Does Size Really Matter Pt. 02

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Bruce Venture

Does Size Really Matter Part 2

Joe E Hartley

May 2021

As Jill raced up the stairs, several thoughts and emotions filled her mind. She had just violated her marriage vows and felt guilt, but not as much as she should have. She felt excited and aroused. She had just touched another man’s naked penis and even given it a squeeze. She wanted to stroke him and get a closer look at that helmeted head that only her thumb had explored. She thought what he would feel like under her tongue, what he would taste like?

A lot had changed since their beach vacation several weeks ago where she first noticed that other men’s cocks were so much larger than Dan’s. Most of the men had worn the European style of swimsuit that were both very brief and left little to the imagination. She saw the outline of almost every man’s cock at that beach and when she told Dan and promised never to ogle men’s private parts again, she found that it turned him on to have her check out other men—so much so, in fact, that the sex that followed was some of the best they ever had. Dan wanted her to not only look, but to describe to him what she thought this strange man’s cock would feel like inside of her.

She reached the top of the stairs and the door to the bedroom she and Dan shared only to notice how wet she was. She was not wearing panties or they would have been soaked through, but she could feel her moisture against her inner thighs. Her thoughts remained on the warm hardness she had wrapped her hand around only minutes ago. She opened the door and woke her husband.

“What’s wrong?” He stated with a start.

“Nothing, Everything is fine, well better than fine.” Jill reassured her husband, ” I just wanted to tell you what happened between me and Tom a couple of minutes ago.”

Dan was now fully awake and sat up in bed. “Tell me,” he asked with an enthusiasm and a growing penis.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went downstairs to get a glass of milk. It helps sometimes. Anyway Tom was also up and looking in the fridge. He was naked and with the light from the fridge I could see all of him. He looked over at me and I saw his cock start to grow and it just kept growing. He is huge and I could take my eyes off of his cock. I must have moved closer to him to get a better look, because the next thing I knew we were hugging and I felt his hard-on pressing against me. I knew it was wrong, but I just loved the feel of him. I finally tried to push him away, but I grabbed his cock. I meant to just push it away, but I wanted to feel him. I think I squeezed him the way you like it when I do it to you.” Jill took a breath now that she had blurted out all of her transgressions.

Dan now had a full-blown erection and his excitement showed to his wife, who had been uncertain about sharing her news. “Did you stroke him?”

Jill noticed the same level of arousal in Dan as she’d noticed before whenever she talked about other men and their tools. Actually he seemed more aroused this time, so Jill decided to tell him all of what happened in great detail and how she felt about it and where her fantasies had taken her. “I stroked him a little, maybe 2 times and then I rubbed my thumb over his tip and noticed his wetness. I thought about tasting him, but then lost my nerve and pushed away to run back up here.”

Jill noticed Dan’s erection and remembered that before he’s always asked it the other man was larger than he was and that seemed to excite him. She also knew that he and Tom had gone to college together and was certain that Dan had seen Tom’s cock before. “I could not believe how much bigger Tom is than you are.” She gripped her husband’s cock. “I’m not sure I could take all of him in my mouth the way I can with you.” She bent down and sucked his cock all the way down to his balls, then moved up slowly.

“I’m sure that I would not be able to take more than just the head of his cock in my mouth much less all of him like this,” she demonstrated by again taking all of Dan’s cock deep into her mouth and sucking.

He then exploded into her mouth and she sucked him dry.

Once he recovered and Jill released him from her mouth, Dan asked her, “Do you want him in your mouth?”

“I’m not sure, if I would ever really do it, but it is fun to think about. It seems to turn you on thinking that I might.” She replied with a grin.

“It does indeed,” he offered. “I’d love it if you had his cock in your mouth. It would be your first step into becoming a hot wife.”

“Are you serious about that? You really want me to suck off another guy? I thought that was just a fantasy that we talked about, but never actually did anything about it.”

“I’m serious and I want to hear all about it,” he replied and Jill noticed him getting hard again.

“Wow! The idea of some other guy’s cock in my mouth really turns you on doesn’t it? Well, to tell you the truth, I have been thinking about Tom’s cock in my mouth ever since we got here and after touching him tonight, I’ve been fantasying Ataşehir Escort about licking him and sucking him, like this,” She stopped talking and attacked her husbands cock with her mouth again.

