bouncing out in front of the görükle escort kid horizontally. “Nice!” Aoi got his face up close to this kid’s face, “I would love to enjoy but…I mean man you’re a fucking hot Chinese dude! But aleck and alas, TIME TA GO for me and for you!” Aoi ripped the knife all the way down, out of the navel lower ridge and down to the bare yellow skinned belly beneath, a new trail instead of the light hair trail that the kid had had there. Aoi stuck in deeply. Throwing his body sideways to avoid attackers, Aoi parted from the boy and the boy’s dick shot off like a rocket. Aoi then retreated to a new corner. To do so he had to get away from another group. He spread his legs after jumping and one attacker had the unfortunate position of being between and under Aoi’s butt crack…would have been a nice view but Aoi slashed across the back both horizontally and vertically. The other warriors backed off. Aoi dashed to this new corner. Here, he saw the kid’s wary of him again. They came but they came in groups of three on both sides and in front. Aoi hit one’s knife forearm with his elbow, jabbed his knife with his elbow continuing to go back and then reach on in low- “YOU’RE IN THERE! RIGHT IN THERE!!” He used his strength to rip this knife out the kid’s back and he angled this kid as the third one. “Three strikes you’re outta there as my knife is outta THERE!” He kicked one in front and stabbed the one in the middle in his gut hole. That one fell aside, “He got me! He hot me! He hot me!Oawhw, my first!” He fell to the ground and had sex with it. Aoi put up his knee and as a boy rushed inward in the confined space, Aoi used his palm to divert the upper body and lay this kid’s belly on his knee. He jabbed the knife into the back and felt the tip come out to his knee. He stopped. He threw this kid into another one. “CMON! CMON and GIT ME! Gut me if ya can, you yellow bellied yellowieeees!” “One at a time! One at a time!” Phat Man was out there now. Aoi saw him through running bodies. Phat Man sure was hot. He was built like Michael O’Hearn from that really, really bad movie BARBARIAN. The guy was built solidly with no body fat. Veins stood out on his arms and lower belly. His navel was lazy and hung out a bit. His arms were huge but moveable. He had a slight goatee and a slight moustache. And really thick legs on both sides. Aoi relished the thought of stabbing him. But for now he had to stab the rest of these boys. There were much less than a thousand now. One rushed in. Aoi stabbed him. Another and another and another. Aoi saw them come faster at him and he just put his hand out, stabbed one with his right knife, only to replace it with his left knife into yet another boy rushing at him. It was like punching a punching bag Aoi thought only this was much more fun. Left, right, left right, over and over. But he was getting tired. Each time that came to his mind, he felt the alien power within surge and resist. He wondered how many were left. Most had knives. One came in at him with a sword and he kicked up at the wall, walked up the wall, turned to face the attacker, kicked his face and dropped down to plunge his knife triumphantly into a soft pliable round belly. The kid fell back onto other bodies. Warriors passed him. Aoi began again, one knife, the other. One knife, the other. He saw a spear boy behind the next one and the boy thrust a spear at him. Aoi kneed it, hopping up. As he did so, the spear turned vertically and Aoi grabbed it, “HERE, DON’T NEED THIS, TOO MANY WEAPONS! IT’S YOURS!” He implanted it into this spear warrior and shoved, taking another on the point. Both fell, back to belly, belly harboring a spearhead. Two spears came flying. One landed just under Aoi’s armpit on one side and the same happened on the other. “What this?” A spear boy ran at him, spear ready to jab into Aoi’s waiting belly. He stiffened. He waited, “Wait for it, wait for it, wait…NOW!” He hopped upward, both feet kicking spear upward. The spear went sideways and landed harmlessly on Aoi’s horizontal belly but he rolled it down to his feet, “LEARN SOMETHING WILLYA! WHAD I JUST DO TO THAT KID????!” Using his legs, Aoi shot the spear out from between them and it ran like a butter knife through the attacker. Phat Man looked worried now. Less than a hundred boys left and all rushed at Aoi, one at a time. Aoi kicked arrows away from him or caught them