Dominant, Wife, Scavenger Hunt Pt. 02

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This is a story about a woman who is shared by her husband but ends up taken not given

A Dominant, A Scavenger

Hunt, and someone else’s Wife

Part Two

She learns how to be more daring, and slutty at the same time

After her orgasm, she was a little shaky on her heels, but we needed to leave right away for the next part. I helped her out a side door not 20 feet from where Doug would be coming out, and out her into the waiting car. As we drove away, I got text picture of her bra and necklace on the statue and the words to go along with it.

“OK, now what do I do?”

I sent him the pic of himself, and the one of her cum glistening on my hand between her legs.

“We would have come to meet you, but this slut was just too busy at the time. Take the bra with you and drive to Del Taco on the corner of Tropicana and Maryland Parkway. Text me when you arrive there.”

We were taking a faster back way to a park just down the street from there. We would certainly beat him over there. While we rode, I wiped up her wet leaking pussy with her panties for the next part. After it was adequately soaked, I pushed the pussy covering part through one of her rings, so it appeared displayed there. We drove to the park, which is never busy, and put her naked on a picnic table, fucking herself with an eight-inch dildo. I snapped that pic and another of her licking it clean. I left the panties on the table with a small bit of water beneath them, appearing like she came gallons right there. This time I had a friend take the pic of him picking up her panties as we had somewhere else to be and not a lot of time.

We were off to my friend’s house where he has a pool table room decorated just like a bar, with the table lights and the illuminated signs and all. I’ve used this place for pictures before and was going to use one of my old tricks, but as we pulled in, Doug texted me with a picture of the Del Taco sign, and text telling me he was there.

“What Now?”

“Drive south on Maryland parkway to 5525 Maryland Parkway. Just before that road stops at another street, Siegfried and Roy Park is on your right. Go to the picnic tables opposite the playground past the restrooms. I left you something there.”

Doug was two long blocks away, and he would have to park and walk to the part I told Bayan Eskort him to go to, so we had some time. As soon as we entered my friends house, I took Deb’s coat from her, leaving her in just heels. I ushered her into the pool room and put her on the table laying back with her knees bent in the air and her hands above her head. I quickly tied her wrists with a hitch not and laid the other end of the rope off the far side of the table. It appeared like she was bound there, but all she had to do was shake her wrists and she would have been free. Next, I took a pool cue and laid it fat end up over her inner thigh. I pulled out an old cue from the closet, one I had sawed 14 inches off the top. I placed the fat end inside her lips and looking at the design it appeared that she had 14 inches up inside her. Then I pulled out my hand-held electro-Stimulus device and put both electrodes on her back. I hit the button and a grimace came over her face, which I took another picture of. It looked like she was painfully taking all 14 inches in the pic.

When we came out, there was my friend sitting on his chair naked stroking his cock.

“Well Deb, I guess he wants you to thank him for the use of his poolroom.”

“I was wondering how long I was going to have to wait before I got some real cock.”

She immediately and dutifully dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. When she looked over to me with his cock in her mouth, I took another pic. Just then I got a text from Doug.

“OK, I have her panties. When are you going to end this?”

“Smell them, Doug. Do they smell like your sluts cum?”

Just as he put them to his nose, my first friend at the park took his picture with a digital camera zoom, and then sent me that pic.

“Yes, they smell like her pussy, now when do I get to see her?”

I sent him the pic of her on the pool table, along with this message.

“It seems this slut can’t go 5 minutes without having something in her hungry cunt. We’re. Bound to have a great time.”

“I mean it, you’d better tell me where she is right now.”

I sent him the pic of her face with my friend’s cock in her mouth.

“It seems she’s busy right now Doug, maybe later when she’s done.”

As I got done with that text, I looked over to see Deb riding my friend reverse Anadolu Yakası Escort cowgirl, another great pic. Apparently, Deb has a talented mouth because my friend didn’t last long before shooting his load up inside her. I had her slowly lift off his cock so I could get a pic of his cum running out of her pussy right back into him. Another picture to send Doug. When she climbed off him, I had her get on all fours on the floor. I took a trainer plug, 5-inches long and an inch wide, lubed her asshole and my plug with his cum, then slowly inserted it.

“Why do I need that?”

I don’t want to hurt you when we do the pics to come. This will loosen you up, so you don’t have any pain.”

“Oh Honey, I’m not a virgin back there, and I can probably easily take anything you have in mind.”

“We’re just going to have to test that assumption.”

I took her dress and wiped all the cum off her and him with it. I put her coat on her and took her out to the car. We drove one block to an elementary school where I hung her dress in a palm tree out front, then left.

“Hey Doug, If I can ever get her to stop feeding her pussy, we can meet you.”

I sent him the pic of her riding my friend and the one with cum dripping out of her. Then I sent him another text.

“As you can see, she is more than willing to fuck, and I don’t think she’s done yet. She’s seems to be pretty horny right now. Meanwhile, go to Gene Ward elementary school at 1555 east hacienda avenue. I left you something on the palm tree out front.”

Deb was down to just her coat and heels. My game was almost finished, and we were both enjoying it. Now just one more stop to make. But this one must be the most dramatic, and the sluttiest of the bunch. I had a way to end the night with a flare and a bang. (Yeah, plenty of banging) But back to the story. We drove not far from where Doug was going to be, got out of the car and took a naked picture of Deb standing next to the car in a parking lot with a tattoo shop sign behind her.

Now throughout this night, Deb had told me a lot about Doug. Not only did she enjoy cucking him, and he enjoyed it too, but she told me about some of his other kink’s like that he doesn’t broadcast. She told me he likes being Dominated while a man is using his wife, and he likes humiliation. Pendik Escort So, all of this was going to be part of my last stop, and I was going to use that information. Another text from Doug was to come shortly after he retrieved her dress, so I had to work quickly.

The Tattoo shop is where I take women who want ink to remember their vacations, so, I know that women are normally naked in here, and I know the people. They are different to be sure, they even have signs saying, “This is an adult business so leave you fucking kids at home”, and similar sentiments. It was the perfect place to play this out. We walked in and I explained my plan to one of the guys.

“Her Cuckold husband is running around town picking up her clothing, and evidence of her getting fucked in each place. She is down to just her coat and heels, and I want to leave her cum covered coat here for him to pick up.”

“Well, I’m certain we can help you with picking it up here, but I’m not jerking off on her coat.”

“No, Well just fuck her and let her drip it out onto her coat.”

“That sounds like a plan I can get onboard with. Strip her and put her on all fours.”

I looked at Deb and before I could say anything, her coat was off, and she was on the floor in the position requested.

“Deb, there are more guys in the back. How many of us do you want?”

“As many as you have back there big boy.”

He had two others working that night, and all four us fucked her and unloaded into her mouth and pussy, making sure she pushed it all out on her coat. Just as we were finishing our first round, Doug texted me with the pic of her cum sticky dress. I took pics the whole time and added two loads to our combined amount. Now we were ready to send the next text to Doug.

“Well done Doug, but now your wife is almost totally nude in public, well she did take the coat off to be gang fucked at the tattoo parlor. Go to 4972 Maryland Parkway to see what we left you there. Oh, and you might want to ask the guys if Deb is a good fuck or not.”

We were off to get back to the hotel where we started. We had time to set up the scene for him, and we had a head start. But she didn’t have any clothes to get through the Casino to the elevators. Of course, I had a very short nightie with spaghetti straps that would barely cover her, so that’s what she would have to wear. This particular nightie I had cut with some scissors at the hem in the front, and at the top between the breasts. Not big cuts but just enough to get through the doubled up sewn parts. She put it on, and I took another pic for Doug.

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