Jill and Dan walked down together to the kitchen looking for coffee; neither were dressed for the day. Diana and Tom each had a cup of coffee and were seated at the table. Diana wore a thin shift that hid none of her charms and Tom wore a Tee and boxers.

Jill said good morning and immediately walked over to Tom, bent down and gave him a good morning kiss. He was still seated and off balance, but he could still reach up to wrap his arms around her and caress her breasts. He made certain to be somewhat discrete and Jill held her position a bit longer than necessary. Dan walked around the table and gave Diana a good morning kiss, but without the groping his wife was allowing.

Dan and Jill poured themselves a cup of coffee and took a seat at the table. “So what’s on the agenda for today?” Jill asked.

“To tell you the truth we forgot to shop for the week before you go here, so unless you’re in the mood to get dressed up several times a day to go out to eat, we need to go to the store. Dan why don’t you and I get dressed and head out to the store? Jill and Tom can walk out to the lake.”

“Sound good to me,” Dan replied. He and Diana got up and headed back up the stairs.

Tom looked over at Jill. “Seems like we will have a few hours alone together,” a smirk colored his face and Jill felt a flush color hers, but she did not look down or avert her gaze from him in any way.

“What did you have in mind? I’m thinking it has little to do with the lake.” She asked trying to keep her face neutral.

“Did you enjoy the view last night?” he asked.

The color on Jill’s face intensified and her nipples hardened. The thin top did little to hide her braless arousal. “Very much,” she answered.

Diana and Dan chose that moment to come down the stairs and only paused a moment for Diana to grab the shopping list from the fridge. “See you in about an hour.” She said as she kissed her husband goodbye. She did not notice, or at least did not comment, on the budge pushing out the boxers Tom wore.

The noise on the front door closing and the sounds of a car backing out of the driveway signaled the start of what was to be referred to as play time.

Tom stood and advanced one step closer to Jill, “Wanna hug?” he asked. His budge was level with her face and she watched it approach her with rapt attention. She didn’t register his question until he stood inches from her.

She suddenly recognized that she needed to give a response, “Oh yes,” she said as she stood brushing her arm across the protrusion between his legs.

Tom stood in front of Jill and pressed both hands onto her breasts and heard her sigh. He found her nipples and lightly pinch each one between in thumb and forefinger. She had not moved her hands up into the position normal for hugs, but left them hanging just below her and Tom’s waist.

Her mind reminded her of how his cock had felt in her hand last night.

Tom continued to massage her breasts and commented, “I’ve always admired your breasts and have been wanting to caress you like this for a while.”

“You think I didn’t know that?” She asked. “You’ve been more forward with your hugs ever since I met you.”

“You seemed to enjoy my hugs. I don’t remember you pushing me away,” he retorted.

“I’ve loved the way you push the limits. You have always taken every opportunity to feel me up. Why do you think I stand so close to you whenever we are together?” She said with a smile.

“Will you show me your breasts? You had me hypnotized when I saw you in the shower yesterday,” he started to lift her top.

“I was spell bound too displaying my body to you,” she took hold of the thin nightwear she had on and lifted it over her head. She stood in front of him totally naked wearing nothing but a grin and adjusted her hands over the budge in his boxers.

Tom stood rooted to the spot and stared at Jill’s nudity less than a foot from him. He pulled his T over his head and leaned in for a hug pressing his naked chest against her naked breasts. She let out a low moan.

Tom leaned back and raised his hands to again find her breasts just as she raised her hands to caress his chest. Heavy breathing set the rhythm for them to each pinch each other’s nipples and as the tempo increased, Jill lowered her hand to seek out the hard, warm protrusion pressing against her.

She slipped her hand inside his boxers and squeezed the tip of his cock. Now it was Tom’s turn to moan. He lowered his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on the stiffened peak.

Jill lowered her other hand and pushed Tom’s boxers down exposing his cock. She gripped his dick with both hands and started to stroke.

Tom teased Jill’s nipple with his tongue while pinching the other. She reacted to his Kadıköy Escort stimulation by thrusting her breast into his mouth while squeezing and stroking his cock using both of her hands.