like before. He got up on the spears in the wall and used them to spin around and take out other warriors who came at him but couldn’t reach him or get close. But they did get close to the spear and Aoi went out alittle on them and rolled around them, knees on one. He shot himself up and as Phat Man watched, stunned, landed right in front of Phat Man, having spun through the air! “Game, set, and mushed belly!” Aoi just jabbed both knives as a vee into PhatMan’s lazy navel. “Not lazy navel now is it? It’s handling it all in it now, isn’t it?” Phat Man looked down. Aoi’s blades in his belly button fired it up and fired him up. “How dare you do this to me! Do you know who I am?” “A white devil?” Phat Man gulped. Aoi pushed, not just the knives, for he did that, but pushed Phat’s entire body until it hit the spinning wheel of knives. Knives there dug into Phat Man’s back. Aoi pushed. Phat Man grabbed Aoi’s sides and picked him up. Aoi laughed. Phat Man tried to squeeze Aoi “Not on our first date,” Aoi said. Aoi left his knives in Phat Man and they hung there. Right in front of Aoi’s feet. He turned his feet up on the ball and kicked the knives deeply into Phat Man’s belly. The knives thrust in and rocketed out his back, two bloody missiles of death! Phat Man buckled and screamed, “NAWWWWWWWWW! YOU!!!!! LOOKAT WHAT YOU DID TO ME!” “Hey, I’m’ only just getting started, honey!” Aoi kicked PhatMan’s chest and walked up it as Phat Man clung to him, digging in hands. Aoi walked up it and kicked off PhatMan’s face, smushing his nose in and he spun. He landed on a boy who was running away, grabbed the boy’s sword and planted it firmly in the boy’s back. Another boy ran at him but Aoi moved aside and swat the boy with both hands. The boy knew he would do this so he turned to Aoi, belly to boy. Aoi had the sword and hit against the sword this boy had. The boy’s sword flew out of his hand and he backed up as Aoi came at him, point thirsting for more. The boy backed up and found his back spread out on one of the tables. Aoi got on the stools near the table and sideways put point to belly button and jutted it into the boy. Deep and out the table underbelly. “Hey belly under belly! That’s great! Meat me at the table. You could’ve used that line!” “AWWRTGTYUGH! Just finish me!” “GLADLY!” Aoi churned the sword in and around and left it there. Sitting boy: “Hey, tighten your belly muscles, it’ll make it tougher so you can really feel it there!” While that was happening, Phat Man tried to free himself of the blades at his back but he knew it was too late. He buckled and tried to kick it off but the pain was throbbing all the way through his being from empty belly button now made belly cavern to back. His head rolled to one side and he gasped a long lasting one. But then he was gone. Eyes open. He ran at other boys, who had been watching, having their fun at the others’ deaths. They didn’t realize, foolishly, that they were next. Aoi sprinted at them, once again weaponless. He thought he had something in his hand, it was so natural for him and was surprised when he found his sideways fist hitting a bare belly of a boy, feeling nice as knuckles and top of fingers felt a cushion like belly button. The boy buckled but stood straight, “Ha, huh, thanks.” He saw, as he looked down at his own gut, that Aoi hadn’t used a knife on him. Aoi looked down too and then his curious face, went mad, then turned to a slight laughter too, especially when the warrior who was in front of him laughed, but then Aoi made a face of pure macho bravado seriousness as he took the kid’s wrist, pressed it, and took control of the kid’s knife, bringing the knife, with the kid’s hand on it up. Point first, it sunk into the kid’s nice cushion belly button outtie innie. “RIP! TEAR!” “Oh man, why’d ya do that. We were just having a little laugh together.” Aoi put his chin up to defy the kid who shook his head and nodded, closing his eyes. “Hey yeah, people these days!” “Hey,” one warrior took Aoi’s arm away, “That’s my friend!” “And he dies well!” Aoi noticed the knife was still in the kid, who fell onto his butt and tried to pull it the knife out. The kid did pull it out and looking at his new hole he laughed and then yelled but after the first yelp no sound came out. He sucked for air. “As will you!” Aoi took this kid’s wrist and tried to do the same thing but this