She pulled away from him but did not release his cock. She looked down at the cock so much larger than any she’d seen before and dropped to her knees in front of the male organ. She stared at the head of Tom’s cock from inches away, noticing the small bead of clear fluid at the opening. She stretched out her tongue to catch that small drop and brought it back into her mouth for a quick taste.

Jill enjoyed the tangy, yet slightly salty flavor and brought her face closer to the hardened cock. She breathed in the musky odor savoring both the smell and the feel of his cock against her cheek. She rubbed his tip over her face and across her lips, enjoying the soft texture of it.

She played with Tom’s cock; using it to trace her lips then opening her mouth she placed the head of his penis just barely in her mouth to stimulate all the nerves in her lips. She kissed the very tip searching for another drop of that clear fluid. She tongued the tip as if she were kissing a lover before she inserted the entire head of his penis in her mouth and closed her lips around it. She sucked hard and used her tongue to explore the soft helmet.

She opened her mouth to allow her new toy a brief escape. She then used her tongue to explore the entirety of the cock held in her hands. She licked the underside down to his balls and then back up. She felt him shiver a bit so she repeated this maneuver. She licked his balls on the front side then lifted his cock and balls so she could lick the backside.

She returned her mouth to his tip and started to push his cock slowly into her mouth. She could only get about a third of it inside her mouth so she pumped that amount in and out of her mouth and at the same time using her hands to stroke the other two-thirds of his cock. She felt him tighten and increased the pace of her strokes. Within seconds her mouth was filled with that savory, salty fluid and she insisted on taking every drop.

She did not release his cock until he stared to soften and she could take more of him in her mouth. “You taste delicious,” she said looking up at him before licking his tip one more time.

“I’ve wanted this ever since I first met you,” he replied, “I hope this is just the beginning and we can do this on a regular basis.”

“We’ll see,” she said as they both heard a car drive up into the driveway.

They hurried to get their clothes back on and were again seated at the table with their coffee cups in hand when Diana and Dan walked in carrying bags of groceries.

“I see you didn’t make it to the lake,” Diana commented setting down her bags of groceries.

“We didn’t, but we could get dressed all head out together,” Tom offered.

“Dan and I were discussing the possibility of just getting comfortable and sitting out by the hot tub and enjoy some conversation and a few glasses of wine,” Diana suggested.

Jill looked over at her husband who was smiling as if he suspected what Jill and Tom had been doing instead of walking to the lake, “That sounds like a great idea.”

“It’s settled then, we are having a lazy day, I’ll barbeque some burgers for lunch in a couple of hours,” Tom added.

Dan and Diana had talked about just wearing as little as possible, and hanging out on the deck. They might even get in the hot tub and Diana never wore a bathing suit in there. They concluded they were all friends and adults. A little bit of nudity wouldn’t hurt anyone. That thought excited Dan and he had readily agreed in the car. “I’m going to change into something less restrictive and more leisurely,” he said as he turned towards the stairs. Jill followed her husband desperately want to tell him all that happened while he and Diana were shopping.

Jill followed Dan into their room and could not hold back her excitement, “I did it,” she blurted. “What we talked about last night, I did it and it was great.”

Dan smiled at his wife, “When we walked in, I wondered if you continued with what you were doing last night with Tom. You had him in your mouth?”

“Yes, but I couldn’t take all of him like I can with you. He is so big and wide too. My jaw is now sore from stretching so far to take him in, but once I had him in my mouth, I didn’t want him out.” She shared.

“How much of him could you take?” Dan asked.

Jill noticed that Dan’s penis was hard and pressing against his shorts. Normally if he were wearing pants, his erection would be hard to notice, but now he must be really turned on for his cock to be that big.

“You should take off those shorts before you hurt yourself,” she cautioned.

Dan removed his shorts allowing his cock room to expand to its maximum size. He still wore his boxers and Jill commented about exactly how comfortable he and Diana decided they should get. “I think you look really Bostancı Escort good in just your boxers. You should go out to the deck like that.” She commented while taking hold of his protruding penis.