kid was stronger, built like a brick house. He held the knife away. Aoi pushed. The kid smiled, “I saw what you did. Uh-uh, not gonna get away with it twice.” Aoi tugged on the wrist but the kid was stronger. Aoi looked at his face and they pressed body to body, chest to chest, feeling each other up with their fronts. Nipples got hard. As they did this, other warriors crept up behind Aoi. The kid saw them over Aoi’s shoulder. He sweated. Aoi shut his eyes and signaled his CHI that Feng taught him about. Bare strength would not be enough now. Aoi brought the arm up and moved his pelvis out a bit. Grunting Aoi and the kid’s power struggle was about to end, the knife was between them, the kid wanting it there too. Slowly they struggled, the blade between them and unseen. “No! Get him! Stab em in the back!” “You fucking stab em in the back,” one of the ones behind Aoi said, “See what he did to the other ones who did that shit to em?” There were bodies everywhere. Sitting boy: “Ohhh, I thought you was tough. Taking like you were belly tough.” “Fuck!” The kid said as Aoi and he struggled, hands feeling it, hands bumping into large dicks which rose up out of loin cloths. Three straight up things between them. Aoi managed to turn the knife, he arched his hips back a bit, his dick shot a load. The kid looked at it on his belly, dripping above and below to lower bare boy belly! “Fuck!” “Love to!” Aoi slowly shoved the knife into the kid9 9s bare navel. The kid knew it was there. “Oh no!” The kid pushed and grunted as the knife slowly slid in. Felt up his belly button walls, the extensions inside the button before the back wall. The kid arched his back and drew his hips backward. His dick shot! “Fuck!” Aoi shoved slowly, forcing his power against the power of the kid. The knife went in and bit the back wall. The kid felt it burn in and tried to move back, he used his legs to move himself and Aoi. But this only gave Aoi an advantage, for in moving, Aoi had some motion now and he drove the blade into the kid’s fine navel and found hard body behind navel. The kid bent, “OWWWWWWWAHHH!” The kid rose up, his body thick against Aoi’s body. His chest to Aoi’s. He gulped. “Take it like men those of you that are left!” Aoi and the kid both said this at the same time. The kid looked into Aoi’s eyes. Aoi smiled as the kid gasped, “Owe me a beer.” “No beer. Oh okay, I owe you a fine belly stabbing!” On this last word, Aoi shoved the knife in, drawing his elbow back and then shoving it in, straightening arm as he could! The kid stiffened and drew up against Aoi’s lower body, dicks mingling there! Spitting up white cum! The kid buckled back and Aoi put his arm around the kid’s back and held him there, “ENJOY IN THAT?” The kid nodded and couldn’t talk. Aoi shoved it in and withdrew it. He stood back to examine his handiwork, came back to the kid and put his arm around him again and shoved it in again and again. The kid fell back and held his guts. He sank and died, spinning in joy. Aoi looked at those left. One boy dropped his knife, “We can’t take you.” “Yeah, it’s over,” another added, “Phat Man’s dead. They all dead.” “Yeah you’ll let us go now,” Another said, more as statement than as a question. Aoi came up to them, “Yeah, it’s just as I thought.” “Wha?” Aoi grabbed the boy’s own two knives from his belt buckle and stabbed him with one, making a big deep navel, bigger and deeper. “You henchmen trainees don’t know me at all!” He pulled out and as the mostly weaponless others ran, Aoi jumped, flew through the air, and landed in front of them. One rushed him with a spear but Aoi jumped up, kicked him in the hip and landed, catching the spear and stabbing it into his belly and then twirling it in his hand so that the point faced the other side, where another boy was rushing him. Aoi used a quick motion to jab the point deep in the kid and he pulled it out. He saw another boy running so he threw the spear into the kid’s back and the kid jerked forward to land in the dice corner. Two dice turned over to a winning number. Aoi jumped, knife in a boy’s very low quarters, just above dick. As he jumped for joy, yelling, “And I’m a winner!” The knife jumped with him but in the kid’s lower quarters to make a path upward to navel, cutting cords there and jumping into navel. Aoi landed and a quick wrist move made the knife go in and Aoi pulled out. He