“I couldn’t even get half of him inside my mouth. I could pump his shaft using both of my hands and suck on the head of his cock. Just the head of his cock is almost as big as your entire dick. I ended up licking him all over, even his balls. Did you know that the back of his balls taste different than the front?”

“You licked the back side of his balls too?” He asked.

“Yeah, like this,” she pushed him back onto the bed and pulled down his boxers. She then lifted his cock and extended her tongue to explore just the backside of his balls. “I normally take all of you in my mouth, so I don’t just lick one part of you at a time. It’s different when you can only deal with one part at a time.”

“Did you let him cum in your mouth?’ Dan asked after getting back up and pulling up his boxers.

“Yeah, you wanted me to, didn’t you?” she asked more hesitantly.

“Definitely! Do you want to do it again?” He asked excitement flowing with his voice.

“I think, I’d like that, but I still want to do the same with you. It was fun having such a big cock, but my jaw is sore. Tom was excited to have his cock in my mouth. He said he’d been dreaming of this since we first met.” Jill said with a hint of satisfaction.

“Great, we’ll have to find more opportunities for you and Tom to be together. Right now we need to get back down to the deck. I think Diana wants us all naked in the hot tub and I want to see what she has in mind. Plus I’d love to see her naked and to show off my small cock.” Dan announced.

Jill hadn’t changed from the short and thin sleep Tee she’d worn earlier this morning. Dan wore his boxers and a Tee. They headed down towards the deck. Dan’s arousal had not diminished as he continued to think of Tom’s giant cock stretching Jill’s mouth. His penis head poked though the opening of his boxers.

“There they are,” Diana stated then paused as she noticed something strange about Dan’s boxers. There was a small lump as if a stray sock from the dryer had stuck itself to Dan’s underwear. She shook herself and added. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

Everyone took a seat around a small fire pit that would be fun later in the evening when it got cooler, but for now it replaced a table and gave everyone a clear view of each other from the top of their heads all the way down to their toes. Diana sat so as to get a clear view of Dan’s boxers and that mysterious bump. They chatted about what life was like in the city and how draining work could be. Tom offered his “Country Estate” as Dan liked to call it whenever they needed a weekend get away.

As Diana was busy staring at Dan’s groin, he was returning the favor by staring at her chest. She wore a thin tank top that did not need the sweat to appear see though.

Diana averted her eyes every time she thought Dan was looking at her. It made an awkward situation when everyone was expected to talk with everyone else, but Diana couldn’t look at Dan without her eyes heading south.

Dan noticed the attention and that kept his state of arousal high. He tried to subtly shift his position so to point his penis directly at Diana.

After another refill of wine, Tom announced he would start up the grill and start cooking. The group gathered around the barbeque and continued the conversation. They talked about future vacations and if the beach was somewhere they wanted to go again, or would they rather go to the mountains, or even just sightsee. Jill chimed in that that was plenty of sight seeing at the beach.

Jill’s comment caused Diana to re-evaluate what she was seeing with Dan’s boxers. They were standing now and a bit closer. She openly stared and soon understood that what she saw was no sock from the dryer. Her face became red and she had to excuse herself.

Diana came back out a short time later and the only noticeable difference was that now her nipples had hardened. “Jill, can you help be get the condiments together?” She asked her friend.

“Sure,” Jill responded walking over to the kitchen.

“Dan has his cock out,” she blurted out as soon as Jill entered the kitchen.

“I know, he is very excited to be here and I’m not sure how much to share, but our beach vacation changed a lot of things.” Jill offered.

“I’m not upset that he has his cock out. I actually like seeing a man’s dick. I was even hoping for us all to get naked later and maybe play some touchy-feely games. He doesn’t seem embarrassed, but he does have a very small cock. Don’t get upset—I sort of like it.” Diana said, her nipples were still hard just thinking of the small penis.

Jill filled in Diana about what had actually happened over the beach vacation and how Dan had wanted her to experience larger cocks. She even told Diana about how Tom had seen her naked and she had seen him naked.

“Did you guys get a chance to play this morning instead of going for a walk?” Diana asked eagerly.

“We did and I hope you’re not mad, but I took Tom in my mouth. It was the first time I’ve ever had a man other than Dan inside my mouth.” Jill confessed.

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