looked around. That was the last one. “No, wait, it’s not,” Aoi said. “I thought you’d never git to me!” The boy waiting on his hands and butt laughed as he saw Aoi pick a spear from the gut of the dying boy, that boy yelping with pain as Aoi plucked it out and then the boy died. Aoi came forth, stood between the waiter’s spread out legs and was expressionless. He angled the spear in on a 45 degree angle and then rose it up, walking closer to the boy. The boy sat, “How I doin?” “Taking it like a real warrior! Fine!” Aoi jabbed it in deeper and found the boy’s inner body. He moved to one side of the boy and the other. The boy, sitting, smiled and shut his eyes as if he were sunbathing and perhaps he was, for the sun here was strong. Aoi was covered in sweat, which made his body look all the more hot! And cool! “Better than they?” “Much better!” Aoi looked, “Hey I got an idea I’d like to try.” “I’m game.” “For hunters?” The boy stared at him. “Bad joke.” Aoi wondered where these human expressions and sayings were coming from. They were not a part of his time but of some future time ages from now, years from now, decades from now. Part of the ship’s energy in trying to survive in a human world, projecting itself ahead, reaching for something to latch onto…and found human violence. Aoi shoved the spear in deep and scooped. Aoi lifted the boy up from ground and held the spear aloft, the boy dangling on it. The boy’s dick grew and emitted. It landed on Aoi’s neck and dripped down to his belly, between crevices in Aoi’s chest and stomach. It pooled in Aoi’s navel. “With the greatest of ease…” “Oh, this is great! Great! Great! Never end! I can take it! I love it! Feels like I matter for once! Ohhhh! Fucaaaa!” Aoi shoved higher and then flung the kid and spear aside. The kid kicked a bit before dying on his side. Aoi went to a pile of bodies. He saw one boy with a tight black thong. He saw the boy’s hard bubble ass cheeks. He took what remained of his cloth off and jerked until he cam on both those cheeks. Then he walked off, out of the monastery. No one was alive. He walked off, away from this town, away from it all. But he would never forget the brothers, nor the satisfaction he had in knowing he slew over two thousand that day…he walked, he didn’t know how long. And walked. And walked. He was tired and hungry. Again. He knew if he could just…he found a small town where traders were and he moved to a table. Some patrons and table vendors eyed him carefully. Some ignored him. In his haze, he didn’t realize he was wearing very little: just the tatters of his loin cloth. That never mattered to him before. He was about to pass out, “Hey mister, is there any…” “AOI!” “Huh?” He turned to see someone rushing at him. “Not again!” He found a knife on one of the tables. “Hey, that’s not for sale!” Aoi held the knife up to warn away anyone. People moved out of his way and some grabbed their kids and moved away. “AOI! IT IS YOU! I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR YOU…WELL FOR HOW LONG I DON’T KNOW! AOI c’mhere!” A blond was moving at him. A blond with two serious swords strapped to his back. Aoi held his knife out, “Chris??? Chris Wedge? Doctor companions? Lover? IT IS YOU! I THOUGHT I WAS IMAGINING YOUR VOICE….WHEN I SEE…YELLOW….HAIR…YELLOW!” Jeremy came up to him and was so happy to see him that he didn’t take in the boy’s condition. They embraced. Tightly. Jeremy grabbed Aoi’s arms when they parted, “So what happened? How’d you get here? Where were you?” Aoi was about to say something when he just passed out into Jeremy’s chest and Jeremy caught him. “Jeremy! Be careful! Be careful!” “Doctor! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry I had to do this that way!” “That’s not important now! Just get away!” “Not important? To hell, it’s not!” Jeremy knew Jesse’s voice and saw the other lover come into view behind the Doctor, both of them running from the open gates that Aoi knocked off the walls. “Jesse, I told you not to follow me!” “Yeah, as good as never wander off!” “Jeremy! Be careful! He’s dead!” “No, Doctor, it’s all right now. The energy I got from Masters Bruce, Kwai Chang, and Mr. Miyagi will neutralize…he’s just getting his own soul back!” “No! Jeremy! You don’t understand!” Behind Jeremy’s head, Aoi’s head draped over his shoulder, eyes closed shut tight. His body, his very hot and sweaty body, Jeremy noticed, was unfurling his own gi to his naked upper body and rubbing on him as it twitched slightly. “He’ll be okay!” “LISTEN TO ME! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Aoi’s eyes snapped open over Jeremy’s shoulder and bare, muscular back. They glowed green and then turned red. He began to laugh and claws came out of his fingernails! TO BE CONTINUED… The screen sizzled and moved from static to an interrupted video picture of…a lean muscled man, smooth and attractive with another wonderful man draped around him. The slenderer of the two was known to K9, who had his nose antenna plugged into the console to operate the smaller screen. He projected it onto the big screen, opening the sliding viewports. “Trainer with a number of very well drawn tattoos on his legs and extending down to his feet, which were in sandals. Many of them seemed to be what K9’s databanks detected as skateboard logos: an alien in a hood reaching out for you, a cute giant pig, some kind of ghost, a giant robot-like hulking figure with horned helmet, a flaming haired red devil hockey image, a golden yellow genie lamp, a giant octopus which extended its arms down to Theon’s toes, a giant green hand reaching out for the viewer, only with a large open mouth, red tongue, and sharp teeth sported by long fangs. There were other logo images that Jesse didn’t recognize. On his left leg he had well illustrated tats of his two dogs, one looked like a yellow lab. Another larger tat on that leg was of a school girl in a school girl’s costume. It looked like an anime girl with pig tails. K9’s circuits whizzed�with a possible deduction: why that? Did he get it before he realized he was gay? “Once burned penis.” He wore only farmer’s overalls but just. His bare hips draped out of them and he was bare from lower belly up. The suspenders that held them were unhooked and hung down. Theon’s tight belly where only trace trail of hair lead from upper navel, a nice outtie innie twisty affair. A brilliant dark lined Eagle wing tattoo above Theon’s chest. It was golden. Under it, Jesse read a quote, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” K9’s ears moved and whined. “Reference: Outsiders. Book. Movie. TV show.” “Theon Mandati.” He leaned on the wood of a horizontal post on the fence that kept their cattle in. The muscle man Dutch boy draped around him wore clothing similar to him. He had even finer abs but K9 took no notice of that. The sensual sights here were wasted on the robot dog. Though his tail went straight up. Theon was classic attractive looks (Italian and lean but with blue eyes that were light blue and like crystal) mixed with unconventional modern day metro sexual. He still had his toe nails painted, this time red. Anger? K9 wondered. Red was the color of anger as Theon himself once told K9. 5’7. “Don’t come to me.” He sniggered. “Well, maybe cum on me…no, no, I’m trying to be serious here.” The other man looked Dutch. Blond. Stockier but no less muscular. A good 6 feet. Thick hair, shorter and straighter (well, not that straight) than Theon’s dark brown curly locks. Much darker Deep Blue eyes. He was kissing Theon’s face as the picture cut in and then out and then in and then out, cut through by cracks of static. “I don’t know if this will reach you. From what I know of that living machine of yours, it probably will.” Theon laughed, looked up at the very blue sky. “From what I can tell, I’ve survived into the late 1800s. Had to move a few times. Had a few loves along the way. Bet you think each time it was the love of my life as I was always saying she’s the one, he’s the one. Truth is: they all were.” The boy kissing Theon paused, drew his head back, and looked at Theon, who side looked at him and then turned his head. They kissed. The Dutch man started draping kisses down Theon’s neck, held his jaw in both hands. “I swore to myself I’d make this short, not that there’s a chance in fucking hell, it’ll get to any of you, especially to you, Doctor. Point is I’m happy here. I have love, I have work, I have play, I have food, I eat, I sleep, I fuck. I’m extremely happy. Please don’t take this the wrong way but don’t…I repeat DON’T try to come find me. I don’t want you to. I don’t ever want to leave here, even to see any of you again. I don’t want your kind of nonsense to invade my happiness. Again, don’t be offended by any of what I’m saying. You know me,” he shrugged at the “camera” and then at the sky, “I just blurt out whatever I’m thinking. Find it’s better to pull the bandage off fast and quick rather than let someone think the best and then get hurt worse later. I miss my parents,” he said and quickly added a joke that he meant anyway, “Not any of you in the TARDIS, not even Gray, so tell them…my parents and sister I mean, tell them I miss them and love them, fuck, shit, I don’t care if you even show them this video or message or whatever it is you might pick up of it…tell them I love them and miss them but I’m good where I am. I’m different …better. Happier. I love it here and love my life…” He turned to the glamorous, large Dutch boy, “…and my man…” they tongue kissed. After a long while, during which K9 waited impassively, Theon turned back to him. “I never want to see any of you again. I mean that in the best possible way. If not for you, Doctor, I would not have had the best things that ever happened to me. I just don’t want your arrival and whatever you may drag with you in my life. I don’t want it messed up again. Or rather now. I love it, do NOT come here. I’m good. I wanted you to know that and wanted you to know I don’t need you to find me. If you love me, you’ll stay away. Stay away.” The message faded from the screen with a blur of active static. K9 removed his antenna. “Recording failure. Must try to keep record in memory banks. Require recharge to finish update.” K9 left the room to go to the most powerful recharge station in the Recharge Room in the TARDIS. After he left, the screen went from black to white to a small bright light circle that expanded to another message: “Doc, I know that wonderful machine of yours can do most things and will probably pick this up. Just I don’t’ know if it will be in time. I’m in something like 1AD I think it is. I’m not sure it’s in my universe…our …well, Jesse and…mine’s. I know after what I’ve done I don’t have any right to ask this but I’m about to be …they want to stick me in my belly button and not with the same things you guys want to stick me with. I’m in trouble and I need your help. Please help me, Doctor, Jesse, K9.” If anyone were listening they would have noticed that he didn’t add Jeremy’s name to that. He was embarrassed to do that after not helping when that motorcycle thing was after Jeremy to rape him. “Will you shut up!” “Yes, blond giant. Get some sleep, for tomorrow you might just live in the arena if you are alert. If not, and maybe even IF, you will die in your birth canal…the belly button as you call it.” “See? Hear that?” the blond asked the screen. “Please, get me out of here. I’ll try to escape but the arena is so huge and there’s this guy terrorizing the countryside, a little bit of a blond moppet but…” “Stop praying to your God, the one called Doctor and get to sleep or you’ll die right now if I have to get up! Tomorrow I hope it you I face in the arena, one called Adam.” “Adam, do as he says or he shall slay you here and now. Or I will.” “Doctor, the one in charge is Cal…” The screen changed. “Doctor, your friend here. There’s this flying thing breathing fire. Locals call it dragon but from you I know that there is more to such things. What you have, in the past shown me to be a black hole resides in the middle of its heart or its belly or both, expanding…all efforts to find it and to destroy it when it does appear have failed. I know you will know how to stop it. Please come to me. My lance awaits your return. One of my most highest of ability men has been used by this thing. He is Lan…” The screen changed again. “I, Sheriff of all Nottingham, require a mate. A male mate. The urging is too longing in my loins. My heat desire a male. With soft or hard buttocks, I do not care. Fair hair will do. One with the voice of an angel has been foretold to me by one from the stars. I want to drive into him, spear him on my man shaft, and make him mine…forever…” DONATE to be sure to read all about the Samurai, Robin Hood, Caligula and gladiators in Ancient Rome, Merlin, dragons, black holes, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Theon’s plight, and above all Theon’s sexy string of husbands…or boyfriends! It’s all on NIFTY BUT without support it may not be for long! fty/donate.html

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